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Lego Star Wars

Bonus characters:
Enter one of the following codes at the diner to unlock the corresponding character for purchase in free play mode:
nrfbono, .

Character Code
Battle Droid987UYR
Battle Droid (Commander)EN11K5
Battle Droid (Geonosis)LK42U6
Battle Droid (Security)KF999A
Boba FettLA811Y
Clone (Episode III)ER33JN
Clone (Episode III, Pilot)BHU72T
Clone (Episode III, Swamp)N3T6P8
Clone (Episode III, Walker)RS6E25
Count Dooku14PGMN
Darth MaulH35TUX
Darth SidiousA32CAM
Disguised CloneVR832U
General GrievousSF321Y
Gonk DroidU63B2A
Grievous' BodyguardZTY392
Jango FettPL47NH
Ki-Adi MundiDP55MV
Kit FistoCBR954
Mace Windu (Episode III)MS952L
PK DroidR840JU
Princess LeiaBEQ82H
Rebel TrooperL54YUK
Royal GuardPP43JX
Shaak TiEUW862
Super Battle DroidXZNR21

John Fowler.

Extra options:
Enter one of the following codes at the diner to unlock the corresponding selection in the "Extra Option" menu in the diner:

Option Code
Silly BlastersNR37W1
Classic BlastersL449HD
Big BlastersIG72X4
Tea cupsPUCEAT
Minikit detectorLD116B

John Fowler.

Note: If the "Invincibility" code does not work at first, hold R2 when selecting "OK" after entering it.

Hint: Episode IV bonuses:
Complete Episode IV - A New Hope to unlock Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper; the Rebel Trooper for purchase for 1,000 studs, and Princess Leia for purchase for 50,000 studs.

Hint: Superkit model:
Collect each of the pre-positioned studs in every level. Keep collecting them until the Jedi bar is full and flashing to get one superkit piece. After this is done in all levels the Tantive IV superkit model outside will become available.

Note: This will also unlock the "?" door in Dexter's Diner. The "episode" behind the secret door that is opened after collecting all Minikits and the Superkit is in actuality only one level based on the opening scene from Episode IV: A New Hope. The "To Be Continued..." message at the end of the level hints at an upcoming sequel to Lego Star Wars, which would include the remaining episodes (IV, V, and VI).
Andy L.

Hint: Defeating Anakin:
In Episode III you must fight Anakin. Insert a second controller but do not use it. It is easy to defeat him this way but, keep him on the platform.

Press Start on controller two when you fight him. Start to kill Anakin, and when he is on his last life, have the second player drop out. Note: If you defeat the human Anakin you will just start over. The CPU controlled Anakin now only has one life.
Yawwamal Donenfeld.

Hint: Defeating Darth Maul:
When the battle starts, Darth Maul will lift up the bridge with the Force. He will send out enemy droids to attack you. Destroy the enemy droids by deflecting their blaster bolts back at them. He will then use the Force to send a yellow Lego barrel at you. Use the Force to make the yellow barrel go back to him. Repeat this two more times. The bridge will split into three pieces. Use the Force on the middle piece to put the bridge back together to get across. You will see Darth Maul run away into an open door. Go into the same door that Darth Maul entered. You will see platforms. Go up to the top platform. You will then see a platform one space higher. Go down to the platform that is one space lower. You will see Darth Maul at the other platform. Use the Force to open up the Lego platform and jump to the platorm that Darth Maul was on.. You will need to repeat this. Jump one space higher and you will see a bridge and a slightly open door. Go in it. Darth Maul will jump to a platform that is far away from the platform that you should be standing on. There should be a bridge one space forward from the platform that is one space forward from the platform that you should be standing on. Darth Maul makes the bridge fall. You should see two orange-striped droids (they should appear one at a time). When you can play again, jump over to the platform that is one space forward from the platform that you are standing on. When you are on the next platform, destroy the two orange-striped droids. Then, destroy the rest of the droids. Two droidekas should come on two separate platforms that each have one button on them. Destroy the droidekas, then step on one of the red buttons. Your partner should step on the other one. The bridge should come up. Jump from the bridge to the platform that Darth Maul was on. Next, go into the open door that Darth Maul went into. You should now see a hallway of shields. Lift up one of the switches with the Force. Your partner should lift up the other one. Repeat this until you see Darth Maul. Go into the open door in front of you. You should see a picture of Darth Maul and about twelve hearts. To kill Darth Maul, hit him with nothing but double jump attacks. When he is on a platform he will use the Force to throw objects at you. Use the Force to send them back to him. Repeat this about two or three more times. Darth Maul should come to the ground for the last time. Destroy the rest of his hearts to defeat him.

When you enter the room with the big pit, Darth Maul should be on one side and you on the other. Keep attacking him with the Force until he dies.

When facing Darth Maul do a double jump. When in the air press Square to take him down easier.

Hint: Defeating Battle Droids:
Become a Battle Droid Commander. Shoot the other Battle Droid Commanders once. They will follow you. This does not work on disguised clones, Bosses, Geonosians, Super Battle Droids, or Droidekas.
Austin Elder.

Hint: Defeating Droids and Troopers:
To kill enemies such as Droids and Troopers, press Circle to use Force Push when they are near a ledge. It will just push them off the side and kill them easily. This works best in Episode 1, Darth Maul, where there are droids that are easy to push off the ledges.

Hint: Defeating Droidekas:
Double jump them with X while in the air to take down its shield.

Double jump near the shield, then press Square before you land.
Garrett Tomini.

Hint: Defeating Jango Fett:
In the level "Jedi Battle" in Episode II, play until you reach the end where you must defeat Jango Fett. Lure him near one of the mines set up on the field and step near it so that it charges up. Back away in an opposite direction than Fett to draw him over the mine. If done correctly, the exploding mine will take away all his hearts and destroy him instantly, saving you from several minutes of fighting.
Andy L.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
To kill a Boss or any enemy, use a Jedi or Sith. Press Jump, then attack. This results in easy kills. To kill enemies such as Jango Fett, switch to someone with a blaster and just shoot him.

Hint: Saber moves:
Instead of rapidly tapping Square to attack with random combos, you can execute more powerful moves by pressing Square in a well-timed pattern. Press Square once, then again immediately afterwards, but not before the first strike lands. Your Jedi will perform a more powerful force move on the second strike. It will make a special sound when performed correctly, and little sparks from the Force will appear from your lightsaber. Most Jedi or Sith will perform another Force slash if you press Square again after the first one finishes. Remember, you must press Square at the correct moment after each move, but do not press it before the move ends or you will perform the normal combos. For easier execution in combat, just press Square in a steady pattern, lining up one strike after the other.

Hint: End of Episode 2:
At the end of Attack Of The Clones (Episode 2), go behind Obi-Wan and use Force on him.
tomksy walker.

Hint: Hidden Lego canisters:
Listen for a jingle sound. If you hear these sounds, they indicate that there is a canister somewhere near. Look around and if you can reach the canister, grab it. You may need to grab it through Free Play.
Justin Derosier.

Hint: Keep health high:
In whatever episode and chapter you are playing, copy the type of your current opponent. For example, if there are hordes of disguised clones ready to shoot you, switch to disguised clone and they will not attack, giving you time to shoot them. Note: They will probably follow you, especially if you are a battle droid. Note: Note this does not work on Bosses, Sith, General Grevious etc.
Morph King.

Hint: Blue stud treasure:
Unlock the hidden level "Episode IV: A New Hope" and play until you reach the first split in the path. Battle through the rebel guards down the right hallway and enter the door. There you should find a group of yellow, blue, green, and red blocks laying scattered on the floor. Using a Jedi or Sith, utilize the Force so that you build an "L" with the yellow blocks, an "E" with the blue blocks, a "G" with the green blocks, and an "O" with the red blocks. If done correctly, at least a dozen blue studs (worth 1,000 each) will fall from the ceiling. Collect as many as you can before they fade away.
Andy L.

Hint: Easy studs:
After each level, do not continue. Instead, leave the diner and break all "trash cans" by the doors outside. You can get a good few thousand if you are lucky.

In the Discovery On Kamino level, if you encounter the broom where you had R4 to open the gate, use the Force on it. Money will come out. If you follow it around the entire room, money will still appear. This is useful when trying to get perfect studs.
Nino Scimemi.

When fighting General Grievous in free play mode, go as far right on the cliff as possible. Go on the bridge then into the dome on the right. Destroy all the bombs and use the Force on the levers to get a minikit.

Enable the "Invincibility" code so you do not die and lose your studs. Replay a chapter as how many times desired and try to find studs.

Go to Dexter's Diner and the places where you can enter the levels. Use The Force on the salt and pepper shakers to get about 1,000 studs each time.

After any level, go to Dexter's Diner instead of continuing the levels. There are three tables in Dexter's Diner, but only two have salt and pepper shakers on them. In each one there are about 800 studs. You cannot destroy them with a lightsaber or by shooting them. You must use The Force to destroy them. After you destroy them, you can also go in Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III to get them. There are two salt and pepper shakers in Episode I and II, and four in Episode III.
Dylan Livingston.

Enable the "Invincibility" code, then play the Darth Vader level in Episode III. At the very beginning at the lava that you must jump over, go to the third hole and wait. A number of studs will pop out, including two blue ones. You may need to jump into the lava, but you will not lose any studs because of the invincibility. Die if you have not already (same case) then repeat as many times as desired.

Use the Force on the salt and pepper shakers. They are on the tables at the diner. To make better use of this, do not select "Continue Story" after you play an episode. Instead, go to the diner and get the studs from these shakers.

Go to Episode I. Select the level with Darth Maul. When Darth Maul is running over the platforms/bridges, go to the very top. There should be a lot of studs up there, along with some Battle Droids. After they are defeated get all the studs. Note: Do not use The Force on the elevator at the end.
Roger Conrad.

Hint: Characters fighting:
After unlocking a lot of characters, go outside of the diner and to the hangar. Most of the time, the good characters will attack the bad characters that spawn there. Because there are more good characters than bad, sometimes you can see Darth Maul getting hammered by a lot of opponents.
Amir Rasyidi.

Hint: Lightsaber fighting:
Try alternating or simultaneously pressing Attack, Jump, and the Left Analog-stick as any Jedi or Sith with a lightsaber to execute various maneuvers and different three-hit combos.
Andy L.

Hint: Confront jump:
Press Square, X to do the confront jump. Note: This can only be done with Jedi or Sith characters.

Hint: Disco on Kamino:
Once you get to the section where Jango is behind a force field and there are two guns at the top. Go in the door at the left. You will see some circles on the ground. Step on one of the white ones and your partner (whether CPU or human) will step on the other. Once you are done with all of them, a dance mix of the Star Wars themes will start playing. The Kamino aliens will start dancing. Once you leave the room, you will have to repeat it.

Hint: Cantina Music in Dexter's Diner:
In Dexter's Diner, go through the Episode 1 door. To the left you will see something that looks similar to a jukebox. Use The Force on it and it will play the cantina music for fifteen seconds. You will have to keep repeating this if you want to play the music again.

Hint: Moving as Yoda:
Whenever you are Yoda , you will notice that he is slow moving without his lightsaber. Press Jump and he will get out a hover chair. This is easier when traveling, as you will not have to watch him jump like crazy or move slow with the stick.

Hint: Moving through the vents and chutes:
Young Anakin is not the only character that can go through the vents and chutes in levels. Boba Fett can also slip through the vents as well. To do this with either character, face the vent up close and press Circle.
Greg Thoelen.

Hint: Super jump:
Do a double jump onto a wall. Immediately after you hit the wall you can do another double jump
Alex Carrasco.

Hint: Skipping the first part on Darth Maul's level:
When Darth Maul lifts up the bridge in the first part of the level, use your highest jumper and jump on the bridge. Walk across the bridge and jump off. You will save a minute or two. You might have to destroy the droids.

Hint: Extra time in exploding room on Darth Vader's level:
Use the following trick to get extra time in the room that is going to explode in the Darth Vader level. Use the Force on the broken beams. This could save you about a minute and a half to get money and open the door.
Brian Wendt.

Hint: Invincible waiter droid:
Go to Dexter's Diner (main room).There will be a droid who carries a plate. You can attack it with anything and it will not die.
Michael Cheal.

Hint: Invincible Gunk droid:
As you know, the waitress droid at Dexter's Dinner cannot be destroyed. However the Gunk droid also cannot be killed. It can only be tipped over by the Force. No matter how many times you hit the Gunk droid it will never die. Do this and watch as the Gunk droid tries to get back up on its feet and start to walk again.

Hint: Battle Droids follow you:
When playing in freeplay mode on any level with Battle Droids shooting at you, press R2 to switch characters to a Battle Droid like them. They will not shoot you until you switch to another character.
corey wolfe.

Hint: Musical chairs:
On the first level of Episode 1, use the Force on the chairs at the start. They will start moving and music will begin playing.

Hint: Hard to reach minikit canisters:
Some minikit canisters are in areas that even a character with a very high jump cannot reach. To get these, use General Grievous in free play mode.
Eric Pinheiro.

In Defense of Kashyyyk, go to the huge tree with several platforms on it. Use a grappling hook character to climb the left side of the tree (your left). Eventually you will find a platform that seems impossible to reach. Switch to General Grievous, double jump toward the platform, and press Square to do the helicopter move. Just before you start to spiral downwards, press R1 or L1 to switch to another character, while still holding the Analog-stick in the direction of the platform. You should land on it. then, switch back Grievous and double jump through the rest until you reach the minikit.
In Retake Theed Palace, play through until you get to the part where you rescue the guards so that you can get out. Walk all the way to the right side of the room. Use Grievous to double jump onto the platform. Double jump again and you should reach an unjumpable wall. Keep a slight distance from the wall so you do not hit the edge on the top. Use the same Copter trick from before. Press R1 or L1 to switch to another character, again while holding the Analog-stick in the direction of the wall. You should reach the top and get the minikit.

Hint: Minikits:
When you get all ten Minikits in a level, you will get 50,000 studs. Some are found in the following locations.

Episode 2
Discovery On Kamino
Behind the Star Fighter. You need a high jumper.
In front of Star Fighter. Use R5 to hover over.
Hallway after you see Clones. Activate all switches.
Different hallway. Use C3PO to activate the panel. Get to the buttons, blast the target., then go into holes.
The same room on the far right.
Jango Fett's room. Finish the Jango Fett Poster.
The room Jango Fett goes into. Step on the right switches.
Mine bridge. Grapple and use C3PO to activate the panel. Hit all targets.
Hallway after the bridge: Use Dark Force on the table. Use Dark Force in the room.

Hint: Store prices:

Moustaches:150,000 Studs
Miniket Det. 750,000 studs
Tea cups: 175,000 studs
Brushes: 200,000 studs
Big Blaster: 50,000 studs
Classic Blaster: 75,000 studs
Silly Blaster: 100,000 studs
Invincibility: 1000,000 studs
Silhouettes: 75,000 studs
Purple: 50,000 studs
Moustaches: 15,000 studs
Hints: 8 hints, 10-80 studs
Gonk Droid: 250 Studs
PK Droid: 350 studs
Battle Droid: (Security) 300 studs
Battle Droid: 200 studs
Battle Droid (Commander) 1,000 studs
Droideka : 10,000 studs
Royal Guard:800 studs
Darth Maul: 15,000 studs
Clone: 2,000 studs
Geonosian:2,000 studs
Battle Droid (Geonosian)300 studs
Super Battle Droid: 5,000 studs
Jango Fett: 65,000 studs
Boba Fett: 800 studs
Luminara: 20,000 studs
Ki-Adi-Mundi:25,000 studs
Kit Fisco: 35,000 studs
Shaak Ti: 15,000 studs
Count Dooku:45,000 studs
Grievous' Bodyguard: 30,000 studs
General Grievous: 200,000 studs
Clone (Episode 3): 600 studs
Clone (Episode 3 pilot):700 studs
Clone (Episode 3 swamp):800 studs
Clone (Episode 3 walker):2500 studs
Mace Windu (Episode 3):30,000 studs
Disguised clone: 2750 studs
Darth Sidious: 150,000 studs
Rebel trooper: 1,000 studs
Princess Leia: 50,000 studs

Glitch: Invincibility:
Play in two player mode with a human partner. Jump off a ledge. As soon as the studs come out from you, press Start and drop out. Then, press Start. The star will be dull as if you just lost a life. When you are hit by enemies, you will not be harmed. Falling off or switching characters will end this effect. Note: This can only be done in story mode.

Glitch: Episode I: Chapter 6: Darth Maul:
At the beginning of the level in free play mode as Jar Jar Binks, you can jump up to the floating broken bridge, thus ending the shooting by the Battle Droids, and automatically depleting Darth Maul's health, and lowering the bridge to be put together.

Glitch: Defense of Kashyyyk: Make clones and battle droids fall out of trees:
After you get past the swampy part and walk up a short distance, there is a little cove. Enter the cove and when the clones and battle droids come running, they will disappear and fall out of the trees.
Sean Camilleri.

Glitch: Jumping with characters that do not jump:
First, play as a jumping character or someone that can jump. While you are in the air, switch to an character that normally cannot jump (for example, C3-PO) and you will be in the air. Note: This only works in free play mode, or if you are really skilled in story mode.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Go to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Chapter 4 Defense of Kashyyk. It is spelled "Defense of kyshyyyk".

Glitch: Slow motion bricks:
When using the Force to build a large object, release and press the button repeatedly, but do not let it completely build or fall apart. Make sure it remains in the air. Do this several times then complete the object. If done correctly, at least one brick should have stopped or will move slowly toward the object.

Glitch: Walkie talkie gun:
Play as the Battle Droid (Commander). Press Circle to have the commander to take out his walkie talkie. While he is talking, press Square and he should still have his walkie talkie out while holding his gun at the same time. [Screenshot]

Glitch: Obi-Wan's lightsaber color:
After you complete the "Jedi Battle" level, you will see a short intermission sequence. In the clip, Obi-Wan has a green lightsaber instead of his regular blue one. Note: The clip will only be shown after the first time you complete the level.

Glitch: Yoda's disappearing chair:
Play as Yoda and go outside of Dexter's Diner. Break one of the vents with Force and have Yoda get into his chair (X). Then, hover over the vent. You will see his chair disappear then come back. It will keep doing that until you get off.
Zach Latting.

Glitch: Yoda with a lightsaber on hover chair:
When you are Yoda, go to the seats with the tables by Dexter's Diner. Take your lightsaber out and stand on the seat, You should be on a hover chair with your lightsaber.

Glitch: Silver Obi Wan Kenobi robot body returns:
Go to Dexter's Diner and get a character with a lightsaber. Hit the little silver robot that looks like the gold Obi Wan Kenobi. Its arm should fall off. Do this continuously until he is hopping on one leg. Go outside Dexter's Diner to the two heaters. Use the Force on one of them, then switch to the little silver robot. Go over to the one of the heaters. Get one of the heaters. When the little silver robot jumps, his arms and legs will appear for a moment, then he will have one leg again. Note: This works better if the little silver robot is facing the screen.

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