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NCAA Football 08

All-Time teams:
Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding All-Time team.

Team Password
AlabamaRoll Tide
AuburnWar Eagle
BaylorSic Em
ClemsonDeath Valley
FloridaGreat To Be
Florida StateUprising
GeorgiaHunker Down
IllinoisOskee Wow
IowaOn Iowa
Kansas StateVictory
LSUGeaux Tigers
MiamiRaising Cane
MichiganGo Blue
Mississippi StateHail State
MissouriMizzou Rah
NebraskaGo Big Red
North CarolinaRah Rah
Notre DameGolden Domer
Ohio StateKiller Nuts
Oklahoma StateGo Pokes
OregonQuack Attack
Penn StateWe Are
PittsburghLets Go Pitt
PurdueBoiler Up
SyracuseOrange Crush
TennesseeBig Orange
TexasHook Em
Texas A&MGig Em
Texas TechFight
University of WashingtonBow Down
USCFight On
Virginia TechTech Triumph
WisconsinU Rah Rah


Mascot teams:
Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding mascot team.

Team Password
ArizonaBear Down
Georgia TechRamblinWreck
Iowa StateRed And Gold
KansasRock Chalk
KentuckyOn On UK
Michigan StateGo Green
MinnesotaRah Rah Rah
North Carolina StateGo Pack
NorthwesternGo Cats
Ole MissHotty Totty
South CarolinaGo Carolina
Wake ForestGo Deacs Go
Washington StateAll Hail
West VirginiaHail WV

Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding pennant.

Pennant Password
2004 All-Americans #273Fumble
Blink, referee spots the ball short for opponent For
Boing, opponent drops more passesRegistering
Butter Fingers, opponent fumbles more often With EA
Crossed The Line #205, QB can pass the line of scrimmage Tiburon
Cuffed #206, you cannot throw interceptions or fumble EA Sports
Extra Credit, 4 point interceptions, 3 point sacks Touchdown
Hurricane, your team's pass rush improved for one game Turnover
Instant Freeplay, 5 downs instead of 4 Impact
Jumbalaya #211, Get points when your players are injured Heisman
Molasses, increases your opponent's fatigue for one game Game Time
Nike Free, improve ability to break tackles for one game Break Free
Nike Magnigrip, better chance your players will intercept Hand Picked
Nike Pro, improve your QB's accuracy for one game No Sweat
Stiffed #222NCAA
Steel Toe #221Gridiron
QB Dud #219Elite 11
Helium #208, more catches likelyIn The Zone
Kicker Hex #229 Sideline
What A Hit #228Blitz
Super Dive #223Upset
Tough As Nails #226Offense
Trip #227 Defense
Take Your Time #224Football

Enter Champs as a password.
Hint: Hook and Lateral play:
The Hook and Lateral Play is in Boise State's playbook under the "Hail Mary" section. It is labeled as "Circus".
Robert Williams.

Hint: Statue of Liberty play:
The only way you can use this play is by using Boise State's offensive playbook. It is found in the "ACE Bunch" formation and is labeled as "Statue".

Hint: Best time to use hurdle:
Typically when you go against your rival, a tackler will try and go for your legs. About 50% of the time you are running with the ball against a rival, hurdle.

Hint: Dynasty mode: Easy wins:
Go to the settings and change the quarter lengths to overtime. During the game if you win the coin toss choose to play defense. When on offense, when you score a touchdown always go for a two point attempt (unless you only need to kick a field goal to win).
alex matheson.

In any mode that is one player, set the quarter length to overtime. Choose the team you want to lose. If you win the coin toss, select offense then choose a running play. Any HB Toss works most of the time. Run backwards to the opposite endzone and collect a safety (2 points). Your team will win 2-0 every time without having to play defense. If you do not want to collect losses to your profile record, select none on the profile selection screen just before you start the game.
ryan ricks.

Go to "Game Features" and select FBS or FCS roster. Choose any team and edit the offense. Edit their QB, RB, FB, WR, and TE positions down to 40. This makes the team you select more likely to defeat the team you changed.
bryan sherman.

Use the following trick to win the national championship easily. When selecting your schedule in Dynasty mode, choose as many ranked teams as possible. Once you are in the top 25, make any team ranked higher than you lose until you reach # 1.
bryan sherman.

Hint: Dynasty mode: Better trophies:
When creating your schedule, make sure to add as much ranked teams as possible. Try and go against the #1, #2, or #3 ranked team the most.

Hint: Dynasty mode: Faster trophies:
Select a highly ranked team with good ratings (for example, USC or Michigan) and enter Dynasty mode. Simulate to the end of the season and simulate all bowl games. You should earn two to four trophies depending on how well your team did. Then, save your profile, but not your dynasty. Exit the Dynasty mode and repeat as many times as desired.
Robert Williams.

Hint: Dynasty mode: Making a better team:
Take control of eight teams at one time. You can try doing this with the entire Ivy League, but it is more difficult. Mid-major conferences work best, such as teams like Akron, Toledo, Idaho, etc. During pre-season recruiting, scout only five- and four-star recruits. Have each of the eight teams scout the exact same fifteen players. Because a scout can only have a list of eight possible choices, he will have to choose one of your schools. You will soon have five-star prospects signing with teams like New Mexico State or Idaho rather than Virginia Tech, USC, or Texas. However, this trick only works during in-season recruiting, but if you do this for a few years your team will be considerably better.

Hint: Dynasty mode: Easier prospect drafting:
When you first start the season, create a prospect and make sure to make his home state where your team is located. Then, talk to him on the phone about where he lives and the college being close. Most of the time, you will get a high ranking for that action.

During preseason in Dynasty mode, create a prospect that plays as a kicker or punter no matter what position you want to create. Make their hometown close to your campus. Customize the player to be as good at another position as desired, but set their kick power and kick accuracy to 0. They will be in the prospect database as a one star recruit and will not usually even be offered a scholarship by other schools. Offer them a scholarship and they will usually commit immediately. For example, if you make a one star kicker that no team wants he will be ranked 99 as a QB.
Chris Spaide.

This trick takes a long time but it works. Begin a new dynasty. Before the first game of the season, pick your best 35 recruits whether they are the most interested or highest caliber. After you have added the recruits, but before you play the first game, make sure that you save your dynasty. Start at the top of your recruiting board with the first recruit and begin trying to unlock different pitches. Spend as much time as desired on any recruit. When you run out of time simply go back and reload the dynasty from the "Dynasty Setup" menu. Each time you unlock a pitch in the "Very High" or "Most" category, write it down. After you have worked the full list, which can take awhile, go back to your dynasty and load it from the beginning. You now have a full list of correct pitches to make to your recruits. Note: Each recruit will only have one "Most" pitch and two "Very High" pitches. Always try to sway any pitch that is "High" to the "Very High" setting.

Hint: Easy trophies for showcase:
Go to the "Play Now" screen and select two teams that can play for a rivalry trophy (for example, Iowa State and Iowa). Then, go to the stadium and weather options and change the quarter length to one minute. Play the game but do not switch teams in the middle or you will not get the trophy added.
Wyatt Meyer.

Hint: Trophies:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award.

BCS National Championship: Become the number one ranked college football team.
Big East Championship: Have the most Big East conference wins
Gator Bowl Trophy: Win the Gator Bowl.
Orange Bowl Trophy: Win the Orange Bowl.
Sugar Bowl Trophy: Win the Sugar Bowl.
Heisman Memorial Trophy: Become the most outstanding college player in the United States.
Maxwell Award: Become the college player of the year.
Davey O' Brien Award: Become the best quarter back.
Doak Walker Running Back Award: Become the nation's number one running back on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.
Receiver Of The Year: Become the number one wide receiver.
Tight End Of The Year: Become the number one tight end.
Back-To-Back National Champs: Win two consecutive national championships.
Three-In-A-Row National Champs: Win three consecutive national championships.

Hint: Rivalry trophies:
Unlock the indicated trophy by winning with the corresponding team.

Administaff Bayou Bucket: Houston vs. Rice
Anniversary Award: Bowling Green vs. Kent State
Apple Cup: Washington vs. Washington State
Backyard Bowl: West Virginia vs. Pittsburgh
Battle For Illibuck: Ohio State vs. Indiana
Battle For The Bell: Tulane vs. Southern Miss
Battle For The Land Grant: Michigan State vs. Penn State
Battle Of I-10: UTEP vs. New Mexico State
Battle Of I-25: New Mexico State vs. New Mexico
Battle Of I-75: Bowling Green vs. Toledo
Battle Of The Megaphone: Michigan State vs. Notre Dame
Bedlam Game: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma
Beehive Bell: Utah vs. Utah State
Beehive Boot: Utah State vs. BYU or Utah
Big Game: Cal vs. Stanford
Black And Blue Bowl: Southern Miss vs. Memphis
Black Diamond Trophy: West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
Border War: Colorado State vs. Wyoming
Civil War: Oregon State vs. Oregon
Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate: Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
Commander In Chief Trophy: Air Force vs. Navy or Army
Common Wealth Cup: Virginia Tech vs. Virginia
Cy-Hawk Trophy: Iowa State vs. Iowa
Deep South's Oldest Rivalry: Auburn vs. Georgia
Egg Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi
Florida-Georgia Game: Florida vs. Georgia
Floyd Of Rose Dale: Minnesota vs. Iowa
Fremont Cannon: UNKV vs. Nevada
Golden Boot: Arkansas vs. LSU
Governer's Victory Bell: Penn State vs. Minnesota
Governors Cup: Florida vs. Florida State
Governor's Cup: Louisville vs. Kentucky
Holy War: BYU vs. Utah
Ireland Trophy: Boston College vs. Notre Dame
Iron Bowl: Alabama vs. Auburn
Iron Skillet: TCU vs. SMU
Jefferson-Eppes Trophy: Florida State vs. Virginia
Jeweles Shillelagh: USC vs. Notre Dame
Keg Of Nails: Cincinnati vs. Miami University
Legends Trophy: Stanford vs. Notre Dame
Lone Star Showdown: Texas A&M vs. Texas
Mayers Cup: SMV vs. Rice
Missouri-Nebraska Bell: Nebraska vs. Missouri
Old Oaken Bucket: Purdue vs. Indiana
Palmetto State: Clemson vs. South Carolina
Paul Bunyan Trophy: Michigan vs. Michigan State
Paul Bunyan's Axe: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
Peace Pipe: Western Michigan vs. Miami University
Purdue Cannon: Purdue vs. Illinois
Ram-Falcon Trophy: Colorado State vs. Air Force
Red River Rivalry: Texas vs. Oklahoma
Rocky Mountain Showdown: Colorado vs. Colorado State
Seminole War Canoe: Florida vs. Miami
Shillelagh Trophy: Purdue vs. Notre Dame
Shwartzwaler Trophy: West Virginia vs. Syracuse
Sweet Sioux Tomahawk: Northwestern vs. Illinois
Telephone Trophy: Missouri vs. Iowa State
Textile Bowl: Clemson vs. NC State
The Big Game: Arizona vs. Arizona State
The Little Brown Jug: Michigan vs. Minnesota
Third Saturday In October: Alabama vs. Tennessee
Tigers Rag: Tulane vs. Lsu
Victory Bell: Cincinnati vs. Miami University
Victory Bell: Duke vs. North Carolina
Victory Bell: USC vs. UCLA
Wagon Wheel: Akron vs. Kent State
Williams Trophy: Tulsa vs. Rice

Hint: Hidden endzones:
To make the endzones hidden, start a Play Now mode match. When you reach the field selection screen, set the game length to fifteen minutes, make the weather overcast cloudy, precipitation high, and temperature -20 degrees. If done correctly, in the upper corner should be a picture of a cloud with heavy snow. Start the game and by the second quarter there will be so much snow that the endzone lines and all other white lines will be gone.

Glitch: Two point conversions:
This happens when you do not get a two point conversion and you challenge it and it is overturned. It will count it as you getting another touchdown instead of you getting a two point conversion. You can then try for another two point conversion.

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