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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

All cities and cars in arcade mode:
Enter roadtrip or crosscountry at the cheat menu.
C_r_a_c_k_r, Phillip Hiner-Leamon, and StimulatedHigh.

No damage:
Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu.

Faster pedestrians:
Enter urbansprawl at the cheat menu. Note: This will also unlock all cities in arcade mode.

Increase car mass in arcade mode:
Enter hyperagro at the cheat menu.

Argo special move:
Enter dfens at the cheat menu.

Zone special move:
Enter allin at the cheat menu.

Roar special move:
Enter ro4r or Rjnr at the cheat menu.
mike garcia.

Chrome body:
Enter haveyouseenthisbody at the cheat menu.

Flaming head:
Enter trythisathome at the cheat menu.

Snowman head:
Enter getheadm at the cheat menu.

Yellow smile head:
Enter getheadj at the cheat menu.

Pumpkin head:
Enter getheadk at the cheat menu. [Screenshot]

Bunny head:
Enter getheadl at the cheat menu.

Skull head:
Enter getheadn at the cheat menu.
StimulatedHigh and Neil Rodgers.

Add $1 to career money total:
Enter kubmir at the cheat menu.

Note: If you have a controller with an auto-fire feature, you can use this to get more money easily. Go to the cheat codes menu and type in "kubmir". Then, press R2 and set the word "kubmir" to the top slot. Next, set R2 and X to auto-fire. Tape down the X and R2 and allow the game to remain in that state.
Yung P.

Subtract $1 from career money total:
Enter rimbuk at the cheat menu.

1949 Chevy Fleetline:
Win the Bad Boyz tournament in Detroit.

1957 Chevy Bel Air:
Win the San Diego Stage tournament.

1968 Corvette Stingray:
Win the All American Royalty races.

Atlanta police car:
Defeat each of the street racers in Atlanta.

Cadillac Cien:
Detroit City Tournament

Cadillac Escalade ESV:
Win the second San Diego tournament.
Andrew Deas.

Cadillac Escalade EXT Dub Edition:
Win the Hotlanta tournament located in Atlanta. You also will be rewarded $10,000.

Cadillac Sixteen:
Get a 100% game completion.

Chrysler 300C "DUB edition":
Win the Balboa Park tournament in San Diego.

Chrysler ME Four-Twelve:
Win all sixteen Exotic races in career mode.
Jam77e7s and rolo.

Detroit police car:
Defeat Caesar (for the second time in Detroit), and Angel.

Ducati 999R:
Win the Hotlanta tournament.

El Diablo Rigid:
Defeat Vanessa three times in career mode.

Gembella Turbo Coupe:
Win the first purple trophy that appears on your map. There are five races. Note: This is only for the Tokyo Challenge.
Cory Minch.

Hotmatch Cuevito bike:
Win all four of Phil's races in career mode.

Hotmatch Skully bike:
Win all the Chopper of America Bike Club races.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R:
Win all Sport Bikes club races.

Lamborghini Murcielago:
Win the U.S. Champs Series.

Lexus IS300:
Win the San Diego City tournament.

Mercedes Benz CL 55 AMG:
Win all the SUV/Truck club races.

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG:
Win the Big Playas.

Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG "DUB Edition":
Win all the San Diego Luxury Rollers races.

Nissan 02 Skyline:
Win all Tuner club races.

Kawasaki 1000 police bike:
Complete race 14 of Sport Bikes and race 15 of Choppers.

San Diego police car:
Defeat all the street racers in San Diego.

Flag vinyls:
Collect twelve Rockstar Games logos to unlock the "Flags" option in your garage.

Rockstar Games license plates:
Collect twenty four Rockstar Games logos.

Race starter riders:
Collect thirty six Rockstar Games logos.

Vito bike rider costume:
Defeat Vito in San Diego.

Phil bike rider costume:
Defeat Phil in San Diego.

Naomi bike rider costume:
Defeat Naomi in Atlanta.

Agro for luxury sedans:
Win race 3 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Agro for SUV/Truck:
Win race 3 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

Car rims set 1:
Defeat Carlos in 3 of 3 races in San Diego.

Car rims set 2:
Defeat Vanessa in 3 of 3 races in San Diego.

Car rims set 3:
Defeat Dre in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Car rims set 4:
Defeat Lamont in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Car rims set 5:
Defeat Roy in 3 of 3 races in Detroit.

Car Rims set 6:
Defeat Caesar in 3 of 3 Races in Detroit.

Car rims set 7:
Defeat Caesar the second time in 3 of 3 Races in Detroit.

Chopper rims:
Defeat Naomi in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Chopper vinyls:
Defeat Spider in 3 of 3 races in Detriot.

Chopper vinyls:
Win race 12 of 15 from Choppers of America Racing Club.

Color shift paint:
Defeat Roy in 4 of 4 races in Atlanta.

Flame vinyls:
Defeat Bishop in 3 of 3 races in San Diego.

Graphics vinyls:
Defeat Roy the second time in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Luxury sedan exhausts:
Win race 1 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Luxury sedan front bumpers:
Win race 5 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Luxury sedan rear bumpers:
Win race 9 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Luxury sedan side upgrades:
Win race 7 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Luxury sedan spoilers:
Win race 11 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Manufacturer vinyls:
Defeat Vanessa in 3 of 3 races in San Diego.

Muscle car exhausts:
Win race 1 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Muscle car front bumpers:
Win race 7 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Muscle car hoods:
Win race 13 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Muscle car rear bumpers:
Win race 11 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Muscle car rear upgrades:
Win race 5 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Muscle car side upgrades:
Win race 9 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Pearlescent paint:
Defeat Vanessa the second time in 3 of 3 races in San Diego.

Rider outfits set 1:
Win race 8 of 15 from Choppers of America Racing Club.

Rider outfits set 2:
Win race 8 of 14 from Original Riders Racing Club.

Riders skins:
Win race 1 of 14 from Original Riders Racing Club.

Roar for choppers:
Win race 3 of 15 from Choppers of America Racing Club.

Roar for muscle cars:
Win race 3 of 15 from the American Royalty Racing Club.

Splash vinyls:
Defeat Leo in 3 of 3 races in Detriot.

Sportbike rims:
Defeat Vito in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Sportbike vinyls:
Defeat Kioshi in 3 of 3 races in Detriot.

SUV/truck exhausts:
Win race 1 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck front bumpers:
Win race 5 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck front grills:
Win race 12 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck hoods:
Win race 10 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck rear bumpers:
Win race 7 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck rear upgrades:
Win race 11 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck side upgrades:
Win race 6 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

SUV/truck taillights:
Win race 2 of 15 from Big Playas Racing Club.

Tribal vinyls:
Defeat Dre in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Tuner exhausts:
Win race 1 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Tuner front bumpers:
Win race 6 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Tuner hoods:
Win race 9 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Tuner rear bumpers:
Win race 8 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Tuner side upgrades:
Win race 7 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Tuner spoilers:
Win race 10 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Tuner tailgates:
Win race 2 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Wild vinyls:
Defeat Cheng in 3 of 3 races in Atlanta.

Zone for exotics:
Win race 3 of 16 from Invitation Only Racing Club.

Zone for sport coupes:
Win race 3 of 14 from the Luxury Rollers Racing Club.

Zone for sportbikes:
Win race 3 of 14 from Original Riders Racing Club.

Zone for tuners:
Win race 3 of 13 from the UnDefeatable Street Racing Club.

Hint: Rockstar Games logos:
There are twelve Rockstar Games logos hidden throughout each level in the game.

Atlanta: When you get out of the garage immediately turn to the right. You will see a glass. Crash through to find the logo.
Kenshin Himura.
Atlanta: Drive to the bottom of the map. Look for a building with a huge globe. There is a logo that reads "Nitro Cola". A logo is located directly under that.
Morten Rasmussen and Brazman .
Atlanta: Drive to the graveyard in the south of the map (near the highway). There is a logo at the east part of the building there.
Morten Rasmussen.
Atlanta: Follow the highway until you reach a place with some construction work. Drive off the highway (to your right side if driving north), and look for a tank station. Follow the building around and you will se a ramp/road going up. Get some speed, fly over, and you will land on the roof of building. The logo should be in front of you.
Morten Rasmussen.
Atlanta: On the freeway at the top right-hand side of the map, there is an overpass. There is a logo under the overpass on the right-hand side, if you are traveling north.
erik redd.
Atlanta: Follow the highway south of the construction until you see a building with a yellow sign on the side that reads "DJ Smalls" on your right. It will be located rather low -- you would be better off traveling against traffic. It is just before you go into the tunnel part of the highway. Drive up towards that sign and look to your left across the highway. There will be a building with a ramp that goes down inside it. Note: Do not go down. Go around this building and find a ramp that leads up. Go up it and look around up top for the logo.
Snipers Laww.
Atlanta: Follow the building where you garage is located. Drive through the skeleton's mouth and you will find a logo
Morten Rasmussen.
Atlanta: While looking at the shipping station, turn left and keep going until you find a park-like area. There will be a ramp at a corner of it. Hit the ramp at full speed, and after you land on the building, continue forward and jump over to the next building. You should see an open area to the left. The logo should be located there.
Snipers Laww.
Atlanta: Go to the park-like area where there is a ramp in the corner. Approach the ramp slowly. Drive just over the back of it and you should find a Rockstar logo.
Detroit: Look for Comerica Park. Near there is a building with some glass that you can drive through. Inside you will find a Rockstar logo.
Detroit: Look for a building with the Detriot Atrium. Drive through the glass to find another Rockstar logo.
Detroit: There is a Rockstar logo near the near the lower left part of the map. Look for a building with some graffiti with a pink bear and the name Kool Kid Snirk. There is a building to the right of it. The logo is inside. Enter the building and turn to see it.
michael alvarez.
Detroit: Near the lower part of the map, look for some subway tracks that are overhead. Then, look for a ramp that leads up to the subway platform. Drive on the track and you should see a Rockstar logo near a building with a red Maxim billboard sign on it.
Detroit: Look for the big pentagon-shaped place on the map (at the center). Look to the south of that. There will be a small open area. Look to the left of that to find the big building labled "Expo". Go inside the glass to find a logo.
Anthony Garvin.
San Diego: Find the aircraft carrier and locate the ramp to jump onto the flight deck. One logo can be found here, on the ramp.
The Notorious GLD.
San Diego: There is a logo behind the baseball stadium. Follow the highway to the back of the stadium.. You will then se a small ramp. Drive up to find the logo.
Morten Rasmussen.
San Diego: There is also a logo at the top deck of the aircraft carrier.
Morten Rasmussen.
San Diego: Drive to the beach at the top left of the map. Follow the beach until you see a small tunnel.. There is a logo in there.
Morten Rasmussen.
San Diego: At the lower left of the map (near the aircraft carrier), follow the coastline. There is no road near by. Follow the large building, and you will find a little road that leads up to a roof. Turn left and you will see the logo.
Morten Rasmussen.
San Diego: Almost at the lower right corner at the map, there is a huge parking garage. When you are on the streets, drive to the bottom left corner of the building. Drive up the ramp, turn left, and drive through the windows to find another logo.
Morten Rasmussen.
San Diego: To the far left of the map at the rollercoaster, drive up the ramp that is located at the north of the rollercoaster. Ride to find the logo.
Morten Rasmussen.
San Diego: Look at the map. Somewhere near the top right corner is a tunnel that goes through a building . There is a logo in it.
San Diego: There is a long and short building. In the middle of it is a flight of stairs. Drive up it to find the logo.

Hint: San Diego: Baseball stadium:
To get to the baseball stadium, get your map fixed then go all the way down to the bottom of it. While looking at your map, press Up and look to the right on the map. Follow the road that the strange shape is on to reach the stadium.
Logan May.

Hint: San Diego: Get on the aircraft carrier without jumping:
Go to the back of the aircraft carrier. There should be a opening. Go in it. There should be a ramp. Go up it and you will be on the top deck of the aircraft carrier

Hint: Easy cheats:
To use cheats easier, enter the code text, but do not accept it. Select the "Hotkey" button and go to "Set". Then, select one of those phrases. Your code should now be accessible through hotkeys. This is especially useful with the code to add $1 to your career total.
Matt Schroeder.

Hint: Easy money:
In a tournament race, do not finish the last race in first place, but in second or third place. Note: Second place is worth more money. Do this as many times as desired for fast money.

In the middle of career mode, buy any car (for example, a '64 Impala). Fix it up nicely with level 2 performance parts, etc., which is worth $43,500. Make a duplicate of the car in the "Manage Vehicle" menu. Make at least five duplicates, but make sure to change some of the letters or numbers of each duplicate. When all of the duplicates are made, choose the duplicates and select "Sell The Vehicle". After selling these versions, you will have easy money in career mode.

When you defeat the Big Playas Club you will win a Mercedes G55 AMG. If you want to boost your bank, sell it. With no performance parts and no fancy upgrades, it is still worth over $90,000.

Win the Chrysler 300C and sell it for about $50,000. Then, buy the Lotus for $33,000 and put a $14,000 engine upgrade on it. Enter some races and use it to win.

Hint: Easy wins:
This trick will work best if you can ride a motorcycle well. To defeat a street racer like Roy, Ceasar, etc., enable the the "Roar special move" code and race them. A motorcycle can turn corners faster than cars. It will be possible to beat them to the finish line by ten seconds. If they somehow get in front of you, use roar to make them lose control.

Hint: Burnouts:
To do a burnout, hold Handbrake and hold Gas at the beginning of a race. If the handbrake is released at the proper moment, you will get a slight boost.

To do a "deathspin" burnout, do a normal burnout with one exemption; hold the Left Analog-stick in the direction of one of your opponents. Your car will spin around and hit the front of your opponent's car. If you want to hit the front of the car on your right, hold the Left-Analog stick Right. The back of your car will go to the left, but will hit the front of the car on your right. You will not only start out ahead of the pack, but you will also get a boost from the car behind you. Be careful not to spin too much or you might start out backwards. Note: Deathspin does not work with sport bikes.

To do the "jump the gun" burnout, hold the Left Analog-stick Forward + R1 (parking brake) without holding X at the countdown. Just before the counter hits "1", hold X. Your car will shoot forward before anyone else's. Release R1 when the counter is at "Go". You will not have a full turbo meter, but you will be ahead of everyone.

Hint: Agro special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode and is only available for SUVs, trucks, and luxury sedans. The Agro meter is charged by hitting traffic and sidewalk clutter. When fully charged, Agro can be activated (or used at a later time) by pressing L3. Agro allows you to plow through the competition, swatting aside any car that gets in your way.

Hint: Roar special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode, and is available to muscle cars and choppers. The Roar meter is charged through successful drifting. When the special move meter is fully charged, Roar can be activated immediately or saved for later use. When activated by L3, Roar sends out an engine rev so loud that traffic will do anything it can to get out of the way.

Hint: Zone special move:
This move is unlocked in career mode and available to import and exotic cars, as well as sportbikes. The Zone meter is charged by driving cleanly and avoiding collisions. Collisions will prevent the meter from charging. It is activated by pressing L3. Zone simulates the adrenaline rush of racing at insane speeds by slowing down the world around you to a crawl, allowing you to squeeze around tight turns and get through narrow spaces with ease.

Hint: Slipstream turbo:
When drafting someone (sharing the air from the car in front), you will see a meter on the right-hand side of the screen fill up. When it is red and starts beeping, press Nitrous and you will get a sudden boost, allowing you to leave your competition in the dust.

Hint: Weave through traffic:
When racing, turn left or right and press Circle. Your car will go on its side and can weave through traffic.

Hint: Drive on two wheels:
Press L1 and the D-pad Left or Right. Your car will pop up on the left or right side, and you can drive on two wheels.

Hint: Frontflip:
With tuner cars with the Zone special move, find a big jump (for example, the roller coaster jumps in San Diego). Get to at least 150 mph and just before reaching the end of the jump, activate the Zone. Once in the air, hold L1 + Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will perform a frontflip.

Hint: Wheelies:
When you drive with your hydraulics active, press L1 + R1 to perform wheelies.

Hint: Wheelies, endos, drive on two wheels, etc.:
When on a bike, hold Circle and press the Analog-stick Down to make the bike do a wheelie, while pressing the Analog-stick Forward will make it do an endo (stoppie). Tilting the Analog-stick Left or Right will decrease its turning radius. In cars or trucks you will drive on two wheels. Note: Wheelies and endos will not work on choppers as well as on the sport bikes.

Hint: Go under cars:
This trick only works with exotic cars that are set low to the ground. When in the air coming off a jump, press Circle + Analog-stick Up to angle the car downwards. If you hit a car, you will go under it without losing any speed. This is very useful in races.

Hint: Easy boost:
Get on an opponent's tail until the meter fills up on the right side of the screen then press Nitrous.
Plutonian Shadow.

When someone peels out in front of you on a straight road, use your nitrous when he is done and get behind him. Your turbo boost will rise. Then, tap Nitrous again and you will have an ultra boost. This works best with cars that have "Roar".
Darren C. Sutton.

Go behind a car and use the slipstream for a charge up. Then after you use it, immediately use nitrous to add an extra boost and speed up to first.

Hint: Burnout boost:
Hold Hand Brake and Gas when getting ready for the race. After the screen focuses on your car, release Hand Brake. If done correctly, when it is time to go the meter on the right will fill up.
Plutonian Shadow.

Hint: Higher jumps from ramps:
If you have a car that has hydraulics and are about to go off a ramp, as soon as you are on the first part of the ramp press Down. Then, when you are just about to launch off the ramp press R1 + R2 + L1 +L2. If timed correctly, you should go slightly higher and farther than normal.
Daniel Augustin.

Hint: Faster street bike acceleration:
With any street motorcycle, use weight control and hold back to wheelie. You will accelerate much faster, but will only be maxed at about 175 mph. Once you go down you will go slower, and then reach 200+ mph.
Chris Donohue.

Hint: Sport Bike front flip and back flip:
Get a sport bike and a full tank of Zone (with nitrous would be better). Go to Detroit, then go over to the draw bridge. Go down the road a short distance a so that you can still see the bridge going up and down. Do a burnout, and when the bridge goes up release the emergency brake. Hold X and/or use nitrous. When you reach the top of the bridge, use Zone and hold L1 + Left Analog-stick Forward or Away. Keep holding that position until you are flat with the road or ground.

Hint: Weight transfer and air tricks:
When flying through the air press, hold Circle and tilt the Analog-stick in whatever direction that applies to the situation. For example, if you are going to land on the rear, tilt the Analog-stick Forward to level out. Some cars have the ability to do spins, flips, and spinning flips. Note: Bikes and trucks cannot do the aerial stunts. Tuners are recommended for these stunts, though weight transfer works for all vehicles.

Hint: Tuning your car, truck, or bike:
While in cruise mode, press Start to pause game play. Then, go to "Options", then to "Tune Your Vehicle". There are three settings, "Drift Factor", "Traction", and "Friction Bias". For all the drifters out there, set the "Drift" bar all the way to the right, "Traction" to the left, and leave "Friction Bias" alone and it will slide like it is on ice. Also, turning and nailing the gas from a complete stop will make it do drifting donuts requiring no turning after about three times around.

Hint: Using hydraulics:
Press Down to get into the hydraulics setup. You can then press L1, R1, L2, and R2 to use your switches.

Bouncing: Keep tapping D-pad Down.
Juggalo b0nez.
Driving on three wheel or other motions: Get your car onto the wheels you want and use the Right Analog-stick to drive backward and forward. Be careful; if your are in three wheel motion decide to lift up the front
right wheel from the ground while driving, your car will veer to the right (realistically).
Juggalo b0nez.

Hint: Hydraulic poses:

3 Wheel: Press L2 + R1, or R2 + L1. To drive, press X and Square for brake/reverse.
West Coast (front up): Press L1 + R1.
East Coast (rear up): Press R2 + L2.
Side to Side: To raise the left side press L1 + L2. To raising the right side press R1 + R2.
Pancake (hop in place): Press R2 + L2 and L1 + R1 to hop.

Hint: Preview car:
To preview your car, enter the pause menu and move the Right Analog-stick around to circle your car. Use R1 and L1 to zoom. This also works in the garage. Note: Entering the pause menu is not required in the garage.

Hint: Exotic cars:
After you unlock Class A cars, you may notice that the really fast cars are $250,000 each. In order to get that money, sell all of your other cars. The Cadillac Escalade EXT is worth over $50,000.

Hint: Recommended cars:
Use the Chrysler 300C for the first autocross race.

Use the following cars to defeat the clubs.

Luxury Rollers: Mercedes SL500
Tuners: Viper GTS R
Muscle: 81 Camaro Z28
Choppers: El Diablo Rigid
Sport Bikes: Ducati 999R
SUV/Truck: Dodge Ram SRT 10
Exotix: McLaren F1 LM

Hint: 1970 Dodge Daytona (look-alike):
Use the following trick to make a 1969 Dodge Charger R/t resemble a 1970 Dodge Daytona. Drop it down on 20's, change the front bumper from stock to 10 tuner bumper. Then, add the 5 tuner spoiler. Keep the manufacturer's stripe at the end of car then paint and customize as desired.

Hint: Car list:

Class MakeModel Price
D/TunersMitsubishiEclipse $21,200
D/TunersVolkswagenJetta $21,350
D/TunersDodgeSRT4 $21,450
D/TunersVolkswagenR32 $21,750
D/TunersLexusIS300 $29,980
D/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1978 Monte Carlo$20,750
D/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1964 Impala$21,450
D/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1957 Bel Air$37,000
D/Truck/SUVHummerH1 $117,508
D/Luxury SedansChrysler 300C$32,995
D/Luxury SedansLexus GS430$48,600
D/Luxury SedansCadillac CTS-V$54,495
C/TunersMitsubishiLancer Evo 8 $29,999
C/TunersNissan350Z $34,666
C/TunersToyota1998 Supra $37,975
C/TunersLotusElise $39,998
C/TunersNissanSkyline $41,500
C/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1996 Impala SS$35,750
C/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1970 El Camino$37,250
C/Muscle CarsDodge1969 Charger R/T $37,450
C/Muscle CarsPontiac 1968 GTO$42,150
C/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1949 Fleetline$42,500
C/ChoppersHotmatchCuevito $65,000
C/ChoppersWest Coast Choppers CFL$60,000
C/ChoppersWest Coast Choppers El Diablo Soft Tail$125,000
C/Truck/SUVCadillac Escalade EXT$53,240
C/Truck/SUVCadillac Escalade$55,535
C/Truck/SUVHummerH2 $56,040
C/Truck/SUVMercedes G500$76,000
C/Truck/SUVAMGG55 $114,000
C/Luxury SedansLexus SC430$63,500
C/Luxury SedansMercedes CL500$94,000
C/Luxury SedansVolkswagen Phaeton$97,233
C/Luxury SedansAMGCL 55 $141,000
B/TunersChevroletCorvette Z06 $51,925
B/TunersDodgeCharger R/T $60,000
B/TunersLotusEsprit $93,225
B/TunersDodgeViper GTS-R $152,000
B/TunersSaleenSR $174,000
B/Sport BikesDucati 2004 Monster S4R$13,495
B/Sport BikesDucati 2004 SS1000$12,200
B/Muscle CarsPontiac 1970 GTO$48.000
B/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1969 Camaro Z28$49,900
B/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1981 Camaro Z28$54,000
B/Muscle CarsChevrolet 1968 Corvette Stingray$56,000
B/ChoppersHotmatchSkully $65,000
B/ChoppersHotmatchD?elegance $80,000
B/ChoppersWest Coast Choppers El Diablo Rigid$100,000
B/Truck/SUVChevrolet Silverado SS$40,755
B/Truck/SUVDodgeRam SRT10 $45,850
B/Luxury SedansMercedes SL500$90,620
B/Luxury SedansAMGSL55 $135,000
B/Luxury SedansCadillac Sixteen$250,000
A/Sport BikesKawasaki Ninja ZX 12R$10,999
A/Sport BikesAprilia Mille Factory$17,899
A/Sport BikesDucati 999R$29,995
A/ExoticsCadillacCien $135,000
A/ExoticsGemballaTurbo Coupe $140,000
A/ExoticsChryslerME 412 $240,000
A/ExoticsLamborghini Gallardo$184,100
A/ExoticsMcLarenF1 $250,000
A/ExoticsLamborghini Murcielago$297,700
A/ExoticsSaleenS7 $375,000
A/ExoticsMercedesCLK GTR $725,000
A/ExoticsMercedesSLR McLaren $452,750
SpecialtyKawasaki 1000 Police bike$0
Specialty1996 Impala SS San Diego police car$0
Specialty1996 Impala SS Atlanta police car$0
Specialty1996 Impala SS Detroit police car$0

JMDRAGGON and Flashjr212.

Hint: Pedestrians look at your car:
Drive up to a pedestrian (be careful not to run them over). Wait a little while. They will start to admire your car. Some will even go down on their knees to look at your rims. Others will go around the whole car to look at the entire thing.

Hint: Peeled look for Chrysler ME 412:
Go to the manufacture's vinyls and get the one that looks like a grid. Change the color to where the lines are green and the squares are black. It should look like the computer graphics are peeling off.

Hint: Big explosion:
Find a gas station and drive into one of the pumps. There should be an amazing explosion and you car will be reset in perfect condition.
Chris Donohue.

Hint: Snow truck collides with police car:
On Race 13 out of 14 in the Luxury Sedan races in Detroit, press Start before the race begins. A police car will get plowed off the road by a snow truck.
David Pallas.

Glitch: Free paint:
When you buy a car, select the paint you want before you buy the car by using R2 and L2.

Glitch: Van U-turn:
In San Diego, on the race for the Unbeatable Street Racers for Tuners, at the starting line there will sometimes be a van coming straight toward you and the other cars at the starting line. During the countdown, the van turns around on its two front wheels and goes the opposite direction.
Keenan Brown.

Glitch: Clearing the road:
In the Luxury Rollers Club race Weave, at the starting line there is a police car heading towards the racers. Before the race starts, a big orange plow truck will make a turn onto the same road and smash the police car off to the side of the road. The road will be cleared just in time for the end of the countdown.

Glitch: Throw traffic into the air:
Enable the "Increase car mass in arcade mode" and "No damage" codes. Go to arcade mode and select "Cruise". Note: You must unlock the special move Roar first. Choose a muscle car and go to any of the three cities. Slide around the city for a little while to build up your Roar meter. Once you have one or more units of the roar meter filled, find a large cluster of traffic. Use your special Roar move and it will "throw" the cluster of traffic high into the air. Note:-This does not work on city buses because of their large size and weight.
Yamaha Fan.

Glitch: Traffic cars act like trolleys:
In San Diego, there are trolley tracks located about 50 yards from the shipping garage at the docks in Career mode. Normally, traffic cars drive directly over the tracks. However, if you can nudge the traffic cars gently enough that they can still drive away directly on the train tracks, the traffic cars will drive on the tracks as if they were trolleys. It is very humorous to witness the trolley smash the traffic cars off the tracks. Note: This will work with any traffic vehicle in San Diego so long as they are not parked. This may require several attempts as most traffic cars will not drive if the player hits them too hard and positioning the traffic cars directly on a set of tracks can prove difficult.

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