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Sly 2: Band Of Thieves

Tom gadget:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Left(2), Down, Right, Left, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Time Rush gadget:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Down(2), Up, Down, Right, Left. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Sly will sprint for a few seconds when the game is resumed.
Aaron J. Kulhanek and Egor Kovalev.

Mega Jump gadget:
Note: The following code requires 100% game completion before it can be used. Press Start to pause game play, then press Right, Left, Right, Left, R1, Left. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Advance to Episode 1:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Down, R1, Left, Right, R1, Down. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Advance to Episode 2:
Press Start to pause game play, then press R1, Left, Right, R1, Left, Down. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Advance to Episode 3:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Up. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Advance to Episode 6:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Down, Up, R1(2), Left, Down. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Advance to Episode 7:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Left(3), Down(2), R1. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Advance to Episode 8:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Down, Up, Left(2), R1, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Restart current Episode:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Left, R1, Up, Down, Up, Left. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Tutorial Episode:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Right, Left, Up(3), R1. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Level select:
Note: You must have a new game file or have not yet started the game. Load your highest % file. Go to any or the highest episode. After you exit the safe house, press Start to pause game play, then press Right, R1, Down, R1, Down(2). A sound will confirm correct code entry. Then, go to options and load into your new game file. After you complete the introduction level, you will have all the episodes and all buyable power-ups and gadgets unlocked.
Magen Mitchell.

Mega Bomb for Bently:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Left, R1, R1, Down(2), Left. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Insanity Strike gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 2 , enter "857" as a combination at the safe in the Boardroom Brawl mission.

Knockout Dive gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 1 , enter "231" as a combination at the safe in the Bug Dimitri's Office mission.

Voltage Attack gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 3 , enter "386" as a combination at the safe in the Water Bug Run mission.

Long Toss gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 4 , enter "248" as a combination at the safe in the building near the last two terminals of the Train Hack mission.

Rage Bomb gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 5 , enter "969" as a combination at the safe in the Stealing Voices mission.

Music Box gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 6 , enter "129" as a combination at the safe in the Cabin Crimes mission.

Lightning Spin gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 7 , enter "583" as a combination at the safe in the Laser Redirection mission.

Shadow Power gadget:
Get all the Clue Bottles in Episode 8 , enter "725" as a combination at the safe in the Murray/Sly Tag Team mission.

Hidden FMV sequences:
To watch the following episodes you must first successfully complete the game. At the "Episode Select" screen, highlight one of the following episodes until a police badge flashes at the left corner of the screen. Then, press Square to view the hidden FMV sequence. Note: This feature is available in the North American NTSC version of the game.
Terrell Robinson.

Episode 1: E3 Promo: The Heist
Episode 3: BET Commercial: La-La
Episode 5: Television Commercial
Episode 7: The Making of Sly 2
Episode 8: Credits

Hint: Defeating Dimitri:
When Dimitri shoots, he fires three times. After the third time, run up and hit him about three or four times. When Dimitri runs, run away from him. You should then run near him and hit him.

Hint: Defeating Old Grizzle Face:
In level 7, the bear Old Grizzle Face is invincible to your attacks. However, on the job with the laser reflecting follow Old Grizzle Face into the laser. He will get damaged by the laser. Note: This may take several attempts.

Hint: Defeating Rajan:
When Rajan's guards knock one out, throw it at Rajan and he will also get knocked out. Pick him up with your stomp move and throw him at the lasers. This will inflict damage on him. Repeatedly do this.

If you skipped to Episode 8, purchase the Roar for Murray. Then, go back to Episode 3 and do all the missions and fight Ranjan. Use the Roar to make him run away. Sometimes he will shock himself.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
When fighting a Boss, hit him from behind with Triangle, then keep pressing Square to kill him.

Hint: Episode 2: Guard in the safehouse:
In Episode 2 (A Starry-Eyed Encounter), chose Murray and pick up a guard. Carry the guard into the safehouse. He will be at the table above Murray's head.
Sean Beaudette.

Hint: Episode 2: Walk around in the safe house:
Have a Paraglider and the Mega Jump gadget. Mega Jump onto the archway outside the safe house to the left (do not cross the river). Jump from the archway to the mountain. Walk left until you can see a table on the side of the mountain and stop. Mega Jump and use the Paraglider to glide into the opening and you are there.

Hint: Episode 2: Parade:
When you can fall under attack jump onto a tent on an elephant's back. All they will do is throw globs of dirt at you. If you jump down into the elephant's flashlight more guards will arrive. This is much easier to do with Mega Jump.
David Russell.

Hint: Episode 3: Enter tower:
There is a tower on the edge of the map. You can use Mega Jump to get in the door/opening. Note: You must complete the game to use Mega Jump.

Hint: Episode 3: Bently's picture:
After you finish Episode 3 and it shows Bently giving the thumbs up to Sly in the back seat, look at the back of the seat. You should see a picture of Bently taped to it.

Hint: Episode 4: Kill Bentley:
Get to the end of Operation Trojan Tank where you have to lift the crank handles use the Fists Of Fury power-up. Turn around and punch Sly. He will get burned and die. You will then start over at the crank handles again. If you use Fists Of Fury again and walk over to the computer Bentley was using, you will find Bentley. If you punch Bentley he will die after three punches.

Hint: Episode 5: Do not get hurt by ghosts:
On Episode 5. "A Tangled Web" when you are doing the "ghost capture" mission with Sly, touch one of the ghosts in the middle of them. The controller will vibrate slightly once or twice and the ghost will not hurt you.

Hint: Episode 6: Killing enemies:
The following is an easy and fun way to kill enemies in Episode 6 (He Who Tames The Iron Horse). To kill almost all the enemies, go to a bear cave and get its attention with the Alarm gadget. Then, get it to chase you back into the city part and run behind any enemy. It will go after the enemy. Run into the left or right that sends out enemies. Enemies will come out, and the bear will chase them. Keep trying this until it works.
Jeff Ramsey.

Hint: Episode 6: Killing the bear:
Go to a bear as Bentley and shoot him with a tranquilizer dart from a good distance away. He will chase after you. Lead him on to the train tracks. If he gets too far away, he will stop chasing you. If this happens, shoot him again. Eventually a train will come by, and if you are on a suspended part of railroad, the bear cannot get off. If the track is on the ground, the bear will not react fast enough and will still get hit. Either the bear will die and you will get coins.

Hint: Episode 6: Invincible Jean Bison:
In Episode 6, "He Who Tames the Iron Horse", after completing the level, go into Jean Bison's cabin. Let him see you. He will start fighting you with the same attacks he uses in Episode 7, "Menace From The North, Eh?". He is invincible and the only way to not get killed is to get out of the cabin.
Josh Sibert.

Hint: Episode 6: Railroad run:
If you want fun, try using the Stealth Slide down the railroad tracks. Especially slide down the tracks that lead to the snowy spiral mountain.
Ray Hayse.

Hint: Episode 7: Mysterious map:
Enter the lighthouse where all the controls are found. You should see some blueprints posted on the wall that have words on them. One of the sentences reads "Where's my hat!? "

Hint: Episode 7: Old Grizzle Face sings a solo record:
In Episode 7: Menace in The North, Eh?, find Old Grizzle Face. Get out of his reach and throw an alarm clock in front of him. He should stand up and look like he is singing. Note: Do not stand in front of him; stand on an ice tower.
Mark Cohen.

Hint: Episode 8: Sly and Carmelita vs. Clock-La:
During the battle against Clock-La, where Sly and Carmelita are in a helicopter dogfighting, your gun tends to overheat very easily. To prevent this from happening, instead of holding R1 rapidly tap the button. You will find that the gun will rarely overheat, allowing for more shots to be fired.
Matt and Ben.

Hint: Explore disco:
After completing the "Drop the Disco" mission, return there as Sly. Go to the laser gate (which may or may not be operational) with the roof almost covering it. Jump onto the side of it then jump onto the platform. There are also many other places to explore. Cross the laser disco floor and hit the DJ table. You will now hear a remix of Dimitri's song.

Hint: Spotlights on theater:
After doing the mission "Theater Pickpocketing" go back inside. The spotlights in the center of the building will be Sly's calling card.

Hint: Murray: Quick Juggernaut Jump:
If you do not have time to hold the Juggernaut Jump for Murray, press the assigned button for the Juggernaut Jump and press X at the same time. You will perform a faster jump.
Ray Hayse.

Hint: Faster than a speeding train railroad run:
Use the "Railroad run" trick when a train is near you. You will slide down faster than the train.
Ray Cannon Jr.

Hint: Secret paths:
In Paris, go to the wine cellar at the back of town. Once you jump the gate and dodge the laser, go under the first table that has lasers over it. Then, get onto the table and look up. There is a pipe that you can jump on. It leads to a tunnel with a dead end. There is a secret path later in the level in the room with the piano and two rat guards. Jump onto the piano, then onto the ledge. You can jump onto the rail next to you, or can go across on another rail on the other side. Go to the right rail and climb it. Go through the door to the left and dodge the lasers. Jump on to the rope to go across to a ledge. There is not anything secret you can get from this.

Hint: Better bottle tracking:
if you cannot find the bottles in any of the levels, go to the options menu and turn the volume down. During game play, you can now hear the bottles clinking when you get near them easier.
Ray Hayse.

Hint: Air bash attack:
Sneak up on an enemy, then press Triangle three or four times on them. While they are still in the air, quickly jump and press Square while in the air. If done correctly, you should defeat your enemy.

Hint: Walking up sliding rails:
To go up a sliding rail, jump in the opposite direction of the sliding after it has stopped. This is useful in the freeing the elephant mission.
Craig Glenn.

Hint: Surprising enemies:
When you are high on a building or a post and need to get to a enemy quietly, use the parachute.
taylor Just.

Rather than using the stealth attack, wait for when a guard gets to the edge of a rooftop. Then, strike him with your cane.

Hint: Fun guard kills:
Press Square then Triangle(2) or Triangle(3). Wait until the guard becomes shaded and disappears. Note: This does not work on flashlight guards.

Hint: Alternate TOM gadget dialogue:
Use the Thief Reflexes gadget, and while in it, throw a TOM gadget. He will say "Hey! Hey! Peanuts! " which is different that what he normally says.

Hint: Background song remix:
When in the nightclub in level 1, go to the part where you did Bently's first mission (with the mirror-ball). Hit or bomb the DJ stations guarded by the lazars. You will now hear a remix of the background song.
Sean Beaudette.

Hint: Rocket: Robot On Wheels reference:
Look in the graveyard to find a Rocket: Robot on Wheels tombstone.

Hint: Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus reference:
in the first mission where you have to get the clockwork parts from the museum, the paintings on the walls sometimes feature Bosses from Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus.

Hint: Mission 1 (Demo version):
When on first job with Sly, follow Dimitri. Find your way onto the rooftops. Make sure you see how Dimitri gets into his Disco.
John Haumesser.

Glitch: Shrinking ice floe:
On both of the John Bison levels, if you step on an ice floe, it will starts to shrink. It will keep shrinking until you jump off it.

Glitch: Prologue: Eiffel Tower in Cairo:
In the Prologue when Sly tries to steal the Clockwork parts in Cairo Museum, watch the video afterwards. The Eiffel Tower can be seen on the outside of the van shortly when the video starts.

Glitch: Episode 1: Sign back up:
On the mission in Paris, notice how you tip over the front peacock sign. On the getaway video in Paris, the big sign is still standing.

Glitch: Episode 1: Super jumping Bentley:
Select Bentley then go into Dimitri's nightclub (the place where you needed to drop the discoball). Once inside, kill all the guards. This is not necessary, but this trick is easier to do when the guards are not around. Then, go to the third laser wall (and make sure you are in front of it). When you look at your left, you should see a small table against the wall. Break the chairs next to it, then walk against the upper right corner. If done correctly, you should get shot onto one of the platforms above you; or get shot high into the air above Dimitri's nightclub. You can either land in the nightclub again, or land outside the nightclub, where you will keep falling forever.

Glitch: Episode 3: Strange barrel movement for Murray and Bently:
Go as Murray or Bently into the guest house and jump in one of the barrels. When you walk around as you would with Sly, it looks like Murray is driving a little car and Bently walks strangely. Also, if you fire darts at anything around a guard from inside the barrel as Bently, the guards will run up to the barrel and look confused.

Glitch: Episode 3: Unreachable ninja-spire landing points:
Use the Mega-Jump to get on top of Rajaan's temple. Mega-Jump again and press Circle near the top of the roof. You should land on one of the three ninja-spire landing points that cannot be reached without the Mega-Jump.

Glitch: Episode 5: Drop from heaven:
After you unlock Mega Jump and Glider, cross the bridge to the spiderwoman's house. Face the house after coming through the archway. Look up slightly and to the left to see two towers. Mega Jump up to the one connected to the main house and press Circle to land on the middle point thing. Then, zoom in the view all the way. Aim as low as possible annd wait until you see the ground rush by and a burgundy background appears. Exit the camera as soon as you see it then press X. Glide down or just drop and you will not die.

Glitch: Episode 6: Table breaks automatically:
During the first mission (Cabin Crimes) get to the part where you take pictures of the train routes. If you sneak under the first table on the right, when John Bison walks by it will automatically break.

Glitch: Episode 6: Get behind the electric barriers:
First, go onto an Iron Horse Train. Jump and grab onto the pipe on the front cart of train, then jump on top of the train and stay on it. Just as you approach the electric barrier, use the Mega-Jump and Paraglide slowly into some water. Land in the water and if timed correctly, you should re-appear on the train's pipe, through the barriers. For Iron Horse Train No. 1 (the train that goes through the tunnel near John Bison's hut). you can land in the shallow river-water and Mega-Jump into the deep water, this will still make you grab onto the pipe.

Glitch: Episode 6: Walk under level:
Repeat the process to go behind the electric barriers, but ride on Iron Horse Train No. 3. It leaves the tunnel at the location near the mini-lake. When you get behind the electric barrier, jump off the train. You can now run around underneath the level. There is a hidden danger near the breaking ice. However, you can mysteriously drown on land.

Glitch: Episode 6: Fall forever:
Repeat the process to go behind the electric barriers, but ride on Iron Horse Train No. 1. It leaves the tunnel at the location where Murray was locked up. When you get behind the electric barrier, jump off the train at the halfway point of the "behind barrier" trip. Using the Mega Jump, Paraglide all the way through the mountains on your left (if facing towards the front of the train). If you land, Mega-Jump again and Paraglide. Keep Paragliding until the level is directly behind you. When it is, release you Paraglider and you should keep falling. Eventually you will have a white-yellow background and some trailing effects from Sly.

Glitch: Episode 6: Easy completion for train robberies:
When on any train-robbery job, instantly jump on one of the doors that is open. You should hang on the side. Jump again to stand on top of the door, then jump again to get on top of the caboose. You can now run across the roof of the train without the interference of anything inside. When you have to fight Neyla with the chopper, do not climb the ladder. Instead, jump on the train's rooftop via the caboose then jump over the gap where the ladder is. You will skip the confrontation.

Glitch: Episode 6: Carmelita gets stuck and flies:
On level 6, lure Carmelita to the train track near the little lake (where the moles attack you). As a train drives by, she will be pushed over the edge and keep jumping. She will jump, land, walk a short distance, then slide off again. This works on any train track, but it is easier to lure her to a place where she cannot instantly get off the tracks. It is also possible for Carmelita to fall into water then keep jumping in and out of it, sometimes on one of the ice patches. She can escape if the train pulls her back on the tracks, or if you accidentally push her out of the water. If Carmelita gets stuck for a certain amount of time and you keep hitting her without getting shocked, she will shoot into the air with one huge jump then walk in the air for a brief moment until she falls back to earth. Note: When she lands again she will be able to attack you.

Glitch: Episode 6: Attacking Carmelita:
When you are not on a mission in "He Who Tames The Iron Horse", find Carmelita and throw the music box at her. She will not fall asleep and will just keep walking. However it will look and sound as if someone is punching her.

Glitch: Episode 6: Invincible Murray:
Play the job when you have to follow Carmelita without being seen. When you meet Murray, steal one or two keys from Carmelita. Do not get the third key. Afterwards, pause game play and enable the "Advance to Episode 6" code. Sly should be in the hideout, but the job will still be where you left it. Go to the empty seat where Murray normally sits and select it. Murray should walk out the door, and the screen should flicker and twitch. You can now go anywhere desired. You cannot be hurt and cannot be seen by flashlights, guards, or bears. You can get killed by the train and the ice-patch on the other side of the level. You can scare guards and hit them, throw things at them, etc. They will hit you once if you hit them without killing them. However, they will then ignore you. If you die, you will turn back into Sly and you must do the job from where you get the first key again. Sly will not be invincible. If you enter a building, the effect is gone and you will be seen whenever you go into a flashlight, etc., as usual.

Glitch: Episode 6: Cross-eyed Carmelita:
Enable the "Invincible Murray" glitch and keep hitting Carmelita. Keep attacking her until her eyes stay frozen in the cross-eyed or cock-eyed position. When you stop attacking her, she will look funny.

Glitch: Episode 6: Statue Sly:
When a train passes by, quickly hold Circle to try and grab a pipe on the train. Hold Circle, and if done correctly, Sly should remain in the "reaching" position, and will turn and follow the train from where he stood. Guards can see and hurt you; choose a location where they do not appear.

Glitch: Episode 6: Go on a mountain:
As Sly, run up to the iron horse train under the cabin and near the waterfall (the horse train that goes down the hill round and round) . Jump in between one of the parts of the train and go into the electric fence. In a few attempts, you should jump up high and land on an unreachable mountain. Note: You can do this with any player, but it is easier with Sly.
meryn finlay.

Glitch: Episode 6: Misspelling:
The word "kidnap" is spelled wrong in the Bear Cub Kidnapping mission in Episode 6, "He Who Tames the Iron Horse". The job help section of that mission will read "kinap" instead of "kidnap".
Josh Sibert.

Glitch: Episode 6: Drowning Bently:
Drop a bomb in front of the grappling hook on the Boat Hack mission. Bently will go under the boat without moving.
joshua mitchell.

Glitch: Episode 6: Flying Bentley:
In the sixth episode, "He Who Tames The Iron Horse", use Bentley and go to the docks just outside of the safe house. The boat there has several life rafts on the side. Jump between the first raft and the corner edge of the boat. You will keep on popping out of the spot. After several attempts Bentley will skyrocket into the air.

Glitch: Episode 7: Repeat completed job:
In Episode 7, go in the sawmill with the laser to open the vault after you already completed the "Laser Redirecting" job. The game might think you are in that job, and you must do it again. Any jobs you completed after this one will have to be done over again. This may only happen if you do it before you can start the lumberjack games.

Glitch: Episode 7: Insane bears:
Go in the bear cave. Wake them all up and stick to an ice wall out of their reach. They will kill each other and fly all over the place. When there are two remaining alive, it is impossible to escape, and they will not kill each other. You must fall off the ice wall and die to exit.

Glitch: Episode 7: Murray uses invisible lever:
On the "Menace Of The North, Eh?" level, and the "Lighthouse Break-In" mission, climb down the staircase and kill all of the guards. When you smash the chair that blocks the door, Murray and Bentley will enter. When the intermission sequence finishes, and before you start climbing up the electrical wires, smash some of the ground light bulbs to attack guards. Once a duck guard appears, run over to Murray while still luring the guards. Murray should be lifting a lever. Use the guard to hit Murray. When Murray is hit, he will move from his position. He could be across the ground floor of the lighthouse, and still be lifting an imaginary lever.

Glitch: Episode 8: Fall forever:
Ride Clockla by hanging over the edge of her tail. When you fall off, you will keep falling forever. Some similar effects from falling forever on Episode 6 will also appear.

Glitch: Episode 8: Stuck between machine and ceiling:
On Episode 8, "Arpeggios Blimp", use Bentley. Go to the engine room where Sly had to jump the lasers and spire jump on those blades surrounded by an electric field. The lasers and electric field should be powered down, but the blades are still spinning. Go out to the control room on the top. Notice the machine with an electric bolt on top. Jump onto the crates next to it, and with several attempts, jump behind the electric on the machine. You will become stuck there. None of your power-ups will work, and you cannot move. The only way to get out is to kill yourself by placing bombs.
Daniel Sheehan.

Glitch: Play through game with all power-ups:
Start a new game and enable the "Advance to Episode 8" code. Gather as many coins as possible and go to your hideout. You can buy all the power-ups now, at the same prices and in the same order. You can play through the game with them all, making it extremely easy. You can play all jobs from Episode 1 to Episode 8 with all the power-ups, making normal challenges very easy.

Glitch: The Predator Awakes: Continue mission failed:
Start the mission where you must lead Rajan to the watermelons using your sleep darts. This mission is on the third level, "The Predator Awakes". Lead him to the first and steal the blueprints. Do the same with the second. When Rajan falls asleep for the third and last time, get close, place a bomb, and quickly swipe the blueprints before the bomb detonates. During the final intermission sequence of the mission, the bomb will go off next to Rajan and a banner reading "Job Failed! You must not fight with Rajan!" will appear. The mission will restart. It states that all three watermelons were eaten, but the mission still continues. There are no more watermelons and you cannot continue the mission. The only way to exit is to abandon the job and start over.

Glitch: Menace Of The North, Eh?: Playing inside the safe house:
On the seventh mission, "Menace Of The North, Eh?", use Sly and go to the back of the safe house. This part will require multiple attempts and uses a lot of health. Jump and hang onto the wooden boards supporting the safe house. Once you are hanging onto the first one, leap over to the second. You can fall in and respawn where you started. Jump on the second board, or the middle one. Tap X and slowly move the Left Analog-stick to move to the top section where the board connects to the floor of the safe house. Jump, but do not to move the Analog-stick too much. If you have enough health, you will fall in the water and respawn inside the safe house. You can walk through the table. Open up your Binocucom and look at the table. There is a blueprint that reads "Where's my hat?". Go to the door and press Circle to jump outside, then go back in the safe house again.

Glitch: Levitation:
Note: You will need the Paraglider for this. In any level, when you see a rail rapidly tap X, Circle, R1. You will move high and can find hard to reach places. At first it is useful to complete the game somewhat faster. It is also useful to find things you have not seen yet, such as secret areas and things that can help you.
Michael Dragone.

Glitch: Sly has no hair:
Do a "dive-down" move as you fall towards a job icon. When the Binocucom appears, Sly's hat will be several inches off his head, but his hair will not be there.

Glitch: Sly's hat is on his face:
When Bently is telling Sly about the email he intercepted from Dimitri, keep pressing the Right Analog-stick Forward. Sly's hat will come off and will be on his face.
Liam Baker.

Glitch: Unable to continue:
If you save the game in the "Operation: Canada Games", you will not be able to continue. In order to avoid this problem go to the place where the "Laser Redirecting" mission is done. Once you get inside, immediately get out and pause game play. Go to "Job Help" and you will be able to continue the rest from there.
hareessh prabu.

Glitch: Guards light goes through wall:
Go to any episode. Find a room outside with an opening. Wait for a flashlight guard to pass by. When they do, the light will somehow end up being on the wall you are facing.
Roxpaws Roxpaws.

Glitch: Stay in slow motion:
You will need Thief Reflexes. When your tan-yellow bar is about to run out, hold [Reflexes] (custom assigned to L1, L2, or R2). When it runs out, you will still be in slow motion. It will stop if you release [Reflexes], take damage, or enter a room.
Roxpaws Roxpaws.

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