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Game completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Okami Jukebox", "Okami Tradition Scrolls", and "The Footage Box".

Complete the indicated task by the end of the game to unlock the corresponding feature.

Invincibility: Collect all 100 Stray Beads.
Kamic Returner: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transformer 1: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transformer 2: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transformer 3: Earn an "S" rank for "Deaths".
Kamic Transformer 4: Earn an "S" rank for "Enemies Defeated".
Kamic Transformer 5: Earn an "S" rank for "Money Gained".
Kamic Transformer 6: Earn an "S" rank for "Demon Fangs Found".
Kamic Transformer 7: Earn an "S" rank for "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transformer 8: Earn an "S" rank for "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transformer 9: Earn an "S" rank for "Praise Earned".
Secret Theater: Accumulate over 31 hours of game time.
Stray Bead: Successfully complete the game.

Save the game when prompted after the credits. When a new game is started your cleared game file will allow all weapons (except for the fifth of each type) from your first game to be available. All your previous stats will be available. The only artifacts from your first game that can be transferred are the Peace Bell, Lucky Cat, Wood Mat, and Ink Pot.

Also after completing the game and starting from the cleared saved game save file after the credits, you will start with 999,999 yen.
Talaeladar Silverlake.

Successfully complete the game. Along with another divine attribute, you can play as Amaterasu's original look.

Successfully complete the game. At the title screen, there will be an option in green that reads "Presents From Issun". You can listen to Okami Music, look at Okami Art, and watch video clips.

Control loading screens:
Press X during the loading screen that features a trail of paw prints and a picture of Issun to make the paw prints larger. On other loading screens, repeatedly pressing X will display paw prints. You can also add Demon Fangs to your inventory by pressing X on the longer loading screens. Press X over screens that feature a trail of paw prints until when Issun usually appears. Big paw prints and a Demon Fang will appear. Quickly press X as fast as possible until a Demon Fang appears to add it to your inventory.
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Hint: Hidden brush technique:
Using the brush, draw a lightning bolt sign. This should unleash a rain of electricity. However you cannot use the brush on the lightning to use other powers.
Rain Kaos.

Using the brush, draw a "Z". The "Z" must be all inline. This should create a small sun which will burn the enemies. Draw two vertical lines down. This should make it start to rain. This is useful for when you need to fill empty ponds, etc.
Rain Kaos.

Hint: Secret Rain brush technique:
Defeat Ninetails and go to the queen's temple. Use the water on the ground to draw a line connecting the pillars together.

Hint: Secret Snowflake brush technique:
After obtaining the Blizzard brush technique, you will also unlock a secret brush technique. This technique simply requires drawling an asterisk (just an "X" with either a horizontal line intersecting the middle or a vertical -- not both). A snowflake of ice (size depending on the asterisk drawn) will appear with icicles falling around it. Using this on townsfolk. It temporarily turns them into snowmen.

Hint: Secret Thunder Shower Brush Technique:
After you obtain the Thunderstorm brush technique with further game progression, draw a thunder-bolt symbol (resembles like a four-jagged zig-zag line), and a group of thunderbolts will fall onto enemies.

Hint: Beads of Life:
Defeat Crimson Helm.

Hint: Blade of Kusanagi:
Defeat Ninetails.

Hint: Demon Fangs:
While fighting enemies, use the following brush techniques on enemies to obtain Demon Fangs:

Green, Red, Yellow and Black Imps: Power Slash
Blue Imps: Gale Storm
Bell Guardian: Power Slash
Bud Ogre: Bloom
Chimera: Power Slash
Dead Fish: Power Slash
Crow Tengu: Gale Storm
Headless Guardians: Cherry Bomb or Power Slash
Ubume: Veil of Mist
Fire Eyes, Ice Mouths and Thunder Ears: Power Slash

Hint: Devout Beads:
At Agata Forest, go to the area next to the cave (where the psychic is located). On your left should be a narrow strip of land. It will lead you to a cave. At the end will be a tree. Use the Bloom Brush. Once the tree has bloomed, there will be a treasure chest. Open it and you will obtain the Devout Beads.

Hint: Eighth Wonder:
You are able to buy this from the merchant in Ponc'tan.

Hint: Exorcism Beads:
Defeat Blight.

Hint: Infinity Judge:
You are able to buy this once you reach Kusa Village.

Hint: Invincibility:
Collect all 100 Stray Beads.

Hint: Primary Lotus:
Equip any Reflector as your sub weapon. Use Gold Dust on it. Then, press Triangle as soon as an enemy attacks. Ammy will then execute Primary Lotus, and grab the enemy and slam them into the ground spinning. This hurts them quite a lot. Note: This can only be used on regular enemies, and not Bosses.

Hint: Resurrection Beads:
You are able to buy this from the merchant in Wep'keer.

Hint: Seven Strike:
You are able to buy this once you reach Sei-an City.

Hint: Snarling Beast:
Defeat Spider Queen.

Hint: Solar Flare:
Obtain this from Itegami.

Hint: Thunder Edge:
Defeat True Orochi.

Hint: Trinity Mirror:
You are able to buy this from the merchant in Kamiki Village (100 Years in the Past).

Hint: Tsumagari:
Defeat Orochi.

Hint: Tundra Beads:
You are able to buy this from the merchant on the Ark of Yamato.

Hint: Golden Fury: Urine attack:
Obtain 100,000 yen. Go to Shinshu Field and buy it from the Sensei. This enables you to urinate on your enemies.

Hint: Instant kill parry attack:
This attack requires a rosary weapon (Devout Beads, Beads of Life) equipped as your first weapon and a reflector weapon (Divine Instrument, Snarling Beast) equipped as your second weapon. When in battle, wait for your opponent to do a physical attack. As soon as that happens, press Triangle. Most enemies will die instantly. This is a good way to get Demon Fangs.

Hint: Defeating Bandit Spider:
Bandit Spider is an optional Boss. To fight Bandit Spider, learn "Digging Champ" from Onigiri Sensei. Then, go to Ryoshima Coast. Go past the Monk Temple and follow the trail. There will be an area when there are two brown cows and a calf. There will be a rock surface for you to dig at. Dig there, and a hole will appear that has a purple mist coming out of it. Go into it, and you will be able to fight Bandit Spider. Bandit Spider is a lot like Spider Queen, except it attacks more often by throwing energy balls. Draw three lines to his spinnerets, then attack the lamps. Also, when it starts spitting out a metal sac (with a fuse on it), draw a line form the fire to the "bomb" and you can attack the lamps again using the same method. Continue doing this to defeat Bandit Spider.

You can fight Bandit Spider again once you reach North Ryoshima Coast. Ride the Orca to one of the islands and you will see a rock surface. This requires the technique "Digging Champ". Dig there and you will fall into a hole. If you defeat him, you will get a Sun Fragment.

Hint: Defeating Blight:
Blight has an extremely difficult defense. It will take awhile to defeat him. He will crouch when he does his speed attack, which is impossible to dodge. Use the Veil of Mist Brush to slow it down. Blight will lose its color. Attack it when he is in this state. He will become a pile of armor with a glowing blue sword. Equip the Tsumugari and use a Veil of Mist Brush so that you will have more time to attack the sword. Use Excorism Slips and your Tsumugari to attack the sword. Continue doing this to defeat Blight.

Hint: Defeating Crimson Helm:
Avoid its attacks. Remember, he uses fire based attacks. If you get burnt, used the Gale Storm Brush. When he starts to stand up and burst into flames, start to attack him using your Devout Beads. He will reveal himself as a flaming skeleton. Use the Gale Storm Brush to put the fire out. He will be just a normal skeleton. When in this state, attack him using your Devout Beads. Continue doing this to defeat Crimson Helm.

Hint: Defeating Lechku and Nechku:
You will have Oki on your side this time. Lechku will do about the same thing as Nechku; shoot dark fruit and ice. Defeat Nechku using the same technique used last time. Lechku however can freeze time, allowing Nechku to attack. Use a Power Slash to stop Nechku. Lechku will also wield a Nine Strike like Ninetails used. Draw a thunderbolt to it. When they malfunction, uses Oki's ice bow, bite him, pull, then fire. You and Oki will attack him. Continue this to defeat Lechku and Nechku.

Hint: Defeating Nechku:
Because Shiranui will be on your side for this match, it should be over quickly. When it starts shooting dark fruit, use Power Slash to fire them back at Nechku. He will start to malfunction. Knock him out with a Power Slash. You and Shiranui will then attack Nechku, using brush techniques for support. Nechku will sometimes shoot out ice. You can avoid this by dodging them.

Hint: Defeating Ninetails:
First, Ninetails may attack by ramming into you, whipping you with his tails, summoning foxfire or squirting out pools of acid. Your brush techniques will not usually work on him either, because he has the power of a brush god as well. He will cross out all your attacks, or make a weapon out of your drawing. For example, if you draw a circle he might cross it out or turn it into a cherry bomb. When he raises his Nine Strike, draw a thunderbolt to the sword. He will turn into nine maidens. Defeat some of them. It might be wise to use some Exorcism Slips. He will lose more tails the more enemies you defeat. Sooner or later he will turn into a normal one-tailed fox. You can use brush techniques and any attack on him. He will also lose his brush techniques.

Hint: Defeating Orochi:
Orochi will be protected by a barrier. Your attacks will not do any damage to Orochi. You should be able to dodge the slow moving flames on the fire head. Later, use the Waterspout Brush to pour the sake into the Orochi's mouth. Do this two times and one of the Orochi heads will get drunk. Walk onto the Orochi's neck and get to the bell. Attack the bell until the bell's health gauge reaches zero. The barrier will shatter and you must get the all the Orochi heads drunk. Do the poison and darkness head last. You are now able to attack the heads when they are drunk with your weapon (preferably the Beads of Life) and brushes. Continue this until Orochi is defeated. At the end of the fight, Susano will appear. Use the Power Slash Brush wherever the kanji (Japanese symbol) is, and the Orochi is defeated.

Hint: Defeating True Orochi:
Use the same method on the True Orochi as you did with the normal Orochi. However, there is a catch. His gold armor gives him higher defense, but he does not attack as much. When he does attack, it does a lot of damage. Use the same method you used with the normal Orochi to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Spider Queen:
First, just dodge her attacks. Try to keep a far distance away from her. Later she will start spinning a web ready to do a belly flop, or starts to spit webs from a gray sack. Use the Power Slash Brush on the wed she spins or the gray sack and she will fall down. She will have some hooks at the tip of her spinnerets. Use the blossoms around the stadium to do the Vine Brush and connect two vines to the end of the hooks. Her thorax will open up and eyeballs will appear. Use your Devout Beads to attack the eyeballs. This will do damage to her. Keep doing this to defeat Spider Queen.

Hint: Defeating Yami:
You will not have your brush techniques at first. Just continue to attack Yami. Watch out for his saw blade attack. He will also smash holes in the ground. Watch out for them until you obtain the Rejuvenation brush. You can now fill in the holes. Sooner or later you will obtain the Power Slash brush. You can use your weapon (preferably the Tundra Beads, Thunder Edge or Solar Flare) and Power Slash. When Yami lets his guard down, attack him. You will soon obtain the Bloom brush. Just use Bloom on him to reveal his controller, and attack it. Continue this to defeat Yami.

Yami's second form is a ball that will burst into flames and chase you around at first. When Yami is not a fireball, attack him. To hit it easier, place a Rosary weapon as your sub weapon with a Reflector as your main weapon. You will obtain the Cherry Bomb Brush. Draw a cherry bomb to blow Yami into pieces, and attack the controller. Later, you will get the Waterspout Brush. Use this to draw water from the fountain to Yami when it is on fire. Later you will get the Crescent Brush, which you can use to summon Susano and slice Yami in half. Then, you can attack the controller.

Yami's third form is like a slot machine. Basically, use a Power Slash to stop the machine and it will either shoot out cursed fruits, fireballs, ice blocks, thunderbolts, solar energy, ink and the controller. The middle slot will be the most powerful. If the middle slot is fire, it will shoot out fireballs that are nearly impossible to dodge. Use the Gale Storm Brush that you will get later to put out the fire. If it is ice, it will shoot out ice that will make a frozen path on the ground. If you touch it, you will freeze and lose health. Later you will get the Inferno Brush back so you can melt it. If it is lightning, there is nothing you can do but run. Do the same if it is cursed fruit, as it will put you in an erupting cursed zone that could kill you in a short period of time. Later when you get the Veil of Mist Brush, you can use Power Slash to make it land on any slot and get health from the phantom. Continue this to defeat it.

Yami's fourth form is similar to a ball with arms and legs. Yami can shoot missiles like its first form could, but they are a lot more accurate this time. Sometimes he will float in mid-air and pursue you while exploding. When his controller pops out of the ball, you can attack him. Sometimes he will lay on one side, making it easier for you to attack the controller. You will only have three more brushes to get: Catwalk, Thunderstorm and Blizzard. When you get Catwalk back, there will be some platforms that you can walk up using the Catwalk Brush. There will be some treasure for you that may help you during battle, although once you use the Catwalk Brush on all three of the platforms you will not be able to use them again. Soon you will get the Thunderstorm Brush. Yami will sometimes transform his arms into Nine Strike swords, so you can shock him. You can then defeat him easier. You will get the last brush, then you will defeat Yami later.

During your fight with Yami, you normally draw a sun in order to battle. However, if you draw a moon crescent instead, Nagi/Susano will fly from the heavens to deliver a falling blow to Yami.

Hint: Defeating True Yami:
First, you will not have enough power to use melee attacks and brush techniques. When you get enough ink, draw the sun to weaken True Yami. The controller will fall out of its hand. You will have a chance to attack him. Use the Solar Flare, Thunder Edge, and Tundra Beads. Brush techniques will work well, but should be used sparingly. True Yami has very powerful, almost one-hit K.O. attacks. He will whip up a tornado, that once you are trapped in it, has no escape and it will eventually kill you. Use the Gale Storm Brush to blow away the tornado, but True Yami will sometimes take away the sun so that the tornado will pursue you without you being able to use the Gale Storm Brush to blow away the tornado. Just run if this happens and wait until you are able to draw a sun and attack the controller. True Yami may also throw balls of lightning. Dodge them. A barrage of a just a few will kill you. He may also bring down a rain of fireballs that could kill you. If you manage to get hit by one, you will burn up and slowly eat your health. Use another Gale Storm Brush to put the fire out. If he uses ice, it will do a lot of damage and freeze you. His most powerful attack is his great laser attack. Get your camera to where you can see a full view and avoid it. When the controller is visible inside the giant hand, you can attack it easily. Use a lot of health items and just attack the controller when it is visible to defeat True Yami.

Hint: Changing ice statues:
When you enter Kamui go to the right of the Guardian Sapling. You will find the Kokari boy and his dog Ume. To the right of them is the third dojo. There is a big pile of snow close to it. If you power slash it enough times, an ice statue of Issun x1000 will appear. Destroy it with Inferno and go in the dojo then go back out. The pile of snow reappear. If you power slash it again, a statue of Sakuya will appear. Keep repeating the process for a new statue every time.

Hint: Turn Oki people into wolves:
Draw a circle around any Oki townsfolk to transform him or her into a wolf. Draw a circle around the townsfolk again to change them back into a human.

Hint: Hidden Shiranui Statue:
At the entrance to Kamui (in the area where Oki's house is located), go into the middle section of the area. You should see a snow covered rock. Power-Slash it a few times and a statue of Shiranui will appear, similar to the one in Kamiki Village at the beginning of the game, except with the Solar Flare divine instrument.

Hint: Finding Inabi:
The Animal Lover at Ryoshima Coast complains that he has lost his pet named Inabi. Inabi is at North Ryoshima coast or on one of the islands near North Ryoshima Coast underground. Inabi is the back and white rabbit that is with all the other hares. Note: Inabi is Capcom's madscot.

Hint: Kimono design:
After you defeat Blight, the cursed zone will clear. At the Sei-an exit, turn left. There will be a building next to a locked building. Go inside of the building. You will be inside of a kimono shop. Go to the room next to the cashier and there will be a man who is a kimono designer. Talk to him, and he will ask for a new design. Draw whatever desired on the kimono. After you do this, the villagers will all have the design you drew on it. The walls will also have the same design.

Hint: Resident Evil reference:
After defeating Blight and freeing Sei-an City, look carefully at the Emperor's robe. You will see the Biohazard, which is a reference to Capcom's franchise Resident Evil (Bio Hazard).
Val Halen.

Hint: Street Fighter reference:
In Kamiki Village after you help Ms. Orange with her pole, she will invite you to eat Cherry Cakes at her house, but only at night. Her house is the one with a giant orange on top of it. Go there and talk with her. She will perform a Shun Goku Satsu in order to make and bake the cakes. Shun Goku Satsu is a move from Akuma/Gouki, from Street Fighter series.
Lord Sephiroth.

Hint: Viewtiful Joe reference:
When Onigiri Sensei goes into "training mode", he will go into a pose that is similar to that of a pose from Viewtiful Joe.

Hint: God references:

Amaterasu: God of sun. Represents "dog" in the zodiac.
Yomigami: God of rejuvenation. Represents "dragon" in the zodiac.
Tachigami: God of swords. Represents "rat" in the zodiac.
Flora Gods All represent "monkey" in the zodiac.
Hanagami: God of green sprout.
Sakigami: God of bloom.
Hasugami: God of water flora (water lilies).
Tsutagami: God of vine.
Bakugami: God of explosion. Represents "boar" in the zodiac.
Nuregami: God of water. Represents "snake" in the zodiac.
Yumigami: God of moon. Represents "rabbit" in the zodiac. Note: Supposed to be Tsukuyomi (also wolf/dog), but was portrayed as Nagi's sword. Otherwise Yumigami would be god of crescent in the game, like as in the Japanese legend.
Kazegami: God of wind. Represents "horse" in the zodiac.
Moegami: God of fire. Represents "rooster" in the zodiac.
Kasugami: God of mist. Represents "ram" in the zodiac.
Kabegami: "God" of walls (catwalk). Kabegami is a cat. Note: Cat is not a zodiac or a god because of the rat (Tachigami) who deceived him.
Gekigami: God of thunder. Represents "tiger" on the zodiac.
Itegami: God of ice. Represents "ox" in the zodiac.

Hint: Brushstroke Gods:

Yomigami, God of Rejuvenation
Meeting place: River of the Heavens.
Description: Use it to repair and recreate things like the river in the area.
Tachigami, God of the Power Slash
Meeting Place: River in the Heavens.
Description: Use it to stun or kill enemies, or slash though rocks and trees.
Second Meeting Place: North Ryoshima Coast, dig in an island, donate a total of 60,000 yen to the Divine Spring to get it.
Brushstroke Gained: Power Slash 2
Description: Use this even more powerful slash to kill enemies and get though iron.
Thirrd Meeting Place: Ezofuji, near the top of the area, not to long after you meet the bears there, jump of the cliff , cut though the iron, and donate a total of 360,000 yen to the spring.
Brushstroke Gained: Power Slash 3
Description: The most Powerful slash can cut though diamonds.
Amaterasu, God of Sunrise (you)
When Brushstroke is granted: Kamiki Village.
Description: Make the sun rise anytime of the day, to make the sun brighter, or get out of night time.
Sakigami, God of Bloom
Meeting Place: Hana Valley.
Description: Use this to bloom dead trees and make them give you praise (use on citizens to make them happy and pet you if your lucky).
Bakugami, God of the Cherry Bomb
Meeting Place: Shinshu Field.
Description: Use the Cherry Bomb to get though cracks in the wall, and highly damage enemies.
Second Meeting Place: North Ryoshima Coast, like with Tachigami, find an island (this time near the Guardian Sapling), use a cherry bomb to get in, and donate 120,000 to the spring.
Brushstroke gained: Cherry Bomb 2
Description: You can now have two cherry bombs at once.
Third Meeting Place: Kamui, behind the Guardian Sapling, use two cherry bombs to get in, and donate 300,000 yen to the spring.
Brushstroke Gained: Cherry Bomb 3
Description: You can now have three cherry bomb out at once.
Tsutagami, God of the Vine
Meeting Place: Tsuta Ruins.
Description: With a vine you can now swing from place to place by Konohana Blossoms .
Nuregami, God of the Waterspout
Meeting Place: Sasa Sanctuary.
Description: Take water from one place and move to another, or get the water to make a fountain to reach high places.
Second Meeting Place: Dragon Palace, after you get the key to get in the side rooms go in the right one, and help the woman recreate the "Swirly-Whirly".
Brushstroke Gained: Fountain
Description: Use in Mermaid Ponds to teleport anywhere for free.
Third Meeting Place: Sei-An City (Aristocrat Quarter), after you beat Ninetails, go behind the building and water the four stones.
Brushstroke Gained: Deluge
Description: Use it to make it rain down on enemies.
Yumigami, God of the Moonlight
Meeting Place: Agata Forest, after you fight with another Canine Warrior, Gi in Sara Sanctuary, you must catch a Whopper with the kid in the forest.
Description: Make it darker out, or make it night.
Kazegami, God of the Galestorm
Meeting Place: Gale Shrine.
Description: Use wind to move heavy objects, and blow away enemies.
Second Meeting Place: North Ryosima Coast, Help a fisherman on an island southwest of the real area, catch and serve a fish called Marlin.
Brushstroke Gained: Whirlwind
Description: This even more powerful Wind attack can really blow enemies away.
Moegami, God of Fire
Meeting Place: Moon Cave.
Description: Draw fire from one place to another to melt something, of start it on fire
Second Meeting Place: Sei-An (Commoners Quarter). You must get a Get a Gold Mushroom from the tea person in Taka Pass, by defeating Moley and the Molesters, and give the mushroom to the cook in the Café.
Brushstroke Gained: Fireburst
Description: Now you can create fire anywhere there is something to light.
Kasugami, God of the Mist
Meeting Place: Imperial Palace.
Description: You can now slow down time, in battles, or in the regular game play.
Second Meeting Place: Imperial Palace, after the Emperor is not sick and back to normal, trade 80 Demon Fangs for a Frog Pot.
Brushstroke Gained: Mist Warp
Description: You can now warp from any Origin Mirror that has an X on it, for free.
Kabegami, God of the Catwalk
Meeting Place: Catcall Tower.
Description: Using the cat statues around the world, you can get up ledges you normally could not reach.
Gekigami, God of Thunder
Meeting Place: Oni Island.
Description: Take thunder from one place and bring it to another.
2nd Meeting Place: Sei-An City (Aristocrat Quarter), in the northwest point of town go behind the buildings until you find one with a cat statue, climb up, and help the inventor.
Brushstroke Gained: Thunderbolt
Description: Strike any enemy with a bolt of lightning.
Itegami: God of Blizzard
Meeting Place: Wawku Shrine.
Description: Use something frozen to freeze anything, for a short time.

Hint: Divine Instruments:
The following list of Divine Instruments appears in the order you get them.

Divine Retribution (Reflector): Available at start.
Devout Beads (Beads): Agata Forest.
Snarling Beast (Reflector): Defeat the Spider Queen.
Infinity Judge (Reflector): Kusa Village, from the merchant (about 50,000 yen).
Life Beads (Beads): Defeat Crimson Helm.
Tsumugari (Glaive): Defeat Orochi.
Exorcism Beads (Beads): Defeat Blight.
Seven Strike (Glaive): Sei-An City (Commander's Quarter; about 100,000 yen).
Blade of Kusanagi (Glaive): Defeat Ninetails.
Resurrection Beads (Beads): Wep'Keer from the merchant for 150,000 yen.
Eighth Wonder (Glavie): Ponc'tan for 200,000 yen.
Trinity Mirror (Reflector): Sei-An city or Kamiki Village (100 years in the past ) for 200,000 yen.
Thunder Edge (Glaive): Defeat True Orochi.
Solar Flare (Reflector ) Free all of the Spirits of the brush. It is the most powerful weapon.
Tundra Beads (Beads): Sei-An City, after you defeat the Twin Demons for 500,000 yen.

Hint: Stray Beads:
The following list will describe how all 100 Stray Beads are found.

#1. River of the Heavens (1/1): Found north of the bridge in an alcove.
#2. Kamiki Village (1/3): On a rafter underneath the chief's wooden platform.
#3. Kamiki Village (2/3): In a buried treasure chest on the northeast island.
#4. Kamiki Village (3/3): Up the floating flower path by the waterfall.
#5. Shinshu Field (1/6): Near the Moon Cave entrance. Look back and you will see two routes; one that goes left and one that goes right. Take the path on the left until you reach the end. The treasure chest that contains the Stray Bead is in the middle of the three shrubs.
#6. Shinshu Field (2/6): Behind Onigiri-Sensei's Dojo in the corner by the rail. Dig between the three shrubs and a treasure chest containing the Stray Bead will become unearthed.
#7. Shinshu Field (3/6): On the east side of the river by the Guardian Sapling ina buried treasure chest.
#8. Shinshu Field (4/6): In a buried chest in the northwestern corner.
#9: Shinshu Field (5/6): Given by Tama when you make three cherry bombs for him.
#10. Shinshu Field (6/6): Given by the Nameless Man when you give a vase to all five of the statues.
#11. Hana Valley (1/1): Through the tunnel, after the campfire, on the left next to the tree in a buried treasure chest.
#12. Agata Forest (1/6): Inside Madame Fawn's shop.
#13. Agata Forest (2/6): Behind the cheif's hut in a buried treasure chest.
#14. Agata Forest (3/6): On the ledge near Tsuta Ruins, in a buried treasure chest.
#15. Agata Forest (4/6): In the trees on the islands. Use the floating flowers to obtain the Stray Bead.
#16. Agata Forest (5/6): Found on top of the water tree in the north most area.
#17. Agata Forest (6/6): Found inside one if the burning treasure chest outside of Madame Fawn's shop.
#18. Tsuta Ruins (1/3): Once you kill Blockhead, go up the trees. When you reach three statues with a gray-black wall behind it, draw a Cherry Bomb. You will see a bud. Bloom it to get the Stray Bead.
#19. Tsuta Ruins (2/3): Smash all of the barrels that are leaking the poison. When the water becomes purified, jump of the waterfall and go into the alcove that is inside it. Draw a Cherry Bomb on the wall, and you will see a bud. Bloom it to get the Stray Bead.
#20. Tsuta Ruins (3/3): Return to the area where you had to push the ball over to the button so you could open the door after you obtain the Vine Brush. You should see a floating flower. Use the Vine Brush to get on the flower. North of the flower you will see a bud. Bloom it to get the Stray Bead.
#21. Taka Pass (1/6): After you defeat Waka inside of the cave, you will see a pond. Look for the bubbles rising from the pond. Use Power Slash to reveal the Stray Bead.
#22. Taka Pass (2/6): Behind Mr. and Mrs. Cutter's house near the pond. It is next to the big rock. You can see it better at night.
#23. Taka Pass (3/6): Found in a buried treasure chest in the western area.
#24. Taka Pass (4/6): Next to the Mermaid Spring, in a buried treasure chest under a leaf pile.
#25. Taka Pass (5/6): Found in a burning treasure chest in the southeast.
#26. Taka Pass (6/6): Buried under a rock surface in the western area.
#27. Kusa Village (1/3): Near Princess Fuse's house. Stand in front of the bridge going towards the house. The Stray Bead is in between the rock and the tree.
#28. Kusa Village (2/3): Buried inside Mr. Bamboo's house.
#29. Kusa Village (3/3): In a treasure chest on the rafters of the village.
#30. Sasa Sanctuary (1/3): Between the bamboo fountain and the dirt at the entrance.
#31. Sasa Sanctuary (2/3): In the rear, upper left room there is a doll. Dot the eye to get it.
#32. Sasa Sancturay (3/3): In a buried treasure chest in an alcove at the back.
#33. Gale Shrine (1/3): Draw a Cherry Bomb on the center rof the elevator, but do not get on it. When the platform rises, jump down.
#34. Gale Shrine (2/3): In a burning box outside on the second floor balcony.
#35. Gale Shrine (3/3). After you defeat the Crimson Helm with further game progression, return to the Gale Shrine and go to the northern alcove at the beginning. Defeat all of the Canine Warriors and Princess Fuse will reward you with a Stray Bead.
#36. City Checkpoint (1/5): Head south down the river. At the very end, the Stray Bead will be in a buried box.
#37. City Checkpoint (2/5): Found down a path south ways taken from the bridge in a burning box.
#38. City Checkpoint (3/5): Found across the bridge under restored land.
#39. City Checkpoint (4/5): Found all the way down a floating flower trail from the bridge.
#40. City Checkpoint (5/5): In a buried treasure chest, on an island at the north end of the river.
#41. Ryoshima Coast (1/5): On top of the sunken ship.
#42. Ryoshima Coast (2/5): Give the black and white rabbit named "Inabi" north of the Animal Lover. Give it to him and he will give you a Stray Bead.
#43. Ryoshima Coast (3/5): Under the rock surface outside Onigiri-sensei's Dojo.
#44. Ryoshima Coast (4/5): Go down the pathway next to the Angoku Temple until you see an area with a few cows near it. There will be a rock platform. If you were thought the technique "Digging Champ" from Onigiri-Sensei, dig there. Defeat the Bandit Spider, and you will have to fight a series of consecutive demon gates. After you cleared the demon gates, you will obtain the Stray Bead.
#45. Ryoshima Coast (Given by Hayate): Beat Hayate in a race to obtain the Stray Bead.
#46. Sei-an City (Commoner's Quarter) (1/5): Found in the channel west of the Sei-an City entrance (not literally at the Sei-an City entrance, once you enter Sei-an City).
#47. Se-an City (Commoner's Quarter) (2-5): Buried inside Mr. Flower's house.

Glitch: Freeze game:
After you unlock the "Presents from Issun" option, go to "Okami Art". Select "Okami Characters". Choose the very first picture and look through all of them until you reach the picture titled "Mr. and Mrs. Orange Final", then deselect it. Go to "Sakuya Concepts" and the game may freeze.

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