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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Fatalities may be done from anywhere on screen. Note: Press L1 at the "Finish Him/Her" screen to change into your fatality stance, or you will have to figure out the distance range.
nozl, and CruzJunie.

Johnny Cage (Brain Ripper): Press Away, Toward(2), Down, Triangle
Bo Rai Cho (Belly Flop): Press Away(3), Down, Circle
Kano (Heart Grab): Press Toward, Up(2), Down, Square
Kenshi (ETelekinetic Crush): Press Toward, Away, Toward, Down, X
Kung Lao (Hat Throw): Press Down, Up, Away, X
Li Mei (Crush Kick): Press Toward(2), Down, Toward, Circle
Mavado (Kick Thrust): Press Away(2), Up(2), Square
Quan Chi (Neck Stretch): Press Away(2), Toward, Away, X
Scorpion (Spear): Press Away(2), Down, Away + Circle
Shang Tsung (Soul Steal): Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Triangle
Sonya (Kiss): Press Away, Toward(2), Down, Triangle
Sub Zero (Spine Rip): Press Away, Toward(2), Down, X
Cyrax (Smasher): Press Toward(2), Up, Triangle
Drahmin (Iron Bash): Press Away, Toward(2), Down, X
Frost (Freeze Shatter): Press Toward, Away, Up, Down, Square
Hsu Hao (Laser Slice): Press Toward, Away, Down(2), Triangle
Jax (Head Stomp): Press Down, Toward(2), Down, Triangle
Kitana (Kiss of Doom): Press Down, Up, Toward(2), Triangle
Nitara (Blood Thirst): Press Up(2), Toward, Square
Raiden (Electrocution): Press Away, Toward, Toward(2), X
Reptile (Acid Shower): Press Up(3), Toward, X

Krypt Keys:
The following Krypts have the corresponding bonus.
mrerb lte owabnpw.

Bonus Krypt Koins
"Vorpax Wins" soundVW 957 Ruby
1 Ruby KoinRO 27 Gold
10 Worst Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance subtitles YS151 Platinum
102 Onyx KoinsMF 58 Jade
1056 Platinum KoinsPD 451 Ruby
107 Ruby KoinsUZ 78 Onyx
108 Gold KoinsPO 71 Ruby
116 Onyx KoinsNK 77 Jade
116 Ruby KoinsZV 182 Onyx
120 Jade KoinsBF 263 Platinum
125 Gold KoinsOP 24 Jade
143 Ruby KoinsCS 89 Sapphire
147 Gold KoinsQN 96 Gold
15 Gold KoinsKN 7 Sapphire
159 Onyx KoinsRL 5 Ruby
164 Sapphire KoinsZK 216 Ruby
165 Platinum KoinsWS 44 Onyx
177 Jade KoinsOM 88 Ruby
18 Jade KoinsDN 234 Sapphire
18 Ruby KoinsWH 24 Sapphire
18 Sapphire KoinsDA 72 Ruby
180 Gold KoinsTW 129 Ruby
1800 Jade KoinsFN 93 Jade
208 Gold KoinsRN 203 Platinum
216 Jade KoinsKS 503 Platinum
221 Onyx KoinsDO 39 Gold
222 Onyx KoinsOT 47 Onyx
227 Sapphire KoinsYT 384 Sapphire
23 Gold KoinsYN 61 Ruby
242 Ruby KoinsYX 83 Gold
243 Platinum KoinsFV 83 Platinum
245 Onyx KoinsUG 67 Platinum
248 Sapphire KoinsWJ 165 Gold
25 Onyx KoinsPR 11 Platinum
252 Platnium KoinsNG 63 Sapphire
256 Platinum KoinsRT 357 Gold
267 Oynx KoinsPU 175 Sapphire
28 Jade KoinsRI 61 Onyx
294 Onyx KoinsXE 147 Onyx
3 Pt Staff, Butterfly KnivesVC 209 Jade
3 Ruby KoinsXL 843 Onyx
32 pack of adult diapersIE 253 Sapphire
32 Sapphire KoinsUS 72 Platinum
320 Onyx KoinsUC 3 Sapphire
322 Platinum KoinsKU 219 Jade
352 Gold KoinsOX 352 Ruby
355 Ruby KoinsZZ 254 Gold
36 Sapphire KoinsSV 145 Ruby
38 Gold KoinsAJ 26 Jade
38 Jade KoinsHX 238 Onyx
412 Jade KoinsMQ 278 Gold
44 Jade KoinsWL 22 Gold
45 Platinum KoinsUK 35 Onyx
473 Gold KoinRZ 317 Sapphire
475 Platinum KoinsPK 157 Platinum
492 Onyx KoinsCL 332 Gold
50 Gold KoinsUM 33 Platinum
520 Sapphire KoinsUV 256 Jade
57 Gold KoinsIN 37 Sapphire
57 Sapphire KoinsAO 105 Platinum
579 Ruby KoinsDX 292 Jade
59 Ruby KoinsJE 82 Platinum
6 Platinum KoinsPB 12 Gold
600 Gold KoinsZR 244 Onyx
638 Onyx KoinsQH 342 Jade
64 Platinum KoinsYF 16 Platinum
71 Jade KoinsCV 121 Sapphire
772 Sapphire KoinsJJ 402 Gold
78 Onyx KoinsWQ 151 Sapphire
8 On The Break PosterLE 7800 Gold
82 Sapphire KoinsYH 78 Jade
86 Ruby KoinsDJ 186 Platinum
88 Ruby KoinsAW 76 Onyx
91 Sapphire KoinsIR 55 Jade
92 Gold KoinsJL 168 Onyx
92 Sapphire KoinsCH 48 Jade
949 Platinum KoinsED 633 Platinum
97 Jade KoinsWV 424 Jade
97 Platinum KoinsSG 94 Ruby
98 Onyx KoinsTU 197 Gold
A Long Time Ago pictureFB 248 Ruby
A Softer Side To CyraxFC 310 Sapphire
Academy Promo renderCW 226 Ruby
Acid BathDM428 Onyx
Acid Bath sketchTL 360 Jade
Acid Buddha detailWO 270 Ruby
Acid Buddha detailXD 326 Gold
Action figure vehiclesEQ 256 Ruby
Action figuresEI 512 Sapphire
Action figuresEJ 547 Jade
Action figuresEK 424 Ruby
Action figuresEL 434 Platinum
Action figuresEM 405 Gold
Action figuresEN 246 Onyx
Action figuresEO 289 Sapphire
Action figuresEP 166 Jade
AkedoVD152 Ruby
Alan VillaniOR 450 Onyx
Alexander BarrentineKQ 282 Onyx
AnimatorsTZ195 Gold
Animators pictureZT 215 Onyx
Arctic HoldNT 275 Gold
Arena conceptsKV 256 Sapphire
Artist photoTS 352 Onyx
ArtistsKD342 Jade
Assassin For HireMZ 383 Sapphire
Back to school with Mortal Kombat OU338 Ruby
Backstage Mortal Kombat 4 commercial BW329 Onyx
Backstage: Mortal Kombat 4 commercial BV371 Sapphire
Backstage: Mortal Kombat 4 commercial BX212 Platinum
Backstage: Mortal Kombat Mythologies PY316 Ruby
Baji Quan and CrabVE 173 Gold
Bank Interior sketchHM 217 Onyx
Baphomet sketchBG 217 Sapphire
Baraka informationTY 390 Gold
Baraka's Demise videoXW 96 Ruby
Basic Fighting StrikesVF 212 Sapphire
Basic Fighting StrikesVG 362 Onyx
Blade arena testOY 218 Sapphire
Blaze informationPN 684 Onyx
Blaze sketchVB 116 Onyx
Blaze sketchesNN 452 Jade
Blood Energy DrinkBT 291 Sapphire
Blood Particle detailsLA 56 Ruby
Blood Stone Mine conceptEZ 412 Platinum
Bo Rai Cho costumePH 1200 Onyx
Bo Rai Cho picutreER 527 Platinum
Bo, Rai Cho sketchesWY 264 Sapphire
Book Of DestinyCC 376 Jade
Brian Lebanon photoNY 281 Sapphire
Bridge Arena conceptMM 215 Ruby
Bridge Arena conceptRH 208 Jade
Bridge Arena conceptUT 157 Onyx
BroadswordsVH 72 Onyx
Bug BlasterFK 520 Platinum
Cage sketchXB 272 Platinum
Can Of SquidKH 155 Platinum
Carlos PesinaCP 172 Ruby
Cave Arena concept videoDW 157 Ruby
Character conceptsBM 207 Onyx
Character conceptsDE 126 Gold
Character conceptsIT 269 Ruby
Character conceptsKZ 263 Jade
Character conceptsTE 261 Gold
Chrome BlingLN 306 Onyx
Church conceptIM 227 Gold
Comic book art, 1 of 41FX 492 Sapphire
Comic book art, 10 of 41GG 63 Jade
Comic book art, 11 of 41GH 418 Platinum
Comic book art, 12of 41GI 100 Sapphire
Comic book art, 13 of 41GJ 326 Platinum
Comic book art, 14 of 41GK 379 Platinum
Comic book art, 15 of 41GL 128 Ruby
Comic book art, 16 of 41GM 555 Sapphire
Comic book art, 17 of 41GN 91 Gold
Comic book art, 18 of 41GO 422 Sapphire
Comic book art, 19 of 41GP 58 Jade
Comic book art, 2 of 41FY 27 Ruby
Comic book art, 20 of 41GQ 532 Jade
Comic book art, 21 of 41GR 599 Onyx
Comic book art, 22 of 41GS 185 Gold
Comic book art, 23 of 41GT 307 Ruby
Comic book art, 24 of 41GU 134 Sapphire
Comic Book Art, 25 of 41GV 507 Platinum
Comic book art, 26 of 41GW 264 Ruby
Comic book art, 27 of 41GX 88 Platinum
Comic book art, 28 of 41GY 351 Platinum
Comic book art, 29 of 41GZ 575 Ruby
Comic book art, 3 of 41FZ 183 Onyx
Comic book art, 30 of 41HA 62 Gold
Comic book art, 31 of 41HB 626 Ruby
Comic book art, 32 of 41HC 215 Onyx
Comic book art, 33 of 41HD 176 Sapphire
Comic book art, 34 of 41HE 478 Sapphire
Comic book art, 35 of 41HF 203 Onyx
Comic book art, 36 of 41HG 555 Gold
Comic book art, 37 of 41HH 222 Onyx
Comic book art, 38 of 41HI 225 Jade
Comic book art, 39 of 41HJ 637 Onyx
Comic book art, 4 of 41GA 572 Gold
Comic book art, 40 of 41HK 138 Gold
Comic book art, 41 of 41HL 145 Sapphire
Comic book art, 5 of 41GB 458 Jade
Comic book art, 6 of 41GC 412 Gold
Comic book art, 7 of 41GD 74 Sapphire
Comic book art, 8 of 41GE 277 Ruby
Comic book art, 9 of 41GF 124 Platinum
Concept charactersAY 258 Platinum
Cooking with Scorpion videoUI 270 Onyx
CudgleVI184 Jade
CyraxCN3003 Platinum
Cyrax arm informationSY 486 Onyx
Cyrax sketchEY 254 Platinum
Cyrax sketchKL 202 Platinum
Cyrax sketchXH 352 Onyx
Cyrax test renderFA 263 Gold
Cyrax's alternate costumeZW 1485 Sapphire
Dairou sketchEU 262 Ruby
Dairou sketchIU 342 Jade
Damnation CharcoalNX 365 Sapphire
Dan Forden pictureDF 286 Platinum
Deadly Alliance Is Born photoAG 258 Onyx
Deadly Alliance KoinsFI 262 Onyx
Deadly Alliance websiteLO 329 Onyx
Development team photoNS 270 Ruby
Dojo concept artPL 382 Gold
Dragon and Eagle ClawVK 268 Gold
Dragon Area conceptWW 262 Jade
Dragon Fly conceptYK 225 Platinum
Dragonfly arenaWT 1400 Jade
Dragonfly concept renderFG 291 Gold
Dragonfly renderJS 294 Ruby
Dragonfly storyCT 588 Ruby
Dragonfly Test videoKC 292 Gold
DrahminUR6,500 Sapphire
Drahmin sketchUD 252 Gold
Drahmin sketchesMO 177 Jade
Drahmin sketchesWP 247 Ruby
Drahmin's alternate costumeSW 1152 Jade
Drum ArenaEV356 Ruby
Drum arena detailsBK 136 Sapphire
Drum Arena detailsPJ 292 Onyx
Drum Arena sketchJF 332 Ruby
Drum Arena sketchZL 126 Jade
Drunken MasterVJ 58 Ruby
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance TN211 Ruby
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance TO316 Jade
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Jax TP294 Onyx
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance promo video FL264 Sapphire
Early Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Scorpion TQ616 Platinum
Ed Boon pictureEB 237 Ruby
Edenia Golf Outfitters pictureKG 608 Jade
Edler God Hall sketchKB 247 Jade
EmptyDV257 Ruby
EmptyFU20 Onyx
EmptyJZ25 Jade
EmptyKW257 Sapphire
EmptyLX147 Platinum
EmptyMJ268 Onyx
EmptyOJ49 Ruby
EmptyOK326 Jade
EmptyOS166 Sapphire
EmptyPV206 Sapphire
EmptyQE346 Gold
EmptyQJ49 Ruby
EmptyRX105 Sapphire
EmptySP63 Gold
EmptyUU1214 Jade
EmptyWM36 Ruby
EmptyXN27 Gold
EmptyYY85 Ruby
EmptyZA63 Onyx
EmptyZN145 Sapphire
Empty KoffinND 212 Sapphire
Escrima and CraneVL 180 Sapphire
Evil Masters sketchOL 136 Platinum
Evolution of KombatRK 1000 Jade
Facial animation testZG 201 Onyx
Fallen Giants Arena sketchOW 422 Sapphire
Fan art 1 of 5QO 1616 Gold
Fan art 2 of 5QP 1214 Jade
Fan art 3 of 5QQ 950 Ruby
Fan Art 4 of 5QR 512 Sapphire
Fan art 5 of 5QS 825 Onyx
Fashion Model Li MeiYW 376 Gold
Female character conceptsCF 268 Onyx
Fire Well conceptHW 56 Ruby
Forest sketchIB 275 Sapphire
Fortress exterior sketchIQ 257 Gold
FrostIV208 Ruby
Frost Color sketchesZC 218 Platinum
Frost sketchesJC 287 Gold
Frost sketchesWK 76 Platinum
Frost's alternate costumeUB 1261 Gold
Game Play FatalitiesLD 302 Onyx
Game Play Jax Stomp FatalitiesLH 165 Jade
Game Play Kicks and DodgesLC 462 Sapphire
Game Play Special MovesLF 305 Gold
Game Play ThrowsLG 195 Ruby
Game Play Throws sketchLI 135 Onyx
Game Play Wall Trick IdeasLB 258 Jade
Get Over Here!QT 58 Onyx
Ghost ShipBJ178 Platinum
Giant Drummer DetailBC 452 Gold
Goro on the kitUJ 225 Sapphire
Goro statuettePX 493 Onyx
Goro's Throne sketchTX 167 Gold
Graveyard conceptYV 86 Onyx
Great Dragon EggCE 174 Jade
Hachiman sketchNH 147 Onyx
Halloween masksIP 257 Onyx
Hapkido and Nan ChuanVN 86 Platinum
Hell conceptZI 432 Jade
Herman SanchezHS 272 Jade
Hint BD is Black DragonZX 178 Ruby
Hint BT is Blood ThirstyNR 425 Sapphire
Hint CN is Cyber NinjaIW 198 Platinum
Hint DK is Dressed to KillIL 207 Gold
Hint DS is Death ShipXK 37 Jade
Hint FK is Fly KillerBR 451 Onyx
Hint FL is First LookLZ 511 Onyx
Hint HP is Haunted PlacePI 638 Jade
Hint IV is Icy VixenIH 567 Jade
Hint JT is Johnny's TapesCG 75 Sapphire
Hint LL is Lurking LizardQG 251 Ruby
Hint LO is Log OnZO 466 Jade
Hint MW is Mongol WarriorKP 276 Ruby
Hint PD is Pay DayAN 52 Gold
Hint PH is PhatIO 244 Onyx
Hint RD is Red DragonTK 94 Sapphire
Hint RO is Rip OffAF 313 Onyx
Hint SA is Steel ArmsXM 254 Sapphire
Hint SF is Smelly FeetDQ 656 Platinum
Hint SS is Sword SaleDY 94 Gold
Hint ST is Sarna TestEX 243 Onyx
Hint UH is Unleash HellFW 666 Ruby
Hint WT is Winged TransportUE 210 Gold
Hint: XG is Ed GodRA 268 Gold
Hookswords and SaiVO 247 Jade
House Of Pekara conceptCM 244 Gold
House Of Pekara conceptFH 215 Ruby
House Of Pekara renderNB 287 Jade
House Of Pekera arena HP 2093 Onyx
Hsu HaoMW3317 Jade
Hsu Hao alternate costumeQX 1518 Jade
Hsu Hao conceptCZ 362 Onyx
Hsu Hao implantWX 315 Gold
Hsu Hao sketchesJH 271 Gold
Hsu Hao sketchesMV 372 Platinum
Hsu Hao sketchesTM 251 Ruby
Hung Gar and JujutsuVP 356 Ruby
Ice Palace test videoHT 462 Jade
Ice swordOZ243 Platinum
JaxSA3780 Ruby
Jax concept sketchYL 199 Jade
Jax preliminary modelSK 176 Sapphire
Jax renderingsIZ 201 Platinum
Jax sketch conceptNE 270 Ruby
Jax vs. Kung Lao Mortal Kombat 3 picture DC838 Gold
Jax's alternate costumeZM 1410 Jade
John NocherJN 252 Jade
John PodlasekJP 169 Gold
John VogelJV334 Ruby
Johnny CageMA 471 Ruby
Johnny Cage alternate costumeDK 1460 Ruby
Johnny Cage videoJT 259 Platinum
JojutsuVQ241 Gold
Jon Greenberg pictureJG 272 Jade
JudoVR174 Sapphire
Kabal's helmetNO 426 Jade
Kai sketchUL252 Jade
Kali Sticks and NunchakuVS 219 Onyx
Kama and KatanaVT 405 Platinum
KanoWZ145 Onyx
Kano's alternate costumeBD 1520 Sapphire
Kano's cerealCO 192 Ruby
Kano's reminderJW 164 Sapphire
KarateVU180 Jade
KenshiQK244 Ruby
Kenshi sketchPM 253 Onyx
Kenshi story sketchSU 106 Sapphire
Kenshi test renderYZ 255 Onyx
Kenshi;s alternate costumeYM 1435 Platinum
Kenshi's glass eyesNV 290 Gold
Kenshi's swordHY 408 Sapphire
Ketchup And Mustard pictureYB 358 Jade
KitanaKI2931 Sapphire
Kitana sketchKE 402 Gold
Kitana sketchesJQ 237 Ruby
Kitana sketchesNI 422 Gold
Koin sketchesTJ 259 Sapphire
Konquest Mode conceptsHR 187 Jade
Konquest mode conceptsKO 197 Sapphire
Konquest Mode conceptsTH 282 Gold
Konquest Mode conceptsXR 288 Ruby
Krypt conceptZH 372 Sapphire
Kuatan Palace sketchRM 182 Onyx
Kuatan Palace sketchZU 201 Platinum
Kuatan Palace stageJA 105 Gold
Kung LaoSZ322 Sapphire
Kung Lao renderPE 392 Sapphire
Kung Lao sketchAB 186 Sapphire
Kung Lao sketchXS 283 Platinum
Kung Lao's alternate costumeYJ 1208 Ruby
Kung Lao's dragon swordSS 214 Platinum
Lava Shrine arenaII 1843 Gold
Lava Shrine exterior conceptIG 208 Gold
Lava Shrine PriestsIK 503 Platinum
Lava Shrine sketchPQ 283 Sapphire
Lava Shrine sketchPZ 186 Jade
Lava Shrine sketchRU 176 Onyx
Lava Shrine sketchZF 237 Ruby
Lei Mei sketchJK 291 Jade
Li MeiAC424 Platinum
Li Mei sketchDT 332 Ruby
Li Mei sketchFE 242 Gold
Li Mei's alternate outfitKX 1406 Sapphire
Lifeguard Sonya pictureDD 355 Gold
Lin Kuei TempleQC 216 Platinum
Lin Kuei Temple conceptBA 264 Onyx
Long Fist and Muay ThaiVV 192 Ruby
Luis MangubatLM 165 Onyx
Lung Hai TempleMR 412 Ruby
Lung Hai Temple conceptPA 272 Ruby
Lung Hai Temple sketchHN 382 Jade
Lung Hai Temple sketchesWU 256 Onyx
Lung Hai Termple sketchQI 192 Sapphire
Malvado sketchRY 274 Onyx
Marsh conceptXZ 255 Onyx
Mavado alternate costumeRD 1455 Jade
Mavado biographyKF 128 Jade
Mavado Coat concept artAM 192 Platinum
Mavado sketchesBS 253 Sapphire
Mavado sketchesDR 273 Sapphire
Mavado sketchesQB 272 Jade
Midway Creative MediaLW 332 Gold
Midway Creative MediaRC 272 Ruby
Midway Movie GroupOI 263 Jade
Mike Boon pictureMB 188 Gold
Mike TaranMT227 Gold
MokapYP511 Gold
Moloch promo renderAK 432 Gold
Moloch promo renderYC 257 Platinum
Moloch sketchesAD 96 Sapphire
Moloch The Hobbyist picturePS 294 Jade
Moloch's Ball sketchesMY 167 Jade
Moloch's Lair arenaZD 98 Ruby
Mortal FridayXU 194 Onyx
Mortal KandiesOO 274 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 2 arcadeQW 233 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade boardJO 161 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade cabinet security panels AE118 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 2 arcade marqueeYI 197 Gold
Mortal Kombat 2 charactersFO 76 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 2 Print AdDP 224 Jade
Mortal Kombat 3 arcade cabinetFJ 179 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 3 arcade marqueeEG 74 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 3 behind the sceens XI457 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 3 behind the scenes DU368 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 3 charactersXT 65 Jade
Mortal Kombat 3 home versionWR 125 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 3 home versionYR 143 Gold
Mortal Kombat 3 print adRE 107 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 3 promo artQL 488 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 3 Scorpion vs. Jade NP525 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate print ad ES167 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 4 arcade marqueeSX 215 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 4 Arena concept video QD264 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 CharactersTF 470 Jade
Mortal Kombat 4 characters picture KK694 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 comic bookYU 374 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 4 Gift CardsXP 436 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Goro vs. CageSR 342 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 4 home version JY183 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Liu Kang Fatality UF371 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 logoIA 37 Ruby
Mortal Kombat 4 logo designsQU 346 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Logo TreatmentOQ 95 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 PC versionUA 205 Jade
Mortal Kombat 4 print adJI 266 Jade
Mortal Kombat 4 Print adUN 152 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Road TourMG 134 Platinum
Mortal Kombat 4 Road TourMH 83 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 Road TourMI 96 Gold
Mortal Kombat 4 ScorpionSJ 353 Onyx
Mortal Kombat 4 Scorpion vs. Raiden LY160 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat 4 Sonya and Tanya BZ381 Platinum
Mortal Kombat arcadeMK 188 Platinum
Mortal Kombat arcade GoroLQ 477 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat baseball capsKJ 248 Onyx
Mortal Kombat Basketball concept MP314 Gold
Mortal Kombat Cage vs. KanoKY 843 Platinum
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance at E3 Expo QY238 Gold
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance at E3 Expo UW255 Gold
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts LR176 Gold
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts LS157 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts LU170 Jade
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance box art concepts LV140 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance hats QF311 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance logo concepts LT105 Onyx
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance merchandise IX265 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance print ad ME237 Jade
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance print ad SM56 Jade
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance promo image TR392 Ruby
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance promo pieces SO2 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat gearPP 516 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Gold characters XF 265 Gold
Mortal Kombat Gold endingsIY 281 Onyx
Mortal Kombat Gold LogoBY 183 Gold
Mortal Kombat Gold print adHV 306 Jade
Mortal Kombat Hits the Big Screen UY359 Jade
Mortal Kombat home graphicsZS 381 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Lunch Time lunchbox NJ326 Gold
Mortal Kombat musicRV 307 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Mythologies box art EE1200 Platinum
Mortal Kombat PinballHU 435 Ruby
Mortal Kombat PitWG 308 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat print adZP 129 Jade
Mortal Kombat Rockem Sockem art IC326 Platinum
Mortal Kombat ScreenQM 332 Gold
Mortal Kombat stickers and tattoos YD412 Gold
Mortal Kombat strategy guidesKM 350 Jade
Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion FF1199 Gold
Mortal Kombat sweatshirtFS 389 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Test Your MightsRP 31 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat Trading CardsUO 243 Jade
Mortal Kombat Trading CardsUP 406 Ruby
Mortal Kombat T-shirtsFQ 283 Platinum
Mortal Kombat T-shirtsFT 126 Sapphire
Mortal Kombat youth clothingFR 401 Gold
Movie Storyboard 6 of 8OF 412 Sapphire
Movie Storyboards 2 of 8OB 248 Platinum
Movie Storyboards 3 of 8OC 322 Gold
Movie Storyboards 4 of 8OD 288 Ruby
Movie Storyboards 5 of 8OE 326 Jade
Movie Storyboards 7 of 8OG 266 Onyx
Movie Storyboards 8 of 8OH 224 Platinum
Nethership ArenaDS 1472 Ruby
NFL Blitz Raiden as secret character PC20 Sapphire
Nice plats exchangeTD 172 Ruby
Nigel CaseyNC 275 Platinum
Night Wolf renderNW 875 Gold
NitaraTI4022 Gold
Nitara alternate costumeAR 2206 Jade
Nitara's crystalLJ 134 Gold
Octo Garden sketchCB 252 Sapphire
Organic arena conceptXV 503 Onyx
Outworld concept sketchMS 253 Onyx
Palace Exterior sketchAS 66 Jade
Palace Exterior sketchFM 76 Onyx
Palace Exterior sketchMX 302 Platinum
Palace Exterior sketchTC 135 Onyx
Palace Grounds arenaKR 4222 Sapphire
Palace Interior sketchJU 266 Platinum
Palace sketchFP 46 Gold
Palace sketchRR 224 Sapphire
Paulo GarciaPG 442 Ruby
Peptic ThunderSQ 167 Platinum
Pi Gua and Jeet Kune DoVX 248 Sapphire
PortalMN176 Onyx
Portal SphereBL 145 Jade
Portal StoryFD 156 Onyx
Praying Mantis, Lui He Ba Fa picturesVY 35 Onyx
Princess Kitana alternate costumeBQ 1327 Gold
Print adsRJ189 Gold
Programmers pictureJB 392 Sapphire
Qan Chi's Sanctum sketchXC 352 Sapphire
Quality Assurance: ChicagoOA 142 Sapphire
Quality Assurance: ChicagoQA 142 Sapphire
Quality Assurance: Chicago pictureEF 267 Gold
Quality Assurance: San Diego pictureSD 326 Onyx
Quan Chi alternate costumeAA 1556 Gold
Quan Chi fortressQZ 501 Gold
Quan Chi Inner SanctumAX 337 Gold
Quan Chi on the saxDI 254 Sapphire
Quan Chi Promo renderNQ 157 Sapphire
Quan Chi renderXJ 197 Onyx
Quan Chi sketchesCJ 272 Ruby
Quan Chi sketchesON 227 Jade
Quan Chi tattoo photoAI 277 Onyx
Quan Chi, information on character section SN175 Gold
Quan Chi's amuletIJ 314 Ruby
Quan Chi's chest armor pictureEW 286 Platinum
Quan Chis face textureET 86 Sapphire
Quan Chi's Fortress sketchesNU 254 Onyx
Quan Chi's Fortress sketchesTB 259 Platinum
Quan Chi's ThroneAP 154 Platinum
Raiden XG3116 Jade
Raiden alternate costumeJR 1688 Ruby
Raiden performance audioXQ 199 Jade
Raiden sketchCR 294 Platinum
Raiden Test outfitJX 167 Gold
ReptileLL3822 Gold
Reptile de-evolutionPF 343 Ruby
Reptile sketchEH 253 Onyx
Reptile skin lotionBU 336 Platinum
Reptile's alternate costumeXO 1736 Sapphire
Reptile's Lair conceptOV 96 Onyx
Reptile's pastQV 318 Gold
Reptile's swordSE 308 Platinum
River Front conceptIF 195 Ruby
Robert Blum pictureRB 253 Platinum
Robin Shou Mortal Kombat 3 movie interview RS1645 Platinum
SamboVZ223 Platinum
Sarna Ruins arenaPW 2006 Sapphire
Sarna Ruins conceptMU 218 Sapphire
Sarna Ruins test videoST 153 Jade
ScorpionUX509 Onyx
Scorpion Cloth test videoDL 230 Platinum
Scorpion concept sketchAQ 226 Onyx
Scorpion Goes Back to Hell videoCX 203 Gold
Scorpion Online promo NM 182 Sapphire
Scorpion preliminary modelHO 402 Jade
Scorpion Promo renderNF 392 Ruby
Scorpion's alternate outfitUH 1660 Jade
Sektor's HelmetHQ 192 Onyx
Senate Of Elder Gods conceptCQ 272 Gold
Senate Of The Elder Gods test sequence AV497 Ruby
Shang TsungAU 463 Gold
Shang Tsung drawingsJM 218 Sapphire
Shang Tsung InsoulsSF 138 Jade
Shang Tsung sketchAH 66 Gold
Shang Tsung sketchRQ 225 Onyx
Shang Tsung Soul conceptCD 261 Jade
Shang Tsung's alternate costumeML 1170 Gold
Shang Tsung's palace concept artAL 287 Ruby
Shang Tsung's Palace sketchCA 218 Onyx
Shang Tsung's Palace sketchRW 262 Ruby
Shang Tsung's Palace storyXY 55 Platinum
Shang Tsung's SoulnadoHZ 526 Onyx
Shao Kahn's armorVA 299 Platinum
Shao Kahn's medalXX 365 Onyx
Shawn CooperSC 226 Sapphire
Shokan WarriorsDH 199 Gold
Shuai Chiao and Shaolin FistVM 198 Onyx
Slaughter conceptPT 207 Sapphire
Sonja Blade alternate costumeSH 1834 Ruby
Sony sketchYO 294 Sapphire
Sonya BladeDG 57 Jade
Sonya concept sketchBI 167 Jade
Sonya sketchNA 177 Ruby
Soul Cage conceptCY 116 Ruby
Soul Chamber conceptDB 257 Sapphire
Steve Beran pictureSB 291 Jade
Story mode concept sketchWI 242 Jade
Straight SwordWA 194 Jade
Sub ZeroWN143 Sapphire
Sub Zero sketchRG 187 Gold
Sub Zero's coffee mugID 340 Jade
Sub Zero's MedallionBB 326 Ruby
Sub-Zero alternate costumeYA 1999 Sapphire
Sub-Zero promo renderZQ 282 Jade
Sub-Zero sketchLP 442 Ruby
Sub-Zero's bladeIS 244 Ruby
Swamp Bird test videoRF 135 Jade
Swamplands sketchAT 269 Sapphire
Swamplands sketchBE 67 Gold
Swamplands sketchCU 257 Sapphire
Swamplands sketchEC 248 Sapphire
Swamplands sketchKA 412 Onyx
Swamplands test renderJD 305 Jade
Swamplands test renderYG 312 Sapphire
Tae Kwon Do WC 156 Gold
Tai Chi PicWB 242 Ruby
Temple OarsmanYE 274 Platinum
Test Your Might sketchTT 147 Platinum
Test Your Sight conceptCI 271 Jade
Test Your Sight conceptDZ 442 Ruby
Test Your Sight concept artAZ 442 Ruby
The Fans SpeakZY 186 Platinum
The Grid : Noob SaibotBO 305 Platinum
The Grid PictureXA 172 Gold
The Grid: Guest StartsBN 720 Onyx
The Grid: Mortal Kombat NinjasBP 426 Gold
The Lost TombEA 258 Sapphire
The Mine Arena conceptNZ 456 Gold
Tiamat sketchSI 292 Sapphire
Todd AllenTA177 Ruby
Tonfa WD186 Sapphire
Tong Bei and Yuan YangWE 186 Onyx
Tony GoskieTG 262 Gold
Tools And TechnologySL 117 Sapphire
Tools And TechnologyYQ 146 Gold
Tools And Technology pictureMD 80 Onyx
Ultimate Mortak Kombat 3 arcade marquee BH116 Jade
Undefeatable Army pictureUQ 185 Ruby
Water Temple conceptZJ 272 Onyx
Wing Chun and SnakeWF 214 Platinum
Wu Shi AcademyCK 556 Jade
Wu Shi Academy MonkNL 252 Gold
Wu Shi Academy sketchesMC 262 Platinum
Wu Shi Academy sketchesTV 273 Onyx
Wu Shi arcade testLK 268 Onyx
Zebron sketchZB 993 Onyx
Zebron sketchZE 257 Jade, nozl, Alexander Sanborn, and SPirate17.

Random character select:
Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi (for player two) at the character selection screen, then hold Up + Start.

Alternate costumes:
After the appropriate costumes are unlocked in the Krypt, press Start at the character selection screen to access the new costume.

Alternate costumes in random select:
Highlight Shang Tsung for player one or Quan Chi for player two. Press Up + Start. Then, hold Start until your character is selected and they will be wearing their alternate costumes.

Alternate costume in credits:
If you finish the game with the character's default costume, you will see Kenshi doing a kata in his default costume. However, if you finish the game with the character's alternate costume, you see Kenshi doing a kata in his alternate costume.
James Baltierra.

Versus mode stage select:
Press R1 before either player chooses a character to get a screen with a screenshot of a stage. Then, press Left or Right to change it to the desired stage.
ekul tleppo.

Versus mode skill select:
Press L2 before either player chooses a character.
Evil Barney.

Victory pose select:
Each character has three end-of-battle poses. Perform the following when the "Finish Him/Her" message appears. Note: If you run out of time performing your fatality or if you end the match with your weapon, your character will automatically perform the pose of the last stance he or she was in.

1: Strike your opponent in your character's first form.
2. Strike your opponent in your character's second form.
3. Execute your characters fatality.

Background FMV sequence:
Press Triangle at the main menu and a movie screen will appear. It shows the story leading up to the start of the game.
ekul tleppo.

Recover password:
If you forgot your password in your profile, you can get it back by using the following trick. Start a new profile with any name, then press "Done". Pick an icon, and after you are done, it will give you a password. The password will be the same as your old one. Copy the one you just obtained and delete the new profile. Enter the password with your old profile and it should work.

Hint: Attack opponents before "Fight" appears:
Unplug the controller during the loading screen, then put it back in. You can now attack before starting the match.

Hint: Play as Blaze:
Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Raiden at the character selection screen and hold Down.

Hint: Play as Mokap:
Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Cyrax at the character selection screen and hold Down.

Hint: Play as Cyrax easier:
You would have to have at least 462 Ruby Koins and open Krypt PD (to get 1056 Platinum Koins ) and get the rest of 3003 needed to open CN for Cyrax. You can get extra Platinum Koins in the following Krypts: FV (83 Platinum Koins needed for 243 platinum Koins); PK (157 Platinum Koins needed for 475 Platinum Koins); WS (44 Onyx Koins needed for 165 Platinum Koins); and NG (63 Sapphire Koins needed for 252 Platinum Koins).

Hint: Play as Raiden easier:
Open the FN Krypt first to get 1800 of the 3300 Koins that are needed before opening the XG Krypt to unlock Raiden.

Hint: Defeating Moloch:
Play as Quan Chi, draw your weapon, then hold Away and press Square, Triangle(2). Keep repeating this for an easy win.
Joe Endy.

Play as Shang Shung in the crane style and repeatedly press X or Square until he stops blocking. Then, press Circle and you should get an easy win.

Play as Raiden, take out your staff, then repeatedly tap R1 for an easy win.

Play as Johnny Cage, take out your Nunchaku, and keep pressing Square.

As Kenshi, repeatedly use this long, but very good combo: Press 2, 2, 2, Away, 1, Forward, 1, 4.
Dave Evans.

When you face Moloch, do not use a weapon. Instead, use a fighting skill. Moloch will be easier to defeat. Note: Use a character who can power up; that way they will be stronger. Do this as many times as you can.

The easiest and safest way to defeat Moloch with any character is as follows. First, jump kick Moloch. If he blocks it, then also block because he will hit you back. Then, jump kick him again as long as you can until he blocks. Every time he blocks, also block and continue the rotation. He should not be able to land a single hit on you. Note: This may not always work if he starts to grab you frequently. Also remember to stay close to him or he will suck you in with his breath.
Supreme Dragon.

Hint: Blaze: Easy win:
When you are able to play as Blaze, you will be able to do a 14, 15, or perhaps a 16 hit combo. When in a fight, stay in Blaze's first stance. Get your opponent to an edge of a level and execute the following for Blaze's 40% damage combo: Triangle(2) + Circle, Circle + Up, Circle(2), Triangle, X, L1, Triangle, X(2), X, L1. If executed at the correct moment, you will see that it results in a 14, 15, or 16 hit combo with 40% damage. Note: You will not be able do this combo unless you are near a wall. Also, this combo can be blocked at any time during because there is a slight pause after the first three hits.

Hint: Bo' Rai Cho: Defeating Moloch:
Keep doing the jump kick continuously until Moloch has been defeated.
Justin Gwaltney.

Hint: Cyrax: Steal Drahmin's flies:
Play as Cyrax and win a round against Drahmin. When the "Finish him" message appears, switch to your fatality pose and do Cyrax's fatality (Forward, Forward, Up). When the screen shows Cyrax pose, he will have Drahmin's flies around him.

Hint: Drahmin: See face:
Buy the Oni called Drahmin (UR, 6500 Sapphire) and play as him. You will start in the Netherealm fighting stance. If you change it to Oni or Iron Club, you should see his real face. Note: You may also need to have bought Drahmin's alternate costume (SW, 1152 Jade) .
Robert Cowlin.

Have Frost kill Drahmin with her Ice shatter fatality. Drahmin's mask will be all that remains.

Hint: Frost: Defeating Moloch:
As soon as the battle begins, do your slide move. If Moloch blocks it, press R1 + Triangle. Keep doing this until you win Note: Frost is in Koffin IV and costs 208 Ruby Koins.
Red Bishop.

Hint: Hsu Hao: Defeating Moloch:
As soon as the battle begins, jump back and switch to his Sun Moon Style. Hold Block until he gets in range. Once this happens, continuously use the Setting Sun combo (Away + Square, Away + Triangle). If the final hit does not connect, immediately hold Block. Moloch will almost always try to attack with his straight punch. Once blocked, lay into him again with the Setting Sun combo. When starting round two, immediately lay into the combo when the narrator says "Fight". First blood is almost guaranteed.
David Preston.

Hint: Jax: Defeating Moloch:
Repeatedly use his special attacks and Moloch will easily be defeated.

Repeatedly do his Piston Punch for an easy win. Note: Moloch tends to try to attack after you do a successful (or even an unsuccessful) Piston Punch. After you do a Piston Punch, no matter what the outcome, take a step to the side quickly and do another Piston Punch. Keep repeating this.

Hint: Jax: Easy Trial Of Blood:
Keep using the machine gun on your opponent. After doing this about five times you will have drained enough blood.

Hint: Johnny Cage: Defeating Moloch:
Pull out your nunchucks, press Square(4), then press X and repeat until you win. Note: Moloch may let you win the first round, but will come back in the second.

Hint: Johnny Cage: Easy wins:
Take out his nunchuks during any battle and press Square(4). Do this repeatedly for an easy win.
tim caswell.

Hint: Kenshi: Immunity to Sonya's Kiss Of Death move:
Since Kenshi is blind, Sonya's Kiss Of Death move has no affect on him.
Joe Endy.

Hint: Kenshi: Fatality restrictions:
When playing as Kenshi, his fatality will not work against Johnny Cage or himself. Note: If you do his fatality on Kano, only one eye will pop out.

To have Kenshi's fatality to work on Cyrax, you must be at the starting point -- measure your distances.
Jamie M Thompson.

Hint: Kitana: Impale move:
To have Kitana throw her fans and impale her opponent, press Away + R1. If done correctly, Kitana will throw her fans and they will stick into her opponent in his/her chest and leg. Unfortunately, you can only do this once. If you opponent blocks it, the fans will fly off screen and you will have lost them for that round.

Hint: Kitana: Defeating Moloch:
Start the match by jumping over top of Moloch and fight him from the right side of the screen. Next, hold Up + X to perform her Pretty Kick. Continue holding Up until you circle around Moloch, just outside of his striking range, and press X again to perform her Pretty Kick. Repeat this until you have defeated him. If done correctly, circling around Moloch in this manner prevents him from striking you at all.
Joe K.

As soon as the fight starts, equip steel fans. Then, run to Moloch and start tapping Triangle as fast as possible. It is possible to Flawless him with this move.

Hint: Kung Lao: Easy kills:
First, impale your opponent. Then, do the Hat Throw and Whirlwind Kick back and forth.

Hint: Nitara: Defeating Moloch:
Begin by switching to her second fighting style. Use R1 to power up, then repeatedly press Square(3), X(3). With her increased power and these quick striking combinations, you can easily and consistently defeat Moloch.
Joe K.

Hint: Quan Chi: Combos:
Play as Quan Chi and pull out his swords. Repeatedly press X, Circle. This will give you a 4 -hit combo. When you block your opponent, press Down + X. This makes Quan Chi spin his swords at the opponent from his blocking stance.

Hint: Quan Chi: Easy win:
Use his broadswords, press X, Circle; when the player tries to stand up again, press R1, then repeat X, Circle, R1, X, Circle, R1. Four repetitions of this should kill any opponent.
Ken Sylvester.

Go to arcade mode and choose Quan Chi. When the match starts, pull out his broadswords and use his Skull Fireball attack (Down, Left, Square), If it does not hit, do it again until successful. When it hits your opponent, they will be pushed backwards. They will walk backwards. Walk up to them while the skull is still on them, then attack them by holding Back and pressing Square, Triangle(2). Keep repeating this for a flawless victory.

Hint: Quan Chi: Bow with broadswords:
Go to Konquest mode and choose Quan Chi. When you start the mission, follow it as instructed. When the "Mission Complete" message appears, immediately unplug the controller. Plug it back in and press Start. Before Quan Chi bows, press L1 until his broadswords are out. He will bow with his broadswords in his hands.

Hint: Quan Chi: Defeating Moloch:
Deep doing the Doom Blade and you will easily defeat Moloch.

Hint: Raiden: Defeating Moloch:
Take out Raiden's staff and keep pressing R1 repeatedly.

Hint: Reptile: Combos:
The main part of these combos are found in the move list. However, these combos are modified and enhanced. The combo starting style is Hun gar.

Press Square, X, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, L1, Away + Circle, Forward, Down, Circle.
Press Square, X, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, L1, Down + Circle.
Press Square, X, Circle, L1, Backwards + Triangle, Towards, Down, Circle.
Press Square, X, Circle, Backwards + Square.
Press Square, X, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, Forward, Down, Circle.

Hint: Scorpion: Combos:
This combo is fairly easy to do; it is only a series of repeated attacks. Have him in the Hapkido stance. Then, start the combo with 2, 2, 4. Repeat the process until your opponent is defeated. The combo is somewhat weak but its an easy combo to execute. This combo also works well against Moloch.
Louis Ly.

For an easy eight-hit combo, switch to Scorpion's ninja sword. Execute the Spear while opponent is still dazed, then execute the Hell Raiser attack. You have to be quick with the remainder of the combo. Press Square, Circle(2), X. While he is in the air, press Circle(2). This does 41% damage to your opponent without his weapons out. It will do 51% damage to an opponent with his weapons out.

Once the match starts, take out the ninja sword, move back, and do the Spear (Left, Right, Square) .If your opponent blocks it, do it again. Once you hit them with it and they get pulled in, use Summon Hellfire (Down, Left, Triangle). After that, press R1 to do a Sidestep Swing. With that move, they will be strongly pushed away. Keep doing this for a flawless victory.

First some of your special moves. You should do your special move "Spear" after your opponent comes to you. You should kick him or her away with a Backflip Kick. After he or she lands, do your last move "Summon Hell Fire." This will help defeat many of the fighters. Note: This will not work on Moloch.
mark more.

Hint: Scorpion: Defeating Moloch:
No matter who you are using to defeat the Deadly Alliance in arcade mode, purposely die and pick a new player. Choose Scorpion. It is much easier to defeat Moloch with Scorpion than any other player. Keep using his best Ninja Sword combo on him repeatedly.

When fighting Moloch, Scorpion has two effective combos that can be used: Triangle, X, Left + Square; and Circle, Left + Circle. Both moves will knock Moloch backwards, making it easy to defeat him.
Brandon Carothers.

Attack Moloch with Scorpion's Ninja Sword. Draw the sword and attack Moloch by pressing Circle(2), R1. Do this repeatedly.

Hint: Scorpion: Easy win:
Take out the ninja sword and repeatedly press R1.

Hint: Scorpion: Skull:
Go to versus mode and have player one play as as Sub-Zero and player two as Scorpion with his second costume (Inferno Scorpion). Defeat Scorpion, then when the "Finish him" message appears, do Sub-Zero's fatality. Sub-Zero will take off his entire skeleton, but Scorpion's skull is still in his body.
Miguell Costa.

Hint: Sonya: Defeating Moloch:
Pull her 10-hit style Branch combo continuously. Once finished with the first combo, immediately switch back to her initial style and repeat. As long as your button hitting is precise, you will constantly be in motion and he will not be able to retaliate.
David Preston.

Hint: Sub-Zero: Combos:
Take out your Kori Sword and press Square (1-4 times), X(3), Circle(2). If done correctly, it will stun your opponent then you will stomp him three times and as he is getting up, double kick him.
Bronze Falcon.

The main part of these combos are found in the move list. However, these combos are modified and enhanced. The combo starting style is Shotokan.

Press Square, Triangle, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, Up, Circle.
Press Square, Triangle, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Press Square, Triangle, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, Up, X.
Press Square, Triangle, Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, X.

Hint: Sub-Zero: Easy win:
Change your fighting style to "Dragon". Freeze your opponent (Down, Right, Square or Left, Down, Triangle). Once they are frozen, go up to them, quickly press R1 to power-up, then press Left, Triangle or Left, Circle. Both moves will shove your opponent backwards. Because you have powered up, this will cause serious damage to the opponent. Also, the move shoves them back and gives you enough time to freeze them again.
Robert Cowlin.

Hint: Acid Bath stage: Damage opponent:
Get your opponent near the two giant statues in the background. The statues will spit acid out, hurting your opponent. Note: Do not get too close, or you will also get hurt.
Evil Barney.

Hint: Konquest mode: Easy blood:
Note: This trick only works for Sub Zero, Frost, Li Mei, Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Kitana, Reptile, and Cyrax. In Konquest mode, when you must beat pints of blood from your opponent, take out your weapon and impale them. This will drain the pints of blood very quickly. You may not have to hit them at all after doing this.
Clone Zerozerowon.

Hint: Faster Test Your Might mini-game:
To end the "Test Your Might" mini-game in arcade mode faster, press R2 once you get your strength above the marker. You do not have to hold it for the full amount of time.

Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto fire feature. Set X, Square, Circle, and Triangle to auto and hold them down. The bar will go all the way to the top.

This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature. Set Square, Triangle, Circle, and X to auto-fire. When the Test Your Might mini-game starts hold Square + Triangle + Circle + X. You do not have to press them repeatedly. While doing this you should see the green bar skyrocket to the top. Press R2 when the your strength is above the marker. If done correctly, you should never lose. This can also be a great way to get unlimited amounts of Onyx and Platinum Koins by doing the following. Go to Konquest mode and chose Dhramin. Once you get to the Test Your Might mini game where he must break a diamond (mission 9), exit to main menu. Then, go to arcade mode. Get any desired character and you will have unlimited use of the Test Your Might mini-game. Then use the auto-fire trick to always win and get and unlimited amount of Onyx and Platinum Koins.

Hint: Easy wins:
Note: This trick can only be done with Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Li Mei, Cyrax, Shang Tsung, Frost, Reptile, or Kitana. You can impale your weapon into your opponent, making them lose life every second. The move varies, and with some you have to press the D-pad and the button. To find the correct move, press Start, select "Move List", then look under your weapon and it will say "Impale". All of them have to be close range, but Kitana can throw her steel fans. However if it hits and they block or dodge it, you cannot use it again until the end of the match.

Use the following trick to get easy wins in arcade mode under the maximum difficulty setting. Choose Quan Chi or Nitara, then repeatedly use their throw attack on the opponent. Then quickly stand over them and continuously tap Throw. Try to time it so that you throw them just as they are getting up. When doing this, you should be able to defeat any opponent (except Moloch) with little to no effort. Note: You will not always grab them with the throw before they begin attacking; you may have to keep blocking until they finish their combo or move, thus leaving them open for a string of throws. Using Nitara is much easier and usually results in a flawless victory.
robert chaffee.

Play as either Kenshi or Scorpion, then use their Kantana or Ninja Sword. Scorpion and Kenshi have the same weapon combos:

Attack 4, 1, 1, 3
Attack 4, 3
Attack 1, 2

Repeat these combo. Note: This is a vry easy way to defeat Molach.

Hint: Easy Koins:
Note: This trick requires two controllers. Select versus mode and load a profile for each fighter. Each fighter must have some number of each Koin. Do a Wager then after that match is over, have only one player press R2. Press Right and you will hear the sound, then press Up to bet Koins. Press R2 again and play that match. The winner will get the coins, but the loser will not lose any. Go back and forth with each fight to make each gain more Koins, thus making each match worth more because you can wager more. Keep holding Up until you do not hear the sound anymore to bet the maximum amount in time. Use the following to learn what Koins you are betting, as you will not be able to see.
Ermac pd.

Press Right, Up: Onyx
Press Right(2), Up: Jade
Press Right(3), Up: Ruby
Press Right(4), Up: Gold
Press Right(5), Up: Platinum
Press Right(6), Up: Sapphire

Enter the versus menu and load a profile for each player. Press R2 to display the wager screen. Then, max out the wager for one Koin type and select "OK" on both controllers. Back at the character selection screen, unload one profile then reload the same profile. Then, alternately unload the second profile and reload it. Press R2 to go into the wager screen again. If done correctly, you both should have won the amount of coins wagered. Repeat this for this same Koin type until you are satisfied. Then, wager one final time for a few Koins and finally complete a battle. After returning to the character select screen, you must press Triangle to exit out and re-enter the versus menu. Repeat this for the other Koin colors. Note: Once you have 1000 Koins for one color, fight and save and redo it for the same color so you increase at a rate of 1000 Koins per profile load/unload. Then, repeat at about 10,000, so you get 10,000 per battle rather than 1,000 and so on. Also, when wagering hold Up on both controllers to increase the rate the Koin Kounter rises.

Start a new profile and earn 93 Jade Koins. Then, go to the Krypt and buy the following koffins immediately after each other: "FN", "UV", "ZR", and "JJ". You will now have over 1000 Sapphire and Jade Koins. Go to versus mode and bet the money to you profile. Do this as many times as desired.
Tom Benson.

Hint: Easy characters:
Load an old profile that has some characters unlocked. Next, create a new profile. .Load your new profile. .Save your new profile. Everything in the Krypt will be locked again and you should start with no Koins. However, if done correctly, you should have the characters from your other profile already unlocked. This means that you will not have to spend Koins on them in the Krypt, since they are already unlocked. This trick saves Koins, since many characters cost a lot. Repeat this trick as many times as needed. Note: Once you have done this trick, do not delete your old profiles or all the characters that you unlocked from them will be gone in your new profile.

Hint: Unlimited Sapphire Koins:
Use the "Easy Koins" trick, and instead of pressing Right(6) to get the Sapphre Koins, just press Up. If you hear a sound, hold Up. Then, when it stops, press R2 on the other controller to open the wager screen. It should say some number and have the Sapphire Koin below it. Press X on a controller. If you have less Sapphire than the displayed number, both players should drop to zero, then it should read 10000000. Go into the Krypt and you should have a large number of Koins.
Mr. Rob and Mr. Droo.

Hint: Unlimited Koins:
Use the "Unlimited Sapphire Koins" trick, then press R2 on controllers one and two to display the wager screen. It should be on Onyx Koins. Change the type of Koin to Sapphire, and a large negative number should appear. Then, change the type to the Koin of your choice and press X on controllers one and two. Press R2 on controllers one and two, and you should see the same number of 1000000 for the Koin you just set the wager for. Change the type of Koin being wagered to either of the ones that say 1000000 and a negative number should appear again.Cchange the type of Koin to another that you want to have unlimited of. Then, repeat for all the Koins so that they all say 1000000 and make a wager of negative Koins. Do a fight, have either player win, and both profiles will have unlimited Koins.
Mr. Rob and Mr. Droo.

Hint: No fatalities:
You cannot do fatalities if you have the blood level set to "Off".
Vladi Terrell/Arsic.

Hint: Fatality range:
In order to do fatalities, just go back to the position you were at at the beginning of the fight. It is difficulty to find the exact position, especially for player two. In a versus fight, take a step back. The screen will back up. Step forward and the screen will go forward to its normal position. The same can be done if you are on the other side of the player.
Kwame Callum.

Hint: Faster wagering:
When in wagering mode and you want to bet a large amount, press Up on both controllers and it will increase twice as fast.

Hint: Easy Strength Challenge:
When it starts, tap X + Square + Triangle + Circle. When it gets past the line good enough, press R1.

Hint: FMV introductions:
Allow the game to enter demo mode to see the FMV of the first Video Teaser from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance with Scorpion performing a Kata. Other characters (Kitana, Quan Chi, and Frost) will perform a Kata as well. After Blaze is unlocked, he will perform a Kata also. After Mokap is unlocked, he will be in a demo fight.
Joe Endy.

Hint: Attack your opponent before "Fight" appears:
At the loading screen before the fight, unplug your controller, then plug it back in. You will now be able to move around and attack before it says "Fight."

Hint: Monk movement:
Remain idle long enough during Konquest mode and the "monk" will turn around and shrug his shoulders at you.

Hint: Freeze yourself:
Select Frost or Sub-Zero and freeze your opponent. Then. freeze them again before he or she can move.
pieter moonen.

Hint: Cheap shot:
If you are fighting a friend in vs. mode, when you get to the Test Your Site mini-game, chose your answer and hold it down until it reveals which one is correct. If done correctly, your character should punch your friend if they get it wrong.
eric ruiz.

Hint: Audience taunts:
After awhile during the Test Your Strength mini-game, if you do not break any of the material that is in front of you, the people in the audience will start to taunt you.

Hint: Unlimited Test Your Might:
Play Konquest mode and choose Drahmin. Get to the mission where you have to break the ruby in a game of Test Your Might. Quit the match and go to the main menu. Choose Arcade mode. Pick any character and you will play Unlimited Test Your Might.

Hint: Unlock Krypt multiple times:
If you unlock a Krypt, you can open it more than once. For example, open PD to get the Platinum Koins. Open it again and you can unlock Cyrax.
Matt Matt.

Hint: Bruce Lee reference:
Johnny Cage's Nunchuk combo called "Living Legend" is one of the late Bruce Lee's more famous combos. Bruce Lee uses "Living Legend" in almost all of his movies.
En Razu.

Hint: Buffy The Vampire Slayer reference:
In the episode "I Robot-You Jane" of the television series, a demon is released from an evil book. The demon's name is Moloch.
Joe Matera.

Glitch: Repeatedly fall and recover during fatality:
Use a fighter that impales an opponent with their weapon and loses it (Shang Tsung, Frost, or Mei Lei). In the second round, impale your opponent with your weapon. When the "Finish Him/Her" message appears, your opponent will repeatedly fall down and get back up.
Evil Barney.

Glitch: Another round after fatality:
This trick requires two controllers, two loaded profiles, and only one profile with infinite Koins. Atthe main menu, select versus mode. When there, load two profiles and open up the wager screen for both. With one profile with infinite Koins and the other with no or some Koins, press Right on any controller so that on the wager screen, the Sapphire Koin would have -66789 (or any negative number) below it. Press X on both controllers and the wager screen will disappear. Open the wager screen again and the profile without infinite Koins should have 1,000,000 Sapphire Koins. Press Right(2) to have Onyx Koins with -66789 (or another random number) and press X on both controllers. Open the wager screen again so that the profile without the infinite Koins has 1,000,000 Sapphire and Onyx Koins. Keep doing this until one type of Koin does not have 1,000,000. Now, make that last type of Koin have 1,000,000 and start a battle. Have the profile with an infinite number of everything win both rounds. When the "Finish Him/Her" message appears, perform your fatality with your character. After it states how many Koins you have won, a new round will start with the opponent's appearance after the fatality you completed, and the darkened background. You may not have to do all the steps listed, but this triggers the glitch. Note: During the round after the fatality, your health bars and the fighting style names at the bottom left and right corner will be gone. Sometimes your weapon will also be gone if you switch to "Weapon" style but you are still using your weapon. You must do the fatality at the end, or the game will freeze. After you defeat your opponent again, it will say "Finish Him/Her", but you cannot use your fatality. You may hit the opponent a few times. then you will not be able to move afterwards. The only way to exit this round is by pressing the Star and choosing "Player Select" or "Main Menu"; or by resetting the PlayStation2. Also, the game will freeze if you use Quan Chi's fatality.
Russel Strife.

Glitch: Impale and keep your weapon:
This trick requires two controllers and human players. Go to versus mode and choose someone who can impale and has a sword (for example, Reptile or Sub-Zero). Have player two choose Bo Rai Cho. When you start the match, use the Puke Puddle attack and have Bo Rai Cho stand in the puddle. Then, have the other player close to the puddle and impale them. You should impale them and slip on the puddle at the same time. You should keep your weapon and his health should keep going down.

Glitch: No bullets:
Enter versus mode and select Jax and Quan Chi. At any point in the match, have Jax do Machine Gun and Quan Chi do Skull Fireball at the same time. Quan Chi will still be getting shot, but there will be no bullets and Jax will not have his gun out.

Glitch: Manual illustration:
The instruction manual shows a different character selection screen than what actually appears during the game.
Ermac pd.

Glitch: Cyrax:
This glitch requires two rounds and can be practiced in versus mode. For the first round, have Cyrax beat your opponent down to approximately one quarter health. Start out in the Ninjitsu stance, then do the Square(2), Away + Square, L1 combo. When your opponent gets knocked in the air, quickly shoot out a Close Bomb (Forward, Away, Square). By this time your opponent should be landing on the ground. Then, quickly do the Slice And Dice attack (Away, Forward, Circle). If done correctly, the bomb will blow your opponent over your head and the saw will come out. If they accidentally get caught with the saw, it will not work. The bomb should also kill your opponent, so you will need to estimate how much health to start at. The saw will now be hanging out of your chest for the entire second round. Note: If done in arcade mode, do not let your opponent hit you or the saw will disappear. To continue this glitch, in the second round fight your opponent as usual. When "Finish Him/Her" appears, get about to sweeping distance and switch to the fatality stance. Then, shoot out a Close Bomb so it lands at your opponent's feet, then do the Forward(2), Up, Triangle fatality. If done correctly, your will start the fatality then the bomb will blow your opponent over Cyrax. They will then slide over to the claw and it will be holding them strangely. If done with the saw hanging out, it will appear as if your opponent is getting slammed into the blade. If the fatality is done in versus mode, your opponent will be standing during it. If done in arcade mode, your opponent will flop on the floor like a fish.
Jon Steadman.

Glitch: Reptile: Two tails:
Have Reptile against Frost. Do Frost's fatality on Reptile (Forward, Back, Up, Down, Square). When Frost kicks Reptile's torso off, you will see a frozen tail coming off him. However when the camera turns and shows Reptile's back he will have another tail.
Mr T..

Glitch: Opponent disappears:
The following trick works in any mode on any character with the exception of Moloch. Select Shang Tsung as your character, an opponent, and the stage of your choice. When the match starts, switch to Crane Stance with L1. Attack your opponent with B + 2 (Back + Triangle) three times in a row. If timed correctly (all hits done immediately after one another), the third hit should cause the opponent to either fall into the ground where only their shadow is visible, or turn them into a funny looking texture-less model laying upside-down on the ground for a few seconds. These behaviors seem to depend on which level you are on. On the Nethership, for example, the character will always turn into the strange model. Note: This glitch will not happen if your opponent hits a wall.

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