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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles

Note: This game is titled "Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden" in Japan.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Boss battle, Gaara and Kakashi as support characters, and the shuriken pattern.

Complete the game once. Load the cleared saved game file to start a new game. Play through it all the way again to see an additional intermission sequence in the story line. You can repeat this numerous times. Also, You can see intermission sequences by not pressing any buttons after loading the game. Just remain idle through everything that comes up.
Joel Nelson.

Play as as Nine-Tails Naruto:
Fill the spirit gauge in the upper left corner to the maximum. You will know when it is full because it will become a bright swirling fireball. When its full, hold Triangle + Circle. Naruto will momentarily transform into Nine-Tails Naruto, as when he fought Sasuke in the series. This transformation only lasts for about thirty seconds but it is extremely powerful and useful. The same can also be done for Guy and Lee to open their inner gates.
Shadow The Hedgehog.

Hint: Refill Stamina/Chakara:
Rotate the Left Analog-stick and/or Right Analog-stick at the loading screen. A Blue Chakara Ball will pop out. Your unfilled Stamina/Chakara Bar will regain about 25%. This is done between loading screens with the Konoha symbol in the bottom right corner.
abdullah musaid.

Hint: Defeating Kabuto, Kakashi, and Orochimaru:
Make sure you get the skill chip "Perfect Strike". When you get to the room with Kabuto and everything else, make sure Perfect Strike is on your skill plate. Toad is the second best skill plate until you complete the mission you are on. When you get in, there should be five prisms. Use Naruto's new full power Rasengan (R2) you get from Perfect Strike on the prisms. Use rations to get more Chakra. When all five are gone switch to Kakashi (L2). Then, use your Lightning Blade (R1) on the big man. He should die quite fast. Take his things and lock on to Kabuto. Do the same thing with Kakashi to defeat him. When Karin arrives, get some good whatever way Kunai (five to eight is best). Then go to Orochimaru. When he spins and teleports, smack him and switch to Sasuke. Switch the Deployed Mark on your allies thing in the pause menu. Then use Chidori (R2) and knock him down. When he gets up, use a Fire Jutsu then switch to Naruto. Get Kakashi out. When Orochimaru stands still, lock on and press R2 as many times as possible. Then go to Naruto. Get beat up and go Kyuubi. Just smack him with no specials in Kyuubi mode. If he is not dead yet, do whatever is needed, but heal Naruto from demon form.

Hint: Shrine Genjutsu:
When you first enter this Genjutsu, you will see three shrines. Simply inspect the shrines. Note the shadows of the shrine. One is different from the others. That is the real shrine. Do this no more than five times and you should be out. If not, continue trying until Naruto tells you how to get out.
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Hint: Completing delivery missions:
There are several missions where you must take a cart with goods or a prisoner to a nearby village. During these missions, the easiest way to keep the cart from taking damage is to deploy Shadow Clones. Do this without locking on or it will leave several thieves, bandits, etc. to attack the cart. Note: During the later missions try not to drift too far from the cart or again thieves, bandits, etc. will be able to easily inflict damage on the cart.

Hint: Easy wins:
When you complete the game on team missions use Kakashi immediately. Lock on to an enemy and use 1,000 Years Of Death. Keep doing this and you will have a better chance to win.

Hint: Fighting Sasuke:
During the mission at the Port Village, he is capable of using Lions Barrage, which is similar to the Naruto Uzumaki Barrage. The Lions Barrage is his trump card, as he does not use it often. If you have no upgrades on your skill plate for improving your defense, this move will do as much as 75 points worth of damage. Try to use the Substitution Jutsu (press X when hit) to try and get behind him, or dash (tap X(2) in the direction you wish move) away from his punches when he tries hand-to-hand combat. Note: He can only begin the Lions Barrage if you are airborne when you are hit.

Hint: Defeating Orochimaru:
Only use Kakashi as he can take him out in about five minutes of playing. Using Naruto or Sasuke at any time will slow you down. Use Kakashi's TYD (Thousand Years Of Death) on Orochimaru until he starts moving around. Using TYD takes lots of health off Orochimaru. When he starts using jumping and quick moving attacks, use Lightning Blade on him. It is just as powerful as TYD but takes about a crucial half second to charge up. Repeat this until he has been defeated. If at any time you run out of stamina with Kakashi, use a ration on him until he is back at full stamina. If you run out of rations and duals, then use Naruto's Power Strike (or preferably Perfect Strike) until Kakashi is back at full stamina. Then, switch back to Kakashi.
Isaac Poulton.

Hint: Sasuke's pursuit:
After you pass through the first few gates you are going to run into Kiba, who is stumped trying to find which way to get to Saskue. When you enter the gate go directly up. At the second gate, go right. At the third gate, go right again. At the fourth gate, go straight. At the fifth gate go straight up again and out to face Kabuto. Before you face him, save the game.
Raymond Gonzalez.

Hint: Legend Of Zelda series reference:
After completing a series of missions, "Empty Chip" 1, 2, 3, and 4 will become available. View Empty Chip 4 and notice that it closely resembles the "Triforce of Wisdom" from the Legend of Zelda series.

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