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Ratchet And Clank: Going Commando

Start with more weapons:
Insert a memory card with a save file from the original Ratchet And Clank with the game completed.

Ratchet has a big head:
Get 5 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Ratchet in a tux:
Get 7 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Snow dude Ratchet:
Win the Impossible Challenge in the Megacorp Games and get 30 skill points.

Clank has a big head:
Get 10 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Mirrored levels:
Get 12 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Actors have big heads:
Get 15 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Ratchet wears a clown suit:
Get 20 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Enemies have big heads:
Get 25 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Beach Boy:
Get 30 skill points to unlock this cheat.
eric briggs.

Clowner paint job:
Get 25 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Dark Nebula paint job:
Get 15 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Insomniac Special paint job:
Get 29 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Lunar Eclipse paint job:
Get 25 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Neutron Star paint job:
Get 19 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Paint Jobs paint job:
Get 3 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Plaidtastic paint job:
Get 29 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Prepster paint job:
Get 29 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Scoop Nose paint job:
Get 18 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Silent Strike paint job:
Get 15 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Solar Wind paint job:
Get 15 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Space storm paint job:
Get 10 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Split Nose paint job:
Get 29 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Star Traveler paint job:
Get 19 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Super Paint Jobs paint job:
Get 10 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Supernova paint job:
Get 10 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Warp Streak paint job:
Get 10 skill points to unlock this paint job at Slim's.

Random Stuff menu:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Random Stuff" menu.

Space-ish Wars:
Successfully complete the game to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Successfully complete the game to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

First person mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Endorsement Deals:
Collect all weapons to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Sheep Invaders:
Collect all weapons to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Note: The Sheep Invaders mini-game can be played with two players. Insert a second controller and a friend will play as the green Kilinoid. It is cooperative and you will compete for the better score.

It is possible to play the Sheep Invaders mini-game without completing challenge mode or needing to earn skill points. Go to Clank's apartment on Endako. Go to the chairs and table to your right. Equip the Dynamo and aim at the triangular object that is on the table. This will take you into the mini-game.

Making of movie:
Collect all weapons to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu. Note: This is only available in the NTSC version of the game.

Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Rejected commercials:
Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Clank's Day at Insomniac:
Collect all weapons, mods, and skill points to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Insomniac Museum:
Collect all weapons, mods, and skill points to unlock this option at the "Shortcuts" menu from the "Special" menu.

Collect all Platinum Bolts then go to the "Special" menu. From there go to "Shortcuts" and scroll until you see the "Insomniac Museum" option. The museum has things that did not make it into the game but are very interesting.

Set the PlayStation2 system time to 2:55 a.m., then, start the game. Quickly go to Silver City, Boldan. Go to the part with the metal chunks are sticking up that you can hide behind. There should be a purple room ahead. Go in it. There will be two paths. Go to the one on the left. There will be a park with a dry fountain. The fountain has a teleporter at the top. Go to the top and wait for the PlayStation2 clock to reach 3:00 a.m. Activate the teleporter and you will enter the Insomniac Museum, without the required skill points or Platinum Bolts.
Peg Higdon.

On Planet Barlo, go on the power lines until you get to the construction area. Once there, stay on the left side until you hit the power box. You will start to fall. Use the jetpack to get to the area to the right. Once there, go to the place that looks like a garage. Move to the right until you get to the corner, then fall in and go forward. Jump to find the teleporter to get to the Insomniac Museum.

If you completed challenge mode and started a second one, look under shortcuts. The Insomniac Museum will be there.

First-Person Mode:
Defeat the final Boss to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Challenge mode:
To unlock challenge mode, you must complete the entire game. When you have defeated the final Boss, you will have two options: go back to before you killed Qwark or go to challenge mode. Do challenge mode and save the game to a blank file. Then, go to that game that you saved challenge mode on. The Gladiator games and everything else will be worth more Bolts. For example, the crystals in the desert are worth 10,000 Bolts, the moon stones are worth 30,000 Bolts, and winning the Impossible challenge in the Megacorp Games is worth 2,000,000 Bolts.

Snow skin:
Play the Impossible Challenge in the Megacorp Games Arena and win all 60 levels.

Hint: Completing the Impossible Challenge in the Megacorp Games:
The Impossible Challenge consists of 60 rounds. Every five rounds it switches between normal and cagematch modes, and the very last round is against the Megapede. In order to win, do not attempt it until you are very strong and have learned how to strafe expertly. Try doing it when you have reached the end of the game and have all or most of the weapons (and have upgraded them).. Also have your experience meter at least three quarters full so that you can level up near the end of the match. The instant nanotech fillup will help tremendously. Reserve your ammunition, especially the Megarocket Tube (Minirocket Tube upgrade) as you will need it against Megapede. Use the Shield Charger when you are low on life and the Megaturret Glove (Miniturret Glove upgrade), Heavy Lancer (Lancer upgrade), and MiniNuke (Gravity Bomb upgrade) for dealing with enemies when the wrench just will not do. Your prize for winning is 200,000 Bolts and a skill point.

Use the following tactics to complete the Impossible Challenge in Challenge Mode. Know that every five rounds the mode of fighting switches to on the ground to cage match, with a battle with Megapede on the 60th round (the last one). To get through this challenge, start the match with your Nanotech upgrade bar at at least two thirds or three quarters full. The battles will increase the bar and you will get a helpful health increase somewhere in the match. Most enemies should be taken care of in their own way. Try to keep your Ultra Heavy Bouncer (or any other version of the Bouncer) and your Ultra MegaRocket Cannon (or any other version of the Mini-Rocket Tube) ammunition available. Do not squander it -- you need them for Megapede. If you do not have the Ultra MegaRocket Cannon or Ultra Meteor Gun's Lock-On Mods, get them. They are vital for a smooth battle with Megapede. In the battles before Megapede, you will encounter purple pig-like beasts. When they charge at you, get near the edge and jump when they get close. They will fall off the edge. When they approach you slowly, get near the edge, jump over them, and hit them in the lava with your wrench. Use the Black Sheepinator or the Sheepinator on the small enemies (it is recommended that you upgrade the Sheepinator before the battle). The larger enemies will be drawn to them like the Decoy Glove. If they are black sheep, they will explode and hurt them. Use a version of the Seeker Gun or a version of the Lava Gun to blast the larger robots and the gladiators. When those run out, use a version of the Lancer, a version of the Plasma Coil, or a version of the Tesla Claw, but do not use a version of the Multi-Star -- you cannot move when shooting it. When you get to Megapede, if you have any remaining, lock onto him with the Meteor Gun and blast him. A piece of his body will fall off. Immediately switch to the Heavy Bouncer and shoot the body piece. Not only will this kill the body piece, but it will clear the field of the grenades that Megapede drops. When all his body pieces are off except for three, take out the Ultra MegaRocket Cannon, lock on, and blast him. After his health diminishes, the three pieces will fall off. Equip the Shield Charger and whip their butts with the Heavy Bouncer. In normal mode, the Impossible Challenge is worth 200,000 Bolts, but in Challenge Mode it is worth 2,000,000 bolts.
Jim Antonaglia.

Hint: Easy Megacorp Games wins:
Use the black Sheepinator and the Ryno 2. This works better if you are skilled at strafing.

Hint: Easy battle arenas win:
To kill enemies easier in battle arenas, go to the middle of the arena and put upgraded turrets around you. You should win every time, and sometimes not get hit.
Paul Nieman.

In any arena match, take out the Black Sheepinator and run towards an enemy while holding Circle. As the enemy attacks, strafe around them. As long as you do not jump or get hit, the Sheepinator will turn the enemy into a sheep in a few seconds. After you sheepinate your enemy, you will still get the bolts. The Black Sheepinator turns enemies into black sheep, which will explode when killed. Black sheep are suicidal. They will run at enemies, get killed and take the enemy with them. Enemies consider the sheep a bigger threat than you; they will always go for the sheep first. That only works with the Black Sheepinator. Enemies will just ignore the white sheep. This works best with those purple dinosaur enemies; turn a Blade Ball into a sheep, then transform the dinosaur enemy. Note: This trick does not work on Bosses, as they cannot be turned into sheep.
Andrew Cox.

On any arena Avoidance Challenge, start the challenge and take out your Tesla Barrier. Then, take out your Black Sheepinator without creating a shield. Sheepinate all the Blade Balls possible, then while other enemies are distracted, also Sheepinate them. On the last round, tap Triangle(2) to take out your Tesla Barrier. Create a shield, then tap Triangle(2) again. Sheepinate all enemies until your shield runs out. Then, create another shield and finish off the enemies. Note: Taking out your Tesla Barrier in the beginning is not necessary; it is only for simplicity's sake Note: This must be done with the Black Sheepinator. Otherwise, the enemies will not be distracted by the sheep. If you do not have the Black Sheepinator, play the Impossible or any other Challenge a few times using only your Sheepinator. Chances are you will probably win. The Sheepinator and the Black Sheepinator are among the most powerful and effective weapons in the game, if used correctly.
Andrew Cox.

Hint: Canal City: Platinum Bolt:
After you go up the first elevator and across the bridge, you will see a billboard. Break it, and you will see the bolt.

Hint: Crash Site: Easy Bolts:
Shoot the pterodactyl for easy Bolts.
Cooper Rehn.

Hint: Damosel: Allgon City: Easy Bolts:
Note: You must have a fully assembled Hypnomatic and have previously completed this level. When you land on this planet, wrench a lamp post as a test. You should get 84 Bolts. Then, walk into the dome and get on the taxi. Press Triangle and select "Return To The Park Dome." When you get there, get off the taxi and go to the "Receiver Bot", which is on the east side of the dome. Hypno the Receiver Bot. Once he is in your control, take him to the other side of the room (shooting Protopets and robots along the way). Jump across the water using the three pads. On this island, hop up by the statue and look for the flashing yellow floor switch. Roll over it to activate it so that it turns green. You will hear a mechanical noise. When your robot explodes, you will be Ratchet again. Turn around and wrench a lamp post. You should now get 420 Bolts!. Note: If you ride the grind rail, you will deactivate this cheat.

Hint: Feltzin System: Nanotech boost:
When you are just about to start a mission in the Feltzin System, go straight. You will see an opening in the giant space ship. Go inside and there should be a Nanotech boost somewhere in it.
Abdulhaseeb Jameel.

Hint: Feltzin System: Easy Raritanium:
Note: This trick requires the Nuclear Detonation Device (60 Raritanium) for your ship. On the Space Wasp mission in the Feltzin System, fire your nuke so that at least about three Wasp are not seen onscreen. If done correctly, you should see between two and eleven pieces of Raritanium to pick up. If you repeatedly restart after picking up the Raritanium, you can accumulate up to 300 Raritanium within thirty minutes. After that, you should not have to worry about digging up Raritanium on Planets Tabora or Greblin. This can also be done on other space missions, as on Planet Gorn.

Go to the Feltzin System and select the first challenge. As soon as the level starts, arm your nuke and fire. All units should be destroyed. You should then get ten or eleven pieces of Raritanium. After the intermission sequence, finish the mission for at least 550 bolts. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Andrew Cox.

Hint: Maktar Resort: Platinum Bolts:
Take the path where the slot machines are located. When you see a crane at the right, hop up to get a Platinum Bolt.

To get the next Platinum Bolt you must have Clank. At the Thugs 4 Less Jamming Array, there is a platform that is directly behind and to the left of the limo. Use the boost jump and get up to it. Then, use the jump thing to get the Platinum Bolt.

Note: You need Clank for this. There is a very difficult to find Platinum Bolt that is not very hard to get. Go to Maktar Nebula and go down the ramp until you see a large circular platform. You will see a path in the middle, to the right, and to the left. Take the one that is on the left. Walk past all the slot machines then keep going until you take the elevator. Go up and continue until you see a Space Limo. Hop in, and you will be under a hanging ledge. Keep going to the left until you see a sort of ladder. Hop up it. You will now be on a large platform. To your right is a spotlight and an ammunition cube, if needed. Walk to the edge of this platform and jump to the other. Be careful, as there is a laser field in the chasm. Once on the next platform to your right, you will see a wall. It is really another platform. Use Clank to get up there (hold R1 and double-tap X and hold) and stand on top. You will see a sort of support with a crane at the end. Walk to the other side of this support and the Bolt will be there.

Hint: Maktar Resort: Winning the 300 shot arena battle:
Jump over all of the enemies and make them hit each other. It is possible to win it with 200 shots remaining.

Hint: Megacorp Armory: Easy Bolts:
This works best with the Box Breaker. Go to the Megacorp Armory, then go up the first elevator immediately after the tour. Smash the ground and get the Bolts, then go a little way up the hallway. Smash those and get the Bolts. Keep doing this until you get to the end, then jump over the side into the water. Do this as many times as desired. You get between 1,000 to 1,500 Bolts each time.

Hint: Megacorp Armory: Help desk messages:
Kill the tourists coming out of the bus. There will be an unlimited number of tourists. You will get four different messages from the help desk telling you to stop.
Jeff Ismyname.

Hint: Planet Bolden : Nanotech boost:
At the same place as Planet Todana is a Nanotech boost that appears every other hour.

Go to the second crane, and in the second room there is a Trespasser Lock. Use the Trespasser to open the door and get the Nanotech boost.
Brandon Keim.

Hint: Planet Damosel: Easy Bolts:
Buy a special armor or weapon then go to Planet Damosel. Before smashing every box in sight for Bolts, first jump on the nearby railroad track for a continue point. Then after crushing every box, you can jump off a ledge and all the boxes will respawn. Every time you destroy the big stack of boxes on the Protopet street, nearby you will get around 9,000 Bolts from them.
Jason Hughes.

You will find lots of Protopets running around the streets. Go down that street and equip a shield. Then take out the Sheepinator and turn all the Protopets into sheep. While you are doing that, quickly take out the Minirocket Tube and shoot down all the Extermibots (the enemies with the lasers). Then, look at the end of the street. There is a generator throwing out more Protopets. If you want to keep trying to upgrade your Sheepinator, do not destroy the generator; keep Sheepinating the Protopets. Note: The Protopets usually quadruple themselves. Keep using the same weapons for the same enemies as you go through. If you keep using the Sheepinator on the Protopets as you go through, it will either upgrade or it will be very close to being upgraded. If you do upgrade it, it will turn into the Black Sheepinator, which will turn your enemies into black sheep. Once the enemy has been turned into a black sheep, it will hop up to other enemies and explode, which will help you through this level if you get the Sheepinator upgraded before you leave the level (they sometimes hop up to Extermibots and explode). If you have been using the Minirocket Tube against most or some enemies in other levels, you should be at least halfway to upgrading it. If you go through this level and destroy all the Extermibots with the Minirocket Tube, it should upgrade, or be very close to being upgraded. If it is upgraded, it will turn into the Megarocket Cannon, which will shoot four missiles instead of one at an enemy. The Megarocket Cannon can destroy an Extermibot in one shot. Note: Usually your shield will disappear after a while; equip another shield on Ratchet, but only when you really need it as there will be a lot of enemies that will be encountered.

Kill the Protopet gradually and let them produce repeatedly. Go all the way though the level until you get to a ship blocking the way. Do not go past this or you must go back to the beginning and exit the planet. Kill the Protopets repeatedly. You will get about 30,000 to 20,000 bolts every time you do this . It will also increase your Nanotech quickly. You can practice your wrench skills. After you have killed them all, kill yourself by jumping off a ledge. You will start back at the beginning of the level again. If you do this about 50 to 100 times a glitch will occur, giving you 500 to 1,000 bolts every time you kill a Protopet versus the usual 50 to 100 bolts. One round requires about eleven minuts. This is a good way to make money, since after the glitch happens it results with about 200,000 to 300,000 bolts per trip.

Hint: Planet Damosel: Bolt Virus:
Go to Planet Damosel and to Allgon City. At the start, hit a light. It shold give you 84 Bolts. If it does not, keep dying and hit it until you get 84 Bolts. When it does, go to where the closest taxi is located then head into the Protopet infested streets. Use the Charge Boots to get to the platform with the ladder quickly. When you climb up, kill the robots and use the Swingshot. On the second Swingshot target do not land on the platform. Instead, get as close as you can to the platform without jumping off. Once the Protopets jump out of the sewers do a 180 degree spin in the air and go back to the platform without the protopets. Kill the Protopets with the Mini Nuke or Minirocket (optional) then Swing Shot to the platform and land this time. Get all the Bolts and immediately fall off the platform. When you restart, the lights should give you 420 instead of 84 Bolts. If you are in challenge mode, your Bolt multiplier will remain the same until you exit the planet.

Hint: Planet Dobbo: Testing facility Nano-Tech:
At the glider launch pad, start gliding. Go though the bottom of the first obstacle and fly down, but not enough to hit the ground. Fly down enough to pull up immediately after clearing the second obstacle. This should make you stall, but instead of waiting to fall to your death turn left. You can turn right if desired but it is easier to get the Nano-Tech from the left. You should be gliding back to where you came from. After gliding back, Ratchet should be moving fairly slow but will pick up speed. Be prepared and fly up to the right where you saw it from the launch pad.
Chandler L..

Hint: Planet Endako: Sheep Invaders mini-game:
Go to Clank's apartment. On the coffee table is a pyramid. Use the Dynamo on it and you will play Sheep Invaders. Once you get tired of playing, you can smash it and get lots of Bolts.

Hint: Planet Endako: Laser bot ally:
Use the crane to pick up a laser bot. He will keep shooting his laser. When you move it above an enemy, the laser bot will hit it.

Hint: Planet Endako: Platinum Bolt:
When you are at the second crane, get the block in the in the first room and bring it to the middle room by the elevated doorway. Next, get the exploding block and sit it on the block. The door will open. Go to the middle room and hop up on it to get the Platinum Bolt.

Hint: Planet Endako: Nanotech boost:
When you get the Infiltrator, go to Planet Endako then go to the second crane. In the second room, in front of you will be a door with a Infiltrator thing. Solve it and the door will open. There is a Nanotech Boost inside.
Abdulhaseeb Jameel.

Hint: Planet Greblin: Giant Ice Snakes:
Use the Ryno 2 or the Meteor Gun. With about fifteen shots of the Meteor Gun, it will die, instead of shooting dozens of rounds with other guns.
Nick Ostroukhov.

Hint: Planet Greblin: Y.E.T.I.:
When you get to planet Greblin, be careful of the pack hunting beasts called Y.E.T.I. They hunt in packs of over five. No weapon except the RYNO 2 can take them down quickly. They are killers and should be avoided when your health is low.
Jordan S..

Hint: Planet Greblin: Easy moon rocks:
Instead of walking or charging boots risking death by the Y.E.T.I.s and giant Ice Snakes, go to Angela at the place where there are Protopets hopping around. You will find a hovercraft. It is for Ratanium. Instead, use it to drive through enemies. You will not take damage, but your hovercraft will. It will be safer this way. Also, do a Hyperstrike on the moon rocks for a faster break. Also, hovercrafts will not freeze when they go in the water. You can also kill Y.E.T.I.S this way by driving on them. This strategy results in less deaths. You can die all you want and keep your moon rocks.
Nick Ostroukhov.

Hint: Planet Greblin: Leviathans charge longer:
The Leviathans charge their laser before they shoot. If you find one, wait until it starts charging. Before it shoots, hold Triangle for your quick select menu. If you can see the Leviathan's head you will notice that its blast keeps getting bigger. Eventually it can cover the entire background. However if it hits you it does not do any extra damage.

Hint: Planet Joba: Nanotech boost:
Immediately at the beginning is a dynamo activator on the right. Activate it and go into the tunnel. Use the dynamo then quickly go to the end and take a right to get a Nanotech boost.

In the Megacorp games, when you start cross the bridge. After you pass the big tree on your right, there is a dynamo. Activate it, then run in the tunnel ahead of you. Activate the next dynamo cross the bridge. Do not worry about the enemies; avoid them. After you cross the bridge on your right will be a Nanotech boost.

Hint: Planet Joba: Easy bolts:
Note: This requires the Box Breaker. At the start you will see lights on the bridge where the birds sit. When you get close enough to where the first two fly away, do a Power Strike. Go around and collect all the bolts. If some did not break, do it again. Then, go to where your ship is and do it there. After you get them, jump off the edge. When you come back you can do it repeatedly. You will get at least 1,000 bolts every time. If you are in challenge mode, you will get more.

Hint: Planet Notak: Nanotech boost:
At the top of the promenade, there is a Nanotech boost.

Hint: Planet Notak: Easy Bolts:
After completing the game, you will have a Bolt Multiplier. To get a lot of Bolts, have your multiplier number to be more than x15. Then, go to Planet Notak (Canal City). Go through the entire level and all enemies will be worth 3,000 Bolts each. You will get from 50,000 to over 100,000 Bolts. Once you have completed the level, go back to your ship. Ride somewhere else, then go back to Planet Notak. Keep repeating this process. Note: The Plasma Storm works extremely well against groups of Chickenbots.

Hint: Planet Oozla: Easy Bolts:
Have a Bolt Multiplier of 20 and go to Planet Oozla. Every Mutant Swampbeast and Mutant Muckdweller will have 2,500 to 3,000 Bolts.
Ken Yarwood.

Hint: Planet Oozla: BoxBreaker:
On Planet Oozla, transport from your ship to the end of the MegaCorp Store. Backtrack to the small hallway where you can go left to a Gravity Boot track, or left to a room with some Dynamo platforms. Turn left and walk up the track and stock up on ammo. Then, take out your Heavy Bouncer and jump down the tunnel. When you land, immediately start to strafe and flip from lily pad to lily pad while shooting. After about two or three direct hits, the giant plant should fall, giving you a few thousand bolts and the BoxBreaker. Note: The bolts do not appear on your screen; they will just add onto your total. From now on, whenever you perform a HyperStrike all breakables within a several yard radius will break, including ones on the other side of a wall.
Andrew Cox.

Hint: Planet Oozla: Platinum Bolts:
When you get the tractor beam, to the left is a Platinum Bolt. You have to use the tractor beam to move the columns to the left to get it.

There is one more Platinum Bolt on the planet. Go to the path right of your ship, and by the Muckdwellers on the left is a dragon boat that will take you to the Platinum Bolt.

Hint: Planet Oozla: Secret Boss:
In the department store, there is a hill-type wall near the end that you can walk up with the Gravity Boots. When you get up there, there is a weapon vendor and a huge pipe that you can slide down. Slide down it and you will fall into the planet's sewage system, where the secret Boss awaits you. Note: This Boss is even more powerful than the so called "Final Protopet Boss".

Hint: Planet Siberius: Platinum Bolt:
Go down the elevator and use the tractor beam on the column. Take it up the elevator with you. Once up, take it to where the ground ends and it goes onto another strip. Leave the column there. Jump on top then jump on the other piece of metal. Jump across and you will find the Platinum Bolt.

Hint: Planet Tabora: Nanotech boost:
In the glider segment on top of a pillar, there is a Nanotech boost.

Hint: Planet Tabora: Platinum Bolt:
Take the route where you must use the tractor beam a lot. In the second room, there will be a big thing and a small thing that you can stand on. Move the things and get the inspector to open the door, but do not go inside. Instead, take the two things and look above you to your right. You should see an extra room. Move the things to get up there. In there should be A Captain Qwark fan who will trade you the Quark action figure and a room with a Platinum Bolt inside. Its best if you have the Mapper.
Abdulhaseeb Jameel.

Hint: Planet Tabora: Easy Bolts:
You must have the Shield Generator weapon. Go into the desert until you find an enemy the spits out the little fly-like bugs. Equip the Shield Generator and just stand there and let the bugs run into you. The bugs will be shocked and die, dropping Bolts.
Larry Kolker.

Hint: Planet Todano: Anti-squirrel bus:
At the beginning of the level when the tourists are getting off the bus, jump up on top of the bus. Place a mini-turret before the bus leaves. As the bus goes to the finish of the tour, the turret will shoot at squirrels.

Hint: Planet Todano: Armor Magnetizer:
Go to the factory where you use the tractor beam frequently. Find the first footprint symbol for the first Inspector Bot. You will see two pillars with the tractor beam symbol on them. Look to the left of footprint symbol, then turn facing in the opposite direction that the symbol is facing. Look up and you will see a doorway. Use your Tractor Beam to put the biggest one close to it and the small one after it. Jump up into the doorway and go to the Qwark fan. Give him the Qwark figure and he will give you the Armor Magnetizer.
Teresa Jenkins.

Hint: Planet Todano: Nanotech boost:
In the missile silo, there is a Trespasser Lock. Use it and an elevator will come down. It leads up to a Nanotech boost.

Hint: Planet Todano: Robots:
When the robots come out of the bus keep hitting them. After you kill about twenty, you will get a warning. If you keep hitting them, after about six to seven minutes, robots will come out and kill you.

Hint: Planet Todano: Platinum Bolts:
In the building with all the robots, there is a place where you use the tractor beam frequently. Where you use it on the Inspector Bot, there are two moving platforms above you. Use the tractor beam to move the pole over under it. Jump on it, and there is an air vent. Use the Spider Bot/Tank Bot and throw it in the vent. Go up the vent to find a red light. Stand on it and it will let you get the Platinum Bolt.

Getting the second Platinum Bolt is very easy. Follow the tour group until the end, or just go to the place where Robo Fizzwidget enters after the tour is over. While he is going in, go in after him before the door closes. There will be a Platinum Bolt. The door will not close and lock you inside; it only closes once you exit the Transporter.
Teresa Jenkins.

Hint: Planet Todano: Funny warnings:
Kill as many tourists as possible. This is easiest to do while they are coming out of the transport. You will be warned about killing too many tourists. There are four warnings.
Seamore Butts.

Hint: Planet Yeedil: Platinum Bolt:
In the Megacorp Headquarters, there is a part where you must use the Electrolyzer to get to the other side of the place. Above you, there is a grinding rail with a Platinum Bolt on it. When you get to the other side of the room, look around. You will see big poles with marks on them. One has a tractor beam mark. Move the pull and get up the stairs. At the end of the grinding rail is the Platinum Bolt.
Abdulhaseeb Jameel.

When you first land your ship, look on top of the bridge to see a Platinum Bolt. Put on your Grind Boots and jump on the cable. Keep jumping until you reach the top. Note: This requires a lot of practice.

Hint: Defeating the Arachnoid:
In the the Arachnoid fight on Joba, do the following. Use a long range weapon such as the Plasma Storm or the Megarocket Cannon. The Boss will go to the other side of the cage match and makes unlimited Nidbots (the black "ants") -- do not use the HK 22 gun. This Boss' attack is electricity; get the Tesla Shield before doing this.
Jordan S.

Hint: Defeating the B2 Brawler:
When you get the Zodiac, go to Maktar Nebula and face the B2 Brawler. When he shoots the laser balls, allow him to hit you with them. He will then come down to where you can shoot him. Take out the Zodiac and try to get up close us possible to his head. Launch a shot from the Zodiac. Watch out for his legs. In seconds he will be nothing but ash with one shot.
Abdulhaseeb Jameel.

When Brawler enters the arena, equip the Chopper if available. It will eventually spread its legs. Equip the Gravity Bomb and stay away unless you want to get swept. If you run out, use the Lancer.
Jordan S..

Buy the Bouncer and upgrade it to the next level. Then, hit Chainblade or the B2 Brawler with the weapon. A direct hit should kill them.
Jacques Albert.

Hint: Defeating Chainblade:
Use the Heavy Bouncer once when he or she is on the ground. This should also work on the B2 Brawler when standing up or not.
ian dittmar.

Hint: Defeating the giant Protopet:
You can go under the giant Protopet and shoot at him when he is shooting at you or laying tiny Protopets. Note: This only works on the top ring.

This trick requires the Plasma Storm and Heavy Bouncer. Make sure the Heavy Bouncer has the lock-on upgrade. Lock-on with the Heavy Bouncer and strafe while the Protopet rolls. When it releases the protopets, use the Plasma Storm. Prevent him from getting ammunition, but allow him to get the bombs as they can be easily dodged when moving.

When you enter the Megacorp Lab, buy full ammunition and do not go onto the first ring. Go to where you can shoot him from the teleport area. Shoot him with all of your guns. Make sure most of your guns are upgraded. Keep buying ammunition until you get low on bolts, then go onto the first ring and start shooting him until he dies. Make sure you have full ammunition.
Michael Gifford.

Make sure your weapons have full ammunition. Use your strongest weapon before you get in the arena. Aim and shoot him, but do not go in the arena. After that weapon is empty, go to your next strongest. After about five to ten rounds of ammo he should turn green. When he turns green he is on the second floor. After five to ten more rounds he should turn a deep blue (third floor). After five to ten more rounds you can go in the arena. He will either be dead or almost dead.
Jenny Pierce.

Hint: Defeating the Oozla swamp monster:
When you are on planet Oozla, you will encounter the thorny swamp monster. Its two attacks are its arm swing and the pancaker. Use your Lancer and Gravity Bomb. It is difficult, but you' wil eventually pass and receive the Dynamo at the end.
Jordan S.

Hint: Defeating the second Oozla swamp monster:
When you get the Gravity Boots, use them to walk the weird ramp in the store. Make sure you have been to the upgrade vendors and advanced a lot of them. Go down the chute and prepare for a very difficult fight. The last Boss you defeated was this Boss' little cousin. Shoot frequently and avoid him when swinging and eating. It is a circle and you will not run out of room. Do not stop shooting when it is still and you will receive the Boxbreaker (a Wrench upgrade).
Jordan S.

Note: The R.Y.N.O.2 will clear about half of his health.
josh wilson.

Hint: Defeating the Thief:
To have a fairly easier time defeating the Thief (the third time) on Siberius planet, immediately take out your Seeker Gun as the Thief approaches then shoot him as fast as you can. He will scramble away.
Roman Satichtchev.

Hint: Defeating Thug Leader on Snivelak:
It is possible to defeat the Thug Leader on Snivelak without using any of the turrets. Use the Tetrabomb Gun, RYNO II, Mini-Nuke, and other strong weapons, all of which are at the Ultra level, and you can defeat him without landing in one turret. Note: Without the turrets you will be continuously fired at. Strafe around to avoid the shots and lasers.

Hint: Defeating the Boss on Snivelak:
Send in the Tankbot before the fights starts. Use all of your ammunition and he will have half his health when you fight.
ryan allen.

Hint: Defeating the final Boss:
Take out your RYNO 2 in the final battle. You can kill the Boss in about ten shots.
Aaron Wood.

Hint: Defeating enemies:
Use the following trock to defeat larger, more difficult enemies very easily. Note: You will need the Sheepinator and the Shield Charger. Enter as many battle arenas as possible after acquiring the Sheepinator. Get 100,000 Bolts then purchase the Shield Charger at a vendor. The Sheepinator is a weapon that can turn most enemies (but probably not Bosses) into harmless white sheep, which you can whack at with your wrench. They will then explode into a little white cloud. The Shield Charger is a temporary shield which will form around you. It will complete protect you from all harm (except falling off cliffs, edges, etc.). When using the Sheepinator, walk up to any enemy and use it on them. A meter will fill and the enemy will turn into a sheep This can take a while, leaving you completely vulnerable to all other attacks. If you equip the Shield Charger (it will also harm any enemy when you touch them) while using the Sheepinator, you can take all the time required with the gun when turning larger more powerful enemies into sheep, and you will not get hurt by enemy fire.

Hint: Gadgetron Shop:
Have a saved game from the original Ratchet And Clank on your memory card. Do not save money for the Rhino2. If you obtained it the first game, then it will be offered for free. Wait for the Zodiac later in the game for 1,500,000.

Hint: Blitz Canon:
There are numerous force fields and transparent walls in the game. The Blitz Cannon's electrical projectiles will pass through these barriers and still be capable of killing enemies. By using this weapon you can shoot enemies who are behind force fields and transparent walls.

Hint: Cheaper RYNO 2:
Do not save to get the RYNO 2 before you defeat the Protopet. After you defeat it, the Gadetron vendor will have the RYNO 2, and it will be 1,000,000 Bolts instead of the normal 1,500,000 Bolts.

Hint: Charge Boots:
While using the Charge Boots keep tapping R1 and you will keep going the same way that you started.
mike jones.

Hint: Easy Bolts:
MooManOmega, MattBMXr, and JetJak24.

Go to level 2 and look for a slot machine. Hit it with your wrench. If get three bars, you will get 300 Bolts and a skill point (Gotta Buy Clank a New Pair of Shoes).
Keep entering the arena battles and get the prize money.
Go to the level were you get the 10 Crystals for the man so that he can fix your ship. Get all the other crystals and sell them all to the same person. You will get 1000 Bolts for each crystal. In the field, you will find a platinum bolt. The other platinum bolt is where you get the glider.
Keep doing levels repeatedly.
Win hover bike races.
Go to Angela's home planet and get the rock out of the way with nine moon rocks. Then, get 16 for the Hypnomatic part. There should be about 80 remaining. When you give one to the mystic, you will get 3,000 for each crystal.
Complete the Electrolyzer battle on Maktar Resort, and the Gravity Boots and Infiltrator battles on Joba. Then, get the Minirocket Tube, Plasma Coil, Pulse Rifle, Or Ryno 2 and constantly fight Chainblade and the Arachnoid. If you defeat them a lot of times, you will get the B2 Brawler and the Megapede. Keep fighting them to get Bolts.
This trick has the best results in challenge mode. You will need the Black Sheepinator (upgraded Sheepinator) and the Zodiac. When you first get out of your ship, all you need is one round of ammunition for the Zodiac, and the Black Sheepinatior does not require any. In the neighborhood where you first encounter the Protopets, use your Charge Boots and make your way to the platform where the two Bots exit from the ship. Jump on top of the platform to protect yourself, then fire the Zodiac facing towards the neighborhood. This should kill both the Bots and a lot of the Protopets. Jump down and strafe from side to side, collecting the Bolts while using your Black Sheepinator on the Protopets. You can get a lot of Bolts by letting your Bolt Multiplier increase by not getting hit. Allow a handful of Protopets to multiply, then keep killing them. If done correctly without getting hit, your Bolt Multiplier should be between 15 to 20. Then, go to the beginning of the level and jump off the cliff to restart the level. Do this about five or times and you should be able to get any remaining weapons or armor desired.
Matthew Badua.
Constantly kill Protopets on Damosel. Each one is worth 50 to 100 Bolts. It is possible to get 100,000 bolts in about an hour. Also, after killing a few, let them regenerate again so you can get more money.
Go to the thug rendezvous in challenge mode and complete the levels up to the point were you fight the ace ships. Make sure you have the nuke installed on your ship. Enter the level and fire your nuke within the first five seconds, or you will miss some ships. This should kill all of them in one shot. Do this repeatedly. You will eventually get 7,000 Bolts per match. It is possible to collect about 1,000,000 bolts in fifteen minutes.
While playing in challenge mode, find any place with a "machine" or creature that makes new enemies all the time (for example, the "boxes" that throw out the robotic chickens). Use Mega Heavy Lancer or Ultra Heavy Lancer to destroy the robotic chickens, but do not destroy the machine spitting out the new ones. After you have killed enough of them, destroy the machine and collect all the Bolts. Note: When doing this, wait until the end to collect the Bolts because your multiplier will be higher.
Tom Sandell.
Get the Box Breaker from the Swamp Monster on Oozla. Then, go around to every level and HyperStrike every few yards or so. When the supply is depleted, kill yourself and do it all over again. You can easily accumulate thousands of bolts in fifteen minutes in this fashion. Note: You can also get two or three Skill Points by doing this.
Andrew Cox.
This trick works best with the Box Breaker. Go to the testing facility. Break all the lamps on the first three sections. Jump in the water and repeat this as many times as desired.
Go to where you have to bring the crystals to the person to fix his ship. The big fish that attacks can be destroyed with two shots of your pulse rifle for more crystals.

Hint: Skill point tasks:
Complete the following "tasks" to qualify for the matching skill point.
i_lyk_waluigi, Dan Burridge, Jacques Albert, Alex S., Phantasma25, Evan Sampson, and Mark Godfrey

Barlow: Speed Demon: Beat 1:45 in the Hoverbike Race. Try the third challenge, as the turbos, weapons, and shortcut will be available.
Boldan: No Shocking Developments: Ride the grind rail without a scratch.
Boldan: Safety Deposit: Save all the tourists in the bank.
Damosel: Midtown Insanity: Grind without getting hurt.
Dobbo: Dukes Up: Defeat Meck in orbit using only Clank's punch combo. Use the punch combo on nearby helicopters to maintain your health.
Dobbo: Old Skool: Kill all enemies with only the weapons from the original Ratchet And Clank.
Endako: Destroy All Breakables: Smash up Circular City.
Endako: Nothing To See Here: Destroy all Megacorp rockets along the tour.
Endako: Operate Heavy Machinery: Crush ten robots with the crane.
Grelbin: Be A Moon Child: Collect all Moonstones from the snow desert.
Joba: Bye Bye Birdies: Shoot and kill twelve consecutive birds. Try to aim for the birds that are not flying.
Joba: How Fast Was That?: Beat 2:27 in the Hoverbike Race.
Joba: That's Impossible!: Win the Impossible Challenge.
Joba: Wrench Ninja 2: Massacre: Make It to the games using only the Wrench.
Maktar Nebula: 2B or not 2B hit: Defeat B2 Brawler without getting hurt. Fire a powerful weapon and use Clank's Jet Pack over his head when he spins his legs, or just use the Bouncer/Heavy Bouncer when you get it.
Maktar Nebula: Clank Needs A New Pair Of Shoes: Win 300 Bolts from a slot machine.
Maktar Nebula: Vandalize: Bust everything in the Maktar Resort.
Maktar Nebula: Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade: Defeat Chainblade with only your Wrench. Best if attempted after getting the third Wrench upgrade.
Nano To The Max: Get maximum Nanotech health (80). Try the Impossible Challenge a few times.
Nice Ride: Purchase all ship upgrades, not including pant jobs.
Noob: Robo Rampage: Level all the buildings on Dobbo and defeat the Thugs-4-Less leader.
Notak: Planet Buster: Break the large floating globe in Canal City. First, take out the things that float around it.
Oozla: Prehistoric Rampage: Shoot four pterodactyls. You can hit them near the fence by the lake next to your fighter.
Oozla: Smash And Grab: Smash up the Megacorp Store.
Siberius: You Can Break A Snow Dan: This skill point takes place on Planet Siberius. Look behind one of the garages and you will find a snowman. Break it to get a skill point.
Snivelak: Moving Violation: Shoot down 14 ships.
Tabora: Heal Your Chi: Find all the crystals on the planet Tabora; recommended after evasive action is mastered
Todano: Try To Sleep: Turn sixteen squirrels into sheep with the Sheepinator.
Todano: You're My Hero: Save all the tourists through the entire tour.
Weapon Envy: Collect all weapons.

Hint: Weapon upgrades:
Jordan S..

Lancer: Heavy Lancer
Gravity bomb: Mini Nuke
Chopper: Multi Star
Omni Wrench 8000: Omni Wrench10000: Omni Wrench12000
Blitz Gun: Blitz Cannon
Pulse Rifle: Vaporizer
Miniturret Glove: Megaturret Glove
Seeker Gun: HK22
Synthoid: Kilonoid
Lava Gun: Meteor Gun
Bouncer: Heavy Bouncer
Minirocket Tube: Mega Rocket Cannon
Spiderbot Glove: Tankbot Glove
Hoverbomb Gun: Terrabomb Gun
Sheepinator: Black Sheepinator
Plasma Coil: Plasma Storm
Shield Charger: Tesla Shield

Note: When you play in challenge mode, you can buy a Mega upgrade for each weapon, including the ones listed.
Jacques Albert.

Hint: Weapon and gadget prices:
Dakoda Coulter.

Bikers Helmet: Win the hoverbike race in Barlow
Blitz Gun: 15,000
Bouncer: 100,000
Carbonox Armor: 1,000,000
Charge Boots: Win the Hoverbike Race in Joba
Chopper: 5,000
Duraplate Armor: 100,000
Dynamo: Free
Electrolyzer: Win the Maktar Resort battle arena challenge 1
Electrosteel Armor: 250,000
Gravity Bomb: Free
Gravity Boots: Win the Joba battle arena Challenge 1
Grind Boots: Find in Clank's Apartment
Heli-Pack: Find Clank
Hypnomatic: Trade for Moonstones on Grelbin and find on Smolg and Damosel
Infiltrator: Win the Joba battle arena challenge 2
Lancer: Free
Levitator: 20,000
Minirocket Tube: 50,000
Miniturret Glove: 15,000
Momentum Glider: Find in the Mining area on Tabora
Pulse Rifle: 25,000
R.Y.N.O. ll: 1,000,000: Note: R.Y.N.O. ll is always 1,000,000 bolts
Seeker Gun: 1,000
Sheepinator: Free
Shield Charger: 100,000
Spiderbot Glove: 10,000
Swingshot: Find in Clank's Apartment
Terifiber Armor: 25,000
Thermenator: 1,000
Thruster Pack: Find Clank
Tractor Beam: 1,000
Zodiac: 1,500,000

Hint: Mega weapon prices:
Note: You must complete the game before you are able to buy Mega weapons. Also, with often use of Mega weapons, they will upgrade to Ultra weapons; except for the older guns from the original Rachet And Clank.

Mega Mini Nuke: 1,500,000
Mega Tetrabomb Gun: 1,250,000
Mega Plasma Storm: 750,000
Mega Heavy Lancer: 150,000
Mega Multi Star: 200,000
Mega Blitz Cannon: 375,000
Mega Vaporizer: 400,000
Mega Hk22 Gun: 200,000
Mega Bomb Glove: 1,000
Mega Walloper: 8,000
Mega Visibomb: 150,000
Mega Tesla Claw: 80,000
Mega Decoy Glove: 50,000
Mega Killinoid: 450,000
Mega Meteor Gun: 200,000
Mega Heavy Bouncer: 350,000
Mega Mega Rocket: 650,000
Mega Tankbot Glove: 375,000
Mega Tesla Barrier: 250,000
Mega Mega Turret: 550,000

Hint: Easy weapon upgrades:
Go to Maktar Nebula and go to the Battle Arena. Play the Impossible challenge. Next, buy all the bullets for all your guns. Then, keep killing the people with the non-upgraded guns. Even if you die, you will get them upgraded. If you die, buy more bullets.

In Maktar Resort, Maktar Nebula, you will find a battle arena that has a Boss named Chainblade. You can fight him and B2 Brawler to get a lot of experience. For example, take your Lancer and fight with just that weapon until he dies. Most likely, you will get enough experience to fill one quarter of the bar. Do this four or five times if necessary. This should upgrade the Lancer to a Heavy Lancer like all other weapons.

Go to Joba and win every challenge until you get the "Impossible challenge". Do it and use the weapon that you want to upgrade. Even if you die, the experience bar will increase. You should last for about 27 rounds if you do not have at least three quarters of the weapons. If you are a melee super expert, you should last all 60 rounds with your weapons and upgraded wrench.

Hint: Strong attack:
Have at least have the OmniWrench 10000. To kill some stronger enemies, use the jump/vertical slash by pressing X to jump then Square.
Alan Rice.

Hint: Quick start in hoverbike races:
As soon as the light turns green, hold R1 + X . This may require some practice.

Hint: Clank Shocker:
The Clank Shocker can be upgraded into the Clank Zapper. The recommended area to do this is is Planet Smolg. The enemies have a lot of Nanomites and are not very difficult. The zapper has a built-in acid type of mod, even though it is red.
Jordan S..

Hint: Keep moving with Charge Boots:
The Charge Boots will propel you for a short time. However, if you hold R1 you will keep going and can move yourself around.
Ken Baker.

Hint: Armor upgrades:
Jordan S..

Training: Tetrafiber: Duraploate: Electrosteel: Carbonox

Hint: Lizards playing Rock, Paper, Scissors:
On the planet where you get ambushed, look at the lizards with the sniper attachment on the Vapoiriser or first stage to see that they are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Hint: Clank dances:
When the puppet person asks you to get the Hypnomatic parts, there is one on that planet. If you have the Grind Boots there will be a rail to the right of where you land. Jump on it and get through the rails. Once you get it you will hear the theme from Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Clank will start to dance. Note: This can only be done once.
Matthew Mccord.

Hint: Jak 2 and Sly Cooper references:
At the "Press Start" screen, you will see Ratchet playing video games while Clank reads a book. At first Ratchet is playing both Ratchet And Clank then Ratchet And Clank: Going Commando. Allow the game to idle and you will see Ratchet playing Jak 2 and Sly Cooper as well.
Richard Scott Salamack.

Hint: Jak And Daxter references:
In Clank's apartment on Planet Endako where you get the Swingshot and Grindboots, on the wall is a picture of Jak and Daxter.
Abdulhaseeb Jameel.

When your getting parts for the hypno thing and you get one of the pieces, Ratchet and Clank will do a small dance. The game will play a music sequence. It is the same music and moves as from Jak And Daxter.
Michael Browning.

Play the mission where you retrieve the flag from the tower. Once you are at the top of the tower you will see the flag. Get the flag. Notice that the song is the same one that was heard in Jak And Daxter when you got one of those power things.
Matthew Mccord.

Glitch: Stay on second floor:
When you are fighting the Protopet Boss at the Megacorp HQ, shoot him until you get to the second level, when he starts smashing the ground to bring you to the third level. Throw a bomb at him with the tractor beam and he will forget about smashing the ground and come after you. He will not smash the ground for the remainder of the battle. Note: Only the bombs work, as they do lots of damage.
Ben Nagy.

Glitch: Stuck in Insomniac Museum:
Go to the Insomniac Museum and climb the gravity boots "spiral". When you get to the top and are on the "gravity ball", look for a vent shaft. If you jump at it, you will go in. Note: There is no way to escape or get out.

Glitch: Enter Insomniac Museum:
In Planet Boldan during challenge mode, at the point before you enter a building where you fight many Brute Class 2s and Elite Henchmen, go to the glass panel to the right by the three Nanotech Cases. Use the "Scale walls" glitch to get up and over it. You will be on the roads. Continue straight and bear to the left when the road ends onto a smaller road. Walk down it to the building. Go around the the side. When you are over the power lines, try to jump onto the concrete surface near you. You will fall through onto more grass. Go to the middle. When you hear Thrasher Cannons (the things that shoot blue projectiles that Elite Henchmen use), jump up. You will be in the room with the fountain teleport and the museum teleport. Run for it or kill the Henchmen and Brute Class 2s that frequently spawn here to enter the Insomniac Museum.

Glitch: Skip Hrugis Cloud and Todano:
If you have the Insomniac Museum shortcut unlocked, play the game until you get the Glider, Gravity Boots and Infiltrator. Boldan is home for Gravity Ramps and you will find Infiltrator puzzles along the way. Do not forget the glider course in Grelbin. After that, go to the museum and exit it. You will be in Boldan and can continue the game as usual. It will also be in the level select menu.

Glitch: Return to hyper-expressway in Boldan:
Go to Boldan in challenge mode. Go to the elevator leading underground. Use the "Scale walls" glitch to traverse to the other side of the hot wires. You will land onto the levitator platform if you did not go too high. If you did and went over the platform, you have no choice but to die and try again. You can go back through the expressway.

Glitch: Do Dobbo glider course on foot:
On Dobbo where you have to repair the facility, go back to the entrance. Use the "Scale walls" glitch to get over the wall. Do the same thing at the rightmost console to the left to the higher monitor. Keep doing this at a steady pace, slowly going back. When you go far back enough, go right quickly. You will land in the tunnel and can continue on, using the "Scale walls" glitch occasionally.

Glitch: Do Yeedil Hypnomatic challenge on foot:
In Yeedil when you have to unlock the front door, use the "Scale walls" glitch to go over to the platform. Make sure you are locked and loaded, as you must deal with lots of Troopers and Protopets. Kill them all and hit the switch. Use the "Scale walls" glitch to climb back to the original platform to return. The Receiver Bots there will not attack you.

Glitch: Do Clank puzzle as Ratchet on Endako:
After reuniting with Clank, go up to the part where you glide across a gap. Turn left and use the "Scale walls" glitch" to reach a secret ledge. Climb across until it ends. Leap up and slowly go to another ledge. Go over a bit and drop down. You will now be in the Clank puzzle. To get out, do the same thing in reverse.

Glitch: Mining vehicle music:
In the mining camp, go to the mining car with the Gravity Boots and get into the vehicle. Go to the other side of the camp and hug against the rock wall near the edge of the cliff. Then, ride as fast as you can and jump over the canyon to the area behind the building before the cave in the back. Next, drive directly over the building on the side, hugging the rock wall. You should be in the camp place. Intentionally die, and the game will play the mining vehicle music all the time. Intentionally die again to return to normal.
tsuyoshi hironobu.

Glitch: Flooded Barlow:
In any pool on Barlow, you can flood the entire area by pressing R1 + Square so that your nose is hitting the floor and sliding into the camera. After you swim around a bit and find how to get free, you can swim anywhere on Barlow and not have to worry about falling on swinging or enemies biting you. This should only be tried if you have Synthoid or Kilonoid because you cannot use weapons while swimming. The disadvantages are if you go too high, you will jump out of the water, and can swim into the void. Also, you can get hit by lasers or if you swim too close to the ground. If you die, you will go to the last check point high and dry.

Glitch: Light reflection in Maktar Nebula Resort:
Go to the place where the purple car is to take you to destroy the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array. Do not go in the car yet. Instead, smash all the lights at that location. Then, look down on the floor where the light's reflection is found. Although the light is not there, the reflection still is.

Glitch: Brighter results screen:
Note: This requires the Hyperspace Warp Upgrade for the ship. Whenever you complete a mission on any planet that requires you to stay in your ship (for example, Feltzin System, Hrugis Cloud, Gorn), press R2 + L2 to activate the Hyperspace Upgrade at the correct moment before the results screen apears. The results screen will be brighter for about three to five seconds. Practice the timing to get the screen completely white.

Glitch: Fly a dead ship:
On Planet Gorn, complete any challenge and immediately before the results screen appears, fly as high or low as you can. Press X to go to the mission select menu and wait. If done correctly, the lightning will zap the ship while you select a mission. When the explosion effect appears, select a mission. If done correctly, the shields and health bar will be depleted. Note: Any contact with an enemy, enemy fire, or obstacles will result in the ship being blown up.

Glitch: Nuke trick:
Note: This requires the Nuke Upgrade (60 Raritanium). On the Space Wasp or Ace Pilot mission (Feltzin System) or the Bandit mission on Gorn, select the Nuke and fire it at the very beginning on the mission. If done correctly, all of the enemy ships will be defeated in less than ten seconds. Note: On Gorn, adjust your aim to the right of the floating building thing at the start, or else you will leave about three to seven ships out of the blast.

Glitch: Decoy Glove does not stop:
In Maktar Resort (after you have completed the game), purchase the Mega Decoy Glove. Then, go to the platform that is used to enter the battle arena (but do not enter). After that, launch an Upgraded Decoy Glove on the moving blue bridge. It will continuously move and not stop. After that, wait until it gets to the ramp you go down when you arrive. Look behind it, and it will go through the ramp and float through space.
Michael Gagliano.

Glitch: Pass through floor:
When you are at Angela's home world, you can still complete the level without the Hypnomatic. Underneath the other landing pad, find the highest pile of snow. Stand on it. then set Clank's propulsion unit to helicopter. Do a hyper jump holding the toggle forward, and you will fly up from under the floor. Note: If you do this, go into the mine elevator by Angela's house. When you are inside, step on the smaller transport and you will go under water but still remain in an air environment.
Dan M..

Glitch: Pass through pillar:
In Planet Smolg, go to the part with the Levitator Pads and the docked ships. When you reach the first Levitator Pad, there should be a Vendor to your right. Go to the first pillar with another Levitator Pad. Then, fly to the next one and stop. If you have the Mapper, check the map. You should see a green dot near your position. This identifies the presence of a secret item. Fly up to it using the nearest Levitator Pad. If you make it to the top, get the Platinum Bolt and jump off. If you did not, use Clank's propulsion pack to slowly descend back to the pillar, but do not land. Instead, head downward and fly into the stem of the pillar. If done correctly, Ratchet should go through the stem and appear inside of it, instead of hitting it and falling.
Jim Antonaglia.

Glitch: Pass through gates:
Put on the Charge Boots and aim for the center of the gate. When you are at top speed and your head is down, you can squeeze through the gate.
Dan M.

Glitch: Encased in ice:
On Planet Damosel, freeze the fountain where you get the Platinum Bolt. When you get there, thaw the ice and let it flow again. Then, stand under the water stream (the water you grinded across when it was frozen) and freeze the water again. When the water starts to freeze, the stream will fall through you, and you will be encased in ice without sustaining any damage. Just walk out the walls of the ice and you will be out of it.

Glitch: Swim through ice:
Go to Planet Barlow. Go up the "ramp" at the beginning of the level, and go across the swingshot targets. When you get to the first water pool, take out your Thermanator and swim through it. On the other side of the water, freeze it. Next, go all the way around the level to the place where you buy the Thermanator then around to the swingshot targets again. Go across them and to your first water pool. It will not be frozen, but will still be liquid. Swim through it, and while you are still under water on the other side, you will notice that the top of the water is still frozen. Swim up and you will go through it.
Jordan Kiser.

Glitch: Swim through level:
On Planet Barlow, after you get the Thermanator and when you just get out of the tunnel in the water, press R1 for the booster on Clank. Swim back and forth from the tip of the tunnel to the wall about two feet from the tunnel. The camera must be directly up to Ratchet from his face to on top of him, and you must be swimming down. This may require a few attempts, but if done correctly, the floor will glitter, and you will go through it. If you go up enough, there will be no enemies and everything will be covered in water. However, if you swim up to much there will still be no enemies, but the land will be dry. Note: When you are able to go through objects, you may fall and have to repeat the glitch again.

Glitch: Walk on air:
On Planet Joba, go to the levitator pad and fly on top of the building directly behind it. Walk a short distance and you will be walking on air.

Glitch: Missing shadow:
On Planet Endako, enable the "Levels are mirrored" cheat. Shadows from all objects will be missing.
Jordan Kiser.

Glitch: Missing body:
Go to the second place that they pretend to be models in Notak. Throw a Visibomb to break the glass. It will makes one person's upper body disappear.
Chandler Friedel.

Glitch: Swing arm not wrench:
When riding a taxi, swing your wrench then press X immediately afterwards. Ratchet should swing his arm continually as long as you press X, but his wrench nether extends nor makes a sound. If you swing your wrench twice he will imitate that second move of his three hit combo by pressing X. The same goes with his third move, etc.

Glitch: Scale walls:
Use the following trick to scale walls 90 degrees and above. Go into first person mode, then do a double jump, but not a wall jump, near the wall that you want to climb. Repeatedly start throwing your wrench at the wall after you finish the double jump and are in the air, then move towards the wall while tapping Square. You should start moving up the wall, as long as you keep tapping Square.
Information in this section was contrbibuted by Funflack.

Start challenge mode and activate first person view. Double jump at a wall and rapidly tap Square to throw your wrench. If you are close enough, you will start to go up the wall. This is useful to revisit places that you were only able to visit once.

Glitch: Sideways sheep:
During the Impossible Challenge at Joba, use the Sheeponator or Black Sheeponator to turn enemies into sheep in a cage match. When you come down, the sheep will be on their side halfway into the ground.
todd conley.

Glitch: Enemies do not attack on Planet Snivelak:
First, make sure that you have the BoxBreaker from the Second Swamp Beast Boss on Planet Oozla. On Planet Snivelak, play through the level until the Hover Tank v2.0 attacks, along with an Attack Chopper v2.0, with two lasers on the floor in front of you. Destroy the Chopper and the Tank (the Vaporizer recommended). Then, without using the HyperStrike, destroy two of the three NanoTech boxes. Next, walk forward to the third, but do not destroy it. Keep walking until the enemies transport directly in front of you. Then, strafe backwards, backflipping when necessary, until you are behind the barrier closest to the enemies. Then, HyperStrike, breaking the NanoTech box. Then the force shield will activate. If you have done everything fast enough, you can get as close as desired to the force shield and the enemies will not attack. Also if you have been quick enough, the shield will be slightly transparent. You can then fire through it and the Thugs on the other side will not shoot back. After all enemies are defeated, the force shield will deactivate. Note: You must be extremely fast to pull this off. The only weapon that cannot fire through the barrier is the Sheepinator and Black Sheepinator.
Andrew Cox.

Glitch: See Joba arena without going in:
Go to the place where you can walk on the top of the invisible spire, then aim your Visibomb Gun at the arena. Steer the missile straight then turn it to the right and steer it between the cracks. This requires some practice, but done successfully you will be able to see the arena with no people inside.

Glitch: Walk on walls in Joba cage match:
When fighting in a cage match on Joba, as soon as the round starts switch to first person view and go towards the audience. Use the "Scale walls" glitch. Make sure you hit the audience and not the things that deploy enemies. After awhile you will notice that you will stop. Go to third person view and you will be walking on the walls because of the gravity switch from the cage. If you go towards the bottom of the arena you will see enemies jumping from the cage into the lava(does not work with Arachnoid). Note: Do not go near the top, as you will die if you keep running towards it. The bottom is filled with lava. Your Spiderbot or Tankbot can go through it but you cannot.
matt junken.

Glitch: Invisible Decoy:
This trick requires the Decoy Glove. While doing the Arena part on Planet Joba, in one of the challenges that you must do the cage as well as the arena (for example, the Impossible Challenge), place a decoy with the Decoy Glove that the enemies cannot reach. When you are up in the cage, near the end of the cage part, place a decoy and make sure it does not get destroyed. When the cage part is over and you go back to the arena, the enemies will still go for the decoy even though it is in the cage. Because it is in the cage, the enemies cannpt reach it, leaving you as much time as required to blow them up with any weapon you choose.
Short Stuf.

Glitch: Thermanator uses Tesla Claw Attack:
Get the Thermanator and put it with your main weapons. Then, purchase the Tesla Claw. Take out the Thermanator then hold Triangle. Select "Tesla Claw" then release Triangle when it is selected. You will be using the Tesla Claw's attack, but will be holding the Thermanator. This only works if the Tesla Claw has full ammunition.

Glitch: Ghost Chickenbots:
At Planet Notak, go to the area where the dynamo switch is found. Select the Pulse Rifle and/or Vaporizer. Zoom in to the group of Chickenbots. You can see through them. Also, if you have unlocked the "Mirrored Level" cheat, the Pulse Rifle and/or the Vaporizer will go straight through them.

Glitch: Swingshot:
At Planet Barlow, go to the area with the spinning platforms and land on one of them. Use the Swingshot. You will still be on the platform. Let go, then fire again. You will be grabbing on to nothing.

Glitch: Big wrench:
Go to any teleporter pad and hold R1. Press Triangle, and when the purple cylinder thing appears around you press Square. When you arrive at your destination, Ratchet's wrench should be much bigger than usual. Note: If you swing your wrench, it will return to normal.
Short Stuf.

Glitch: Ratchet loses right arm:
Once you get on Barlow, buy the Walloper. Equip the Walloper then grab the ledge. Notice that Ratchet's right arm is missing.
Matthew Mccord.

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