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NFL Street 2

Fumble-less mode:
Enter GlueHands as a case-sensitive code. In quick game mode, fumbles will happen 0% of the time on hits or tackles. This can not be enabled with fumble mode.
ocbcteand STEWARD.

Always fumble:
Enter GreasedPig as a case-sensitive code. Every time you hit an opponent, he will fumble the ball.

Maximum catch:
Enter MagnetHands as a case sensitive code.

Ants mode:
Enter RuinedPicnic as a case-sensitive code.

All chains mode:
Enter Trick3dOut as a case-sensitive code.

First downs removed:
Enter NoChains as a case-sensitive code. In quick game mode, players will have only four downs to reach the end zone.
Russell Devereaux and GTA3Rockstar.

10 yard first downs:
Enter FirstFirst as a case-sensitive code.

2x GameBreaker:
Enter llxGBCraZ as a case-sensitive code.

10x GameBreaker:
Enter XxGBCraZ as a case-sensitive code.

Maximum speed:
Enter GottaBDShoes as a case-sensitive code.

Maximum tackle:
Enter BlastTackle as a case-sensitive code.

Weak Jumping and O-moves:
Enter CementShoes as a case-sensitive code.

Unlimited turbo:
Enter NozBoost as a case-sensitive code.
Sam Meyer.

Gargantuan players:
Enter BIGSmash as a case sensitive code. In quick game mode, players will all be 150% of their normal size. It is mutually exclusive with "Tiny Players" and "Random Size".

Tiny players:
Enter Shrunken as a case-sensitive code.

Random size:
Enter SighsMatters as a case-sensitive code.

Big ball:
Enter BIGPig as a case-sensitive code.

AFC West All-Stars:
Enter WAEFSCT as a case-sensitive code to unlock the AFC West All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

AFC East All-Stars:
Enter EAASFSCT as a case-sensitive code to unlock the AFC East All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

AFC North All-Stars:
Enter NAOFRCTH as a case-sensitive code to unlock the AFC North All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

AFC South All-Stars:
Enter SAOFUCTH as a case-sensitive code to unlock the AFC South All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

NFC West All-Stars:
Enter ENASFSCT as a case-sensitive code to unlock the NFC West All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

NFC East All-Stars:
Enter NNOFRCTH as a case-sensitive code to unlock the NFC East All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

NFC South All-Stars:
Enter SNOFUCTH as a case-sensitive code to unlock the NFC South All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

NFC North All-Stars:
Enter NNAS66784 as a case-sensitive code to unlock the NFC North All-Star Team at the team selection screen.

EA Field:
Enter EAField as a case-sensitive code.

Gridiron field:
Enter GRIDIRONPRK as a case-sensitive code.

Team Reebok:
Enter Reebok as a case-sensitive code.

Team Xzibit:
Enter TeamXzibit as a case-sensitive code. Alternately, successfully complete the tutorials.

No textures:
Enter BloominGroup as a case-sensitive code.

NFL Legends team:
Go to every field, including EA Field (eleven in all), and do a Hot Spot play. A message reading "You have earned <player's name>" will appear. You will now able to get him in the pickup pool. When you are on the last field, do a Hot-Spot play and the message "Congratulations you have earned the NFL Legends team" will also appear under the player's name.
matthew tompkins.

The Legends and where they are unlocked are as follows:

Anthony Munoz: The Cage
Bo Jackson: Sportsplex
Chris Carter: The Alley
Darrell Green: The Backlot
Jack Lambert: Royal Park
Joey Browner: The Dig
Mean Joe Greene: The Tracks
Mike Singletary: Second St. Station
Randell Cunningham: Imperial Tower
Sterling Sharpe: The Aqueduct

Gridiron field:
Successfully complete NFL Challenge mode.
Matthew and Jeff W.

Extra credits:
To get 25,000 credits, have a saved game from an EA game such as Need For Speed Underground 2, SSX 3, Madden NFL 2005, the original NFL Street, NCAA Football 2005, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, NBA Live 2005, and NBA Street Volume 2.
LugNoc, Master Splinter, and rodger daniels.

Hint: Easy NFL Challenge completion:
In NFL Challenge mode, make a good QB and WR. You will be able to go all the way down the list and select "NFL Challenge". Do the NFL Challenge to unlock an NFL player. Do this until it shows that it is locked (you can fit fourteen NFL players. After it is locked, you should get an invitation to the tournament in downtown. Win the tournament and the NFL Legends. After you do that, choose an NFL Legend and NFL Challenge is now completed.

When you create the new team, make a QB with good speed and passing. Also, make two receivers that are good in terms of catching and speed and jumping. Then, go to the challenge modes. Go down to player challenges. First, play against the Ravens and acquire Ray Lewis. Then, go to the Broncos and get Champ Bailey. Then, go to the Giants and get Tiki Barber (or any other good RB). With the rest of the days, do the challenges and get your created player up better.
kenny nguyen.

Go to NFL Challenge, then go down to "Player Challenge". Choose Jamal Lewis as a RB. Choose Ray Lewis as a LB. Choose Mike Vike as a QB. Choose Randy Moss as a WR. Choose T.O as another WR.

Use the following trick to create a good Challenge mode team. Create a new User ID. Go into "Challenge Mode" and choose "Custom Team". Only make a quarterback and a lineman good. For the quarterback, make speed, passing, tackling, and run power better with about 7/10 of your development points. For the lineman, make tackling, defensive moves, blocking, and speed good. Then go into "Sportsplex" and go into the bottom option. It should be something about sacking the quarterback. Do this and select "Retry" after you are done. To be safe, do this about ten times. Make sure you do not sack him three times -- only one or two. After that, use the development points to make attributes mentioned earlier even better. Then, go into the challenges that you get players for. First, get Champ Bialy, (Broncos), followed by Tiki Barber (Giants), Darren Sharper (Packers), B. Young (49ers), then get anyone desired (except wide receivers, as you will probably have seven of your normal starting players). After you use up your days and win the tournament, get Sterling Sharpe (Packers). These seven players are going to be your starters. The seven players are your quarterback, your lineman, Tiki Barber, Champ Bialy, Darren Sharper, B. Young, and Sterling Sharpe. If you want a better team, go into the long "Own the City". Make a quarterback with stats mentioned earlier, maximized at twenty. Then, put him on your "Challenge Mode" team. This will give you an very good team Note: if you want to skip the "Own the City" part, you can do the Sack The Quarterback part a lot more and not worry about not having a real wide receiver for awhile, as Sharper and Bialy are good at receiver.

Create all the players on your team manually, naming them however desired. Make the running back with all of the stats at least 10, and all of the other players with the major stat(s) for their position better then the rest. With about 60 days remaining, do the challenge where you win players from other teams. Get Tiki Barber and Terrell Owens as WRs and Ty Law as a DB. Use your quarterback or get Peyton Manning instead of Terrell Owens; or Ty Law if your QB is very good. Also get all of the Shimmels and Shoes that add to tackling and speed. Give these to the players from the other teams because you cannot edit their stats.
GnR Fr3eK.

Hint: Easier NFL players in NFL Challenge:
The easiest way to get NFL players is to do the wall dives first. If you do a wall catch at the start of the game you will not be able to beat a team in a game to 24.
Torrance Mason.

Hint: Easy development points:
When doing NFL Challenge mode, go to the Sportsplex field (the baseball field) and go all the way down to the last challenge. It should say "Sack the QB three times in this play". You can get either a Gold, Silver or Bronze. After you complete the challenge, it should say: "You won <number> of development points", and have the choice to exit or retry the challenge. Choose "Retry Challenge". Keep doing this for however many times desired. When you go back to the main NFL Challenge menu, you will see that all the times you won the challenge, you kept the development points you won. If you did this a lot, you will have a large number of development points to spend on your player.

Hint: Own The City: bonuses:
Win Own The City mode to get the option to export your player to Madden NFL 2006 and to your NFL Challenge team.

Hint: Easy interceptions:
First, play Jump Ball Battle a lot to get some practice at being able to jump at the correct time. Then, on a real game, when the QB lofts the ball up, use the skills you acquired from Jump Ball Battle to get the easy interception.
kenny nguyen.

Hint: Easy yards:
When on defense in the locking position with another player, you may be prompted to tap X. Hold L1 and tap X. This will cause you to take the ball from his hands and get a few yards.

Make a fast quarterback then have Tiki Barber as your left wide receiver. Use the PA Drag play. The right side is open most of the time for the QB to rush. If it is not open, Tiki catches most of the passes coming to him.
GnR Fr3eK.

Hint: Run on wall:
Press L1 + Square by a wall and your player will run on it.
Hussein Elachkar.

Hint: Very high wall run:
Go to The Alley and get a GameBreaker 2. Do a wall run with the GameBreaker 2. If done correctly, you will wall run 10 feet over a hotspot.

Hint: Wall juke:
While running alongside a wall press L1 + Circle and you will juke off the wall.

Hint: Off-the-wall pass:
To throw an off-the-wall pass, first choose a pass play. Then, move your QB or throwing RB close to a wall. Next, press L1 and the passing icon for one of your receivers. You will get more points for that throw than a normal throw.

Hint: Catch an off-the-wall pass:
To catch an off-the-wall catch, first choose a passing play. Next, throw to one of your receiver close to a wall. Then, quickly press Circle. Then, press L1 + Triangle. You will get more points for that pass than a normal one.

Hint: Recommended defensive lineman:
Go to Own The City mode and make a DL (defensive lineman) Have his D-Moves and Speed maxed out. Set his Tackling to 18 and Blocking to 15. Set his Catching to 5 or 6 and use the rest of your points for whatever desired.
Gavin Moolchan.

Hint: John Cena created player:

First name: John
Last name: Cena
Jersey number: 00
Handedness: Right
Celebration: Rap
Signature Style
Up: Hoopsta
Right: Spanning the globe
Down: The X
Left: Around the world
Hair style: Flat top
Hair color: Brown
Facial hair: None
Facial hair color: Blond
Eye brows: Eye brow 1
Head shape: Lid
Brow: Bushy arched
Eyes: High small strait
Ears: Tight short
Nose: Medium straight
Lips: Thin
Mouth: Medium
Jaw and chin: Average
Expression: Growl
Skin tone: Skin tone 4
Back tattoo: Nothing
Left arm tattoo: Nothing
Right arm tattoo: Nothing
Headwear: Reebok hat (Steelers)
Headwear style: Back
Glasses: Nothing
Upper arm: Nothing
Elbow: Nothing
Wrist: Nothing
Hand: Nothing
Shirt: Throwback jersey (Jets)
Chain: Long platinum link
Medallion: Lock
Pants: Worn denim shorts
socks: Nothing
Shoes: Hoops low rider (or any RBK power up shoes desired)

Hint: Michael Jackson created player:

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Jackson
Position: Your choice
Jersey Number: 69
Handedness: Right
Celebration: Rap
Styles: This Way, Low Ridin, High Steppin, Follow me
Hairstyle: Long and Straight
Hair Color: Black
Facial hair: The game doesn't have his
Eyebrows: 2
Head Shape: Pill
Brow: Thin Arched
Eyes: Low Large Almond
Ears: doesn't matter you don't see them
Nose: Short Narrow
Lips: Thin
Mouth: Medium
Jaw and Chin: Long Profile
Expression: Smirk
Skin tone: 1
No tattoos
No head type gear
No arm gear
Torso: Short Sleeve: Black Spandex RS
Jewelry: Chain: Platinum Chain
Pants: Gray Sweats
No socks
Shoes: Black Work Boots

Ronald McDonald created player:
Note: In order to make Ronald McDonald you need the "Clown" Team Logo. Color 1: Yellow; Color 2: Red; Color 3: Any.

Name: Ronald McDonald
Position: Any
Number: Any
Handedness: Right
Celebration: Rock
Signatures: (Up) Marchin To Da Beat; (Right) Makin It Pretty; (Down) Bring The Noise; (Left) Cake Walk
Hair Style: Afro Medium
Hair Color: Red Brown
Facial Hair: Sideburns 1
Facial Hair Color: Red Brown
Eyebrows: Eyebrow 2
Head Shape: Pinhead
Brow: Thin Up
Eyes: High Large Straight
Ears: Fanned Long
Nose: Long & Fat
Lips: Thick
Mouth: Wide High
Jaw and chin: Chinny
Expression: Smirk
Skin Tone 1
Torso: Long Sleeve Shirt: Designer Spandex LS
Legs: Jumpsuit Pants
Hands: Team Gloves
Shoes: Black Work Boots

Glitch: Quick snap:
To snap the ball before everyone gets set, quickly press L1, L1 + X. This also works while playing online.

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