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Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

Restore all sand slots:
Hold L3 and quickly press Circle(2), X, Square(2), X, Triangle(2) during game play.
Martin Nobdrup.

3D Prince Of Persia level:
Start a new game and stay on the balcony. Hold L3, then quickly press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle. You will then enter the first level of the original Prince Of Persia, redone in 3D. Note: There is no end to the level. Once you get your sword and see a picture of the developers, that is all there is. Do not think that you are stuck; they just did not have time to finish it.
slfio nrn rrvnbe.

Note: After you get the picture of the developers, go somewhere in the level and press L2. Wherever you are in the level, this will show you something from within the room.

Classic Prince Of Persia mini-game:
After getting the second sword that can break walls (approximately one third of the way through the game after the "Above the Bath's" area), you will reach a large location where you must pass through a door with Farah and activate a lever to open another door to a hallway filled with scarabs. There are three positions to this switch (open door into room, open door to hallway with scarabs, and open secret door to the classic Prince Of Persia). The switch is located at the end of the room, near the save point and near a large piece of rubble. There is a wall opposite to that lever that appears to be unbreakable, and does not look like other wall areas that can be manipulated. When you hit this secret area on the wall, it will not spark as expected. After setting the switch to unlock the door to the mini-game, keep hitting the non-sparking section of wall until it breaks. A message will appear to state that the classic Prince Of Persia has now been unlocked.

Alternately, successfully complete the game.

Classic Prince Of Persia: Level passwords:

Jafar battle


Hint: A Prisoner Seeking An Escape: Hangman:
When you reach the bottom of the chamber in the A Prisoner Seeking An Escape level, kill all the sand creatures and then enter the cell to the left when looking at the save point. In the left corner of the cell is a little joke on the wall. Take a closer look in first person view at the drawings you find there. Obviously the prisoners where playing hangman here.

Hint: A Soldiers Mess-Hall: Kill all:
When you enter this level, there will be a short intermission sequence showing you the area. When this is completed, do not draw your sword. Instead, run to the edge of the stairs and jump off. Walk into the middle and wait for all of the enemies to appear. Use the Mega-Freeze to attack the current enemies. This will also work for the enemies that respawn, if done correctly.

Hint: Baths: Magic Fountain:
After earning yourself the second sword which can break the walls, gain access to the secret corridor. Stop halfway through the corridor and on the right wall should be a wall with a crack that someone has hastily concealed. Break the wall to find another Magic Fountain.

Hint: Courtyard: Magic Fountain:
After completing the trap corridor where you had to race to the slowly closing door, you will battle some Sand Monsters in the courtyard. After this has been successfully done, climb up the courtyard. When you are in the section where you have to climb up the ladder which appears above the spikes, continue until you find a Sand Cloud. Near the sand cloud is a hole in the wall. Climb up the rubble and run among the wall to grab on the ledge. Go through the hole to find yourself in a mystery area. Keep walking on the bridges until you reach a fountain. Drinking from this fountain will raise your life bar.

Hint: Daybreak: Avoid battles:
When the Prince and Farah attempt to cross the drawbridge you have lowered, many sand creatures will appear to battle you. Just run past them on the left and into the open doorway with the switch inside. They will not follow, and you wll not have to fight them.
Scott Tomlinson.

Hint: Defense system puzzle:
When entering the room with the defense system in it, follow these steps to complete the puzzle.

Step on the glowing "full moon" panel to retrieve the first axle.
Approach the levers on the middle of the platform, and turn it on these steps: right, up, left three times, and up two times. Step on the glowing New Moon to retrieve it.
Next, turn the levers up, right two times, and up two times. Then, step on the half moon panel to gain the third axle.
A "quarter moon" insignia marks the last axle. Turn the levers right and down. Step on the quarter moon to receive the last axle.
To bring the entire platform up, move the levers up, left and up.

Hint: Tomb doors puzzle:
Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You have to find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the landscape view. Always start at the door with the face above it and go clockwise. The order is:

1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Seventh door from the entrance
3. Third door from the entrance

After you have successfully done this you will be taken to the second level of this room. It is almost the same, just with more doors. The order is:

1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Ninth door from the entrance
3. Fifth door from the entrance

An intermission sequence will then follow.

In the circular room you find in the tomb, there are doors that you must enter in the correct order, or be teleported back to the start. One way to make sure you go through the correct door is to listen carefully. When you are in front of the next door that you need to enter, you will hear the sound of trickling water. This indicates that you are standing in front of the correct door. Repeat this until you have solved the maze.
Patrick Hankamer.

When you are almost at the end of the game, you will be trapped in a room with a lot of doors. Every time you go in one, you end up back where you started. An easy way to find the correct doors is to run by the doors until you hear a splash of water. As soon as you do, stop and go into the door. Repeat this three more times and you will be at the second set of doors. Do the same thing four times and you will pass the level.
kevin zipkey.

Hint: Underground Reservoir: Swinging on ropes:
When you are swinging on the ropes (by holding R1) and you are at the end of a swing and close to the object that you want to swing to, press X, then release R. When you hit the rope, press X. Note: You should make it most of the time.

Hint: Defeating sand monsters:
Do a vault on any sand monster (or rebound over their head). Press Retrieve then Attack to destroy it.

To kill a sand creature that stops you from vaulting them, either do the jump on a wall and do the rebound attack, or do a counter attack and retrieve (easy to do if you have good timing).
Ben French.

Notice that Farah (due to her artificial intelligence), will act as an alarm when Sand Creatures are in range of her arrow. When this happens, use it to your advantage and get close (but not too much). Let Farah knock one out. If not, stun one then run and attack before running back. Note: If Farah stays in the battlefield, leave her and run. Every time she shoots an arrow, she puts her items down to reload for a moment. She will then run during this process if she is not being attacked.

When fighting normally blue sand creatures, they tend to be where the sand clouds or swirls (the dust) are found. Every time you go in, it changes their route. When they start walking close enough to the wall that you can see their body parts (for example, sword, etc.), run in and out. They will usually chase you until they get stuck between the battle area and safe zone (usually entrance). You can then perform a full combo of your sword swings. Note: It will not always end with them stuck there or they might break free. Also, sometimes if you are too close (about sword length), they can swing at you.

Hint: Defeating blue monsters:
There is a way to kill blue colored monsters in two moves ( works for both blue and red). Do an off the wall stab (press Jump + Towards Wall + Attack). The monster will get knocked over, and you can do a retrieve to destroy it.
B A.

Every time you try to jump over and attack blue armored monsters, they will knock you down. However if you slow down time they will not do this, When done this way, the other monsters will not attack you.
Martin Nobdrup.

Hint: Defeating the Vizier:
Once you have about 98% of the game completed and are prepared to have a showdown with the evil Vizier, the best way to kill him is with counter strikes. Defend against the clone with R1. Unlike his underlings, he cannot figure out a way past your sword. As soon as he strikes at you, press Square to counter with your sword. You can also use your dagger, but it is much less effective due to the fact you cannot freeze him. If desired, you can hit him by jumping over and slicing with your sword, but this may not work and is slower.

Hint: Defeating the soldiers at the mess hall:
Kill all of the first eight soldiers. Take their Sands except for the last one. Leave him on the floor. While he is down, run to the fountain and drink to get your health up. He will come back to life. Kill him again and drink more water before taking his Sand. Do this until you have full health, then take his Sand. You should now have enough health do defeat the next seven soldiers without dying.

Hint: Defeating birds:
To defeat the birds on ground, defend. Immediately after the bird attacks, attack yourself and it should hit them.
Chase Copat.

To defeat the birds on the balance beams, just before they are about to hit you with an attack, attack and it should hit them.
Chase Copat.

Hint: Defeating bats:
Wait until they swarm, then attack. You should be able to kill most of them.
Chase Copat.

Hint: Easy fights:
Use the dagger to stab the enemy so that he becomes frozen. Then, hit him once with your sword so that he floats in the air. When he lands, he will be lying on the ground. Stab him with the dagger to take his sand.
Jacob Rich.

When you encounter an enemy, press X to vault over him, and while in the air press Square then Triangle to kill him. Note: This works on most, but not all, enemies.
James Ryan.

The quickest way to knock down an enemy is to vault over him, by pressing Towards + X, then striking with your sword. However, more powerful monsters block this move. All monsters throughout the game are either red or blue in color. All the red monsters can be vaulted over. The blue ones block and strike back. During a battle, quickly dispatch all the red monsters first by vaulting, striking, and retrieving. Then finish off the blue ones by either blocking until they strike, then counter-attacking (they will be off-guard), or by freezing them with a dagger stab, then slicing with your sword. This method will get you through battles quickly and more efficiently, while still allowing the retrieval of a decent amount of sand.
Steve Edwards.

When you are in a battle surrounded by two or more enemies, try to hit one enemy one or two times, then face towards another enemy and hit him or her a few of times before you begin hitting the next one. Especially do this when you see one of them trying to attack you. You can also defend yourself if desired. This is most useful when you are surrounded by enemies that you cannot vault over, like the blue monsters.

Hint: Repeatedly drink:
Hold R1 when drinking from a fountain or pond and you you will drink repeatedly.

Hint: Farah's attitude:
When near Princess Farah, switch to first person view and look at her for a long time. At the beginning of the game, she will soon tell you to stop staring at her. Later in the game, she will tell you that your eyes are green and you can look at her if you want.

Hint: Angry Farah:
Any time you are alone with Farah, take out your sword and hit her once (you might kill her). She should yell at you and shoot you with her bow.

Hint: Slipping:
Go in some water and run up the wall. Either way you will still slip.

Glitch: Farah returns:
After you get the last sword (the most powerful), continue on where you are supposed to go. Later, after the Prince yells "Farah", go on and do what is needed. There will be two places where you can go. One is the right way, and the other is to another "Fountain Of Life". Climb down and jump to the other ledge and onto the bar then drop down. Destroy the broken door with your sword. There is a hidden Fountain Of Life ahead. After you get your health up, head back up to where you must go. You will then see Farah with her bow and arrows instead of your old sword and dagger of time. She will not follow you, but will instead just look at you.

Glitch: Slow motion scene:
When the Prince is just about to get the second sword, you must run across the wall to get to it. However, if you run across the wall and jump at the last moment before you touch the ground, you will experience a scene where the Prince gets his second sword in slow motion. You can see the glitch when the sword magically appears from his hand and goes back in. This will take a long time to play back.
Chase Copat.

Glitch: Prince in mid-air:
When you fight the final battle, make sure when you defeat the last enemy that you are on the save point. Immediately when the Prince puts away his sword, notice that he goes directly towards the save point. Then, the save screen will pop up, this may take awhile. When you are done saving, you will see the Prince crouching in mid-air. Note: You will not be able to see the ending sequence.
Chase Copat.

Glitch: Black spot in second baths:
When you reach the second baths (with all of the waterfalls after you and Farrah separate), you will fight some Scarabs. After you are done you must cross a stick. After you have done that, press L2. You will notice a black spot in the clearing.
Chase Copat.

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