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Pac-Man World 2

Pac-Mania mini-game:
Collect 100 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Mania arcade game.

Pac-Man mini-game:
Collect 10 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Man arcade game.

Pac-Attack mini-game:
Collect 30 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Attack arcade game.

Ms. Pac-Man mini-game:
Collect 180 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Ms. Pac-Man arcade game.

Music test:
Collect 60 tokens during game play to unlock the "Jukebox" option.

Pre-production art and programmers:
Collect 150 tokens during game play to unlock the "Museum" option.

Hint: Extra wedge:
When you collect 100 dots, you will get an extra wedge.
Sam R.

Hint: Do not lose wedge:
If you do a butt-bounce when you are falling from a high place, you will not lose a wedge. Note: Make sure that you do not fall off a cliff or platform.

Hint: Defeating Blinky's Frog:
Butt-bounce three times on the frog's tongue when it is wooden. When frog's tongue turns to steel, jump on top of tongue and rev-roll into the frog's mouth three times to kill it.
Henry McIntyre.

Hint: Defeating Inky's Blade-O-Matic:
At first, he will throw spikes out of his mouth at you. Try to dodge the first one, then Rev-Roll into his mouth to damage the machine. Do all of this for a second time and he will say something. Next, when he is passing by, Rev-Roll on one of the red things on the side of the machine. Do this one more time. Then, he will say something else. Immediately after he throws the first spike, Rev-Roll into his mouth. Do this once more to defeat him and get a "Golden Strawberry".

The stadium is shaped like a cross. Go to one end. There will be an item there. and an arrow B-Doing. When the machine gets close to you. jump on the B-Doing. When you are above the blue glass, hold X. Land on the glass and inflict damage. If you miss, go to the opposite side of the field. Do this repeatedly to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Spooky:
You must defeat Spooky to complete the game. First, complete each level then return to Pac-Village. Go backwards past Pac-Village. There will be blackish-purple smoke. Press X while in the smoke. You will fight Spooky. He will send Meteor Showers and Fireballs. Flip- Kick to hurt him. Note: Every three hits is like a checkpoint.

Hint: Defeating Clyde:
To hurt him, you have to butt-bounce the top of him. For the first part, dodge his attacks and wait for him to stop attacking. Also watch out for the geysers coming out of the ground. He will now come low to the ground near one of the outer islands. Rev roll to where he is using the ledges as ramps and quickly butt-bounce on him. Repeat and you will face his second form. To dodge, rev roll to a different island than the one he is attacking. After two assaults he hovers around the center. Wait for him to stop moving and butt-bounce. Repeat and you will now face his third form. This form is just like the first form, only it shoots faster and more. Do the same thing as you did to defeat the first form. His fourth form is like the third form, only it shoots even more. The best way to avoid this is to rev roll across the gaps back and forth until he stops. He will hover near the center island in this form. When you hit him once, he starts shooting three shots. If you manage to stay alive for this, he will hover again. Let him have it. You will now face his final form. He is the same as always, only now it is a lot more selective about where you bounce. You have to bounce directly on Clyde, the ghost piloting the thing. After you hit him once, he will do the fire move from his second form; rev roll out of there. Once more and he will be defeated and you will receive the "Golden Pear".
Edward Kendrick.

When you are on the last lava level (a Boss level) you must face Clyde the ghost, who is holding a golden fruit. When he stops shooting fireballs, jump on the top of his machine but do not butt-bounce (this is how to defeat him). When he stops, you can butt-bounce on him and go back on him. When you are done, you will get a golden fruit.
Joshua Epperly.

Hint: Defeating the Mega Whale:
Take out the top two propellers first. When you get to last two he will shoot the mines and ghost subs lower. Stay high until they are gone, then shoot the propellers.
Sam Munro.

Hint: Blade Mountain: Lives and tokens:
There are a total of eleven extra lives and 8 tokens in the level. The lives are usually located in the flying boxes above the ramps. Do a Flip-Kick to reach them. Some contain tokens and others have lives.

Hint: Blade Mountain: Unlimited lives:
When you get to the checkpoint of the tunnel with the gorilla face, continue down the tunnel. Pick up the two extra lives then dive into the first frozen water hole. Repeat this process as many times as desired to get one extra life each time; or go on down the tunnel pick up the third one to get two each time (just takes a little longer).

Hint: Blade Mountain: Galaxian:
Find one of every fruit. If you do, one activates the treasure chest at the right at the end of the level. Inside is a Galaxian.

Hint: Butane Pain: Unlimited lives:
Go up the tree and continue. Stop when you are on the tree that has the big hole in it. Butt bounce through the hole, and there will be butt pad. Bounce on them and it will lead you to a secret platform. Hit the switch that is there. Collect the eight lives and token. Then, intentionally lose a life and repeat the process as many times as desired.
The Game Master.

Hint: Ice River Run: Shortcut:
Finding this shortcut is extremely easy. It is located where the first drop-off is found. The drop-off is at the point where there are a lot of strawberries and you have to drop down to get them. Then, go right.

Hint: Ice River Run: Extra lives:
When you are in the cave, the checkpoint afterwards has an extra life. If you die you will return to the same location from the nearest checkpoint. You will stay with the same number of lives each time you collect that extra life you keep passing it.
Nomi Edwards.

Hint: Volcano level:
Once you get to the yellow bridge, if you have armor you can jump into the lava. You might sink. To avoid sinking, press X + Forward. Once you start blinking, go faster or you will lose your armor and burn up. If you do not have armor, hold Square to start running fast then press X to jump across. Once you get to the pyramid piece, wait until the flying board get directly in front of the pyramid. Then, butt bounce on the end of the pyramid quickly. Then, hold X and move forward, which will make you butt bounce over to the cube. The cube will begin to fall. Repeat the same thing to jump. Once you get to the edge, there will be Dig Dugs and Jungle people. You must butt bounce them. Once you get to the ghosts, you must the glowing thing then eat them. Under each Jungle person there will be a switch. Butt bounce on one to make the lava go down. The other switch will make a dog appear. The other one will give you armor. You must put your armor on in order to butt bounce the dog. Then, go to the red blinking object. Jump and get it, which will take you back to where the Jungle people were located. If you have lost your armor, there will be more near the two dogs which you can butt bounce once your armor is on again. Further along will be icicles falling from the sky. You will need your armor to protect you from them, or they will hurt you. Once you have passed the icicles you will see lava which you can jump in if you have armor.

Hint: Volcano: Dig Dug characters:
Just when you get across the first gap in the level, there will be a group of Dig Dug characters appearing from a hole.

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