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Kingdom Hearts cheats: Combat

Zheng Yang Low.

Try to master using both the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick.
Remember to top up your partners' items.
Use lock-on targeting in all Boss fights.
Never always rely on your partners to heal you.
Try to use the hit and magic attack method. For example, first lock on the target. Next, use your magic until one last MP remains then join in the pounding of the Boss. Cast magic when you regain one block of MP. Continue to pound the Boss. Remember to take care of your HP during the pounding.

Temporary invincibility:
If an enemy or Boss has a very powerful attack, use Strike Raid or Sonic Blade. When in use, you become invincible. If the enemy is unleashing his all-powerful attack, use the Strike Raid or Sonic Blade combo to not be affected at all. The best part is you will deal good damage to the enemy.

Near invincibility:
When you have acquired both Bambi and Tinkerbell you will have attained near immortality, especially for leveling up. In any screen with random battles, cast Tinkerbell to stay high in HP. As you as all creatures are dead (check thoroughly), dismiss Tinkerbell. Then, quickly select Magic, Summon, and put your pointer on Bambi. Wait until his name turns white, then press "OK". This should summon Bambi, without any enemies present. Then, fill up your MP bar to full.

Help from teammates:
When in battle and locked onto a target, you can command your teammates (Donald, Goofy, etc.) to attack them by pressing Triangle. They will go all out on that enemy and use special attacks, magic, etc. They also will be more likely to heal you (even if you set their AI to rarely use health ups), but only if your health is below about 40%. Note: This only works while the command menu is red.
Matthew Tucker.

Easy Time Trial in Hercules Cup:
Upon entering the battle with Hercules in the Hercules Cup, pause game play and choose "Restart." Instead of restarting the enter Cup, you will be fighting Hercules and the timer will be stopped. This is very useful due to the normal length of the battle against him. Note: This will not work during any other seed or in any other Cup.
Jeremy Tuttle.

Avoiding Pot/Barrel Spiders:
If you are in an area (such as Agrabah or Monstro) that has Pot/Barrel Spiders and you want to avoid fighting them, shoot the Pot or Barrel with any spell that can break it. If the Pot or Barrel does not break, it is a Heartless. If it does, then it is not a Heartless.
Kaidan Jai.

Hint: Faster spell casting:
This trick only works for a few magic spells. Cast the magic spell. Sora will say "Fire" or any other spell. Instead of waiting for him to say the word, if you want to cast two spells in a row, cast your spell then quickly go back to the magic menu and choose the same spell again. Sora will then cast the spell again immediately instead of saying the word and taking more time.
Chase Copat.

Spells to use on white mushrooms:
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Shivering: Cast Fire
Fanning themselves: Cast Blizzard
Light over their head: Cast Thunder
Floating in the air: Cast Gravity
Spinning around: Cast Aero
Laying on the ground: Cast Cure
Completely motionless: Cast Stop

Defeating Ansem/Riku:
Use Arscranium and his health will go down. Use an Elixir or two and he will be no problem. Being at least level 56 is recommended.

If you are finding this battle difficult, simply train. Training can be made not quite so repetitive if you try and beat other Bosses such as Kurt Zisa, Phantom, Sephiroth, and the Ice Titan. Also to complete the Hades Cup, which will result in leveling up without getting too repetitive or boring. Fight against Bosses like the Ice Titan (Gold Cup) and by the time you have defeated him, you should be about level 75 or higher. After fighting Bosses like that, Ansem and all of the last Bosses are easy.
Kakesar Serion.

Continuously attack him until he says "Go guardian". The Guardian gets in front to protect him. Cast Blizzara to send him back. When the guardian attaches to you, you can get free shots on Ansem. However, the guardian is actually attacking you. Repeat this process until you defeat him.

This battle is very difficult. First Goofy runs into the clear wall, then he gets rid of Donald. Just keep hitting him as much as you can and make sure you have items in Sora's inventory such as elixirs, potions, etc. When he says something similar to "Open your heart to the darkness," glide in the air. He zooms around quickly and does much damage. You can glide above his head, then fall and attack directly above him. It is very difficult and requires practice.

To defeat the final form of Ansem, you should be at least level 55, have as many abilities as possible, and have the Oblivion Keyblade. At one point, Donald and Goofy will be trapped in some sort of chamber. They are not badly needed unless you always depend on them, or for summoning. Attack Ansem until you run low on HP. Since this battle is in the air, fly away from Ansem where his attacks cannot reach you. Then, cast Curaga or Cura to get back to full strength. Try not to use your items too much. When you get Donald and Goofy back, do not bother to heal them unless they really need it. They will mostly take care of themselves. Keep attacking and healing until Ansem is defeated. This will take time, patience, and a high HP level. To get Curaga, talk to Aerith three times in the Library after you lock Hallow Bastion.

When you are fighting Ansem (when he has his Shadow Guardian either the first or second time), he uses "Submit" so his guardian hits you. Untarget Ansem and start attacking him with the auto target on (the orange or yellow target). If done quick enough, he will recall his guardian and you will not lose life. Also if Ansem uses "Come Guardian", where the guardian blocks your attacks. quickly jump behind Ansem and hit him. However, watch out as his guardian may try to hit you.

At first, Riku can be found in a small piece of land surrounded by water. However, if you give Kairi the rope, the piece of cloth and the two logs she asked for, he will only be available for the race track challenge. To defeat Riku, wait for his spin-attack. When he does this attack, quickly move behind him before it finishes and attack him with your three-hit combo. He will fall with the fourth hit. When he gets up, he will give you his stand-up-kick technique; move out of his way as soon as possible. (The stand-up-kick attack is his most powerful technique and it will hurt you a lot. When he says, "Are you giving up already?", attack him with your three-hit combo, move to the side when he says "My turn", then attack him. When Riku falls down and you do not have enough time to move out of the way, stay as close as you can to him (directly in front) and keep attempting to attack. This will not cause Riku any damage, but if you are lucky, he will jump over you. Note: If he is near defeat, he will fall with two or three of your hits. Keep repeating this. Also, if you fall off the piece of land where you are fighting him, you will lose the battle. Riku will give you potions every time you defeat him. You will also earn 1 Tech Point for counter-attacking him and 5 Tech Points for defeating him.
Elena Millenia.

Use the following trick to easily win the first Riku battle at Hollow Bastion. When he charges, use Dodge Roll, then attack from behind.. When he swings his sword, just use Guard then counterattack. If done correctly, you will not take any damage throughout the entire battle.

When you enter the castle at Hollow Bastion, you will fight Riku after the intermission sequences. When he first attacks, jump around a lot. He will have many surprise attacks. Do not bother using that much magic. Before entering, equip a few Hi-Potions and you should be fine. Glide around to confuse him, then suddenly strike. Repeat as needed.

When fighting Riku at Hollow Bastion for the first time, it is best to be at level 50 or higher, or you can immediately summon Tinkerbell (easiest). The second time is more difficult. Since you cannot summon, you have to rely on pure strength. Level 55 should be a high enough level to defeat him.

To defeat Riku for the second time in Hollow Bastion, before the battle make sure you have the Olympia keychain equipped, have Dodge Roll unequipped, and Guard, Counterattack, and Ars Arcanum equipped. Note: Dodge Roll is unequipped because the Guard and Dodge Roll both use Square, and if you are moving, Guard will automatically make you stop, which will not be as frustrating as having both equipped. After the intermission sequence, quickly lock on to Riku and cast Aero(ra) on yourself. When he says, "Show me your power!" he will guard; avoid attacking. He will soon lunge at you. Try to hit him at the same time that he hits you or use Guard. If you succeed in knocking him off balance, then hit him with a combo (or Ars Arcanum, if you have lots of MP remaining). Watch out; he will use a spin attack after you attack him. When you whittle down his HP to the yellow/green area, he will say, "Open your heart to darkness!" and light up. Run away, jump up, and glide. As he loses HP, he uses that more often. Cast Cura when needed, but mostly save your MP for Aero(ra). If you win, you get the Ragnarok ability. Note: Always save Ars Arcanum. If you repeatedly use it, Riku's HP will decrease, but his powers increase. He will not let you by with using an Elixir, Potion, or Ether, which could make you lose. Cast Aero(ra) every time it wears off.

If you find it difficult to defeat Riku in your second battle with him in Hollow Bastion, lock on to him by pressing R1. When he attacks you, use the Counter ability then start pounding on him. Never stop attacking and the battle should be relatively easy.

Use the following trick in the battle against Ansem just after Sora defeats Darkside when they have returned to Destiny Island. When he and his Guardian start zooming around causing Sora major damage, just block him with Square. Not only will it stop him for a bit, it also allows you to cure yourself if you are hurt. It also gives you 199 tech points each time that you block him. You must time it correctly or he will still hurt you. Also, make sure you equip this little skill before you fight him.

In order to defeat Ansem, you must have the Oblivion Keyblade; be level over 75; have Firaga, Blizzaraga, Thunderaga, Curaga; Goofy with strongest shields; Donald with strongest magic; and Simba, Genie, or Bambi summons. When Ansem uses the fireballs, have Goofy use a defensive maneuver. That will reduce the damage unless you dodge it. If you do not have a good defensive strategy you will use health too quickly. Strong magic spells and Oblivion Slashes may be useful. Rangarook could be of some use, but you will need a lot to defeat him. Firaga, Blizzaraga, Thunderaga will do good damage. Blizzaraga slow down his attacks. Curaga will heal damage. Summoning characters will be useful.

Defeating Behemoth:
At Hollow Bastion, you will have to fight a Behemoth. Climb on his back and attack his horn. Do the same thing in the Hades Cup.

When the Behemoth rears up to do his special attack with its horn (a large ball of lightning appears there), run to the back of him. When he falls back down, quickly run underneath his rear to stop any of the lightning bolts from hitting you. Note: Watch out for the impact ring when he falls back down.

Cast Aero as soon as this Hades Cup battle starts. The Behemoth has some devastating attacks. One is where he shoots energy out off his horn. It will drop down and hit you with continuous blows. To avoid this, go under the Behemoth Once that is over, watch out for when he comes down and shakes a certain part of the ground. Avoid these and there is nothing to worry about. Jump on top of his back and unleash lots of combos.
Jack Phillips.

Defeating Black Mushrooms:
Cast Gravira or Gravaga to kill them in one hit. This also has a good chance of causing them to drop Mystery Goo and Mystery Mold.

Defeating Captain Hook:
Fly into the air a nice distance away from the ship (where Hook's attacks cannot reach). He will walk towards you until he gets near the edge. He will then jump at you. When he does this, fly up near the mast and stay locked on Hook. He will yell out "You'll not get me other hand!" and run in midair to the center area of his ship. Before he falls onto his ship, he looks down. When he looks down, hit him. You will waste very little this way. Also, use Fire when he is on the deck. His rear will set on fire, or he will fly into the air and run around. Should he go into the air, fly away and laugh at him -- he looks very comical. He should fall back into water, run on the air -- smack him more. This may take awhile, but you will use a lot less items than trying to duel with him.

Defeating Cerberus:
When fighting Cerberus in the Hades Cup, attack the heads. Donald should be able to cover you. When it spits out of its mouth, run. The stuff chases after you. However, the last one is tricky -- it will attack in front of you.

To defeat Cerebus you must be at least level 20 and have the Dodge Roll technique. Use it to roll around the room when Cerebus is using his fireballs. When he is done with the fireballs, use one combo on one of the heads, then get out of there. Repeat this process until he is about half way defeated. Continue using your Dodge Roll even when the dark holes in the floor go after you.

When fighting Cerberus, instead of running away from his spit of death, jump on his back. If you stay on his back, it cannot harm you.

This battle can be very difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Put Scan on. To avoid his fireballs, you can travel under him. When he stands still, attack one of the heads on the end but never the one in the middle, or the other heads will attack you. A good way to attack is to jump on Cerberus's back. He will never be able to hurt you while on top and if timed correctly, you can attack Cerberus' heads. Get Donald and Goofy to also attack. Eventually, he will fall. When you leave, Phil and Herc will comment on Sora's battle and Herc will say he wore Cerberus down before Sora fought.

Note: The High Jump is required. Jump up on its back and let Donald and Goofy hit him a lot. He will bring his head up at certain times. When he does, attack him. This will take awhile.

When Cerberus has reared its hind legs and is about to smash his front legs down, jump when the paws are about to hit the ground to avoid injury. Also, use Dodge Roll when you are about to be hit by a fireball or anything else.

This Boss is not as difficult as Cloud. First, let your companions attack until Donald is dead. Only heal Goofy and yourself. Hack at one head after another and heal each time one of you gets a little low on health. Whenever Cerberus raises up his feet, prepare to jump.

Have the Guard ability and let you friends fight him while being a good distance away. When he shoots fireballs, immediately before they hit you, use the Guard ability to bounce them back and hit Cerberus. Make sure that you are locked on. When he does his black and purple hole attack, use Dodge Roll. When they stop, do the Guard again on the fireballs. This will take a good chunk out of Cerberus' health and helps if you are low on health yourself.

Have Genie and Simba available. If you do not have them, have Cure at least. When you first enter the battle, hit him a few times, then back off and summon Simba. Cerebus' head will drop down sometimes, then charge up. Do this until Simba goes away, then hit Cerebus a few more times, then back off again. Summon Genie and always use Showtime until Genie goes away. If Cerebus is still alive, keep hitting him until he is defeated.

When fighting Cerberus, jump on his back to stay off the ground. Do this by jumping on his lowest back leg onto his back. If you are lazy, just let Goofy and Donald take care of him until he is low enough on HP that you can kill him with one strike.

Cast Aero as soon as the battle with Cerberus in the Hades Cup begins and keep it casted Whenever Ceberus gets black smoke in his mouth, get ready to run. Small spikes will appear from the ground. Although they do not do very much damage, if you continuously get hit with them they will be deadly. Whenever Cerberus gets ready to drop down from a high location, back up. When he comes back down he will shake the ground. Unleash combos when he drops down and looks as if he is trying to bite something hard. Repeat this and he will eventually die.
Jack Phillips.

When fighting Cerberus, jump on his back and let Donald and Goofy attack him until you cannot see the life bar. Then, hit him with the Keyblade. He will not be able to hit you while you are on his back. He can knock you off with his jump attack -- use the Glide ability to dodge his attack and return on his back.

When Cerberus crouches down to bite, jump on one of his front paws, then his leg, and then on his back. You can start swinging after you hold on tightly.

Defeating Clayton:
Once you fight Sabor, after a bit enter the cliff. You will see Clayton, and an intermission sequence will start. Then, you will fight. There are some Powerwilds (blue monkeys) -- ignore them unless they are in your way. Lock on to Clayton. Every once in a while he will try to shoot you --just jump. After a bit, Tarzan will get shot. As soon as you are in control, jump and the bullet will miss. Then, attack. He is on an invisible object. Once you hit it enough, it will become visible. It is a giant chameleon. Keep hitting until Clayton falls off. Then, just focus on hitting Clayton. Ignore the lizard. Try to get Goofy and Donald to help you.

Defeating Cloud:
You do not have to kill Cloud in the Olympus Coliseum, however you will be prepared for Cerberus if you can kill him. Before you decide to fight in the Preliminary Rounds, use the Blue Trinities out front and get the treasure chest in between the pillars. Save and get to Round 6. Be at level 15 or higher if you want to kill him. At first, he will slowly walk around. Hack at him and confuse him by jumping over him. Next, he will start doing Dashes. Jump over him when he does, and keep hacking. Make sure that you do not stop hacking unless he is too far away or is in Dash mode. Only use one Potion for your companions, and mostly focus on yourself. Make sure you have Dodge Roll and Frenzy equipped. Vertigo also helps. You will eventually kill him.

When you fight Cloud, make sure you have Counterattack and Block equipped. When Cloud starts to dash at you with his sword, use Block. On the third time when you block, Cloud will stop and give you time to attack him. When Cloud is in his blocking position, keep hitting him. Even though he will block the first attack, if you use Counterattack there is a good chance he will not block it. Keep repeating this to defeat him easily.
Rick Brown.

Defeating Cloud and Leon:
Use the following tactics during the battle for the 20th seed. Take out Leon first. Leon is not very difficult, considering that he and Cloud fight very much alike. When he gets near the end of his life, he powers up his sword and can reach long distances for serious damage. Cloud, on the other hand, does about three moves throughout the entire battle. After defeating Leon, heal yourself and stay out of Cloud's way. Allow Donald and Goofy to take a beating. Cloud only does his rush move about six times then does a Braver. This gives time for Donald to heal Goofy and himself to still take a little life out of Cloud. Dodge Roll frequently if Cloud decides to attack you with rushes. Whenever Cloud does a Braver, use Arcanum or just flat out beat him -- he does not attack for the period that he is taking his sword out of the ground; then, jump and glide (or dodge roll) out of his way.

These two opponents are very easy to defeat if you have patience. First, get rid of Cloud. Leon is much easier to defeat after killing Cloud. Once you defeat Cloud, Leon will pull out his energy blade and attack you. Note: He only goes after you -- keep running around the border and dodge his attacks and Donald and Goofy will eventually take out Leon. You may also want to keep a Potion or use Cure, in the event that your friends get in the way when he swings at you.
Jacob Tjolsen.

Cloud is more difficult -- try to avoid him. Take out Leon first. Be careful when Leon powers up his sword and it becomes blue. When he says its over and your near him, use Glide or Super Glide (recommended), then attack.

Cast Stopaga or Stopara. This allows you to have enough time to get in enough hits on Leon. Against Cloud, cast Aerora or Aeroga. Cloud may take a bit longer, as sometimes the hits do not work. You can also try this on other Bosses (Hades, Cerberus, etc.).

Defeating Cloud:
When you first get to Traverse Town, you will probably be about level 7 to 10. When you get on the Gummi Ship, go to the Coliseum and get to fight in the Tournament. Get as far as you can. Most likely you will lose to the enemies just before Cloud. If you lose to Cloud, reset the game and try again. After you lose to the enemies just before Cloud, go on your Gummi Ship. Go the opposite of Traverse Town to the Deep Jungle. When you leave left there, you will also get the Jungleking, a new Keyblade. Return to the Coliseum and you will now definitely be strong enough to defeat Cloud. Enter the customize menu and set everything constantly on Goofy and Donald except HP and MP recovery items. Put those on only in emergencies. Then, equip Goofy with Hi and Regular Potions and two Ethers, Donalds with regular Potions, and Sora with one Hi-Potion and the rest Mega Potions. You should now be able to defeat Cloud. If you want to be stronger, complete the Alice In Wonderland section after Deep Jungle. You should be strong enough for Cloud or Cerebus.

To defeating Cloud in the second match, you need Guard. Lock onto Cloud and when he does Sonic Blade, Guard about one second before he attacks you. Be careful, as sometimes he will use Braver. When you deflect his Sonic Blade, he will flinch and be vulnerable. Attack at this time. Then. if he goes though it again, do the same thing. However, if he attacks regularly, block at the correct moment to deflect his attack.

Defeating Darkside:
Instead of hitting Darkside in his wrist when his arm goes into the ground fully, hit his head. This does more damage and saves time when compared to attacking his wrist.
numbuh 1.

Defeating the Dragon:
Get on her tail and hit her head. If she spits green fire, run away or fly (preferred). Make sure your heath is halfway or greater. If not, use Cura, attack, run away, and repeat.

When facing the Dragon, there will be vines around you. If you look around, there are some places you can hide from the flaming green fireballs, After they are blocked, hurry and attack her with your Keyblade then go back and hide. Let whoever you choose to go after her while you hide. A good mix is Goofy and The Beast. Do this repeatedly until she is dead.
Amber Amoruso.

You will need Dodge Roll, a lot of magic and potions, and be fast. Run to the back, climb on the thorns, and let your partners do the fighting. Goofy and Beast are a good choice. When she lets the fireballs out, it would be good time to dodge. When they are dying, give them a potion. Join the fight when she has low health.

After you defeat Maleficent and go through the portal, an intermission sequence will start. Riku/Ansem turns her into a dragon. If the Dragon is too difficult, you can either leave and gain levels or summon Tinker Bell and run to your left as soon as the battle starts. If you jump around some of the root-like things, you should find an area that you can hide behind. There are a few areas you can do this at, however the sooner you find a spot the better. Just remain there and let Donald, Goofy, and Beast (if he is on your team), take care of it. Then, come in for the final blow. Note: It would be easier if Goofy has MP Gift so he can give them to you, as it is easier and shorter if Goofy and Donald are fighting and not K.O.ed.

To start, have Donald and Beast in your party. Next, fill Sora's item slots with Megalixirs and/or Ethers, Donald's with two Mega Potions and two High Potions, and give Beast three High Potions. Equip Sora with the Lady Luck Keychain. When the battle begins, lock on and Glide to the Dragon's back legs. Jump onto her and go to the base of her neck. Do not go too far. Use Strike Raid, and when the "Raid" option appears, use it. After you use the Raid option three times, the Judgment combo will appear. Without using Judgment, it is very difficult to win. Repeat, and use items as needed. When she shakes you off, try either to get back on or use Ars Arcanum. When her green bar is 75% gone, use combos.

This is quite an easy Boss fight. Jump on the Dragon's back, then repeatedly use Strike Raid. Strike Raid can be found after you defeat Leon and Yuffie in the Pegasus Cup. Keep pressing X when "Raid" lights up, and hit the final "Judgment" combo. if you fall off, sparsely whack it on the nose. However, it is best to avoid standing in front of it, as the green flames will hurt badly. Use Cura and Aero when needed.

Defeating Guard Armor 2:
When you are almost half-way through the game, you will have to battle Guard Armor 2.To do this, climb up the ladder onto the Gizmo Shop and fight all the Heartless until there are no more. Then, go over to the big boarded-up area with the red Trinity mark on it. Use Trinity Smash, then pull the big rope three times. You will notice that each time the big mural behind the fountain in the district will change about three times, then it will turn into a Keyhole. Before going towards the keyhole, go to the equipment menu and equip yourself with the Jungle King, then the White Fang and the Protectra Ring. Next, give yourself all your defense-ups. Give Goofy Potions, Elixirs, Ethers, and anything else that will bring up your HP until he cannot carry any more. Equip yourself with Dodge-Roll and Guard, and even Scan if desired. Jump down to the Keyhole. You woll battle Guard Armor. This is an easy battle. After beating him until he is lying on the floor in pieces, keep hitting him and will die, for now. He will then transform himself into a huge ghastly thing with his legs and arms reversed. Escape his charging attack with Dodge-Roll, or block it with Guard. Hit him from long distances with the Jungle King. As soon as you kill one of his arms, he will go crazy and transform into a canon-like thing and shoot energy balls at you. You can Dodge-Roll away, or simply Guard them, but your timing has to be perfect. If you do not deflect successfully, it will kill you. Eventually, if you manage to take off his other arm, go for the legs. Then, destroying the body is simple.

Defeating Hades:
It is recommended that you are at least level 58 and have the Oblivion Keyblade. When he is in regular for, keep hitting him with your blade. When he turns red and fiery, use Blizzara on him. Be careful when he says "Lets heat things up", as he will send a fiery beam that spreads throughout the entire arena. When he does that, run the way he is turning. Also watch out for the fireballs he sends -- they are very critical in damage. You will have to use Curaga frequently.

Lock on and hit him continuously. It will take awhile, but his health bar will go down quickly once you get a little bit off, after hitting him about thirty times. When he turns red, keep hitting him. His health keeps going down. When he has beams of fire moving around the place, you can either roll away, fly (better if you have the ability to make you fly faster), or just run. When he shoots a fireball, use Guard quickly to bounce it back at him without taking any damage to yourself. He will become dizzy for a few seconds. You can either heal or hit him a lot. He will not hit back while he is dizzy. When he is in his normal state and is spewing fire at you, jumping and hitting him in the air does not hurt you.

Fight Hades until he does his fire arms move. Then, run up behind him and follow him around in circles as he rotates. Make sure to rotate the view as well so that you can see what is happening.
Crash Dahmer.

Defeating The Heartless that have a white dress and red hat:
They do not attack you. If you attack them incorrectly, they will disappear. When they shiver , throw them Fire. When they have a red light on top, attack them with Blizzard. They will give you many prizes.
georgina baboun.

Defeating Ice Titan:
Seal the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion. Complete the Hades Cup and a new option will appear, for the Gold Cup. Here, you will fight an old enemy from Hercules. He is too tall to hit. Stand on the bleachers and reflect his ice attacks back at him. Being level 63 is recommended.
Shane Jones.

Seal the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion. This will give you access to the Hades Cup. When you transport to the Gummi ship, Chip will announce that the tournament is starting. Transport to the place. Then, talk to Phil there. Do not go to the "????????", as you will go to Sephiroth. Win the Hades Cup. To defeat the titan, when he starts to wiggle his arm, icicles will appear. Guard them, and it will come back at him. However, he is too tall and some will miss. Watch out when he hits the ground -- roll quickly. He will soon fall. Hit his head quickly, or if you are low on life, heal. Soon, big spheres that appear in sets of three will hit you . Roll quickly. Repeat this to defeat him.

To defeat him easily, use your Guard move to reflect his ice shards.
jon mead.

You must at least level 50. Immediately when the battle begins, run into the bleachers as far as you can. He will start shooting ice fragments at you. Make sure you have both Dodge Roll and Guard. Use Guard on the ice. It will then shoot it back at him. He will then send huge blocks of ice your way; use Super Glide (obtained in the End Of The World) to get across to the other bleachers and repeat the Guard tech. When his life is low, he constantly sends huge blocks of ice. Use Guard when you see them and you will not get hurt. Repeat these steps and you will defeat him.

Always stay on the steps. Simply use Guard to reflect the shards of ice back at him. When they get too big, run away. Avoid when he freezes in front of him. Hide in the corner when he freezes the steps. The toughest part is avoiding the orbs above you and the shards leaping out of the ground.

Ice Titan is another secret Boss in the Coliseum. Talk to Phil after you seal Hollow Bastion, and choose the first set of "??????". This is the Gold match, which is against Ice Titan. It is recommended that you are at least level 75. He is fairly easy, and is the easiest from of all the secret Bosses. When the battle starts, run up on the bleachers to the farthest corner. Ice Titan will shoot icicles at you. Make sure you have "Guard" equipped. You can reflect the icicles back at him. This is the only way to hurt him when his head is raised. Do not cast Aero/Aeroa/Aeroga because he shoot unblockable icicles four times your size at you. Make sure to heal all the time, and keep dodging his other ice attacks. When you reflect enough icicles at him, the screen will flash white and he will lower his head. Glide over to him and attack. He will get back up. Run back to the bleachers. He will have stronger attacks each time. Just make sure to keep healing and you should be fine. When you defeat him you will get 5,000 experience points.

If you have a low defense and take a lot of damage, use Aero or its upgraded version and deflect his small ice shards to hurt him. The big ice shards cannot be deflected and are difficult to block. If you want to defeat him without deflecting ice shards, use Gravity(or the upgraded version of Gravity) on him. This is the only other way to hurt him. Thunder does not help; it wastes magic. Try it with Gravity, Cure, and Aero (or upgraded versions) on your customized quick list of spells.

Defeating Jafar:
After you defeat the Lion Head, go inside. If you want to make this easy, drop. Do not worry -- you will not die. If you swim around in the water, you should find a secret chamber. There will be a giant pillar. Go onto the land. Use Fira to break part of the pillar. You must do this to get to the place with Jafar. An intermission sequence occurs, featuring Jafar conversing with Maleficent. Sora will ask, "Are you Maleficent?" and Maleficent will disappear. Jafar's first wish is to show him the Keyhole. A Keyhole will appear in part of the cave. When you go inside, Jafar's second wish is for Genie to crush Sora and everyone else. Genie warns you when he is near and you can attack him. However, this is only a good idea when you are low in MP. A good party consists of Donald, Sora, and Aladdin. Jafar has many attacks. He seals off the Keyhole and the exit with magic. When fighting him, he uses spells. He can also float. He shoots out a laser with his serpent staff. He can also use a type of blizzard vortex. Hit him when he is distracted. Air combos are also effective. After awhile, he will travel around in a purple ball. You cannot hit him in this state. When he lands, attack. When he is defeated, he uses his last wish to become a genie. A gaping hole appears in the floor. Jump down -- do not worry, you will be safe. Out of the lava will appear a giant red genie. This battle is much easier. Do not bother attacking Jafar. Instead, attack his parrot Iago. Iago holds the lamp that you need to attack. Lock on to it and get everyone to help. Jafar will throw molten balls of fire, but they are easily dodged. He will eventually get sucked back into his lamp. Meanwhile, Jasmine will be kidnapped by Riku. Steer Carpet out of the Cave Of Wonders. However, it is a good idea to seal the Keyhole.

When you first meet Jafar, stay on one of the platforms and wait until he approach you, then repeatedly attack him. Never go in the center. Move only when the Genie attacks you. Sometimes Jafar will retreat and turn into a floating orb. This is the time to use Cure and other items. You will get a Blizzard spell upgrade for defeat him. Genie Jafar is slightly more complicated. Do not waste your time attacking the actual Jafar;attack the lamp instead, which happens to be in the clutches of Iago. Jafar will pick up huge fireballs and throw them at you when you attack the lamp, but Dodge Roll to avoid them. When Jafar has a little HP left, Iago will drop the lamp. When he does, attack it repeatedly. You get a Fire spell upgrade and Ansem's Report 1 for defeating him.

Defeating Kurt Zisa:
Seal the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion. Then, in Agrabah, go to Aladdin's house and talk to Carpet (he is jumping around frantically). He will bring you to Kurt Zisa. Hit his hands until you break the orbs, then hit his head. When he floats in a bubble, you will need to use magic, such as Mushu. Being level 65 is recommended.
Shane Jones.

Take Aladdin and Goofy with you. Aladdin will be useful for attacking and Goofy for healing. Equip your characters (including Sora) with nothing else except Potions and Hi-Potions. Also, equip Sora with his rolling technique. Immediately when the fight begins and your small attack screen appears, go to "Magic" and summon Tinker Bell. She will heal your characters and will prevent Sora's death once. Start attacking his hands, one combo, and move away from Kurt Zisa with your rolling technique. Keep repeating this until you destroy both of his hands and he falls. Then attack his head. After he stands up again, he will allow you use magic. The only way to inflict damage is by casting spells on him. Blizaga works well. Note: When he raises his hand, stop. You will have a whirlwind around you. Look well and roll out of it. Also, when he starts to throw fire, run after him and keep casting spells on him. When he falls for the second time, attack his head. You will get him quite angry. Keep attacking him as done the first time, but with caution. He is faster and has a new move. He will start to spin around. When he spins horizontally, jump and glide until he passes under you. When he spins vertically, run and roll. He usually always hits you when he rolls horizontally -- keep your potions ready. When he falls and you hit his head again, he will stand up again. Cast spells on him as done before, but you now has yet another new move. However, it is quite easy to evade. You will see the sand moving -- keep rolling around and do not stop or the magic balls will hit you until the largest magic ball has gotten out of the sand. Roll around the outer part of the arena. He will fall again. Once again, keep casting spells on him. If these four take down attempts are not enough to defeat him, repeat the steps.

Cast Aeroga as soon as the fight starts because he prevents you from using magic until you destroy the orbs in his hands.

To dodge Kurt Zisa's spin attacks, the abilities High Jump and Dodge Roll must be equipped. When Kurt Zisa starts to spin horizontally, lock on to him. If you timed your jump correctly, you should have dodged it. When he does it vertically, repeat the same steps except use the Dodge Roll instead of jumping.
Joe Savlan.

Equip yourself with all your Megalixirs and/or Elixirs. Bring Donald and Aladdin with you. Give all your Hi-Potions to Aladdin and Ethers to Donald. He is normally good at healing you, your other partner, and himself with magic; keep that in top shape. For your abilities, do not equip Ragarok or Arcanum; he is too quick. Have Second Chance with all your partners if possible. Have Scan, Dodge Roll (vital), all Combo Plusses, and every ability you can master. For the Keyblade, Ultima Weapon. If you do not have it, use Lionheart. For accessories, all Omega Arts for Sora, or anything to raise your health by a lot. For magic, keep Cura (or Curaga) set to Triangle, Aeroa (or Aeroga) set to Square, and Blizzara (or Blizzaga) set to X. When you start, he will put a shield on you to prevent magic use. Slice the little balls in his hands to break it. If you are weak, use your Megalixirs. After you get his hands, he will fall and will let you use magic again. Take advantage of this opportunity to use Cura when you need to. Save your Elixirs. Strike him in the head until he gets up. When he does, he will have a shield. Use Blizzara to destroy it. Watch out; he will make a whirlwind around you. Roll out of it and continue using magic. Once again, he will fall, get up, and cast the magic shield. Continue the pattern until you are almost through with his pink meter. Then, summon Tinker Bell. She will bring you back to life and heal you. When he is through with his pink meter, he will use a new move while you have the anti-magic shield on. He will jump up and whirl around like a helicopter. Stay as close to him as possible so he will not hurt you. However, when he comes down like a razor blade, you may have to run and roll away. When he stops, continue attacking his hands. When he has his shield on, he will learn another move. He will pound the ground. Fireballs will appear from the sand and hit you. To avoid these, roll around. The last ball is a big one. When he stops, continue killing him. When he is at his green meter, you will have less time to slice him when he falls. Continue doing this until he is dead.
Josh S..

To begin, take Goofy and Aladdin with you. Have everyone stocked with Hi-Potions, and make sure that Dodge Roll and High Jump are equipped. If you have Ultima Weapon, use it. If not, use Lionheart. Omega Arts and a Crystal Crown are the best jewelry to equip if available. As soon as your attack menu appears, quickly cast Aerora or Aeroga on yourself, as you will not be able to use magic. When the fight begins, attack his hands. Be careful of his blades when doing this. Once you destroy his hands, he will drop to the ground. Begin attacking his head; using Ragnarok can be helpful here, but not Ars Arcanum as he will be moving too fast. When he rises again, you will have to use magic. Summon Mushu. Stay somewhat close to Kurt Zisa and use Mushu on him. Be careful of the whirlwinds that he sends out. When he falls to the ground, dismiss Mushu and begin attacking his head as before. If you need to heal yourself, do it now using Cura or Curaga. When he begins to rise again, cast Aerora or Aeroga on yourself. You now must destroy the orbs in his hands again. This time he has two new moves; he spins horizontally and vertically. To avoid the horizontal spin, try jumping and gliding over him. For the vertical spin, roll out of his way. The horizontal attack will hit you, as it is very difficult to avoid. When he lands, use a Hi-Potion if needed. Go back to his hands until he falls again, then attack his head. When he rises, it is back to magic. This time, summon Dumbo. Stay close using Dumbo's splash attack. By doing this, you will avoid his attacks and are able to hit him. When he falls, dismiss Dumbo and attack his head. Just before he rises, cast Aerora or Aeroga again, and use Cura or Curaga if needed. Attack his hands as before and avoid his attacks. When he falls, attack his head until he rises. This should be last time that he rises. When he does, summon Bambi to keep filling your MP. Keep close enough to him so that you can reach him with Firaga and grab magic whenever needed. When he falls, attack his head. He should be weak enough that you can defeat him before he rises again.
kevin brannen.

Speak to the Magic Carpet in Aladdin's house and it will whisk you away to this Boss. When Kurt Zisa is in its first form you cannot use magic. Avoid its attacks while you lunge in to hit the orbs it is holding. Once the orbs are gone, you will have a few seconds to attack Kurt Zisa before it takes its final form. You can now use magic. Cast it while avoiding Kurt Zisa's attacks. If you run low on MP, hit Kurt Zisa to unleash some MP bubbles. Kurt Zisa will soon return to its first form. Quickly get in there and attack away. Keep at it until you finally defeat it.

Note: This monster is actually named after the person who won the Name-In-Game sweepstakes.
Shane Jones.

Defeating Leon and Yuffie:
You should be about level 35 to 40 and at least have the Three Wishes Keyblade. Follow the same customization and items as with Cloud and you will be all set. Also have all of your AP abilities that enhance attacks such as Blitz and Vortex. First of all concentrate your attacks on Yuffie, deflecting her weapon when she throws it, as done with Wakka. Kill her quickly because she can heal herself. Leon is easy at first, but after you take out a certain amount of HP his sword will turn big and blue, resembling Clouds ultimate weapon from Final Fantasy 7, only not as powerful. At that point you should change your strategy from just attacking to jumping and attacking. Also make sure that you at least have Aero. It would help Donald and Goofy, but Sora is the most important.

When Yuffie does her backflips, trap her in a corner. Avoid her stars by running, but stay close to her. Jump to avoid blue stars. Leon's attack can be dodged with High Jump. Run to avoid his Blue Blade attack. Stay away when he pounds the ground.
isariel l.

Use Aero on yourself and her attacks will not hurt you. You can defeat her easily, but will still need to keep away from Leon. His attacks can still hurt you. However with Aero his attacks will be at half, and the spell Stop will work. Have two or three ethers on this battle.

Defeating the Lion Head:
When fighting the Lion Head in Agrabah, when he sticks his head in the ground, jump on him and run up to his nose (when his head is above the ground). Attack his eyes until he goes to put his head under the sand to pick up more Heartless. You cannot get hurt by his magic, but you can be damaged by the Heartless.

This can be a very easy battle if you have patience. Make sure Donald and Goofy have some Potions and/or Elixirs and you have Scan equipped. It will give you confidence when his HP is dwindling down. Once the battle starts, run straight forward, behind the head. When it bends down, jump on the back of its head and get on its face. Lasers will shoot from its eyes, but do not worry about them as they cannot hit you. Ignore the bandit Heartless that appear, and let Donald and Goofy take care of them. Due to the way the game was designed, they try to attack the same thing you do, but because they usually cannot reach you they will fight the nearby Heartless. Next, hit the eyes repeatedly. When you fall off, run back and keep doing the same thing. Sooner or later, the giant head will be defeated and you can enter.

When it moves its head into the ground, run up its nose and stand on its head. Then, keep attacking his eyes. Even when it lifts it head up off the ground, you can still be on top, and it will give you more time to keep attacking. Watch out for when it shoots at you from its eyes.

When he gets in the sand, jump on his head and attack with your Keyblade or Thunder.

When you fight the Cave Of Wonders Lion Head, you do not have to wait for it to put its head in the sand to jump on it and attack it. Instead, you can jump up on its mane (on either side, but the left may be easier). You can then jump on its cheek directly in front of the ear. Next, go behind its eye and around onto its nose. Note: If you are having trouble, try waiting until the head stays still or try moving to the other side.

Defeating Malificent:
You must have at least the Fairy Harp sword and be at level of 39 or higher. Let your companions take care of her heartless. You should just go after her . Jump on her platform and attack. If the platform gets too high to hit her, hit that instead. She is very resistant to magic. Using Aero will also help.

This battle is not too difficult. Attack the rock she is on first. When it falls, attack her. Watch out for her other attacks. The battle against Maleficent in Dragon form is slightly more difficult. Hide behind a tree root thing. Attack with summons first. Use Dumbo, Simba, then Genie. This should lower her HP a lot. Watch out for her green fire breath, it must be avoided. Attack her head and watch out for her bites, as they take a lot away. She will eventually be defeated.

In Hollow Bastion when fighting Malificent for the first time, at some points her platform will be too high to reach. Lock-on to the platform and cast Gravity or Gravira (recommended). Instead of spending minutes of slashing and hacking away at the platform, cast the spell and the entire platform will sink to the ground. Summoning Tinkerbell also helps a lot during this battle, as well as when you have to fight Malificent in her dragon state.

If you are playing in expert mode, be at a high level (over 35) and have the Fairies Harp or better. When facing Malificent, attack the platform at first. She will summon shield people, but they are slow -- ignore them. Attack the platform to bring it down if needed, then attack as much as possible. If she uses Meteor, get to one of the two "ends" of the hallway. Get as close to the wall as you can. The Meteor will just attack walls, Goofy, Donald, or the beast.

When confronting Malificent in dragon form, summon Tinkerbell. With the fairy constantly healing Sora (the trio), it is safe to simply frolic around the green flames while unleashing combinations of attacks, followed by anything desired upon the demonic woman. Malificent will fall easily.
Sami Chan.

When fighting Malificent as a Dragon, the first thing you should do after defeating her first form is to stock up on Mega Potions, Mega-Ethers, and especially, Megalixers. Also, if you have learned MP Rage, equip it. When you walk into the warp hole she left behind, you will see the heartless Riku unlock Malificent's heart. She will begin to fight you. First, hide behind a branch next to a wall and summon Tinkerbell. This is a good thing to do in any Boss battle, as she never stops healing you and your companions and does not have a charge gauge and can remain with you for the entire battle. You also will not give up Donald and Goofy. Stay behind this branch for the entire battle and do not attack her at all. Leave that up to your companions. Sit there and heal Donald and Donald only when they are knocked out. Donald will heal Goofy himself. If you run out of magic and MP replenishing items, quickly run into the fire and hide again. This will replenish your MP. Do not worry about healing yourself. Tinkerbell will take care of that for you. It will take a long time to defeat her. It is recommended that you are at least level 41 and use the Spellbinder or Fairy Harp.
Cosmic One.

Summon Tinkerbell. She will not go away unless you dismiss her or die revives you, and she will heal you about every fifteen seconds. When she does her shockwave attack, glide over to her face, slash her three or four times, then get out of there. When your health is about half, glide around the room and let Tinkerbell heal you until you are almost at full health. However, watch out for her tail. When she summons the green floating fireballs, Guard or Dodge Roll to avoid them. You have to watch out for the fire on the ground or you will get damaged.

When fighting her dragon form, hide under one of the branches or climb on top. It may take a little while, but at least you will save your items, health, and magic. Donald and Goofy will take some time to defeat her. Heal them when they are knocked out.

Select Beast and Goofy for your party. When you get to the part where you have to defeat her, jump on one of the nearby branches and go as high as you can. Malificent cannot reach you there, and your party members will do all the work for you. All you have to do is make the last hit.
Eric Egler.

Be at level 40 or higher, get as many HP and MP items as possible, and be able to summon Tinker Bell. Summon her at the start of the battle and she will keep healing Sora, Donald, and Goofy (or Beast). Do not rely too much on Tinker Bell to heal you. She can only heal a little HP at a time, and if your HP runs out, she restores you and leaves. Attack Malificent when her platform is on the ground. This strategy takes patience, but works. Once done, do the same for Malificent Dragon.

Forget about the Heartless she sends to attack you, unless you want to get some experience. Basically, use Gravity on the floating platform she is on. When it comes down, jump on and attack. Use Guard when you see her swing the big sword. After a few minutes she will disappear, leave you alone on the platform, and it will probably throw you off. Try to find her again. If you run out of MP, hack away at the bottom of the platform. When she starts yelling about the Boulders of the Devil, be careful. Even keeping Aero on will not help that much, as you will be getting hit too many times to cast a cure spell or use a potion. The easiest thing to do is to run away. Go to the area that gives you enough space to hide. Luckily the boulders will not seek you. You may or may not lose Donald and Goofy when this happens. It depends what level you are on. Once the boulders are gone, repeat the same steps to bring the platform down and attack.
Mike Moore.

This trick requires a lot of Mega Elixirs and the Guard ability. When the battle starts, go to the side of the wall and search for a ledge. Hop on it, then lock onto the dragon. When the dragon shoots its beams at you, deflect them with Guard. They will hit the dragon. Also, make sure you keep your party healthy. Note: This will take some time.
Judd Dunn.

Set up Goofy with MP Rage, MP Haste, and MP Gift. At the start of the battle, lock onto the dragon then run straight back to the wall. You will see a triangle. Run to the tip of it and cast Fira until you are out. Goofy will use MP Gift to give you three MP. The fire will push you back; run back to the tip of the triangle. This is close enough so that Fira can hit her, but she cannot hit you. Goofy will get MP fast enough to keep you flowing and Donald keeps him alive so that he can keep giving you MP.
Scott Ostler.

Climb up the roots of the trees and let your friends do all the work. Make sure you go to the highest one you can get to. When your friends are done, take the final shot and you will defeat her easily. Note: You should have some potions because sometimes her fire balls will hit you.

When the battle starts, turn around to find the huge thorn object that you can hide behind. Jump on top of it and keep running and jumping up towards the right side until you are as high up as possible. Then watch as Donald and Goofy beat down Maleficent. You must be as close to the wall as possible, but inch forward occasionally to check on Maleficent's life. Heal your party and yourself, but only if absolutely necessary. When Maleficent's balls of fire start flying at you, repeatedly press Guard. When Maleficent is down to her last part of life, jump down and attack her for the kill. Note: This works well if Donald has Violetta from the White Trinity in Olympus, and if Goofy has Herc's Shield from the Hercules Cup.
ryan brown.

When you are fighting Maleficent as a dragon, in the room surrounding her is a tree/log like object on the sides. You can climb these and stay there, out of all harm except for when she shoot the green fire balls. If you have a lot of magic and potions, this works very well, although it is very time consuming.
Jaime Richards.

Defeating Oogie Boogie:
After you have collected the Forget-Me-Not and the Jack-In-The Box, you can go to a mountain with a curled top. In an intermission sequence that occurs when you bring the items to Professor Finkelstein; Lock, Shock, and Barrel will steal the heart and give it to Oogie Boogie. Examine the coffin in the graveyard and go to where the Mayor is located. A door will be near to where that giant pumpkin was located. Another intermission sequence occurs earlier showing Lock, Shock, and Barrel going across the curled part of the mountain in a walking bathtub. This part is confusing. Defeat all the enemies around you. This is made easier by hitting the enemies with pumpkins that you can lift and toss. After this, there will be a small tombstone on the mountain that is easily overlooked. Examine it and you will see the mountain uncurl. You can now go through the gates. As soon as you go to Oogie's Manor (Sora, Jack, and Donald recommended), Jack will say "I knew Oogie Boogie was behind this". Climb up to the top of Oogie's Manor. There will be a door at the top with Lock, Shock, and Barrel in it. Defeat them quickly (they really are not that difficult.) They will apologize for what they did and say Oogie Boogie made them do it. They will put all the blame on Barrel (as usual). Hit the lever with the Key Blade. This part is the most annoying. Leave the room with Lock, Shock, and Barrel. To make things easier, jump off the Manor. Do not worry if you fall to the very bottom, as you can ride the walking bathtub back up. Look for a green door. If you found this door earlier, it would have been locked. However, you now have pulled the lever that unlocked it. When you go inside, a intermission sequence occurs. Jack tells Oogie Boogie to give back the heart. Oogie Boogie says, "You want it? Come get it!". He will swallow the heart and summon the Heartless. The heart will not work and Oogie Boogie will get mad. He will manage to summon two Heartless, but then the floor starts spinning. Do not worry -- this battle is not too hard. Lock on to Oogie Boogie, because he will circle you. He will make the Heartless attack. Defeat them quickly. In another of his attacks, he will send down blades. Your party cannot dodge them, except for Sora. After a while, there will be buttons that start to glow. Press the ones that happen to be in front. The floor will rise and you can attack him. After awhile, he will literally come apart at the seams. You will leave and notice the heart was a failure. Oogie Boogie then becomes as big as a house. Attack the dark orbs to win.

He will throw dice. Dodge them. Bottens will pop up. Jump on them, then attack.

Defeating the Parasite Cages in Monstro:
Have a Potion or two for Sora and the rest of your slots with Ethers. For Donald and Goofy, have them do the same with their items. During the battle, stand far away and let Riku and those people fight him up close. You should go behind the cage and start shooting magic at it. Use Fire or Fira to do a lot of damage, even though it is an underwater creature. Put Fire on the shortcuts for magic so you can just hold L1 and press whatever button you have it assigned to it repeatedly. Do the same for the second one. Since Riku is not with you Donald and Goofy may die but you do not need them. Run around, stop, then use Fire about three times. Do this until you need an Ether then repeat.

Defeating Phantom:
Seal the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion. Then, go to Neverland, put Peter Pan on your team, and talk to Tinker Bell. She will bring you to Big Ben, where you will meet up with Phantom. You must attack the heart below him. It changes color. When it is red, attack with Fire; when it is blue, attack with Blizzard; etc. He will cast Death on a character. Use Stop on the hands on the clock or your character will die in 12 seconds, and they cannot be brought back. Being level 70 with a lot of MP is recommended. Note: When the hearts below him are white, use normal attacks.
Shane Jones.

Note: This will be easier if you are at least at level 70 and have Oblivion. First, make sure to have the MP Rage and MP Haste abilities, plenty of Hi-Potions, and some Ethers. Go to Neverland and start from the cabin. Having Donald and Peter Pan in your party is recommended. Peter Pan is stronger and Donald helps with the spell part. Talk to Tinkerbell and she will take you to Big Ben. At the start, he will cast Death on one of your characters. Immediately cast Stopra on the clock. Otherwise, you will lose one character for the rest of the fight. You can only attack when you see a heart below him. A red heart indicates a Firaga attack, blue is Blizzaga, yellow is Thundara, and white heart is normal. Every time he stays still and casts the spell, cast Stopra on the clock again. Continue the process until he is defeated.
Justin Selan.

Set the following to Quick Magic: Blizzara or Blizzaga; Stop or Stopga; and Cure, Cura, or Curaga. Reach the Boss and go through the intermission sequence. Having Donald is recommended, as he heals you when you are in danger. When you start out in control of Sora, go straight for the clock with L1 on and set for Stop or Stopga. After it starts moving, waste no time in stopping it. You can now concentrate on the Boss. The heart at the bottom of his cloak indicates which attack you should do (red for Fire, blue for Blizzard, yellow for Thunder, and white for all out combos). Having it on white is desirable, as this is the best thing that you yourself can do. However, should it be on any magic, you will have to use it or else it will not change. After his heart disappears, he will go near the clock and release a purple thing that will sap your life tremendously. To avoid this, after his heart disappears go to the place underneath the clock, where there is a little roof over your head. This will almost always help you avoid the attack. After he is done with that attack, resume attacking him. The reason why you should have Blizzard, Blizzara, or Blizzaga on your Quick Magic is because it is the hardest thing to attack him with. About every 45 seconds (if you have Stopga), the clock will start moving again. If you are quick enough, this is two phases of his heart breaking. Just go over and cast Stopga on it again.

Cast Stopra on the clock to stop the death countdown. Next, go after the Phantom and look at the shielded heart. If its color is yellow, cast Thunder, blue cast Blizzard, and red cast Fire. After that, his shielded heart should be light blue. Attack it with full force and have everybody help. Always remember that to cast Stopra on the clock every minute or be cautious. The Phantom may counterattack with one of the following attacks: Super Punch, Run and Punch, and Health Binder (deadly when he is near the clock; go around the clock and continue attacking). Use Peter Pan (you must to get to Clocktower) and Donald. Also try to have the Oblivion or Ultima swords and be at level 65 or higher.

Phantom uses an attack that makes candles appear around one of your party members, even Sora at times. When this happens, fly to the Clock Tower and to any one of the faces on it. Target it, and use Stop or Stopra. The clock will stop, and your party members will stay alive. After they are killed, there is no way to get them back to life. Remember to do this every minute or less, especially if you have Goofy with MP Gift. When your MP starts to get low, and Goofy cannot use MP Gift. Wait util Phantom shoots a beam out of his head that will follow you. Let it hit you a few times (once or twice depending on your HP ), then use something that heals you. If you can, use Aerora on yourself to take less damage, allowing you to be hit more times. Or, to make it easier, use an Ether (recommended), Mega-Ether, or Elixir to regain MP. Make sure to have all three set to shortcuts (Blizzaga, Thundaga, Firga). Your reflexes for commands on casting spells must be fast. Make sure to equip your party members well before the battle, and save before starting it.

Defeating Riku:
Riku is very hard to defeat when you first fight him, but it is not impossible. First, let Donald and Goofy really take care of him -- he will knock around before you can even attempt to swing your sword. Just glide away. After a little while he will become mad and will ignore Donald and Goofy. He will go straight after you. Being about level 41 and at least having the Fairy Harp sword is recommended. Just glide above and whack at him to defeat him.

Defeating the Rock Titan:
Use the following trick to defeat the Rock Titan quickly in the Hades Cup. Cast Auroga or Aurora on yourself, then go up to its feet and start slashing away. You should be doing quite a bit of damage along with the spell giving you 1 experience point every half second.

Try to not get stepped on by the Rock Titan here. Go to one of his feet and smack away at it. Do not worry if you do not see his health going down. It means he still has a bit more health. Once you see it actually begin to go down, he is easy to defeat. Occasionally, he will try to sit on you. Just run away, as he is slow. Sooner or later, you will knock him out for a few seconds. If desired, you can climb up to his head. However, you will get blasted off its shoulders by "earth/fire". Keep hacking away at his feet,
Mike Moore.

Defeating Sephiroth:
After sealing the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion, a mysterious battle appears in Phil's list of options. This battle is called the Platinum Match, and you must go one on one with the toughest Boss in the game to win.

Sephiroth is very difficult. You need to complete the Hercules Cup or lock the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. He is very fast and does a lot of damage. When you hit him, it appears that you are doing no damage, but you are. You need to hit him about twenty times to get his life bar to start moving, then he will do a finishing move where he disappears. He will appear behind and probably kill you. Being at a very high level (about 85) and having the Ultima Weapon is recommended.
Shane Jones.

When you start talking life, he will do Heartless Angel, which lowers your health to 1 and MP to 0. After his life goes down a bar or two, he will run at you and do a deadly combo. Try to stay away -- gliding will not help. When he has one bar remaining, he will glow blue and make blue orbs appear around you. He will then make a group of large blue rocks appear. They will move around the battle field in a circle, then cast Meteor. If you are lucky and remain alive after this, continue attacking him. He will do it again. When he is almost dead, he will run around and not stop, becoming very difficult to hit. Hit him a few times to winthe battle. You will get about 60,000 experience points.
Shane Jones.

The Ultima Weapon or the Oblivion (found in Hallow Bastion just on the upper level behind you after you defeat Ansem/Riku) and being at level 80 to 85 is recommended. Study his moves and attack pattern. He usually five slashes then casts Halo (three huge fire pillars). Strike him after he casts Halo, or strike him when he jumps at you and attempts a slice attack. After giving him four slashes, he fades away and appears behind you, doing a surprise slice. However, this does not happen very fast and gives you about five seconds to jump away. The "invisible" life gauge he has will wear off and he will begin to lose health. Keep repeating this until the orange appears. He will fade away and start to taunt you. He will run at you but will fade again. Use the lock function on him as soon as he fades. You will lock on him, and when you have him on sight, speed glide or run at him then slice at him to interrupt Sin Harvest move. This move is similar to Heartless Angel, but it takes away your MP as well. If you are too slow, have some Hi Potions or Elixirs ready. In his second stage, you will have be quick and use the lock on continuously. Once he fades, you will have to lock on again. Dodge all his slices, especially his special. Whenever you get hit, keep casting Curaga on yourself. Repeat the same strategy until his life gauge is yellow and green. He will call out meteors. Try to dodge them. They will thump down and spin for a bit before exploding. He will throw a huge energy ball at you which takes off quite a bit of health. Cast Curaga on yourself to help. He will turn blue, be stronger, and slash repeatedly. Having MP Rage and MP Haste will help. . Slice at him when you have the chance to defeat him.
P A.

After you do enough damage, Sephiroth will do an attack which will bring your HP down to 1 and MP to 0. To avoid this attack, always try to stay locked on him. He will disappear and reappear on the other side of the arena, do a brief taunt, then cast the attack. However, if you hit him before he is finished with his taunt, he will stumble and not cast the attack.

If you are having trouble defeating Sephiroth on the Platinum match, try using Strike Raid. Not only are you invincible to all attacks except Sin Harvest, but you also can attack from a distance. You can even use this skill when he casts fire pillars around himself. Also, when Sephiroth tries to kill you instantly with Sin Harvest, throw the Keybalde with Strike Raid to stop him in his tracks.

Get at least four Elixirs to save yourself from Sin Harvest. Get Ethers to help you cast Cure and use abilities often. Get MP Rage, Haste, the combo pluses, Scan to see his life, Second Chance (essential), Guard, Dodge Roll, and anything that can hit him from a distance such as Vortex or Aerial Sweep. Do not worry about Counterattack, since he does not block attacks often. Finally, have Ars Arcanum and Ragarok. As for the Keyblade, have Divine Rose and better. Lion Heart works best if you do not have the Ultima Weapon. For Accessories, the Gaia Bangle is recommended as it will extend your life bar ten fold. Be at about level 80. Lock on to Sephiroth as soon as the fight begins. He has a very long reach with his sword, and on top of that, he is a speed demon. Attack him from above to start, then switch it to ground when he is vulnerable so you can do a combo. Do not try to avoid his Fire Pillar attack. Just take one it (which may not do too much) then use Arcanum or Ragarok. He will be too busy trying to sum up more fire to do anything else. Also, since you are using an ability, you will not take any damage while doing it. Sephiroth will then teleport, and you will lose your lock. Because of the bad camera angles, try running and jumping forward to avoid him. Regroup (heal) and go for another shot. Once you get him down a couple of bars, he will cast Sin Harvest. You will be reduced down to one HP and no NPpoints. Once you get hit by Sin Harvest, he will teleport somewhere behind you and finish the job. Run quickly, while at the same time, looking for one of those Elixirs. To avoid Sin Harvest completely, once he teleports, search for him. He is probably somewhere in a corner, ready to cast it. Run quickly interrupt his incantation by hitting him. Then, either guard, attack back, or run away. Repeat those steps and you will be fine. Finally, when Sephiroth is down to his normal green health, he will glow blue and cast like Meteor and another spell that circles the arena. Avoid the meteors as much as possible, healing when possible. Due to MP Rage, practically every time you get hit, you will have two thirds of one MP bar restored. Soon, you will be at 80% health with a full MP bar... Then, resume your attack with Arc Arcanum and Ragarnok again. Note: Near the times Sephiroth does Sin Harvest, he also does a very powerful combo. Avoid getting hit by it.

Its best to be at level 80 or above. Equip 1 to 3 (recommended) Elixirs and lots of abilities that raise critical damage, speed, and dodge roll. Try and get the secrets at "The End Of The World" (after completing the game, return to this level and walk across the shadow path with chests; claim these chests again to find many power-ups). Once these are claimed, Sephiroth will be easy. Go to the Coliseum and go to Platinum match. From there, fight Sephiroth. He starts by striking his sword in whatever direction you are at, and when you attack him he uses his "Ultimate Fire" attack. Rush him and keep striking, only stopping to heal when you are about 15% from death. To do this, fly away and heal very quickly. It takes him a short time to retaliate. Although in the beginning it seems that you are not doing any damage, you are. In about five to ten hits, his life bar will start moving. Keep pounding at him until he uses an attack that reduces your life to 1 and magic to 0. However, if you keep up the assault, this attack will always fail. If it does succeed, back off and fly away quickly. Use an Elixir and return to the assault. As soon as he gets to about his yellowish bar (just before the green), he will enter a state of shadow and use lots of combos. While he is charging for his shadow combos, he uses an attack to keep you away. To avoid this, roll or fly over it. He may also cast Meteor. For this, roll, run, jump, fly, and heal. Keeping your attacks to the maximum is your best bet.

Use the following trick to prevent Sephiroth's Sin Harvest move. When he is about to use it, target him and get there quickly, using Dodge Roll and Attack. He should not be able to use Sin Harvest. Note: You can also do this when he teleports to attack from behind.

You should be at least level 75 to 100. It is important that you have Aeroga and Curaga on your shortcut menu. They are the only usefull spells in this fight. You also need a powerful weapon, such as Oblivion or Ultima Weapon. You will need the following abilities to ensure victory: Superglide, MP Rage, MP Haste, Ars Arcanum, Sonic Blade, Strike Raid, Second Chance, and plenty of Critical Plus and Combo Plus. Load your item slots with Elixirs. You will need them when he casts Heartless Angel. When the battle starts, cast Aeroga on yourself then just go after Sephiroth. Attack him and do not bother avoiding his attacks. When he hits you, he will refill your MP gage due to MP Rage. This will allow you to keep casting Curaga and Aeroga on yourself. Sephiroth will let you hit him four times before he disappears and reappears behind you to attack. This move takes three to four seconds to complete , giving you enough time to Glide or Dodge Roll away. When Sepiroth's HP gets to the orange bar, he will start using Heartless Angel. This move will take away all your MP, brings your HP down to 1, and dispels Areoga. To counter this move, you can do two things. The first method is to stay very close to Sephiroth. When you hear him tease you say "Heartless Angel", attack him before he pulls off the move. He will most likely run away from you to do the move. With Superglide, you can get to him quickly and hit him. If you cannot get to Sephiroth in time, you can use the second method, which is to get as far away as possible. When you are far enough away, select "Items", then an "Elixer" and "Sora". Do not use it until the spell has taken effect. Note: When dealing with Heartless Angel, there is no time for hesitation. Make a decision and stick with it. If you hesitate, you will die. When Sephiroth is not doing Heartless Angel, attack him and hack away at his HP. When his HP is low to the point of a yellow bar, he will do Meteor. This is a strong move, but should not kill you if your HP is high and you have Aeroga. He will also do a move that mimics Ars Arkanam, but with more attacks in the combo. It is hard to avoid or block, mainly because of his extremely long sword, but you should survive. Keep hacking away, healing when your HP is low, and casting Aeroga, You will eventually beat him down until his HP is low.

Before you start, have maximum health, MP, and a lot of Hi-Potions. When you first begin, lock onto him with R1. Then, go to and select the fourth option (Strike) on your commands list. Then, an option called Raid will appear. Keep hitting this until you get to the attack called Judgment. Select it. Keep doing this for an easy way to inflict damage on Sephiroth. Do this until you take away one and three quarters of his five health bars. You might want to stop to heal yourself with Cure or Cura when you get one health bar taken away. After healing, go to the opposite side of the arena and wait for Sephiroth to transport over to where you are located. When he says "Sin Harvester", either attack him before the red halo appears over your head or have your command list set on Items, then Hi-Potion. Do not use it until after your health gets taken away. If you manage to surpass this, keep hitting him with your sword until he does it again. Repeat this as many times as possible. If you get to a certain amount of health bars (about one and a half health bars remaining out of five), Sephiroth will turn red.

Before you begin the fight, press Start and go to "Customize". Then, set these spells: Aero (or whatever upgrade you have), Cure (or whatever upgrade), and another spell for yourself. Also equip a lot of Elixirs and Ethers so that you can use Cure to heal yourself. Start the battle. When you begin, run away, lock on to him, then jump and attack him. You will jump too high, and he will jump and hit you. After about twenty to thirty hits, his power will decrease. Keep attacking. At some point, he will run towards you and disappear. When you hear the beginning of his spell, lock on and attack very quickly. He will start running around, making it very difficult to attack to him. When you get too close, he will raise three fire pillars that will hit you twice before disappearing. When he does this, run and do Strike Raid. After awhile, he will go crazy and do a super combo that hits you a number of times. Before he does this, quickly cast Aero to not take as much damage. Then, attack. After awhile, he will run to the middle of the stadium and bring three to five giant rocks. Quickly cast another Aero, then attack until he dies.
Gegory Pleasant.

Having the Superglide, Sonic Blade, Strike Raid, Dodge Roll, Guard, Second Chance, and the Ars Arcanum abilities are recommended. You should be at least level 70 and have either the Oblivion or Ultima Weapon Keyblade. You should also have a lot of Elixirs and Hi-Potions. At first, Sephiroth will only walk around and swing his sword at when you approach. Sometimes he will use a spell that casts three pillars of fire around him. Use Strike Raid on him as much as possible. If you are too close to him and he starts to use that "flame pillar", move, then use Ars Arcanum on him. Keep to this strategy and he will begin to lose health. When his health bar gets slightly in the orange section, he will tease you and say, "Come!". He will then run at you, disappear, then reappear behind you. Use Dodge Roll when he does this. Sooner or later he will start an incantation that says, "Sin Harvest." As soon as you hear this, either use Superglide to get to him and smack him, or use the Strike Raid or Sonic Blade move. You need to stop him before he finishes the incantation or your HP will go down to 1 and MP to 0. If you do not have the Second Chance ability, you are dead. He will also say something like "Prepare yourself!" or "Come power-up!" After he says this, he will do a nasty combo that is too fast to dodge. Use Guard when he does this. When he finishes his combo, he will send an explosion from the floor. Keep attacking him when he does Sin Harvest and do your best to dodge his combos. When his health gets down to about half green, he will turn green and brown and meteors will fall down. Use Aero, Aerora, or Aeroga to protect yourself at this time. The meteors will start spinning around the room. They will get faster with each rotation. Later, the meteors will all explode and he will send an enormous energy ball at you. Then, he will turn blue and constantly send blue orbs at you while doing aerial attacks. He will also do his disappear and reappear move frequently. Dodge the blue orbs that he shoots at you. When they stop, attack him with Ars Arcanum or Strike Raid. Keep this up to defeat him.
Mike Moore.

When you battle Sephiroth, immediately run away and cast Aeroga or Aerora. When he walks toward you, jump over him and he might jump back so you can hit him. On the third or fourth hit, he will disappear and attack from behind. Lock on to him as soon as possible and block him. After you take down a bar, he will run around you, hit you a few times, then disappear (probably behind you) and cast a spell that leaves you with 1 HP and 0 MP. Lock on to him, and get to him as fast as possible. Hit him before he casts that spell. The best way is to stay in the middle of the arena to reach him faster. When he has one bar of health remaining, he will charge up and leave a trail of blue orbs that can damage you. Try to dodge the meteors and keep attacking him to defeat him. Do not forget to keep Aeroga on you.
Rick Brown.

Before the fight, stock up on Elixirs and Ethers. Have Aeroga and Curaga on your shortcut menu for instant use. When the fight begins, lock on and instantly equip Aeroga and keep your distance. Sephiroth should quickly attack as you pass him. Jump and charge him with Superglide. He is weak with attacks from above; beat him up when you land. He should teleport and break off your lock. When he teleports, quickly move away. When you first hit him, it appears as if you are not doing any damage. After awhile, his life bar will move down. Continue this strategy until his life bar is pink. He will basically do the same thing over again, but when you hit him and he teleports he might come back at you running. When he does this, he will hit you. When that happens, immediately find him and break his "Sin Harvest". To do this, find him, charge him with Superglide, and hit him multiple times. He will teleport again and may use the Fire Uprise magic trick. This is when fire rises around him. When you get to the dark yellow part of his bar, stick to your hit and run strategy and always have Aeroga equipped. Sephiroth is now going to use his ultimate attack. He will do the same thing as before. His ultimate attack is devastating. He will start glowing blue, then meteors will fall around the arena and spin. They will collide and cause a large bubble to form. Jump before this thing hits the ground. Next, he will still have the glow surrounding him. He is going to charge and surround you with dark balls. Then, he will spin around and say "Dodge this". Avoid that at all cost. When he lands, beat him to the ground. Keep to your strategy as he will do this for the remainder of his life bar.
Sebastian Mayorga.

It is easier if you are level 100. It will not matter which Keyblade to use. In the beginning, do Glides (not Super Glides) toward him. If you do not get hit, drop down quickly after his attack and hit him about four times. After four times he teleports. Do this until his purple life is down. It will be helpful to have Strike Raid, Sonic Blast, and Ars Arcanum. To dodge his big meteor ball, when he is about to unleash it Dodge Roll quickly behind him. At the end when he says, "Dodge this," use Strike Raid, Sonic Blast, and Ars Arcanum.

In order to fight Sephiroth, you must seal Hollow Bastion then talk to Phil after you win the Hades Cup. Choose the second set of "??????". This will be the Platinum match against Sephiroth. It is recommended that you are at least level 85, and have Strike Raid, MP Rage, and Second Chance equipped. When you start, cast an Aero spell on yourself. Then, keep jumping and slicing at his head. Do not walk up to him, as he is too fast and will slice you. Heal every time it is necessary. Once you hurt him to his pink bar, watch out. He will use a move called Sin Harvest which will drain all of your HP and MP unless you have Second Chance -- then you will have 1 HP remaining. However, you can stop this attack. When you hit him he will teleport away from you and say "Sin Harvest." As soon as this happens, use Strike Raid and it will stop the attack. Alternately, if you are close to him, attack him quickly. If you see a halo above your head, you are too late. Quickly run away and use a Hi Potion, and watch out because he will charge you. Once he gets to about his orange or yellow bar he will turn blue and will cast Black Orbs at you. Just keep attacking his head. He then does a meteor attack, which is easy to dodge. Just stay away from him and heal yourself. Watch out, as he might do Sin Harvest without saying it. Keep hacking at him and he will eventually fall. You will receive 18,000 experience points, and an intermission sequence will start showing him disappearing.

When you first start the Platinum match, you will see a short opening sequence. Then, Sephiroth will be walking around swinging at you with his sword. It is recommended that you be at least at level 80 to defeat him. Hit him with the Keyblade. You will notice for a while that his life is not going down before it starts to disappear. He has 1800 HP, and is the most difficult Boss. When his life gets down to the orange range, he will start to run and use a power called "Sin Harvest". You will hear him say it. Hit him before he uses it or it will drain all your life and magic. He will then teleport behind you and finish you off. Keep hitting him until his life gets down to yellow. He will then use another power attack. He will say "Power" and keep hitting you with his sword. Use the ability "Guard" the entire time he is doing this attack. When his life gets down to green he will summon meteors, and spin them around while charging a power beam at you. You cannot make him stop this attack because he is invincible the entire time. When he is done charging, he will blow up the meteors and throw the power beam at you. He will then use other attacks afterwards, trying to survive. Once you defeat him you will gain a level, up to the level 100 maximum. You can fight him as many times as desired, but subsequent battles will not have that starting sequence.

First, have max item accessories. Make sure to equip all of it with Ethers and Elixirs. Unequip Ragnarok and Ars Arcanum, and whatever else you have that deals sword damage. Then, equip Strike Raid. When you are in the battle, get as far away from him as possible. When he jumps, keep using Strike on the bottom and Raid on the top afterwards. It should hit about four times. Keep doing this to break his barrier. You will finally be able to do damage to him. If you run out of MP, equip MP Rage and the other MP item that heals when you take damage. Get hit about two times. This should heal you 2 MP. Then, use Strike again and elixirs. If you run out, keep running away until he does the fire explosion. After it clears, he will be temporarily stunned. This is your chance to get close to deal some damage, or get hit to recover MP. When he does the Heartless move that kills you unless you have Second Chance, use elixirs. Keep hitting him with every Strike Raid possibly. If teleports, use Ethers instead of getting hit because he will hit you very fast, which can kill you even if you have Second Chance. Strike Raid is better because you do not need to be close.
Alain Huynh via Tan Tran.

If you attack Sephiroth while he is using Sin Harvest or Send Heartless, he cannot complete the spell. Therefore you do not need to use an Elixir or Megalixir.
Timothy M. Vilece.

Defeating Sora's Shadow:
Go up to your shadow and smack it around. It will get mad and fight back. Use Guard or Dodge Roll to avoid its attacks. Keep repeating this process. Later, it will split off into three. Try to lock on to the real one. The fake ones will have shorter health will still hurt you as badly as the original. Once you manage to catch up with the real shadow, attack it. You will not get much time, because it will quickly sink into the floor and end up farther away. Try to follow it and be careful when it pops out and attacks. Having a few Mega-Potions or Elixirs will be helpful. Magic will not do very much against it. Once you learn its pattern, defeat it and you will be ready for Captain Hook.
Mike Moore.

Defeating Squall and Yuffie:
Target Yuffie. She starts doing backflips and cartweels and lets out Greased Lightning. When you get Block, equip it and use it to block the Greased Lighting attack back at Yuffie. This does three things. It knocks Yuffie out for a better attack combo, gives you tech points, and damages her slightly. After you kill Yuffie, concentrate on Squall and do nothing but attack and guard. After he powers up, get ready to heal frequently.

Defeating Rare Truffles:
First, defeat Captain Hook and seal the Keyhole in London. Return to the area where you were fighting Hook and wait for some Rare Mushrooms to appear. Go back two rooms so that they have a chance to appear. As soon as they are on the screen, target one of them and make sure that you are flying first. Hit it once so that you have it in mid-air. Then, keep hitting it while you are in the air. Make sure you do not let it fall or land on any part of the ship. Doing so will cause it to vanish. You can keep it in the air easily, as long as you are also in the air with it. This allows you to get easy Mystery Goos, Elixirs and Mega Exlixirs. Repeat this trick as many times as needed. Also, try to aim them away from the ship when doing this trick.
Luisa Picanco.

Use the following trick to bounce Rare Truffles easily. Cast Aeroga on Sora and keep going under the mushroom. It should bounce about twenty times on Sora. Cast Aeroga repeatedly until you get to 200 bounces.

Use the following trick to keep the blue-robed mushrooms known as Rare Truffles in the air: After completing Hollow Bastion, return to Neverland and start in "Ship: Cabin". Work your way to the deck. There should be Rare Truffles bouncing around. Note: If regular enemies appear, defeat them, go back almost to the cabin you started in (defeating any and all enemies on the way), then turn around and go back to the deck. Repeat this if necessary until you see the blue-robed fungus. Lock on to the closest one, but do not hit it. Instead, jump in the air and press Circle to jump again so that you are floating. Go to the Truffle you locked on to. If you do not see the blue "Lock On" symbol on the Truffle, you are not truly locked on. Wait until it lands from a jump, then hit it. You should do a kind of underhand, uppercut motion and send it flying back in the air. Each time it drops, whack it again so it bounces back into the air. If you are locked on, you should not have to move the controller -- just keep hitting X to whack the fungus into the air repeatedly. Keep doing this and after awhile it will start spewing item chests. Have the Treasure Magnet ability on all three characters to collect them quicker. If you have the Scan ability, you can see how much HP the little fungus has left. When you deplete its HP, it will spew a few more item chests. One will most likely have Mystery Goo, an important item for making Sora's Ultima Weapon, his most powerful Keyblade in the game.
Erik Ruggles.

In Neverland, go back and forth between the cabin and the deck of Captain Hook's ship. On the deck, you will occasionally see Rare Truffles. Lock on to them, fly, and keep hitting them with your Keyblade up into the air. They will give you 1 extra tech point for each hit. For example, hit them once into the air and get no tech points, hit them while in the air for 1 tech point, hit them twice for 2 tech points, hit them three times for 3 tech, etc. You must hit it exactly 101 times (one of which is to get them into the air) for a total of 4873 experience per Rare Truffle. Also, with ten in-air hits, you have a chance of getting a Mystery Goo and an Elixir. With fifty in-air hits, you can get a Mystery Goo, an Elixir, and a Shitake Rank (sold for 100 Munny). With 100 in-air hits, you can get a Megaelixir, a Mystery Goo, and a Musatake Rank (sold for 500 Munny).

Defeating Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie:
When fighting a three on one battle on the Destiny Islands, there is one thing that always makes it a lot easier. At the very beginning of the battle, Tidus will say something they will all charge at you. When Wakka is about to throw a ball at you immediately lock on to Tidus. Run at him, jump over his head, turn around in mid-air, and attack. Try not to hit Tidus, but instead try to hit Wakka's ball at him. This will paralyze him for a short while, giving you enough time to get rid of Selphie. Do not hit Tidus while he is stunned or he snaps out of it. After getting Selphie out of the way, lock on to Tidus and try to hit Wakka's ball at him to restart the paralysis. It is much easier to do this last part if you have the Guard ability. However, if you chose something other than the Shield, then just kill Wakka as fast as possible.

To defeat Tidus at the beginning in Destiny Islands, continue to jump over him. This will make him miss your attacks. After he says "Hey no fair", he will begin to stumble. This is your chance to hit him with your combo to take off a lot of health. Do this to easily eliminate him when you fight everyone at once. To defeat Wakka, deflect the balls he throws. Sometimes they will hit him and he will become confused and start to throw the balls lazily. If you deflect the balls he throws lazily, they will always hit him and do damage. It may take some practice to learn how to deflect his Blitzballs. To defeat Selphie, deflect her attacks. They will hit her on the head and cause damage. However, when she uses her strong attacks get out of the way and do not deflect them.
Chase Copat.

Defeating Trickmaster:
When you are fighting Trickmaster in Wonderland, press R1 for a lock on him. It will show where you have to hit him. These places are his head, right arm, and left arm. When he is standing up, only hit his legs. Goofy and Donald should jump and hit him in the stomach or chest. When they do that, Trickmaster falls on his knees for about ten seconds. With your lock still on him (which should be on his head or left hand), hit that spot by pressing X. If it is on the left hand first, just keep hitting Trickmaster until he stands up again. The lock on should automatically switch to the right hand. Then, keep hitting his right hand and when he stands up again, the target should automatically switch to the head and should remain targeted for at least for or five standing time. When the four or five times he stands up is over, you will have defeat him.
Gregory Meshes.

Make sure you are at level 13 or higher and have about three Potions and Hi-Potions. First, run behind the table and jump on to the top of the table via the chair. Jump off and hack repeatedly. After repeating that a few times, he will collapse, Donald has surely died a few times by now, however, heal him as he is helpful. When he has collapsed, hack repeatedly. Repeat this until he dies. You will receove Blizzard if you did not get the fourth evidence for Allison.

Once the battle starts, lock onto the Trickmaster and attack the midsection. Use physical attacks but magic also does good damage. If you are using Fire spells, watch out for the torches. You might start them on fire. When the Trickmaster bends over, give it some combos before it wakes up. To help hit the enemy, go onto the table, jump at him, and attack.

Finding Ursula:
When looking for Ursula the second time, go to the Calm Depths and swim into the current. Once in the current, let it take you all the way to the end. If you stop in the middle, swim back into in and it will take you to the very end. If you have Mermaid Kick, equip it and keep pressing Square or Circle after you swim back into the current. When you get to the end, quickly swim using Mermaid Kick into the cave. Swim all the way down the cave until you see "???" and go inside. That will bring you to Ursula the second time.

Defeating Ursula:
When you fight the first form of Ursula, she will not be harmed by your hits. You can only do damage to her by casting the Annulling magic on her cauldron, based on its color. Cast Fire if it is blue, Ice if it is red, etc. Cast the same magic for a little bit, then a blast of energy will appear and stun her. Lock on to her and beat her down until she is no longer stunned. Repeat as necessary until she has been defeated.
Tyler Wilson.

When facing Ursula for the second time, make sure you the Mermaid Kick ability equipped. When you find Ursula, you must fight her a second time. She is very difficult because she is bigger. When she says, "Hey you! Not so fast! Get ready for this!", she will spit out some blue ball things that you must avoid. When she starts to suck use your Mermaid Kick ability to fight the current and not get too close. When she says, "You dare to distract me" or "You insolent little fools!" you should hear her take a deep breath and croak. When she does this, go up and start hitting her with your Keyblade. Stay to the side or rear of her and keep moving or else lightning will hit you. After awhile she will say, "Now I'm angry, time to teach you some respect!", swim away from her. A large amount of lightning things will appear and strike. From this point onward, unless she does the croaking attack, stay away from her and allow your party members to attack her.
Tyler Wilson.

When facing Ursula for the second time, have Donald and Ariel on your team and it will be almost impossible to die. When you get low health, one of them will heal you, and they both keep each other alive. Hit her a couple of times at first, then go out as far as you can. Swim around her using Mermaid Kick. When she uses Fire Ray, she will get tired. Use this chance to get behind her head and hit her.

When fighting Ursula in her second form, you need to have all Ethers and one Elixir. Swim around until she uses the yellow beam. To dodge it, swim all the way up. When she is done, go down and do a complete combo. Repeat the process until she has been defeated. Use Ethers to refill your magic.

Instead of attacking her in the face, try swimming over her head to get behind her. You can then attack her the back of the head. The only attack she can get you with while you are behind her is Lightning (very likely) and the blue spheres she spits out of her mouth (not likely; only when she turns a certain way).

The easiest way to defeat Ursual when facing her the second time is to get close to her so your teammates start attacking her. Then, go back and keep dodging her attacks while healing team members as needed. Most of the time, your teammates will take her health down very low, though this may take awhile. Keep doing this until you run out of Potions, Ethers/Elixers/Megalixers, or MP. Then, keep dodging then rush in and slash her until she is defeated.

The first time you face Ursula, Triton will tell you that you should attack the cauldron with magic. Do that. Make sure you have the Spellbinder Keyblade on so that you have more magic. Also, have Elixirs and Megalixers equipped. Cast Aero on Sora and use Stop on the eels. They get in the way to block your magic attack. Then, use Fire or Fira on it. The easiest way is to press L1, Triangle(3) (assuming Triangle is equipped as Fire/Fira), until your magic runs out. Then, use Elixir x2. Once you run out of Elixirs use Megalixer. If you run out again, stop attacking the pot and attack the eels until your magic is restored. After a while, the eels will faint. Then, pick on Ursula. Repeat the previous steps as needed. Ursula will do a spinning attack; just go down. Go back up and shake her up again. The pot will also attack you. It can start a blizzard hurricane or a flaming meteor bombard.
Karna Gupta.

Fighting the large Ursula is easier; swim to the back of her head and beat her up. If you end up on the front, it does the same damage, but she will zap you with thunder, blows explosive bubbles, and breathes out a destructive fire stream.
Karna Gupta.

Keep swimming around the side of the area. This will distract Ursala, letting your helpers attack her.
Tom Vance.

When you enter the first fight with Ursula, first target and lock on to her cauldron. Use a combo of Fire and Blizzard. This will temporarily knock her out for a good amount of damage. When she recovers she will do one of two things. If your other party members knocked out Ursula's eels, she will throw a bottle into the cauldron and they will be resurrected. Or, she will start to spin around and will be temporarily invincible. Avoid her until she stops, then attack the cauldron with Fire and Blizzard and attack her until she is defeated. It is recommended that you have plenty of Mega-Potions and Mega-Ethers.
Matthew Corr.

Defeating Wakka:
Counter-attack him by hitting the Blitz Balls he throws at you. If your counter-attack is successful and you return the hit, he will get dizzy. When this happens, quickly run as fast as you can towards him and attack him with your three-hit combo then move away; he will do a spin with a Blitz Ball on his hand. Beware of when he jumps up into the air and says, "Take this!"; he will perform his special jump-attack. This is his most powerful technique and takes about twice the amount of HP as one of his regular attacks. Fighting against Wakka is probably the quickest way to gain levels. You will get 1 Tech Point for counter-attacking one of his regular attacks, 2 Tech Points for counter-attacking his special jump-attack, and 1 Tech Point for defeating him. You can counter-attack his Blitz Balls for as long as desired if your counter-attack does not hit him back.
Elena Millenia.

Defeating Wight Knights:
When in Halloween Town and fighting Wight Knights (mummies), use the summon spell "Mushu". When the Wight Knight jumps to attack you, fire your fireballs. Hopefully your fireballs will keep it in the air for about three seconds until it is destroyed.

Defeating Yuffie:
Defeating Yuffie in the Hades Cup can be easy if you have Aeroga. Start the battle of by casting any Aero. It will greatly reduce her seeking ninja things that are practically impossible to dodge. Make sure you have Aero cast at all times. Keep casting Cura whenever your health gets low. Get her stuck in a corner and give her a beating using lots of combos and Ars Arcanum. Goofy will get the Genji Shield after the battle.
Jack Phillips.

To easily defeat Yuffie, cast Aeroga. This will deflect her ninja stars without damaging you. It is easier than having to block her ninja stars with Block. Aeroga will also do extra damage while you are attacking her. Be careful when she powers up a ninja star, as it attacks you more than once.
Rick Brown.

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