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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

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Hint: Son or daughter:
At the end of the Chapter 1 you can choose between having a son or daughter.
Kozunai Kururugi.

To select the gender of your child, go to the Sprite's House and keep examining the pot until it says "". Talk to a Sprite and they will ask if you want your child to be a boy or girl.
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Hint: Celia:
When you first start, buy a chicken. Every morning get one egg for Celia. Give her a flower and an egg, and when she is at five hearts show her the Blue Feather. Make sure you get her to two or three hearts before the end of spring or you will not get the feather.

Hint: Lumina:
To marry Lumina you must give her flowers of any kind. Also give her Moon Ores from the Dig Site. She likes both. As long as you give her one a day it does not matter which one you give her.
Kozunai Kururugi.

Hint: Girls you can marry:
The following is a list of the girls you can marry and what they like the most.

Nami: Trick Blue flowers (bloom only in Fall), Statues and Fossils from the Dig Site, and your cooking. Note: She dislikes failed cooking.
Muffy: Flowers (any kind), Moon Ores from the Dig Site, and your cooking. Note: She dislikes failed cooking.
Celia: Flowers (any kind), crops that you grow (any level, but "A" and "S" are the best), and your cooking. Note: She dislikes failed cooking.
Lumina: Flowers (any kind), Moon Ores and Old Coins from the Dig Site, your cooking, and to be told that she can play the piano well. Note: She dislikes failed cooking.

Note: Do not marry Nami. She takes 1,000G every season and goes to college for two years. You must look after your child. Celia or Muffy are the best choices for a wife.

Hint: Child's preferences:
When you are married to certain people, your child's job choice leans more toward certain preferences.

Nami's child (boy or girl): Anything but social. They will lean toward more of being an artist with Cody.
Muffy's child (boy or girl): Will be outgoing. They will lean toward more of being an athlete with Wally.
Celia's child (boy or girl): Will be down-to-earth, and will most likely be a farmer with you.
Lumina's child (boy or girl): Will be friendly and more in tune to music, and will most likely be a musician with Gustafa.

Hint: Pets:
Once you have obtained an animal from someone, you can name it. They will stay on your farm and cannot leave it. Note: You cannot take the lizard, turtle, horse, goat, or ducks into your house. However, the dogs, cat, and raccoon can enter it.

Baby Ducks: You must have a male and a female duck and a male and a female chicken. Put the egg that the Female Chicken has in the incubator and you will get a baby duck 50% of the time. Note: Ducks cannot have eggs.
Cat: Some time during the Chapter 2, Romana will give a cat to you. Note: You do not need to be friends with her, but if you are she will give it to you faster
Dog: Obtain every stone tablet from the Dig Site. Note: There is only one per chapter. Also, you must have befriended Carter (the man who works at the Dig Site and lives in the tent). He will give you a Chihuahua some time during Chapter 6
Ducks: During Summer in Chapter 2, wake up later than your wife. She will tell you that there are ducks in the pond. You will go out to the pond, and your wife will ask if you can keep them. Say "Yes" and you will get to name them. They will stay in your chicken coop. Note: You must have already bought the pond and there must be room in your chicken coop.
Goat: Can be bought from Van in Chapter 2 and later for 4,000 G.
Horse: Some time during Summer in Chapter 1 and later, Takakura will give you a horse, saying that he ordered it for you.
Owl: Befriend everyone in town and help the Harvest Sprites clean out the Goddess Spring. They will eventually give an owl to you. Note: you can sometimes see the owl on the Harvest Sprite Tree (the giant tree by the spring).
Raccoon: Befriend Vesta (the woman who runs the other farm) and Marlin (Vesta's younger brother). After Marlin gives you the Veggie Juice and Vesta gives you the Weird Hoe, you will receive the raccoon from Vesta Note: It can only be obtained in Year 1.
Turtle: Befriend Cody (the artist that lives in the trailer). Cody will give you a Painting. Afterwards, when the turtle and Cody are by the Turtle Swamp, use your fishing rod. You will get an intermission sequence where you start to drown. Cody and the turtle will save you, and you will find out that it was Cody who put the ribbon on the turtle's neck. Later during the year, Cody will give you the turtle. Note: It can only be obtained in Year 1.

Hint: Dog training:
You can train your dog by going up to it and pressing Circle. You will start to train him. Once you dog is trained enough, he will do a better job at keeping Murray (the little hobo that begs for money) off your farm.

Hint: Call horse:
Press L2 and your horse will come running to you. This only works if you are outside, but your horse can be in the barn.

Hint: Get more baby chicks:
Pick up a hen and press X (it will say "Check") to see what kind of egg you have. If its fertilized, put the hen back down and leave her alone for three days. You will get an extra chick.

Hint: Haggling for the goat:
When Van sells the goat to you, typically it costs 4,000G. However, you can haggle him down. When you ask to buy it, choose "Discount?" then "Can't you do better?". You must ask the latter several times to get it down to 2,000G.

Hint: Alarm clock:
To get a alarm clock during season 2 and later, befriend the man that walks really fast. You will see him walking home during the evenings. Follow him into his house and he will talk to you. Afterwards, go home and you see that he gave you a alarm clock.

Hint: Entree and Dessert dishes:
Cook approximately twenty five separate dishes to unlock the Entree and Dessert options.

Hint: Records:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding record.

64 Memories : Defeat Kassey and Patrick at the Territory Capture game ten times total.
Butterfly : Become friends with Marlin and speak to him when he visits the waterfall.
Flowerbud Fall : Become friends with Rock and speak to him when he is in his room at the Inn.
Joy of Fall : Become friends with Mukumuku.
Marine Jazz : Become friends with Griffin and speak to him when he is alone in his room in the Blue Bar.
Summer Memories : Become friends with Carter and speak to him when he is at the beach.
The Bride : Become friends with Chris and speak to her when she is at home.
Winter HM : Become friends with Kate and speak to her when she is in her room in Chapter 2 or later.
Town Spirit : Become friends with Sebastian and enter his room.

Hint: Sha Shark fish:
Try fishing for the Sha Shark fish somewhere near the bridge. A big Sha Shark fish can fetch up to 1440G. Winter is an excellent time for catching this fish.

Hint: Finding the Harvest Sprites' home:
Go north on the path by your farm's pasture. When you get to the spring you will find a large tree. Eat a mushroom next to the tree and you will be teleported into their home. The front has a door to exit, but not to enter.

Strategy: by Purplepassion
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