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La Pucelle: Tactics

Free movement:
Go to the battle map view. Switch out any item that is currently equipped with an item that increases your movement. Use your turn to move, then switch your items back to their original positions. You have now moved more than normally possible.

Cave Of Trials:
Leave the main continent for the first time then return to unlock a hidden cave that leads to the Cave Of Trials.

Dark Shrine 2:
Successfully complete the Cave Of Trials.

Dark World items:
Buy all the items from the item shop. The shop will be restocked with items from the Dark World.

True Baal Castle:
Note: This is only available in the European version of the game. Defeat Phantom Baal (Eringa) to unlock True Baal Castle to the left of New Baal Castle on the map.

Hint: Triple XP (for next battle or Purification), Triple Money, or Triple Effect:
Go to the Rosequeen Shop in Pot au Feu City then go to the shop owner. This trick might require some patience, but is well worth it. Buy some Change-ups or any cheap item in the shop, then do the survey. Do any of the four questions and sell the item back. Keep doing this until the girl asks "If you had one wish, what would it be?". Once you have that, you can get any of the triple effects.
Stephen Diablos.

Hint: Angel Shoes:
In Chapter 4, you will have the opportunity to receive a special ending, along with the Angel Shoes. To do so, you must defeat the Monster, rather than leading it to Mt. Tarte. As difficult as this may sound, it actually is not all that hard. First, catch a bear or two, as their Bear Bash skill is useful. Then, level build. If needed, go to the Dark World and level build until you are about level 20 with your entire team. If you still cannot defeat the monster, continue to level build. This can take some time, but is worth it. The Angel Shoes add 3 to your movement, 200 to speed, and 80 to defense, as well as increasing your speed attribute by 3.

Hint: Cactus Sword:
Go to the Orphanage in the last chapter and talk to the first girl you see. She will give you the Cactus Sword.

Hint: Overlord Battle rewards:
Enter and make a Dark Portal of 300. On the 10th floor, kill a Demon Overlord over level 500. Note: Make sure the enemies on the first floor are at least 300. Afterwards you can run or finish the level and watch the special ending, and get a new title for Prier and the Warp Engine item.
dark warlord.

Defeat twenty Demon Overlords over level 500 and one Demon Overlord over level 700 to unlock another title for Prier, and the Light Year Cannon.
dark warlord.

Hint: Experience:
The game mentions that experience can be obtained by all participants in a battle, but it does not mention that the experience is divided. If you really want to level up your character, you should have them attack lower level character by themselves. You will get more experience faster by doing this rather than killing stronger enemies as a group.
Matthew Freitag.

Hint: Easy Dark World levels:
Enter any map where the enemies do not rush into your characters (i.e., you can start far away from the spawn point). Start summoning your characters and have them use their Special Skills on each other until they kill each other. This will raise your Dark World level and give you skill points and even experience points. Leave at least one character alive, then exit the map. Repeat the process on the same map until you achieve the desired skill level and Dark World level. You can also level up your items by using Purify on nearby Dark Crystals before exiting the map.
Lord Sephiroth.

Hint: Attribute skills:
Attribute skills are very important, however they are difficult to build up. Try building them up slowly. Have certain characters excel greatly at certain skills, but still have good stats overall. The way to do this is with the use of the Raise/Elevate Atk/Def/Spd/Int/etc. Equip your character with as many of these items as possible and fight low level enemies in order to raise it to extreme levels. If done correctly, you can sometimes gain over two skill levels in one battle.
Matthew Freitag.

Hint: Character levels:
Be wary of your characters levels. It is very easy to level up one character then never let any of the other characters level up. This is a bad idea, because you will eventually find enemies where it is quantity and not quality that will win the battle. Try to level up your characters somewhat evenly, especially if your only leveling Prier. Almost all her abilities are only able to attack one enemy at a time, no matter how strong her attacks are.
Matthew Freitag.

Hint: Distractions:
Convert many monsters, not only for the Dark World, but also in order to use as distractions. You will find levels where it is better to run than to fight.
Matthew Freitag.

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