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NCAA Football 2005

Cheat mode:
Select the "My NCAA" option. Select the "Pennant Collection" option, then choose the option to enter codes.

Effect Code
1st and 15 Pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for first down THANKS
2003 All-Americans pennantFUMBLE
Alabama All-time teamROLL TIDE
Arizona mascot teamBEAR DOWN
Arkansas All-time teamWOOPIGSOOIE
Auburn All-time teamWAR EAGLE
Badgers All-time teamU RAH RAH
Baylor ratings boostSIC EM
Blink Pennant; ref spots ball short for opponent FOR
Boing Pennant; opponent drops passes more REGISTERING
Butter Fingers pennantWITH EA
Clemson All-time teamDEATH VALLEY
Colorado All-time teamGLORY
Crossed The Line cardTIBURON
Cuffed cardEA SPORTS
Florida All-time teamGREAT TO BE
Florida State All-time teamUPRISING
Georgia All-time teamHUNKER DOWN
Georgia Tech mascot teamRAMBLINWRECK
Illinois ratings boostOSKEE WOW
Iowa All-time teamON IOWA
Iowa State mascot team RED AND GOLD
Jumbalaya PennantHIKE
Kansas mascot teamROCK CHALK
Kansas State All-time teamVICTORY
Kentucky mascot teamON ON UK
Miami All-time teamRAISING CANE
Michigan All-time teamGO BLUE
Michigan State mascot teamGO GREEN
Minnesota mascot teamRAH RAH RAH
Mississippi State All-time teamHAIL STATE
Mizzou mascot teamMIZZOU RAH
Nebraska All-time teamGO BIG RED
North Carolina All-time teamRAH RAH
North Carolina State mascot teamGO PACK
Notre Dame All-time teamGOLDEN DOMER
NU mascot teamGO CATS
Ohio State All-time teamKILLER NUTS
Oklahoma All-time teamBOOMER
Oklahoma State All-time teamGO POKES
Ole Miss Mascot teamHOTTY TOTTY
Oregon All-time teamQUACK ATTACK
Ouch pennantBLITZ
Penn State All-time teamWE ARE
Pittsburgh All-time teamLETS GO PITT
Purdue All-time teamBOILER UP
Quarterback Dud pennantELITE 11
South Carolina mascot teamGO CAROLINA
Stiffed pennantNCAA
Syracuse All-time teamORANGE CRUSH
Take Your Time pennantFOOTBALL
Tennessee All-time teamBIG ORANGE
Texas A&M All-time team GIG EM
Texas All-time teamHOOK EM
Texas Tech ratings boostFIGHT
Thread The Needle pennant2005
UCLA All-time teamMIGHTY
USC All-time teamFIGHT ON
Virginia All-time teamWAHOOS
Virginia Tech All-time teamTECH TRIUMPH
Wake Forest mascot teamGO DEACS GO
Washington All-time teamBOW DOWN
Washington Sate mascot teamALL HAIL
West Virginia mascot teamHAIL WV
What A Hit pennantBLITZ

Mark Lloyd and debbiesue27.

Mascot teams:
Get 70 pennants in campus challenge mode.
ir, fer pwer gabayr.

All-Time teams:
Get 48 pennants in campus challenge mode.

Hint: Easy sacks:
Choose your fastest lineman and make him the number one DT. Use the 4-3 defense, take control of the DT, and line him up to the outside shoulder of the weak side DE (away from the TE or FB). The lineman will rush into the backfield untouched at least 80 percent of the time.

When on defense, choose the 4-4 formation and select the Fire Green" play. Before the ball is snapped, shift your LBs to the outside of the formation and take control of the OLB that has no TE or RB aligned on his side of the formation. If the offense is in a formation with no TEs or RBs, then take control of the faster of the two OLBs and rush the QB for a quick sack.

Choose the goal line formation then choose the play "Man Lock" when you see that the other team has a 4 or 5 receiver set. This works because all receivers will be guarded and there will be more defensive linemen than offensive. Just shift the line left or right and take control of the man who will not get blocked. This works about 90% of the time. This will also work for many other sets, but not as well if the other team has two TEs that are blockers.

Hint: Easy touchdown:
On offense, choose any pass play. If you have good protection on the line, press Triangle so that the quarterback will run. Run to left of the play on the outside then start running toward the touchdown. The wide receiver blockers stay with the wide receivers; all you need to worry about is the line. You can outrun them easily. This works about 90% of the time.
Jarrad Compton.

From the Ace-Slot Formation, choose "Seamers". When you hike the ball, quickly pumpfake twice and throw the ball to your left wide receiver for an easy touchdown. This works about 85% of the time.

Hint Easy runs:
On the higher difficulty settings such as All-American and Heisman, the CPU seems to shift directly where you are going to run the ball. To avoid this problem have two of your favorite run plays in your audibles. If you call one of those two plays in the audibles and the CPU overshifts directly to where you are running the ball, simply audible to the same running play you had called. The CPU should switch its line and linebackers shifts. If it does not, simply audible to the same run play again. Eventually you should be able to get the CPU to overshift to the wrong side of the line and get a huge run. Note: This may take a lot of play clock to accomplish.
Karl Smith.

Hint: Easy passes:
Pick the formation "Ace Spread" and the play "Quick Slants". Put your best receiver and second best receiver as the inside receivers. Make sure the defense is in a nickel or dime formation. If the defense is in the "Nickel", throw a bullet pass to the receiver covered by a linebacker. If they are in a "Dime", throw a bullet pass to your best receiver. This is a reliable play that is good for at least five or six yards.

Hint Easy return or blocked punt:
Set a punt return as one of your defensive audibles. If you have not changed the default audibles, then Square + R1 should be return middle. Before your opponent punts, choose all out block. If your opponent does not switch to tight punt, then move the man furthest to the left or right (usually a FS) over once by pressing Left or Right. Then, switch to the man directly inside of the furthest man. The outside man should take the blocker and leave a free path to the punter. If your opponent does switch, simply audible to your return. The tight punt will cause the "gunners" on the outside to stay and block no one, leaving room for at least a fifteen yard return, and if you can make good cuts, a potential touchdown.
Karl Smith.

Hint: Easy kickoffs:
Use the regular kickoff and make it all the way up and all the way to the right. Then, make it at almost all power and almost in the accuracy zone. You can get the ball in the end zone almost every time.
Ricky Bond.

Use the onside kick play and aim the arrow all the way down and to the right. The power of the kick should be average, as when you would normally kick. After kicking the ball, charge forward and press Big Hit to hit the player with the ball. About 70% of the time this results in a fumble. However it almost always keep the opposing team around the 20 or 30 yard line. Some of the time the player that caught the ball will be injured.
ben murphy.

Hint: Easy challenge points:
By setting the overall game difficulty to "Heisman" then starting a dynasty then switching the dynasty difficulty to "Junior Varsity", you can easily defeat opponents and complete challenge tasks. However, you will be rewarded as though you are playing under the "Heisman" setting, effectively giving four times the points for pennant purchases.
robert dole.

Hint: Easy wins in dynasty mode:
Make your team a juggernaut then go change all the players skills to 99. When they graduate, make recruits in the spots that you need and with the skills you want. Spend all the recruiting points on the created players that you need.

Hint: Blocking punts:
To give yourself a better chance to block punts, substitute a back-up reciever (or any fast and tall player) at one of the outside line positions. Just before the snap, move selected player just outside the line. Rush at the snap and jump in front of the punter. This will often result in a blocked punt or even a tackle if you get back there fast enough. Occasionally a running into the kicker penalty will be called if you jump on top of the punter.
Charles E Ethridge.

Hint: Avoid 15 yard penalty on user controlled extreme celebrations:
Once the celebration starts, if you feel that you are about to receive a penalty, pause game play. You will not receive the 15 yard penalty. This is useful after touchdown celebrations, so your extra point is not from about 20 yards out.
Sean Bryant.

Hint: Super team:
Go to create a team and make the school you desire. Make sure they are juggernauts. After you create your school, edit their rosters. Get all player's stats to 99. With this team you could win almost every single game and earn a lot of levels and pennants. Note: Doing this will take a very long time and requires patience.
Dallas Terry.

Hint: Avoid discipline:
The game randomly has a student act up and requires discipline. After each game, save your dynasty. Then, select the next game but make sure you have it checked as if you wish to play it, even if you are going to simulate it. If the discipline window appears, exit out and reload your dynasty. Go to that game again. Make sure you have the game checked to play so that the controller selection screen appears or else the CPU will take care of discipline, which is bad if you did not put any points into it. Then, exit out and simulate when the game is clear. With this, you can make any cupcake team a contender in no time.
David D.

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