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Legaia: Duel Saga

Special FMV sequence:
Remain idle for one minute at the title screen. A special effects scene will start.

Hint: Point Card:
Inside of Nohl's hospital (the large house you start in), go to the far right of the house. Inside the drawer in Hawke's room is the Point Card, with unlimited attacking power.

Use the following trick to get easy points on the Point Card. You can get thousands of points at a time and not lose money. The best place to do this is The Forgotten Town Yuno. Buy 99 of as many things as your money allows and sell them back to get your money. Repeat this for lots of points.

Hint: VIP Card:
You can get the VIP Card by talking to the man sitting on the couch in the only mansion in Darakin Citadel. You can get it before the world changes and the monsters get harder. This item lets you get better items in shops, which are found at the very bottom of the normal items that they sell.

Hint: Supreme Weapon Shop:
Combine 30 weapons in camp in order to access the secret weapon shop location on the map.

Hint: Ultimate Armor Shop:
Combine 30 armors in camp in order to access the secret armor shop location on the map.

Hint: Secret Market location:
To get the Secret Market, you need to get all three stones. Then, after awhile go to Nohl and a person named Monjiro will be there. Buy a few things from him and he will give you access to it.

Hint: Unlimited Heal Leaf:
Immediately after you get to the town of Darakin Citadel and are able to go outside on the main world map, Go back to your home town of Nohl. Talk to Maxwell, the man standing in front of a building to the left of the item shop. He will challenge you to a game of "Sidejump". Play this mini-game, and every time you get the high score you will get a Heal Potion. Every time you defeat him, you get a Heal Leaf. You can play and defeat him as many times as desired. Maxwell only gets a count of 20 jumps, so if you get 21 you will get a Heal Potion. If you beat your high score by 1 (22 jumps), you will get another Heal Potion. Beat your score by 1 jump each time and you can get about 20 Heal Potions. After you beat you high score as many times as you can, every time you play against Maxwell and beat him, you will get a Heal Leaf.
Paul Moocz.

Hint: Tireless Ribbon:
The Tireless Ribbon has the very useful Max AP ability, which always sets your AP at maximum. To get it, go to the Secret Market after unlocking it. Go to the accessories salesman and buy one Healing Ribbon and three Winged Ribbons. Then, combine the Healing Ribbon with the Winged Ribbon to get a Muscle Ribbon. Next, combine that with another Winged Ribbon to get a Sagely Ribbon. It is also very useful because of its Double EXP ability. Finally, combine the Sagely Ribbon with the last Winged Ribbon to get the Tireless Ribbon.
Brendon Pereira.

Hint: Sidejumping:
Use the following trick to get a total of 65 sidejumps within the 20 second time limit. Put your right thumb on the Right Analog-stick and left thumb on the Left Analog-stick. Wiggle those to the left and the right as fast as you can. Do this very quickly and you can get a lot of jumps within the time limit.
The legendary MoOcZ.

Hint: Easy money:
Go to the Guild in Kravia. You will be able choose sidequests for money.

When you gain access to the Secret Market, go to the shop on the far right, and choose "Expensive Materials." By as many Earth Demon Wings as possible. Then, go to Jinga and trade them for Ayne's Sun Fauld armor. If it is better than the armor Ayne currently has, keep one for yourself, then sell the rest. Then, spend your newly made money one more Earth Demon Wings, and repeat the process. You gain about 20,000 G profit for each Sun Fauld sold.

Once Paradise Isle Phorchoon is available and you have Ayne, go to Phorchoon and play Roulette. Get #7 and you will get an Eternal Flame. Next, go to Hill of Giants, Jinga with the Eternal Flame. Trade it for his Venus Armbands. Then return to any regular town and sell them each for about 28,100G each.
Nick Goodman.

Hint: Easy experience:
After Kazan joins your party, leave the mountain and go to the forest maze to the east. Before going in, make sure to make your best Combat Meal. Go into the forest maze and start some battles. After every one or two battles, Lang or Maya should gain a level. The enemies are tough; do not expect an easy fight, but it is defiantly worth it.
T.J. Hopkins.

Note: You must have Kazan in your party. When you want to level up Lang, let Kazan use small three block attacks, such as Moon Splitter, in the monsters in Cave of Trials. Dino Gol and Galdukes are ideal. You will get a lot of experience. Let Kazan attack one, usually leaving it with just a sliver of HP. Lang should attack most of the time then, and Maya should be the healer.

Hint: Easy accessory experience:
Normally, you will get experience for accessories in three ways: participating in battle, performing an action, or killing an enemy. Go to Hunter's Forest. The enemies that are there are the weakest. Equip the accessory(ies) you want to level up and get into a random encounter. Kill all except one of the enemies. Then, just defend for a while. You will gain one point for each action, even while defending. To speed up the process and make it easier, equip all your characters with an accessory that has HP Recover, such as a Holy Orb or a Tireless Ribbon. Equip one character with a Hunter's Orb or a Muscle Ribbon for Prevent Escape. Also, equip the character who has the accessory you want to level up with an Ascetic's Orb or a Feeble Jewel for Skill EXP. Finally, you can set the command to memory in the configure menu, then defend for a turn in battle. After that you can keep X held with a rubber band or some other method and leave the battle running for about thirty minutes (provided that your party is strong enough not to be killed by then). By doing this you should be able to max out one or more accessories. Note: Some of the accessories listed above need to be leveled up in order to use the abilities mentioned.
Ace Whatever.

Hint: Winning dream match:
You will need lots of money to do this. Go to Tanza and buy as many Quantumbael from the sword shop as desired. Then, go to Jinga and trade them for Transparent Pills. Next, check that you have Zonark Weed and Lonkon Powder to combine to create Invincibility Pills. If you do not have any Zonark Weed or Lonkon Powder, go to the secret market. Combine all the Transparent Pills to form Invincibilty Pills. You will need at least fifteen to twenty. These will be useful when fighting Avalon and Steil. Make sure that you also have the Dead End Badge for Gold-Siphon so that your gold will increase your strength in battle, Tireless Ribbon for max AP, and Muscle Ribbon for the Full Power technique. Also, you will need the Judgment Day sword. You can get it when you combine your sword to the max. Make sure you are close to level 99,and Galea as well. When you have finally reached the battle with Avalon, first use one Invincibility Pill, then use the Full Power technique (you will be down one Art Block). You should have learned all the Arts for Lang. When you finally start to attack him, use Raging Fang, then Thunder Sky (acquired after you reach level 99) or use Sky Fang, then Sleeping Dragon. Keep looking at Lang to check if your pill has not been used up. If he is glowing, keep using full power and the three Hyper Arts. If he is not, then use another pill. When you fight Steil, use the same technique as you used for Avalon. Do not worry about status changes; the pill will block them.

Hint: Enhanced character stats:
This trick requires at least Fruit Of The Gods (x1). You will also need the necessary materials to combine the Fruit Of The Gods into the Ultimate Miracle. When you combine everything, you should come out with Ultimate Miracle (x2). Next, gather the materials to combine with the Ultimate Miracle to form the Fruit of the Gods again. Ultimate Miracle (x1) combined with materials results in Fruit Of The Gods (x2). You should be left with two Fruit Of The Gods. If you combine both Ultimate Miracles, you will have (x4) Fruits Of The Gods, and you started with one. Keep repeating this as often as your combinable materials allow you to so, and you should be able to have an abundance of Fruits Of The Gods, which can increase all stats of a character up to 4 points. Notable ingredients for this are Yumyl God Water and Anvenus Gem. The Yumyl God Water can only be found in the Ellsworth Wind Tower, and the Anvenus Gem can only be stolen by Azul Velras in the Demiurge Tower.

Hint: Galea Origin:
Once you get your Origin, press Square to use its special technique. Each Origin has its own use in certain parts of the game. With Lang, press Square to make the Galea Origin punch down rocks, boxes, etc. If you keep pressing Square, he will punch very fast.

Hint: Defeating Avalon:
Before starting this fight, make sure that all three of your characters have equipped an accessory with the Anti-Petrify skill, such as the Vampire Symbol. On Avalon's first form, use a Variable Art to defeat him. He is incredibly slow, and you should have the first strike. If you do not finish him there, have the third character use strong Hyper Arts. Heal if needed. On his second form, he has a bit more HP. Restore your AP by using linked combos of normal Arts. Once you have about 80 AP on two characters, pull off a Variable Art. You may need to repeat this process a few times. Note: He has a few powerful attacks; continually heal your characters. Avalon's third form may look daunting, but do not be intimidated. He has Halve Normal and Halve Special, which are big annoyances. You cannot get around them; pummel him with Variable Arts. When he hits you, you might not want to heal everybody. If a character has enough AP when the Infinite One knocks them below half of their HP, use their Mystic Art. It does a prodigious amount of damage. If you have it, use your Point Card on this form. Otherwise, repeatedly pound him with your powerful Hyper Arts and heal after you do a Mystic Art. Watch out for his attack called Appearance Time, as it can lower your entire party about 2000 HP. Avalon will return to his human form. If you conquered the so-called Infinite One, then you can relax. When Avalon is back to his human form, he fights just like during his first two appearances. Again, use a Variable Art or strong Hyper Arts to finish Avalon finally. Do not be afraid to use any healing items, you will not need them after this fight.
Nick Kuhn.

Hint: Defeating Balken:
When you fight Balken, just have Lang use a Super Art and have Maya use the IceNeedle Scroll. It should do about 900 damage.

Hint: Defeating the Black Swordsman:
You need the Passion Necklace for this. Max out the Passion Necklace to get the Full Power Skill. This will give you a winning advantage if you leveled up frequently. To insure victory, be at about level 51. When you start the battle with the monsters, guard and take them out with normal Arts. When you defeat the last monster, Gorva, the black swordsman (Rauss) will appear. Go into guard mode, taking a full rounds of attacks. If you leveled up enough, this should only damage you about 450 health. Then, attack using normal Arts. After that, he should use his Ultimate Fang attack, causing extra damage (200 points). When you survive the attack, guard or heal, use Sky Fang and Thunder Sky to deal ultimate damage, and should take him out. If he is still alive, you can guard and take him out with normal Arts or just use Galea. Using Arts is recommended, as Rauss will cut Galea's damage by half. Also, you must equip the Full Power Skill.

Hint: Defeating Raynof:
Keep using Origin Attacks with Galea and Deva, and have Maya use Rivas. Do not worry about the Crimson Warriors. The worst attack is Split World and the Range Wave. They hurt and could kill Maya with a single hit; use Kazan to use Revival Elixirs.

Hint: Heaven's Secret locations:
Note: You must gain access to Demiurge Tower for most of these to work.
Downtyme8nj, Alvin, AF, and Luke Czapla.

Gordinar Island: Go to Darek's haunt and talk to Dupon (the fat man that drives the Blood Hawk). He will ask you to join his group. If you agree, he will give you a Star Bandana. Go to Sharon's room and speak to the green bird. It will give you the location to Gordinar Island. Inside the cave hidden in the left wall on the right side at the intersection is Heaven's Secret.
Supreme Weapon Shop: Get the nickname "Swordsmith". Do this by combining a weapon thirty times in camp. Combining 30 Hero Blades with 30 Poison Cloths and 30 Raw Rubies bought from the secret market is quickest. Note: Selling them afterwards is also a good idea. Then, talk to Kenjiro and he will give you access to the Supreme Weapon Shop. Talk to his friend and you can buy it for 1,000,000 G.
Ultimate Armor Shop: Get the nickname "Blacksmith". Do this by combining an armor twenty times in camp. Then, talk to Monjiro and he will give you access to the Ultimate Armor Shop. Talk to his friend and you can buy it for 1,000,000 G.
Fight Steil in a dream match and defeat him. Be warned; he does massive damage and has about 1,400,000 HP.
Hunter's Guild: Complete all the missions in the Hunter's Guild and you will receive Heaven's Secret. Note: Multiplying Monsters is not the final Hunter's Guild mission.
Wilderness Town Nohl: Go here when you have about 90,000 or more steps on your pedometer. Enter the item shop and talk to the lady. She will tell you that you have visited a lot of places and give you a free Heaven's Secret.
Jinga: Complete the Centurion Challenge on Jinga. After that, the Chief will give you another Heaven's Secret for your success.
Pyrolith: After you get the Pyrolith, go to Nohl. Defeat Cain in his side jumping challenge. This will give you the nickname Sidejump King, and another Heaven's Secret.

Hint: Ayne: Arts:

Soaring Axe (Variable 2): Press Left(2), Right(2), Down, Up
Armageddon Star (Variable 1): Press Up, Down, Left(2), Right(2)
Axe Crush (Hyper): Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Right
Power Blade (Hyper): Press Down, Right, Down
Raging Warrior (Hyper): Press Right, Up, Left, Up
Firestorm (Hyper): Press Left, Down(2)
Galeforce (Hyper): Press Left(2), Up
Solid Blow (Hyper): Press Down, Right(2)
Full Impact: Press Right, Left, Up, Down
Tidal Wave: Press Up, Right, Down, Left
Shockforce: Press Down, Right, Left
Whirlwind Attack: Press Left, Down, Up
Earthrazor: Press Right, Up, Down
Disaster Master: Press Up, Left, Right

Hint: Kazan: Arts:
John Haas.

Lightning Kick (16): Press Left, Up, Down
Critical Thrust (16): Press Up, Right, Right
Moon Splitter (16): Press Down, Left, Right
Double Kick (20): Press Down, Up, Up, Up
Double Fists (20): Press Down, Down, Down, Up
Jaw Buster (20): Press Right, Right, Up, Up
Goblin Dance (20): Press Right, Right, Left, Right
Fever Wind (24): Press Down, Left, Left, Down, Right
Aerial Attack (-24; Super): Press Left, Right, Down, Up
Iron Fists (-24; Super): Press Up, Right, Left, Left
Deadly Hands (-24; Super): Press Up, Down, Right, Up
Cannon Blast (-32; Super): Press Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
Fists Of Rage (-30; Hyper): Press Left, Left, Left
Fists Of Glory (-40; Hyper): Press Left, Left, Right, Left
Earth Shaker (-40; Hyper): Press Right, Left, Up, Up
Hyper Blast (-50; Hyper): Press Up, Left, Right, Down, Down
Sky Shaker (-50; Hyper): Press Up, Left, Right, Up, Down
Ultimate Fury (-60; Hyper): Press Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down
Fatal Impact (-80; Variable): Press Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up
Demon Crusher (-80; Variable): Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left
Fists Of Stone (-100; Mystic): Press Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down

Hint: Lang: Arts:
John Haas and Jonathan Rottel.

Blue Moon Buster: Press Right, Down, Right
Hawk Strike: Press Left, Down(2)
Blade Dance: Press Down, Left(2)
Mountain Crusher: Press Up, Right, Up
Thunder Flash: Press Down, Up(3)(3)
Demon Thrust: Press Down(3), Up
Shadow Split: Press Left, Right, Up, Left
Chaos Strike: Press Up, Down, Right, Up
Wind Blade: Press Left, Right, Down, Up, Left
Battle Flash: Press Up, Down(2), Left, Right
Rabid Attack: Press Down, Up, Down, Left, Right
Sand Storm (Super): Press Right, Left, Right
Red Whirlwind (Super): Press Down, Up(2), Left
True Moon Slash (Super): Press Up, Down(2), Up
Thunder Moon (Super): Press Up(2), Right(2)
Moon Flower (Super): Press Right, Left, Down, Left, Right
Raging Fang (Hyper): Press Up, Down, Up
Roaring Fang (Hyper): Press Up, Right, Left, Up
Divine Bolt (Hyper): Press Up, Down(2), Right
Sky Fang (Hyper): Press Up, Down, Right, Left, Up
Thunder Sky (Hyper): Press Down, Left, Down, Right, Up
Sleeping Dragon (Hyper): Press Left, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up
Fire Sword (Mystic) Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down.
Airborne Fury (Variable): Press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left
Solid Strike (Variable): Press Left, Right, Left, Down, Up, Down

Hint: Lang: Recommended combos:
It is suggested that you have Accessories that include STR raising abilities such as AP Attack, HP or MP Siphon, and Art Attack. Also Lang. needs 14 Art Blocks to perform the following two combos.
Christopher Cruz.

Normal Art combo: Battle Flash -> Wind Blade -> Wind Blade -> Hawk Stroke.
Hyper Art into Normal Art Combo: Sleeping Dragon -> Sky fang -> Chaos Strike

Hint: Maya: Arts:
John Haas.

Wind Blade: Press Right, Left, Up
Thunderhead: Press Right, Up, Left
Bed Rock Buster: Press Down, Right, Down
Dark Disaster: Press Down(2), Up
Ice Floe: Press Up, Right, Right
Blind Fury: Press Left, Up, Right
Inferno: Press Left, Down, Left
Magma Mayhem: Press Left(3), Down
Nova Heat: Press Left, Up(2), Left
Aqua Spear: Press Right, Down, Up, Right
Ice Pyre: Press Right(2), Down(2)
Toxic Cloud (Super): Press Right, Up, Down
Sky Splitter (Super): Press Left(2), Right, Left
Blizzard Blast (Super): Press Up(2), Right, Up
Gravity Crush (Super): Press Down, Up, Down(2)
Ballistic Light (Super): Press Down(2), Left(2)
Spirit Storm (Super): Press Up, Right, Up, Right
Meteor Storm (Super): Press Down, Left(3), Right
Big Bang (Hyper): Press Down, Up, Right, Left
Absolute Zero (Hyper): Press Right(4)
Dust to Dust (Hyper): Press Down(4)
Raging Sky (Hyper): Press Up(4)
Dancing Flames (Hyper): Press Left(5)
Nether Gate (Hyper): Press Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Down
(O) Pyro Fury (Variable): Press Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right
(F) Shockwave (Variable): Press Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right
Forbidden Rite (Mystic): Press Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Down

Hint: Maya: Recommended combos:
HP Siphon is good for these combos. 10 Art Blocks are needed for this combo. This combo can probably help with finding out most enemies' elemental weaknesses as well as deal nice damage.
Christopher Cruz.

Elemental Search Combo: Fire -> Water -> Wind Blade -> Wind Blade -> Wind -> Earth

Hint: Sharon: Arts:
Rick Biehl and Ross Sargent.

Slay Cutlass: Press Right, Left, Up.
Spike Anchor: Press Up, Down, Right.
Riot Flag: Press Up, Left(2), Up.
Bloody Fang: Press Left, Up, Down, Left.
Rumble Spike: Press Left, Up(3).
Rising Stars: Press Right, Down, Right(2).
Range Wave: Press Down, Right, Down, Left.
Rave Storm: Press Down, Up, Right, Left, Right.
Blood Spark: Press Down, Right, Left, Right, Up.
Fear Galgarin (Super): Press Left(2), Down.
Crescent Heel (Super): Press Up(2), Right(2).
Spiral Blade (Super): Press Left(2), Right, Up.
Peach Surprise (Super): Press Down, Up, Down, Left.
Surf Divide (Super): Press Right, Left, Down(2).
Fearful Arc (Hyper): Press Left, Right(2).
Merciful Arc (Hyper): Press Right, Up, Left, Down.
Lord of Eden (Hyper): Press Left, Right, Left, Right.
Sky Lord (Hyper): Press Left, Right, Down, Left, Right.
Windmill Rose (Hyper): Press Down, Up(4).
Detonating Rose (Hyper): Press Down(3), Up(3).
Splash Rave (Variable A): Press Down(2), Left, Right, Up(2).
Phantom Burst (Variable B): Press Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Right.
Apokolips (Mystic) : Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up.

Hint: Sharon: Recommended combos:
This Combo is very nice for raising up AP quickly in one turn because of the two Blood Spark combinations in the upcoming combo. During the two Blood Spark Combinations, Sharon automatically performs her Spike Anchor combination in between each Blood Spark. 13 Art Blocks are required for this combo.
Christopher Cruz.

Blood Spark -> Blood Spark -> Range Wave

Hint: Legend Of Legaia theme on piano:
Enter Darakin Citadel. There are two parts to it. Once you enter, there are shops. Go past that and enter an area with a mountain in the middle, by the drawbridge. Enter the second building on your right. There are blue flags with yellow symbols on the outside of the building. Go in there, and in the center is a man playing the piano. Talk to him and he should say "I'm Laurenti, this restaurant's exclusive pianist. Would you like me to play a piece?". Press X and he will play the classic Legend Of Legaia theme, as heard at the beginning of the game, when you choose "New Game" or "Continue".

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