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Hitman: Contracts

Level select:
Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, L2, R2 at the main menu.

Level skip with Silent Assassin rank and special weapons:
Press R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L3, Circle, X, Circle, X during game play when a level first starts.

Bonus weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated mission with a "Silent Assassin" rank to unlock the corresponding weapon.
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CZ 2000 Dual Pistols: Mission 1
Micro Uzi Dual Submachine Guns: Mission 2
Silverballer Silenced Dual Pistols: Mission 3
Magnum 500 Dual Pistols: Mission 4
Sawed-Off Shotgun Dual: Mission 5
M4 Carbine Silenced Assault Rifle: Mission 6
SG220 .S Dual Pistols: Mission 7
MP5 Silenced Submachine Gun: Mission 8
AK 74 Silenced Assault Rifle: Mission 9
GK 17 Dual Pistols: Mission 10
Micro Uzi Silenced Dual Submachine Guns: Mission 11
PGM Silenced Sniper Rifle: Mission 12

Second chance:
When you are killed, the screen will turn black and white briefly. Try to shoot four people in the head while this is happening to resume playing with barely any health.

All weapons in training level:
Begin the training level, then enable the "Level skip" code. You will complete it with a "Silent Assassin" rank. Choose the training level again, and all the weapons in the game will be unlocked in the weapons storage area. This also will unlock the Cardboard Tube weapon.

Hint: Asylum Aftermath: Future targets in tubes:
After you have completed the game and also collected Orthmeyer's Keycard from The Wang Fou Incident mission, go to the Asylum Aftermath mission. Proceed as normal until you reach the hallway with the mirror-window going along the right wall. Proceed into the next room, go down the short staircase, then go through the double doors. You should be in a room with cryo -tubes of clones inside. Go further into the next room. Labeled on each of the tubes are names of some targets that will be found in later levels (except for one, Otto Ort-Meyer). They also all look the same.
Brian Bachinsky.

In the room where you find the Dual Golden Desert Eagles, look on the tanks with the men in them. They are all future targets for 47. In the second room, there are even more names, including Lee Hong and Franz Fuchs.
Sean S..

Hint: Asylum Aftermath: Enforcer sniper rifle:
Go along your normal route all the way to the end of the level. Do not go outside. When you get paced the for SWATs, turn left and go through the door. Go up the stairs and kill the SWAT. There is a cabinet with glass doors. Open it and get the sniper rifle. Finish the level and you will have unlocked the Enforcer sniper rifle.
Kyle Jensen.

Hint: Asylum Aftermath: Mini-gun:
Get a guard suit and take the elevator up to the mansion in The Wang Fou Incident mission. Get the key card (this will also get you the Desert Eagle). As soon as you complete the mission, go to the Asylum Aftermath mission. Go through the first set of double doors and there will be a red light in the hallway. Look to your right and there will be glass doors that you cannot break. This is where your key card is used to open up the doors. Kill the man and pick up the gun. You will walk very slow, and it is a mini gun. To unlock it at the gun selection screen, kill everyone in your way and escape while having the mini gun in your possession.
Ryan Wojtczak.

The mini-gun holds 1,000 rounds. It cannot be concealed. Note: It makes you very slow and stalls for about two seconds before firing.
donny hoang.

Hint: Asylum Aftermath: Ammunition:
Go to the second floor. There is a patient that when you walk up to him will give you an action command to give a syringe to him. Give him the syringe and he will give you some ammunition.
jong yang foo.

Hint: Asylum Aftermath: Gold Desert Eagle dual guns:
If you have the card from The Wang Fou Incident mission, go through your regular route until you get to a place where you see double doors in front of you or if you look to the right you see a man and a door down by the stairs. Go down by the stairs and open up the door with the card obtained from The Wang Fou Incident mission. The Gold Desert Eagles will be directly in front of you. Pick them up and finish the mission. When you go to the mission selection screen, you will find two Desert Eagle Magnum guns.
Ryan Wojtczak.

The Gold Desert Eagle Dual holds 87 rounds. It can be concealed. It is same as regular handgunsm but with less ammuntion and more powerful.
donny hoang.

Hint: Asylum Aftermath: Easy Silent Assassin rank:
Pick up the car key from the dead scientist that is directly in front of you when the level starts. Next, follow the map in the basement. Once you are on the first floor, wait for the guards to pass. Make sure to not have any weapons out. It also helps to get the patient's garb behind the elevator in the room with a circled "!". Approach the dead guard by a door on your left. Look at the opening almost directly across from the door you are at to make sure the guards have already gone through the door in that opening, so that they will not see you. Next, drag the dead guard through the door he is near. Go into the door directly ahead and to the right. Once inside, take his clothes, walk back out to where the guard was sitting, then go through the opening to your left. Walk past the group of guards. Use the door to your right, go out of the building, approach the car to your right (next to the building), and escape.

Hint: The Bjarkhov Bomb: Humorous translations:
Go inside of the submarine. There are some Russians wearing radiation suits working on the dirty bomb. The translation of what they are saying are the following four phrases:

"I hate this frozen wasteland."
"Careful! Are you trying to kill us?"
"Thank God there were 2 boxes of vodka on the plane this morning."
"Help me a little."

Hint: Hunter And Hunted: Easy Silent Assassin rank:
Take the W2000 sniper rifle (to assure that you hit your target in the head and avoid noises). There is a W2000 in the room that you start the level in, but trying to pick it up will take too long; and by the time you walk out the room, SWAT will be already upstairs. As soon as the level starts, run to the door straight ahead to the hallway. Get in the first room on the right before the SWAT team gets upstairs. Walk out to the balcony. You will get a "Jump out to balcony" command. Select it to jump to the adjacent building. When you are on the next building, walk left along the rail. When you stand in front of the next balcony you will get the same command to get back into the building where the SWAT team is looking for you. Walk out to the door and open it. The SWAT team will not detect you because they are looking in the opposite direction. Walk to the right until reaching the end of the hall to where the fuse box is found. Flip the lights off and walk towards the SWAT team. They will not see you in the dark, even if you run. Stay on the left to get to the elevator shaft. The two guards that where on the second floor will walk up to the third floor to flip the lights back on. This will give you the chance to go down the ladder in the elevator to the second floor. Open the doors and walk to the left. There will only be one cop on that floor. Save the game at this time. Then, sneak up behind the cop with your syringe ready to take him out. Take his clothes. Do not forget to pick up your briefcase. Next, pick the lock to the room that he was guarding. There is another syringe there, which is needed later. Walk out the room and to the left through the hallway. Go down the stairs all the way until you are outside. Walk out the door to the right. There will be four SWAT team members. Do not mind them, and walk across the street into the alley on the left, then right at the next alley. Wait for a moment. Check your map to make sure that the cop patrolling the street in front of you is not too close or he will recognize you. When the coast is clear, cross the street into the next alley to get behind your target. However, before you get to the bend in the alley, make sure no one sees you and open up your briefcase. Throw the rifle on the ground to have it ready. Then, walk up to where the target is located. There will be two SWAT team members behind him; do not shoot yet. Walk towards each one of them and then around them to make them turn around, facing away from your target. Make sure they completely turn their backs to him. If not, do the same thing again. Once you get them to turn away from the chief of police, walk back into the alley, get your sniper, and walk towards the target. Stay as close as you can to the left wall. Aim at his head and take him out. Throw away your rifle. You will get a message reading "Go to your exit point", but do not do so yet. You need to get out in the paramedic van you will be discovered. Save the game. Check your map and go back to where you came out of the building, but do not go in it. Check the map. There are two cops patrolling around a building and there is an alley that leads to the street where the main entrance to the building that the SWAT team us looking at. It shows an innocent person just at the end of that alley. This is the paramedic. Watch the patrolling cops on your map a short time and plan your strategy to get past them without being seen to get to the little alley. Walk towards the street. The cops will not pay attention to you; only the paramedic will. When you pass him, keep going across to the next walkway. If he has turned around, do the same strategy as done on the SWAT team to get him to turn around facing the SWAT team members. Get behind him, pull out the syringe you got from the room, sneaking up to him of course. Take him out. All the witnesses behind the fence will be pointing at you and will crouch when you pull out the syringe. Ignore them and take the man out. He will growl a little, but the cops will not care, Take his clothes and the key to the paramedic vehicle. You can run to the van. The paramedic is the only character in the level that can run around. Get to the van and escape. You will get the Silent Assassin rank and the PGM Sniper rifle, silenced. To get the regular PGM Sniper, just shoot the sniper at the top of the building that is closest to the target and he will drop it down. Finish the level with it and its yours.
Luis Mojica.

Hint: The Meat King's Party: Easy Silent Assassin rank:
You will start in a truck. Drop every gun you have except the Fiber Wire, Syringe, NVG, Lockpick, Binoculars, and Meat Hook. Take the butcher's clothes and close the truck doors. Then, walk to the main gate. A guard will check you, then tell you to go in. Next, turn left, open the door, and turn right. Walk straight and you will find a staircase. Go upstairs and turn right. Open the door and check your map. Make sure that the enemy is not in the room which has the point of interest. Then, open the door, turn to your right, and pick up the murder proof. Then, quickly get out of the room before the enemy enters it. Next, go downstairs and find the locker room (a big room which is the point of interest).Quickly take the clothes and wait for the "The lawyer is waiting for an opium pipe" message. Then, go to the room where the lawyer is located (before the real opium waiter shows up). Give the lawyer the opium pipe which is at the last bed. He will give you a VIP invitation and a Silverballer SD. Quickly take the Silverballer and give the lawyer a headshot. Then, drop it. Next, go back to the locker room and change your clothes. After that, talk to the bartender in the party room. He will tell you to bring Meat King some chicken. Go to the kitchen where the two chefs are working. One of them is a point of interest. That chef will prepare the meal for Meat King and will tell you to give it to him. After that, drop your Meat Hook and take the plate. Then, go upstairs from the party room. Another guard will check you. After that, take the kitchen knife from the room to your right. Holster it. Take the meal to Meat King, but first activate the switch in front of Meat King's bed. It will pull all the curtains down. Wait for the whores to go out, then give the chicken to Meat King. While he is eating the chicken, quickly take the knife out and kill him. Make sure he does not burp. Holster the knife. Go downstairs where the kitchen is located. Stand in front of the kitchen door and turn behind. Then, open that door and go near the truck. You should complete the mission with a "Silent Assassin" rank.
murtaza ali.

Hint: The Meat King's Party: Meat hook death:
In order for this to work, you must knock out the target you want to hang and not kill him. If you are out of Syringes, then use the pistol whip. Drag the target to the platform by the hook controls and stop the rail when an empty hook is in front of you. Get on the platform along with the dragged body. Make sure you are still dragging him and select "Hang On Meat Hook". Check the map and you will still see him as alive. If you want to hide the body, go to the derail controls on the northeast side of your position (the start/stop controls). After starting the rail again, move over to the derail controls and select "Derail". From that point on, all the bodies will come in from the main, spin, and move over to a hidden position for derailing. At that point, the body should be hidden.
Matt Rickhuss.

Hint: The Seafood Massacre: Phantom chef:
Once the mission starts, run to the restaurant's basement where you cut the gas off. Grab the restaurant outfit and quickly run to kill the Red Dragon Negotiator. Dump him in the sewer, grab his amulet, and climb out. Next, head back to the basement. The guards will not know that you are not a restaurant employee. Cut the gas. Hide in the room where you got the outfit from and wait for the chef to go over to the gas thing. Quickly, yet quietly, exit the room and get behind the Chef. Note: Make sure you have the syringe out before you walk out the room. Just when he turns his head and spots you, stab him with the syringe. If done correctly, he should stand up and slowly walk away, leaving you in the motion as if you stabbed him. He will walk out the door, and get knocked out there.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Ghosts:
Once you enter the hotel, turn right to the double doors. Go through them and there will be another set of double doors. Pick them, as they are locked. After that, go down past two doors and look quickly because the ghost goes into the wall.

Follow the same instructions to see the ghost in the hallway for this level, then go into the room that the ghost enters. Kill the guard in the bathroom and look in the mirror. The reflection will show the ghost, but if you turn around nothing is there.

Look for the ghost in the hall where the murder took place. Go into a room and look into the mirror. You see the ghost floating behind you. You can see him in any room of that hall, and not just the one he walks into.

Go inside the hotel into the main lobby. Once there, go to the right into the two doors by the elevator. In there are another two doors that have a "closed" sign on them. When no one is there, unlock it by picking it. Once you are inside, go to the left and into an open door. Notice that as you get closer, it gets darker. Once you make it, you see blood on the floor. Then, walk sideways to the right to see the end of the hallway. You will see a ghostly figure walking through the wall. The ghost is probably the murdered person you will see in the room a policeman is guarding, at the door at the end of the hallway. Keep doing this and you will see him walking again.

In the hotel, when you go on the ground floor to the dead man's room where the guard is located, go in his bathroom to find his spirit lingering when you look in his mirror.
garry tomaszewski.

Go to any room in that hall and look in the mirror. The ghost will be in the mirror's reflection, trying to shoo you away like guards do. However if you go to the room where the guard is showering and take him out, stand in the doorway to the shower and bedroom. You should see that the ghost is actually there but when you approach him he disappears.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Bleeding ghost:
In the part where the ghost appears and goes into the room in the dark hallway, enter that room and go back into the shower. The ghost will appear by the back wall. If you shoot it, blood with splatter on the wall. If you missed him the first time, just leave the room then return and he will reappear. You can do this as many times as desired. When you shoot him, it will seem as if time slowed down and speeds back up.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Kill the Ghost:
Go down to the hallway at the bottom floor of the hotel. You will see the ghost that walks through into a wall. Move to a dead plant in the corner of the hallway near to a locked door. Then, go back towards the hallway where you saw the ghost. Make sure you have your Fibre Wire out before continuing. Heading down the corridor, you will see the ghost who walks into the wall. Get your Fibre Wire ready then get behind the ghost before it disappears into the wall. If you are quick, you can strangle the ghost with your Fibre Wire, which now flickers on the ground. You can now drag the ghost around the hotel.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: See murder:
Go to your map in the level. There is a point of interest in the corner of the second or third floor. There is police tape and a guard there. Kill the guard, sneak in, and you will find a dead man on the bed. Go into the bathroom to see a bathtub full of blood. There is a sawedoff shotgun in front of it that can help you if you do not have any guns.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Walk around hotel with sniper rifle:
Normally, it is impossible to get a sniper rifle into a hotel without getting it taken away. However, there is a simple way to avoid this. After you show the guard your conference ID, walk up to the metal detector and stop directly in front of it. Then, drop the suitcase. Walk through the metal detector, then turn around and pick up the suitcase. It will not set off the detector, and you will be able to walk around with it. Note: Do the same trick to get past the other metal detectors.

If you start the level with the W200 Sniper Rifle, you can easily bring it inside. The first way is to drop the case before you enter the hotel, then look on your map for a small room with two cops in it. In that room is a switch to shut off metal detectors. Simply go back outside and collect your items. The second way is to dump all your items except the sniper case with the W2000 in it. Walk through casual, and you should be able to get in without any problems. A third way (not recommended) can be done if you are very skilled with a sniper rifle. Aim for the furthest cop, then quickly hit the other. Note: It takes a while to reload.
Patrick Filan.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Showering:
In room 202 on the second floor, there is a fat guard wearing black and sunglasses. Shoot him, then picklock the door he is securing. Sneak in without a gun and sneak silently. You will see a man in red Speedos taking a shower.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Unstoppable by police officers:
Get any gun that is out of ammunition. Start off the level normally, and pick the three guards in the front with your sniper rifle. Once you are inside, go to the far right near the elevator into the hall, where it says that the next hall is closed off. Wait there until a cop enters the room. Kill him, take his clothes, then pick the lock. Then, run to the third floor, where the security office with the metal detector switch is located. Walk past them and push the button. Then, run back down to the first floor and get your clothes back. Walk around the halls and find a cop. When no one is nearby except for the cop, take out your gun with no ammunition and hit him until he is unconscious. Take his gun and clothes. Then, switch back into your old clothes. When he wakes up, he will run to another guard. You will notice on your screen that the guards are now looking for a suspicious officer. However, you are in your original clothes so they will not suspect you. It might say that they suspect a bald person, but you can ignore this. Next, go to the elevators and knock out the nearby guards. Again, the notice for a suspicious police officer will appear. If desired, you can also do this with the bellboys. Then, do this to the bodyguards. Do not attempt to do this on the second floor with all the bodyguards. They have magnums and will kill you. They police officers' guns are weak, and they will hurt, but not kill you. Once you have knocked out and stole the guns from every cop, you will notice there is nothing remaining in the hotel to stop you. You will also notice that the cops are not around anymore. Look at the third floor in the security office to see every cop that you knocked out is just lined up in the corner. When you appear they do not do anything. Of course the hotel will be in chaos and everyone will be running around.
Luke Hobson.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Easy completion:
Instead of going through the trouble of getting the rose box when you first enter the back room, notice the bottle of whiskey. Assuming you have some type of poison, you can simply kill off one of the targets by using it. To get to the other target, you must go to the floor that his room is on. If you go to the room next to his (to the left if you are facing the door) and walk out onto the balcony, you will see one of his guards come out occasionally on patrol. When he does, a woman on a balcony past his will walk out and have a smoke. Once they both there, return to their rooms. You can jump to the balcony belonging to the target. Using stealth, you can open the door then walk up behind the guard and kill him using the fiber wire. After this is done, pick up his weapon and a silenced pistol. Grab the pistol and creep into the bathroom to eliminate the second target. Then, drop the pistol as to not set off any metal detectors that you need pass to reach to the X-ray room Then, return to the third floor, to the half where your room is located. If you open one door, you can step out onto the roof. Creep across the roof, making sure the guard in the pool below cannot see you, and sneak in through a window. Silently eliminate the guard and creep into the X-ray room. Get the bomb and leave by the way that you came from. Calmly walk downstairs and leave the hotel This will only work if you have killed the two Bosses to acquire the X-ray room key. Also, bring the briefcase from Room 202. Without this, you will be shot by the guards.
Travis wolfe.

Hint: Traditions Of The Trade: Sniper rifle in hotel:
After you have unlocked the PGM silenced Sniper Rifle and weapon select, you simply chose the rifle and what other weapons desired. Show the guard your I.D. card and walk through the metal detector. The guard with pat you down and proceed to take all your weapons except your sniper suitcase and PGM S. rifle.

Hint: Faster reload:
To reload a weapon faster, before it runs out of bullets completely (for example, with one bullet remaining), holster it then pull it back out again. The clip will be full, and you can kill enemies faster.

Hint: Bullet time:
When you die and can shoot people in slow motion, enable the "God mode" code. You will be in bullet time until you headshoot four people.
Lucas Pereira.

Glitch: Deadly Cargo: Floating light:
Near the television power box, where you need to turn it off to get past the fence, look up at the street lights. One of the lights on the street lamp is not on. Instead, you see the light in mid air next to it.

Glitch: Deadly Cargo: Stupid men:
In a police or SWAT outfit, wait for the SWAT to raid the ship, then look at the raid. Sometimes Boris' men will fight back or just stand there and get killed.
jong yang foo.

Glitch: Lee Hong Assassination level: Mysterious underwear:
After you follow Mei Ling into her room, following the conversation if you kill her in any of the brothel rooms (that room, the safe room, etc.), look up her nightgown. She will not appear to be wearing any panties. When you go outside onto the balcony or anywhere else, she will have a pair of purple underwear on.
Shea Ribbster.

Glitch: Training: Guard goes through wall:
Go to the wooden house in the training level. Alert the guards by firing a loud weapon. Climb through the window and wait. A guard will go through the wall.

Glitch: Training: Frozen game:
Do not use the "Level skip" code on the training mission. If you use it to get all the weapons then complete the game and get all the weapons for the levels yourself, as soon as you finish the weapon selection menu will not open, and that save file will be useless from that point on. None of the levels will be playable because the game will freeze at the loading menu.

Strategy: by Acid Wolf
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