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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cheats: Glitches

Note: Button presses are described in PlayStation2 version format. Use the equivalent key on the PC keyboard or button on the Xbox controller when playing that version.

Fly under Vice City:
In the PlayStation2 version, get a helicopter (Hunter recommended), and go to the front of the WK Chariot Hotel in the Downtown area. This is the same hotel that was across from Candi Suxxx's and Shrub's love nest. It is marked "Vice Point Langer" on the front. Take your helicopter and fly it under the front awning. Basically, fly it directly up to the front door. Then, hold X and fly straight up. You will fly through a fake (non-solid) roof, and be inside the hotel. You can see the spiral stairwell that you have to run up to take the photos in the Martha's Mugshot mission from the outside. From there, fly downward and you are now under the game map and can go anywhere. Note: Do not fly too low or too high or you may appear above ground or end up dying in the water.

In the PlayStation2 version, go to your Mansion. If you have a Sea Sparrow get into it. If not, try the helicopter on the roof. From where the Sea Sparrow is located, turn around and go into the pool area in the mansion. When in the pool area, fly up through the roof. When you are completely above the ceiling of the pool area, fly north towards the black box/room. When you are over the brown underworld, press Square and go under the game world. You can then fly anywhere under the water.
Jon Beck.

Get a helicopter (Sea Sparrow recommended) and fly to Hyman Memorial Stadium. Go to the entrance to the stadium in the helicopter. Notice the balconies above the entrance. Go to the lowest balcony and fly towards the middle. Rise up and you will go through the ceiling. Then, turn sideways in the helicopter to drop yourself inside the stadium. Lower yourself so that you would be below ground level. Go to the left or the right out from under the stadium and look up. You are now underwater. Go straight and you will find yourself under the city. Feel free to explore everything underwater in your helicopter and under the city. Note: Explore the Ammu-Nation close to the stadium to see a picture.

Enable the "Dodo car" and "Car floats on water" codes. Get a Rhino tank (using a code if desired). Use the Right Analog-stick to aim the canon on the tank behind you. Drive the tank and shoot at the same time. When you see the tank start to float, pull the Left Analog-stick backwards while shooting. Shooting the cannon gives the tank enough force to stay in the air for a long time. Fly the tank to the striped building to the right of the Vercetti Estate mansion (on the side of the airport). Then, fly through the top of the building (where the roof should be). You will hit the floor and fall through into the Vice City underworld. You can now fly your tank under the entire island. If you want to resurface, fly up through the water in the ocean. You will not get hurt because of the "Car floats on water" code.

Go to the bridge that leads to the eastern island from Prawn Island in a helicopter. The smaller the helicopter, the better. Fly under that bridge, then face the eastern island and go up slightly. You will realize that you can go through it. Then, go forward towards the eastern island and squeeze through the small space. You will now be under the city. To exit this glitch, either get out of your helicopter or just fly very low.
Dark Fish.

Fall from water to sky:
Enable the "Dodo flying" and "Float on water" codes. Go into the water and drive around. Gain speed and fly into the air. Try to flip your vehicle upside down in the water. If done correctly, the car will sink and a clicking sound will start. You and the vehicle will drop out of the sky and land somewhere random in Vice City. Note: You may need to try this a few times with different cars. If it does not work immediately, you will die.

Enable the "Float on water" and "Perfect handling" codes. Find a Comet (recommended) or a Sabre Turbo. Drive the car out to a deep spot, to the point where you are floating over an underwater-rock formation. Back up slightly, drive forward, and press L3 until you are vertical. This may require a few attempts, and you may need to enable the "Full health" code. Your car will sink with you in it, but you will not get hurt. You will continue falling until you respawn to a random location. If you use the rock method, you can drive around on the rock; however if you attempt to go into the sand your car will begin to sink. You can also leave your car and walk on the rock. If you or your car leave the rock, you will sink and respawn at random, completely unharmed.

Walk underwater:
Enable the "Hilary costume" and "Sabre Turbo" codes. Enable the "Change wheel size" code two or more times. Note: This may also work with a Sabre Turbo from Sunshine Autos. Get in the car, and you will not die when you drive into the water. Once the car gets to the blue part on the bottom, it falls through and appears back on the street. Also, if the car stops while underwater (does not fall through), you can get out and walk around.
Adam Bellows.

Get in the Sea Sparow behind the film studio on Prawn Island. Do a back flip into the water and get out of the plane. Get back in and try flipping it over to its other side. If done correctly, you will be underwater without losing any health. You can get out and walk around. Note: There is a sunken boat located under the bridge by the film studio, near the far side of the bridge.
Eric B.

Travel underwater:
In the PlayStation2 version, get a Sabre Turbo, and enable the "Floating car" and "Dodo car (flying)" codes. Get into the ocean and gain some speed. Fly straight up, then immediately straight down so the nose of your car hits the water in a vertical position. You must hold X the entire time until you are underwater. You can hold Square underwater to tread water. You will travel straight down underwater for approximately thirteen seconds. You will then emerge with one wanted level or more and your vehicle damaged, on a nearby location on land.

Get a Comet and enable the "Floating car" code. Go in the water and flip the Comet near one of the big rocks. You can drive on them, then slowly drive off and it will go down. Hold down the gas, and after a short time you will be placed on land, with a lot of dirt in the air.

Enable the "Change wheel size'' code three times. Get a Banshee or Stinger. Those two cars get heavier and more powerful. Drive to a water source and go in. You can then get out of your car and take no health or armor damage. However, to exit the water source you must be in your car or halfway back to dry land or you will start drowning. It is now safe to go back in the water.
Zach Berti.

Invisible water:
Get a Tropic (boat). One can be found near the back of Links View Apartments. Drive to open ocean and look through in first person view at the ocean. Look through the glass to see that there is no water and you can see straight to the bottom. This is useful when trying to see the shark and various wrecks such as the submarine and the cargo freighters.

Drive through windows:
Get a car and drive to the blue building beside the road that leads to Starfish Island. Drive up the steps to any floor. Drive up to a window. If you hit, you are in the wrong location. You can drive through the window onto the ledge and pull off some insane jumps. If you cannot find the window you can pass through, go outside and find where the building is damaged, then return and go out there.
Harry Andrews.

Drive motorcycle underground:
Get a motorcycle and go south of Little Havana. Immediately before you get to first big blue and white boat, look to your right .You will see a long, short white building with a green roof. On one side of it is a rail .Run directly into the front of it with a little speed. You and your bike should appear to fall under Vice City. After a few seconds you should appear back in the middle of the road. You can repeat this as many times as desired.
Hayley Belliveau.

Get to other islands early:
Enable the "Dodo car (flying)" and "Cars float on water" codes. Go to Cortez's pier in a car and glide over the barrier. The car should float on the water. Once you have done this, drive on the water to the other island. You can then fly onto the island. Buy a safe house there and use helicopters to get to and from the islands.
Ian Garden.

Wedge vehicles into ground:
Enable the "Change Wheel Size" code three to five times and the "Better Handling" code. Get a Sabre Turbo, Banshee, Comet or Stinger. Find a straight piece of road, such as the one from Viceport to Downtown. Gain some speed. When you are up to speed, look on the opposite side of the road (left when heading north or right when heading south. Look for a car such as a Landstalker, Perennial, or other "light" vehicle. Hit it head on. If done correctly, the front end should be in the ground and the vehicle will be stuck. Also, if you hit it at the correct speed and angle, you will jump into the air and the vehicle you hit will be stuck in the ground on fire. This may require some practice. Note: Do not hit cars with big wheels such as the Infernus or Cheetah, because it will not work and may flip you upside down with no way of flipping back over.

Restore destroyed car:
If you get a car that you want to save and it explodes in front of your garage, push the body of the car into the garage and walk away. Then, stand in front of the garage door. It will open and your car will be like new.

Look through walls:
Take a rocket launcher and run into a wall. Turn around, hold R1 and turn towards the building. You should see through it.

Walk inside a bridge:
Go to the film studio on Prawn Island and take the Skimmer (seaplane). Go beneath the bridge to the right and stop under the lowest part of it. Get out of the plane and you will be inside the bridge. Sometimes you can even walk around, but will fall through the ground and end up back on the streets.
pieter moonen.

Kill people through window:
Enter a building that has windows. You can kill people outside throw the windows by using a flamethrower.

Knockout instead of kill:
If you shoot one of the people around your mansion and other important properties in the head, it will only knock them out for a moment.
Lincoln Humphry.

Invisible hostage:
Get a hostage in your car. If you get out, run around to the passenger's side and throw him or her out. He will just sit there. When you get in the car, you will hear screams as though you have a hostage. As you pull away the screams will fade. The person will not move from where they are unless you lose the car.

See through any solid object:
Get a rocket launcher and walk up to any building. When Tommy touches wall, press the Analog-stick just enough so that he turns around. Hold R1 and turn back towards the wall to see through it.
Seymour Butts

Change size of the moon:
Use the sniper rifle at night, zoom in on the moon, then shoot it. It will get bigger or smaller.

Change size of garbage bags:
Get a sniper rifle and zoom in on a group of two garbage bags. Start shooting at them to make one very big and the other very small.
the ryester.

Lose extra health from prostitute:
If you use a prostitute to get your health above 100 and go to a save point, your health will drop back to 100 when you exit the save point.

Lose extra health with a prostitute:
After you complete the Pizza Boy mission and get 150 health, if you pick up a prostitute, your health will drop to 125 immediately. Thus, after the Pizza Boy missions, there is no longer a point of getting a prostitute for health gain.
The Gamer.

Prostitute follows you:
Get a fast, expensive sports car (Cheetah, Infernus, etc.) at night. Pick up a prostitute from anywhere. Make sure that she approaches the driver's side of the car. When she gets to about the middle of the front or the back of the car, get out. Wherever she is at, she should run directly to you. She should follow you everywhere you go on foot and in the car. She will not get in the car, but she will run behind. Also, she will stay along with you the entire day, and will not disappear as usual when the sun rises. You can get as many prostitutes to follow you as desired.

Never ending session with prostitute:
Steal any two door car. Pick up a prostitute and drive to any grassy area with a wall nearby. Drive up to the wall and park your car with your passenger's side against it. The prostitute will "do her thing" as usual, but after your car rocks the final time, the prostitute will not get out of the car, and will squeal and scream endlessly. You can let this go on forever, as your money will stop counting down after the final rock. The best place for this is near the Pole Position Club. All variety of prostitutes frequent the area, and there is a little grassy alley behind some bushes immediately across the street from Ocean Heights Apartment.

Stand on car in mid-air:
When you go over a ramp or jump, open your car door in mid-air. You will get out and will be standing on the car while it is floating in mid-air.

This can also be done by driving off a bridge and bailing out in mid-air.

Sink through a car:
Get a Packer, and drive a motorcycle on top of it. Exit the motorcycle and you will sink through the packer as if it was not there. You will then pop up next to it.
the ryester.

Vehicles disappearing from garage:
Vehicles stored in the garages at the Hyman Condo complex can disappear from them if you take the helicopter on the roof and return later.
Kevin Halacy.

Store more than two cars or motorcycles in garage:
When you have two cars or motorcycles in your garage at your safe house, you usually will not be able to store any vehicles inside. To get around this, get off the car or motorcycle in front of the full garage. The garage will open. Get on your motorcycle or into your car quickly and drive it into the garage before the door closes.
Brian Roth.

Buy a house with a garage, then get a car. Put the car in the garage doorway, and make sure there is more room for the other cars. Get out of the car, with it still in the doorway. The garage door will remain open. You can now fit a few motorcycles or another car in the garage. Then, move the car that is in the doorway out of the way.

Get more than two motorcycles into a single garage:
Get a motorcycle and drive it to a garage with two other motorcycles. Drive your motorcycle to the garage and get off to open the garage door. Then, get back on and drive it in before the garage door has a chance to shut. When you save the game, the third motorcycle will remain in the garage.

Save in a vehicle:
In the PlayStation2 version, go to any save icon and park a vehicle so when you get out, it will save. Cancel the save then press Triangle to get in. The game will save while you are in the vehicle.

Warning: This may freeze your game or cause it not to load.

Re-appearing cars:
If you have any vehicles in a garage, you can blow it up into scrap metal. If the metal is in the garage, make the garage door close. Once you have it open again, the car that was destroyed will appear again, while the scrap metal of the car that was destroyed is still there.

Slower cars with faster speed:
Get a slow car (Washington, Glendale, etc.) and shoot the tires out on it. Then, shoot the windshield out and get in the car. Hold the hand brake and the gas at the same time for about five to ten seconds then release the hand brake. At first you will slide all over the street and sparks will be flying everywhere. Hold the car going through turns and try to keep it straight to get faster speed than before.
Chase Gupton.

Cheaper Pay N' Spray:
In the PlayStation2 version, pull into the Pay N' Spray garage. Hold the brakes when pressing Triangle and get out of the garage. Repeat this for however many cars you can fit into the Pay N' Spray. You will be charged for only one paint job although more than one vehicle was painted.
Samie J.

Drive a flaming ambulance into a Pay N' Spray, get out, and destroy it. While it is in there and before it disappears, drive another car of any type into the Pay N' Spray. You will get a free pain job, but the car will disappear.

Car drives itself:
Drive fast towards a Pay N' Spray and bail out, making the car roll in by itself. Get another car and park it where the door closes. Get in the car that you rolled into the garage. The door will try to close on the car in the doorway, but cannot. Instead, it will shoot out the car that was in the way at a tremendous speed out of the garage while the car you are in gets sprayed.

Get a baseball bat, then get any car that has a passenger seat (Caddy recommended). If you have a car with a door, use the bat to break it off, or lose the door any way desired. When the doors are off, drive along the road and get someone to steal your car through the passenger side. Just as they get into the car, drive away. You should stay in the car and the thief will drive around Vice City with you inside. Note: You will be in the driver's seat but will be invisible. Press Triangle to get out when desired and the car will stop slowly.
James Meeking.

Never fall off motorcycle:
In the PlayStation2 version, take a PCG 600 to a clothes shop. The easiest one is "Collar And Cuffs" with the "Mr. Vercetti" outfit. Get off the motorcycle, and get the outfit. Once it is gone, place the motorcycle parallel to the edge of the small steps, so that the clothes still respawn. Once you do this, get on the motorcycle at the exact moment when you buy the clothes. You will be stuck the motorcycle as though the game merged you into it. This now allows you to drive around safely without worry of falling off. Also, it lets you use an assault riffle as a drive-by weapon. However, once you fire the gun, the bike will return to normal, allowing you to fall off again and disabling the gun. However, as long as you hold Circle, you will still shoot assault rifle. This glitch can also be done with other motorcycles.

In the PlayStation2 version, in order to do this glitch, you need to be in a point in the game where your cell phone is ringing. Also, you will need any motorcycle. Go to Rafael's and get off your bike. If your cell phone is ringing, hold L1. While holding L1, walk over and get the clothes icon, then get back on the bike. You must hold L1 the entire time. Drive off and release L1. The screen should turn black, and you will then should be standing up, as if you were not on the bike. You can pull wheelies all the way back and not fall off. You can also do a lot insane stunt bonuses that you otherwise would be incapable of doing. While on the motorcycle, switch to grenades or molotov cocktails to throw them off. Note: The cocktails will heavily damage your bike. This trick also works in cars, and you can see Tommy's legs appearing from the bottom.

Haunted motorcycle:
Have someone as a passenger on your motorcycle. Drive up north to Hyman Memorial Stadium. As you are facing the stadium from the adjacent street, turn left on the first street that loops around and drive through the grass. Go through the two palm trees all the way to the last telephone pole. Turn to the right and you will see the ocean. As you look to the ground, you can see a ledge of land underneath the layer of water. Ride the bike over to the ledge, trying not to fall into the ocean. You will notice that your life will begin to drain. Be careful not to go in too deep. As soon as you hear your passenger moan, get out. You will notice a pile of blood underneath. If you are lucky, you might get a trail of blood every time you accelerate. If you get off, the passenger will still be on the bike. After a while he/she will disappear. You will notice that if you accelerate and try to jump off the bike, it will just brake. Also, notice the person shows up with some camera angles. If you walk to the back of your bike, a trail of bloody footprints will be left behind as you go forward. Note: This was done with an Angel and a bodyguard (Tommy's henchman in a blue shirt) that you can get completing the game 100%.

Find a motorcycle with two people and knock them both off. Get on the bike, allow the previous passenger to board, and ditch the previous driver. Drive the bike with passenger to the beach. Back up right to the coastline. With the back of the bike facing the water, slowly back the bike into the water. At some depth, the water causes damage to you, and your passenger will die. You can then drive out clean, but you may notice some strange resistance and/or bumping. This is because the passenger's body is trapped inside the bike. In some cases, the passenger disappears and reappears from behind you. The bike will continuously have bloody wheels. You can now drive the bike wherever desired, leaving a trail of bloody tracks. If you get off the bike and remount it, the passenger will still be inside. If you bail, in some cases the passenger will not fall off the back (which means the bike never lands on its side). However, in some cases he does, which causes his bloody corpse to smack the ground, along with any money or items he may have been carrying. While riding the haunted bike you cannot do the jump-bail off the back. Also, you can combine this code with the "Never fall off motorcycle" glitch, if you perform this one first.

Woman stuck in motorcycle:
Enable the "Tommy Groupies" code and get any motorcycle (Sanchez recommended). Get a lot of women to follow you. Run over a few, but do not kill them. When they try to get back up, one should get stuck in a wheel. Note: You can do wheelies and stoppies and she still will not fall off. The only way she will fall off the wheel is if you crash.
Swift M..

Motorcycle as sniper platform:
Drive a motorcycle along the road that Sunshine Autos is on. Drive sideways up the hill across from Sunshine Autos, and while the motorcycle is sideways in the air, get off. Your motorcycle will usually freeze in midair, and if you are lucky, you will be on top of it and can use it as a sniper platform. If a policeman comes under you, shoot the motorcycle to make it fall on him and he will occasionally be decapitated.

Morph into car:
The effect of this glitch is similar to the "Never fall off motorcycle" glitch, except with a hoodless car. Find a hoodless car and park it near the clothes. Get it near your door. When you get out, you will automatically change clothes. Get back and wait for a response, then go on the driver's side (make sure you closed the door) by the back of the car and press Triangle. Tommy will jump into the car and change clothes at the same time. You will be morphed into the car. The only cars that this will work on are the Comet, Stallion (hoodless), and Stinger. Your feet will appear under the car. Also, it is easier to park the car so that the clothes are actually touching you when you in the car. Then, get out, auto change, and when it reappears, go back in. When you press Forward + Up or some buttons, you will teleport and return to where you were. If you morphed into the car and get out, aim with the rocket launcher. You will zoom in and out and move around.

Take the helicopter from the Hyman Condo and fly to the clothes icon. Fly it so you have three quarters of icon in by joystick. Get out and make sure you leave the door open. As soon as you start entering, press X. You should leave the door open and start flying up. If done correctly, you should see Tommy's legs sticking out of the helicopter.
Kevin Warner.

Vehicle stuck in a telephone pole:
Enable the "Change wheel size" code three times and get a Saber Turbo. Gain speed and drive into a wooden telephone pole. You should get stuck and get a new car.

Get a Rhino, turn the barrel 180 degrees, and shoot while driving to go faster. Drive into one of the brown telephone poles that cannot be knocked down. You will occasionally get stuck with the pole through the middle of the tank. Your health will drain until you die, unless you can get out.

Extreme exhaust special effect:
Go to Little Havana and get a Cuban Hermes. Take that car and drive it so it is on the wrong side of the highway in Little Havana, facing the Downtown area. Accelerate at full throttle so that you fly into downtown on two or four wheels (depending on how fast you are going). Go straight so that you are facing Ammunation. There is a huge set of staircases on your right. Drive on to the stairs carefully, but not releasing X the entire time. Release X when you are three quarters of the way up. Then, once in the air, press then tap X (air revving). You should see flames coming out of the exhaust pipes until you land on the surface ahead. Note: You may want to practice with a car that has less slippery handling before attempting this jump.

Free money in taxi without a passenger:
When you start the taxi mission, try to pick up a person next a police officer and get one star. Stop next the police officer and make sure he approaches your car from the passenger side (where the person you picked up should be sitting). As soon the cop opens the door, speed away. The cop will pull out your passenger, but the game will think that he is still in the taxi. Upon arrival at the location which the passenger specified, you will be awarded money, as if he was still in the car.
The Gamer.

Partially destructible taxi:
Fail a mission by getting wasted to resume at a hospital. A taxi will be waiting outside to pick you up. Do not go in it. Instead, jack a car, then ram the cab on the right side. Notice that this side is indestructible. However, the left side can be destroyed.

Sit in taxi with no driver:
Get wasted during a mission. You will end up at a hospital. Near the hospital, you should find a taxi with a pink arrow pointing down at it. Get a flamethrower (use the "Weapons tier 1" code if needed). Get beside the taxi and flame it. Immediately when you flame the taxi, get in it. The driver should get out screaming, and you will be stuck in the back seat (or passenger seat) with no driver in front. At this point, all you can do is turn the taxi missions on and off and get an extra passenger in the passenger seat.
Joel Samuels.

Angry SUVs:
Ride a PCJ600 and get behind three SUVs and a Stinger stuck at a red light. Shoot the Stinger to make it drive into the back SUV, then shoot it again until it is on fire. Drive quickly to a place where you can view the havoc from a distance. When the Stinger explodes, the SUVs will not explode as they should. However, they will turn and circle you, trying to kill you. Some might disappear, but they never all leave.
Jonathan Asbell.

Coach bumper shed:
Buy the Hyman Condo then steal a Coach. Bring the Coach to Hyman Condos and put it in a garage at an angle. Leave the garage and repeatedly reopen and shut the door. The back bumper of the Coach will keep falling off.

Infernus engine smoke:
When you are in the Infernus and get the engine to start smoking, the car will smoke from the front. However, its engine is in the back and the trunk is up front.
The Game.

Flippy Maverick:
Enable the "Cars Float On Water" code. Steal the News Maverick. Take off and go over a body of wide, deep water. Land on the water, then press the Left Analog-stick Back and hold it. In a moment you should be underwater. Note: It is always useful to enable the "Health" code. When you turn back over, you should be flipping wildly. This also works in any other direction, however backwards is always best.
Keith Simmons.

Wheeled Maverick:
Fly a regular Maverick into the Pay N Spray and go at Sunshine Autos. It will get four wheels.
some freakin awesome kid that you probably know.

Zebra taxi damage immunity:
For some reason, the entire Zebra taxi can appear damaged except for the passenger side. The two doors on the passenger side cannot get scratched or removed, other than when the entire vehicle explodes.
The Gamer.

Wrecked flying helicopter:
In the PlayStation2 version, ,get three or more stars on your wanted meter and have a rocket launcher ready. When the police helicopter appears, hit it with a rocket. Immediately enable the "Lower wanted level" code, but do not press Down to complete the cheat until after you here the helicopter explode. Once you hear it explode, press Down to complete the code. Look up in the sky to see the destroyed helicopter flying away.

Wildly spinning helicopter:
Get the V.C.N. chopper at the V.C.N. building at the Downtown area. Enable the "Cars float on water" code. Go to any deep part of the ocean then fly as high as possible. Make sure you do not have any objects surrounding you for about 100 feet, then press nothing except the Left Analog-stick all the way Back or Forward. You should plummet into the water upside-down, then quickly pop back up spinning and twirling in the air uncontrollably. If you want to stop, the next time you pop up on the surface, hold X. Note: This may require several attempts.

Boat with wheels:
Get a boat and drive it very fast on the coast and to land on the ground. Push it with a car to make it move. It will move easier when pushed from the back. To turn it, run into its sides. Enable the "Health" code to prevent it from exploding, as pushing will damage it severely. Push it into a Pay 'N' Spray and it will have wheels after the doors open again.

Drive boat upside down:
When your are walking near the Malibu Club, on the other side of the river is a boat. Enable the "Better driving skills" code and get the boat. Try to flip the boat by hitting the dock. You will flip and be able to drive upside down. The steering controls will be reversed. To get out, go near the dock and press Triangle. You will appear on the top of the boat. Jump on the dock or any other place of land.

Floating signs:
When you destroy the Dodo plane, the sign that it tows around will keep floating. There are only two ways you can blow it up; either with the Sea Sparrow or Hunter helicopter. Get behind the Dodo (but not too close to avoid getting damaged), then start firing at it. As soon as it explodes, you will see the banner start floating around.

Floating people:
Go to the Starfish Island mansion and go to the jetty. Enable in "Weapons (tier 2)" code. Slash someone with your katana. If they are afraid to fight, they will more then likely jump in to the water and kill themselves. Take out the grenades than lob one so that it goes under the dead person and detonates. When you have done this, the person will be floating in the air. Note: This may require a few attempts. You cannot take too long to do this, or the person will disappear.
bid jonny jonhson.

During the mission where you have to fly the mini-planes with bombs on the bottom in the Cuban boats, get to where the boats are located. You will a Cuban sitting on the steps. Roll backwards down the hill to push him. Push him away from the steps and he will remaining sitting in mid-air.

Play the Haitian Gang mission where you have to fly the remote control airplanes to the Cubans and sink their boats. Before you do this, go to the Cuban sitting on the steps near the boats. Accelerate the plane forward so you push him away from the steps. He should be still sitting, but not on anything. You do this with others in town (for example, a pedestrian sitting on a bench).
Tony right.

Shoot people in the air:
Get a fire truck and run over two people. Make sure there are no cops around. When the ambulance arrives and the paramedics start to do CPR, press the Circle and aim the water at them. You should push them away. Wait a few seconds and they should pop high into the air and fall back down alive.
Kevin Warner.

Floating car:
Go to the parking garage next to the mall and find an Infernus. They are usually very abundant in the garage. Drive up to the very top level. There is a ramp placed on the northwest corner of the roof that you can ramp off of. Immediately before you hit the ramp after gaining an exceptional amount of speed, veer to the left. Your vehicle should flip sideways while flying through the air (the driver's side facing up). Immediately when this happens, bail out of the vehicle. By doing so, the car will stop in mid air and you will be standing on top of it. You do not have to perform it with the Infernus, but, due to that car's speed and shape, it is the most effective. If you bail out of the car and did not do it correctly, you will likely to take a considerable amount of damage due to the fall.

Disappearing cashier:
Go to the North Point Mall. Then, go over to one of the restaurants in the mall. This trick requires a gun that can automatically aim. Aim your gun at the cashier, which will make him raise his hands. Stop aiming at him, then aim at him again. This will force him to take a step back. Repeat this until the cashier backs up so far that he will fall through the floor and disappear.

Headless driver:
Find a Ruger or a Sniper. Look for any car, get in front of it, and make it stop. Make sure only one person is inside the car. Shoot the person in the head and run quickly to the driver's side door. Use the rear view (L1 + R1) and move the car slightly. Watch as the headless driver walks to you.
The Gamer.

Go up to a stopped car (mostly at a red light), Take out a machine gun, aim, and shoot the driver's head off. Quickly enter the car through the passenger's side. When you are in the driver side, drive off. The "headless" driver will still be standing, but then fall on the ground.
Lil' K101.

Free stripper at Pole Position:
To get a free dance, go into the room where you have to press X to exit. Hold X the entire time and you will not pay the stripper.
andy storkson.

Note: You cannot change camera angles with this in effect.

Phil Cassidy's missing arm:
During the first intermission sequence in the Boomshine Saigon mission, Phil gets one of his arms blown off by the bomb he placed on the boomshine barrels. Continue the mission and get Phil to the doctor. Watch as he gets out of the car. The arm that he blew off is now switched with his other arm.
Jamie Weir.

Regenerating people:
To see people appear out of the middle of nowhere, aim the sniper rifle in the distance at a sidewalk or a road. People will just appear and walk around.
the ryester.

Shoot manual aim weapons with the auto aim system:
It is highly recommended that you earn the fire-proof ability, as you will be catching yourself on fire in order to do this glitch. Get Molotov Cocktails from Downtown. Equip the Molotov Cocktail on a busy street then step away from pedestrians and catch yourself on fire. While on fire, switch to an M4, M60, or Ruger and try using the targeting system. You will notice that instead of manual aiming with the white crosshairs, Tommy will use the auto-aiming system, as with the regular guns such as the pistol, sub-machine guns, etc. Do this to make your aiming a lot easier. You can switch the auto-aiming crosshair to different targets by holding L2 or R2. Also, you really never get to see the M4, M60, or Ruger in action but will have a new angle. You can shoot heavy guns and get a good look at them. When you release the button to target the effect wears off and you must catch yourself on fire again. One recommended place to witness these weapons at the new angle is at the El Corrupto Banco in Little Havana. Step behind the counter, catch yourself on fire, equip the desired weapon, then wait for pedestrians or cops to spawn.
Yung Yung.

Unlimited ammunition:
If you keep getting the same amount of weapons repeatedly and get the amount of ammunition over a certain number, the game will not be able to display that high amount causes it to give you unlimited ammunition. Here are the limits for the guns/explosives.

Slot 4: Explosives
Grenades: 1,000
Teargas: 1,000
Slot 5: Handguns
Colt 45:10,000
Colt Python: 10,000
Slot 6: Shotguns
Chromed Shotgun: 10,000
Spaz Shotgun: 10,000
Stubby Shotgun: 10,000
Slot 7: Uzis
TEC-9: 10,000
Ingram Mac 10: 10,000
Uzi 9mm: 10,000
MP5: 10,000
Slot 8: Assault Rifles
Ruger: 10,000
Colt M4: 10,000
Slot 9: Heavy Metal
Rocket Launcher: 10,000
Flame-Thrower: 10,000
M60: 10,000
Minigun: 10,000
Slot 10: Snipers
Sniper Rifle: 10,000
PSG-1: 10,000

Unlimited Colt .45 ammunition:
If you have a Colt .45 in your weapon slot and complete The Shootist mission with a score of 70 or more, it will have unlimited ammunition.

Unlimited submachine gun ammunition:
If you had a submachine gun like the Uzi or Ingram with lots of ammunition (for example, 5000) and you are now low, you can get it all back by stealing a PCJ-600. Waste the rest of the ammunition while still on the bike. When it is all gone, drive through the electronic gate at the golf course. It will reappear behind it, with the highest amount of ammunition you had before using it all.

Floating road blocks:
Go into an alley that has orange road blocks. Start shooting them and moving them around. Walk a few blocks away and when you return they should be floating in the air.
the ryester.

Taxi driver pickup:
In the PlayStation2 version, steal any taxi cab and immediately press R3 to start a taxi mission. The person you are supposed to pick up is often the taxi cab driver you just pulled out.

Dive a blown up car:
Go to the driver side of a car and pull the person out. While you are pulling him out, start the "Destroy all cars" code until you get to the last L2. When you start to shut the door, press L1 to finish the code. If done correctly, you can drive what appears to be a wrecked car.

No stars for police collision:
Normally, if you hit a cop car while driving your wanted level will increase. However, if you are driving and hit the cop head-on, there are no repercussions (no wanted level increase, no cops chasing you around, etc.) This may be helpful in missions that are time-sensitive if you can make sure to hit the cops head-on.
S c o t t.

No stars for shooting police cars:
Find a cop car and stop it, either by standing in front of it or putting a car in its way. Shoot out the cop car's tires or any car tires around you. The police will not take any action.

No stars for killing:
Practice flying any helicopter and when you are comfortable controlling it, take it to a spot with a lot of people, such as any part of the beach on the eastern island. Rest the helicopter on the ground without getting out and tilt it left or right so that the blades are spinning closer to the ground and chop up the pedestrians. Kill as many pedestrians or cops as desired. On the beach near the lighthouse is a rampage where you must run over 20 or 30 gang members. You can use a helicopter and chop them up and the game will still count them as kills.
Gregg Davidson.

Mid-air skid marks:
Get a motorcycle (PCJ 600 recommended) and find a Packer driving down the road. Stay directly behind its ramp, just keeping up with it. Suddenly, hit the gas but do not launch off the top of the Packer -- just roll back down the ramp in reverse to see your skid mark floating in the air.
the ryester.

Get a Packer and park a car on top of it. Drive the Packer in reverse so that the car falls off the top of it. The car will leave a big skid mark hanging in the middle of the air.
the ryester.

Water skid marks:
Enable the "Car floats on water" code, then take the bus out on the water. Drive at top speed, hit the brakes, and look at the water behind the bus.

Climb a tree:
Go to where a beach or a body of water is located. There should be some palm trees nearby. Find one that is bent (or curved) and try to climb it. Note: Do not run up the tree or you will fall in -- walk slowly. When you get close to the top, slow down. If you continue walking, you will fall.

Aim with cell phone:
In the PlayStation2 version, when the phone is ringing, equip yourself with any kind of auto-aiming weapon (such as a pistol). Press R1 to aim it at a random pedestrian. While still holding R1, press L1 to answer the phone. Tommy will continue to aim in the same spot, though now he is using the cell phone instead of the gun. You may release R1 and he will continue to aim at the same spot, even if the pedestrian moves. Note: Depending on how you move, he may switch between holding the phone to his ear, and pointing it at the blank spot that the pedestrian used to occupy.
Drache Yen.

Shoot yourself:
In the PlayStation2 version, get a semi-automatic weapon (Uzi recommended) on an Angel or a Freeway. Look left and press Square to reverse and Circle to shoot. You will appear to be shooting yourself.

In the PlayStation2 version, this trick requires a Colt .45 (a regular handgun). Stand still, then fire. When he raises his arm to fire, rotate the Left Analog-stick. If done correctly, he should shoot himself. No damage is taken though. This may take a few attempts.
Thomas Howard.

Get a PCJ and go to an open area so that you can turn around. Get any submachine gun you can do a drive-by with. Get on the PCJ and go in reverse. Turn to the right and look left. Your gun should be under Tommy's stomach. Press Circle to shoot. Tommy willl shoot himself. Note: This will deduct health.
david hastings.

Kick or punch through glass:
Enter a fast food restaurant with a wanted level. The cops might try to shoot you through the window. Jump up on a table and stand in front of the glass window. You can kick and punch them through the glass if they are standing close enough.

Die without "Wasted" message:
In the PlayStation2 version, drive the remote controlled AI plane right next to the car and press Circle. The plane will blow up and the car will light on fire. When it goes back to its normal mode, it will not give you a chance to quickly get out and away from the car. It will start you back in front of the hospital. A white screen to show you have been blown up and you have died will appear, but it will not show the word "Wasted" on your screen at any time.
will Capps.

Get arrested without a wanted level:
Get a wanted level near a cop. Get at least a level one wanted level and wait for the cop to come up to the driver's side door. Quickly enable the first part of the "Lower wanted level" code. Do not move at all. When the cop is by the door press Down to finish the code. If done correctly, the cop should still pull you out and arrest you, even with your wanted level canceled. Note: Try this during Mr. Whoopee runs because your wanted level raises with every three to four deliveries.

Weapon stuck on detonator:
After you get a 100% completion, the game awards you with unlimited ammunition, among other things. This causes a glitch if you get the bombs from Phil's Place or the car bomb from 8 Ball's. The weapon selector gets stuck on the detonator. Do not use these weapons after you get a 100% rating.
Scott Glandon.

Talk to weapon:
If you do not have any weapons and someone calls, pick it up. Then, enter a weapon code. After it is active, Tommy will have a sword, pistol, or some other weapon and will be talking to it instead of the phone.

Fall off the world:
Get on a bike and ride it fast towards a clothes store. Jump off, and it will stop just inside the doorway. Run inside and jump on the bike, then onto the door. Jump in any direction and you will fall or float depending on which direction you go. You will then land back outside the store.
dale annous.

Double Tommy image:
In the PlayStation2 version, get any driveable vehicle such as a car or bike. Then, go to Kaufman Cabs before that business has been bought. Take the car and drive it to the green arrow. Place it at an angle so that when you get in, the "Do you want to purchase property? Press L1" message will appear. When you are halfway in the car, press L1.When the intermission sequence appears, you will see Tommy in the car. Note: This works if you are using a bike, because you can see the image of him better. It is possible to get a helicopter, Rhino, or Hunter in the intermission sequence. Also, enable the "Invisible cars" code to get a better view of him when in the vehicle.

Downtown: Invisible ground above Hyman Memorial Stadium:
Drive a Rhino and get about five stars on your wanted meter so that the FBI is chasing you. Enable the "Dodo (flying) car" code and turn the turret of the Rhino so that it is pointing backwards. Keep firing it to gain a lot of speed and begin to fly. Keep firing it and fly around to the stadium. You will need a good amount of altitude when flying over the stadium. If you have a five star wanted level, you should see some FBI Ranchers that seem to be driving on nothing. That is the invisible ground. You will have to drop down onto it from the top, then enable the "Lower wanted level" code to get rid of the FBI. By the sounds that the invisible ground makes and its width, it appears to be the terrain used for the HotRing without all of the textures.

Downtown: Fall through world:
While on a motorcycle do jumps at the dirt bike course. If you go behind the course and keep riding, you will eventually come out under a bridge. Speed up rapidly. Turn to the right or you will smash into a wall and fly into the ocean and die. Because of the extreme acceleration, you will not be able to turn in time. You will smash to the side of the wall after the two girders which hold up the bridge. Sparks will fly and the world as you see it will be inverted. Your bike suddenly disappears and you will fall down into blue hell. Tommy will flop around as if falling into the ocean and the screen will shake rapidly. You suddenly find yourself on the road next to the bridge with your bike a close distance away. This can also happen behind the arena. There is a large parking lot behind the arena. There are many curves because it goes around the entire building. Accelerate on your bike and repeat the stunt. Only try to turn where there is a sharp curve. The same thing should happen as with the bridge.

Drive to the right of the Hyman Memorial Stadium and into the parking lot. You must have a small car and enable the "Car floats on water" code. As you drive, count the arrows. When you get the eighth arrow, turn right. If you are at the correct location, you will have turned north. Drive to the wall. The wall is transparent and your car will fall through it. Then, turn around and drive directly into it. Keep driving and you will hit a spot where you will begin falling through the water. You will fall through and appear back in front of the stadium.
Seymour Butts.

Take a Reefer boat to the wall where you can fall through the world at Hyman Stadium and drive through it. The boat will get stuck. Press Triangle, go to the end of the boat, and jump off. You will pop through the concrete and lose five health points.
Seymour Butts.

Go up to the north side of Hyman Memorial Stadium in a small boat. Pass the helipad and drive the boat along the half-walls by the stadium. Slowly bump into the walls. You will eventually hit a wall that you can sink through. Drive farther and you will fall through the world and appear in front of the stadium.
Seymour Butts

Downtown: Walk through wall:
Starting at the Hyman condo, turn in the direction of the stadium. Instead of going straight, turn left. Keep going and you should pass Schuman Health Care Center. Shortly down the road (still going straight), there will be a black driveway going up slightly. Just before that is a small tan road. Turn on this and move a very small distance. To your left, you will see a black platform with a door on it. Go onto the platform. You can go through the corner of this platform. The building that you just entered is the health care center that you passed earlier.

Downtown: Drive through wall:
In the parking lot at Hyman Memorial Stadium is a wall that you can go through. It is one of the half walls that are supposed to stop you from going into the wall. If you follow the arrows, its one of the last roads.
Andrew Pieterick.

Enable the "Cars drive on water" code. Take a car or boat to the helicopter pad at Hyman Memorial Stadium. Take a car, if needed, into the water. Drive behind the helipads (opposite of the road) and face north. Go forwards until you reach the location where the shore wall becomes a right angle. Aim for one of the two walls that make up that angle. Then, drive straight into it. It does not matter if your vehicle is higher than the wall. You will be pass through the wall and go in the underworld. Note: you will fall and not be able to control where you are going. You will then respawn on the road.
Kyle Kowalsky.

Downtown: Enter the hospital:
Get a motorcycle and go to Downtown. Go the building with the long staircase that has a rampage at the top. Go back down the stairs and go to the police station to get a good run at the stairs. Hit the stairs as fast as possible. If done fast enough, you will fly over to the next building. Once there, turn around and go to the right where there is a ledge and some vents. Turn around and go to the other end of the building. Then, return to the ledge as fast as possible and hit the vent. You will fly to another building. Keep driving and you will fall off to a circular edge. Drive straight off the edge onto the balcony of the hospital. if done correctly, you will be inside the building. To leave the hospital, drive through the wall to the outside again.

Downtown: Spawn at Hyman Memorial Stadium instead of the hospital:
Enable the "Weapons tier 2" code and enter the stadium. Fail the Bloodring race intentionally and leave. Walk down street to the intersection where you can turn around and see the stadium, look ahead to see your condo, or look to the right to see the hospital. Equip the rocket launcher, go up to traffic, and blow up a car directly next to you. It will kill you, and instead of appearing at the hospital with no weapons, you should respawn at the stadium with all your weapons.
Seymour Butts

Downtown: Ghost car in Hotring arena:
When you are in the Hotring arena, get out of your car with a sniper rifle or another weapon that uses the manual targeting system. Try to shoot of the head of another Hotring race driver. He should fall out. If you leave the car sitting by itself for awhile, it will start to drive around by itself, and even try to blow itself up. After the driver is dead and has fallen out, get in the car. For about five seconds you can drive normally in his car. After that, you will have almost no control over the car (gas, brakes, etc.), except for changing views. If you wait long enough, the car will eventually catch fire by itself, or after it rams other cars or the walls. The flames also cannot be put out by use of the "Restore health" code. Note: Do not close the car door after the driver has fallen out or it will lock and not be able to re-opened.
Jason Conley.

Downtown: 0:00 winning time at Dirt Ring:
Get a Sanchez. Wait for the Dirt Ring at Hyman Memorial Stadium. When the time comes, park your Sanchez next to the door. Go inside. When the screen starts to fade, get on your bike and accelerate. Wait for the start and do not get on the other bike (it starts the timer). Get the checkpoints with your "outside" Sanchez. When you have collected the checkpoints, go on the other bike. You should have won $50,000$ with a time of 0:00.
andy carbajal.

Downtown: Fire in Love Fist building:
Go to the Love Fist building (as featured in the Publicity Tour mission). Use the "Look through the wall" glitch. You should see floating fire in the building where the stage should be.

Escobar International Airport: Get weapons inside:
Go through the metal detector at the airport and your weapons will be removed. Keep running at the glass where your weapons are located and you can actually get some of them back while inside the airport.
The Gamer.

Escobar International Airport: Teleport to underpass:
In the PlayStation2 version, ride a fast motorcycle (PCJ 600 recommended) to Escobar International Airport. Find a parked jet in one of the hangars (near the airstrip). Gain speed, then ride through the wing of the jet. You will crash, but you will appear on the underpass outside the airport with your feet sunk in the road. To escape, press Square. You will appear on the underpass, but the motorcycle will still be on the jet.
Irwin Oroceo.

Escobar International Airport: Grand Theft Auto 3 fire department logo:
Go to the part of the airport across from Fort Baxter. Go to the two garages with the signs that read "Don't even think of parking here". Look up and you will see the same logo as found in Grand Theft Auto 3, which reads "LCFD" instead of "VCFD".
pieter moonen.

Leaf Links: Jack Caddy through gate:
In the PlayStation2 version, when you go to Leaf Links Golf Course's front gates, wait until a Caddy comes up to the gate. They try to go through the gate all thetime. When they turn their golf carts around so you are looking at one side of the Caddy, walk up to the gate and press Triangle. You will step through the gate and jack the Caddy.
Drew Lanich.

Leaf Links: Become a pedestrian:
In the PlayStation2 version, go to the Leaf Links Golf Club. When you see a Caddy, steal it. Stay near the person that you stole it from. Usually, they will try to steal it back from you. Make sure they are closer to the passenger side of the Caddy when you do this. As they are walking towards you to try to steal it back, get ready to hit the gas. As they are getting back in the Caddy, floor it. Instead of kicking you out of the Caddy, they will take your place and your body will disappear. The camera will stay on the Caddy, but you will be gone and the pedestrian takes your place. Stop accelerating and the camera will follow the pedestrian around. The only thing you can do at this point is change the radio stations and look around with L2 and R2. This very difficult to do and requires some practice.
Mashuk Billah.

Leaf Links: Enter through fence:
Go to Leaf Links. Go to the right side gate. On the right hand side of the gate is a bridge leading to the pizza place. If you go to the right of the gate where the brown pillar is located, you should see a fence and a ledge. Jump on the ledge and you should fall through. You are now in Leaf Link. If you need to get out, go along the south wall. Keep going to you see the bridge that connects to the other half of the course and jump out.
Kevin Warner.

Little Havana: Helicopter with wheels:
After acquiring Sunshine Autos, get a Sparrow. Fly it to Sunshine Autos and set it down just outside the Pay 'N' Spray in back, If you are confident in your flying abilities, attempt to fly it into the spray area. If not, turn it around so that the cockpit is facing the four garages and push it inside. Once it is in there, get inside. After it is sprayed, fly it out of the garage and you will have a helicopter with wheels.
David McGibney.

Note: After getting a helicopter with wheels, enable the "Cars float on water" code. You can now land on the water with your helicopter.
Some gamer.

Little Havana: Shoot through glass wall:
Get a gun that will visibly go through the glass wall when you fire, such as the mini-gun or flamethrower. In other words, you have to see a part of it going through the glass. Fire the gun through the glass wall as Sunshine Autos. You will not see any fire or blood, but nonetheless, you can still kill anything through the glass wall. This works best on the first floor of Sunshine Autos. Use this trick to fend of the cops at a five or star wanted level.
The Gamer.

Little Havana: List mistake:
On the fourth and final list for Sunshine Autos, the list says to get a "Baggage" instead of the vehicle's true name, the "Baggage Handler".
Kris Valdez.

Little Havana: Untouchable clothes:
Go to the Little Havana Streetwear store. The front door will be open. Enter it, then turn to your left. You will see the clothes icon with the word "Havana".

It is possible to get this outfit. To do so, ghost ride a motorcycle into the door, then jump over it so you are on the counter in the store. Place your back towards the clothing icon and use a rifle that can aim to blow up the motorcycle. The resulting explosion will push you backwards towards the clothes. You should see Tommy float under the screen as if he is falling, then he will appear outside in the Havana outfit.

Another way to get these clothes is to ghost ride a PCJ-600 inside. However, this must be done at a slight angle so that the bike will fall on its side. Go into the doorway and jump onto the bike's side. Suddenly, Tommy will go through part of the ceiling. Look around and notice that a few feet ahead is the clothing icon. If you jump at the precise distance, you will land on the clothes icon, sink through it, and start falling under the city. Sometime during the fall, the screen will black out and you will suddenly appear in front of the shop wearing the Cuban outfit.
Seymour Butts.

Little Havana: Go through billboard:
Go to the big billboard at Cherry Poppers. Try to land a helicopter on it. You will go half way through the billboard.
Kyle Weber.

Little Havana: Car stuck in wall:
Take a long vehicle (Coach bus recommended) to Sunshine Autos after completing the Shakedown mission, but before buying the business. Park the vehicle so that the house icon is next to the door, but so the vehicle is blocking the driveway down to the garages. Get in, and when you are halfway inside, press L1. After the intermission sequence, you will still be in the vehicle, which is now stuck in the wall, and you cannot get it out.
Seymour Butts.

Ocean Beach: Matrix-type move:
Go into the lighthouse on the beach. Climb to the very top staircase. Then, attempt to jump down to the last stairs through the middle. Tommy will jump, do a small Trinity-style move from The Matrix, then go back to the stairs.

Ocean Beach: Unbreakable hotel window:
Go to your hotel room at the Ocean View hotel. Shoot out of the window with a gun that shoots bullets. They will pass straight through without making a hole. If you use a rocket launcher, it will hit the window explode in the room without damaging the window. This is useful when assassinating someone on the street.

Ocean Beach: Upside down view:
Find a motorcycle or scooter, go to Apartment 3C. Drive through the door and the world will be upside down. Be careful not to get stuck.

Ocean Beach: Stupid police:
Get as many wanted level stars as possible. Then, drive as quickly as you can towards the port where Cortez's boat is found. There will be a long white warehouse near the port. Drive to the back where the port is, so that the that warehouse is to your right. Look to your right leading under the building near the Cheetah parked outside. There will be a parking lot. Drive inside. Once inside, go to the farthest wall from the entrance. Once there you will hear the cop cars crash into the wall, flip over, and explode just outside, as if they were trying to drive through the wall. This will continue until you get rid of the stars.

Prawn Island: Get inside fence:
When at the film studio, look north at the fountain. You will see three houses that surround the fountain. Go to the entrance of the house that is to the left of the fountain. There is a fence that surrounds this house (and the other two). Stop in between the opening of the fence. If you take a right or a left, you can walk directly into the fence by walking straight through where the fence ends (creating the opening to walk into that house's yard). The fence to the right only goes about 15 feet before you have to stop. However if you take a left at that entrance between the fences you can walk almost all the way around the entire house. This is useful because sometimes cops cannot shoot you when you are inside of the wall, and you can toss grenades and run down the fence, blowing up any police or cars directly outside where you dropped the grenade.
Evan Brogan.

Starfish Island: Appear to be shrunk:
Go to Starfish Island and find any mansion that has trees in its backyard. Stand next to the "tree" and you will appear as if you have shrunk very small. The "trees" behind the Starfish Island houses are actually big patches of grass.
Brian Wallenstein.

Starfish Island: Grind on the Vercetti mansion railing:
Complete the mission where you kill Diaz to take control of the mansion. Get a PCJ 600. Go to the stairs at the outer entrance and go into the grass facing the stairs. Then, face the front door, gain a lot of speed, then jump off the bike. If done correctly, the bike should go into the mansion. After that walk, into the Mansion and get on the bike. Drive up to the top of the stairs where the office is located. Get to the rail and make the front of your bike face it. Pop a wheelie and drive, then release X and Down after your bike is sliding down the rail the way you were facing.

Starfish Island: Leaving the wrong way in the Vercetti mansion:
Use the Sea Sparrow or any helicopter except for the Hunter. Go inside the "indoor" swimming pool at the back of the Vercetti estate and fly up the non-solid roof. After you pass the wall below/in front, you will see a brown background below you. When you are above this background, go down a few meters. You should see a black box in front/above you. Fly next to the black box and try to go around it until you are above it. Then, descend into the box and land on the solid floor. You will recognize this room as part of the main entrance room. Get out of the helicopter and walk toward the door. Normally you would walk out of the building. However, this time you will end up back in the building. Note: You will have to enable the "Full health" code frequently to fix your helicopter as it hits invisible walls a lot.

Starfish Island: Walk in mansion while it is invisible:
Take a Caddy and drive to the back of the mansion. Drive it into the pool and go through the door on the right. Once inside you should be in the mansion while it is invisible

Starfish Island: Garage door:
At Vercetti Estate, as you go up the left side stairs in the front and go towards the front door, you will hear the garage door open and it will come up from beneath you.
Kris Valdez.

When you acquire Diaz's mansion, you gain a garage with it. You can stand on top of this garage when you walk up the stairs in the middle of the porch that is facing the road on Starfish Island. Then, walk left (east) until you are parallel with the garage behind Lance's Infernus. When you get close enough to the railing directly above the garage, it will open and you will pop up. You will be standing on the garage when you normally should be standing on the concrete of the mansion walkway. Note: This may only work if there is a large vehicle such as a Boxville or an Enforcer in the garage, or if you have spawned any cars or entered any cheats to affect the game. Saving will make this glitch permanent, but no harm will be done to the game information.

Starfish Island: Big faced bills:
In the Vercetti Estate, go into the office at the top of the main stairs where you save the game. Select a sniper rifle. Then, directly right in front of the safe and crouch down. Zoom in and look at the bills. The one closest to Tommy (and some others) have the new style big heads paper currency. If this game takes place in the 1980s, they should be the old small head style bills.
DJ Hellfire.

Starfish Island: Slide down mansion railing:
In the PlayStation2 version, use the following trick to make Tommy slide down the railing in his mansion. Once you enter the mansion, go about halfway up the stairs then jump towards the rail. While in the air, repeatedly tap Triangle and Tommy should slide up or down the rail.

Starfish Island: Fall through world:
Go to the Vercetti Estate with a taxi vehicle, after completing 100 fares and unlocking the "Boost". Drive into the pool area, and just before you hit the back wall, press L3. The car will jump through the ceiling and begin falling.
Seymour Butts.

Vice Point: Pedestrians sitting on air:
Go into the North Point Mall and look around on the benches. Sometimes the pedestrians will sit down on them, however they sit strangely and are actually sitting on air.

Vice Point: Dark mall:
Go to North Point Mall near the top of the first area in a Caddy. Drive the Caddy in the mall. There will be a wall, but you can go through the middle door. Drive through the middle door and you will be in the mall, but cannot see anything because the game will not load that area.

Vice Point: Fall through world:
Steal a car and drive to the northern point of the North Point Mall. Between some buildings, you will find a large bush near some smaller ones with a palm tree in front of it. Behind the bush is a ramp. Walk along the bottom edge of the ramp and you will find a hole in the ground that Tommy literally falls into. In doing so, he drops below the game world for a bit, then lands hard on his feet again on the sidewalk in front of the bush.
Elak Swindell.

Go to the Vinyl Countdown store in the mall. When you enter the store, go left of the farthest display isle with records on it. Jump on top. Make sure you are on the very top. Your head should appear through the ceiling. Jump up and down until the game glitches and you are above the store. There should be a ledge. Go on it and to your right until a black wall appears. Jump off into the blackness and you should land outside in a glitch version of the game world, with people walking above you, below you, and with you. This is only useful when finding the hidden packages and secret cars. Dying is the only way to turn everything visible again. There is a "truck" with tread-like wheels somewhere, which is a glitched version of the actual Perennial.

Go to the Vice Point Pay 'N Spray. Then, go to the next house that has a group of torches, but stay on the sidewalk. Go right and there will be a tree. Run between the tree and the wall. You will fall under the road and you will appear back on the road again.

Go to the Corner Store (straight up the road from the El Swanko Casa) with a cab that has boost unlocked (completing 100 fares). Go into the store just fast enough for the cab to jump. If you go too fast it will crash into the doorway. Press L3 and the cab will bounce through the ceiling and fall through the store. It will land somewhere around there.
Seymour Butts.

Vice Point: Vehicles in club:
Get a Freeway motorcycle and drive it into the Malibu Club for an interesting glitch.
Sean Robertson.

Drive to the Malibu Club, then spawn a Caddy. Drive through the doors. The Malibu Club will be invisible, and there will be water inside.

Vice Point: Non-reflecting mirror In Malibu Club:
Upstairs in the Malibu Club is a mirror on one of the walls with a model that resembles Colonel Cortez's ship. Walk over to it. Looking into the mirror in first person view, you can see that it reflects the things in the office like a painting on the wall, the chairs, a few lights, the model ship, and the doorway. However, it does not reflect you.
Jamie Weir.

Vice Point: Invisible city:
Enter the Malibu Club and go up to the bar. Jump over the counter and approach the two drink cabinets on the right. Jump on the small one, take a few steps back, and jump onto the larger one. Tommy's head will go through the ceiling. Run, jump, just basically move around. This may take many attempts, but Tommy will eventually end up through the ceiling and on the roof. Look at the room with the ship. Note that the "mirror" in that room upstairs is actually a window into this glitched Malibu Club. Turn around and walk through the blue dome. Look down to see the whole Malibu Club. Exit the dome and walk a short distance towards the beach. Notice that you can see the road below you. If you run towards that road and jump far enough, you will fall through the world. If you done correctly, you will be outside in a glitched Vice City. If done wrong, you will appear back in the Malibu Club. In the glitched Vice City, everything is normal except no objects load. The walls and buildings can still be entered, but you cannot see them. You can start missions, fly the helicopters, drive vehicles, and even go to the Ammunation store and see the weapons floating in the air. The trick is to know where the walls should be located. Watch the on-screen map to make sure you stay on the road. To exit this glitch, walk into a place that loads separately (through the front door of the Malibu Club, your mansion, etc.).
Seymour Butts.

Another way to do this is to drive a Caddy through the front doors of the Malibu Club. Get out and slowly walk back towards the doors. The Caddy will still be inside when the game loads the Malibu Club's interior. Get back in the Caddy and drive through the front doors again. It will be invisible.
Seymour Butts.

Drive a motorcycle at the entrance of the Pole Position Club and jump off, letting it ride inside. Then, go inside and get on it. When you ride out of the club on the bike, the game will not load, leaving Vice City invisible.

You must own the Pole Position Club for this glitch. Get on a motorcycle (the crotch rocket or Angel recommended), then go to the front door of the Pole Position. Drive a little south to get yourself some distance from the front door. Drive as fast as possible, lined up with the door. Get off the motorcycle just before the door and ram it through the hallway. If done correctly, you will see the motorcycle in the club. Then, drive the motorcycle out the door. All the buildings are there, but most of them are invisible. At most places you can ram a car into the building, but not come out like you can in the Pole Position. This glitch can be useful for finding the hidden packages.
Yakuza Red in neck.

Vice Point: Invisible ground:
Have a helicopter and take it to the beach at Vice Point. Go along the beach until you see three buildings very close together, and the middle building is green with red, yellow, and gray on the top. Fly up to the gray and land on it. This may require some practice. When you land on the gray, get out and walk towards the other building. You can walk for about 10 feet, then fall.

Vice Point: Go through wall:
Go to the police station, walk down the hall, take a right, walk up the stairs, and go to the first office on the right past the filing cabinet into the room. When inside, jump onto the desk and try to get behind the desk. If done correctly, when back there you will be stuck. Grenade yourself so that you will fall, then spin around when you notice you cannot get up. You are now stuck standing sideways on the wall spinning. Try looking in first person view.
Rokin SMP.

Vice Point: Motorcycle in mall:
You can take any kind of motorcycle into the North Point Mall. You can then drive around in the mall freely. However, it is easier to drive up the "down" escalator to go up and ramp down when you want to go down.
Derrick S. Keyser.

Vice Port: Go through wall:
After you buy the Boat Yard, take the boat out on the outer side of the dock. Go full speed just as you pass the outer dock and jump. You will go through the wall and be under the stairs. Note: You must reload or reset your game to continue.
Jon Mead.

Washington Beach: Police station with little interior:
Go to the Washington Beach police station (the one you can enter, which is a short drive south from the Malibu Club). Run inside. You will notice that it reads VCPD as you go in. While tapping X, run through the doors back outside, then rapidly run back into the station. Repeat this many times, and occasionally you will run into the police station without the game pausing to load the interior because you are rapidly moving between these two areas. The invisible walls are still there -- do not worry about falling into the water.
Seymour Butts.

Bank Heist mission: Backwards head:
Walk into the manager's office. Stand in front of the filing cabinets by the manager. Face the manager and slowly walk towards him. At some point, it will look like Tommy's head is backwards and see his face. Turn around to see the back of his head and the front of his body.
Jeff Clem.

Demolition Man mission: Fly in building:
When you complete the mission, there will be big holes in the building. Get a helicopter (Maverick or Sparrow recommended), and go to the side that faces Starfish Island. Maneuver by the edges, and you will able to enter the building. You cannot fly up the building; you must stay in one place. To get out, fly backwards.

Fastest Boat mission: Squallo spellings:
Get the Squallo from the boatyard or from completing the Fastest Boat mission for Diaz. Once you get in the boat, the game will say that the boat is called the Squallo. Get out and look at the hull in first-person view, and it is actually marked "Squallo II".

Love Juice mission: No motorcycles:
During the first of the Love Fist mission (Love Juice) when you pick up Mercedes to take her back to the band, do not use a motorcycle of any kind. She will not be able to get on the back if it during the intermission sequence, although anyone can during other missions.

Martha's Mug Shot mission: Limo drives itself:
When Candy is walking to the Stretch, quickly take out a flamethrower and torch the car. The driver will get out. Then, get in the Stretch. Candy will also get in, then the car will leave and drive by itself with both of you inside.

Before Candy gets to the limo, run up to it and shoot the driver in the head so that he will open the door, decapitated. Jump in the limo and when Candy gets in, the car will drive itself to the destination. You will not have to worry about losing the car.
Thomas Slagle.

Martha's Mug Shot mission: Fail mission without running out of film:
After intermission sequence has finished with you talking to the director and you regain control of the game, enable the "Weapons tier 2" code and throw the grenade. When you throw it, a message stating that you failed the mission due to running out of film will appear, when you actually never took any photos at all.

No Escape mission: Invisible Cam Jones:
Spawn a Caddy and get Cam in it. Cam will disappear, and when you get out he will re-appear.

Publicity Tour mission: Fire room:
After the bomb has been defused, drive to the venue as usual. Accelerate to full speed then eject yourself from the vehicle. The Love Fist Limo will pass through the pink objective marker and a message stating that you killed Love Fist will appear. You will then appear inside the venue, surrounded by four pillars of fire. While in this room, you cannot be wasted due to an odd camera angle, but you also cannot move. Cheats can still be enabled. Note: This room is actually the Love Fist "temple of rock."

Go back towards the building with the pink marker where the band needs to be. Stop a long distance away from it. Then, floor the gas so that the limousine is at top speed. Bail out of the car before you hit the marker. The car will roll through the marker. The screen will black out. The message "Mission Failed. You killed Love Fist!" will appear, and you will be inside the building you stopped in front of. However, it will be empty except for some fire -- the game will glitch and not load the interior. You will have to reset the game, as the only button that now works is Select.
Seymour Butts.

Publicity Tour mission: Stuck in concert hall:
After the bomb is disarmed, bail out of the car on the pink circle. A message should appear stating that you killed Love Fist, but you will be inside the concert hall. Note: You cannot move, change weapons, or die. To escape, you must reset the game.
Forrest Rand.

All Hands On Deck mission: Ship still on map:
After the mission, Cortez takes his boat out of Vice City. However, his ship still appears on the map when you go to the Marina (where you took missions from him).
The Game.

Back Alley Brawl mission: Kill chef with Faggio:
In this mission, there is a short intermission sequence with dialog. If you drive up to him in a car, Tommy will get out of the car to fight. If you drive straight at the chef with a Faggio, an intermission sequence will show Tommy driving over the chef, killing him.
Ross Stickler.

Bank Heist mission: Floating driver:
When your driver leaves to drive around the block, get a helicopter and fly up to the building next to the bank. The driver will be floating above the building in the taxi he left in.
Tim C..

The Chase mission: Easy completion:
After you go to Diaz to start the mission, check the window, get upstairs, and start chasing the thief. If you can sprint and weave in and out of tight spots well, you will pass him on the roof and jump off the edge of the building first. Get in the BF Injection and wait. The thief will jump down, get in, and drive you there. You will be invisible at the end of the mission, but when you exit from the car it will be completed successfully.
ryan smith.

Death Row mission: Enter Malibu Club:
Instead of walking into the pink circle, run at top speed to go into the Malibu Club. To get out, just walk through the black block.

The Job mission: Phil Cassidy dialogue:
Start killing every hostage as soon as Phil Cassidy holds them up. After about four to five hostages are dead, every hostage will start to attack you, Cassidy, and Cam Jones. Beware -- Cassidy and Jones will make little effort to defend themselves. If either one of them dies, the mission will end in failure. After all the hostages are dead, Cassidy will follow you upstairs to the safe. When Tommy Vercetti heads back down to get the manager, he still asks Cassidy if things are okay -- even though Cassidy is now on the second floor. When you are on your way back with the manager, Cassidy stills says, "I said nobody move", yet he is still on the second floor. When you go back down to help Phil, go to the pink marker, then go back to the corridor that leads to the back of the bank. After that, get ready to fight the S.W.A.T. team.

The Job mission: Hold up manager in other ways:
When getting up to the part where you have to go back in the elevator and bring the manager to the safe, you do not need a gun. If you have your fist or brass knuckles selected, Tommy will stick out his hand as if it was in fact a weapon to bring the manager with him. You can also do it again when you get back to the safe. You can also use one of those many tools (chainsaw, truncheon, katana, etc.) to aim at him. It is especially interesting to see Tommy hold the truncheon as if he is holding an M5 or Ruger.
Will Moore.

Keep Your Friends Close mission: Wrong subtitle text:
When Tommy tells Rosenberg to get 20 million of counterfeit money, the subtitles state 3.

Keep Your Friends Close mission: Slow details:
When the message "Defend your safe!" appears, go to any other island. The radar will turn blank, and the details will take many seconds to load. The helicopters that are not at your mansion will not spawn, although the seaplane at the film studio will.
austin cox.

Martha's Mug Shot mission: Easy transport:
Get to Candy's Stretch before her and shoot the driver in the head. Get in the driver's seat and wait for Candy to enter. You will automatically be driven to the destination as though you were the passenger. Once you stop to drop Candy off, it will drive you to the Malibu Club. From there, go to the building on the other side of the one that Candy entered.
Jordan Oliver and James Pain.

Publicity Tour mission: Wrong dialogue:
When you have to drive around waiting for Love Fist to defuse the bomb, they will (very eventually) defuse it. However, if you stop just when they say they will pull out the wire, one of them will say after defusing it " Hey! we're okay", the car will explode after the defusion.

Rub Out mission: Get stuck in Diaz's mansion:
When you get in the mansion, if Lance dies your mission will fail. Then, all the doors that were closed before the mission will close again. If you go out of the hallway and Lance dies down at the bottom of the stairs going to the roof, there will be an open space with nothing in it, and you will see the stairs on the inside by the front doors. You will then be stuck in the mansion.
Adam LeMoine.

Treacherous Swine mission: Fall through ground:
Start the mission and before entering the pink circle where Gonzalez is located, get a car and drive straight into it fairly fast and straight. Your car might stand straight up. Then, it will go on to Gonzalez. You and your car should be there. Get in the car and drive it down the stairs toward him. He will end up outside and you will follow. Your car should be about half way in the door. Kill him, enable the "Lower wanted level" code, then return to your car. Enter it, then exit it. You should fall down and be able to see the ground above, and end up by the street where your car is located. You will lose some health, but not a lot. Eventually your car will blow up and you will not be able to get it out.

Ice Cream Factory saves:
The game may glitch at times when it is saved at the Ice Cream Factory. When that save is reloaded, the game will turn black and freeze.

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