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Ratchet And Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Play as Dan:
Connect online with the game. Press X at the select login username screen. Select the "Edit Profile" option. Then, hold L2 and press Right, Left(2), Up, Left, Right, Left(2). Alternately, hold L2 and press Left(4), Up, Right, Up, Left.

Play as Nefarious:
Connect online with the game. Press X at the select login username screen. Select the "Edit Profile" option. Then, hold L2 and press Up(3), Left, Right, Up, Left, Up.

Play as Santa Ratchet (Japanese version):
Press Start to pause game play, then press Up, Down, Up, Down, Square(3).

Alternate method to unlock Dan and Nefarious:
If the above codes do not work in your game, go to Sign up for the community with your exact online profile name. You will then receive personalized codes. To activate them, go to your profile and press X over it. Then, hold L2 and input your personalized codes.

Play as Old School Ratchet:
Have a saved game from Ratchet And Clank on your memory card to have the you have the Old School Ratchet skin available at the Starship Phoenix weapon vendor.

Squat count:
Highlight the "Stats" option at the main menu, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. The number of times you have squatted on an opponent in multi-player mode will now appear on the stats screen.

Double bladed laser weapon:
Pause game play, then press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left(2). The wrench will be replaced with a double bladed laser. Note: This code is revealed on the Sly 2: Band of Thieves demo's Captain Quark mini-comic game after all the tokens are collected.
Elak Swindell, Gem, Julian Inverso, and Colin B.

In the Japanese version, pause game play then press Right(2), Down, Up(2), Down, Left(2).

Alternate Quark costume:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Circle(2), Square in any Quark Vid-Comic to get Qwark in a tutu. Repeat this code to get a black Qwark. Alternately, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Circle, Square(2) in any Quark Vid-Comic.
Julian Inverso.

VG9000 game console codes:
Go to your room on the Phoenix. Turn on the VG9000 game console. Press Square after you are allowed to select from all five Vid-Comics. A code entry prompt will appear. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Four player Bomberman mini-game: Enter YING_TZU as a code. Note: This has no effect in the PAL version.
Two player Pirate Vs. Ninja mini-game: Enter _MEGHAN_ as a code.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves demo:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the title screen.

Bonus weapons:
Have a saved game from Ratchet And Clank: Going Commando on your memory card to have the Lava Gun, Bouncer, Holoshield, and other weapons available to be purchased.

Have a saved game file from Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando on your memory card, then go to Slim Cognitos for free weapons.
Debbie Bezanson.

Successfully complete the game to get Mega versions of the weapons currently in your inventory from any vendor. The RY3NO will also be available from the first vendor on Planet Florana.

Weapon discount:
Have completed saved game from Ratchet and Clank on your memory card. Go to any vendor (Slim Cognitos, Phoenix Ship, etc.) then go to Gadgetron Employee discount. You will then receive a 10% discount on each weapon.
Debbie Bezanson.

Completion bonuses:
After you complete the game, you can play on a challenge mode. The further you get in challenge mode, the more random things will be unlocked.
Debbie Bezanson.

Cheat options:
The following cheat options are unlocked at the indicated skill point level.
aitarca ipeuml.

Big Head Ratchet and Clank: 5 skill points
Time Freeze: 10 skill points
Secret Agent Clank: 15 skill points
Big Head A.I.: 20 skill points
Ships to Ducks: 25 skill points
Mirror Worlds: 30 skill points

Bonus skins:
The following skins can be used in single player mode.

Brainius: 6 Titanium Bolts
Bugnoid: 6 Titanium Bolts
Constructobot: 6 Titanium Bolts
Robo: 5 Titanium Bolts
Robo Rooster: 6 Titanium Bolts
Snowman Skin: 6 Titanium Bolts
Trooper: 5 Titanium Bolts
Tuxedo Ratchet: 6 Titanium Bolts

Mattio351, Colin B, and Carlisloan.

Al: On Tyhrranosis, go to the car with Scrunch at a turret. Drive to the building around the corner. Then go left to the place where you must destroy a turret where there is a wall jump slot and two enemies on platforms. The right-hand platform has the trophy. To get there, kill the enemies and wall jump up then jump over the yellow light on the platform. Note: You do not have to use the Heli Pack. You can use Heli or Thruster Pack.
Annihilation Nation: Win all challenges in the Annihilation Nation.
Captain Qwark: Go to Qwark's Hideout. Continue through the level until you reach the part with the vendor and the wire leading to a place with a yellow ladder. Kill the Qwark bots and look in the last room in the row on the left. If it is not there, search the other rooms.
Clank: Go to Holostar Studios and kill the enemies until you get to the elevator. Play the "Hacker" mini-game to get the lift working then go to the top. Turn left and high jump to the platform. You should be able to see the Clank trophy. If you cannot see the trophy platform, go back down to the bottom. Look at the hacker terminal then go into strafe. Go on to the lift, then turn left. Once in the room at the top of the lift kill the enemies then go back to the doorway to the room. Go forward slightly then jump up the seats until you get to the top. You will also find a Titanium bolt there.
Dr. Nefarious: Go to the Crash Site and kill all the robots from the pods. Then, move forward and more will appear. Notice the two robots on a higher piece of ground. Kill the robots then jump onto the platform they were standing on to get the trophy.
Friends Of The Rangers: Successfully complete all the Ranger Battle missions.
Nano Finder: Get 200 Nanotech in challenge mode.
Omega Arsenal: Upgrade all weapons besides the RY3NO to their Omega versions.
Plumber: Go to Daxx and find the Charge Boots. Do not jump down. Instead, go to the edge and turn right to find the trophy.
Ratchet: On Florana, go to the place with the wall jump slot. About half way up is a ledge. Do not try to go on it yet. It is easier to climb up the ladder then jump on. Once on the ledge, jump up to a room like the one at the top of the ladder (but with lots of boxes). Get the boxes if desired, then go right to the edge and turn left until you are facing sideways. Jump on to the raised semi-circular platform. From there, jump to the other side. You will be able to find the trophy easily from this point.
Skill Master: Get all 30 Skill Points.
Skrunch: In Metropolis when you get to your first room, jump up a wall to the left. Break the window and continue to the room in front. Look both to the left and right. One will have a trophy and the other a warp pad.
Titanium Collector: Collect all the Titanium Bolts.

Alternate ship colors:
The following alternate paint colors for your ship are unlocked at Starship Phoenix at the indicated skill point level.

Pulsing Purple: 1 skill point
Obani Orange: 2 skill points
Low Rider: 3 skill points
Black Hole: 4 skill points
Sun Storm: 5 skill points
Bogon Blue: 6 skill points
Orxon Green: 7 skill points
Lombax Orange: 8 skill points
Hooked on Onyx: 9 skill points
Qwark Green: 10 skill points
Agent Orange: 11 skill points
Helga Hues: 12 skill points
Space Storm: 13 skill points
Tyhrranoid Void: 14 skill points
Zeldren Sunset: 15 skill points
Ghost Pirate Purple: 16 skill points
Sasha Scarlet: 17 skill points
Florana Breeze: 18 skill points
Ozzy Kamikaze: 19 skill points
Silent Strike: 20 skill points
Supernova: 21 skill points
Drek's Black Heart: 22 skill points
Neutron Star: 23 skill points
Lunar Eclipse: 24 skill points
Solar Wind: 25 skill points
Dark Nebula: 26 skill points
Star Traveller: 27 skill points
Clowner: 28 skill points
Plaidtastic: 29 skill points
Insomniac Special: 30 skill points

Insomniac Museum:
Go to the teleport pad in Metropolis between 3:00 a.m and 3:59 a.m., or at any time if all trophies are collected. Use it to reach the Insomniac Museum. The museum contains various pictures, concept art, comics, design concepts, and more. Note: Set the system time on the PlayStation2 to 3:00 a.m. to do this easily.

You can also get into the Insomniac Museum by collecting all the trophies.
Colin B.

Ninjas and Pirates mini game:
When you play the Qwark Vid Game, instead of selecting a game, press Square and enter _MEGHAN_ as a password. Note: "_" indicates a space. Press Start and you will be transported to the Insomniac Museum where you can play a two player game featuring ninjas and pirates.
Debbie Bezanson.

Bomb mini-game:
When you play the Qwark Vid Game, instead of selecting a game, press Square and enter YING_TZU as a password. Note: "_" indicates a space. Press Start and you will be transported to the Insomniac Museum where you can play what appears to be a four player game. The four players are at the four corners of a square room, with pillars in it. You go around and drop bombs trying to kill everyone.
Steve Valdez.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Sketchbook" option at the "Cinematics" menu. Press L1 or R1 to move through the pictures.

Hint: Refill health and ammunition:
Start any challenge, then immediately quit.

Hint: Refill health:
If you are nearly dead on the battlefield, find a area where the opponent cannot hit you with their weapons. Make sure that they are nearby (for example, on top a pillar). Using the Holo Shield Glove (version 5), shoot out some barriers. The Shield Barriers will suck health from enemies and give them to you. This is very helpful in tight situations.
Debbie Bezanson.

Hint: Easy weapon upgrades:
If you have weapons that have not been upgraded at all, you can easily upgrade them by going to worlds with harder enemies. Use the weapons on them, and do not care about getting killed. Repeat this, and you can get upgraded weapons easier.
Debbie Bezanson.

To easily upgrade weapons, fight Scorpio repeatedly. Note: You cannot defeat him using only a low powered weapon. Only the Annihilator, Disk Blade gun, and Flux Rifle can kill him without using all the ammunition. Also, the Infector and Rift Inducer will not upgrade here. The best place to do those is in part two of Blackwater City.
Andrew Moscariello.

To get fast weapon upgrades, go to Metropolis. Fight through the level with just one weapon. Two to four passes should upgrade most weapons.
Andrew Moscariello.

When battling with Courtney Gears, use your non-upgraded weapons against her backup dancers. When all backup dancers are gone, let Courtney hit you with an attack, then go for the Nanotech on the field. Then, repeat the process.
Kofi Agyemang.

To do this trick you must fight the singer/dancer on the third moon. Do not worry about her; just focus on the backup dancers. Take out the Lava Gun and kill all the backup dancers with it. This can upgrade it from V2 to V5. This trocl works best in Challenge mode.

Go to Metropolis. Take out the weapon you want to upgrade and destroy the enemies. When you complete the level, take the taxi back to the start. Enter your ship and fly to Koros. When you get to the end of the level, teleport back to your ship and fly to Metropolis. Then, repeat the process until the weapon is upgraded. Note: This trick does not work for the RY3NO and the Suck Cannon. To upgrade the RY3NO you will also need the PDA. Go to Annihilation Nation and enter the Qwarktastic Battle. When the enemies come out, shoot the RY3NO and it will kill all of them. If you run out of ammunition, use the PDA and buy full ammo. Repeat this process until the RY3NO is upgraded. To upgrade the Suck Cannon, Instead of going to Koros after Metropolis, go to Blackwater City. Repeat this process until the weapon is upgraded.
Oles Bober.

Hint: Easy kills:
When you complete the game, you can upgrade your arsenal to level 8. Get the Omega Arsenal Trophy. All your weapons will be level 8, except for the RY3NO (which only upgrades to level 5). You can now kill enemies with a few shots.
Anthony Pellicori.

Hint: Map O Matic:
Complete every Galactic Ranger level to get a Trophy and a Map O Matic. The new and improved Map O Matic shows the locations of Crystals, Gadgetrons, and secrets.
Debbie Bezanson.

Hint: PDA:
When you are at Quark's Hideout, go forward away from Ratchet's ship. Look on the right and you will see stairs. Go up the stairs and look around. You will see a passage for the Gravity Boots. Go through the entire passage and you will find a machine with two Crutchitizers in it. Go up to it, and you can buy it for 250,000 Bolts. Use the teleporter to go back to your ship. Note: The PDA is more expensive than the normal vendor because of postage and handling.
Anthony Pellicori.

Hint: Easy Bolts:
To do this, you must have the Flux/Splitter to at least version 3 and the "Scorpio" (or "Naptime") challenge. Go to Annihilation Nation and enter the Deathcourse. Choose "Scorpio" (or "Naptime"). Once the challenge starts, equip the Flux/Splitter rifle and enter sniper mode (L1), but do not zoom in. Then, press Circle to fire until Scorpio dies. Do this until you have the desired amount of Bolts.

At the command center where you have to destroy the Bioblitorater, at the beginning of the level you will see lots of tables, chairs, and umbrellas. When you see them, use your jump attack (Jump + Circle) and everything will break. You will get about 5,000 Bolts. You can do this many times, as the objects all reappear when you die. There are also other areas in the level where you can do this.

If you are far in the game and need Bolts, go to Planet Kornos. If you have the Bolt Grabber, go though the stage smashing the ground around the buildings of glass.

Go to the room on the Starship Pheonix where the Q-Force is located. If you can catch up with the monkey that runs around the room and hit him with your wrench, you will get 20 to 30 Bolts.

Complete any Vid Comic after hurrying through it and grabbing any tokens that are not out of your way. If you are already in challenge mode, then this will result in a large number of Bolts.
Adam Wing.

You will need a Quack O Ray. Also, you must be done with the Crash Site level. First, go to the crash site and use the Quack O Ray to turn all the weaker enemies to ducks. For the big floating ones, use a Disk Launcher (level 5) or the Bouncer (the higher the level the faster). You will get at least 10,000 Bolts each time you do this. Note: To survive this at least three times, you will need at least 80 Nanotech and the armor that costs 250,000 Bolts. To bring the enemies back after you are done, go to another planet then return.
Luca Popesco.

Go to Metropolis City after you have defeated evil Clank. Kill all the enemies then get the taxi back to the start. Go to another planet and return. Repeat this process to get 23,000 bolts each time. Note: This is better on challenge mode. If you do not get hit, you can get up to 4,000,000 bolts at one time.

Get in the car on Tyranohsis and run over the flowers.

On Lot 42 Holostar Studios during the first mission, go to the slot machines and hit them with your wrench. When you hit the machines, assume that they are TNT crates, because you do not know if they will explode or give you ammunition or money, or have you try again. You do not have to stop until the machines explode.

Go to one of the following planets. They are the ones with the most bolts: Metropolis, Kerwan; Robot Base, Koros; and Underwater Hideout, Aquatos.
Oles Bober.

Go to Planet Thyroniss and hit every giant plant to get lots of bolts.

Hint: Easy Crystals:
When you are in the Sewer, you can climb up to an area using Gravity Boots. This area is a metal slide, and cannot be entered without Gravity Boots. You will then be at a new area of pipes, where there are more Crystals.
Debbie Bezanson.

An easy way to get the crystals in the sewers is by using the Quack-O-Ray to kill the enemies.

Hint: Skill points:

2002 Was A Good Year In The City: Destroy the Blimp in Metropolis.
Alex King.
Aim High: Kill ten Skreeducks.
Alex King.
Bash The Bug: Kill Scorpio at Annihilation Nation with only your wrench for these skill points. The easiest way to do this is by going into first person mode, available by putting it into the quick select screen. In first person mode you can dodge and throw your wrench at the same time.
Dragoonstorm101 and The Game Freak.
Note: To easily obtain the Bash The Bug skill point, you will need at least 80 Nanotech. The easiest way to defeat Scorpio with just the wrench is to stay directly in front of him and do continuos hyper-strikes. Being that close, he cannot hit you with the saw. Just jump over the flames. About 25 hyper-strikes should kill him and earn you the skill point.
Andrew Moscariello.
Bash The Party: Kill 20 enemies at Blackwater City with only your wrench for these skill points. The easiest way to do this is by going into first person mode, available by putting it into the quick select screen. In first person mode you can dodge and throw your wrench at the same time.
Be A Sharpshooter: Snipe ten Tyhrranoids in the towers.
Alex King.
Be An Eight Time Champ: Win all Gauntlet challenges.
Alex King.
Beat Helga's Best Time: Complete the VR Hypershot training course in less than 50 seconds. Put on the thruster pack, and at the end zoom in the door. Also, this needs to be done the second time and over.
Julian Inverso and Alex King.
Break It, You Win It (Koros): Destroy all of the boxes and lawn furniture.
Max Evans.
Break the Dan: When you get to the first Swing Shot in the level and reach the laser, look to your right. You will see a wall. Jump (do not glide) onto that wall and do a wall jump. Once you reach the top you will see a snow man. Break it to earn the skill point.
Alex King and Rob White.
Bugs To Birds: Turn fifteen bugs into ducks.
Alex King.
Feeling Lucky?: Win the jackpot in any slot machine.
Alex King.
Flee Flawlessly: Complete any Gauntlet without getting a single hit.
Alex King.
Get To The Belt: Get onto the floating asteroid belt. Note: When standing on the platform that takes you the highest part, look in the direction the asteroids are coming from. You should see one that is glowing. When you see it, wait three secondsm then jump. You will most likely have to guide yourself onto it.
Alex King.
Go For Hang Time: Get two seconds of air time in the Turbo Slider.
Alex King.
Hit The Motherload: Collect all Sewer Crystals.
Alex King.
Lights, Camera, Action!: Destroy five floating cameras in any Gauntlet.
Alex King.
Monkeying Around: Restore Qwark's memory. Then. after you get the disguise, go back to the Phoenix. Skrunch is running around. Hit him to get the skill point.
Julian Inverso and Alex King.
Reflect On How To Score: Kill 25 enemies with the Refractor.
Alex King.
Search For Sunken Treasure: Blow up 40 underwater crates on Aquatos.
Set An New Record For Qwark: Beat 2:40 in vid-comic #1. Beat 2:10 in vid-comic #2. Beat 1:50 in vid-comic #3. Beat 4:45 in vid-comic #4. Beat 2:00 in vid-comic #5.
Alex King.
Spread Your Germs: Infect thirty enemies with the Infector.
Alex King.
Stay Sqweaky Clean: Walk the Path Of Death without getting hurt on Florlana.
Julian Inverso and Alex King.
Strive For Arcade Perfection: Get 100% Qwark tokens in all Vid Comics. Note: This also includes health upgrades.
Julian Inverso and Alex King.
Suck It Up!: Kill forty enemies using only the Suck Cannon.
Alex King.
Turn Up The Heat: Buy the Infernox Armor at the armor vendor.
Julian Inverso and Alex King.
You Break it, You Win It: Smash up the Robot Base.
Alex King.
Zap Back At Ya!: Kill ten enemies using the Refractor.
Alex King.

Hint: Defeating Bioblitorator:
First, climb into the hover plane and shoot the Bioblitorator. It will shoot rockets at you. If your ship explodes, you will drop to a turbo slider. Take the right bridge to another hover plane to continue shoting him. Note: Take the left bridge the second time and Quark sometimes will get in the way.
Brandon Martinez.

When fighting the Biobliterater, instead of using the hovership and car, use the Flux/Splitter rifle (preferably at level 5). Lock him into your scope and fire away. You do not need to zoom in on him. If you run out of ammunition, use the PDA to buy more. When he fires the heat seeking missiles from his chest, stop firing and move to one side or the other. The missiles will miss you completely. Enter sniper mode and continue firing. He should be dead quickly.
Alan Rollins.

Hint: Defeating Courtney Gears:
Once the battle starts, take out the N60 Storm/N90 Hurricane and kill her backup dancers. Eventually, she will appear in a go-go cage around the stage. Shoot her while dodging the laser things until more backup dancers appear. When Ratchet depletes two thirds of her health, she will step onto the stage and attack you as she did before, only doing the same attack as the backup dancers in addition. Shoot her, avoiding everything she tosses at you and you will win.

Hint: Defeating Giant Klunk:
Have the Annihilator/Decimator to at least version 4 and blast away at Giant Klunk. If he actually gets the time to attack, it will be with an energy bomb. Just avoid it and the shockwaves and continue firing until you kill him.

Hint: Defeating large swamp worm:
When on Planet Florana, you will encounter a large swamp worm. To defeat it easily, you need the Plasma Whip. Equip the whip and face the worm. Just as he moves his head back to strike, attack him. He will then attempt to attack you again. Repeat the move until the worm is dead.

Take out your Shock Blaster and shoot it until it is dead. Do not upgrade it to V2 and over, or you will have to get very close and you can die.

Hint: Defeating Nefarious:
The recommended arsenal to do this is the Multi Blade Gun, Decimator, Spitting Hydra Rift Ripper, Mini Turret Glove, Max Nanotech, Gagatron PDA, and 200,000 Bolts. In the first round, shoot Nefarios with the Multi-Blade Gun until one quarter of his health is gone. Note: If you run out of ammunition, use the PDA to buy more. In the second round, start by using the Decimator to defeat the two giant Ninja robots. Then, take out the robot troops. Nefarious will shoot a bad magic ray at you. Get under his forcefield bubble and he will begin flying away. Chase him and defeat the other giant ninja robots and troops. You will then reach a circular platform. Nefarious will shoot bad magic rockets, and there will be targets on the ground. Get under him. He will deactivate the bubble and drop down. Repeat shooting him with the Decimator and the Multi-Blade Gun. Repeat this until he is defeated. Note: Four ranger robots will appear before the circular platform to help destroy the rest of the troopers.
Brandon Martinez.

Start with the Splitter rifle (flux rifle). Shoot him until he begs for mercy. Then, take out a level 5 Plasma Coil and shoot all the robot troopers on the field .Note: If you get too close to Dr. Nefarious, he will shoot you with a beam; dodge it. Next, take out the Bouncer and shoot Dr. Nefarious. He will run out of health and you will eventually win.

When you start fighting Nefarious on the first plateau, select the R.Y.N.O. or Rynocerator (level 5). Use five to twelve shots on him. When you have to fight the robots, use your other weapons to defeat them or use Charge Boots to get past them. Then, use the R.Y.N.O or Rynocerator to finish Nefarious off at the second plateau. Note: If you decide to get past the robots with the Charge Boots, they will still use their weapons to attack you while you fight Nefarious.
Kofi Agyemang.

Hint: Defeating Quark:
Take out the N60 Storm and fire. When he throws his boomerang, move along with it (in a circular motion). After one quarter of his life is gone, tribesmen will appear. Kill them and continue firing until he is knocked out.

Hint: Defeating The Momma Tyrranoid:
Get the N60/N90 and fire away, dodging her swipes. When she latches onto the ceiling, dodge the lasers and shoot the turret. After half of her health gone, she will shoot missiles onto the ground. The fight will go into her point of view. Take out the Plasma/Quantum Whip and run for your life. When you reach an alcove, jump into it and kill any noids that attack you. When you exit the alcove, repeat the same process and blast her with the N60.The turret on her back will now launch missiles now -- be careful.

Hint: Defeating Snow Dan:
To get to the Snow Dan, go to Quark's Hideout. Find the laser "turret" that spins 360 degrees. On the right there is another wall. Wall jump up that wall.. Up at the top is a "Snow Dan" or snow man. Kill it, and you will get a skill point.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
As soon as the mini-Boss or Boss battle starts, throw a number of Megaturret Gloves, which will deploy into little machine-gun turrets (upgraded to rocket launchers). If you have six to seven turrets simultaneously shooting, you will defeat the Boss easily. The turrets are also very helpful in the many arena battles.

Hint: Annihilation Nation: Titanium Bolts:
In a Gauntlet challenge, after you cross the floating platforms with the green lasers, climb the first ledge and do a high jump. You should grab on the ledge. Pull yourself up and collect the Titanium Bolt.

In a challenge with the name cremation in it, after you get a destination from the second direction-choosing booth (where you step on a switch and an arrow points and opens a door), eliminate the enemies. Then, climb on the platform that the laser-wielding enemies were standing on. Use this to jump to the platform with the Titanium Bolt.

Hint: Annihilation Nation: Defeating the big robot:
To defeat the big robot that shoots fire easily, jump over the flames by doing air rolls over them. When you land, shoot it. Keep on doing this to win.

Hint: Annihilation Nation: Easy win:
Note: You must have the Rift Inducer and Quack-O-Ray. Go to the challenge Sleep Inducer. Enter and win. Then, go to the Other White Meat. As the camera zooms in on the arena, press Fire. A rift should appear and take away about half of the first wave. This trick works in any challenge that uses limited ammunition. Get all the enemies in a group, then jump over them a lot. They should swing at and kill each. When one enemy remains, kill them with your weapon. If they take more one hit, get them close to an edge and shoot them off.
Kool Kat.

Hint: Annihilation Nation: Have wrench in any one weapon battle:
Go into a battle arena that has an Inferno box. Save the Inferno until the end of the arena. Then, hit it just before the battle ends. You will still have Inferno. Then, go to a one weapon battle arena. When Inferno ends, you will still have your wrench out. Press Circle to have the one weapon that you are supposed to have. Note: You will not be able to change back to the wrench if you press Circle.
Julian and Elijah.

Hint: Annihilation Nation: Do not get hurt by Gatling turrets:
When a Gatling turret comes out of the Lava, search for an Inferno Box and hide behind it. The Gatling turret will fire at you, but will not harm you because nothing can break an Inferno Box, apart from your wrench and the Plasma/Quantum Whip. This is very useful in the Quacktastic Challenge.
Bug and Sam.

Hint: Command center Titanium Bolt:
To get a Titanium Bolt on the Command Center level, you must first have gotten past the first Midget "Noid". Then take the elevator up and run left. Jump down of the ledge and the Titanium Bolt should be there. To get out, stand on the "pad" and continue the level.

Hint: Florana: Destroy the worm:
When you are at Florana you will see a large swamp worm. To destroy it, get the N60 Storm and shoot it. A faster way is to get the Hydra Spitter and hold Circle for five seconds then shoot it twice.

When the sea worm attacks, get as close as possible without jumping in the water and throw your wrench at it (R1, Square). Note: This may require two attempts. Alternately, if you have the Gadgetron Quack O Ray, aim it anywhere on the sea worm and fire continuously until it turns into a duck. Do either of those strategies as quickly as possible or it will cough up a stream of gloop that takes away Nanotech.

Hint: Florana: Titanium Bolt:
To get the first bolt, when you jump down to go into the building, jump onto the platform then turn around. You will see a ladder. Jump up the ladder to find a secret indentation in the building. Go into it to find a bolt.
Julian Inverso.

To get the second bolt, when in the Path of Death after the bolder part in the very beginning, kill the two people that jump out of nowhere. Then when you are jumping over the fire about halfway, turn to your right. You will find a Titanium Bolt in a shack. To get to the shack, glide over the gap to get the bolt.
Julian Inverso.

Hint: Florana: Ratchet trophy:
To get this trophy, go inside the building shortly after the first bolt and defeat the people inside. Climb up the staircase and glide through the gap to find two or three people. Kill them and you will see people coming out of the windows behind the people that you killed. Kill those people, turn to your left, and wall jump between the walls. You will find a ladder. Go up the ladder and turn backwards. You will see a room. Go into the room to find a number of boxes. Get the boxes if desired, then go to the edge of the outside room. Turn left and keep going until you see a half of a circle. Jump over the half circle and keep going. You will end up in another outside room. Turn left to find a gold light. Go into the gold light to find the trophy. Note: You can see the trophy from the outside room with the vender and the checkpoint (the room directly above the first Titanium Bolt).
Julian Inverso.

Hint: Holostar Studios: Titanium Bolts:
Return after you have obtained the Gravity Boots. Climb up the path only accessible with the boots next to your ship. After you fight through the waves of Thyrranoids and get to a room with a straight and long Gravity Boot accessible shaft facing vertically, climb up it. Avoid the waves of falling Tyrranoids by moving in a diagonal pattern up the shaft. When you reach the top, get the bolt, then take the teleporter back to your ship

When playing as Ratchet, after you reach the room that is accessed by a Hacker challenge locked elevator, defeat the enemies. Then, go to the other end of the room and turn around. In the left set of bleachers is a Titanium Bolt.

Hint: Koros: Easy Bolts:
This trick requires the Bolt Grabber V2 and the Bolt Multiplier (only available in Challenge mode). Go to Koros. Do not Hyper-Strike through the entire level. Put on the Shield Charger if desired and go through the level killing every enemy, and try not to get hurt. When you get to the end, make sure your Bolt Multiplier's range is at least 15 to 20. Then, teleport back to the start and destroy all the breakables. You will get about 2,000,000 bolts each time you do this.
Oles Bober.

Hint: Planet Aquatos: Titanium Bolt:
Return to the beginning of the level after you have received the Hacker. In the first or second multi-door hallway (if you hit the first ocean opening, you have gone too far), use the Hacker to open the door. Ride the elevator to the Titanium Bolt room.

Hint: Planet Dax: Hacker Wrench:
Go to the hallway in the facility (where the Soldier and Guard Bots are located) with the squad of Soldier Bots, two sharpshooters, an Inferno Crate, and a Hacker Terminal. Get the Inferno power and go to the Hacker Terminal. Then, when you press Triangle to use the hacker, Ratchet will stick one of his wrenches in the terminal, like the Hacker.

Hint: Planet Tyhrranosis: Easy bolts:
You will see plants that look like tubes. Bash them with the wrench to get money. When all the plants are gone, die and the plants will respawn. Repeat this as many times as desired.
jacob littlejohn.

Hint: Quark's Hideout: Easy experience:
Go to the part where you find Quark. Take a weak weapon and kill all the robots. Leave the level and keep coming back to get max leveled weapons.

Hint: Qwark's Hideout: Saving time:
You must use the warp pad two times. The first time you will use it to get on to an elevator. The second time you will use it to de activate a force field. You are supposed to warp next to the force field to make it across before it activates again. However, if you stand on the button that deactivates the force field then use the Charge Boots to zoom across, you can get there before it activates again. This is useful because you do not have to waste time setting up the warp pad destination.

Hint: Quarktastic challenge:
Break an Inferno Box and only use your wrench when the power stops. You will have unlimited inferno power. It also helps to kill a Boss. Note: You will still get hurt.
Colin B.

Just have the Quak-O-Ray, Mini Disk Gun, and the Annihilator. Only use the Quak-O-Ray and save the other two weapons for the Bosses.

Hint: Sewers of Aquatos: Easy Infector level up:
When in the Sewers of Aquatos, use the Infector agaisnt the King Slimes. You will be amazed as you see how much the experience bar for the Infector increases for every hit.

Hint: Starship Phoenix: Titanium Bolt:
Complete the "Nerves Of Titanium" challenge.

For Titanium Bolts one through five, get all the Quark tokens in every single Quark Vid-Comic.
Julian Inverso.

For the sixth Titanium Bolt, beat all the challenges in the place where you fight the robot dummies to get to the last challenge. Beat it and you will be rewarded with a Titanium Bolt.
Julian Inverso.

Hint: Starship Phoenix: Cheaper Infernox Armor:
To get the Infernox Armor for 200,000 rather than 2,000,000 bolts, attempt to fight Nefarious but fail. Go back to Starship Phoenix, and it will be at the armor vendor for only 200,000 bolts.

Hint: Starship Phoenix: Easy bolts:
In the room where all of the Q-Force is found, the small monkey will run around the room. If you eventually catch up to him, hit him with your wrench. You will get about 20 to 30 bolts.

Hint: Starship Phoenix: Pulsating lights:
Fire the Rift Ripper in the middle of the big rear engines. The lights in the back will pulse on and off.

Hint: Zeldrin Starport:
At the Zeldrin Starport, do not turn left and go straight. You will probably need the Flux/Splitter Rifle, Agents of Doom/Dread, Nitro Launcher/Eruptor, and the N60/N90 Hurricane. Keep following the path. Eventually, you will find the Bolt Grabber V2.
Frank Loverso.

Hint: Challenge mode: Mega weapons:
When you land on Florana, enter the vendor. You can now purchase "Mega" versions of weapons you upgraded to level 5. These "Mega" weapons are at level 6 and can be upgraded to level 8, at which time it becomes an "Omega" weapon.
Jason Rose.

Hint: Challenge mode: RY3NO:
After you land on Florana, you can purchase the the RY3NO. This weapon can be upgraded to level 5. However, there is no "Mega" version of this weapon.
Jason Rose.

Hint: Challenge mode: Infernux Armor:
Once you arrive on the Starship Phoenix, enter the armor vendor. You can purchase the Infernux Armor for 2,000,000 Bolts. This armor reduces damage by 80% This is very useful, as the enemies are much stronger now. This will also give you a Stat Point.
Jason Rose.

Hint: Challenge mode: Increase Nanotech:
You can now increase your Nanotech to 200. This is not as useful as it sounds, as many enemies can reduce your Nanotech by at least 50 with one hit, even while wearing the Infernux Armor.
Jason Rose.

Hint: Challenge mode: Easy weapon upgrade:
Use the following trick to bring your weapons up to level 5 so you can purchase the "Mega" versions. As soon as challenge mode begins, you will land on Veldin. Press Start and go to the Weapons menu. Select any weapon you have that is not level 5. Continue to play through Veldin, killing every enemy you can with this weapon. The experience of the weapon will rise faster than usual. This is because your enemies are stronger and your weapons are considered level 1 at this point. When you reach the dropship, jump off into the canyon. You will die and reappear at the start of the level, and all the enemies will have respawned. Continue this process as many times as desired to reach level 5. The Plasma Coil and Bouncer are the most difficult to upgrade this way; board the dropship and continue the game normally. Those two weapons are easily upgraded once you reach Annihilation Nation.
Jason Rose.

Hint: Qwarktastic challenge:
Complete the game then get the Infernal Armor, the RY3NO upgraded to level 5,. the Shield Generator to level 8, and the Weapons PDA with lots of bolts. Use the RY3NO every round. When you run out of ammunition, buy more with the PDA. Only use the Shield Generator when you need it. It also helps to have all your weapons to the maximum level of 8.
brett roesler.

For the Qwarktastic battle, use the V5 Quackinator and you can complete it in ten to fifteen minutes. For the Bosses. just use the Annihilator and the Turret Gun.

Hint: Replay completed Hacker puzzles:
Stand in front of a previously completed Hacker puzzle, then hold R1 and press Triangle.

Hint: Bigger rift:
When you have the Rift Introducer, shoot two or more close together. They will merge together to form a bigger rift.
Julian and Elijah.

Hint: RY3NO faults:
The RY3NO is a very good weapon when you are fighting Bosses and in crowds. If you plan on using the weapon on Bosses, do not upgrade it to V5. If you do, then it is only powerful in crowds.

Hint: Easy weapon upgrades:
Defeat Scorpio using only one weapon (for example, the N60 Storm, Shock Blaster, etc.).
Alex King.

Go to Metropolis. Take out the weapon you want to upgrade and destroy the enemies. When you complete the level, take the taxi back to the start, enter your ship, and fly to Koros. When you get to the end of the level, teleport back to your ship and fly to Metropolis. Then, repeat the process until the weapon is upgraded. Note: This trick does not work for the RY3NO and the Suck Cannon. To upgrade the RY3NO you will also need the PDA. Go to Annihilation Nation and enter the Qwarktastic Battle. When the enemies come out, shoot the RY3NO and it will kill all of them. If you run out of ammunition, use the PDA and buy full ammo. Repeat this process until the RY3NO is upgraded. To upgrade the Suck Cannon, Instead of going to Koros after Metropolis, go to Blackwater City. Repeat this process until the weapon is upgraded.
Oles Bober.

Hint: Weapon upgrades:
Every weapon in the game changes its name when you upgrade it to level 5.

Agents of Doom: Agents of Dread
Annihilator: Decimator
Bouncer: Heavy Bouncer
Disc Blade Gun: Multi-Disc Gun
Flux Rifle: Splitter Rifle
Holo Shield Glove: Ultrashield Launcher
Infector: Infecto-Bomb
Lava Gun: Liquid Nitrogen Gun
Miniturret Glove: Megaturret Glove
N60 Storm: N90 Hurricane
Nitro Launcher: Nitro Eruptor
Plasma Coil: Plasma Storm
Plasma Whip: Quantum Whip
Quack-o-Ray: Quack-o-Blitzer
Rift Inducer: Rift Ripper
RY3NO: Rynocerator
Shield Charger: Tesla Barrier
Shock Blaster: Shock Cannon
Spitting Hydra: Tempest
Suck Cannon: Vortex Cannon

Hint: Restore health:
When you parachute down with the Galactic Rangers or when you defeat Dr. Nefarious, if you get hit with the rockets do not worry. When you land, jump off into the water or lava. You will return back on land with full health.

Hint: Farting snowman:
Buy the skin snowman and make sure you have the Chargeboots. Use your Chargeboots and the snowmen will appear to be farting.

Glitch: Unlimited Inferno Armor:
When you get the Inferno Power! Boost, pause game play and go to "Skins". Then, select "Current Armor". You will then have that armor on you without it disappearing after the time runs out. Note: The armor will not be flaming. If you turn of the power when you are done playing, the armor will be gone. The best place to find the armor boost is in Annihation Nation.
Debbie Bezanson.

Glitch: See inside Ratchets armor:
Get under your ship to see the inside of Ratchet's armor. Note: This works best with the Infernox armor.
Larry Ward.

Glitch: Inferno power ignored:
Unlock the two bladed laser sword and get Inferno power (preferably at Annihilation Nation). You will have two wrenches, but you will still use the Beam Saber and not the powered up wrenches.

Glitch: Freeze game:
During the battle with Dr. Nefarious while he is floating in his bubble, rangers will show up. Before going to the second circular area and on the bridge, take out the Flux Rifle and scope Nefarious. Shoot and the game will freeze.
Kenneth Henderson.

Glitch: Freeze secret enemies:
In the Insomniac Museum ,go to either the dancing enemy with two whips or the two planet Daxx enemies. Use the Rynocerator above it or them. Ashes will fall from them, but they will still be intact. The spiked shell turtle must to have his head exposed for the glitch to take effect. Sometimes if frozen, their bodies will turn towards you until you quit the game, die, or exit.
the king.

Glitch: Fall forever:
Jump on a piece of scenery that is in a corner or other area where you cannot get off. The game will keep you suspended there, falling forever.
Kenneth Henderson.

Glitch: Never-ending glide:
Make sure you have the Gravity-Boots. Go to Sewers, Aquatos. Go past the plumber to the pipes go forward until you must go left. Take the second left tunnel leading off the tunnel you are following. After taking the second left go continuously forward until you get to the pipe leading upwards. Go up with the Gravity-Boots and go on to the teleporter. Get to a different bridge. When there, go across the Hypershot path (half way across is a Titanium Bolt). When at the other side, turn right and go to the brown strip (just before the pink/purple colored metal). Remain still then do a high jump and start gliding while going to the left continuously and slightly forward. If you hold Glide and keep going left without stopping you can glide for as long as desired.

Glitch: Floating banana:
In any part of the game when you control Clank (with Scrunch, the monkey) only, shoot a banana somewhere that Scrunch can get it and you can get to him. When Scrunch picks up the banana, punch him. This will make Scrunch react, but the banana will not move at all. Not even gravity will move the it. The banana will just float there forever.

Glitch: Aquatos: Leave tunnels:
Go the sewers on Aquatos with the Rift gun, upgraded far enough that its rifts will suck up even large-size Ameboids (the largest of the three usual sizes, not including the Boss Ameboids that carry crystals). Find a place with a lot of Ameboids, preferably large ones. Fire a rift, then stand in the rift. As the rift sucks Ameboids into itself, they will run into you. If things get hectic enough, you can get pushed through the wall of the sewer tunnel. What happens then depends on where you are. You may fall to your death or end up swimming in the green "water" that fills the bottoms of the tunnels, but outside the tunnels. It is possible to carefully swim into the current that sweeps back to the Plumber and thus re-enter the intended part of the level. The sewer pipes look interesting when you are swimming around outside of them.
der Mouse.

Glitch: Hoven Gorge: Walk on walls in the sky:
This can only be done in online mode and requires a second player. Behind the Blue base there are three pipes. Let your friend get between the left pipe and the pipe in the middle. Have your friend move the Analog-stick to keep running. Jump into your friend and move your Analog-stick slightly to the left, far enough until you can stand on a piece of ground that you are not supposed to reach. This may require some of time. Find your way over the pipes. You will end up by a large green pipe. Go as far as you can to the right and walk against the corner. If you stand correctly, you will get up. After a while, jump. You will know when to do this, because you will fall down if you walk the big green pipe. Jump on the big green pipe and go to the left or right. Make sure you have got a Flux Rifle. Find a place and snipe anyone from that location.

Glitch: Insomniac Museum: Play the unnamed Quark Vid-Comic:
Once you get to the descending panels that you have to jump side to side to get up, keep going until you get to the point where there is no scenery. Then, start to jump back and forth from the walls until you hang on to an edge. Climb up and fall in. You will be in the ceiling and you can walk around wherever desired. However once you get in, you cannot get out.
JJ Naumiec.

Glitch: Planet Joba: Walk on invisible platform:
When at the pad where you get the Clank upgrade, fly up and turn around instantly, so that instead of going to the games you will go up a tower. Land on the slopping side of the tower. You can then walk up and get on a invisible platform above the tower. Sometimes when you walk off you will stay in the air before falling down.

Glitch: Planet Metropolis: Sniper automatically equipped:
When you first go to planet Metropolis, an intermission sequence plays. It shows Neffarious revealing that he has captured Clank and Rachet has Clunk. Clank is in a cage, and Neffarious is going to turn everyone into robots. After the sequence is over, you will appear outside your ship as usual. However, your sniper is equipped automatically even if you had not used it previously.

Glitch: Planet Metropolis: Fall and die on ground:
Go to Metropolis and fight your way to the part where two (or one if you have completed Metropolis) Tyhrranoids with jetpacks. Fly down from the roof and a beam of light comes down. When there, go four steps onto the grass and turn right. You will find a yellow colored windowsill. Jump up to it. Follow it along until you get to a steel wall. When there, go to the left-hand corner and jump towards it. When you land, continue pushing towards it. You will start to fall on that location without going down. Then you will die and come back at the second vendor.

Glitch: Hide in a rock:
Join or create an online game at Outpost X12. Then on either team's side, walk up the magna-track on the right side of the base (as you are looking at the base). Next, jump to the platform that has the Nanotech on it and place your reticule on the rock that is directly beside the magna track. From there, Charge-Boot into the rock. Note, you cannot shoot certain weapons through the rock, and you will die when you exit it. However, no weapons can hit you inside the rock.

Glitch: Magic feet:
Activate the Charge Boots and put them on "old school" Ratchet. It will look like Ratchet is blasting off on his own.
Gerard and Alex.

Glitch: Different shadow:
Change your skin to anything except Currant armor, Old Skool Ratchet, and Tuxedo Ratchet. Look at your character's shadow. It appears as if you are using one of Ratchet's skins.

Glitch: Floating wrench:
When on the Starship Phoenix, take the transport that goes to the control room. While it is activated, turn to the side and look closely. You can see your wrench floating away from your body.

Glitch: Floating arm:
Once you have 20+ Skill Points, enable the "Timefreeze" cheat. Go into first person mode, put any kind of glove on (for example, Glove Of Doom or Shield Glove), then hold Triangle. You should see Ratchet's forearm hovering above him.
alex morris.

Glitch: Big-headed Gadgebots:
When you are Clank with the Big Head mode cheat enabled, as soon as you go up to a Gadgebot, hold Triangle. Then, select "Follow". The Gadgebot's head will grow as it starts walking toward you.

Glitch: Very long Hypershot:
You must be in online mode to do this trick. Create or join a game at Hoven Gorge. Once there, walk up to the frozen river near the blue or red base and jump directly below. Instead of pressing Circle, hold R2 until you die and keep holding it until you re-spawn. Once you re-spawn, release R2 and go to the jump pad without pressing Circle or R1. Use the jump pad. Once you are just above the higher ground, activate the hypershot and press Circle before you hit the ground. If done correctly, you will be using your Hypershot from far away and can go through some walls. Note: This does not always work. On your screen it will just appear as though you are swinging around. However for other players, you will be seen walking around strangely. If you use this glitch and make it all the way to the Hypershot green circle, it will look like you are walking in air on other players' screens. Then, do not move at all but continue to hold Circle or R1. On other players' screens, it will appear as if you are stuck in air and cannot move.

Glitch: Original skin:
After you defeat Dr. Nefarious, you will see all the game characters in a theater, watching a Secret Agent Clank movie. No matter what you did to Ratchet during the game (different skins, big/small head modes, etc.) it will show Ratchet as he was in the very beginning of the game.

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