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NASCAR 06: Total Team Control

Cheat mode:
Select Fight To The Top mode. Enter the "Edit driver" screen, then enter one of the following case-sensitive names to activate the corresponding cheat function.
William McElroy..

Master code:
Enter Gimme Gimme as a name to unlock all bonuses.
William McElroy.

Upgrade fan level:
Enter Super Star as a name.
William McElroy.

Upgrade prestige:
Enter MeMyself AndI as a name for 2,000,000 prestige.
William McElroy and sforeman.

Upgrade team prestige:
Enter One ForAll as a name.
William McElroy.

Maximum team prestige:
Enter All ForOne as a name.
William McElroy and sforeman.

$10 million dollars:
Enter Walmart Money as a name.
William McElroy.

To get a large amount of money easily, enter Walmart Money as a name, then return to where you edited your name. The name "Walmart Money" will still be there. Just save again to add another $10 million to your total.
Jean Corno.

Walmart driver and course:
Enter Walmart Exclusive as a name.
William McElroy.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.
Enter The Intimidator as a name.
Brian Young.

All Dodge cars and Dodge Stadium track events:
Enter Race Dodge as a name.

All Old Spice cars, track and create-a-car sponsor:
Enter KeepCool SmellGreat as a name.

All Mr. Clean cars, tracks, and create-a-car sponsor:
Enter MrClean AutoDry as a name.

UPS truck, tracks, and create-a-car sponsor:
Enter Race TheTruck as a name.

Alternately, once you unlock all of the drivers and all their cars, go to Dale Jarrett #88 (the UPS car). Look at his other cars. There will be a 2004, a 2005, and a UPS Race Truck. Select the race truck and go to a short track like Martinsville Speedway. It also runs well on the UPS fantasy track. The truck has a diesel motor and has great acceleration. You will be able to beat the NASCARs, and if you get behind, just ram them out of the way. Be careful because the truck is top heavy.
Team 99K.

Hint: Victory lap:
Press Start immediately after winning a race.
vlnibednyl agtuaeif.

Hint: Restart qualifying:
When you are qualifying, once you cross the start/finish line you cannot restart your lap. However, after your two laps and after you cross the start/finish, line press Start before your qualified position comes up. You can then restart qualifying.
Tyler Vaughn.

Hint: Easy money:
After your first year in the Fight To The Top mode, you should have enough money to buy a team. Buy a team, then go to get a sponsorship. Accept the one with the best signing bonus. Go back to team management and sell the team. It will be worth the same amount of money as you bought it. This works best with a team with low prestige, as they will get less money per race but more as a signing bonus. You can do this as many times as desired.
Bryant Smith.

Hint: Crew chief reprimand:
When using a headset, your crew chief will understand the word "shit" and will repeatedly ask you in different ways to stop saying a bad word.
Brian Young.

Hint: Rookie tape:
In season mode, Nextel Cup, if you race in career mode with a custom car or with a driver who is in their rookie season, the car will have yellow rookie tape on the rear bumper.
Rocky Mak.

Hint: Lift opponent's car off ground:
Turn Yellow Flags on. Pick any driver and any track 1 1/2 miles or longer except for Daytona or Talladega. On the backstretch, spin the closest driver to you. During the yellow flag, watch the replay to see if you got them to lift their rear end off the ground. The only way the rear end will lift is if you spin them far enough so that they are facing backwards and the air gets under the car.
Dalton Johnson.

Hint: Firing notices despite dominating the league standings:
As a contracted driver in any league during Fight To The Top mode, your success on the track may still lead you getting the email with a message stating "You are getting fired soon". This is not a glitch, because if you do have any intention of buying the team next season (which you could not in Year 1 even if you have the money because there is a full team of four), it simply indicates that one of your teammates may be retiring after the season. For example, in the NEXTEL Cup series, Terry Labonte will retire at the end of 2005 season, and because you are driving Jimmie Johnson's 48 car, who left the team to make way for you. He will return in Year 2, giving you an empty slot, so you can buy the team. The same occurs with Roush Racing; Mark Martin will retire at the end of 2005.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Dodge Challenges Rookie difficulty "I'll take a Coke":
The information for this challenge states that McMurray and Waltrip finished in second and third respectively. During the interview, Waltrip says he got by McMurray and came in secind with McMurray third.

Glitch: Dover Speedway Day Races audio introduction:
When you load the Nextel Cup race in Fight to The Top or Race Now (Nextel) mode, Kenny Wallace's introduction for those two races are mixed up, and have other errors in the following ways: MBNA RacePoints 400 is held in June, not a Chase race; and MBNA NASCAR RacePoints 400 is held in September, a Chase Race, but not the first race in the Chase, it is the second.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Dover Speedway Day Races audio introduction:
When you load the Nextel Cup race in Fight to The Top or Race Now (Nextel) mode, Kenny Wallace's introduction for those two races are mixed up, and have other errors in the following ways: MBNA RacePoints 400 is held in June, not a Chase race; and MBNA NASCAR RacePoints 400 is held in September, a Chase Race, but not the first race in the Chase, it is the second.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Sylvania 300:
When in Chase For The Cup mode, you are unable to edit or change your car's setup at any of the tracks. In the first race in Chase For The Cup mode, the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway, and with the race length set to 100%, all the competitors cars will pit too early and will have to use a three stop strategy. You can easily finish the race with a two stop strategy. If you struggle in qualifying and struggle to overtake, you can easily make up positions this way.

Glitch: Introduction sequence:
When you start a new game, you will play a prologue race at the Pepsi 400. The intermission sequence before you take control of Jeff Gordon's car has numerous mistakes:

The cars repeatedly change position on the track; one moment on backstretch, the next moment on the frontstretch.
The positions tower puts car numbers as 8 - 15 - 24 - 48. It should be 8 - 24 - 15 - 48.
The announcer says "Earnhardt Jr and Waltrip lead right behind the Hendrick cars of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson."
When Jimmie Johnson pushes Gordon by Earnhardt Jr., Gordon passes Earnhardt Jr. about three times.

Glitch: Dale Earnhardt Jr.:
When you earn enough skill points, unlock the plate, which has Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s secondary paint scheme on it. Look at it carefully. In the game, it is known as the "2005 Dale Jr. Alternate Chevrolet". In real life, it is actually his 2005 Budweiser Born On Date Paint scheme. Note: Due to the fact alcohol-related sponsors are not allowed in the game, the Bud logos are replaced with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. and/or Dale Jr. logos.
Mark Oliveras.

Glitch: Tutorial videos:
At the main menu, go to "NASCAR Tutorials". Once there, go to "Voice Recognition". While Ace Moneymaker is giving details, look for a yellow car while the camera is in cockpit view. When the car zooms in, the game will blur it out. The reason why this happens is because Bill Elliott's #91 Stanley Tools Dodge was removed from the game before its release.
Mark Oliveras.

In "Team Management", where it talks about running a team, when Evernham Motorsports shows up, Elliott's name can be seen on the list of drivers along with teammates Kasey Kahne and Jeremy Mayfield.
Mark Oliveras.

Glitch: NNS freeze:
In Fight To The Top mode, if you own every series you will never win across all four series because NNS race will freeze either on the starting line or on qualifying every race. The only way to advance your career is to hire a driver for that league or sell your car and keep driving for someone else.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Driving a generic car on Showdown Races:
If you are a contracted driver entering a Showdown race, you will drive a generic car that you do not own. However, after you win, it still shows the correct number.
Rocky Mak.

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