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Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the game under the Commander difficulty setting to unlock new characters on the "Extra" menu. Successfully complete the game under the Admiral difficulty setting to unlock Feral.

Captain difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the Commander difficulty setting.

Admiral difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the Commander difficulty setting.

All SEAL weapons:
Successfully complete the game under Ensign difficulty setting. You will also get the 12 gauge pump shotgun and the semi automatic shotgun.

All Terrorist weapons:
Successfully complete the game under Lieutenant difficulty setting.

All SAS weapons:
Successfully complete the game under Commander difficulty setting.

All Spetsnaz weapons:
Successfully complete the game under Commander difficulty setting.

Multiple grenade launcher:
Successfully complete the game under Captain difficulty setting.

OICW weapon:
Successfully complete the game under Admiral difficulty setting.
ib, bd ca, slai lopyfosy.

Complete the game under the indicated difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding song in the Jukebox option.

Beach Bossa: Captain.
Brazilicious: Captain.
Contortion: Lieutenant.
Dance Of The Unknown: Lieutenant.
Dark In Your Heart: Captain.
Gnostec: Lieutenant.
Infiltrator: Lieutenant.
Insertion Suite: Lieutenant.
KGM: Lieutenant.
SOCOM II Finale: Captain.
Tari Tari: Lieutenant.

Secret headset commands:
Shout "Intimidate" into the headset while your crosshairs are on the enemy to make him/her surrender more easily. Your SEAL team will then yell at the enemy to "Get on your knees!", "Drop your weapon!", or "Hands in the air!". You can also get the same effect by saying "Drop your weapons".

In single player mode, say "Able report status", "Bravo report status", or "Team report status" to hear what your Fireteam is doing.

While fireteam is in hold fire mode, aim at a target and for example say "Bravo kill target". They will break hold fire only to kill the target you are aiming at. You can also use "Able kill target". This works very well if able is carrying a sniper rifle. Note: You can also say "Bravo kill me", but your team will just look at you.
robert mackowski.

Say "Bravo open door" to have someone open a door. Saying "Breach, bang, clear" will have them break down the door.

Say "Bravo defuse bomb" to have someone defuse a bomb.

Say "Team low profile" to send your team into stealth mode.

Name colors:
Prefix your name with one of the following strings to display your name with the following color. Note: Put a space between the prefix and your name.
Nug James.

Black: #C
Orange: #C~@
Green: #C!~
Yellow: #C~~
Blue: #C!
Red: #C~!

Buttons in names:
Enter the following when you want to make a button graphic in your name. For example, like if you want to make a name such as "X- Factor", type _52_Select_MSG or Message to create the "X" button, followed by the rest of the name.
Nug James.

X: _52_Select_MSG
Circle: _338_VoiceChatAll_MSG
Up/Down: _153_ScrollListChat_MSG
Select: _331_EnterName_MSG
Triangle: _51_Back_MSG
Left/Right: _208_SwitchFire_MSG
R1/R2/L2/L1: _343_TextChat_MSG
Square: _241_CreateGame_MSG

Hint: Make HQ repeat themselves:
When on a mission, HQ sometimes gives you orders or tells you what the next move is. If you do not hear what she says, say "I said" in your headset. She will repeat the last thing she told you over the headset.
oEdwin Rivera.

Hint: Detecting nearby enemies:
During online game play while in the third person view, your gun will be brought up to your character's eye, indicating that the enemy is in your general vicinity. This will give you time to prepare.
Matt Frager.

Hint: Seeing without night vision goggles:
Adjust the contrast on your screen or your brightness for dark levels on multi-player and single player levels. This will make night vision goggles unnecessary. This works very well on Frostfire and ShadowFalls and can be done in single player mode and online.

If you do not have night vision on dark levels, switch to secondary weapon and press Up on the D-pad.
brandi kaliloa.

Hint: Third person night vision goggles during online play:
Whenever you are in a level that allows you to use night vision goggles (for example, Shadowfalls, Rats Nest, Desert Glory), you can eliminate first person night vision goggles. To do this, hold Select and press Up(2), Back, Up. The night vision goggles will now be activated, but the view will be in the normal third person. This makes game play and vision much easier.
WC GODisGOOD, Madden2004, and Mike Serra.

Alternately, hold Select then press Up(2), Down(2), Up during game play, then release Select.
brandi kaliloa.

Hint: M4A1SD with thermal scope:
This trick is for online play and only on a level where the AT4-Heat and thermal scope are available for the SEALs, or the RPG and thermal scope for terrorists. After you have died and have pressed R2 to select new weapons for the next round, load a sniper rifle as your primary weapon. Place the thermal scope in the second slot of equipment. Then, place the AT4-heat (S) or the RPG (T) in the first slot of equipment. The rocket for either weapon will cover up the thermal scope. Then switch the primary weapon to the M4A1SD (S) or the 552sd (T). Then, replace the rocket launcher with a grenade, PMN mine, or any other piece of equipment. When the rocket round disappears, the thermal scope should remain. Note: This will work with any weapon that has a scope (for example, the M4A1, 552, IW80, etc.; basically any gun that allows you to zoom in). When you start back up, your M4A1SD will have the thermal scope attached. This little trick has made being a sniper easier due to the fact that you can not only make a head shot from a long distance, but you also have easier conformation on a target; and if they get close, you still have an automatic rifle.
L' Orphn Annie.

Hint: Ammo conservation:
During game play, press on Force Reload(R3) before you run out of ammo for that clip. The number of clips you have remaining is on the top right corner of the weapon stat icon. You must have at least one clip, or you will not be able to "revive" your ammo.
phil hogge.

If you are low on ammo, kill someone, then pick up their gun. Pick yours back up and you will then have full ammo.

Hint: Easy bomb defusing:
Tell Bravo or Able to defuse the bomb, then leave the area. Tell Bravo or Able to follow, and the bomb will still be defusing.

Hint: Against The Tide:
Once you pass the enemy in the beginning, move towards the underground tunnel. Watch for two rebels there and kill them. Then, place C-4 on the door and stand back. Enter and go up the stairs with your men following you. Put them on "Hold Position". Spencer then goes up to the top, opens the door, places a C-4 charge on the radio on the table, and runs down the stairs. Head now "Follow" with your men into the Embassy. Go to the girl staffer. "Restrain", "Follow", and run to the other side to do the same thing to the man. Have both of them follow you up to the third level and enter the room on the left. Put the Embassy workers in the back part of the room and "Stay" with your men. Remain there, and the rebels will come to you. As they keep coming in, kill each one until the clock reaches 0 minutes. Then, take your Embassy workers to the roof and "Stay". Lay down, pick off snipers, and guard that door. Deploy red smoke and the helicopter will come to you.

At the start of the mission, tell you fire team to "fire at will", then go forward and left down the street. There will be two soldiers which can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. At the shot-up bus, turn right then a second left. Take out the gunner behind the sandbags. About seven men will show up. Then, proceed right around the corner and straight to the embassy. On the left there will be a lowered segment in the wall. Climb up and you will be in. Locate the two embassy workers on the second floor and restrain them. Then, tell them to follow. Go all the way to the roof (out the door and to the right up the small steps). Get them to the far wall of that space and press Circle to bring up the command menu. While your crosshairs are over the workers, go to "Escortee" and then to get down. Get your fire team to hold position at the steps leading to the staff. The enemy soldiers will just run out the door and you can kill them easily. Note: If you set your crosshairs out about an inch from the door, you will not have to move. They will pause, then all you need to do is hold the trigger (this works best with the M16A2). Also note that the enemy snipers are very untrained and cannot hit you at your location.

The ideal armory for your team is as follows. Specter: M6OE3 heavy machine gun, DE .50, 2x Ammo. Remaining fire team: M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo (required), and any other equipment. It is essential that Specter carries the machine gun. While the game default has Jester equipped with it, the AI with Jester is not capable of getting the job done. When you get to the embassy, secure the workers and move to the roof. Then, turn right and tell the workers to hold position in the far corner and get down. Move your fire team to the right of the door, and back about ten yards, taking cover behind the rubble of the ceiling. Tell the fire team (Bravo and Able) to cover the door. Then, take your machine gun and crouch over the giant hole in the roof. Face towards the second story stairs. You can then pick off the majority of the soldiers before they reach the roof. If you do not kill them, your fire team will kill them as they walk through the door. When you get to a minute remaining, take cover behind a big object to protect yourself from the snipers. Tell the fire team to follow and they will eventually kill all of the snipers, as long as the "Fire At Will" command is on.

This is a difficult mission. Your layout for the mission should be beefed up; your whole team should have either the M16A2 or the M14. These are very strong guns. Stealth is not recommended in this mission, because when you defend the embassy you will be swarmed with terrorists. The first part of the mission is easy. Order your team to fire at will as soon as you start. Your team should fire at an ACP soldier way off in northeast direction. If they do not, get slightly closer and take him out yourself. Then, go to the path to the left of your starting point. One guard will come to investigate your loud gun noise. Kill him. Another guard may appear. If he does, kill him. If he does not appear, turn the corner and kill him. Once you take care of those two guards, take a left and you should see a gun turret in the distance. There is a soldier in there as well. Move your crosshairs around until the two red line things appear. Then, fire a few rounds to kill him. Be careful while taking him out, as three more guards are around the corner. Once you kill the turret man, the other three will slowly start to make their way around to see what has happened. Kill them by peeking around the corner and shooting them. Then, hide behind the big sand bag barricade thing and wait for two more people to come. Once you take care of them, keep going until you see a huge thing or debris that is on fire. Take a right there then a quick left. Enter the doorway and kill the two guards inside. Go through the little area and back out on to the main road to the embassy. Watch out, as there are two more guards that seem to pop out from nowhere once you get back on the road. Take them out, then proceed to the embassy parking garage. Kill the two guards there and place a C4 charge on the door. Your team will run away and wait for the door to explode. When it does, go though it and move up the stairs. Keep going along that path until you reach the hostage. Restrain her and make her follow you. Then, get the other hostage and make him follow you. By this time a ten minute timer should have appeared. You have one minute to get ready. Go up the stairs all the way to the roof. Once you are at the doorway to the roof, look to the right between the big dome in the middle and the tall ledge thing. This is where you should position your fire team. Put Jester, Wardog, and Vandal in a line. Behind them should be you and the two hostages. Look at them, press Circle, and order each one to "get down". You are now ready for the siege. It should not be that difficult with the previously described layout. Continue to help your teammates for about nine minutes. You should hear a message about snipers at about the last minute of the attack. Look for them on top of the building to the right of the doorway to the roof, and behind your line of the fire team. Shoot at them a few times and your fire team will begin to pick them off somewhat. Be careful -- mass amounts of troops will continue to exit from the door. Once you are alerted that you have defended the embassy, you will have a conversation with ''Sky Top''. You have 20 seconds until you can deploy a redsmoke for extraction. Order the two hostages to follow you and run forward towards the door and up the stairs to the left. This leads right to the extraction (Zulu). Then, have your fire team run to your location. Note: When your running to Zulu, watch out for guards coming out of the door. They will pop out fast and try to rifle butt you and kill the hostages. Once your twenty seconds is expired and you are in the extraction with your fire team and the hostages, deploy a redsmoke around your feet. Wait for Sky Top to get there. While your doing that, keep watching the door for hostiles. Once the smoke clears you will get a message from HQ. After a few seconds an intermission sequence about your escape. Will begin.
michael schromm.

Equip your team with either M4A1s or M4A1 SDs and a silenced pistol. When you start, tell Bravo to hold position. Then, go straight and make a left. When you reach the corner, carefully turn and take out the person there. If you have not been spotted, go to the part of the dumpster that touches the building and tell Able to hold position. Go around the dumpster and quietly move towards the machine gun, but do not kill anyone yet. After the intermission sequence, tell your fireteam to fire at will and follow. Kill the man at the gun. Turn the corner and kill the three men. There is a lowered part of the wall that you can climb over. Then on the left of the building, there will be a stack of boxes. Climb them and go straight. There will be a person to the left of the opening. Restrain him and tell him to follow. Then, tell Bravo to move to the top of the stairs directly next to you. Then on the right side of the hall you were just in, there will be a door. Enter it. You will be in a room with a lot of ammunition and weapons. Take the machine gun and all the ammunition for it in the room. Then, tell the informant to hold position and go up the stairs. On the table on the other side of the room you come into there will be intel and a radio. Collect the intel and destroy the radio with your C4. Then leave, and with the first informant following you, restrain the other one. Next, move to the roof and go up the stairs on your right and follow the wall. When the informants get up there, wait until they are as close as they will get and tell them to get down. Then, go to the stairs on the roof. There will be a little building in front of you. Tell bravo to run to the area next to the building, but on the side closest to the door. Then, tell Able to wait where you are standing. When the snipers appear, go around with Able and eliminate the snipers with your secondary weapon. When the clock reaches zero, tell Bravo to follow you and throw a red smoke grenade in the extraction zone.

Hint: Desert Glory: Easy points:
As the hostages are being extracted into the truck, shoot them at the legs to get up to 200 points.

Hint: Foxhunt: Easy points:
While playing online, shoot the hostages as they are being extracted in Foxhunt. You will get over 200 points.

Hint: Ghost Town:
At the beginning, walk through a broken house and look to your left. A guard will be standing there. Quietly kill him with a sniper rifle. Next, follow the green line that you see when you press Select. Look out for a guard that is standing on a hill. When you see him, kill him. Walk to the left side of the hill. You can get over it there. Keep walking until there is a place you where can turn left. Turn left, but be careful; there is a guard standing to your right. Kill him. Walk up to the place that the guard was standing. You will get a message on the headset, "Silent Weapons something, something". After that, lie down and snipe out over the area that you can see until you kill a guard who will be walking around. After that, turn 180 degrees and walk to the edge of the "hill". You will se a small building. Point the crosshairs at the building's door and say "Team clear building". They will kill the man inside for you. Turn slightly to the left and walk until you see another building, then stop. A terrorist will be walking into your sight. Kill him. There will be another man inside the house. Try to shoot him through the window. If you cannot see him through the window, walk quietly towards the house and either throw a grenade through the window or walk to the open door and shoot the man inside. Press Select to see where to go. Walk towards the green line and you will see another house. Get your men to clear it by using the "Team clear building" command. This is the place that you will find the person that you are supposed to save, along with another person that your team will kill. After the building is cleared, get your team to guard the person you are supposed to save. Walk out of the second door in the house then walk to the dredge and clear it. There will be one guard outside at the right of the entrance and one at the left, but he will be inside. After you have killed them both, walk on the right side inside of the building until you see some stairs. Walk up the stairs quietly, as there will be a man on the floor in front of you at the top. Try to kill him with a head shot so he will not scream and alert his friends. Walk until you see another staircase. A guard will be standing on top, and another will be behind a wall to the left. The Intel will be behind the same wall on a laptop. Pick it up, go out of the building, and return to your teammates. After that, blow up the weapon caches. After destroying them, go to Zulu (the extraction point) and you will have completed the mission.
Terje Moen.

Hint: Ghost Town: Extra C4:
If you use a grenade too blow up the generator, you will have an extra C4 to use. If desired, you can use it too blow up the man in the outhouse. If he spotted you, just go around the back and close the door. Place the c4 on the outer wall, run away, and watch the explosion.

Hint: Guided Tour:
In the second to last mission, set your primary weapon to the M4A1-SD. When you start, tell Bravo to "Hold Position" and put Bravo on "Fire At Will". Then, tell Flatfoot to "Get Down". Next, go to the left of the rock you are behind. Once you reach the road, go prone and snipe the two men starting with the farther one to help avoid detection when they are walking towards you. Then, go to the fence and kill the two men there. Next, go prone and snipe the camera plus anyone that you see. Then, tell Able to "Fire At Will" and "Move And Clear" all the buildings. When you go to the hall that leads to area one, silently clear the top level. Then, do the same thing with the lower level. Do not tell Flat Foot to take the item just yet. If you look to the left when you are in front of the document, there should be a door. Go through it. Beyond the door is long passage with 15 to 25 enemies. The passage will also lead to the second area. When you get there, clear the bottom area then the level above it. When done, go to ground level. Kill any Tangos you may see. Then, tell Able to "Move And Clear" every building . Take a left out of the second area and follow the road until you can see the third area in your night vision. Then turn around and follow the road until you reach a gap in the mountain. Go in the gap and stay on the left. Once you see the third area again, go prone and snipe any tangos. Next, enter the area and finish clearing it. Then, tell Bravo to follow and tell Flatfoot to take the items at all three areas. Finally, go to the extraction point to finish the mission.

Hint: Seeding Chaos: Sniper rifle:
After meeting with the informant Mallard, go to the largest section of ruin just past the building that you met him in. There should be a guard patrolling it and a few boxes of ammunition lying around. Once at this ruin, turn left so that you are facing towards the road that connects to the bridge. There should be a small section of wall, on which a Sr-25 SD is located. Getting this weapon will allow you to kill the guards and the sniper in the watchtower easier, which should prevent the alarm from being raised.
Ian YouKnowWho.

After meeting Mallard and getting a sniper rifle, pick off everyone you can see, including a man on top of a cliff on the road to the church. When this is done, immediately go to the cliff and get up it. By the second bunker is a way up to the man. Take his gun, which is a sniper rifle with twice the range. It is very loud and powerful and can be used like a slow reloading shotgun.
Robert Downey Jr..

Hint: Seeding Chaos: 12 gauge shotgun:
When you walk into the house where you capture the leader of the smugglers, there should be the shotgun against the wall in the first room. Pick it up and hold it until the mission is over and you should get it.

Hint: Extracting Mr. Pickle:
In the mission where you rescue Mr. Pickle, equip Kahuna with the claymore. When you capture Mr. Pickle, do all the other objectives besides "Extract Mr. Pickle". Get to the main gate where you would go if you followed the bridge. Place a claymore near the gate with the "jail cell" bars. Get your team away from it then let it explode. The gate will blow up, allowing you to easily extract Mr. Pickle.

Hint: Bonus objectives:
There are many different ways to achieve bonus objectives. In almost every level, you can complete a bonus objective by listening in on conversations (for example, in the first level, sneak up and hide in the bushes from the first two sentries), or there are other ways by gathering intel, capturing Bosses, recon sentries, or blowing something up (for example, in the last level, place C4 on the helicopter).

Hint: Quickly get higher ranks:
Usually the best way to get a higher rank is to get MVP in the rounds. Also try killing people who are higher in rank than you. For example, if your an ensign, kill a lot of lieutenant commanders and captains. Also avoid dying. Note: If your team wins a lot of rounds, you also go down in rank

Hint: Easy surrenders:
To get a person to surrender easier, equip yourself with a stun grenade. Go into a mission and sneak up on the enemy. Do not be seen, then throw the grenade at him/her and run away/look away. This is useful when you have to capture Bosses. You can then restrain them when they surrender.
Jim Trythall.

Hint: Recommended SEAL weapons:
The following weapons are recommended for easy kills: the M16 A2, RA 14, M8 Sniper, M4A1SD, and M4A1.

Hint: Vote off when you die:
To vote someone off your team online when you die, press Circle. Then, go to "Teammates" and select the person who you want to vote off. Then, press X on "Vote Off." Note: If you camp and hide, you will probably not die. Also, you must at least get four votes on that player before they are voted out.

Hint: Online cheating warning:
Using a GameShark, Action Replay, or Code Breaker to cheat online may result in you getting temporarily or permanently banned from playing the game online. There are hidden characters you can play as online, such as Feral or SAS Reaver that can be unlocked with those devices. The only way you can normally get those characters are to complete the game. There are also codes to give unlimited ammunition or grenades. If you get temporarily banned for cheating, reset your PlayStation2, go to your memory card then delete the Socom 2 file and any other things you saved for the game on a GameShark, Code Breaker or Action Replay. You should then be able to play online again.

Glitch: Walk through wall:
On the third or fourth level, you will have to destroy an underground lab and a plane. There is a building to the right of the watchtower that looks as if it has a gas tank on top. To shoot everyone easily, go to the left side and walk towards the window. You will walk through the wall and will be standing on a bunk. You can now kill the three terrorists and they will not even know what hit them.

Glitch: Fall underground:
During online play, play the Crossroads map. Go to the half wall just outside of the SEALS spawn location. There is a tent up there. Walk on the awning and get prone on it. Press Left to lean over and press R3 at the same time. Do this as fast as possible and you will fall under the ground. You can kill a lot of people from under there, and they cannot do anything about it. However, you will be in trouble if they plant the bomb. To exit this glitch, run towards the wall.
rob gray.

On the Crossroads map, you can get under the fish market. The fish market is where the bell tower is found. Go to the set of stairs that is closet to the terrorist spawn point. Go about three quarters of the way up the stairs. Turn left with the Right Analog-stick and Prone at the same time. You should fall under the stairs and can kill alot of people from here. They cannot see or kill you. To exit, run towards any spot on the wall.
rob gray.

Glitch: Raining indoors:
On level 2,go into the factory on your left. When inside, turn to the right. You should see some boxes. Pass the boxes then go down the ramp. Turn left again, and the "Climb" icon should appear. Press Circle, then jump down to the left of the beam ahead of you. Then, face the beam and look up. It should be raining indoors.

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