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Gran Turismo 3 A-spec

Selecting series awards:
Series awards (i.e., cars) are not purely random. Press X when a silhouetted car has the large black circle flashing under it to cause that car to be selected as the award for winning the series. Timing is crucial, since the large black circle only appears under a car for less than half a second. If you are too slow, the next car to get the large black circle will be selected.

You can get unlimited F1 cars by playing endurance races, as you can win prize cars from those races unlimited times. To select a prize car, press X when the black circle is under the car of your choice.

To get the series car of your choice, just race all the races in series mode, not single. Save before the last race. Do not exit the series -- use the save function shown after the race is done. Then, start and quit the last race. If you have enough points from previous races you should still win the series, then continue to where they award the series prize. If you get a car you do not want, just exit the game, go back to the title screen, then load. The game will start from the last race you saved at. Quit the last race then continue onto the series and repeat until you get the desired car.
Andrew Martin.

Professional mode:
Select arcade mode, then highlight the "Hard" selection on the difficulty selection screen. Hold L1 + R1 until it changes to "Professional".

Hold same gear in Automatic Gear Shift mode:
Hold R2 or L2 to prevent shifting out of your current gear. This may be useful during turns..

Hint: Saving money:
Do not waste money on upgrading the first few cars you have in the game. Instead, practice being a better driver. Wait until you win a car with some real potential until you upgrade. For example, start out with a Mazda Miata, but do not upgrade. Use it to win a Mazda RX-7 Effini 3, then upgrade.

Hint: Easy money:
Go to Super Speedway in the Beginner League and keep doing the same level for easy money.

Go to the Beginner League and race in NA to get 5,000 credits.

If you have a good car, go to the Amateur League and race in NA for 15,000 credits.
Djmixer222 and Sully.

If you have a very good car, go to the Amateur League and race in GT All Stars in the test course to get 25,000 credits. Note: Buy the cheapest tires, as they last longer.

Get a fast car and race the Speedway in the Final Series Race in the Beginner League to win 10,000 credits.
mike armstrong.

In rally mode the first race award is 5,000 credits. the second race earns 10,000 credits, and the third race results in 20,000 credits. You will also receive a rally car when you complete all three of the races, which you can sell for at least 75,000 credits.
michael armstrong.

Get a good enough car to race and get first place in the American championship. Start the series race and get first on each course while saving in between each race. When you get to Laguna Seca, start the race and then exit. You should have enough points that you will still win the championship. Keep repeating this until the race prize is the Camaro Race Car. Sell the Camaro as soon as possible to get 250,000 credits. In all you will get 30,000 in race prizes, 20,000 in series prizes, and 250,000 for the Camaro -- totaling 300,000 credits.

Win the 150 mile Endurance Race and sell the car you win to get 500,000 credits total. This will take about one hour.

Get either a fully upgraded Dodge Viper (1088 hp) or the Camaro Race Car. Go to the European championship. Win first place in the first four races and then save the game. Skip the last race. If you get the Vertigo Race Car, keep it. Repeat this process and get the Vertigo again. It can be sold for 300,000 credits. Repeat this process as needed.

Go to the Beginner League Turbo. Win at the Test Track to get 5,000 credits. Get a Lancer Evolution and raise the horsepower up slightly, Go to the Amateur League Turbo. Win at the Test Track to get 15,000 credits. Repeat this until you get about 150,000 credits. Buy a 3000GT and max it out. Go to the Professional League Turbo. Win at the Test Track to get 30,000 credits.

Save about 150,000 to 200,000 credits by racing the Super Speedway track in the last race series of the Beginner League. Use this money to buy a Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec or a Mazda RX-7. Use the remaining money to put in all four turbo kits along with any other desired upgrades. The Skyline will get up to about 1000 hp and reach speeds of 220 to 230 mph. The RX-7 will get about 700 to 800 hp and get up to 180 to 190 mph. Use either of these cars to complete the Super Speedway Endurance race, in which you get 200,000 credits for winning along with an good car. You may win the Tickford, The Cliosport race car, the Corvette C5R, or the F090/s Indy car. You can repeat this and sell the cars for about 250,000 to 300,000 credits. You can make up to 500,000 credits in a little over an hour.

Obtain or buy an Escudo. Get in it and head over to Professional League. Go to the Turbo Sports race and enter into the Test Track course. Use tape or a rubber band to hold the Gas down. Wait until the race is over. Your Escudo will use the walls as a guide to go around the track. It will only hit the walls on turns. A fully clocked out Escudo is at least 280 mph, so you will not loose. Remember to equip Slick Tires.

An extremely fast car is needed for this hint to be effective (for example, a Mustang SVT Cobra upgraded to 716 hp). Obtain an IB license and go to the Amateur League. Select "Gran Turismo All Stars" and select "Test Course". Race it repeatedly for an easy 25,000 credits if you win. Note: Cars on this course will reach speeds of over 215 mph.
Captain America.

Participate in the Super Speedway Endurance race with an F1 car. To finish the course faster, instead of using the walls as guides, try to make the turns. If you bump into the walls it will not be a problem. Pit every ten laps and you will easily win a car that is worth a lot.
Chris Wasnetsky.

Get a fast car and go to the European Championship in the Amateur League. Get first place in the first four races and save the game before you start the fifth race. Start the fifth race. While the cars are revving up, press Start and exit the race. You will have enough points to win the championship, so there is no need to complete the last race. You will win a total of 30,000 credits your first place standing in the first four races, 20,000 credits for winning the championship, and a chance to win the Gillet Vertigo (worth 300,000 credits). If you do not get the Gillet Vertigo when you win, return to the title screen and select "Load game". You will return to the end of the fourth race again. You will now have another chance at the Vertigo. After you eventually get the Vertigo, sell it and go back to the European Championship and repeat the entire process.

After obtaining an IA license, start a two hour Rome endurance race with an inexpensive car. Go around the track once, however before crossing the start finish line, stop the car. In the event you cross the start finish line, go around again. If necessary, hold the emergency brake button with a rubber band in order to prevent the car from moving. Return two hours later and complete your lap to finish the race for 10,000 credits.

To start out, you have little choice of cars, but the PT Cruiser has the most hp and can win the first three races in the Sunday Cup without any mods. After winning these a few times and getting the free car, you can begin adding mods to the car. As you progress through Beginner League, keep adding money to the car while selling all the free cars. There is no reason to sell the PT and get something else. It can be beefed up to a max of 322 hp with top speeds well over 160 mph. With the right suspension mods, it can easily outrun and out handle any car in the Beginner League. The total cost is 150,000 to 215,000 credits. To get to the big money, you will have to finally get rid of the PT. It will not keep up with the competition in the good races in Amateur or Pro Leauges. The next best value is the Corvette Z06, and this car will carry you to the Endurance Races. This car only costs 54,000 credits to start, and will need some mods before long. Run the NA races in both the Amateur League (10,000 credits) and Professional League (20,000 credits) to get some fast money, and beef up the car. With the correct setup of suspension and tires, you can win just about any race. It has a maximum of 787 hp with a top speed of over 240 mph. Total cost is 200,000 to 250,000 credits. After you have the car fully set up and beefed, run the Endurance Super Speedway race. This car will stomp the competition from the first turn. Run the hundred laps and get 200,000 credits and your new car. It is unlikely that you will get the F1 car on the first try but you will eventually get it. The F1 cars are incredible, and can be used to win every other race.
Todd Buck.

Win first place in the Grand Valley Speed Way endurance race . When you select a car for winning, look for the R30 GT-1 Road Car. If you choose this car, you can sell it for 550,000 credits. Since your prize earnings are 400,000 credits, you will get a total of 950,000 credits for winning the race.
Joseph Haskell.

Use the following trick to quickly get 350,000 credits. Enter the European Championship in Amateur league. Win the first four races in first place, racking up 30,000 credits (7,500 credits per win). Save the game, then skip the last race. Collect the 20,000 credits for winning. For winning the championship, the game will randomly give you a car. If you are lucky, you may win the Gillette Vertigo Race Car. If you do not, load the game from after the fourth race, and keep trying until you get that car. The Vertigo is a decent S-rank car that sells for 300,000 credits. Do this three times, and you can afford the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version (recommended), Viper GTSR Team Oreca, or the Corvette C5R.
Allan Sharma.

Go to Rally Events and select Tahiti Maze. Choose to play against the rally car. Start the race and your opponent will crash into the wall and will not be able to move from that location for the entire race, leaving you to win.

Race the first three races in the American Championship and win first place. Skip fourth race, then begin the fifth and race until the first big turn, hopefully seeing the Camaro in first place. Then, quit the race. The game should state that you won. Pick the Camaro with the double framed spoiler as your prize. To do this, press X while the shadow is under that car. Sell it for 250,000 credits. With the 20,000 credits for the championship and the 22,500 credits for the first two races, this will earn a total of 29,7500 credits in about twenty minutes.
dave davies.

Buy a Supra Rz, Skyline GT-R V-spec, or Suzuki Escudo and tune it to the max. Enter the Like The Wind cup and go to "Settings", "Drivetrain", "Gearbox", "Autoset 48", then start the race. The Skyline will go 257 mph, the Supra 254 mph, and the Escudo 295 mph.

When you have a fast car go to Special Events, then the Sunday Cup and choose Tahiti Road. Race the slow vans to get 3,000 credits.

If you started with a really pathetic car, use the following trick to help sell it for a lot. Go to the Beginner's races. Race the first two cups that are there. If you win the gold about three times in each race, you can upgrade your car to its fullest. Sell it to make thousands more credits than you bought it for. Even the upgrades will sell for more. Note: This does not work for some brands.

When you first start out with 18,000 credits, go to the car dealer and buy a Mazda (not the one with wheels that look like flowers). Once done, race in the Beginner league then complete all three races in the Sunday Cup. Keep doing this repeatedly until you get enough money to tune up your Mazda. After you tune it up, test it and make sure it goes 174.1 mph and accelerates quickly. Then, race in the Beginner league and enter the World Race and race in the Super Speedway to get 10,000 credits. Note: You will race rally cars in the Super Speedway. Tuning up your car incorrectly will cause your car to spin out of control when turning.
Robert Ossorio.

When you start the game, select the Mazda MX-5 Miata(J) for 16,900 credits. Tune it to its full horsepower. Then, earn enough money to buy the Evo (Tommy Makiden Edition). Tune up the Evo, then sell the Miata and earn 100,000 credits. Buy a Dodge Viper GTS for 78,680 credits. Tune that up. Then get the IA and the Rally licenses. Once your Viper is tuned to the maximum (1088 horsepower), race in the Super Speedway endurance race. You should be able to complete this in about an hour. Eventually you will get the F090/S as a prize for winning. Use the F090/S in the Seattle Circuit endurance race. You should be able to win it in a little over an hour. As a prize, you will get the F687/S after a few tries. Once you get it, use it to win series like the European Championship or the Dream Car Championship in the Amateur league. Not only will you quickly earn credits, but you will also earn cars like the FTO LM Racecar and the S2000 LM Racecar. Keep the cars that you like and sell the others. You should also do the endurance races. Once you earn about six million credits, go to the Beginner league and do all the races that include certain cars. Buy those certain cars and win the races. That will boost your game percentage. Then, earn your Super license. Do the Like The Wind race in the Professional League. Use your Viper to win it, but make sure that there are no other Vipers. If there are, quit the race and reenter it until there are no Vipers. Once you win it, you will get the Mazda 787B.
Kyler Lerz.

When you start the game, buy either the Toyota Corolla (or Sprinter Apex to the Japanese) because the handling is perfect, and it has the capacity to be upgraded to well over 300 BHP. Alternately, if you have the IA license, buy the cheapest Mazda MX-5 and change the oil. You can then easily take on and win the Roadster Endurance Race and collect the F1 car. If you do not get the F1 car, just race again until this happens. The cash prize should be a good enough alternative.
John Gilbey.

As soon as you get enough money to buy a Nissan Skyline R34 V-spec II and desired modifications, immediately go to the Amateur League and start on the "Red Emblem" races. It is the best credit deal in the game; 10,000 credits for one lap. In each race there are three laps, so there is no tire wear or anything except you and your R34. As soon as you win all three races, you should have upwards of 90,000 credits. Then, sell the Nismo 400R which you awarded, if you wish to gain another 30,000 credits. You can run these races for quick cash to tune up other cars, or to just save credits. You will only win the Nismo 400R once, so be wise. You will not get it back if you sell it.

The next best credit deal besides the "Red Emblem" races is the Amateur European Series race. There are five races with three laps each for 7,500 credits for each race. There is also a 20,000 credit bonus, plus a 300,000 credit Gillet Vertigo Race Car. The best way to quickly get the series over with is to save the game after the fourth race and skip the fifth race. You will still win the series and gain 20,000 credits. If you do not get the Gillet Race Car, reload the game until you do. This trick may be repeated as many times as desired. It is a very quick way to tune and get cars.

Work your way up in the cars until you get one fast enough to race in the Endurance Race. Race the last one on the list. If you win you will receive a F090/S. Use this car numerous times to win the same race. Sell all of the F090/S's to get easy money. With all the cash you have won, buy a very fast car (for example, the Escudo), and complete the game.

Get a Skyline R-32 V-spec or higher and tune it up. Go to the Race Of Red Emblem on Amateur and race Trial Mountain. If you win you will get 30,000 credits.
Dan Tanedo.

Get the Mazda Miata and race in the Spider And Roadster race in the Beginners League. You will get 2,500 credits for first place on the Test Track Course. Repeat this as desired.
taylor nodwell.

An "A" license is required for this trick. Participate in endurance races with a fast car, such as the Vertigo or Skyline V-spec 2 maxed out. You can also use the Corvette. The easiest endurance race is the Super Speedway 150 miles race. It takes about an hour to complete.
Matt G. and Karson H..

Hint: Easy money with memory card:
Two memory cards are required for this trick. After you have earned about 200,000 credits, purchase a car, such as the Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Upgrade it up to the max. This will leave you almost broke. Go home and save this car memory slot two, then return to the title screen and load your last game from memory slot one. This will give you your money back, and you can now go home and trade from memory slot two. That car that you just spent all those credits on will only cost you retail price.

Two memory cards are required for this trick. Whenever you buy a new car, you may notice that the value is much less than what you bought it for. Save your game to both cards, then, make sure you have enough credits to buy whatever car you want to get rid of at the dealership price. Go to the home garage and go to trade. You can then sell your car to yourself at full value. Then, if you want to do it again, save the game in memory card one but not on card two. You will then get back whatever money your card two lost when buying the car. This can sometimes triple your profits over what you would get by selling them back to the dealer at depreciated value.

Two memory cards are required for this trick. Start a new game or resume a current game. Save the data to the second memory card. Then, go to trade and take all of the car(s) from the second card and continue saving on it. Once satisfied with the amount of cars you have on your regular game, sell the extra cars to get some quick money. This can be repeated as needed.

Hint: Free tuning with memory card:
Two memory cards are required for this trick. After getting some money or cars to sell, save your game to both cards. Then buy the car you want, tune it, and get all the tires. Save your game to the memory card two. Then, load the game from memory card one, go home, then go to trade. Load the memory card two's garage and buy the car you just tuned. Then, save the game to both cards. You have now bought a fully tuned car for the price of the stock car. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Jeremiah Perry.

Hint: All four bonus cars with memory card:
Use the following trick to get all four bonus cars and all colors after racing a series only one time. Two memory cards and enough money to buy all the cars at the resale price are required. Save to memory card one at the end of the second-to-last race with enough points to skip the last race. Skip the last race. Press X when the black circle is under the desired car. If you do not get the car you desire, reload card one and try again. Once the desired car is chosen, save to memory card two. Reload card one, skip the last race and choose the desired car. Go to trade without saving in the home menu. Load card two in the trade menu. Buy the previously chosen car, then overwrite and save to card two. Reload card one, skip the last race, choose the next car, then go to trade again. Load card two in trade. Next, buy all previously chosen cars, overwrite, and save to card two again. Repeat until all desired cars and colors have been acquired from only one series.

Hint: More speed with automatic transmissions:
When racing with an automatic transmission, hold R2 and you will get better acceleration. Release when the small red light to change gears flashes or the car will not change gears.
Jervaughn Solomon and schultzds.

Hint: More speed by drafting:
The following trick can only be done effectively on Test Courses and Super Speedway. When in last or behind a distance from a car, stay on his tail. You will gain speed, even if your car is going at its maximum. This can be very useful in pulling out last minute wins.

You can get a speed boost from the reduced air resistance streaming from behind a vehicle ahead of you. However, watch behind you, as other cars can also do this.
kenny solomon.

Hint: More speed by tagging:
If you can catch up to the next car, tag his back bumper and you will be able to pass him. Tagging its bumper will give you an instant boost.
Paul Husky.

Hint: Quick start:
At the beginning of a race (except for Endurance, Super License, and others without a countdown), do not rev your engine by holding X. Instead, wait until the countdown reaches "1". By the time it says "Go", you will have no white smoke from your wheels, no wheelspin, and a boost of about 0.2 seconds, which may make the difference in earning the Gold Trophy in a license test, or a quick head start as the CPU cars do not do this.
Jon Elliott.

Hint: Better start from pits:
While you are in the pits and you car is being lifted up to change your tires, press the gas and you will get a better start when drive off the pits.
Andrew Wei.

Hint: More horsepower:
To make your car gain about 25 to 150 hp, take it to the test track and do a Max Speed Test. Keep it floored the entire time. After a couple of times, stop, change your oil, and check your new hp.

When buying or acquiring a new car that you want to race, run it at one of the tracks under "Run and Setting" several times after adding upgrades, instead of entering it immediately into a race. The engine needs to be broken in before racing. Your horsepower will improve, depending on your upgrades.
Captain America.

If you own a car thats worth enough to change the high speed, go to settings at the Test Track. Go to the transmission section, move down to the gear ratio and change it as wide as possible by going to the bottom and bringing the bar to wide instead of sport.
Dave Blair.

To get better horsepower, install the parts on your car that improve horsepower in order, such as the sports intercooler, then racing intercooler. This will give you more horsepower in the long run.

Hint: Alternate cars by language:
Four different cars are available, depending on which language the game is played in. Set the language to "English" to be able to buy the Vauxhall Speester or VX220. Set the language to "German" to win the Opel Astra as a prize in the German Touring Champ Amateur race and the Opel Calibra in GT World Champ Professional.

Hint: Acura Intregra Type R: Easy money:
Buy the Acura Intregra Type R. Upgrade it a bit so that you can compete with the cars in the Type R meeting. Win the series to get a lot of money. The car that you win (Acura RSX Type S) can be sold for 7,500 credits. Note: This car cannot be bought in the game so you may want to keep one.
KilleR ???.

Hint: Acura RSX Type-S:
This car can be won in the Type-R Meeting in the Beginner League.

Hint: Aston Martin Vanquish:
Win the British GT Car Cup in the Professional League.
Matthew Peters.

Alternately, do all of the exams for the IA License. If you get all Golds, you will be awarded the Aston Martin Vanquish.

Hint: Audi S4:
Win the Tourist Trophy in the Amateur League.

Hint: Audi TT 1.8T Quattro:
Win the Tourist Trophy Audi TT Race in the Beginner League.

Hint: Calsonic Skyline:
Win the Amateur League "All American" Series to unlock the Calsonic Skyline, which has 464 hp and great handling.

Alternately, win all gold cups in the Race Of Red Emblem in Professional mode. To win this race easier, buy a Pennzoil Nismo GT-R for 785,000 credits.
Edwin Pineda.

Hint: Celica TRD Sports M:
Win the FF Challenge in the Amateur League.

Hint: Chevrolet Camaro SS:
Win the Stars and Stripes Grand Championship in the Beginner League.

Hint: Chrysler PT Cruiser:
Try starting with the Chrysler PT Cruiser. It has good handling and excellent acceleration and top-speed. The spec may not look that good, but it is great for the Beginner League.

Hint: Citroen Xsara Rally Car:
Win the Super Special Route 5 Wet in Rally.

Hint: Corvette C5R:
Complete 50% of the game.
Oliver and Fred Jinkens.

Hint: Daihatsu Mira TR XX Avanzato R:
Win the Turbo Race of Turbo Sports in the Beginner League.

Hint: Dodge Viper: Easy money:
Buy a Dodge Viper and earn an A license. Then, go to the Amateur League and look for the N/A sports races. Once there, keep racing on the Super Speedway until you have enough money to buy a car or part. If you keep winning first, you should to be able to earn 300,000 credits in about two hours.
Nathan Eggert.

Hint: Dodge Viper: Recommended settings:
Go to "Run And Setting" in Home in simulation mode. Go to the Test Course and to "Settings" and set the following.
Ricky O.

Spring Rate: 4.0 front 4.0 rear
Ride Height: 84mm front 84mm rear
Shock Bound: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Shock Rebound: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Camber Angle: 0.0 front 0.0 rear
Toe Angle: -2.0 front -2.0 rear
Stabilizers: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Brake Balance: Level 9 front Level 9 rear
LSIT: 0 front 5 back
LSA: 0 front 5 rear
LSD: 0 front 5 rear
Gear Ratio
1st: 2.391
2nd: 1.499
3rd: 1.046
4th: 0.771
5th: 0.600
6th: 0.454
Final: 3.412
Auto Setting: Level 48
ASM: Level 0
TCS: Level 0

To get a fast top speed, go to tune, then upgrade it as best as you can, with all the best tune-ups. Then, go to the Test Course. Go to "Settings", and lower the Ride Height as much as possible. Strengthen the Spring Rate. Go to Gear Ratio, and set the automatic setting at the bottom all the way wide. It will still have massive acceleration. The tire settings do not matter. Flip around when you first start the Max Speed Test, and floor it. If you are lucky, you should pull about 270 mph.
Sean Bordenkircher.

Use the following settings. Viper fans may notice that these settings mirror those of the Oreca Viper, arguably the best GT car in the game and relatively well mannered. Try these settings out on the GTS-R concept when fully tuned. It will lap Laguna Seca within 10 seconds of an F1 car.
John Gilbey.

Spring Rate: F=4.4, R=18.4
Ride Height: F=115, R=55
Dampers: standard
Toe Angle: standard
Camber: standard
Stabilizer: F=4, R=4
Diff Settings- Initial: 10, Acceleration: 40, Deceleration: 20
1: as far right as you can
2: as far right as you can
3: as far right as you can
4: as far right as you can
5: as far right as you can
6: as far right as you can
Final: 3.070
Auto Setting 38 (do this first
Turn the TCS down to 2 and the ASM to 5, or for some extra fun turn them off altogether.

Hint: Dodge Viper GTSR Concept:
Get all golds on all eight of the Super License tests.

Hint: Escudo or GT40: Super speed and wheelie:
Make sure you have the Turbo Charger stage 4. Set the final gear at its lowest setting. Then, change the autoset to max, then 0, then max again. Next, change the final gear to 2.050. Then, change the down force in front to the lowest setting and the rear to maximum. After this, change the spring rate to minimum, front and rear. Do the same thing with the ride height. Make sure the TCS and the ATC are at 0. The Escudo can now go 535 mph and will also do a wheelie.

Hint: Escudo or GT40: Flying front end:
There is a way to make an Escudo or GT40 front end lift up. Use the following settings and race your car at the test track. At about 230 mph the front end should lift up.
Tips And Tricks via Andrew Hansen.

Equip the highest NA or Turbo tune-up
Put spring rate to minimum for front and back
Put ride height to minimum for front and back
Put gear's auto setting to widest, and final to 3.000
Put front down force to minimum and back to maximum
Set ASM and TCS to level 0.

Get a car with over 1,000 hp (such as the Escudo, GT-One Race Car or R390 GT1 Race Car). Equip the highest stage of turbine kit or NA tune possible Decrease the spring rate to the smallest number for both front and rear. Decrease the ride height to the smallest number both front and rear. Set the gear ratio's auto setting all the way up and put the final gear to 3.000. Decrease the front downforce to smallest number and increase the rear to highest number. Set ASM to level 0. Set TCS to level 0. Go to the Test Course and at about 230 mph your car will fly. Its speed will get to 300 mph and higher.
666666 3333.

Hint: Escudo Pikes Peak: High speed:
Note: This trick only works on the Test Course. Get a Pikes Peak and tune it up to the maximum. Then, go into either Machine Test or Run And Setting. When you get to the screen, highlight "Settings" and press X. Select the option car settings, go to gear ratios then move to the bottom of the list to the "Sports" or "Wide" option. Go all the way to "Wide" as far as it can go. Return to the race screen and test it out. This usually only works when you get going and then stop and try again. You should be able to get up to 321 mph.

Buy everything you can except tires. Lower all the gears and the final gear as low as possible. Run it on the test track and watch it fly by at 194 mph.

Fully upgrade the car, get an oil change, and use the following settings: full tail downforce, lowest front downforce, lowest rear spring settings and highest front spring settings, turn off the ASM and the TCS, and use a wide gear ratio. You should reach over 480 mph and the walls will turn you. The tires will constantly squeal.
Andrew Garrett.

When in Gran Turismo mode, go to "Car Dealers", then Japan, then Suzuki. You will find the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak. It is the most powerful car. When non-modified, it has 981 bhp, and fully-modified 1882 bhp. The price without modifications is 1,000,000 credits. With modifications it costs 1,090,000 credits.

Hint: Escudo Pikes Peak: Wheelie:
Go to Run and Setting in Home in simulation mode. Set the Spring Rate-Front-4.0, Back-4.0; Ride Height-Front-75.0, Back-75.0; Shock Bound-Front-Level 7, Back-Level 7; Shock Rebound-Front-Level 7, Back-Level 7; Camber Angle-Front-Level 0, Back-Level 0; Toe Angle-Front-Level 0, Back-Level 0; Brake Balance-Front-Level 0, Back-Level 0; Limited Slip (all three)-Front-Level 5, Back-Level 5; Gear Ratio Auto Setting-48; Final Gear-3.012, all gears-all the way down; Downorce-Front-.38, Back-1.08; ASM-0; TCS-0; TCD-10%.
Ricky O..

Hint: Escudo Pikes Peak: Easy money:
Supe the car up to the max. You should have 1893 horsepower. Then, go to Endurance mode and enter the Super Speedway 100 Mile race. Because of its enormous speed, you will be able to lap all of the cars numerous times. You should get 200,000 credits for the win. It may be long, but it is worth it.

Hint: F/090:
This car's strengths are handling and acceleration; weaknesses are a lack of power, and top speed.

If you get the F/090 in the High Speed Ring track, do not sell it . It does not have more than 700 hp, but it has the best handling in the game.

Hint: F 090/S Formula 1 car:
When first starting the game, buy a Mazda Miata that is worth 16,900 credits. Then, put in a racing chip and do an oil change. Next,try to raise about 38,000 to 48,000 credits. Then, buy a Mustang SVT Cobra and tune it to the max. Note: Do not do an oil change, as it will decrease your horsepower. Then, go to Super Speedway 150 miles in the Endurance races. When you win, you will be able to choose one of four prize cars. Do not touch anything to win the Corvette CO5. Then, tune that car and race at the Grand Valley 300 race. When you win, once again do not touch anything at the prize car screen to get the F 090/s Formula 1 car.

Hint: F/090-S Indy car:
Upgrade a Lancer Evo to the max and complete the Super Speed Way Endurance (about one hour and five minutes). You will win the F090/S Indy car (great speed and handling ) in addition to 200,000 credits.
The Essential Image.

Hint: F/094-F:
Buy the Toyota Supra and win the Tokyo Endurance race. Your reward will be the F/094-F.

Hint: F/094-H:
To acquire this car, complete the Seattle Circuit Endurance Race. You may choose this car in the Endurance Winner screen. It has excellent turning, speed (227), acceleration; and average braking.

Hint: F/094-S Indy car:
This car is acquired when you complete 100% of the game. This includes gold medals on all races, arcade mode completed, and new records set on all challenges. If you are a very skilled racer and spend nearly a year on the game, you will be unbeatable. There are six different F1 cars throughout the game.
oliver and ATVRacerForever

This is the best Indy car in the game. You can get it by completing the Polyphony Digital Cup races. Use the TVR Tuscan Speed 6 with racing slick tires to win the Polyphony races. It is the best unmodified car you can use. Make sure you save the game before the last race so you can try multiple times to get it at the end. Once you get it, you can beat all the Formula GT races relatively easily.

This is the best F-1 car in the game. It has the best acceleration, handling, and top speed.
GT3A- Cant be beat.

Despite the lack of power, it has 16,000 rpm, and doing the slightest changes to the final gear ratio can make it do the 400 meter straight an 8 second track. You can do the 1,000 meter track in less than 16 seconds. The acceleration on it is amazing, but you can only hit about 230 mph.
rui rocha.

Hint: F/686:
This car's strengths are handling and acceleration; weakness is top speed.

Hint: F687/S:
To acquire this car, complete the Tokyo R246 Endurance Race. This car may also be chosen at the Endurance Winner screen. It has excellent turning, top speed (230), acceleration; and average braking.

Hint: F687/S Indy Car:
Win the Seattle Circuit 100 mile endurance race. If you use a Castrol Supra, you can win the race in about an hour.

Hint: F/688:
This car is strong in everything.

Hint: Ford Escort Rally Car:
Win the Tahiti Maze in Rally.

Hint: Ford Focus Rally Car:
Win the Smokey Mountain Rally in Rally.

Hint: Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R:
If you change the oil in the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R, it reduces the horse power for some reason. Before you buy a car, save the game. Always check the HP of the car before and after the oil change and keep the version that increases the horse power.
michael armstrong.

Hint: Ford Mustang Cobra-R:
It is easy to gain 30,000 credits at the beginning of the game. Try to gain just a little over 35,000 credits so that you can buy the Mustang Cobra-R. It is the best car for the money. It is very quick and fast, and will be a huge improvement over the car you start with. The Mustang can be tuned up to 720 hp, and is capable of 10.5 seconds in the 400M test runs. Also, buying this car allows you to race more rewarding races, such as Series races, etc. The Mustang is a very big booster. Gain 60,000 credits and consider the Nissan Skyline R34 V-spec II as your next car.

Hint: FTO LM Race Car:
This car an be won in the Mistral Cote De Azure 78 lap endurance.
sKoT MaReK.

Hint: Gillet Vertigo: Super speed and wheelie:
Get a Gillet Vertigo and go to the Tune Shop. Buy an NA tune-up to raise it to 724 hp. Then, go to Machine Test enter Max Speed. Once there, select "Machine Settings" then go to the settings and make the following changes. Lower spring rate to minimum front and rear. Lower ride height to minimum front and rear. Lower the final gear to : 3.000. Put the auto setting to its widest. Lower down force to its minimum in the front and maximum in the rear. Finally, make sure the ASM and TCS are both at 0. You will now have a car that will ride a wheelie and easily go over 600 mph.

Hint: GT-40 Road Car:
Win the Gran Turismo All-Stars in the Amateur League. It is the top right car.

Hint: GT-One Road:
Complete the GT World Champions Cup in the Amateur League. Do not complete all the races. Finish the first seven, quit the next two, then save the game and quit the last race. Press X under the top right car. If you do not get the GT-One Road, reset the game and try again.

Hint: Honda Civic SiR-II:
Win the Type R Meeting in the Beginner League.

Hint: Honda CRX Del Sol SiR:
Win the NA Race of NA Sports in the Beginner League.

Hint: Honda NSX Type S Zero:
Win the MR Challenge in the Amateur League.

Hint: Honda NSX Type-R:
Win the Type R Meeting in the Amateur League.

Hint: Impreza Rally car:
Win the Tahiti Maze II in Rally.

Hint: Lotus Elise 190:
Win the Elise Trophy in the Professional League.

Hint: Mazda 787B:
Win the Like the Wind in the Professional League. Alternately, complete 75% of the game.

Hint: Mazda Eunos Roadster:
Win the Clubman Cup in the Beginner League.

Hint: Mazda Miata Roadster RS:
Win the Spider/Roadster Cup in the Beginner League.

Hint: Mazda MX-5 Miata (j):
Start off with this car. It has a great top speed and awesome handling.
David Jupp.

Do not bother buying a car when you first start. Instead, try to win all the gold medals in the B-License Test. You will receive a special edition Mazda Miata as well as your B-License. The Miata is much faster than the one you can buy, and you can easily use it to win your first few Beginner League races. You will have then enough money to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer, a very good and useful car, and have money for upgrades, as well as the cars you will win in the races.
Bob Hermann.

Hint: Mazda MX-5 Miata (80's): Good start:
Buy the Mazda MX-5 Miata (80's) as your first car, or get all Golds in the B license to get the Mazda Roadster MX-5 (Miata) as an award. Use this car to easily win the Sunday Cup. You will win the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex. Sell it for extra money. After the Sunday Cup you can try the Clubman Cup. If you have any troubles with the Clubman Cup go back to the Sunday Cup and race until you have enough money to buy yourself the second turbo kit. After the Clubman Cup you can sell the Mazda (MX-5) Eunos Roadster that was given as an award. After that you can use your Miata to win the 80's Race. Always keep upgrading your Miata along the way. If you keep going you should try to go or the races that can result in a lot of prize money, and buy a good enough car to win the big races.
KilleR ???.

Hint: Mazda RX8:
Win the NA Race of NA Sports in the Amateur League.

Hint: Mazda Savanna RX7 Infini III:
Win the 80's Sports Car Cup in the Beginner League.

Hint: Mercedes Benz CLK Touring Car (D2 AMG Mercedes):
In order to get this car you must get all golds in all the races in the Legend Of The Silver Arrow event in the Amateurs League. However, this event may be quite difficult to win because you can only use a Mercedes car. They are quite slow and also have slow acceleration. To win this racing event easily, save about 200,000 to 250,000 credits. Go to the Mercedes Benz dealer and purchase the CLK 55 car. Do not purchase the CL 55 car. Although the specs may look better, this car is slower than the CLK 55, yet is more expensive. After you purchase the car, take it to the Tune Shop. Tune it by equipping the car with all the NA Tuning Stages, starting from Stage 1. Next, equip the car with all the Exhaust and Air Cleaners, starting from Sports, to Semi-Racing, and Racing, and all the engines (Computer Chip, Full Engine - Balancing and Port Polish). All this can be found on the Engines And Exhaust Section. Afterwards, on the Drivetrain section, equip the car with Clutch/Triple, Flywheel/Racing, Driveshaft/Carbon, Transmission/Full Racing and LSD Full Customization. Then, equip the car with all the Weight Reductions (on the Others/ROM section), starting from Stage 1 to Stage 3. Also equip the car with Super Soft Racing Tires, can be found on the Tires section. Although you are told that this type of tire does not last long, they have better grip and the racing tracks do not give you any tire damage. Finally, change the oil in the car to give it that extra 70 bhp. When you race this car in any track in the Legend of the Silver Arrow event in the Amateurs League, it has a higher maximum speed and faster acceleration than the CPU cars. This allows you to get your first place in any tracks in the event very easily.
Aditya Cholisi.

Although this car may has good looks and good specs, it may not be suitable for some races. For example, do not use this car on events such as the Dream Car Championship or Gran Turismo World League in the Amateur League. You may likely end up in last place on each track in those events, even though it is fully tuned to the max. However, you can still use this car for other events for a first place finish easily, but the car must be fully tuned. For example, if the car is fully tuned, you can easily win the German Championship or the Japanese Championship in the Amateur League. You can also use this car to easily win the FR Championship in the Professional League, since it has an FR Drivetrain.
Aditya Cholisi.

Hint: Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor:
Win the Legend of Silver Arrow Mercedes Benz in the Beginner League.

Hint: Mines Lancer Evolution VI GSR:
Win the Turbo - Race of Turbo Sports in the Amateur League.

Hint: Mini Cooper 1.3i:
Win the Lightweight K Cup in the Beginner League.

Save the Mini Cooper 1.3i that you win at the Lightweight K Cup in the Beginner League. You will need it for a race later, and you cannot buy that car at the dealership.

Hint: Mitsubishi 3000 GT Twin Turbo: Easy money:
Two memory cards are required for this trick. After you have earned about 200,000 credits, purchase a Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Upgrade it up to the max. This will leave you almost broke. Go home and save this car memory slot two, then return to the title screen and load your last game from memory slot one. This will give you your money back, and you can now go home and trade from memory slot two. That car that you just spent all those credits on will only cost you retail price. The Mitsubishi 3000 GT is one of the fastest cars in the game now that you have upgraded it to over 1000 hp.

Get a Mitsubishi 3000 GT Twin Turbo and upgrade it as much as possible. This will give you about 1085 hp. Go to the Endurance race and select the Super Speedway. Set you transmission up for maximum speed, and lower your final gear to 2.84. While in the race, ride the outside of the track and never use the brake. This means you will be using the wall through both of the turns. Do this through the entire race and you will never have to pit. You will also be able to get the race finished in less than 40 minutes. You can repeat this to continually get the prize car and money.
Frank Schiefelbein.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR:
Win the Evolution Meeting in the Beginner League.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR:
Win all Golds in the Beginner League.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car:
Win the Evolution Meeting in the Amateur League.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car:
Win the Smokey Mountain II in Rally.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR:
Win the 4WD Challenge in the Amateur League.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype:
Win the 4WD Challenge in the Professional League.

Hint: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype:
Win the Swiss Alps II in Rally.

Hint: Nismo 400R:
Win the Race of Red Emblem in the Amateur League.

Hint: Nismo GT-R LM Roadcar:
Win the Seattle Endurance Race. It is the top left car.

Hint: Nissan R39 GT1 LM Race Car:
Get all gold cups in the Gran Turismo All-Stars race in the Professional League. In this race, you can also get the following cars: Nissan R390, Toyota GTone, Dodge viper GTSR concept ,and the Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STI. These events are very difficult. A F1 car such as the F090/S is recommended.
Edwin Pineda.

Hint: Nissan Skyline GT-R R-Tune:
Go to the Endurance Super Speedway. Use the Mazda 787B. This takes about 54 minutes to complete. You should get the Skyline GT-R R-Tune. If not, you can also get the F090/S , Falcon XR8 Race Car , Lupo Race (Cup) Car, and Corvette C5R.

Hint: Nismo Skyline GT-R S-Tune:
Win the 80s Sports Car Cup in the Amateur League.

Hint: Nissan Skyline GT-R V:
Buy the Nissan skyline GT-R V and get it up to 1000 plus horse power using the two card memory trick and race the GT: Race Of The Red Emblem in amateur mode to receive an easy 30,000 credits every time.
michael armstrong.

Hint: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II:
This is a good car that is fast and handles well. Put the stage 4 turbo on it, the most expensive exhaust system, the race chip, and all the most expensive parts, except the drivetrain. For the drivetrain, only put the most expensive clutch, flywheel, and the driveshaft. Making these upgrades will make the car go fast and accelerate quickly. The Skyline has 4WD so it does not slide around too much. Also, when you are going into a corner, do not just hug the wall; slam into it. "Slower is quicker", because you can accelerate faster after hitting the brakes than hitting the wall, as sometimes you can get stuck on the wall.

Hint: Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc:
Win the FR Challenge in the Beginner League.

Hint: Pagani Zonda C12S:
Win the NA Race in the Professional League.

Hint: Panoz Esperante:
One of the best cars to start the game with is the Panoz Esperante. In arcade mode, there is a time attack mode that is basically like the license tests, where you are required to set the fastest times. If you complete this mode, it will give you the Panoz Esperante in you simulation garage. You can now get your licenses easily and dominate.

Hint: Peugeot 206 Rally Car:
Win the Swiss Alps in Rally.

Hint: Polophony Racing Car:
Finish an endurance race, a Professional League race (one of the races is called the Dream Car Championship), or get 100% of the game completed A good car to use is the Nissan R390 GT1 LM Edition. You can put a turbo stage 3 on it to boost the car to 1180HP.

Hint: Raybrig NSX: Recommended settings:
Go to "Run And Setting" in Home in simulation mode. Go to the Test Course and to "Settings" and set the following.
Ricky O.

Spring Rate: 4.0 front 4.0 rear
Ride Height: 45mm front 45mm rear
Shock Bound: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Shock Rebound: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Camber Angle: 0.0 front 0.0 rear
Toe Angle: -2.0 front -2.0 rear
Stabilizers: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Brake Balance: Level 9 front Level 9 rear
LSIT: 0 front 5 rear
LSA : 0 front 5 rear
LSD: 0 front 5 rear
Gear Ratio
1st: 3.097
2nd: 1.974
3rd: 1.391
4th: 1.035
5th: 0.812
6th: 0.617
Final: 3.412
Auto Setting: Level 45
Downforce: 0.45 front 0.66 rear
ASM: Level 0
TCS: Level 0

Alternately, use the following settings.

Spring rate: Front 5.8 rear 4.8
Ride Hight: Front 70mm rear 70mm
Shock bound: Front 6 rear 7
Shock rebound: Front 6 rear 6
Camber angle: Front 2.0 rear 1.0
Toe angle: Front 0.0 rear 0.5
Stabilizers: Front 3 rear 3
Brake setting: Front 11 rear 8
Gear ratio: Final 3.5 Overall setting 27
Aerodynamics: Front .49 rear .58

Hint: RUF 6400s: Easy arcade mode wins:
In simulation mode, buy a RUF 3400s and fully upgrade it, except do not buy the racing chip, NA Tune Up, Turbo, and Intercooler. Go to arcade mode and race.

Hint: RUF CTR2:
Win the Turbo Race in the Professional League.

Hint: RUF RGT:
Win the Boxer Spirit Race in the Professional League.

Hint: RUF RGT: Big air:
Buy the RUF RGT, fully upgrade it, and buy dirt tires. Then, enter the Smokey Mountain. II race. Near the paved part of the course, you should launch off and get lots of air.

Hint: Shelby Cobra:
Win the Spider & Roadster Championship in the Professional League.

Hint: Shelby Cobra: Recommended settings:
Go to "Run And Setting" in Home in simulation mode. Go to the Test Course and to "Settings" and set the following.
Ricky O.

Spring Rate: 4.0 front 3.0 rear
Ride Height: 83mm front 83mm rear
Shock Bound: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Shock Rebound: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Camber Angle: 0.0 front 0.0 rear
Toe Angle: 2.0 front 2.0 rear
Stabilizers: Level 1 front Level 1 rear
Brake Balance: Level 9 front Level 9 rear
LSI: 0 front 5 rear
LSA: 0 front 5 rear
LSD: 0 front 5 rear
Gear Ratio
1st: 2.502
2nd: 1.653
3rd: 1.189
4th: 0.900
5th: 0.718
6th: 0.551
Final: 3.412
Auto Setting: Level 39
ASM: Level 0
TCS: Level 0

Hint: Skyline GT-r V-Spec II: Easy money:
Upgrade the car up to the maximum and go to the Race of the Red Emblem race, for Skylines only. Finish in first to win 30,000 credits.

Hint: Spoon Sports Civic Type-R:
Win FF in the Professional league.

Hint: Spoon Sports S2000 Race Car:
Win the Stars & Stripes Grand Championship in the Amateur League.

Hint: Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype:
Win the Super Special Route 5 Wet II in Rally.

Hint: Subaru Impreza LM Race Car:
Win Grand Valley Speedway endurance race (300 km).
Matthew Peters.

Hint: Subaru Legacy Blitzer B4:
Win the Boxer Spirit in the Amateur League.

Hint: Suzuki Alto Works:
Start with the Suzuki Alto Works. Although itis a pathetic car, you can use it to get started. Buy the first Turbo Kit and the Lightweight Stage 1 and enter the Lightweight Cup. Do this twelve times and get the Mustang.

Hint: Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited:
Win the 4WD Challenge in the Beginner League.

Hint: Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version:
Win all Golds in Rally mode.

Hint: Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version: Customizing:
When you first buy and test out the car on the test course, you will realize that its top speeds are around 210 mph, even when completely suped up. Go to the settings. This can be found at the beginning of any race. Select "Setting", then select on the "Next setting" button (under the "Change parts" button). Find the limited slip changer. Select it, and there should be about seven bars where you can tweak it up. Go all the way to the last bar and it will say on one end, sport, and on the other end, wide. Test it out and you will find that it easily gets up to 280 mph.
Nick Gomez.

Go to tune-up and put in the highest turbo and change the oil. You should have about 1881 hp.

Get a stage 4 turbo kit for it, making the car have 1700 hp. Take it to the Max Speed Test about five times then change the oil. This should give you 1800 hp. Then, go to the parts settings and change the gear ratio to all the way wide. Go to the downforce settings and change it to as low as possible. You should end up with a 284.4 maximum speed.

Hint: Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version: Easy wins:
Win rally mode and get the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version. Upgrade it as much as possible, then go to the Professional league. Select the Gran Turismo All Stars, and the Test Course. Set your downforce as low as possible front and back. Set your auto final to widest, and your final to 2.260. Keep the gas button held and you are free to do whatever while you earn 50,000 credits for each race.

Hint: Team ORECA Dodge Viper GTSR:
Win all Golds in the Amateur League.

Hint: Tommy Kaira ZZII:
Win the MR Challenge in the Professional League.
Matthew Peters.

Win the Seattle Endurance Race. It is located just before the F1 car.
sKoT MaReK.

Hint: Tom's X540 Chaser:
Enter the FR Challenge with a non-race car (for example, a Mustang, Silvia, etc. ) in the Professional League. The game should give you the Tom's X540 Chaser. This car is one of the best looking in the game.
Damian Campisi.

Hint: Toyota Altezza LM Race Car:
Win the Altezza Race in the Amateur League. If you do not get this car, you can get the Tom's X540 Chaser and Toyota Vitz RS 1.5.

Hint: Toyota Celica Rally Car:
Win the Tahiti Challenge of Rally in Rally.

Hint: Toyota Celica SS-II:
There are two different models of the Celica SS-II ('99 model and '97 model). Both can be won in the Altezza Race in the Beginner League.

Hint: Toyota Corolla Rally Car:
Win the Tahiti Challenge of Rally II in Rally.

Hint: Toyota Celica GT-Four: Easy money:
Win at the Super Speedway for 1,000 credits (or go to the Test Course race under the Turbo Series if you can get your car fast enough) until you can but a Toyota Celica GT-Four for about 29,000 creduts. Upgrade it to The second turbo package, racing muffler and air cleaner, and racing chip. Race at the Super Speedway in the last series of the Beginners League. Note: You need an A license to do this.
Ryan Softcheck.

Hint: Toyota GT-1 Race Car (TSO20): Easy last Super License test:
Since the Toyota GT-1 Race Car (TSO20) has so much torque, choose manual transmission and run in third gear through most of the race to easily complete the last Super License test (Cote d' Azur).

Hint: Toyota MR-S S Edition:
Win the MR Challenge in the Beginner League.

Hint: Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT: Easy money:
Do the "Easy money with memory card" trick with the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT. Put as much money into the car and race the Sunday Cup. Put all of your earnings into it and repeat this process the car is maxed out. Trade the car once more and play from the beginning with it, saving all of your money for the car of your dreams.
mike armstrong.

Hint: Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex (AE-86 Type I) :
Win the Sunday Cup in the Beginner League.
gary ferguson.

Hint: Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Shigeno Version:
Win the FR Challenge in the Amateur League.

Hint: Toyota Supra Rz (J): Recommended settings:
The following settings will get your Supra going up to 258 mph. In the drivetrain part of buy parts, only buy the full-racing transmission and do not buy any of the stability control. Go to the max speed test and go to the settings and set the following options.

Spring Rate: Front 13.7, Rear 6.5
Ride Height: Front 100, Rear 100
Shock Bound: Front Level 7, Rear Level 7
Shock Rebound: Front Level 7, Rear Level 7
Camber Angle: Front 2.0, Rear 1.0
Toe Angle: Front 0.0, Rear 0.0
Stabilizers: Front Level 3, Rear Level 3
Gear Ratio:
1st 2.805
2nd 1.724
3rd 1.219
4th 0.908
5th 0.710
6th 0.570
Final 3.266
Level 42
ASM: Level 10
TCS: Level 5

Hint: Toyota Vitz RS 1.5:
Win the Vitz Race in the Beginner League. Alternately, win the FF Challenge in the Beginner League.

Hint: Tuscan Speed 12:
Complete the Tuscan race in the Professional League. It is the bottom car -- the rest are Griffith 500s.

Hint: Volkswagen New Beetle RSi:
Win the Beetle Cup in the Beginner League.

Hint: Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0:
Start with the Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0. It handles well enough and has enough speed to win the Clubman, the Sunday, the FF in beginner and amateur, and after the third tune up and a little suspension tuning, all the Beetle Cup cars in the Beetle Series races.

Hint: Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Car:
Win the Clio Trophy in the Professional League.

Hint: Arcade mode bonus cars:
The following is a list of the bonus cars that are won in arcade mode.

Normal difficulty Hard difficulty
Mazda MX-5 Miata C-West Razo Silvia
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro Lancia Delta HF Integrale Rally Car
Mazda RX-8 Gillet Vertigo Race Car
Nissan Z Concept Pagani Zonda Race Car
RUF RGT Panoz Esperante GTR -1
TVR Tuscan Speed Six Nissan R390 GT1 LM Race Car
Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept Toyota GT-One Race Car
TVR Speed 12 Mazda 787B

Hint: Grand Turismo World Championship (Beginner League): Prizes:
Win the Grand Turismo World Championship in the Beginner League to unlock the Toyota Celica GT-Four, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR, Mazda Miata, and Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec II.

Hint: Gran Turismo World Championship (Professional league): Prizes:
Race the GT World Championship to win the GT40 Race Car, XJ220 Race Car, R390 GT1 Road Car, and the Calibra Touring Car.

Hint: Japanese Championship (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Japanese Championship prize in the Amateur League to unlock the Mazda RX-7 Type RZ, Mitsubishi Evolution IV GSR, FTO GP Version R, and Subaru Impreza WRX Sti Version VI Wagon.

Hint: American Championship (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Japanese Championship prize in the Amateur League to unlock the Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version VI, Chevy Camaro Race Car, Audi TT 1.8T Quattro, and Mazda RX7 Type RS.

Hint: European Championship (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the European Championship in the Amateur League to unlock the Lotus Elise 190, Nissan GTR V-Spec, Gillet Vertigo Race Car, and Mini Cooper 1.3I.

Hint: Gran Turismo World Championship (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Gran Turismo World Championship in the Amateur League to unlock the Nissan C-West Razo Silvia, Nissan Z Concept car, Toyota GT1 Road Car, and Mazda RX8.

Hint: Deutsche Tourenwagen Challenge (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Deutsche Tourenwagen Challenge in the Amateur League to unlock the Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car, Volkswagen Beetle Cup Racer, Astra Touring Car, and RUF 3400S.

Hint: Formula One Championship:
The last race in the professional mode is the Formula One Championship in which you will be racing formula one cars. This is very difficult to complete. Use the F/688 that can be obtained in the endurance race Passage To Colloseu.

In professional mode, the last race is the Formula Cup. You will need an F090/S, F094/H or /S, F088/S, F087/S or F086/m to compete.

Hint: Gran Turismo All-Stars (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Gran Turismo All-Stars in the Amateur League to unlock the Mine's GT-R-N1 V-spec and Raybrig NSX.

Hint: Gran Turismo All Stars (Professional League): Prizes:
Race the Gran Turismo All-Stars in the Professional League to win the Nissan R390 GT1 LM Race car, Toyota GT1 Race car (TS020), Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi (J),and the Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R R-Tune (R34,J).

Hint: All Japanese GT Championship (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the All Japanese GT Championship in the Amateur League to unlock the Honda Arta NSX JGTC and Denso Supra Race Car.

Hint: Altezza Championship Race (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Altezza Championship Race in the Amateur League to unlock Tom's X540 Chaser and Toyota Vitz RS 1.5.

Hint: Dream Car Championship (Amateur League): Prizes:
Win the Dream Car Championship in the Amateur League to unlock the Mitsubishi FTO LM Race Car and Mazda RX7 LM Race Car.

Hint: Dream Car Championship (Professional League): Prizes:
Dream Car Championship in the Professional League to unlock the Toyota GT1, Panoz Esperante GTR, FTO LM Race Car, and F090/s.

Hint: Formula GT: Easy win:
Note: This trick requires the S-class license and over 1 million credits. When you reach the final set of races in the in the Professional League's Formula GT race event, your opponents in this set of races will either be Polyphony 001 or 002. Purchase a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version. It has a 4WD transmission with almost 1000BHP to start. If you have 90,000 credits remaining, go to the tune shop and buy the Stage 4 Turbocharger Engine. The Escudo should read over 1700BHP. Take it to the High Speed Test. Set the gear ratio as wide as possible. Try the car on the High Speed Test. You should reach a top speed of about 440 kph. This is also possible just before the first corner. With these attributes applied to the car, you should be able to win the Formula GT races by a landslide, as the Polyphony 001 and 002 cars can only reach a maximum of about 370 kph.

Hint: Max Speed Test: Unlimited time:
Drive in the opposite direction on the course. The game still tracks your maximum speed, but will not stop once you finish one lap. This is useful when driving cars that have a very slow acceleration.

Hint: SS-5 Wet Route: Easy win:
Pace along side of the car in the SS-5 Wet Route track. Just before you drive by the pit stop, push him over so that he will run into the end of the wall that divides the pitstop and track. If done correctly, you will stop the car from doing anything. He well be stuck there for the rest of the race.
Nick Slater.

Hint: Super Speedway 150 Miles (Endurance): Prizes:
Win the Super Speedway 150 Miles prize in Endurance to unlock the Chevrolet Corvette C5R, Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car, and F090/S.

Hint: Super Speedway 150 Miles (Endurance): Easy win:
The Super Speedway 150 Miles endurance race can be won without being in control or the car. Use a rubber band to hold X (accelerate) and Analog-stick to the Right (slightly). You should use a semi-fast car, but the other drivers will be going into the pit while you will not -- time will be made up in this way. Having the Analog-stick in that direction prevents you from going into the pit and never exiting. This is an easy way to make 200,000 credits. You will win a very expensive car, one of which is the F090, which is one of the best cars in the game.
Ian Davison, playz2much, and TIPPET3.

Get the Escudo and ride the walls around the turns for the entire race. It is possible to finish the race in 45 minutes by doing this.
darren herold.

Hint: Super Speedway: Easy turning:
When you are driving very fast on the second turn, press the gas until it squeaks. Then, press the gas for easy turning.

Hint: Trial Mountain II: Shortcut:
This trick requires an average car that is lightweight, such as a tuned Mazda Miata. Choose the Trial Mountain II race and take off. Get to the left side of the track and stay in about fourth place. At the first left turn, turn sharply and early. If you aimed and timed correctly, you should hit a small rise in the corner of the track, fly over the other cars, and land on the other side of the track in first place. You can continue to race or quit and watch the replay.
Clifford Gee.

Drive into the pit. While in auto drive, tap R1(2) then hold R2 for about a second. If done correctly, your car will appear on the track again with perfect tires. This is useful for endurance or pro races.

Hint: Easy race prizes:
For example, the Tuscan Speed 6 series has 5 races in it. Make sure you have enough of points in the lead so you can quit the last race and still defeat the CPU on points. Race the first four races, then save before going into the fifth race. Enter the fifth (last race), then immediately quit. You can claim your prize. In that series the two prizes are the Griffith 500, or Cerbera Speed 12. If you do not get the desired car, just go to main menu, reload and repeat the previous steps Since the reload will take you back to the beginning of the fifth race, you can keep trying until you get the car you want.
metal mickeyy.

Hint: Recommended tires:
For any normal non-endurance race, select super soft race tires. They do not wear out on the track unless you see a tire meter on your screen. For endurance races, use the cheapest race tires. Though the screen says they have the least traction they will have enough after about two laps to keep you going quickly. Despite being the cheapest, they are in fact race tires and work much better than any street tire. You will benefit more by getting extra laps on a set of cheap tires then getting a few faster laps on the expensive tires, which will need more frequent changes. This will also save money.

Hint: Tire grip:
When the tire meter appears in some races, tires lose grip progressively and you must pit. The less money you put into tires, the longer the tire lasts in the race.

Hint: Controlling MR tire grip:
When you tune a MR (Mid Engine/RWD) car for absolute power, the rear tires heat up very quickly. Put a less expensive tread on the rear tires (for example, medium on the rear and super-soft on the front) for better grip and control, and less tire wear in a long race.

Hint: Tuning race cars:
The race cars you win can be tuned to go faster. Always save the game before tuning or buying a car. If you do not like what you get, just reload.

Hint: Tuning drive trains:
To get the most speed out of your car you have to get the most horses, however sometimes the transmission will keep you from getting to use all of it. Buy the Full Customization transmission. Now go to the settings either right before a race or at home. Change the settings of the last part of your transmission (the bar that has Sports on the left and Wide on the right) to all the way left. This will move your individual gear ratios. Next, go to the "Final" bar and move it as far right as it will go. Then, go to the next bar up and move it as far left as it will go. Do that to the remaining bars. When racing you will notice that your gears will shift extremely quickly, however, the bad starts will lead to every single horsepower being used. This is really only needed in high-powered cars that exceed 650 horses and should not be used in short races with competitors having equal power to your own.

Hint: Avoid going airborne:
If you buy the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline, or any other car that has the capability of having around 1000 hp, do not remove any weight besides stage one. If you decide to remove weight, do not race the rally races with them, since they tend to get airborne.
michael armstrong.

Hint: Better cornering control:
Tap the emergency brake (default is Circle) just before a sharp turn and let the car go into a sort of neutral gear state. This will keep the tires from spinning due to downshifting. Using the momentum of the car and a little braking, you should make it through a tight turn without getting turned around or fishtailing most of the time. This is especially helpful on the Laguna Seca Track in the "corkscrew" turns. This turning technique is also helpful sometimes in a rally race. It can usually induce a slide for tight cornering.

If you want precise cornering and acceleration, go to options menu and set the gas to the Right Analog-stick going Up and Down. If you use the buttons too much, they just wear out. Never use automatic transmission; manual is way better if you know what you are doing.
Derek DuBree.

Hint: Better throttle and braking control:
For precise control of the amount of throttle and braking, change your controls in the options menu. Set the Right Analog-Stick to Up for throttle and Down for brake. This can really help control the handling of rear wheel drive cars with lots of power.
Josh Rutler.

Hint: Horse power boost:
When you get a car, change the oil. It will boost the horse power by at least 10 and only costs 250 credits.
mike armstrong and Zapdos604.

You do not have to purchase all of the turbo kits to get maximum hp. You just have to purchase the last one available.

Hint: Gears and turns:
Next to the current gear the car is in on the HUD, you will occasionally see a red and sometimes flashing number. This number is indicating what gear you should be in when you make the next turn. Sometimes this is overcompensated by how you have set the gear ratios or the condition of the tires at the time, but for the most part, it is a pretty good indication of the speed you need to be at in order to make the next turn without hitting a wall.
sytheon and SpiKeyhAiRedAzn.

Hint: Use other cars when turning:
You can use other cars as "turning devices". As you know, you have to brake a lot on certain turns. If there is a car that is also turning directly next to you, put your car on the side of them and keep driving. If done correctly you will not have braked (except sometimes for timing), and the other car may have hit a wall.
Jonas Krant.

Use the following trick to go through turns at high speed without veering out of control. If you are not in first place, you can approach a car in front of you just before a turn. When that car starts to turn, accelerate until you are side by side. The other car will push you through the turn, and you can accelerate faster out of the turn. If you are lucky, you can push the opponent into the wall and cause him to wipe out.

Hint: Burn rubber:
Get a car with over 300 hp and go to the test course to adjust your settings. Enter the race settings and go to far right setting with the two wrenches. Go to Active Stability Management and TCS Controller and turn them down to 0.
Harrison Speight.

Hint: Wheelie:
Note: This trick requires a car with 230 hp or more. Go to Seattle Curcuit 2 and drive over to the part of the road which goes down. Accelerate fully all the way to the last drop. Release the gas. When you are about to go down, slam on the gas. You should do a wheelie.
Jason Gorringe.

Hint: Get rid of limiter:
If your car has been upgraded to the maximum, but it will still not go fast, go to Machine Test. When it shows you all the yellow icons, go to "Settings". Note: You must buy the Transmission-Full Racing for this to work. Keep going until you get to "Gear Ratios". Select the one at the very bottom. Change it so that the transmission is wider. Note: Make sure that your car has enough horsepower or it will go even slower.

Hint: License test lines:
On the license tests, the dotted line indicates coasting, the blue line indicates acceleration, while the red line indicates that you should brake.

Hint: Easy gold on license:
First, try the exam once then race your ghost. Hold R2 button at the start and your car will not change gear. You can get some extra speed on the opponent when you release the button. Once the car reaches flatline, release R2 after you get the initial extra speed.

To help get the Super License, at least complete the session, whether you win it or not and make sure your ghost is set to on. If a message appears asking if you want to "Update Ghost?", select "Yes". Next time, try that session. You will be racing a "ghost" car that will copy what you did on your best lap time. Try to defeat the ghost car and keep shaving time off of your laps until you win the test.

Hint: Arcade mode tracks:
To unlock the arcade mode tracks, simply complete each area (A, B, C, D, and E).

Hint: Complex String tracks:
In arcade mode, in one player mode, complete area D of the tracks to unlock Area E tracks. Then, go into two player mode. You will find the Complex String track all the way at the end. It is the track that you race when you get your license.
michael armstrong.

To get Complex String I and II in arcade mode, you have to win all the tracks in arcade mode, including the last five. There are about thirty four tracks to win. You can do this with a good car such as the FO90/S or the GT-One Road Car.

Hint: Not finishing Machine Test Run:
When you select Machine Test, go to maximum speed. Chose any desired car and when you get to the race screen, go to race. If your car never gets to its maximum speed by the end of the session, just turn around 360 degrees. You should now be heading the other way on the track. The game will not stop when you get to the rendezvous point. When your car does go full speed, you can just turn the car around and finish or exit. Your speed will still be recorded.

Hint: Turbo kits:
Buying the fourth turbo kit is just as effective and cheaper than buying all four. If you buy all four, you will end up with the same horsepower as if you only bought the fourth. This is the same if your car can only use the third or second kits. Buy only the most expensive one to save money. Sometimes it is important to buy the first turbo kit early so you can increase your horsepower enough to win more advanced races.

Hint: Big air:
Take a fast car that can go at least 230 mph on the Test Course. Start the race and go around the first turn, trying to pick up speed. As you get to the second turn, stay to the inside until the yellow line pops up. At this time, keep the gas floored and make a hard right until you hit the wall. If done correctly, your car should go flying up in the air.
Jason Cieri.

To get a lot of air and do a 360, buy a fast car such as a souped up Skyline, with about 1040 hp. Go to the Test Course and floor it all the way around the first turn. Floor it to the second. When the railing appears on the second turn at the top of the banking press Circle for the emergency brake and turn right. The car will get massive air, do a 360, and land back on the road going about 140 or 150 mph. Note. You must be going about 220mph around the turn to do this.

Hint: Qualifying for series:
When racing in a series do not skip qualifying. Use the pit stop to get your car ready for that race. Try this and all the griping about no oil changes will stop.

Hint: Distributing points wisely:
Use the following trick if you are driving a run with more than one track do not have to drive them all. For example, on a run with ten tracks, you will get 10 points for each win. Number two will get 6 points. Number three will get 4 points. Number four will get 3. Number five will get 2 points. Number six will get 1point. You must distribute the points to each car that you are running against. For example, after the first run you will get 10 points and number two will get 6 points. After the next run you have to push that car which got 6 points down on a lower position. Do this in each run. Then, drive to the front and be number one. When you are number one in the race, select "Exit". You will not get any points for that, but no one will get 10 points. This hint can save you a lot of time.

Glitch: Super speed on test course:
Use the following trick to go over 1400 mph on test course. Make sure your GT-One race car has all the upgrades, the stage 4 turbo kit, super-soft tires, and a fresh oil change. Next, go into the vehicle settings for the car and make the following changes: Spring rate 4.0 Front/ 4.0 Rear, Ride Height 55 Front/ 55 Rear, Shock Bound/Rebound 1 Front/ 1 Rear, Camber/Toe Angles 0 Front/ 0 Rear, Brake Balance 9 Front/ 9 Rear, Limited-Slip Initial Torque 60, Limited-Slip Accel 60, Limited-Slip Decel 20, Downforce .45 Front/ 1.25 Rear, ASM 10, TCS 5. Here is the important part -- go to the Gear Ratio Settings screen and change the final gear to 5.499. Change the Auto Settings level to 47 and then to level 48. Do not change the settings for the individual gears (i.e., 1st through 6th) -- they should now be set to specific levels. Now, change the final gear back to 2.900, and do not forget to accept the changes. Go to the Max Speed Test. Make sure to do a 180 (turn completely around) to go the opposite direction around the track. Otherwise, you will be stopped and given your max speed at the other end of the track. As you go around the first and second corner, stay in third gear by holding R2 (if using an automatic transmission). As soon as you come off the second corner heading down the straight-a-away, release R2 after you reach a speed of 243 mph. The front end of the GT-One should lift up and you will start to go very fast. It is possible to set a max speed record of 1455 mph or better by changing the time at which you release R2.

Alternately, use the following settings with the Toyota GT-1 Race Car (TSO20) to get over 1250 mph on the max speed test. Use a manual transmission for best results. Spring rate Front- 0%, Rear- 0%,Ride height F- 0%, R- 0%, Shock bound F 7, R 7, Shock rebound F- 7, R- 7, Camber 0, Toe 0, Stabilizers 0%, Limited Slip initial torque F 0, R 5, Limited Slip Acceleration F 0, R 5, Limited Slip Deceleration F 0, R 5, Gears 1st- 2.572, 2nd- 1.613, 3rd- 1.125, 4th- 0.829, 5th- 0.646, 6th- 0.489, Final- 3.964, Downforce Front- 0%, Downforce- Rear- 100%, ASM 0, TCS 0.

You can attain a speed of over 5000 mph on the test course if you do the following. Set up the Toyota GT1 race car for the 1300 mph glitch in the game. Then, get a friend and set up the arcade mode for at least 15 laps and choose the test course. Have both players choose the GT1 race car which is set up for the top speed glitch. Have one person get on the bumper of the other person's car and start going around the test course drafting the entire way. You must make sure you keep drafting, because you will slowly start to carry more and more speed out of the corners until you reach a point where you can stay in sixth gear coming out of the corner. Once you have perfected this, the cars are able to attain over 5000 mph by this drafting method. Note: The game will sometimes lock up because it cannot handle the figures the cars start to put up.
Jacob Olgreen.

Glitch: Get the best rally car early:
Note: This was done with the Camaro Z28, but should work with any car. In simulation mode, in the Rally category, the last event on the right does not require a rally car. Race it. At the start, you will go in a straight line until the first curve. Just before the curve is a wall you can crash into if you drive to the right, at the exit of he pit stop. The goal is to ram your opponent so that he crashes into that wall. Once he does, he will be stuck, as he will not go reverse but only step on the gas until he can move out of the wall and onto his preset path. You can run the race, and at each lap, stop to push him a little farther to the right so that he does not make it to the road. Although he may seem idle, he is actually moving slowly towards the road. If your car is not fast enough to catch up to him, wait for him to run a lap, then wait in the "wrong way" just beside the spot you want him to crash. When he appears, drive in his left head light to make him deviate to his right and into the wall. Do this in the three races do get the prototype rally car you raced against. Then, win all the rally events, and sell your rally cars to buy a 1,000,000 credits car (such as an Escudo).
Big Black Fat Domino.

Glitch: Break through track barriers:
As in Gran Turismo 2, it is possible to break through some barriers. One of the best places to do this is on the Seattle track. Directly behind the start line (to your rear), you will notice a sharp corner. Drive straight ahead (not to the corner behind the start line but to the first turn with traffic cones), turn completely around, and head for the sharp 90 degree corner behind the start line. Then, ram directly into the corner at an angle to break through to the other side. The best car to do this with is the Escudo PPV. It is also possible to do this on other tracks with sharp curves. You can use this trick on the Cote d' Azur track to shave time off your lap record.
Cory CP. Pilgrim.

Glitch: Spin in place:
On SS-5 Wet Route is a light right turn then a long left through a tunnel. Get just in front of the Mitsubishi in a 4WD car that has more hp than the Mitsubishi. Force it into the wall. Get in front of it and use your car to turn the Mitsubishi into the wall. Make sure that you do not push straight to the wall or he will back up and leave. After he is in the wall, back up and come to a stop. Press Left or Right and you will be spinning.

Glitch: See through walls:
At the Super Speedway, on any of the turns, scrape the car onto the turns without braking. Look on the side of the bleachers, and you will see through them.

Glitch: Missing cones:
Look in the rear view mirror in cockpit mode on the Endurance Race Super Speedway. The cones will be missing.

Glitch: No yellow markings:
Note: This was done while driving the Polyphony 001, but should work with all the cars. Race on the Test course and go to the first person view. Look in the mirror and you will notice that you cannot see the yellow road markings on the inside of the corners, except on the bend nearest to the finish line.

Glitch: Phantom car:
When in license training, press R1 rapidly during training. You may see an alternate form of the car you are driving racing in front or behind you. This works best on the first level.

Glitch: Different weather:
On the Tokyo Circuit in the license tests, go to first person view and look at the rear view mirror. The sky is gray as if it is going to rain, but in front it is sunny.

Strategy: Cars: by SAM1230
Strategy: Gold cups in Super License tests: by Michael Chan
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Stuck car:
The "X20+ HP" code may glitch the game. If you put X4 or more HP in a car, your car will glitch. The transmission may get stuck or something else may happen. The car will not go faster. Use the "X2 HP" code instead.

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