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Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly

Unlimited lives:
Press Left, Right, Left, Right(3), Up, Down, Square at the title screen.

Hint: Finding Gems:
Hold L3 + R3 after defeating Ripto and Sparks will point you in the direction of the nearest Gem.

Hint: Brother Doug's Ice Hill Slide: More time:
Get to the part where you can go off a big ramp. Instead of going to the ramp as usual, take a left. If done correctly, you should have some time to spare, and you will win a Dragonfly.
Brandon Vollmer.

Hint: Dragon Realm: Unlimited lives:
In the Dragon Realm (the one with the Dragon Spirit) go towards the Dragon Dojo. There will be three sheep. Kill them, then go across the river and kill the three sheep there. Then, return and kill the first set of three sheep. Keep doing this until you get the desired amount of lives.
Keith Davis.

Hint: Dragonfly Dojo: Time attack challenge:
Go to the Banzai Speedway mini-game. When you are in the time trial, fly through the rings first, then zap the hang gliders with your Electricity breath. Next, light the torches that are hanging from the trees. Last of all, charge at the Japanese people, going head on. That will give you the Dragonfly in advance.

Hint: Dragonfly Dojo: Race the Ninjas challenge:
The only way you can win this challenge is to first explore the track. Do not miss any rings, or further exploring will be canceled. The white stars are a boost. In order to win this challenge, you need to stray not that far from the track, go through each star, and go through every ring. If you miss one, the race is over. When the race starts, keep tapping X until you find a star, zip through it, pass up the racers, and keep trying. Do not give up.

Hint: Jurassic Jungle: Monkey puzzle:
After talking to the initial professor at the start of the level, eliminate whatever is around and cross the lava chasm. Get rid of another Dino after safely getting to the other side, do what needs to be done (i.e. collecting gems and such) and enter the temple. Watch out -- once inside the temple, to your right, there is another Dino. He will zap you if you do not notice him. After getting rid of him, cross the lava using the round pads. You will then see another professor. Talk to him and learn what he has to say. After he is done babbling, enter the room with the big monkey at the far middle containing a dragonfly in its chest, and five smaller monkey statues (two on the left, three on the right, each with a different color gem). Eliminate what is around, and pause game play to take in the area. Look to the walls for guidance for the puzzle. Glame the different gems in this order: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow. This will release the dragonfly. Note: It is easier to freeze everything except the chameleons in the level -- just freeze and charge.

First flame the red gem, then flame the green gem. After that, hit the blue gem, then hit the purple gem. The last is the yellow gem. That will release a dragonfly.

Hint: Jurassic Jungle: Crash Team Racing reference:
Talk to the professor in front of the room containing the statues with the gems at their pedestals. Talk to him again and he will say something similar to "Needs more speed, maybe I should add N. Oxide." N. Oxide is the final Boss in Crash Team Racing.

Hint: Thieves' Den: Easy speedway win:
In the racing part of the speedway; in order to beat the last thief you will need to pass through the star located on the left side of the lighthouse, at the end of the lap. Hitting all or most of the stars will increase your chances.

Hint: Speedways: Easy win:
When racing in the speedways, if you get into third place, you can no longer flame or rocket the last two competitors or your position will stay the same. Instead, find as many warp stars as you can, stay with the red dots, and complete the challenge.

Hint: Cloud 9 challenge: Keep moving fast:
When doing a challenge in Cloud 9 press Circle to move quickly. Release it, and Spyro will still be going fast.

Hint: Oliver and Nathan: Get through gate:
To get through the gate with the lightning bolt on the lock, ram into the lock and you will get on the other side.

Hint: Passing through ice gate:
You do not have to have the ice breath to get through the gate. If you charge slightly to the right of the lock, you will get through. Note: This also works if you want to get back.

Hint: Defeating Ripto:
If you have done enough levels inside the ring that Ripto appeared in, it will have a black hole in the center. Jump down it. Once inside you will find Ripto. He will make a wall of ice. He will then throw balls of ice at you. You can either run from them or jump over them. Once he has stopped or when you can reach him, use flame on his shield. His shield will get smaller. Keep doing this and when his shield is gone toast him.

Hint: Get through fence:
You do not need Ice Breath to get to the other side of the fence. Just charge through the lock and you will be on the other side.

Hint: Entering electric door:
When trying to get into the electric door in the first world you do not need the electric breath. All you have to do is charge into the electricity sign.

Hint: Getting the kites:
On Dragon Dojo, when you are asked to help get the kites, wait until you have Ice Breath. Return and freeze the little dragon. Jump on his back, glide over to the tree, and hover. Do this on all three to get a dragonfly.

Hint: Extra lives:
Every eight butterflies that Sparx eats will gain you an extra life.
Keith Davis.

Hint: Dragonfly:
Approach a dragonfly slowly so that it does not fly away from you. It still will run away -- try a jump spin move.

Hint: Upside down gems:
Flame a chest or char a vase. If done correctly, will have upside down or sideways gems.

Hint: Invincibility while headbashing:
You are invulnerable while you do your headbash. This allows you to negate most attacks (Ripto's projectiles, shockwaves, etc.)
Roscoe Phillips.

Glitch: Swim through the air:
In the first Home World in Luau Island, jump into the water and swim around for a bit. Then, jump out of the water at an angle so that you land on solid ground. Press Triangle before you hit the ground. Spyro will do a head bash, but instead of hitting the ground, he will start swimming in the air. If done correctly, you can now go anywhere. To return to normal, go in the water. Note: This may take a few attempts.
Derek V. and Brian W.

Go through the electric gate. Go to the place surrounded by water and get on the boat . You should be at that island and the second large outside room with water . You can jump on one of the waterfalls and swim in air.

Pass through the electrical gate and go to the beach. Swim around to the other side of the lake and charge swim (hold Square while swimming) into one of the parts of the net. Try the third to the left section. Keep charge swimming into that section for awhile. If it does not work, try other sections near it.

Glitch: Land in mid-air:
Go to a high ledge in any level, and get near a wall. Make sure that you are very high up in the air. Jump off the ledge, glide towards the wall, and charge into it in mid-air. Spyro will crash, but will land in mid-air. You can wander around in the middle of the air. If you jump, get hurt, or ram into the wall, this glitch will end.
JM Beno.

Glitch: Floating subway station portals:
To activate this glitch, you first need to do the "Swimming through the air" glitch. Also, you must be at the area you first start out at in Lau Lau island. After you are swimming in the air, you should see a large statue in the distance, (behind the volcano) that resembles a tall building. Swim directly to it. You should now see strange things floating around it that resemble huge snail shells. Swim into the openings of any of them and you will be in one of the subway cells that the pigs are captured in. Keep swimming straight and you will be in a regular location on the same level. This glitch is very useful when trying to get to high places where treasure is located.
Amber Phillips.

Glitch: Glide through wall:
In Jurassic Jungle, go to the electric gates near the end of the level. Jump to the one to the left. If done correctly, Spyro will keep going up. When he reaches the top, glide. He should go through the wall into a glitched area. To exit, headbash and you will be returned to where Zoe last zapped you with one life gone. Note: This may not work on the first attempt.

Glitch: Unable to complete race:
Some versions of the game do not register that you are beyond third place. There is no way to bypass this. You can lap them repeatedly and the game wukk only show third place. Just continue through the game without doing the races. You will still get through it; you just will not complete it.

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