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Spider-Man 3

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game as Spider-Man to unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's story mode and Arena mode.

Collect all 50 Black Spider Tokens to get the black Spider-Man suit to wear whenever desired for as long as you want.

Hint: Defeating Michael Morbius:
When you are trying to open the boarded up windows, if you are far away from him he will do a long jump towards you. Then it takes him a few seconds to recover to attack. Before he jumps, do not stand in the yellow circles. Instead, stand next to the wall opposite the windows. He will now jump to there, recover, etc. While he is recovering, pull down the boards. When he jumps into the light, attack him. Keep doing this until his and his wife's life runs out to complete the level.

He will fly around, etc. When he lines up, use the Spider-Wall to damage him and he will land. Attack him and repeat this strategy.
Brian Stafford.

Hint: Defeating The Lizard:
You must first defeat The Hunter. Use the Black suit and it will be easy. You will then catch up with the new and improved Lizard. Stand by a generator and wait until he is about to strike, then dodge. He will hit the generator and shock himself. This will also shock you. Repeat this until you must counter-attack him and ride his back. Use the Left Analog-stick to balance and he will run into one. Then, the last one shuts off and you must turn it back on. Go over to the switch, and if done quickly enough, press Triangle to turn it back on. Ride his back one more time to defeat him.
Brian Stafford.

Hint: Defeating Shriek:
She has a shield, so do not worry about her. Stand next to a satellite and wait until your Spidey senses activate. Press L2 and dodge, causing her to damage her crystal. Repeat this until she runs away.
Brian Stafford.

In your final encounter with Shriek, she temporarily takes away your Black suit, and figures from your imagination attack you (your loved ones). You can kill them with one hit, but it is pointless. Wait until the Black suit recharges, then switch over, revealing your true enemies. Attack Shriek until she changes you back to the old Spider-Man. Repeat the previous steps and she will collapse.
Brian Stafford.

Hint: Defeating Michael Morbius and Shriek:
Wait until Michael is about to rush you, then open the window. He will be temporarily weakened. Beat him up. Shriek will heal him, losing some of her health. Repeat this until he dies, and she flees the scene.
Brian Stafford.

Hint: Defeating Sandman:
In your first encounter with Sandman, do not try to attack him, just stay close to him. Counter-attack him several times on different levels to finally battle him. Unfortunately, you must use the Black suit to damage him. Just hit him around until you are prompted to give him a bath. Keep doing this cycle until you defeat him.
Brian Stafford.

Sandman will create a mini-tornado and you cannot hit him. Use your Spidey senses to dodge the flying bars and wait until he throws a tank at you. Press Circle when prompted and send it back at him, allowing you to beat him up. Do not get over-confident, as he will start up his tornado and do some damage. Repeat this until he dies.
Brian Stafford.

The second battle with Sandman is very easy. Just dodge when your Spidey senses alert you and run to the yellow circles when they appear. Complete the prompts to throw TNT barrels into Sandman. Eventually Harry will kill him, ending Sandman.
Brian Stafford

Hint: Defeating Venom:
Before this battle, go to the upgrade menu and make sure you have the melee attack volley. Then, fight. Depending on your health level, you may or may not want to use the power up. At the moment, you can easily jump over Venom, confuse him, and chip away at his health. Keep doing this until his black suit begins to "glow". Now when you jump over him he will run away. This is a good opportunity to use your new attack and chip at him, occasionally giving some hits. Keep hitting him until his "glow" gets bigger and eventually Harry will tell you to knock Venom into the air. He'll fall back to the ground same as before, easily confused. Repeat this cycle until his health is really low and you can finish him off.
Brian Stafford.

To defeat Venom in the first battle, use upgraded vaulting to Vault Web or Jab. Do this repeatedly until he is defeated.

Use the following trick for an easy victory the first and second time you face Venom. When you meet Venom for the first time at the construction site, you must beat him down in five minutes or else Mary Jane will die. A easy way to do this is to defeat Venom in version one. It should be very easy). Version two is slightly harder, but all you have to do is watch his five punch combo. The last punch is his super punch. After he is done with his combo, beat him up. Repeat this until Venom turns into version three. You cannot do much once he is in his full power. Watch carefully and you should see a flashing symbol. Follow what the game instructs you to do and you should win. This works on both fights.
Randall Hazard.

In the final battle with Venom, it is just the two of you. Repeat the previously listed steps to defeat him. When his "glow" is very high, run over to the metal bars and follow the prompt. This will slowly remove the suit off him. Just keep fighting him until he dies.
Brian Stafford.

Use Upgraded Vaulting skills and use it against him until he is defeated.

The easy way to defeat the second Venom is to jump around and fire adrenaline web. When his glow is high, go to the prompt circle and press the selected button.
Bradley Riley.

Hint: Defeating technology person:
Dodge him and wait until he shoots missiles at you. Press Circle to send them back. This will cause him to land and you can hit him. Keep doing this until he dies.
Brian Stafford.

Hint: Easy kills:
When an enemy is running away from you, press Circle. You will stun their eye and make it easier to kill them.

To easily defeat enemies jump then keep tapping both Attack buttons.
Chris Bailey.

Jump in the air and press Circle to do an air-web grapple move. Once in the air-web grapple move, attack once, web-air grapple, and repeat. You can keep web-air grappling forever and quickly defeat any group of low level enemies.
Born Evil.

Hint: Easy gang eradication:
Immediately after you defeat The Sandman for the first time in the "Mary Jane's Favorite Band" mission and before you "Meet Mary Jane At The Restaurant", you cannot take off the Black suit. During this time period, which does not end until you start the next mission, you can wear the Black suit without any damage being done to you. Use this time to clear the city of all gang activity. This may take awhile, but it is easier with the Black suit.

Hint: Rival gang reward:
Choose any of the gang patrol missions (Apocalypse, Dragon Tails, H-Bombers, Waste Tribe) and defeat all of their marked territories that match their logos to earn 3 experience points.
Steve Folger.

Hint: Token collection:
While swinging through the city you might hear a chime. This indicates that you are close to a token.
Steven Wildoner.

Hint: Meteorite collection:
As Black costume Spider-Man, you can find the meteorite fragments (small rock-like objects surrounded by a purple/pink glow) by listening for a pulsating sound. The louder it gets, the closer you are.
Jobriath Burn.

Hint: Web swinging upgrades:
You can earn upgrades for this ability by using it a lot.
Steven Wildoner.

Hint: Easy health:
When you find a ambulance, it should be on top of the truck. Otherwise, try to complete one of the story mode missions.

Hint: Back to morning:
When it is dark, do the City Alert one time.

Hint: Random gang:
When you go to a crime area controlled by the police, you will be assigned a task involving a random gang. On completion of the tasks the effectiveness of the police will be increased (as seen by the rings around the police symbol on the map). The more rings you have, the harder it is for gangs to take control of police-controlled areas and the more likely it is for the police to take over gang controlled areas.
Whiplash and Jdsfrog.

Hint: Construction site:
After you have completed the Final Showdown mission, swing somewhere far then go on the map and look for the Financial District. Go there. Go to the left until you see a glass building. That is the construction site after it was broken Note: You will see the little square that you was fighting in with Venom and Sandman.

Glitch: Easy experience points:
Begin taking photos of all the villains as soon as possible. Once all thirty five photos are taken of all the different villains, you will gain 15 experience points. Immediately after you get those points, save the game and reset the PlayStation2. Every time you restart you be where you left off, except before your game loads completely you will hear the sound of experience points being awarded. Notice that you have gained 15 more experience points and you have not done anything except load the game. Do this as many times as desired for easy hero upgrades.
Chris Del Vecchio.

Glitch: Web Swing in air:
Take Spider-Man to Stuyvesant Town and walk into the middle of the smallest park. Press R2 and you will shoot a web into the air. It will stick to the air. Also, while you are on the web look over to the larger part of grass to see glitched square of land.
Ryan Dean.

Glitch: Person walking on water:
Go near the bridge. Find a person near the water. Push that person into the water and they will begin walking on it. Note: If you fall in, when you come out of the water the person you pushed will still be walking on the water.

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