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Monster Rancher 3

Hint: Skip animations:
After selecting the type of training (for example, trampoline in Morx Forest), rapidly press X to skip the animations for the drill. . It does nothing to the success or failure of the monster.
ugplo ridoi ugwb.

Hint: Control preview screen:
At the menu starting with "Training", press Square. Go to the encyclopedia, and choose a random monster. At the information page of the selected monster, press Square and the monster's image will go to the center of the screen. Everything else will disappear. Pressing Square, Circle, X, R1, and R2 will make the monster do some random action. For example, pressing Circle will make the monster act mad. Moving the Left or Right Analog-stick Right will make the monster thicker, and Left will make it thinner.

Hint: Zan secret monster:
First, you will need a relatively very strong monster -- power, health, and defense vs. magic and physical attacks helps. Train your monster in the Snowy Mountain training area for an extended period of time. After awhile, rivals will begin to say that there has been an odd monster attacking them. Continue to play and you will fight various monster types and eventually figure out Gatoman is attacking. Once this is learned, she will attack once again with various monsters (over an extended period of time). Win these battles, and every time she will say she has to modify her monster. During the final time she will say that a man is making accessories for her. Continue to train and this man will show up, looking much like a scientist -- until his face gets weird and he appears to be psychotic. He will attack you with a black monster that has scythe-like appendages out of its back and two black and red accessories. After you defeat him, you will talk to him and he will give you the accessories after the monster dies. At the end of it all, the scientist will give you a black disk that is imprinted in the center. Bring this to the shrine and the man who revives the monsters will examine the disk and conduct studies. After this point you will be able to revive the new monster type Zan from your disks. He is usually on the disks that say "This is too dangerous" or "I don't know what this is". On a final note, you can get a secret Zan from the Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore and Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins discs called Izuna.
Danté Antonio Di Pasquale.

Hint: Defeating Joker:
When Kai challenges you to the battle where you fight the Joker, have a monster with the Fast Footwork ability (such as a Hare or someone who just happens to have it). If you manage to get a few hits off and remain unscratched, it still counts as winning. You can now train Jokers. Save the game before you attempt this, so if you lose the fight your monster will not be cut down to only half life and you can repeat as long as desired.
Jonathan Weiterman.

Hint: Save stats:
Andrew Menard.

1. Save before you start.
2. Raise your monster as much as you can before it gets lazy.
3. Save the stats of that monster (just the stats).
4. Load the save all the way at the beggining, and load the stats you had saved.
5. Make your monster stronger and save.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you get the desired stats.

Disc TypeMonster
Ace Combat 4GameDesert Karakarakkung
Ace Of Base: The BridgeMusic CD Night Flyer
Ace Of Base: The SignMusic CD Hare
Aerosmith: Big OnesMusic CD Ogyo
Any PC gameGame Mocchi
Aqua: Aquarium Music CD Joker
Armored Core 2GameRobot
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack (Disc 1) Music CDLovina (rare Ogio sea creature)
Backstreet Boys (first CD)Music CD Kobu(large dog)
Backstreet Boys: Black and BlueMusic CD Kaio (Water Golem)
Batman And Robin SoundtrackMusic CD Angel (powerful Pixie type)
Billy Gilman: Self TitledMusic CD Mew
Blade Runner; widescreen sideDVD "Fay" Pixie
Blair Witch Project DVD ? type Dakkung (Eggukkung)
Bob Dylan: Greatest HitsMusic CD Marin
Bringing Down The HouseDVD Kaio (Golem)
Britney Spears: Baby One More TimeMusic CD Psiroller
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1DVD Tortboy (this is a Mew)
Chicken Run DVD? type Pixie (Pansy or Fay?)
Chrono Cross (Disc 1 or 2)Game Strange Fenril
Crash BandicootGame Lesione
Crash Team RacingGame Ogyo
Creed: Human ClayMusic CD Cantolas Beaklon
Creed: WeatheredMusic CD Seniorin
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD ? type Dragon (Tigon); Need rank A
Dave GrusinMusic CD Koronit
David Bowie: Singles 1969-1993 (Disc 2) Music CDZan
Dead Or Alive 2 Game Izuna (Zan/???); after you can train Zan type monsters
Digimon WorldGameForest Hare
Driver 2GamePsiroller with racing outfit and car tire
Eiffel 65: EuropopMusic CD Hotrod
Elmer Bernstein: The Wild Wild West: The Score Music CDZan
Fantasia 2000DVDJoker
Final Fantasy games (some)Game Fairies
Final Fantasy 10Game Merman (Naga)
Front Mission 3Game Sea Octipee
Galaxy Quest DVD? type Hengar (Vulcan)
GladiatorDVDLegendary monster; Need rank A
Gladiator (Disc 1 or 2)DVD Galooda (Durahan); Need rank A
Goo Goo Dolls: Dizzy Up The GirlMusic CD Colorpandora
Grand Theft Auto 3Game Saboran
Gungriffon blazeGame Moochi
Half-LifePC GameZan
Hanson: Middle of NowhereMusic CD Golem
Harvest Moon: Save the HomelandGame Mew
Heavy Metal 2000DVD Hotrod
Hoku: Another Dumb Blonde: SingleMusic CD Windine
Independence DayDVD Legendary monster; Need rank A
Independence DayDVD Drydon (Durahan); Need rank A
Insane Clown PosseMusic CD Something mysterious1
Jurassic Park 3DVDPeligon
Kenny G: The MomentMusic CD Something mysterious1
Lunar: The Complete Silver Story (Disc 1) GameDesert Hengar
Lunar: The Complete Silver Story (Disc 2) GameLegendary monster
Madonna: MusicMusic CD Actopee that resembles Madonna
Mariah Carey: RainbowMusic CD Angel
Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack (Disc 1 or 2) Music CDAspis (Naga)
Matrix, TheDVDZan
Matrix, TheDVDMysterious monster
Men In BlackDVDAlien Mew with metal suit
Men Of HonorDVDMerman
Metallic: Black AlbumMusic CD Metal Head
Monster Rancher 2Game Pedatron
Monster Rancher 3Game Moochi
Mortal Kombat: Deception Game Hotrod
Mortal Kombat SoundtrackMusic CD Need Rank B for this creature
Mortal Kombat TrilogyGame Octomee
Mummy Returns, TheDVD Ogyo
Mummy, TheDVDTortboy
Need For SpeedGameJell
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2Game Desert Zan
NFL GameBreaker 2001Game Fleece
Nickelback: Silver Side UpMusic CD Lesione
No Doubt: Tragic KingdomMusic CD Beaklon
Now 6Music CDArmadiroller (form of Psiroller)
Now 7Music CDMonzo (form of Suezo)
N'SYNC (first CD)Music CD Kakao (Blob)
O-TownMusic CDKonta (form of Mew)
Pearl Harbor (Disc 1)DVD Kaio
Pearl Harbor (Disc 2)DVD Tiger
Pink: MissundaztoodMusic CD Night Flyer
Queen: Greatest HitsMusic CD Ogyo
Scary MovieDVDJoker
Scorpions: Deadly Sting (Disc 1)Music CD Legendary monster; Need rank A
Sisqo: Enter the DragonMusic CD Druger (Dragon); Need rank A
Skid Row: Self TitledMusic CD Jell
Slayer: Diabolis In Musica Music CD Lapilatel (a Desert Golem)
Spec OpsGameJell
Spyro: Year Of The DragonGame Ice Gitan
Suikoden 2GameForest Raiden
Tekken Tag TournamentGame Wrestling Moochi
The Little VampireDVD Tiger
Toby Keith: Greatest Hits Volume 1Music CD Mocchi
Train: Drops Of JupiterMusic CD Robot train
World Is Not Enough, theGame Lesione
World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Disc 1) GameNaga
World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Disc 2) GameZoom
World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Disc 3) GameZoom
World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Disc 4) GameTiger
World Scariest Police ChasesDVD Mocchi

1. Grampa Bragman will have to do research on the monster before you can get it.

WandSam1112, Peter Xiong, OoOMaGuSOoO, Incubusdude18, Flameboy60, Michelle Simpson, hawkenrane, Neil McNeley, Mrsspitfire, DeviantMan, Al_Enmity, Madrox78, NOYB DITTO, kk, redhornet_32, Herbert Andrew, The great seacow, garrett meekin, Laserbot, Chao342, Sassyanddbone, DemonSlayer11357, and Dylan Candido.

Hint: Jokers:
Train in Goat for awhile to get an item that will let you unlock Jokers from CD/DVD.

Hint: Lords:

Morx (forest): Press and perhaps hold R1 to use the overhead cam (or you can skip the overhead if desired). Go outside in front of the tree with the broken tree stump. Go to the left of the trunk until you see a yellow and orange flower. Search it and you will be taken to the lord of Morx.
Kalaragi (jungle): Go to the right lily pad. There is a search spot next to the big water flower on the pad. The lord will appear on some random platform.
Takrama (desert): Walk across the water to where your monster goes when you let it rest. Search the spot, and your monster will fly up to the top. The lord(s) will be up there.
Goat (beach): While the text about the light is going, look to the left of the screen until you see a hole with a big square-like block, smaller rocks on the free sides, and bubbles coming out of it. Go to the rock with sea weed on it and search it. Your monster will fall in, then fly up on to the big rock. The lord will follow after your monster.
Brillia (tundra/ice place): Go up the right ramp. Use the overhead cam to make this easier. Stay near the inside edge until the bottom says that you can go to the other side. Go up to the tree until you can search it. Your monster will jump down and the lord will be there. After you visit him and get back up to the tree, go to the bursting piece of ice to go back down to the starting area

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