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Flushed Away

Hint: Rodney's weapon:
Go up to an enemy and keep pressing Triangle. This will kill them.

Hint: Roddy's sword:
After you complete the game and replay one of the levels before Arachne's Revenge, notice that Roddy has the toothpick. If you complete Arachne's Revenge and replay an earlier level, Roddy will have his sword again. It does no more damage than the tooth pick, and just looks fancy.
Danny Kriner.

Hint: Defeating Arachne:
To defeat Arachne (the first Boss), find the glowing pedal on the ground. Go to it and press Circle. When Arachne gets close, press Circle to throw the "egg". She will leave her stance to care for her egg. Follow and attack her. Do this as many times as needed (usually three or four) and she will disappear. Go through the new door to finish the level.
at, wgfefy waby.

Hint: Defeating Le Frog:
When the fight starts, he will jump away from you, then jump from place to place on the wall above you. Try to keep him in your sights. After awhile, he will sling his tongue at you. If it hits you, Roddy will be stunned and Le Frog will come in and attack him. Dodge it, and hit the tongue with your sword. Frog will fall, and you can attack him a few times. Use the advanced attack, as it is faster and can land more hits. A few times later, he will jump down to where you are and fight you there. Dodge his attacks, as he is invincible. When he stops, attack him. Do this a few times, then he will jump back up. He will throw disks at you (like his henchmen did at Rita before the Boss). Dodge them, then he will sling his tongue at you again. Repeat the process from the first part of the fight until he is defeated.
Danny Kriner.

Defeating the Toad in the final battle:
This Boss is fought in multiple phases. To start, you play as Roddy. Jump onto a machine in the room and the Toad will throw ice at you. Jump before the ice hits you, so it hits the machine. Three or four hits will destroy it. Use this strategy to destroy all three machines. The action shifts to Rita, who got knocked down to the bottom. Three henchmen come to her and you must fight each one. The first one is the fat guy. He has a dash attack that should be avoided. Get him over one of the large grates with an ice fountain over it. When he is on it, use Rita's bungee cord to unleash the ice. It will stun him and he will be vulnerable. Hit him a few times, then repeat the process until he is defeated. The second henchman , the rat with the grate over his nose, will appear. Lure him to the cameras mounted on the wall and activate the flashes with your bungee cord. He will be blinded and you can attack him. Repeat this until he is defeated. The final henchman is the rat in the toupee. Lure him to the small ice grates at the front of the room. When he is standing on one of them, activate it. His toupee will fall off and he will become stunned. Attack him like the others, and repeat the process until he is defeated. The action returns to Roddy, who must chase the Toad through a hazardous vent. First, jump to the fences and climb across them. You must jump from fence to fence, then run through the vent. Avoid the steam, crushing doors, and electricity. The electricity will kill you instantly. Reach the box with the switch and activate it. The fan at the end of the grate will slow down; go back to it and jump through it. An intermission sequence will show Roddy fighting the Toad, however he will get thrown off the ledge and is about get his hands stomped. Rita will appear, and the action will shift to her for the rest of the Boss fight. First, there will be three computers. Each one has a lever near it. Turn each computer off and bungee to the platform near it. Stand on the switch and bungee the pipe to release liquid nitrogen. After each switch is deactivated, Toad will flee to the final part. Bungee after him. The area you at is a platform of wooden planks. The Toad will be throwing ice at you, and the wood can only take so many hits before it falls. When he pulls out an ice, quickly bungee him to make him drop it. Avoid his tongue and use the bungee to remove one of the two planks from the platform. When you do this, he will jump to another platform. Repeat this until he is defeated.
Danny Kriner.

Hint: Faster boat:
To make the Jammy Dodger boat go faster, either hold X and keep going straight, or continue moving while moving the Left Analog-stick Left and Right then straightening it out.

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