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Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix +

Theater mode:
Have a completed saved game file from Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories on your memory card. The Theater mode option will now be unlocked in both games.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Theater mode:
Successfully compete the game to unlock its intermission sequences with English audio in the Theater mode. Successfully complete the game and have a saved game file from Re: Chain of Memories to unlock the intermission sequences with Japanese audio.

Re: Chain of Memories: Theater mode:
Successfully complete Sora's or Riku's storyline to unlock their specific intermission sequences in Theater mode.

Organization XIII member Absent Silhouette battles:
Go to the indicated location to start the corresponding Absent Silhouette battle against a Organization XIII member

Larxene: Port Royal, Isla de la Muerte
Lexaeus: Twilight Town (second time), The Sandlot
Marluxia: Beast's Castle (second time), Beast's Room
Vexen: Agrabah (second time), Merchant's Shop
Zexion: Underworld, Cave of the Dead

Fight the ES/AU:
Defeat the five Organization XIII members in the Absent Silhouette battles. Defeat Xemnas and successfully complete the game. Then use the new portal in Disney Castle Hall of the CornerStone area to reach ES/AU.
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Birth By Sleep ending sequence:
In Critical mode, get all three proofs (Proof of Connection - Terra, Proof of Non-existence - Org. Data Rematches, Proof of Tranquility - Mushroom XIII).

In Proud mode, finish Jiminy's journal (marked with a Mickey sign).

In Standard mode, finish Jiminy's journal (marked with a Mickey sign) and collect all treasures from the Gummi Missions (including the EX missions).

Hint: Competitions on Destiny Islands:
The fights with Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, and Riku are all optional, but the race against Riku is mandatory. Winning the fights will earn experience points. Here are some ways to help defeat win the fights.
Danny Kriner.

Tidus: Tidus uses combos like Sora and also jumps around. if he hits you, you will flinch, then he will run to another side of you and will hit you again. Just hit him when you can, and if you parry his stick, you wukk get a Tech Point, which is a little experience point. Chase him down and keep attacking him.
Selphie: Selphie is the girl with the jump rope. She is fairly easy if you dog her. Just chase and hit her as much as you can. Because she has a small amount of HP, she will go down fairly quickly.
Wakka: Wakka can get annoying because he likes to run away from you and throw balls. The balls can be hit back, and may hit him. Parrying them will earn you a tech point. Just chase him down, and when he throws a ball, parry it.
Riku: This one can get difficult, but if you defeat him, you get a potion. Listen to him, because he grunts whenever he attacks. Swing your sword when he grunts and you may parry his sword. When he bends backwards, move because he is going to launch forward and the attack can do some real damage. Jump around and strike from time to time, but be careful not to fall off the edge because you will automatically lose.
Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie: This is only available if you defeat the three individually on the first day. It can get difficult because they will attack all at once, and you can get cornered. Focusing on one at a time is dangerous because the other two will come to their aid. Attack Wakka as much as you possible, because he is the most dangerous but also focus on Tidus and Selphie. If you take down Wakka first, you are mostly out of the danger zone. Selphie usually goes down first because she has the least HP. Even when you have finished two of the three, be careful. If you do this, you should defeat them, but it may require a few attempts.
Race with Riku: You will be allowed to continue even if you lose, but if you defeat Riku, you get a pretty stone which can be sold. As soon as the race starts, get in front of Riku to slow him down and keep running in front of him. On the second wooden platform you jump on, there is a plank that will fall off if you get on it. Cut corners and Riku will fall. Jump across the rest of the way and get on the ladder. Riku will try to, but will run off if you are at the ladder. Climb up and use the zip line. You have now opened up a considerable lead, but do not lag behind because he is a fast runner. Jump across the trees and touch the star. Jump across the trees that lead to the ledge and take the wooden platforms back to Kairi. If you do not fall, Riku will not be able to catch you. You can win without seeing him even get close to Kairi.

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