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Kingdom Hearts cheats: Locations

100 Acre Woods: Secrets:

When in Winnie the Pooh's house, examine the clock to find a hidden "Easter Egg".
At Winnie the Pooh's house, go on his roof and lock on to the chimney-like pipe. Hit it until you hear the noise that you hear when something special is done. Then go in Pooh's house and you get an item.
After doing the bouncing competition with Tigger, look around for the pink-looking nuts and collect them. There should be about five of them. When you get them all, do not hit them. Walk up to them and you will have obtained them. After getting one, go to Owl who is near the exit. He will take it and give you an item. You can only get one at a time. You can get them all. You will need to glide to higher points. One of them requires you to step on a stump to make it sink, and another will pop out of the ground with water under it. Get that nut quickly because it sinks fast.
While in Rabbit's Garden, hit the water pipe on the side of Rabbit's house. Water will pour out.
While in Rabbit's Garden, check the mailbox in front of Rabbit's house to get letters.

100 Acre Woods: Swing mini-game:
To get Sora's Cheer ability, you have to reach a certain number in each of the 100 Acre Wood's mini-games (over 100 licks at the Honey Tree, more than 150 points at Rabbit's House, more than 40 yards at the swing, under thirty seconds breaking the giant pot, and finding all of Pooh's friends at the Mud Circle in under five minutes.) Use the following trick to get Pooh to fly over 40 yards. After pressing R1 once, Owl will help you time your swings. Press R1 when Owl's wings are going down. After doing this three times, Pooh flies normally. However, to get great distances have Owl help you twice and on the third swing, do not hit anything. This will cause Pooh to slow down again. Owl will help you again on the back swing, press R1 once, then wait again. Pooh will slow down again. Repeat this process, have owl help you once, and miss the second one. After three or four times of doing this, time the last swing and Pooh will fly over 50 yards easily.

100 Acre Woods: Stopra:
You can get Stopra by finding Eyore's tail in the mini-game.
Luis Lopez.

To get Stopra, win the Swing Pooh mini-game.
James Morris.

100 Acre Woods: Prizes:
When in Rabbit's garden, pull out all the cabbages and pumpkins to get lots of prizes.

Once you have defeated the Swing Pooh mini-game, go to Pooh's house. He should be outside, sitting on a log. Talk to him, and he will say he is cold. Then, stand back and light the pile of sticks in front of him on fire. He will thank you and give you something.
Alyson King.

Agrabah: Extra characters:
To see the merchant with the big white turban from the beginning of the movie, go to Aladdin's House and release Carpet. Exit and return. The merchant will be there to trade with you. If you view the sequence where you first meet Jasmine, he will leave. You can also see Agrabah versions of Wakka, the clerk who takes over for Cid, and the woman from the Traverse Town First District. After sealing the Keyhole and obtaining Genie as a summon, exit Aladdin's House and go to the Plaza, Palace Gates, and the Alley to talk with them. The two men will be behind booths, and the woman is standing there.

Atlantica: Final Fantasy prelude:
In Ariel's Grotto, examine the music box to hear a little song, which is the Final Fantasy prelude.

Atlantica: Return back to Monstro:
Use the Gummiship to go to Agrabah. Fly at normal speed to Atlantica and Monstro will swallow you again. Note: This is if you defeat Parasite Cage the second time.

Atlantica: Mithril:
In the sunken ship, there is a crate under the steps. Break it open. Go down the hole to find a clam. Hit it open and inside is Mithril.

Deep Jungle: Shortcut:
If you hate swinging on the vines, go through the jungle tunnels. When you are in the tree house fall straight where the net is located. Go to the side where there are stairs and go down. Save the game. You can surf on trees to go to the camp or just go to their tree house. You can go to the tunnels by Gummy Ship.

In the Deep Jungle when Tarzan has agreed to take you to meet Kercheck, go to Hippos Lagoon. Once there, instead of climbing up the vine on the tree to the left, keep straight all the way to the other end. There will be a vine at the other end. Climb up the vine and it will take you to Kercheck.
Terry Smith.

Deep Jungle: Easy money:
There is a Heartless that looks like a girl. She drops bananas. Walk into one and you will slip, but lots of Munny will appear. After you do this a few it will disappear.
Chase Copat.

Deep Jungle: Jungle Slider mini-game:
When you re-enter Deep Jungle, after you seal the Keyhole there will be a mini-game called Jungle Slider. There are five courses in all, you must first pass each course before you can play this mini-game. Use the following information to pass them and learn which item you will get after you get all ten fruits for each course.

Course 1, Green Serpent
During the first course, it is easy to collect all the fruit. Do not miss any and you will be able to get an AP Up. Then, stay to the left where the big rock used to be. You will see a cave.
Course 2, Splash Tunnel
Navigate through the cave, steering around dangerous stalagmites. The last piece of fruit is located on the right side of the huge boulder, all by itself. Collect all twenty pieces of fruit in the first two courses to obtain an Orichalcum. Keep sliding on the left side of the course and take the left path at the fork.
Course 3, Jade Spiral
Collect all thirty pieces from the first three courses to receive a Megalixir. Make sure to take the right branch at the fork, and not the left this time.
Course 4, Panic Falls
Collect all forty pieces from the first four courses to receive a Defense Up. When the branch splits, take the left fork.
Course 5, Shadow Cavern
In this course, it is difficult to see the fruit because of the intense speed. Press Left Analog-stick Down to slow down. If you get the ten pieces of fruit on this course, with the addition of the forty pieces from the four courses before it, you will get a Power Up.

Deep Jungle: Respawn any mushroom:
Go the camp. If there are mushrooms there, help them and get items. If there are enemies, completely clear the area of them. Then, go to the cliff. Do not worry about the enemies encountered along the way. Once you reach the cliff, go back to the camp. Whatever you fought, the other will be there now. For example, if you fought enemies earlier, now there will be mushrooms, and vice versa. This will work for any area with any kind of mushroom. Just clear the area, go two screens away, then go back.
Joshua Robb.

Deep Jungle: Jane's underwear:
Go to the camp in Deep Jungle, and enter the tent. Stand to the left of Jane, and look carefully to see her underwear.

Deep Jungle: Beauty And The Beast characters:
In the Traverse Town Deep Jungle at the campsite, look closely at the table in front of Clayton. Note: You may want to press Select. The tea set on the table are actually the tea set characters from Beauty And The Beast. The teapot is Mrs. Pot, and the tea cups are all replicas of Chip. If you look closely, you can see that all the pieces from the tea set have purple and yellow trimming on top just like Chip and Mrs. Pot.

Deep Jungle: Power Shard:
Jump across to the other side of the crates and Powerwilds will appear. When one appears on the crate, use a Vortex to kill it (with a Lucky Strike). The majority of the time, you will receive a Power Shard.

Deep Jungle: Unlimited Potions:
Go to the tent where Jane lives. There will be a barrel next to the clothesline. Hit it until you get a Potion. Leave the level, return, and repeat this as many times as desired.

Deep Jungle: Green things:
There is a barrel in the camp. Hit it till it breaks to get about fifteen green things. Then, go into Jane's tent and exit. The barrel will be there again. Keep breaking it to get more.

Deep Jungle: Climbing tree flowers:
After rescuing the gorilla and Jane in the Deep Jungle, the flowers that were around will bloom a different color, depending on the spell you hit them with. Fire/Fira/Firaga will result in red. Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga will result in blue. Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga will result in yellow. Note: The flowers will only bloom white before this. Also, the flowers will not bloom at all with any other spell.

Destiny Islands: Selphie's underwear:
If Selphie is sitting on the edge of the pier, take a barrel and put it directly in front of her under the pier. If you stand on the barrel, you should be at eye level with Selphie's stomach. Occasionally, she will move and you can see her underwear.

Destiny Islands: Final Fantasy pictures:
Enter the secret area and go to the left wall. Once you are there, press Select to see a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy games. Then, go to the right wall and press Select to see Locke from Final Fantasy 3. He should have a bandanna on.
Logan Shifflett.

In the Secret Cave on Destiny Island at the beginning, look at the drawings on the walls of the cave. You will find many scrawlings of Final Fantasy characters, and characters that are upcoming in the game.
Xero Blaze.

End Of The World: Find Mushrooms twice in one room:
Load your game and go to the Final Rest area in End Of The World. Enter the previous room. If you are lucky, a type of Mushroom will appear. If you receive an item from a Mushroom, go back to the Final Rest area, save the game, and perform an in-game reset. Load your game again. You will have the same chances of it appearing again.

End Of The World: Rare items:
Note: You will need Lucky Strike for all characters. At the The End Of The World, once you get in the room before Final Rest (the green room) you will fight Invisibles and Angel Star. Defeat an Invisible and it will drop an Orichalcum. This may take awhile. Once you get it, go to Final Rest and board the Gummi Ship. Repeat this as many times as desired.

When you defeat Behemoth a the End Of The World, he will drop items such as Orichalcums, Mythil Shards, and Mythrils.

Halloween Town: Fast Mystery Goos and Munny:
Go through the cemetery until you find the area with the curly tentacle bridge (the thing that unravels to walk on). If you are lucky, there should be black mushrooms that shoot gas at you. There should also be pumpkins that can be tossed. Smack a pumpkin to ignite the fuse and pick it up. Lock onto a mushroom while it is purple and throw it at him. You should kill it instantly and get a Mystery Goo with a Mystery Mold, and over 1000 Munny. Repeat this lots of Munny and Mystery Goos.

Halloween Town: Elixir:
In Guillotine Plaza, go to Jack's House and ring his doorbell three times. You will hear a noise and the door will open, shooting out an Elixir.

Hint: Halloween Town: Easier navigation:
To navigate Halloween Town easier, due to the dark environment, change the brightness on your display so that it is as bright as possible. This makes the environment much brighter, and makes it easier to see where you are going.
Aaron J. Kulhanek.

Hollow Bastion: Secret area:
After getting Glide, there is a big "block" that has the heartless symbol on it (high tower and great crest). Once you move the right block, you can glide down under it. There is a hole in the wall. Inside, use Gravity on the chest's platform to get a Float-G.

Hollow Bastion: Floating platforms:
To get the floating platforms with chests down, use Gravity.

To make the platform fall to the ground so that you can open the chest, you must use Gravity, Graviara, or Graviaga.

Hollow Bastion: Defeating the monster that is guarding the keyhole:
Climb up on his back and hit his horn. It is recommended that your character be at least level 85.

Monstro: Easy recovery:
When fighting your way through Monstro, go for the Search Ghosts. If you have the "Blitz" technique, use it to destroy them. They will leave large HP and MP Recovery Orbs. They may also leave Hi-potions and Ethers.

Neverland: Hidden items:
After you defeat the Phantom, go back to the clock tower. Fly around the top and you may notice that one of the spires over the doors is glowing. If you examine it, it will open, tell you that the one o'clock door has been opened, and you will receive an item such as Mythril. You will notice only one clock is moving. After you open the door, the number one position on the clock will glow. As you travel around getting experience points, periodically check back in at the clock tower. As the clock ticks away, more doors will become available. You will receive items such as AP Up and Defense Up. It is worth the detour to check the clock tower about every ten minutes.
Cassy Lamperti.

Neverland: Stopra spell:
Use the Yellow Trinity to push open a door to a room with a treasure chest. It contains the Stopra spell.
White Dove.

Olympus Coliseum: Unlimited Orichalcums:
Win the Hades Cup, then go out the Coliseum Gates. On the left hand side will be pillars. Behind them will be a purple-blue pot. Check it to get a Orichalcum. Go back into the Hades Cup at 10th place. Win it and go back to the pot. Repeat this to get unlimited Orichalcums.

Olympus Coliseum: Easy experience:
The fastest way to get experience points is in the Pegasus Cup. The Black Fungus there gives you 96 experience each if you defeat all of them.

Win the timed trial Hades Cup. You will now be able to select your opponent. Choose to the play the Rock Titan. The Rock Titan is very slow and easy. Defeat it for 4,000 experience points. Repeat this many times to keep leveling up. The more you level up, the faster and easier it gets to defeat him, especially if you have Oblivion or Ultima Weapon.
Matthew Grosvenor.

Olympus Coliseum: Little Drummer Boy song:
If you walk inside the coliseum, the song "The Little Drummer Boy" will be playing in the background.
Scott Moore.

Olympus Coliseum: Hidden chest:
Try putting out the fires around the outside edge of the courtyard with the second stage Blizzard magic. After you hear a sound, search the area to find a treasure chest.

Traverse Town: Secrets:
In the Hotel, hit the bell near the front desk three times. Someone will say "No vacancy". To change this, examine the paintings on both sides of the room. The person who said "No vacancy" will instead say "Paintings are great...". Ring the bell three times again and the person will say "Paintings are great... If you ever stay the night... Try hitting the clock". Go into the Green Room in the Hotel. Check all three paintings on the walls. Two of them are near each other. After you have examined all three, jump up on the dresser near the two pictures. There should be a clock above and to the left of it. If you hit the clock, the time on it changes. Keep hitting the clock and occasionally you will hear a sound. Continue hitting the clock until you hear that sound about three times, then a brand new sound will occur. It is the sound that occurs whenever you complete an objective. After that, check the night stand near the lone picture to find a treasure chest. Inside the chest is a Mythril.
Dizzy_Anonymity and dmachacek.

The scale in Huey, Louie and Dewey's shop registers when you stand on it. You can also view a sequence with Pinnochio after opening the Synthesis Shop. Leave and return later. If no one is in the accessory shop (first floor), Pinnochio will be on the floor next to an item box. Talk to him and view an intermission sequence about him stealing something. This cannot be seen if you go to Monstro; go to Traverse Town directly after Agrabah.

Traverse Town: Postcards:
Go to the Item Shop in Traverse Town and look above the cash register. You will see a fan twirling around above you. Jump on the counter and target the fan. If it targets something else, like Huey, Dewey, or Louie, press L2 a few times to target the fan. If this does not work, try targeting it from different places. Once targeted, strike the fan and you will receive a Postcard.

Traverse Town: Get Postcard back:
In the event you did not realize that you cant use a Trinity Mark over again and you wasted the first blue one near the cafe in Traverse Town, do not worry. The chest contains a Postcard. After you have finished Neverland, return to Traverse Town. Jump onto the roof of the accessory shop. Look towards the cafe. Jump into the air (the High Jump ability is useful), and glide towards the balcony above the cafe. Land and open the chest to get your Postcard back.

Traverse Town: Obtaining gifts from the Dalmatians:
Every time you rescue Dalmatians, return to Traverse Town and go to the Dalmatians' House. A intermission will start, featuring a puppy and Pongo and Perdita. When you go in, there will be a pink box labeled "A Gift From Pongo And Perdita". You can get items such as a Mythril or a Torn Page. You no not have to go back every time, but when you do more than one thing will be in the box.

Traverse Town: Land and the Tramp reference:
Go to the Third District and look for the water fountain. There should be a picture of Lady and the Tramp located there.

Traverse Town: Rooftop halfpipe:
After you complete Monstro and have the Glide ability, go back to Traverse Town. Get on top of the Accessory Shop and Glide to the top of Geppeto's workshop. The roof sides will cause you to slide to the wall. Before you hit the wall, glide to the other side (this may take some practice) and it will be like you are skateboarding in a backwards halfpipe.

Traverse Town: Extinguishing candles:
It is possible to extinguish the candles in the first district without Blizzard magic. After getting rid of the chairs, keep attacking the candles. You will soon have the Defense Up and can save your MP for something else. Note: Do this quickly or you will probably have to destroy the chairs and start again. Also, unlike when you use Blizzard, the chairs will not reappear if you miss.

Traverse Town: Secret item:
Notice the treasure cheat near the left lower side of the Accessory Shop, where they are breakable chairs and candles and a green dressed woman. To open the treasure chest, you must have the magic of Ice. Use the Ice magic on the candles to blow them all out. You will then hear a sound and can now open the treasure chest.
Justin Jtz.

Wonderland: Getting Mystery Goos:
Go to the Lotus Forest. Once inside, the white mushrooms should be there. If not, go back and forth between rooms until they appear. Once you defeat them, leave Wonderland and go to the Deep Jungle. Go from the cliff to the tent until the white mushrooms appear near the tent. Travel between Wonderland and the Deep Jungle as many times as needed to get Mystery Goos.

To easily find the Mystery Goos, start in the Queen's Courtyard. From there, go to the Bif forest. Defeat all enemies in the forest and in the twisted room. From the Queen's Courtyard, go to the forest and there will be mushrooms to use your magic on.

Go to the Lotus forest and hopefully you will see White Mushrooms doing their charades. Once you see them, use the following magic: Thunder, Thunder, Blizzard. If done correctly, you should get mystery goo. If it does not work, try something like Blizzard, Thunder, Thunder or something similar.
Aidan Lampkin.

Wonderland: Get Goofy and Donald to both fight for you when you are on trial:
When on trial against the Queen Of Hearts, after she says "Choose one box", walk over to Goofy and talk to him. He should say "Garwsh your guess is as good as mine". Then talk to Donald, who should be next to Goofy. He should say "You better pick the right one". Next, walk over to Alice, in the cage, and talk to her. She should say "it's all in your hands now". Then, talk to the card next to Alice. He should say, "No use stalling, just pick one". Walk over to the box closest to the white rabbit and open it. There should be a Heartless in the box. The Heartless will pop out of the box. This works about 70% of the time.

Wonderland: Extra health:
Go to the flower beside the doorknob and examine it. The flower should drop two Potions and lots of health balls.
Darryl Murphy.

Wonderland: Heartless:
When you present your evidence to the Queen Of Hearts and she scrambles it up and forces you to choose, talk to Donald. Then, talk to Goofy and finally the White Rabbit. Then, select the box closest to the White Rabbit's podium. 99% of the time it will be a Heartless.

Hint: Wonderland: Item:
After you destroy the Mani Boss, go out and go back into the same room. After destroying the Heartless, drink the potion to become big, then move the bear sitting on the chair and the clock will come out of the wall. Move the clock to one side, and it opens up a tunnel. Go through it and you will find a chest. Open the chest, go back through, and move the bear again. The book will come out. Pick up the book and read it. You will also get an item.

You first need to walk and talk to the door. Then, push the bed into the wall. After that, drink the potion on the table. Walk through the small opening (not the door that talks).Go to the queen. Alice will have a trial. The queen tells you to find clues. Note: You do not need to find all five of them. Go to the forest. Get the two clues that are in there. Show them to the queen. She will win the case. Then, go to the forest and find the garden. The cat will say that the dark will be here soon. Go back to the door knob and destroy the Boss. Then, the cat will tell you that the Heartless took her.

Hidden scenes:
There are various versions to several scenes, however some require a specific action.
KT Averill.

Traverse Town: Depending if you defeat or lose to Leon will change the scene. Defeating him is the best, because it rewards you with an Elixir before you leave.
Deep Jungle: At the very beginning you are forced to fight the jaguar Sabor. Defeating or losing to him changes the scene. Losing to him is the better scene.
Villain's Cutscene: If you skip Wonderland and complete Deep Jungle first, instead of Alice appearing from the darkness, one of the other Princesses will instead appear.
Olympus Coliseum: When you're fighting Cloud, defeating or losing to him changes the outcome. Losing is actually the better scene.
Monstro: If you skip Monstro and play it after you complete Hollow Bastion, the scenes are changed significantly. Also, no Pegasus cup will be unlocked until this is completed, however the Hercules cup will be after Halloween Town and Neverland, so it is still possible to lock the Coliseum before Hollow Bastion. Note: Skipping Monstro means that you will not gave the High Jump ability until much later.
Hundred Acre Wood: If you can get a very high score the first time playing the mini-games (as in Story mode), you will see bonus/alternate scenes.

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