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Rumble Racing

Code notes:
The following codes can be entered when the load/save screen under options is toggled. Note: If a code does not work, replace the letter "I" with the number "1", "B" for "8", or the letter "O" for the number "0" (or vice versa).
Jon Roof.

Master code:
Enter ZEAGTLUKE as a code. All tracks, Championship Cups, FMV sequences, and all three levels of each vehicle will be unlocked.
Jon Roof.

Enter UBTCKSTOH as a password.
Jon Roof.

Enter TLACOBTLA as a password.
Stewart McDonald.

Enter BSUIGASUM as a password.
Jon Roof.

High Roller:
Enter HGIROLREL as a password.
Jon Roof.

Enter CDAAPTN1A as a password.
Jon Roof.

Redneck Rocket:
Enter KCEROCTEK as a password.
Jon Roof and Stewart McDonald.

Enter PTOATRTO1 as a password.
Jon Roof.

Road Trip:
Enter ABOGOBOGA as a password.
Jon Roof.

Enter OPSRTISUC as a password.
Jon Roof.

Enter AMHBRAAMH as a password.
Jon Roof.

Enter THTORHROT as a password.
Jon Roof.

Van Itty:
Enter VTYANIYTT as a password.
Jon Roof.

Enter 1AREXT1AR as a password.
Jon Roof.

XXS Tomcat:
Enter NALDSHHSD as a password.
Jon Roof.

Pro Cup 2, Falls Down track, and Cataclysm car:
Enter P1PROC1PU as a password.
Jon Roof.

Pro Cup 3, The Gauntlet track, EsCargot car:
Enter Q2PROC2YT as a password.
Jon Roof.

Elite cup series, Surf and Turf track, Elite Class cars, Road Kill car:
Enter AEPPROPUC as a password.
Jon Roof.

Elite cup 2, Coal Cuts track, Jolly Roger car:
Enter ILETEC1MB as a password.
Jon Roof.

Elite Cup 3, Malice car, Wild Kingdom track:
Enter ILCTEC2VB as a password.
Jon Roof.

Elite Cup 4, Over Easy track, Direwolf car:
Enter ILQTEC3PU as a password.
Jon Roof.

EA Elite Cup, Outer Limits track, Blue Devil car:
Enter LEAITEPUC as a password.
Jon Roof.

EA Pro Cup, Touch and Go, and El Diablo:
Enter P3PROC3LM as a password.

EA Rookie Cup, Passing Through, and Mandrake:
Enter KZOIEC2PI as a password.

Pro Cup 1, Sun Burn, Pro Class, and Maelstrom:
Enter OORKIEPUC as a password.

Rookie Cup 2, So Refined, and Dragon:
Enter KOZIEC1PU as a password.

Grand Champion video, EA Stunt Cup:
Enter YEAMPLOWW as a password.
Jon Roof.

Championship mode:
Enter KZOIEC2P1 as a password to begin game play in championship mode with various unlocked cars.

Passing Through track, Pro Cup 3, and Mandrake:
Win the gold medal on the Rookie Cup 2.

So Refined track, Rookie Cup 2, and Dragon:
Win the gold medal on the Rookie Cup 1.

Sun Burn track, Maelstrom, Pro Class:
Win the gold medal on the EA Rookie Cup.

Falls Down track, Pro Cup 2, Cataclysm, and Escargot:
Win the gold medal on the Pro Cup 1.

The Gauntlet track:
Win the gold medal on the Pro Cup 2.

Rookie Cup 3:
Win the gold medal on Rookie Cup 2.

EA Rookie Cup and Pro Cup 1:
Win the gold medal on Rookie Cup 3.

Win the indicated cup in Championship mode to unlock the corresponding track.

Circus Minimus: Win the EA Stunt Cup.
Coal Cuts: Win the Elite Cup 1.
Falls Down: Win the Pro Cup 1.
Outer Limits: Win the Elite Cup 4.
Over Easy: Win the Elite Cup 3.
Passing Through: Win the Rookie Cup 2.
So Refined: Win the Rookie Cup 1.
Sun Burn: Win the EA Rookie Cup.
Surf and Turf: Win the EA Pro Cup.
The Gauntlet: Win the Pro Cup 2.
Touch and Go: Win the Pro Cup 3.
Wild Kingdom: Win the Elite Cup 2.

Hint: Increasing your lead:
If you are in first place in a race and you have a bomb or something you do not want to waste, find a ramp and do a front or backflip. When you are completely upside-down, shoot off the bomb. If done correctly and the other cars are not too far away, the bomb or weapon will detonate and the effects will be felt by everyone in range. Depending on what you shot off, it gives you a chance to increase your lead.

When you are in the lead and have a bomb or something similar, try to keep it as long as you can. Then, try to drop it in a narrow passageway (for example, on a long narrow shortcut) so that the person behind you can not go around it. If time is running out, just drop it on or near the middle of the road.

Hint: High Roller:
On the Flip Out level, when you get to the area with three tunnels, go through the middle tunnel. Once you get out, turn around and drive to the base of the tunnel to find the Easter Egg that unlocks the High Roller car.
Blake Hulton.

Hint: Interceptor:
Play the Over Easy level. Once you get into the town, go left, left, right and before you make another right there should be an opening. In a little corner is the Easter Egg that unlocks the Interceptor car.
Blake Hulton.

Hint: Tornado:
To get the Tornado, you must be in sixth to eighth place in the second lap. Get an item or weapon and it should look like a tornado. Activate the Tornado and try to stay as close to it as possible so it can last longer. This will force opponents to flip into the air. It also picks up other items that were put on the ground by other players.
Xenogear20 and FREDELONDA.

Hint: So Refined track: Easter Egg:
When you begin the track, turn around and go behind the large building with the power-up on top of it. Behind the building, you will find an Easter Egg.

Glitch: Decreasing speed:
When your car has to reduce its speed (make sure it only has 1 bail and lose lots of mph), press Start during that time. The mph meter should decrease.
Tane William.

Glitch: Drive through wall:
In the Car Go, go to the location where it has two shortcuts, one labeled "Exit", and one labeled "Enter" or something such as "You're supposed to come in here, first" and go in that shortcut. Make sure you have a fast car, such as the Interceptor, and make sure you hit the wall on the right, after you find the wall on the right that goes to the left slightly. If done correctly, you will go through the wall and out of the shortcut.
Tom Willium.

In Passing Through, have two players. Make sure that when the cars hit each other, they will fly, such as Road Trip and Road Trip. Near the shortcut that is narrow and can only fit one car in its lane, make sure that the car that is going to be hit is in the front, and the car that is going to hit it is in the back. Make the car in the back hit the car in the front, and if done correctly, the car that hit the car in front of it will go in the air and through the wall on top of the shortcut. It will then land in the shortcut. Note: This is easier if the car in the front has finished already.
Tom Willium.

Make sure you have two players on the Circus Minimus track. The cars should be Road Trip vs. Road Trip. First, go backwards until you find a large wall with green and black squares/ Stop after you find the green and black squares. Have one player (to be hit) go into the front and the other player in the back. Have the car in the back hit the car in the front. Make sure the car in the front goes over the wall on the right. If done correctly, the car will go down and it will be stuck. Press Select and then the car will go back on the road. Note: do not make any cars finished (players).
Tom Willium.

Glitch: Black sky, rocks, or ground:
In Outer Limits, make sure you have a car that can hit another car repeatedly (such as Road Trip and Road Trip) in 2 player mode. Have one player (that will be hit) finish, but not the other one. Have the car that did not finish hit the car that finished and drag it all the way (such as when you turn sharply left, then sharply right, sharply left, then sharply right). Have the player that finished press Triangle. If done correctly, you will see the sky, the rocks (actually, the walls to keep you from falling down) or else, ground turn pitch black.
Tom Willium.

Glitch: Weapons stuck in wall:
In Circus Minimus, face the right wall and drive into it. Make sure that you get weapons over and over just by staying there. If you throw a weapon, it may get stuck on the wall. Also try to get rocks to become stuck, then a bomb. Sometimes, they will stay there the entire time you are in the track. Sometimes, the rocks even appear as if they are dancing in the air.
Tom Willium.

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