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Kingdom Hearts cheats: Characters

Sora: Abilities:
Trent Taylor and SkeighterDragon4.

Dodge Roll: Defeat Guard Armor 1.
Sonic Blade: Defeat Cerberus after Preliminaries.
Strike Raid: Finish Pegesus Cup.
Ars Arcanum: Defeat Captain Hook.
Ragnorok: Defeat Ansem/Riku in Hollow Bastion.
Trinity Limit: Defeat Rock Titan in Hades Cup.
Cheer: Go to Pooh's World and for Pooh's Tree have 101 or more, Pooh's Swing 40 yds. or more, Blocking Tigger 150 or more, Pooh's Muddy Path 5:00:00 or less, and Tigger's Pot 00:30:00 or less. Then, go to Pooh's house and in a corner is Owl. He will give you the Cheer ability

Easy experience:
When you first start, you can fight Riku, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie by talking to them. A good way to get experience is to fight Wakka or Riku, however if you defeat them all and get the items you need for the raft (the two logs, the cloth, and the rope) and select "Rest", when you wake up in the morning you can fight everyone except Riku. Defeat Wakka and Selphie then talk to Tidus. He will tell you about his three on one match with Riku and how bad he lost. You will then have three options, Select "3 on 1 me", and you will start fighting against Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie. Tidus and Selphie attack in a group. Knock out Tidus, then Selphie. Keep your distance from Wakka. When he throws the Blitzball at you and it is about to hit, slash your sword. It should be deflected, and you will get 1 or 2 experience points. You can repeat this as many times as needed, but if you hit Wakka with the ball a certain amount of times he will die. Even though it may take practice hitting the Blitzballs, it is the easiest way to get experience at the start of the game. It is possible to leave Destiny Island at level 12, almost strong enough to defeat Cloud.

For easy experience at the start of the game, simply fight Riku. He is difficult at first, but simple once you learn his pattern. His worst attack is the one used after he falls down. Remember that he will fall down after every four hits. Hit him with your three hit combo, run just a bit, then hit him again and get to the other side of the area as soon as possible. Repeat this to defeat him. Note: On occasion it will only take two hits to knock him down. Usually this will only happen when he is nearly defeated. You will get 5 experience points and a Potion every time you defeat him, not to mention the tech points that you will likely get.
C B.

Selphie is the way to go when you want easy levels. Fight her solo when you first start the game. Get a fair way off from her and she will either jump at you or come in twirling. Time it correctly and you will block those attacks, netting 1 experience point for the twirl, or 2 experience points for the jump. If timed correctly, you can also gain over 18 tech points from her in each battle, far more than Wakka and even more than fighting all three of them at once. Get yourself to at least level 9 before you leave the island and you will be a lot better shape.
Marc DeLateur.

On the Destiny Islands, you can gain massive amounts of experience in short periods by fighting Wakka. This is because you can fight him for hours without dying, or Wakka dying. When you first start the fight, lock on to Wakka, then run slightly away from him. When he throws his Blitzball and it is half way or more toward you, swat at it. If timed correctly, you will hit the ball, not get hurt, not hurt wakka, and gain 1 experience point. He will continue to throw, and you can continue to hit his Blitzball. The same thing can be done for his hard attack (where his ball gets a blue fire trail). Keep your distance, and keep locked on. Occasionally he will stop attacking and move towards you. Run towards him and when he yells, run away. He will then repeat his pattern. Keep batting the ball and the experience will build up. If you selected the shield instead of the sword, you may get the guard ability. With this you will have a larger time frame to react.
Sam Hendren.

At the start of the game when you talk to Selfie, Tidus, and Wakka, they will ask a question with three different answers to choose from. Select the top answers on every question and will be able to gain levels faster. The responses are as follows
TBUI86 and SpinDoggie.

Wakka: "To see rare sights"
Tidus: "Getting old"
Selphie: "Being number 1"

Note: After answering the questions, if it comes out saying "Your journey starts at midday" you will level up normally. If it says "Your journey starts at dawn" you will level up faster. If it says "Your journey starts at the dead of night", you will level up slower. However halfway through the game, fast turns to slow, slow turns to fast, and normal remains normal. Be careful of which one you pick.
Ryan Mathews.

An easy way to level up early in the game is to fight Wakka and Selphie. When fighting Wakka, hit almost every Blitz ball he throws. You will get 1 tech point for every ball you hit back and 2 tech points if you hit back his Super Ball. When you go against Selphie, there is a point in the match where she says "Are you ready?". She will then start running at you, swinging her weapon. If you swing your sword at the correct moment, you will make her spin and get 1 tech point for it. When she starts to jump at you, wait until she lands then immediately swing your sword. If done correctly, her weapon will fly in the air and will hit her on the head. You will get 1 tech point for hitting her weapon and 1 tech point for the weapon hitting her on the head.

If you need to gain a couple of levels in the beginning, use the following strategy to fight Wakka. Stand at a distance where you can still lock-on to Wakka. Then, as he throws the Blitzball, press X (attack) at the precise moment to reflect the Blitzball to hit him. You will get 1 experience point for every Blitzball you reflect, and 2 experience points for reflecting his special. After he is hit, he will be stunned and will begin to throw Blitzballs inaccurately. This is when you should strike him down. Repeat this until he is defeated.

At the beginning of the game on Destiny Islands, the best way to gain experience is to fighting Tidus. He does a run forward attack. By blocking it, you will get 2 experience points. Lock on, run back when he runs at you, attack his attack and block it, then run back and repeat.

Keep fighting Ice Titan in the Coliseum. He should be in the Gold Cup. Equip Guard and have Cura as one of your shortcuts. When fighting Ice Titan, keep guarding, deflecting the icicles he that throws back at him. You will get 24 experience points every time that you block one. When you defeat him, you will get 5000 experience points. As you will hit about 100 icicles, this results in a total of about 7400 experience points.

Complete the Hades Cup completed, Hades Cup with Sora alone, and Hades Cup Time Attack. All of these are attainable at level 70 easily. After you complete a Time Attack for a tournament, the game allows you to fight any single enemy. Choose the Rock Titan (by then he in second place). You can defeat him in under five minutes for 4,000 experience points plus about 30 to 45 experience points for hitting and blocking him.
Justin McGuire.

At the beginning of the game when you are asked questions by Tidus, Wakka and Selphie, answer with the top responses. This makes it so you can level up faster throughout the game. At the end of the game after about level 60, all levels only take 18000 experience to get. Try fighting at Traverse Town in the second district after sealing Hollow Bastion. Not only do you get about 9000 experience points for fighting every enemy in that area, but you also get a large amount of items, including Elixirs, Defenders, Wizard's Relics and various other things needed for synthesizing.
Roger MacIntosh.

Go to Traverse Town's second district after sealing the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. Fight for an hour to gain about five to ten levels.

After you defeat Sephiroth, you should get 18,000 experience points (on easy). You should get another 18,000 experience points if you defeat him again.

Once you get the Hades Cup keep competing in it. If you start at 50th seed and complete the enter cup without dying you should get about 9,000 to 10,000 experience points.

Defeat Ansem the first time, when he is inside Riku. Go to the Coliseum and go to the Phil Cup. Make sure you have the option to choose your opponent. Pick Shadow Batillion. You should get about 1,000 experience points. The battle takes two minutes or less. You can gain levels in a matter of minutes.
Adam Bednarczyk.

Go to Neverland and make your way through the level. When you get into the fight against Captain Hook, ignore him and float just outside of the ship. He will say " Heartless... Come here..." A Heartless known as Battleship will appear from the water, on either side of the ship... This enemy can be worth a lot of experience. When it appears, target the sail. Destroy it, then target the two cannons on either side of the ship. Each piece of the ship is worth 25 experience points. Then, finish it off the hull to get 100 experience points. Besides the experience, you will also get Power Gems, Elixirs, and once in a while a rare Element Bracelet (20% protection vs. fire, lightning and ice and good defense).
Alfred L. Santana.

Rare Truffles are the blue mushrooms with yellow hats that appear in different areas throughout the game. The enemies are also one of the best sources of experience in the game. If you can juggle one 100 times, you will get 5,050 experience in tech points. You will also get a lot of Mystery Goo in the process. The easiest way to do this is to go to Neverland: Deck. Truffles appear frequently here, and because you can fly, juggling is extremely easy. First commence flying, then hit one to get it going. You should follow it due to the flying. All you have to do is simply press Attack in sync with the Truffle's rate of fall, You should be able to easily juggle it 100 times.
Matt Wood.

When Sora is at about level 40 to 99 you can go to the tournament and fight in the Gold Cup against Ice Titan. If you defeat him, you can about up to 5,000 experience points. The more you do this, the more you can level up. When you reach level 99 you can then compete in the Silver Cup.

Go to the battle against Oogie Boogie, when he has merged with his house. Knock back the fireballs the lanterns shoot at you. You should get 49 experience points.

The best way to gain easy experience in the beginning is to fight Riku. You will have to learn the hit patterns. Target lock him in the beginning of the fight and look for these signs. When he shouts "Hey!", attack as he does to gain 1 point. When he says "You still don't got it" and blocks three times then says "My turn!" and attacks, attack simultaneously to gain another point. Repeat these steps to gain easy experience from Riku.
spencer lucke.

Face the Rock Titan. You will get 4,000 experience points when you defeat him. Every time you hit him, you will get 1 point. Casting Aero type magic and standing directly next to him causes damage and also will count as a point obtaining hit. Defeat him repeatedly to get a large amount of experience.

For easy experience at the start of the game, wait until you have to find Riku on the dark night. Fight all the shadows you can. Save the game, quit, and repeat.

Use the following trick to level up without having to do much fighting. You must be at Neverland and have defeat Hook. Return to the same area until you see the blue body and yellow capped mushrooms. Start in flying mode and wait until one jumps up. Do not move; just attack and you will juggle them. They only take one point of damage per hit. This results in tech points. For the first hit you will get 1 then it will increase by 1 each time you hit them. This is also an easy way to get Elixers and Mystic Goo. You will also get two "rank" items that you can sell at the shop. They have a total of 100 HP.
Xavier Rosalez.

At the beginning of the game, one of the most useful combatants is Tidus. Try to tech point him and get used to doing it. Spending about five to seven hours of doing this will result in at least level 20 to 25 at least. You can also fight Riku for potions if desired.
yancy williford.

Unlimited magic:
This method requires that you have the summons spell Bambi, which you can get in 100 Acre Woods. The abilities of Treasure Magnet and Jackpot are also very good to have. Unlimited magic is actually quite intuitive, though not necessarily obvious to all players: Summon Bambi, and have the Treasure Magnet and Jackpot abilities on. This enables the quick collection of, and increases the number of Magic Bubbles Bambi drops, respectively. You will get magic back at an incredible rate. This can be used throughout a battle, or simply to refill your magic at the end of a battle without the need for Ethers. It is best to summon Bambi and fill up your magic bar just before killing the last creature you are fighting. Also, unlimited magic also means unlimited health when coupled with the Cure spell. Of course, Bambi will not appear everywhere, such as the Coliseum, where this method would be extremely useful.
Anthony Candarini.

Rapid magic :
Once you get the magic spell Fire, assign it to a shortcut. Then, when in battle, hold L1 and press the button Fire is assigned to rapidly. Fire will cast rapidly without you having to wait for Sora to cast the spell. It acts similarly to a machine gun, and deals incredible damage. This also works very well on Bosses. The main downside to this is that it consumes a lot of magic which could instead be used for healing and other things. This helps to reveal the Stealth Sneak in the Deep Jungle faster.

More magic:
to get more magic for battles at the beginning of the game, go to the Magician's Study and practice magic. You can easily waste the rest of your magic or fill your charge gauge by fighting the chairs and things. This is especially helpful if you are at a very low level and need magic for a battle.
Thomas Chamberlin.

Recommended starting selections:
At the start of the game, you have the option of choosing your profession and weakness. Select "Mystic" as your profession, and choose "Defense" as your weakness. Your HP will be healed at a higher rate if you choose Mystic. I.e., your magic will be stronger, and with your defense weaker, you can use Cure to heal more, thus making your defense and magic, in this case, normal.

Spell upgrades:

Fire: Defeat Guard Armor 1
Fira: Defeat Genie Jafar
Firaga: Lock Hollow Bastion. Princesses give automatically
Blizzard: Find all evidence in Wonderland; defeat Trickmaster
Blizzara: Defeat Jafar
Blizzaga: Defeat Behemoth in Hades Cup
Thunder: Finish Olympus Coliseum barrels
Thundara: Lock Atlantica
Thundaga: Defeat Cerberus in Hades Cup
Cure: Defeat Clayton and Stealth Sneak
Cura: Earn before fighting Captain Hook
Curaga: Lock Hollow Bastion; talk to Aerith three times in Library
Aero: Defeat Opposite Armor in Traverse Town
Aerora: Yellow Trinity mark in Neverland. Chest on shelf
Aeroga: Find all 99 Dalmatians and go in Pongo and Perita's house
Gravity: Win Phil Cup
Gravira: Lock Halloween Town
Gravirga: Defeat Hades in Hades Cup
Stop: Defeat Parasite cage 2 in Monstro
Stopra: ?
Stopga: Defeat Phantom in Neverland

Victory dances:
Look whenever you complete a level while in the tournament at the coliseum at Sora's victory dances. They are based on one of three victory dances from Final Fantasy games.

Zell's victory dance: He stretches his arms out and jumps.
Squall's victory dance: He slashes the air twice then turns around and places his sword on his shoulder.
Cloud's victory dance: He spins the sword around on one hand then places it in the start position.

The Princesses Of Heart:

Snow White
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Hit Donald, Goofy, or another companion:
To hit Donald or Goofy look around and find a barrel or box. Lift it and throw it at them and it will hit them. Note: This will take life from them.
Medina Zero.

Throw a barrel at your companions in Monstro and it will sometimes give out bubbles, HPs, and even munny.
melditsay maldita.

Go near a barrel, box, pot, or anything you can pick up. Pick it up then turn and face Goofy. Throw it. Goofy will wobble a bit and lose a small bit of life. This will not work on Donald because he is too short.

Partner AP:
While using other characters, Donald and Goofy are still gaining AP. Do not worry about training with just one character.

Keyblade assisted jumps:
If you are trying to make a far jump, jump, then just before you reach the platform you are trying to get to, swing your Keyblade. That should carry you the last few inches to your platform.
Jordan Silvia.

Temporary invincibility:
Summon Tinkerbell then summon Bambi to revive your mana. Then, just repeat.
d okeefe.

Unknown silhouette:
During the Awakening introduction, watch each mural of the princesses as you progress. You will see Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Belle. However there is a fifth mural with no identity. There is the outline of a person, but no identity.
KT Averill.

Princesses' world references:
Throughout the game, you get to see connections to each Princess of Heart.
KT Averill.

Kairi: Destiny Islands/Hollow Bastion
Jasmine: Agrabah
Alice: Wonderland
Cinderella: Fairy Godmother in Traverse Town
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): Maleficent as head Villain
Belle: The Beast in Hollow Bastion and Ms. Potts in Deep Jungle on a table.
Snow White: Alternate cut scene/Bald Mountain. After defeating Chernabog, (the demon from Fantasia), you will walk through three tunnels with remains in them. Look carefully at the trees in one of the tunnels. You will see they like the "spooky" tress Snow White encounters when running through the woods.

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