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Radiata Stories

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Game+" option. Play your cleared game file to begin with all skills, money, friends, links, and some items from your first playthrough. Additionally, talk to one of the journey pigs in front of any town to access the Dragon Lair cave.

Hint: Bonus training weapons:
You can do training by hitting the wooden targets. Complete the training mission by finishing all twenty rounds to unlock a weapon. The new weapon varies, depending on which weapon you are training with. Training with sword will give you the Evil Sword. The spear will give you the Medusa Spear. The 2 hand sword will give you the Grand Saber. The axe will give you the Icicle Axe. Also, when you do mission 19 for any of these, it will give 5,000 experience points. With two training devices, the experience is worth 8,000.
randall chew.

Hint: Getting Lenneth Valkyrie:
Complete the Corridor Of Distortion dungeon to have Lenneth Valkyrie join your party.

Hint: Defeating Aphelion The Silver Dragon:
Use the Arbitrator and do not use the sword you find in City Of White Nights. The best team consists of Gil, Serva, and Ganz (for non-human side). Aphelion regains HP; you should be at least level 50 to 60 to take out more HP from him. When you can use Limit Break, do so. He is very difficult. You should also have 30 to 45 Herb Extracts, 20 to 25 Herb Extract DS, 10 to 25 Herb Extract Max, 20 Sages, and 5 to 10 Celestial Nectars. Learn these command from books Use Volty, Circle and Life Song. Do not use any links. It may take 20 to 30 minutes to defeat him. You should also equip Samurai Armor (found at Goo's Armory if you are playing the non-human side at a cost of 60,000 Dagols) for a good defense. Always stay in the back of him -- his moves mostly attack from the front. Allow your party to attack him mostly. If your life is low and it hits you, the game will end. When you get a full Volty gauge, unleash Limit Break.

Hint: Defeating Leonard and Natalie:
This battle may only occur if you chose to follow Ridley rather than report to the castle, although this fight may be replaced with other characters. It is highly recommended that you have all the skills on your weapon. For example, use a non-elemental weapon like the Rune Sword, which is two-handed. The reason for this is that you will really want the second Volty attack in this battle, and the great thing about the Rune Sword is the ability to petrify enemies while attacking. First, prepare yourself with plenty of healing items. If you do not know where to go, head to the Dark Elf village via the Journey Pig. Have your Volty gauge set at 100 before the fight. If it is not, wander around and kill things. Also, if you are close to leveling up, do so. When you are prepared for the battle, go into the fort and go through the intermission sequence. The duo will attack you at the same time, but Natalie is very difficult. Concentrate all your power on her. Lock-on if you want to be sure not to direct attacks at Leonard. You can also try to petrify Leonard to worry less about your HP dropping. Unload your second Volty attack on Natalie the first chance you get. This will take away about 70% to 80% of her HP. Then, just block and counterattack. Be careful not to hit more than once, because Natalie will most likely take out like another 180 to 220 HP or more from you while you are doing a combo. Then, just do counterattacks and Volty attacks every time you get 10 Voltys and she will go down fairly easy. You now only need to worry about Leonard, who has about the same amount of HP as Natalie but does not do close to as much damage. The purpose behind this is that Natalie has a Volty attack that does serious damage. It may even be a one-hit kill for a lot of characters. Make sure to use healing items or a heal command before the match ends.
Justin Dunlop.

Use the following trick to defeat Natalie and Leonard with a single handed sword. Depending on your level, this can be difficult due to Natalie's VoltyBlast attack. Have Cross Slash set as your primary attack, as you are not going to be doing many combos in this battle. Also have your Volty Gauge close to 100 if possible. Concentrate all attacks on Natalie, as she is much stronger than Leonard. The best strategy is to guard, then counter after Natalie strikes. Do not start up a combo because she will hurt you badly. Continuing to block then counter to slowly drop Natalie's health to the point where you can use your VoltyBlast to take off about 250 to 300 HP, depending on your weapon and level. If you see flames coming out from around Natalie, get away from both of them and use whatever you have to heal to full life. Any commands that increase defense will also be helpful. Avoid getting hit until she either uses her VoltyBlast or some other command that uses the points. If you survived, heal and continue the strategy of block and counter. When Natalie is dead Leonard is not much of a threat. Use the same strategy to defeat him in a few minutes.

Hint: Easy money:
Once in the bedroom and you have control of your character, you can kick the left desk to obtain ten coins. You can also kick the two beds to obtain additional items. Afterwards, leave the room, and kick the guard outside. You will receive one coin. You can do this for an unlimited amount of times. If you have a controller with an auto-fire feature, you can set it overnight to accumulate money easily.
Jamie Le.

Hint: Easy stat increase:
Get a fairly strong team based on ym team (for example, Jack level 37, Lily level 37, Cesear level 41, and Flora level 32). You must kill a certain amount of ants. After a large amount of ants has been killed you will come across a strange looking bug. In fact it is the mother ant. Kick it and initiate a fight. You will soon be surrounded by seven or eight fire ants and the queen. this is a difficult battle because they create a link and burn you. If you defeat the queen ant you will get a berry for each stat. From then on, after killing ten ants a queen ant will appear. Kill the queen repeatedly to get your stats to the maximum with the berries that you will win.

Hint: Tamaki Nami sings theme song:
Witness Tamaki Nami's transformation and immediately speak with her in the Night and Desire Street at 6:00 p.m. She will join you. Do not have her in your party, then visit the Red Lotus Bar at night. Tamaki Nami will sing the game's opening theme song.

Hint: Star Ocean series reference:
When you are able to join the Fighter's Guild and you get Jack's Room in Radiata Town, notice a pair of red boots. They resemble the "Santa Boots" from the Star Ocean series.

Notice Gantz's appearance during events that feature him throughout the game. His outfit will begin to resemble that of Claude from Star Ocean 2 during the intermission sequences.

When you are able to roam around the castle again after Ridley has joined the fairy creatures, go to her room. There will be a ghost on her bed. If you go to the ghost, you will wake up in your bed back under the bridge wearing Claude's uniform from Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. It gives you HP regeneration.
Radiata Fan.

Hint: Valkyrie Profile references:
After completing the game you have the opportunity to go through the Dragon Lair Cave. Once you finish that, you can go through the Corridor Of Distortion. Then, you will fight your father. After that, you will fight Lenneth Valkyrie, the main character of Valkyrie Profile. After you fight and recruit her, you will face an interesting character whose name is Lezard. This is Lezard Valeth from Valkyrie Profile After that, you will face Gabriel Celeste, another hidden Boss from Valkyrie Profile. The final and toughest Boss, the Ethereal Queen, also seems to be modeled after Iseria Queen, also from Valkyrie Profile. Note: All of these characters, with the possible exception of Lezard, also appear in Star Ocean: Til The End Of Time.
The A-to-the-C.

Go to the fourth floor of Radiata Castle. Go in the Cross Room (press R1 for Map Check), and enter the other door to see Lenneth's Valkyrie Armor.
Luiz Gustavo.

Hint: Recruiting characters:
Latona Lee.

Castle dwellers
Charlie: Talk to Charlie after being promoted to commander by Dynas.
Nina: Talk to her while she is in the castle training facility and fight her. If you defeat her once, return on a different day and defeat her again.
Leonard: After the war at Radiata's entrance, talk to Leonard with Natalie in your party.
Patrick: Talk to him when he is drinking. He will ask you to keep his secret.
Putt: Talk to him when he is sleeping. He will ask you to keep his secret.
Theater Vancoor members
Elwen: Recruit all of Theater Vancoor then talk to her.
Gerald: Meet Nocturne in his vampire and respond with "Yes" to his question. Follow the sequence of events then fight Gerald.
Cesear: Talk to Cesaer when he is praying for his fallen comrades with both Aldo and Gareth in your party.
Alicia: Talk to Elwen when she is in the altar in The Path of the Spider. Alicia will come by some time afterwards. Talk to her and fight her.
Dennis: Talk to Dennis when he is outside Lupus Gate. He will mention needing a great flower for Alicia. Go to the Elf Region and collect the "Evening Bloom." Give it to Dennis and he will join your party.
Gareth: When he is training, talk to him (after you become a sergeant). He will challenge you. Defeat him to recruit him.
Gregory: When he is drinking in the diner, talk to him. He will ask you to pick up some Dwarven liquor for Gerald. Go to Earth Valley and talk to the bartender, not the liquor store salesman. Return it to him.
Walter: After Dynas gets you back into the knights, talk to him. He will ask you to visit his wife in the dungeon. When you are done, talk to Walter again.
Jarvis: Pay his bar tab for him and talk to him again.
Aldo: Get the Book of Fairies from Garcia's house and give it to Aldo.
Gordon: Talk to him. He tells you he will join if you defdat him.
Star E. Stern: Complete "Please Stop Lord Star." Talk to him afterwards.
Bruce: Talk to him when you have half of your HP or less. Note: Talk to Dr. Morfinn and take his medicine to quicken the process.
David: He will ask you to deliver his letter to Mint who goes to Tria Village in the morning and Garcia's house at night.
Conrad: Talk to him after becoming a sergeant.
Rolec: Kick him when he is mopping in the Theater Vancoor bathroom.
Daniel: Talk to him after the mission in which you defeat the rats in the Vareth Institute.
Carlos: Recover his contact lens in The Path of the Spider. Go straight down in the Theater Vancoor jail cell and follow the river going to your left.
Gene: Talk to his mother that runs the inn by Theater Vancoor then talk to him. Do this several times and eventually he will join.
Thanos: Complete all of the missions.
Vareth Magic Institute members
Curtis: Recruit all of the Vareth Magic Institute then talk to him.
Cecil: Level up Aiden to level 30 and talk to him. Aiden must be with you.
Genius: Meet Genius in the "Secret of the Sewers" mission. Before you resurface, talk to Genius again.
Morgan: Talk to her in a room in the Star Tower. On different days, donate 1000, 3000, 9000, and finally 30,000 Dagols.
Felix: Talk to the Vareth headmaster after the meeting in the castle. Then, talk to Felix.
Jill: Have Christoph in your party and talk to her.
Ursula: Defeat both of her golems on the missions.
Derek: Talk to the Vareth headmaster after the meeting in the castle. Then, talk to Derek.
Claudia: She will ask for a Blood Orc's horn. Talk to her three more times on different days.
Ardoph: Complete "Alien Monster," then talk to him.
Dmitri: Complete "Alien Monster," then talk to him.
Leona: First, talk to her with Aldo in your party to give her the manuscript she's looking for.
Aiden: Talk to him and accept his friend request.
Cornelia: Talk to her at the moment she becomes Rachel.
Faraus: Talk to him and he will tell you that his medical text was left at the Olacion Order. Go to Kain and tell him about it. He will give it to you to return to Faraus.
Marietta: Talk to her in Vareth's Star Tower basement when she is trapped under the boxes.
Ernest: Give him a record with a battle song.
Franklin: Talk to him with a girl in your party.
Johan: Talk to him on multiple days.
Olacion Order members
Kain: Recruit all of the Olacion Order then talk to him.
Fernando: Talk to him after recruiting Achilles, Alvin, Edgar, Godwin, and Flora. You need Miranda as well, but you must already have her to get Godwin.
Anastasia: Talk to her and she will whine about her key. Ask Lulu, her cleaner, what happened to it. She will say that she broke it and threw it away. Talk to Zeranium, who always checks the garbage, about it. He will say he sold it to the Faid General Store. Buy it from Thyme for 10,000 Dagols and return it to Anastasia.
Dwight: After the mission Dwight assigns you where you fetch a Smilodon Fang, talk to him when he is in the confessionary in the Olacion Order.
Godwin: Talk to Godwin with a level 35+ Miranda in your party.
Rocky: Undertake his mission and defeat him in battle. Talk to him again in the Septem region when he is fighting Blood Orcs. Fight him and win.
Achilles: Complete "Build that Body." Talk to him after the mission.
Flora: Talk to her and she will be frantic about a missing picture of her father. Go to the Morfinn clinic while Synelia is gazing at the picture and she will give it back. Return it to Flora.
Elena: Talk to Elena after telling Nalshay three stories: "Vexatious Vermin," "Smilodon Fang," and after defeating Parsec.
Alvin: Talk to Kain after the meeting in the castle. Then, talk to Alvin.
Vitas: Talk to her when she is training in her room. Fight her and win.
Cosmo: Talk to him.
Grant: He will ask you to deliver church updates to members of the Void Community. Talk to him when you are done.
Adina: Talk to her with Elena in your party.
Miranda: Talk to her on three different days when any amount of HP is missing. Note: The number of times you do this starts after "build that body".
Edgar: Talk to him and he will rant to you about Fernando's belt. Go to Fernando's room while he is in and look in the trash can. He will let you have it. Give it to Edgar.
Clive: Joins of his own free will.
Lulu: Get her cat "Pooch" from the trash bags by the Void Community where Thyme is always checking for items.
Eugene: Talk to him in the bar.
The Void Community
Nyx: Recruit all of the Void Community then talk to him.
Ortoroz: Find the meteorite rocks he is looking for and report back to him. Talk to him again on a different day.
Sonata: Talk to him by all the different gates of Radiata. Talk to Ortoroz after the meeting in the castle. Then, talk to Sonata again.
Iris: Hire her for 40,000 Dagols.
Nocturne: Talk to him with Gerald in your party.
Herz: She will be disguised as Conrad one day with Conrad in your party. She will be disguised as Cesaer another day. Talk to her with Cesaer in your party. The last day will be the same, but with Alicia. Finally, beat defeat her in a fight.
Rynka: Talk to Cody after getting the note from Ganz. He will tell you that he lost his mother's pendant. It is in plain view on The Path to the Beast Pit. Give it back to Cody. Talk to Rynka and she will thank you. Talk to her and she will ask if you know anything about what Cody might want for his birthday. Follow him to see him enter a shop. Talk to him and he will say he wants the Imitation Sword. Talk to Rynka and she will thank you again. Talk to Cody and he will say Rynka bought him the sword. Talk to Rynka one last time.
Alba: Talk to or fight him on different days.
Golye: Talk to him when he is in The Vampire and he will falsely blame you. Fight him and win.
Lily: Talk to her when she is outside the altar room in Path of the Spider.
Flau: Talk to her after getting Ganz's letter.
Jared: Listen to his long, incredibly boring story while in Club Vampire.
Pinky: Kick him when he is sleeping in front of Club Vampire.
Interlude: Talk to Ortoroz after the meeting in the castle. Then, talk to Interlude. Fight him and win, then talk to him on a different day.
Solo: Talk to Felix in the Vareth Library, then talk to Solo.
Joaquel: Talk to him when he is guarding the door in Void basement. Say "Yes" to guarding the door. Stand there until he comes back. If you want the items behind the door, say "Yes" then go in one day. Accept it and do it correctly on a different day.
Eon: Talk to him when he is feeding the Void pets. Get the medicine then give it to Eon.
Elmo: Talk to him. Fight him and win.
Dan: Get the other half of the recipe he is working on from Sharon in Tria Village.
Non-allied humans
Sebastian (Not human): Talk to him with Star in your party.
Adele: Talk to her three times: Once after you are kicked off the knights, once after you fight Gawain, and finally once after killing Gawain.
Paul: Talk to him with a female in your party.
Giske: Collect the tabs for him.
Lyle: Talk to him with Conrad in your party.
Valkyrie: Defeat her in the bonus dungeon.
Morfinn: Take his medicine three times on different days.
Bligh: Retrieve the pipe from the cone-headed goblin by fighting him. He will then tell you that he threw it away. You will find it on the side of the road on the way back. Return it ot Bligh.
Elef, Ryan, and Hip: Talk to Elef after clearing out the monsters by the bridge. He will ask you to retrieve the blueprints from the inn he is staying at. Do so. Talk to him after the bridge is complete. Note: You must do the blueprints task before the bridge is complete.
Nick: Talk to him with Bruce in your party.
Butch: Talk to him with Golye in your party.
Sarval: Find his piggies.
Sunset: Talk to him.
Tarkin: Talk to him in the barn to hear he sickened his cows. Go to the animal pharmacist to pick up some medicine for them.
Austin: Talk to him with Tarkin in your party.
Gonber: Save him from drowning in Tria Village.
Leban: Talk to Wyze who tells you Leban is missing. Go to the entrance to Tria Village to see he is being attacked by turtle monsters. Save him.
Wyze: Save Leban and talk to him.
Mook: Defeat the monster he tells you about at the top of the hill in the Dova Region.
Wal: Save him, then talk to him outside his house.
Bran: Save him, then talk to him outside his house.
Garcia: Save Bran and Wal then talk to him.
Zeranium: Talk to Larks, then talk to Zeranium.
Howard: Give him Tria Milk.
Astor: Talk to him in Radiata Castle.
Synelia: Answer three of her questions.
Tony: Defeat the monster in the mission with the giant blob.
Stefan: Answer "Yes" then "No" to his questions.
Yack: Talk to him after defeating a Tsuchinoko.
Grigory: Talk to him on the non-human side.
Naom: Talk to him on the non-human side.
Dyvad: Talk to him and accept/complete his mission.
Light Elves
Gil: Fight him and win.
Shin: Fight him on different days until he finally joins.
Fan: Talk to her in the City Of Flowers and race her. Get to the Ressan Tree in the Cuatour Region as fast as possible.
Row: Get him the Rainbow Crystal out of the chest in the Dorse Region.
Few: Talk to her with three people in your party: A green and black goblin, and a dark elf.
Alan: Talk to him and learn that he wants Matango Larvae. Get them by defeating the Matangos in the Sediche region.
Keane: Spend 10,000 Dagols at her store and talk to her later.
Dark Elves
Clarence: Recruit all dark elves.
Serva: Fight him on four different days on the non-human side.
Hyann: Win all bets gambling with him.
Chatt: Talk to Chatt. He will say that Clarence is looking for you. You will find out it was a prank. Go back and talk to Chatt. Talk to him on a different day and try his drink. Talk to Clarence again who says to talk to Chatt. Fight the enemy in the storeroom by Nogueira's room.
Zida: Talk to him in the cellar and he asks you to get a Gobpakken Seed. He will then ask you for a Blood Orc's horn. Give him the horn.
Franz: Talk to him on the non-human side.
Romaria: Kick her then defeat her in battle.
Marsha: Spend 10,000 Dagols at her store and talk to her later.
Lufa: Give her the soup Polpo gives you upon recruiting him.
Coco: Talk to him when you are alone on the non-human side.
Martinez: Give him a record with a theme song on it.
Rika: Answer her five musical questions.
Santos: Talk to him with Rika and Martinez in your party.
Mikey: Undertake his request to accompany him to Algandars Castle and beat the mission. Talk to him in the Dark Elf Haven's brewery three different days.
Green Goblins
Gobrey: Give him a Tsuchinoko Dumpling.
Gob, Aesop, and Monki: Fight them in the Dorse Region, then choose "Let them go."
Lin: Say the password which is [Handsome] [Responsible] [Sargeant Lin].
Brie: Talk to him with two mages in your party.
Gonn: Talk to him five times.
Golly: Have Donkey in your party.
Den: Kick him five times and defeat him.
Ben: Kick him five times and say "Yes".
Gabe: Buy 50 Panic Powder and give them to him when he is off duty.
Mason: Kick him three times and play hide n' seek. He hides in the jar in the highest place in town and the ladder that leads to a dead end in the back of town. Finally, he hides in a jar in the home in the back of the town.
Goo: Give him an empty bottle.
Donkey- Buy all of his records.
Black Goblins
Gruel: Recruit all black goblins.
Ricky: Talk to Ricky to learn that "Happy" is missing. He is at the beginning of the Sediche Region. Give him an herb extract and talk to Ricky again.
Drew: Give him a King's Toadstool.
Doppio: Talk to him when you have the King's Toadstool. Defeat him.
Pietro: Defeat him three times.
Jan: Answer his question then defeat him.
Marco: Talk to Marco before the Fire Mountain mission to take the Goblin History mission. Answer in the order: "Ignore it," "Save them," "That person is crazy."
Niko: Talk to him when he is confused and follow his instructions.
Danny: Talk to him when he is upset and defeat him. Talk to him later.
Dominic: Have Ricky in your party.
Bosso: Save him, then defeat him.
Georgio: Have a two-handed sword and defeat him.
Luka: Talk to him while wearing the recruitment suit.
Sonny: Talk to him while wearing the recruitment suit.
Giovanni: Talk to him while wearing the recruitment suit.
Polpo: Complete his task of getting the larvae.
JJ: Take the quest of recruiting the orcs to fight with the non-humans. Defeat Galvados and free JJ's friends. Go back and talk to JJ.
Galvados: Awhile after the mission is over, go back and talk to Galvados and defeat him again.

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