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Godzilla: Save The Earth

Cheat mode:
Hold L2 + Circle + R2 (in that order) at the main menu, then release Circle, R2, L2 (in that order) to display the code entry screen.
f.d.sauer, Aulenhome, and Michael Cole.

Note: In the Japanese version, of Godzilla Save the Earth, Hold L2 + X + R2 (in that order) at the main menu, then release X, R2, L2 (in that order) to display the code entry screen.
rcyg odt apiwa.

Master code:
Enter 246518 as a code.
Michael Cole.

All monsters:
Enter 525955 as a code.
Michael Cole.

All cities:
Enter 659996 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Gallery 1:
Enter 294206 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Gallery 2:
Enter 409014 as a code.
Michael Cole.

100,000 Points:
Enter 532459 as a code. Note: This code may only be used once.
Michael Cole.

150,000 Points:
Enter 667596 as a code. Note: This code may only be used once.
Michael Cole.

200,000 Points:
Enter 750330 as a code. Note: This code may only be used once.
Michael Cole.

Enter 975013 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player one invincible:
Enter 338592 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player two invincible:
Enter 259333 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player three invincible:
Enter 953598 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player four invincible:
Enter 485542 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player one quadruple damage:
Enter 259565 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player two quadruple damage:
Enter 927281 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player three quadruple damage:
Enter 500494 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player four quadruple damage:
Enter 988551 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player one super energy:
Enter 819342 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player two super energy:
Enter 324511 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player three super energy:
Enter 651417 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player four super energy:
Enter 456719 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player one invisible:
Enter 531470 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player two invisible:
Enter 118699 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player three invisible:
Enter 507215 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Player four invisible:
Enter 198690 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Health regeneration:
Enter 536117 as a code.
Michael Cole.

Indestructible buildings:
Enter 812304 as a code.
Michael Cole.

One time energy:
Enter 122574 as a code. You will have only one bar of energy that does not regenerate.
Michael Cole.

Cinematic ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game as Orga in hard mode.

Hint: Space Godzilla, King Gidorah and Jet Jagaur:
Successfully complete the game two times with Megalon and Godzilla (90s or 2000).

Hint: Anguirus: Easy wins:
In any playing mode, you can defeat enemies with Anguirus quickly by doing this combo of attacks (in any order). Press Down + Circle, Triangle, X, grab. When you grab, press Toward your enemy, then do a drop kick. Repeat this in any order to quickly defeat the enemy.

Hint: Baragon: Easy wins:
All you have to use are the Circle, Square, and some X attacks to defeat your enemies. He is very fun to toy attacks around with. Note: Grabbing and then pressing Circle is bad, because its gives your enemy health.

Because Baragon is not extremely strong physically, try using speed and fast splinter attacks. Shooting and running is an excellent attacking maneuver. Also, because he is an acrobat, try tricking your enemy. When you jump away timed correctly, you can do an aerial cartwheel to propel yourself forward to your enemy.

Hint: Gigan: Combo:
Press Square(2), Up + Square, run closer to the knocked-down opponent, then press Up + X, R2 + Square.
Joe Jiao.

Hint: Jet Jaguar: Easy wins:
When playing as Jet- Jaguar and you are having a hard time fighting your opponent, make yourself small. By doing this, you will be invulnerable to laser attacks, be able to run extremely fast, and your attacks are faster than any other monster.
Max Einhorn.

Hint: King Ghidorah or Mecha King Ghidora: Combo:
Outrage: Press L1 + Circle + Left + Square.

Hint: Mechagodzilla 3: Easy wins:
Press Away + X then hold R2 + L2 once they are off the ground from the first hit. If you win a beam fight, immediately afterwards tap R1. Make sure to use beam attacks once in a while. Tail, fist, and booster attacks are good combos to do some damage. When you get the chance, grab and have him use the eye laser. It is good for a grab attack. Repeat in any order desired. Use circle sweep for a good knock down, but jump back for dodging the ground recover moves that your opponent does.

Hint: Mechagodzilla 3: Combo:
Ultra Flying Kick: Press L1 + Square, then at the correct moment quickly press Up + Square.

Hint: Mechagodzilla 3: Fly forward:
Hold L1 + R1 + Circle.

Hint: Mechagodzilla 3: Keep Grab Ray:
Use the Grab Ray on any opponent. When you use it, do not throw your enemy. Quickly press random buttons to get out of paralyzation. Your Grab Ray will still be on. Once you get hit or pick up a building, it will go away.

Hint: Megaguris: Easy wins:
When low on energy, grab the enemy and take some energy. Then when it is high enough to do a beam attack, do so. It will cause a lot of damage. Keep attacking and grabbing to quickly win the battle.

Hint: Megaguris: Combo:
Energy Drain of Doom: Press L1 + Circle or Square, then quickly press Circle(2).

Hint: Megalon: Easy wins:
Press Down + Circle, then press Away + Circle. Keep doing this until you are close to your enemy to hit them.

Hint: Moguera: Easy wins:
Moguera tends to run out of energy very fast. It is a good idea to have Moguera shut down and recharge a few times before fighting again, but do the following for a quick win. While on treads and moving, fire some missiles and purple beams to do a ttle damage. Then, hold Square and do the isomorphic drill and tap Circle and any weapon attacks. After that, recharge and repeat the process. After some time you can toy around with his way of combo attacks and pattern. He does best with patterned attacks.

Hint: Mothra: Easy wins:
When in the Mothra larval stage, fight your opponent as long as you can. When you are just barely out of health, transform into the butterfly stage. You will have full health and have another chance to defeat your opponent without starting over.
Max Einhorn.

Hint: Orga: Combo:
Super Back Smash: Press L1 + Circle then quickly press Left + Square.

Hint: Rodan: Four-wing smash combo:
Press X, Circle, X, then press Circle (4-hit), X (4-hit), or Square (5-hit).
Joe Jiao.

Hint: Space Godzilla: Easy win:
Have Space Godzilla make two crystal pillars, then start to attack with crystal beams and mini crystal balls. Also, run around with him. This will save you the trouble of getting hit. Then, just experiment with the attacks until you find a good combo. Note: When your pillars are broken, make new ones quickly.

Hint: Defeating Baragon:
Make sure he does not jump on you, or you will get hurt very badly. When he tries to jump on you, try to attack him. However, he is very fast. Try using Megalon to dig under him to defeat him. Use any strong monsters, or any fast monsters. Note: He can regenerate energy fast to use his fire breath quickly. His fire breath cannot be made into a long range attack assault. He can also dig.

Hint: Defeating Destroyah:
Destroyah is one of the toughest monsters in the game. He can use an oxygen mine and you will be flying all over the place. However, it only goes in one direction. His only weakness is his lack of speed, but he is still very strong. If you can attack him at the correct moment, avoid his oxygen mines, and avoid his attacks, you can defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Mecha King Ghidorah:
Stay away from Mecha King Ghidorah and use mostly long range attacks. After five or more long range attacks, he will be defeated. However, only do this at the correct time or he will gain health.

Hint: Defeating Megalon:
Run when he digs, or you will be thrown. Watch out for his long range attack, it is powerful. Also watch out for his attack that stuns you. Try to stay away from him, and when he is done attacking or dazed by digging, try to execute a powerful attack.

Hint: Defeating Orga:
Orga will attack you while your on the ground, can throw you, and is extremely tough. Try to keep out of striking range of Orga. Also try not to be shoved on the ground or he will belly pound you. Use strong physical attacks to defeat him.

Ogra is strong and fast for his size. The best way to fight him is with edge and weapon attacks, such as Baragon. He is not very strong. Use his fire because Orga is weak to it.

Hint: Defeating Spacegodzilla:
Use strong physical attacks and strong long range attacks; or use Orga or Destroyah.

Hint: Easy wins:
Use the following trick to easily defeat your opponent. This works best with King Ghidorah, but you can experiment with other characters. As soon as you are about to fight, your enemy will probably try to use their special attack on you. Just hold Triangle. They should do it about three times. Then, go up and press X(5). Then do same with Square, then Circle. If each attack was successful, you will probably win by doing this. Next, pick them up and press X. Pick them up again and press Square. Then do it one more time with Circle. Note: Baragon would be a bad choice. Their health should be fairly low. Then, stand back so that you can charge up your special attack all the way, then unleash it. Make sure to hit them directly. If all goes well, your opponent will be K.O.ed. Note: This trick will only work if your enemy has a weakness to you.

Hint: Drown your enemy:
Fight your enemy until their health is low and they are about to die. Carry them to a deep body of water (at least up to your knees). Throw them into the water. Attack them a few more times. Make sure to use moves that force your enemy's head in the water. They will soon be K.O.ed and their head will be completely or almost submerged underwater. This means that they drowned. Be careful while doing this so they do not do it to you. Note: When you attacking in the water, the best choice would be use something similar to Mecha Ghidorah's R1 + Circle move, which forces your enemy deep into the water.

Hint: Catching:
When an enemy throws a building or anything else, press L1 to catch the thrown item.

Hint: Attacking on the ground:
When you are down, press Square or Circle to do an attack on the ground.

Hint: Bigger destruction levels:
While playing in versus mode, enable the "Super energy" code for both players. Select any monster for player one and Baragon or Megalon for player two. Choose the city. While playing, command Baragon or Megalon to go underground. Player one will never lock onto player two. You can now stomp on a large city instead of a limited amount of space.

Glitch: Trapped Orca:
Select any monster in versus mode and Orca as an opponent. Select Manhattan as a battlefield. When you start, Orca will be trapped, drawn to the electric fencing. He can still attack if you get too close, and can sometime use his acid attack. Overall, however, he is pretty much a sitting duck. Picking him up will not work, as he will still move to the energy field. Note: Anguirus' long range may inadvertently throw Orca higher up the fencing, where he cannot be reached.

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