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Jaws Unleashed

All bonuses, level select, and 300,000 points:
Start a new game and enter shaaark as a profile name.

1 million points:
Start a new game and enter blooood as a profile name.

Never die:
Start a new game and enter unstopable as a profile name.

Level select:
Collect all 45 hidden license plates in story mode. Then, press Select at the main menu.
grriulpasa nmsr.

Unlimited health:
Collect all 50 hidden treasure chests outside of story mode at the Open Ocean West, Open Ocean South, Open Ocean East, Grand Occasus Canals, Underwater Caves, and Fisherman's Isle. Save the game. When that saved game is resumed you will have unlimited health.

Hint: "Angry Armada" mission:
Use the depth charges labeled in green on Jaws's radar, to destroy the Coast Guard boat for good. Earlier in the stage, when it says "Survive and kill everyone", destroy the helicopter by waiting for it to attempt to rescue someone, then bite it. Do not let go and you will drag it into the water where it explodes.

Hint: "Blood On The Beach" mission:
Use the following trick to get rid of the Coast Guard ship that keeps shooting you, in front of the bridge and net blocking the lake. Face the bridge and swim at the battery on to the left. Jump out of the water and bite and hold the battery. Take the battery as far out into open water as far as it will go. When it disappears it will reset back on the beach and the boat will be gone.

Hint: "Breakout" Defeating Shamu:
Enable the "1 million points" code then buy all your upgrades. When you reach Shamu use the corkscrew attack to knock him out. Then, keep biting him until he gets up. Keep repeating this strategy until he is defeated.

Hint: "Dead Of Night" mission:
In order to complete the mission you must grab and hold one barrel from the crew (who are dumping the explosives off the bridge) and toss it into the refinery pipe to the left of the dumping site. It should only take one of them.

Hint: "Predator In The Bay" mission:
When you get to the oil tanks, hit them with your head to destroy the machine guns at the top. Then, go under water and hit your head against the four pillars in the middle and the outside. They should fall and explode. Do this three times for all the oil tanks.

A much easier method (though it will cost health), is to take the torpedoes from the submarine on the bottom of the ocean floor. Hold them in your mouth while charging up your attack. Then, go to the pillar and slam your head into it. Do this three times.

To destroy the tankers without losing health, grab a torpedo near the destroyed submarine. Toss the torpedo at the big tubes that hold the tanker up. Do this to two tubes and you will destroy it. Make sure to destroy the turrets. To do this, bite the yellow orb above the turrets.
trevor charnquist.

After you destroy the oil platforms, do not pick up any more torpedoes from the sunken sub. Instead, swim into the shipyard and find the grate in the water. Destroy it, and swim in. The metal door will open, allowing Jaws into the power generator room. Destroy the two metal tubes sticking up behind the turbine without touching the turbine fan. If you touch it, you will die. Then you must fight the Coast Guard ship. Use the same torpedoes that you used on the oil platforms and Brody will barely escape.

Hint: "Thirst For Blood" mission: Easy way around most of the mines:
When you first enter, move to the far left and head down. Then, stay against the wall and move through. Next, swim to the next blockade of mines and do the same to it, or if you have your swim level maxed out do a charge out of water and go above the mines.

Hint: "Thirst For Blood" mission: Finding the divers:
When the mission begins move directly forward and use the body slam to jump the mines. Do this a second time. Once you jump over the mines after the second time look to your left. Jump over a small field of mines and you will be in the area where you must kill the divers.

Use Shark Vision and look at the mines in the first row. You will see a green one. Destroy this mine and follow the path. You will keep finding green mines until you reach the sunken ships were the divers are located. Note: If you swim to the back of the mines at the start of the level and use Shark Vision you will see a lot of the mines turn green. There seems to be no way out of this area.

Hint: Defeating Colossus squid Boss:
When you reach the facility entrance, an intermission sequence will begin and a squid will appear. First, circle it. Do not go too close or it will smash you. When it does not move, attack the head then bite and hold the tentacles. Then, release it. Repeat this until all tentacles are eliminated. Attack its head then move on.
Khairul Izwan.

Hint: Body Bomb:
To do the Body Bomb, hold L to charge , then jump out of the water when near a boat. Release the Left Analog-stick and Jaws will jump out of the water and land on a boat and sink it.

Hint: Launching objects:
Try to grab mines, barrels, and buoys and launch them at your target.

To launch an item, grab it then press Charge. Release Charge and watch the item fly away. This is very helpful for destroying objects in the game. Just aim, charge, and release.
Ryan Berry.

Hint: Sinking boats:
A fun way to sink a boat is to get someone in the water. Then, hold R2 to grab onto them. Next, swim towards the side of the boat and press R1. Note: You must have the special ability. This works best on small boats, but sometimes works on medium size boats if you have precise timing.

Hint: Ability points:
As soon as you get ability points, use them on Health first, then on Speed, Power, Accuracy, and finally Hunger in order. This order lets you get the best attacks and helps complete the free missions easier.

Hint: Easy points:
An easy way to get fast points is to go to the open ocean south. Then, go as far south as possible. Start attacking boats until police boats begin arriving. Attack them to rack up points. Using the Corkscrew attack is recommended, as it deals massive damage and almost certainly sinks the boat. Sinking the boats results in 1,000 points. Blowing the boat results in 2,000 points.
Ben BB.

Hint: Attacking swimmers:
When attacking a large number of swimmers trying to escape, attack them stealthily and drag them farther out so you have more time, then eat them.

If you grab a human, pull them deep underwater, let them go, then swim in circles around them, you will start to scare them as they resurface. Once they are at the surface, swim up onto them gently to lift them out of the water. You will scare them to death. This does not seem to kill humans that are on the surface already.
kevin dahlgren.

Hint: Jumping up on beach:
Grab someone with R2 and go far back. Go towards the beach. When you are about to hit, press R1. You will fly up on the beach, sometimes very far. Note: You must have special ability. Also, you must get back in water within ten seconds or you will die.

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