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Legends Of Wrestling 2

Cheat mode:
Select career mode and choose any wrestler. During career mode, enter one of each of the match types. You can either finish the match or immediately exit. After all match types have been entered, a message stating that the cheats can now be purchased in the shop will appear.

Andy Kaufman:
Select career mode and choose Jerry Lawler as your wrestler. Defeat Andy Kaufman to unlock him at the shop.

Belle Jackson:
Select career mode and complete a Southeast Region storyline to unlock Belle Jackson at the shop.

Big John Studd:
Select career mode and choose any wrestler. Defeat Big John Studd to unlock him at the shop.

British Bulldog:
Select career mode and choose Dynamite Kid. Successfully complete career mode to unlock British Bulldog at the shop.

Bruno Sammartino:
Select career mode and choose Hulk Hogan. Successfully complete career mode to unlock Bruno Sammartino at the shop.

Hiro Natsume:
Select career mode and complete a World Region storyline to unlock Hiro Natsume at the shop.

Mil Mascaras:
Select career mode and complete a Southwestern region story line to unlock Mil Mascaras at the shop.

Owen Hart:
Select career mode and choose Bret Hart. Successfully complete career mode to unlock Owen Hart at the shop.

Randall Schmandall:
Select career mode and complete a Pacific Region storyline to unlock Randall Schmandall at the shop.

Scotty MacDougal:
Select career mode and complete a Midwest Region storyline to unlock Scotty MacDougal at the shop.

Tex McGraw:
Select career mode and complete a Southwest Region storyline to unlock Tex McGraw at the shop.

Tony "The Boss" Pavarotti:
Select career mode and complete a Northeast Region storyline to unlock Tony "The Boss" Pavarotti at the shop.

Unlimited Green Coins:
Successfully complete career mode with all wrestlers to get unlimited Green Coins.

Hint: Easy Green Coins:
Enter the Create A Legend screen and intentionally make a wrestler with poor attributes (stats are all at zero). Defeat him repeatedly in ladder and cage matches to get three Green Coins with each win.

Play in a 16 team tournament. Pick one wrestler and play him through the tournament. Save before you fight the last wrestler. After you defeat him, you will get 1 Green Coin for winning the match and 9 Green Coins for winning the tournament. After winning the last match and collecting your 10 Green Coins, leave tournament mode without saving. Do not save in tournament mode after the last match or you will have to start again. Save in the options menu to keep your Green Coins. Go back to tournament mode and load the tournament you just saved. You should only have to fight the last wrestler again. Win the last match again and get 10 Green Coins. Repeat this as many times as desired. This also works in the 4 and 8 team tournaments. Note: It helps if you stack the tournament in your favor by choosing weaker opponents.
David Tran.

Find or create a wrestler that has an easily accessible submission move, such as one that can be used straight from a grapple. Then, have a friend be the referee in an 8-man tag match while you are controlling the wrestler with the submission move. Immediately when the match starts, put the move on your opponent and have your friend count it as if he gave up. You should win the match in about five seconds and add five Green Coins to your account.

Note: This trick requires two controllers and the tag titles unlocked. Go to a tag tournament, enter all the people needed, but make sure the tag champions are also included. Make each match an elimination. Every time the tag champions wrestle, make them defend their titles. For every match, have player one on one team and player two on the other. Play for a fast win.

Use the following trick to get ten Green Coins in less than a minute. Start a tournament with two players and skip all the matches up to the final one. There will only be the center question-mark box remaining. Set the match rules to DQ=Yes, then enable Count Outs. Save the game. Start the match, then make player two climb out of the ring (L1). They will be counted out, and you will gain a Green Coin. Then after he match starts, you will receive another nine coins for winning the tournament. Do not save the game. Instead, load the previous tournament and repeat the player two time-out. You will receive another 10 coins. Repeat this as many times as desired.

To get 50 Green Coins, complete career mode up to the final match. Win the match. After that, you will be asked if you want to save. Answer "No". Save the options menu. Then, play the last match of the career mode repeatedly for 50 Green Coins per win.
Bang Bang.

When in the Pacific Region and having Coalition of Wrestlers as your storyline, you will have to enter a Battle Royal to determine who will fight the champion of the Region. If you lose the Battle Royal, you will have to face Big John Studd in Body Slam, where if you defeat him you will get 35 Green Coins. If you defeat him, you will have to fight in the Battle Royal again. If you lose the Battle Royal, then you will face Big John Studd again in Body Slam. Repeat this process to get as many Green Coins as desired.
Joseph Simpson Jr..

Hint: Easy gambling:
Buy one spot, for either red or blue. Gamble, and if you lose, load the game and you will get your coins back. If you win, save the game and repeat the process. This makes buying items a lot easier, but is still difficult to get.
Bang Bang.

Hint: View career ending movies easily:
When you complete a career and save the game, you will unlock your wrestler's career ending movie. However, when you enter the theater to watch it, you will need some Coins. A better way is to go into career mode and choose the wrestler you won the game with. At the "Continue", "Reset", or "Cancel" menu, choose "Continue". You will see the career ending movie and your stats from when you finished the game.
matthew wheeler.

Hint: Legendary endings:
Select versus mode, then select Andre the Giant costume 3 for yourself and Hulk Hogan costume 1 for your opponent. Let Hogan pin you after a leg drop. You will hear the announcement that Hulk Hogan has won the heavyweight championship. Also, select Cage, then Jimmy Snuka costume 3 for yourself and Don Muraco costume 2 for your opponent. Do a move off the top of the cage to Muraco and win the cage match. Snuka will say that he is the luckiest man alive and thank his wife. Note: These only work with the specified costumes and scenarios; otherwise, nothing happens.

Hint: Battle Royal:
The easiest way to stay in the match is to beat up your opponents one by one. When they are groggy. throw them out. If your opponent keeps countering and attacking you, get on the apron and use the "Bing Out The Hard Way" move to eliminate them. Also, set your "Excitement" to "5" so that you always have a special. Make sure it is a finisher that is easy to do.

To eliminate someone easily, get on the apron and grapple the nearest opponent. Once he is grappled, do the "Bring Out The Hard Way" move so you do not get eliminated. Make sure you do not get hit off the apron. Also, make sure opponents such as the Dynamite Kid do not grapple you. Otherwise, they will use there Sunset Flip over ropes and eliminate both you and them.

Hint: Stun bar never goes away:
This trick will help get coins easily. To have the stun meter never go away on an opponent, enable the momentum cheat, then do any move just as the meter is about to empty. It will refill. Repeat the process. To get coins using this trick, give your wrestler the big leg drop. (D-Lo's Leg Drop). When your opponent is down, hit the leg, wait until the bar is about to go down, then hit it repeatedly. He will never get up and you will win easily.
Bang Bang.

Hint: Replacement moves:
Damien Ace.

The Death Valley Driver can be used as John Cena's F-U.

Hint: Homer Simpson created wrestler:
Jesse Ranson.

First Name: Homer (already exists)
Last Name: Simpson (already exists)
Nickname: None
Finisher: Fly Swatter
Music: Koko B Ware
Crowd: Face
Entrance Selection: Sexy Toy
Taunt 1: Butt Crotch
Taunt 2: Break Wind
Short Sleeve Shirt: Regular T-Shirt
Long Pants: Blue Jeans
Footwear: Tennis Shoes
Hairstyle: Bald
Body Type: Barrel Chest
Height: 5' 8
Weight: 315

Hint: Jason Voorhees created wrestler:

First name: Jason (already exists)
Last name : Voorhees (does not exist)
Short name: Jason
Hometown: Camp Blood
Music: Killer Kowalski
Crowd: Heel
Type: Angry
Type: Muscle
Face: Mask: Hockey
Pants: Long: Camo: Color: Green
Belts: Leather: Color: Black
Footwear: Boots: Rubber
Torso: Jacket: Army
Move Set: Your Choice

Hint: Jeff Hardy created wrestler:

First name: Jeff (already exists)
Last name: Hardy (already exists)
Special: Twist Of Fate or Swanton Bomb
Hometown: Camron, NC
Music: Brian Pillman
Face: Relaxed
Hair: Long (blonde or light brown)
Facial Hair: Curl Chops
Body Type: Average 1
Size: 6'2" and 220 lbs.
Clothes: Mesh (black)
Armbands: Ripped (black)
Gloves: Ripped (black)
Belts: Silver Stud
Long Pants: Army Cargo (black enough to still see pockets)
Shoes: Mid (brightness, left 5)
Finisher: Fate Sealer
Taunt: Ready
Arial: Turnbuckle Ground (Senton Bomb)
Entrance: Eddie Guerrero
Then, just use Jeff Hardy's moves.(450 Splash ,Hurricarana, EXC)

Hint: Kane created wrestler:
Note: Unlock "Claw Stud" under textures in the cheats menu. It resembles Kane's clothes.

Hair: Long Brown or Black.
Height: 7'
Weight: 325 lbs.

Hint: Matt Hardy created wrestler:

First name: Matt (already exists)
Last name: Hardy (already exists)
Finisher: Twist Of Fate
Head type: Relaxed
Hair: Mid hair Black
Facial hair: Jerry Lawler
Shirt (short sleeved): Psycho color third to the left brightness third to the left
Elbow pads: Ripped Default color
Long pants: Army cargo dark enough to still see pockets
Footwear (shoes): Mid brightness fifth to the left
Taunt 1-2: Ready
Turnbuckle taunt: The first one
Signature: Fate Sealer
From: Camron, NC
Music: Brian Pillman
Entrance: Eddie Gurrero
Belt: Silver Stud

Hint: Shawn Michaels created wrestler:

Face: Relaxed
Hair: Long, Brown
Body: Barrel chest 0, light chest hair
Facial hair: Shadow
Skin color: 0
Wrist bands: Taped
Gloves: Taped
Tights: Ted Debiase, Black
Tattoos: Place the tattoos on clothing; broken hearts for all the leg tattoos, and knife for the pelvis
Footwear: Abdullah, shade all the way down
Taunts: Beautiful and Crouch Chop
Special: Warm Up The Band
First Name: Shawn
Last name: Michaels
Nickname: H.B.K.
Entrance: Sexy Toy

Hint: Stone Cold Steve Austin created wrestler:

First name: Steve (already exists)
Last name: Austin (already exists)
Nickname: Rattlesnake (already exists)
Finisher: Stunner
Hometown: Victoria, TX
Head type: Angry
Hair type: None
Facial Hair: Small vandyke
Torso: Short sleeve - jersey
Shorts: Long shorts - jeans shorts
Knee pads: Right knee - Straps; Left knee - standard 5 (make black)
Footwear: Both feet - Hardcore 5
Art: Turn to wear. You will see his back and select OMG Skull 1
Special: Stinger (stone cold stunner)

Hint: Triple H created wrestler:

Head type: Relaxed
Scalp hair: Long hair, brown or black
Body type: Average 1
Size: Height 6'4"
Weight 260
Pants: Long pants: Blue jeans
Belt: Black
Footwear: Shoes: Mid (go to color then brightness and bring the bar all the way to the left).
Wristband: Wrap
Elbow pads: Open cut (go to color then go to brightness and bring the bar all the way to the left).
Gloves: Wrap
Finishing move: Hooked Facebuster
Taunts: Crotch Shots and Marks
First name: Hunter (already exists)
Last name: Helmsley (already exists)
Hometown: Greenwich CT (already exists)
Finisher: Pedigree

Hint: Undertaker created wrestler:
Jared Cuddihy.

First name: Mark
Last name: Callaway
Short name: Undertaker
Head type: Big nose Pout
Face: 0-0
Scalp: Hair stubble brow or black
Facial Hair: Fuzz
Body type: Muscle
Size: 6 ft. 11 in. 328 pounds
Torso: Sleeveless Acclaim Mesh Black
Boots: Hardcore black
Long pants: Biker chaps
Arm tattoos: Celtic 7 all over
Special: Extended Power bomb

Glitch: Northern Lights Suplex:
When you use the Northern Lights Suplex and combine it with a pinning combo, your opponent's damage will go down three times. When you have it as a special move and use it, it will go take at least one bar of health.
Bang Bang.

Glitch: Wrong state announced:
Instead of saying "Saint Louis, Missouri", the game announces "Saint Louis, Mississippi".
Clifford Jackson.

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