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Mega Man X7

Note: This game is also titled Rockman X7.

To unlock X, save 64 hostages/robots.

Alternately, defeat two Bosses to unlock X.

You will unlock Zero as you progress with Axl.

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and choose the "New Game+" option to begin with your previous chips, X, and his armor.

X has full armor:
Hold Select when choosing X at the character selection screen.

Hint: Jungle stage: Extra lives:
There is an extra life at the beginning of the stage. Immediately when Megaman/Zero/Axl warps into the stage, zoom behind you to get it. After completing the stage, keep coming here, exit, and repeat to get the maximum number of lives.
Tom Yang.

Hint: Alternate ending sequences:
In order to change the ending sequence of the game, attack Sigma until he only has a few hits remaining. Then, switch characters and deliver the final blow. X's and Axl's ending sequences are almost identical. Zero's does not make much sense.

Hint: Alternate X appearance:
Hold Select and choose X at the character selection screen to see him with all his armor.

Hint: X's Ultimate Armor:
Find the large blue things for the parts of X's Ultimate Armor (as in the previous games in the series).
Tom Yang.

"Lava" stage: Look low for it in the first phase of the stage.
"Airplane" stage: Look in the maze-like room in the second phase of the stage.
"Computer" stage: Use the portals to reach it in the second phase of the stage.
"Jungle" stage: After the "spike" area, there will be two stone spitting rocks, one on top the other. Use these two rocks to jump up top to the left area on a tree branch to get the blue pod containing the boots.

Hint: Defeating Flame Hyenard:
Have Zero and X. First, with Zero, jump on the horse without having to shoot its legs. Use the back leg to get up. Then with his water weapon, use the thrust to hit Flame Hyenard when he moves after summoning his clones. If Zero gets low on energy, switch to X and use Splash Laser. When that runs out, use Snipe Missile.

Using Zero, run up to the Mechaniloid's front leg and jump up it. Then, use X's or Axl's Volt Tornado to hit the horns so there are no more missies. After that, stay on the machine's left or right shoulder and fire X-Buster or Axl Bullets and dodge his flame attacks. Note: This may require some practice.

Hint: Defeating Red:
Use X's Explosion or Axl's Explosion/G-Launcherb (press Special Attack) when he is near you. When he is far, use X's Buster or Axl's Explosion/G-Launcher (press Attack). Finish him with Giga Crush.
anh nguyen.

Hint: Defeating Sigma's first form:
Sigma is very easy in his first form. Use X and Zero. Sigma mostly jumps around and shoots a pink laser. Stay down when he is firing the laser and blast him with the X Buster and Volt Tornado. Slash him as he jumps around with Zero's Saber, but try not to get hit. Then, finish him off with the Giga Crush. If done correctly, you will not need to use any sub tanks or lose any life.

As soon as Sigma appears, switch to Zero and equip the Wind Cutter Boomerang you obtained from Wind Crowfang. Pick a corner and every time he appears, shoot him with it. If done correctly, he will disappear each time you hit him, leaving you with all your health.

Hint: Defeating Sigma's final form:
When Sigma's final form uses its Green Ball attacks, use Zero's Green Charged shield (hold Square). Zero will charge into Green Energy, and it will bounce the attack back to Sigma. When Sigma uses its Force Charged Punch, dash to right side then counter its attacks.
Lee Eng Sing.

Go up to the second highest rock to the left, and hide behind the highest rock. By doing this, Sigma cannot hit you with anything except the pink laser. Stand there and blast away with anything long range and you will kill him eventually.
Naoki Guwa.

Stay in the crack between the two top platforms. None of his attacks will be able to hit you. The punch will go past you and his fire balls will hit the platforms before they hit you. However, the laser can still hit you.

When facing Sigma's final form, he will act differently when he uses an attack.

Stands with hands in the air: He will use his green ball attack.
Spins: He will shoot fire balls.
Approaches close to you: He will use his laser.
Approaches very close to you: He will shoot fireballs from his head.
Stands motionless for a few seconds: He is preparing to punch you.

Use Zero to deflect Sigma's long range attacks. Use X when Sigma appears directly next to you, and rapid fire him when he tries hitting you with fireballs. This is a great way to hack Sigma's life down quickly. Stand on the side of a platform instead of the center. This will leave you room to move when Sigma throws his punch. Do not get punched by Sigma; as this will take away at least a quarter of your life. When Sigma tries to punch you, move quickly to the side and use Zero to hack away at Sigma's fist. When Sigma's life is half-drained, his head will explode, revealing a smaller head. His attacks stay the same, however.

Hint: Defeating Soldier Stonekong:
Jump over the shield he throws and dodge the boulders by standing directly opposite of him. Sometimes he may not ever summon a boulder if you use Zero to slash or stun him, then Axl to just fire away.

Hint: Defeating Splash Warfly:
Note: There are two ways to defeat him. At the start of the battle, make sure you have Zero out and have Vanishing Gungaroo's power. When the battle starts, immediately press Triangle to do a Flame Sword move to stun him for one or two seconds. Then, switch to Axl and equip the explosion move. Fire a normal attack, which is actually a Flame Rifle. Splash Warfly will either attack you or jump into the water. If he attacks with a water gun, hover until he stops then shoot him. If he attacks with his spear, jump and hover. He will dash past you and pause for a moment. Take this opportunity to stop hovering and shoot him. He can also twirl his spear around and chase you. Just hover in the air. His attacks cannot hurt you when you are in mid-air. The second way to defeat him is much easier. Have Zero out and make sure you have Tornado Tonion's ability. At the start of the battle, go up to Splash Warfly dashing. While you are dashing towards him, when you think you are close enough press Triangle to perform a tornado. He will then jump into the water and go to a different location. Repeat this process until he dies. Note: To do the tornado move with Zero, you must press Triangle while dashing.

Hint: Defeating Palace Road Boss:
When you get to fight the annoying roller boss on the Palace Road, switch to Zero. When it comes close, press R2 to do the fireball attack. After about two blasts, his drum will explode, exposing a drill. Continue to slash him with the saber. When your life is low, switch to X and finish it off with the Giga Crush.

Hint: Defeating enemies:
To easily defeat an enemy, use Zero's Tornado Slash, It is very effective and is able to blow up any enemy.
Lee Eng Sing.

Hint: Ride Boarski stage: Weapons Energy tank:
A Weapons Energy tank is behind one of the Reploids that you have to save.

Hint: Flame Hyenard stage: Shortcut:
If you have the leg part for X, you can skip the entire second half of Flame Hyenard's stage. When you start, turn left so you can see the far platform. Jump and glide over to it. When you get directly against it, press Jump to climb up. If done correctly, shoot a few enemies and walk to the transporter. Note: This may take a few attempts.

When you are at the first 3D part of the level, use Glide Armor to glide to the other half of the area. Note: This will cause you to miss some Reploids.
Sean Boucher.

When you reach the second part of the level, switch to Axl. Use Axl's Copy Shot on the flying enemy. Then, just glide over the lava, go past the giant robot, and leave the room to Flame Hyenard.
TJ Zuk.

Hint: Vanishing Gungaroo stage: Life Energy tank:
In the area where you have to fight several Ride Armors, before you destroy them all, climb to the top of the pillars in the room. Search the top of each one. There is a Life Energy tank on top of one, and a Heart tank on another. There are also Reploids to save around that room.

Hint: Roll while dashing as Axl:
Press Circle again while dashing. The best thing about this maneuver is that all shots that are fired upon Axl while he is rolling will miss him, resulting in less damage and possibly a higher Hunter grade.

Hint: Hover as Axl:
Hold Jump (default is X) to hover. When you are hovering, you can stay in the same place or move around (with the D-pad or the Left Analog-stick) for a limited time. When you are hovering, you can fire Axl Bullets with the Normal Attack (default is Square). You will know that the hovering time is almost up by a slow decrease in altitude. This is a good trick to use when you cannot get to a place without a farther jump, such as Zero's Double Jump, or when you need to be in the air or need some height to kill an enemy.
Andrew Orton.

Hint: Extended Air Dash as Zero:
At the end of an Air Dash with Zero, attack with your Z-Saber. If timed correctly, Zero will go forward a few more inches.

Hint: Always use Dash Jump:
As any character, hold Circle. While holding Circle, every jump (X) will be farther and faster than normal. This is the same as pressing Circle + X, with less timing involved.

Hint: Rapid fire and auto-charge:
When you are at the Boss selection screen, press L1. You should see three choices. Go to "Options", then to "Game Options". Confirm the "Auto Repeat" and "Auto Charge" options.
the cheat.

Hint: X's Buster equipment:
X's Buster equipment is on the Lava Factory stage, directly below the second fire-spitting dragon head in the first area.
Tyler Nitzband.

Hint: Recommended Boss order:
Soldier Stonekong, Tornado Onion, Splash Warfly, Flame Hyenard, Snipe Anteator, Wind Crowfang, Vanishing Gungaroo, Ride Boarski.
Sebastien laforge.

Hint: Use Z-Saber without decreasing ability power:
When you get a few of Zero's abilities, pause game play and put the pointer on as many of them as you desired, but do not select them. Look in a box below the energy tanks to find out how to use it. With that information, resume game play with the Z-Saber. If you use the ability (except his Fire Pound ability), it will not use any ability power.

Hint: Boss weaknesses:
Sebastien laforge.

Red: him with X-Buster or Volt Tornado
Sigma 1: Splash Laser ( or Zero's D-Glaive special move)
Sigma 2: Sniper Missile ( or Zero's Hieijin Skill )

There are several bosses in this game you can defeat without any special weapons, given time and patience. They are Tornado Onion, Ride Boarski, and Stonekong. However, some are more challenging than others. Instead of giving a recommended order, the following lists each Boss' weakness when playing as Axl/X. It is not too difficult to figure out Zero's version. These were determined by looking for the traditional Mega Man series Weak Point Indicator. That is, when the Robot Master is hit by their respective weapon they usually, in most games, pause for a moment or lose large chunks of life quickly. Using this method, the last two Robot Masters on the list seem to have the same weakness, but it was not determined which used which weapon.

Tornado Onion: Gaea Shield
Ride Boarski: Circle Blaze
Vanishing Gungaroo's Armor: Unknown, but it is easy enough to defeat with default blaster. Save your weapon energy, or at the very least do not use Wind Cutter.
Vanishing Gungaroo: Wind Cutter
Splash Warfly: Volt Tornado. Zero's version is easier to use against this Boss.
Flame Hyenard: Splash Ray. Zero's version is a much better choice because it does not run out of energy. As this weapon works best on hitting the real Hyenard, this allows you to miss more often and survive.
Wind Crowfang: Sniper Missile
Soldier Stonekong: Explosion
Snipe Anteator: This seems to be the token Robot Master that has no clear weakness. However, Explosion does measurable damage. For normal weapons, the X-Buster and Axl being powered up by Explosion do good damage as well.
Note: Either Stonekong or Anteator are supposed to be weak to Moving Wheel, but because Anteator does not show any sign of it being his weakness, and Explosion actually triggers a pause in Stonekong it is not possible to say which is weak to Moving Wheel.
Palace Rode Boss: Volt Tornado takes it down a few levels quickly enough to be its weakness, but there may be a better weapon.
Red: Explosion, and after that is used up try the trusty X-buster.
Sigma first form: Wind Cutter, when used up then Sniper Missile, then X- Buster. Wind Cutter is the weakness, but you will used up wither X or Axle just taking up a third of Sigma's life.
Sigma's final form: See the hints for defeating it.

Each Boss is effectively stunned by the following weapons:

Tornado Tonion: Gaea Shield
Vanishing Gungaroo: Wind Cutter
Ride Boarsky: Circle Blaze
Flame Hyenard: Splash Laser
Snipe Anteater: Explosion
Splash Warfly: Volt Tornado
Soldier Stonekong: None
Wind Crowrang: Sniper Missile

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