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Star Wars: Battlefront

All planets:
Select the Historical Campaigns then press Square, Circle, Square, Circle at the planet selection screen for Galactic Civil War or Clone Wars to unlock all planets for that particular era.
Elak Swindell.

Baby Wars mode:
Enter Jub Jub as a case-sensitive profile name. All models in the game will now use the Ewok skeleton and turn the game into "Baby Wars". Infantry units will be half their normal size, and their head seems to be much closer to their shoulders. Note: First person view remains the same height.
Tony Darnbrough and Dylan Barrientos.

Instant action missions:
Successfully complete a mission in historical campaign mode to unlock the same mission in instant action mode.

Art and photo gallery:
Win the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding entry in the gallery.

Yavin Concept Art: Yavin 4 - The Fall of Yavin 4 (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Weapons and Units Stills: Rhen Var - Mountaintop Defenses (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Bespin Concept Art: Bespin - The Liberation of Cloud City (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Endor Stills: Bespin - Battle in the Clouds (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Geonosis Stills: Geonosis - Battle Of Geonosis (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Hoth Concept Art: Hoth - Battle of Hoth (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Kamino Storyboards: Kamino - Assault On Kamino (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Naboo Stills: Naboo - Rebellion On Theed (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Star Wars Battlefront Art: Kashyyyk - Aggressive Negotiations (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Tatooine Concept Art: Tatooine - Siege Of Mos Eisley (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)

Change background:
Once you have finished setting up Instant Action, you can change the background by pressing Triangle. The background changes into different screenshots of the course.
TLS 447.

Hint: Battle Of Geonosis: Sniping location:
First, choose the CIS and at the beginning of the battle choose a Assassin Droid to start off in the Spire. Then, jump into a Geonosian fighter. Fly the ship to the side of the Spire which faces the Republic outpost and the derelict. You will see a ridge where you can land the ship. Land it and start sniping. The only problem is that you must fly the ship back down to get more ammunition. Note: You can also do this trick as the Republic, but is more challenging.
Landon Numenor.

Hint: Battle Of Geonosis: Destroy Trade Federation ships faster:
Get into a Republic ship and fly to the Trade Federation ships. Fly directly to the top of one and look down. Aim at the top of the fuel cells and fire. You will be able to destroy them faster.

Choose the Republic and play as a Clone Pilot. Get a Clone Trooper Techno Gunship without picking up any men. Then, fly over to the CIS' Trade Federation ships and start blasting it with the pilot's guns and the missles. Then, press R2 to change positions in the ship to be a co-pilot. Blast it with the lasers. Then, go to the right turret and blast, then the left turret. You will then go to a hanging position. Change back to the pilot and do the same thing until all three are destroyed. Note: Choosing a Clone Pilot helps because it repairs the ship if any one blasts you.
Jeff Mayberry.

Hint: Battle Of Geonosis: Killing Jedi:
Play as any kind of Battle Droid and get into a Hailfire Tank. Roll over Mace Windu with it. When you are rolling over the Jedi, make sure you get enough speed and try to hit him with the middle part of the Hailfire Tank, where the cockpit is located. He should be killed. At the bottom of your screen, the message "You've killed Mace Windu" should appear. It also works when you are the Republic, but you must steal the CIS' Hailfire Tank. Note: Be careful not to kill your team's Jedi.

Hint: Battle Of Geonosis: Command post capture:
The command post under the crashed starship can be captured easily. Play as Republic, and use a Jet Trooper to jetpack on top of the starship. Then, lie down. You will capture the command post while being unable to be shot at.

Hint: Battle Of Geonosis: Defeating Clone gunships:
Get a Genosian Starfighter and crash into the gunship. It should explode.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Destroying AT-ATs:
Another way to defeat the walkers is to take control of the Snowspeeder as the pilot. When you get near the walkers, switch places so that you are in control of firing the tow cable. When the cable is attached, the CPU pilot in the speeder with you will complete the final wrap around.

Choose the pilot, and get into a Snow Speeder. Find another infantryman and get him into the copilot seat. When you fly to an AT-AT, pull back the Right Analog-stick and start circling it, while trying to stay low to avoid its laser cannons. Eventually your copilot will shoot the towing cable at its legs. Continue circling for about four times around, and it will explode. Also, always attack the AT-AT in the back to avoid laser cannon fire from the other vehicle.
Jerome Morrison.

Play as a Wookie smuggler and get into a Snowspeeder. Make sure you have full ammunition. Fly directly above the AT-AT, and jump onto it. Once you get on, notice the slight dip on the AT-AT's back. Go to the dip and it will hold you still. Drop a time bomb on the dip, and jump. If you are the person with the rocket launcher, you can get on the AT-AT and fire your rockets at the other AT-AT, or at the AT-STs. This will cause them to shoot their teammate, and destroy the AT-AT that you are on. Note: If you jump off the AT-AT, you will live and have most of your health.

To easily kill the AT-Ats, go to one of the gun turrets near the trenches. Note: You must be a Rebel to do this. Start shooting at the AT-ATs as soon as they come in range. You will be protected from most Empire soldiers in the gun tower. Note: this also works against AT-STs.
the trooper.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Pilot AT-AT:
At the "Select Planet" screen, choose "Hoth: Echo Base". Then, choose "Empire". When you get to an AT-AT's feet, press Triangle. You should now be piloting an AT-AT. Note: This also works with AT-ST's. It does not work if you are a Rebel.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Get on top of AT-AT:
Choose the Rebels. Start as a sniper and get into a Snowspeeder. Do not let any people get into the Snowspeeder with you. Fly over an AT-AT. Immediately when you pass the head, quickly press R2 then Triangle. You will land on top of the AT-AT. To prevent yourself from falling off when you are aiming, there is a location near the AT-AT head where you will not slide off when not looking.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Slow enemy forces:
Be a Rebel Marksman and get a Snowspeeder. Fly to the farthest Imperial base without being seen. Land on the hill above and snipe away. If you need more ammunition, fly back to the base.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Defend against Snowspeeders:
To defend your AT-ATs against Snowspeeders, simply move them close together. To wrap around the AT-AT's legs, a Snowspeeder must get close. The second AT-AT next to you will keep them farther away. Also, two AT-ATs can rip apart enemy lines better the one.
David Resowski.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Destroying Shield Generator:
If you are having trouble getting your AT-ATs to the Shield Generator on Hoth, you can destroy it if you are willing to take a long time. Select a Darktrooper, then take the first base that you can see. Next, go around killing until you die. Then, pick the base that you took first and spawn as a Sniper. When you get to the room that has a GONK Powerhouse Droid and a Medical Droid, stay next to the GONK and activate your Recon Droid. then go to the yellow bridge. Go to the Shield Generator, and activate you orbital strike when you get near it. Fly in back of it so that it hits the Shield Generator at an angle. When it blows up, you will have another one to use. Keep doing this repeatedly. There is a GONK Powerhouse Droid (Ammo Droid) outside of the passage, but you are probably going to get shot. It is better to stay in the passageways. Note: This requires some patience and time.
Michael Santos.

The best way to destroy the generator is to use the AT-AT. If you cannot get to one, then use an AT-ST. If you also cannot get that, then you must fight your way to the generator. Get into a turret and start blasting it. Note: It takes awhile to destroy it if you are in an AT-ST or turret.

During the Battle Of Endor mission you are told to destroy the Shield Bunker. The quicker you do that, the more time you have to destroy the Empire. The best way is to get to the bunker unharmed. Start at any desired checkpoint. Choose the Rebel Vanguard (missile launcher character) and run to the edge of the map until the words "Leaving Battlefield" appear. As soon as those words appear, go back in until they disappear and carry on. You will soon arrive on the roof of the bunker unharmed. Take out the turrets with thermal detonators. Take out the guards with your blaster pistol (only the guards who are next to the bunker), and run inside. Use your rocket launcher on the console and grenades. This may require some practice.

Get an AT-ST you will not require a co-pilot. Go to the Shield Generator. Be careful because you can easily get killed going there. When you arrive, go behind the generator and fire away. It will take some time, but you will not have to worry about get shot at. Also, switch from pilot to co-pilot when firing the weapon. This will give your weapons enough charge to switch back and forth.
Robert Walterhouse.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Easy kills:
At the start of the battle, become a pilot and start off at Echo Base. Get in a Snowspeeder and shoot at the Stormtroopers running over a ridge going to the outpost.

When you approach the Rebel trenches, there will be some rebel soldiers waiting to attack. Simply throw grenades into the trenches to kill them easily.

When you are the in an AT-AT, stomp on the trenches and you will kill the men in them.
donald huckaby.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Killing Jedi:
Play as the Empire as a Shock Trooper and get Luke's attention. When he runs at you, throw down a few mines. They will explode, and Luke will drop his lightsaber and fall on his back. When he respawns, you can shoot him to death because he will not deflect the rockets or bullets.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Easy win:
Get in a Snow Speeder as a Rebel Soldier. Wrap around both AT-ATs to destroy them. Fly to the only other base the Empire has. Park your ship, hide behind it, and capture the base for an easy win.

In the Battle of Hoth, choose Empire and play as a Scout Trooper. Take a captured Snowspeeder or AT-ST and go to the bunker. Get close to the building, then get out and run on top of the roof. Press L2 to switch to Recon Droid, then press L1 to deploy it. Send it down into the bunker and shoot the people inside. Then, go inside and capture it. Note: Do not press L1 when you are the recon droid. This will call the lasers to shoot at the droid and it will kill you.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Sniping location:
Take a fighter from Echo Base and fly out and straight up. Fly on top of hill just before it says "Leaving battlefield". Land and to the end of the ledge and start sniping.
Luke Skywalker.

Start as the Rebels. Get a Marksman and go to get a Speeder. Fly above one of the Imperial Walkers. When your directly above it, press Down + Triangle. You will lose you Speeder but be able to snipe out all of your enemies.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Trench warfare:
When fighting as a Rebel soldier at Hoth, trenches are the best way to fight defensively. If an imperial soldier sees you in the trench, duck down as if you are ready to fight. Keep ducking down until you are out of sight. Then, slowly crawl away from the position of the trench of the soldier that last saw you. Hopefully, the soldier will attack in the part of the trench where he last saw you. Open fire at him to kill him easily. Camp out in the trenches and repeat this if desired.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Tow cable can wrap around two Walkers:
It is a misconception that Walkers can protect themselves by being close together. If you are skilled enough, you can fly around both Walkers, but you will only bring down the Walker that you targeted. The tow cable just goes through the other Walker.
jeremiah johnson.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Easy Tank Buster award:
Play as the Rebels and start out at Echo Base. Then, get on the side that the Taun Tauns do not appear at. Face the Taun Tauns. Every time a Taun Taun appears, shoot it until it dies. Do this as many times as desired. Note: You can also do this as the Empire, but you have to either conquer Echo Base or get in an AT-ST and shoot everyone you see.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Snowspeeder repair:
If you have a damaged Snowspeeder, go inside the base where you get the Snowspeeders. Park near the robot-like object. Stay inside the vehicle and the robot will repair it.
Josh Chandler.

Hint: Battle Of Hoth: Take over command post:
When standing by a command post that has one door, Lay down facing the door. You can easily shoot anyone that enters.

Hint: Bespin Cloud City: Person in Carbonite:
Play as the Rebellion or Empire. Choose instant action mode in Galactic Civil War and Bespin: Cloud City. Capture the carbon freezing chamber. Go up to where the giant claw is located, then wait ten to fifteen seconds. Every fifteen seconds, you will see the claw go down into the Carbonite chamber. The claw will come back up with someone in Carbonite.
Clone 101.

Hint: Bespin Cloud City: Easy win:
As the Rebels, start at the command post that is up in the platforms. Play as a Rebel Trooper and walk in the direction of the Imperial's base that is parallel to yours. After not walking too far, you will be not under a roof. Jump over the ledge to the left and into the main area. You will lose about half of your health. Then, make your way to the unclaimed command post in the middle, that the Imperials usually claim as their main base. Take it with ease and defend it for awhile. This is best done with a sniper rifle to pick off distant targets. After a few minutes, make advances on the Imperial's other bases. This is an incredibly easy way to win as the Rebels.

As the Rebels, start at the elevated hallways command post. It is best to start as a Wookie Smuggler. Immediately (and at any time when you are not shooting people), call people to join you. Then, switch to your grenade launcher and shoot straight down the hallway. Continue advancing until you get past the curved area. Switch to the bowcaster and blast the Stormtroopers. This process is a simple art of advancing, and getting the rebels to follow you. Note: There should be an open bridge along your path where you can see three of the Empire's turrets. Respawn as a Soldier, crouch, and focus in. Usually the operators of the turrets will be facing left. Shoot them and keep the pressure on.
Red Baron.

Hint: Bespin Cloud City: Easy kills:
Be the Clones or Rebels and choose the spawn point at the end of the hall.
donald huckaby.

Hint: Bespin Cloud City: Sniping locations:
At your starting command post, travel towards the enemy post. Along the way you will see a platform. Go on it and lay down. This is a good sniping position.
Robert Haas.

The pathways and the corners of the map and the platform of the command post for the courtyard are excellent places for sniping rebels.
Mike Yedziniak.

Start with the sniper and go to the Rebel's or Republic's main base. Go up the walkway that does not lead away from the battle. Go all the way up until you are directly outside the tower. Jump onto the right-side ledge. You will see wide strut. Jump onto that and go all the way to the end of it. Turn around and run and jump on top of the tower. On the left of the tower you will see a floating platform with a view of most of the level. Jump onto the platform to reach that sniping location.

A good sniping location for the CIS or Empire is in the middle of Cloud City. Start with the sniper and go into the courtyard with the fountain. Jump into the fountain and lay down. You will not drown because your head is above water, and you cannot be shot because the bullets cannot go through water. This is a good location for the CIS or Republic because there are always four or five snipers on the opposing team's walkway between their two starting bases.

Start with the Rebel or Republic Sniper in the lower left base. Go onto the walkway between your two starting bases. Jump onto the ledge and look down. There will be four giant columns with platforms. There are two on each side of the walkway. This is good for sniping out the opposing snipers, as they will be concentrating on the people directly above you.

Go to the center Command Post and capture it. Go up the passage way on the side onto the metal ring. Next, jump to the roof of the platform. Once there the anti-air turrets cannot shoot you. If you need ammunition, go down one side of the metal ring. You can also do this by getting a ship and flying to the middle platform. It is best to do this with the Rebels or the C.I.S. because of their double zoom.

Hint: Bespin Platforms: Good setup:
When playing as the Empire, take a Scout Trooper. Where there is the long hallway where Rebels are likely to use grenades, stay at the top with a pilot. Snipe people out on the other side until you need health or ammunition. Then, the pilot will give it to you. However, do not stand there if the Rebels advance too far.

Hint: Bespin Platforms: Good sniping location:
Get a good ship and fly to the top of the building closest to the enemy strong point and snipe away. Also, if you get on top of the walkways, most enemies will not detect you, and none of them will come up to you. Note: Throw grenades into the large groups below you.

Go to the middle command post that is neutral. Go to the sides where there is a ramp and go up it. It will lead to a ring around the top of the platform. This location is great for sniping, and no CPUs will follow you. However, anti aircraft turrets may shoot at you. Because CPUs will not follow, it is easy to kill Jedi by having them chase you up a short distance. They will go back down and stay by the ramp. Throw a grenade at them. They will get blown off the platform and die.

Get any craft that can fly or play as a Jet Trooper. As a Jet Trooper, go to the center ring with the outer metal ring and go up there. Jet to the other ring, near the enemy command post, and snipe. With the flying craft, do the same process but land at the desired ring. It is a very good sniping location.

Go to the center Command Post and capture it. Go up the passage way on the side onto the metal ring. Next, jump to the roof of the platform. Once there the anti-air turrets cannot shoot you. If you need ammunition, go down one side of the metal ring. You can also do this by getting a ship and flying to the middle platform. It is best to do this with the Rebels or the C.I.S. because of their double zoom.<br /><enkodemail to="">devanddar</enkodemail>

Hint: Bespin Platforms: Killing Jedi:
For an easy win on Bespin, capture the middle command post and try to lure Luke Skywalker towards you. Note: Make sure that you are a Shock Trooper. Make Luke follow you until he is in the perfect spot to get pushed up on the rim thing. Then, blast him directly on the rim. Quickly lay land mines on his way down. He will now never get down and kill anybody. This trick requires practice and skill. Note: Luke is smart -- this is why he will not get down.
David Visekruna.

Use the following trick to kill Mace Windu: Start the level as a Super Battle Droid. Position yourself with Mace near the edge of a platform and use your rocket grenade to blow him over the edge. This is difficult and requires some practice. You must aim just in front of him so that the grenade explodes at his feet, but not where he can deflect it back with his lightsaber. You can lure him towards you by shooting your blaster at him.
Michael Harrolle.

Hint: Bespin Platforms: Easy Tank Buster:
Play as the Rebels and get into an X-Wing. This trick can be done with other ships, but the X-Wing is the best. Fly around the level destroying other ships before they take off or get in the air. Any starfighter, bomber, anti-air turret, even your own starfighters will count as a tank. They do not have to be occupied. You will not get a huge kill count, but if you are very skilled you will be able to get a Tank Buster of about 50.
Dallas Terry.

Hint: Bespin Platforms: Bridge battles:
Conflicts in the small bridges between the two large command posts in the middle of the map are often impossible to avoid, especially if you are playing as the Republic. Also the fights often lead to a stalemate. If this happens, your best bet is to man one of the heavy anti aircraft turrets and point it at the bridge. Even if it does not strike a lot of enemy units, its constant barrage of fire will create an offset for the enemy units and should give your faction enough room to push forward. If this fails, you should spawn as a Arc Trooper (or whichever unit carries a rocket launcher). Fire it directly towards a pack of enemy units. It should take out enough of the enemies to give your troops a small advantage. Another option is to simply pilot a star fighter by the bridge and fire down upon it at the enemy.
Micah Burney.

Hint: Endor: AT-STs as Rebels:
When playing the Endor map, start at the southern-most base. Get a Speeder Bike as the Rebel Trooper with the automatic blaster. Go to the Imperial base where they get respawning AT-STs. When you arrive, kill any Imperials that spawn while in the Speeder Bike. If there is an idle AT-ST, do not get in it. First take the base, which is not difficult as most of the Imperials appear at their middle base. Then once you get it, you can easily win the battle by using the AT-ST. If there is not an idle AT-ST, wait for a new one to respawn. This may take several minutes. Once one appears, make sure no Imperials get in it and take the base. This may require more than one attempt. However, if you succeed then taking their other bases is easy. Once you get the AT-ST, also make sure to destroy enemy AT-STs.

Hint: Endor: Sniping location:
As the Rebels, choose the Sniper Rebel and go up to the Ewok treehouses. It will be very easy to shoot them in the head.

Hint: Endor: Destroying the Shield Generator:
Play as a Wookie Smuggler and get at least two Rebel Vanguards to follow you. With the Wookie, use the grenade launcher, then the mines. The Rebel Vanguards will use their missile launchers, then their thermal detonators. Note: The more Rebels you have following you, the better. It is also good to have a Rebel pilot with you.
Nick Culliton.

Using the Rebel Vanguard is essential; however, one does not need to use the Mark 1 issue leg to get to the bunker. If you spawn as a Vanguard in the back location, you will be next to a Speeder Bike. Hop in the Speeder Bike and go northeast until you arrive at the bunker. Make every attempt to avoid hitting trees or getting shot by an AT-ST. Once you have arrived at the bunker, use the Vanguard to tear away at the bunker's health. If you use all your rockets and your grenades, you will have knocked it down about halfway. However, there is a re-arming droid near the bunker entrance, and if you use the pistol to defend yourself, you can easily make it and re-arm. Once that is complete, you can finish of the bunker and go to the Empire's back location. Steak an AT-ST and wreak havoc.

Start as the Rebel Marksman at the most southern command post (the one on the tip of the map). Take a Speeder Bike and ride left until it says you are leaving the battlefield. Go back until it stops saying that and ride the bike on the side until you reach the shield bunker. Without being seen, ride the bike into the woods. Lie down on top of the roof of the bunker and pick off all the guards (you can still shoot troopers in turrets). The bunker is a low guarded base; most of the troopers leave the area once they re-spawn and the only ones who stay operate turrets. Once you think you killed them all, go inside the bunker. It will be a long time before any troops arrive, so you may keep your guard down a little. Throw thermal detonators and use recon droids. Be cautious of the thermal detonators; stay far away from them when you throw them. Also, the sniper is the strongest gun that will not kill you if you shoot it too close, but it will run out of ammunition; use the health and ammo droids frequently.

Hint: Endor: Bunker: Easy kills:
It is difficult to win with the Imperials. To do so, play as someone that kills people nearby easily, like a Storm trooper or Dark Trooper. Get a Speeder Bike at the start. Drive to the farthest command post and capture it. Then, keep capturing the next command posts. The Rebels will have to fight two sides, which is difficult.
David Visekruna.

Hint: Endor Bunker: Destroy shield bunker:
Start at the farthest base and be a Wookie Smuggler. Get into a speeder and go to the shield bunker. Once there, get out and be careful of the turrets. Go inside and start using all of your grenades and time bombs. At a certain point, it will be at critical health and you will be out of ammunition. Go outside and to the ammo droid while the turrets aim at you. Quickly run back in and use your time bomb to finish it. Note: Pilots may come inside to recover it. It is also possible to do this trick as a Rebel Vangaurd.
David Visekruna.

Play as a Rebel Vanguard. Get on a speeder and drive to the bunker. Shoot the bunker with missiles and throw thermal detonators at it. Put mines around it, because an Imperial Pilot will try to fix the bunker. The trooper will die because of the mines.

Hint: Geonosis: The Spire: Easy driving:
If playing as a Clone in the big ship and it is full, do not switch positions. Stay as the pilot, as you always have a stupid pilot who almost crashes into everything; and if you return to being the pilot your ship will go out of control. The only way to stop this is to tell all of your men to bail out, which will cause you to lose four men.
David Visekruna.

Hint: Geonosis: The Spire: Sniping location:
Facing the Spire from the Republic spawn point. To the right and left are some rock walls which are excellent for sniping.
Mike Yedziniak.

Spawn as Republic Jet Trooper. and choose your spawn point as one of the rear gunships in the very back of the map. Get in one and fly all the way towards the back. Land directly next to the spire. Run up the hill and capture the spire. It does not matter if it is taken, as your teammates will recapture it soon enough. After capturing the spire, run into the hanger bay. Stand on the very edge and rotate the view to where you face a rock formation with a small ledge. It will appear that you cannot stand on that ledge. However, you can. Make sure you EMP Launcher is equipped and your Jetpack is charged. Jump off towards the ledge, firing off your Jetpack. You will hopefully land on the ledge. When the Trade Federation Ships spawn more CIS droids, you can use all weapons available to stop them. Note: They cannot hit you. If you run out of ammunition, use your Jetpack to fly back to the spire and reload. Repeat as many times as desired.

Hint: Kamino: Easy win:
Choose the Republic, and play as a Jet Trooper. Exit the cloning facility. Jet pack over to the side of the platforms and do not be seen. The droids may say "I hear something", but they will not check it out and keep going. Do this until you have reached the very back of their base. Take out all the droids with your commando pistol. Take over the base. It is relatively easy to win after this, because others will spawn there. If done correctly you should win the battle fairly easily.

Hint: Kashyyk: Sniping location:
There is an excellent Clone/Rebel sniping location on Kashyyk (last level of Clone Wars). If you start out as a Clone or Rebel soldier and want to kill lots of men, become a sniper and start out at pier one or two. Where ever you are, go to the end of the pier and lay on the ground. Take out your sniper rifle and aim at the main CIS/Empire base on the island ahead of you. Most of the enemies start out on the island. Snipe them out while they run towards you and other allies. If you see the enemies below you on dock one or dock two, do not shoot at them. They cannot see you unless you shoot at them. The piers are also an excellent location because no enemies ever go on them. If you run out of ammo or need health, run over to the ammo and health dispensers in the middle of the pier. The ATSTs/AATs can be handled by your men -- just leave them alone.

Hint: Kashyyk: Easy kills:
When at platforms, play as a Republic Sniper and walk all the way down the platform. When you run into the ammunition and health droids, stop at the ammunition and use the recon droid. Send it down and use the self-destruct. You will kill many droids.
Kendall Fox.

Hint: Kashyyk: Easy wins:
Always capture the beachhead when you are the Republic or Rebels. If you are the Empire or CIS, capture one of the piers. If you do this, your chances of winning will increase.
ryan gatlin.

Hint: Kashyyk: Getting behind enemy lines:
On the Kashyyk Docks level as the Clones or Rebels, go along the piers over the enemy held docks, until the end of the dock is beneath you. Look down, and if the turrets around the command post are built, jump from the pier towards the turret. Just as you are about to hit, get into the turret. You have gotten behind enemy lines faster than going along the docks and jumping from the pier, sustaining no damage. However, this requires practice and dumb enemies.
I S.

Hint: Kashyyk: Fish kill:
To kill a lot of fish in Kashyyyk, get in a AAT and keep shooting at the water. Eventually, you will see piles of fish floating on the water.

Hint: Kashyyk: Killing Jedi:
In the docks, throw a grenade at the Jedi on the piers.

Hint: Kashyyyk Islands: Galactic Empire strategy:
Playing as the Empire on Kashyyyk's Islands level in Galactic Civil War is one of the most difficult tasks in the game. Three command posts are crammed together in the center, and whoever controls all three has a good foothold and will be difficult to defeat. Your first objective is to try to keep at least one of the center command posts. The Empire starts with the East Harbor in the north center cluster of the map, the Landing Zone to the south (which spawns your vehicles and is very crucial to victory), and the West Harbor over by itself on the western part of the map. Start by attacking the North Village. It spawns the vehicles of whoever controls it; taking it will add two ships to your faction. Once the command post is secure enough so that your allies can defend it alone, spawn as a DarkTrooper (because he can bail out of the ship and not take fall damage) and man the TIE Bomber. Flying it alone is recommended. The A.I. units on your side are not skilled at flying. Set a course for what you wish to bomb, then switch to the bomber's position. Fly over the two central Rebel command posts and soften their numbers for your allies with a maelstrom of bombs. Do not remain in the bomber for too long; your absence from the ground battle will soon affect your allies' performance. The A.I. seems to perform better when you are fighting among them, even if you do not score many kills. Your next objective should be to hold the East Harbor, West Harbor, and Landing Zone command posts. Odds are that your allies were overrun at the North Village while you were on your bombing run. The Rebels may have all three center command posts by now. This is why you need all the outer posts. As large as the map is, if you have the three outlying command posts, you will still have the rebels boxed in. From this point, only one thing remains. The Rebels have their Wookie Smugglers in every battle, but in this one they have an extra army of Wookies on their side. This is the reason that this battle is so difficult. The Wookies carry mixes of bowcasters, rocket launchers, and fusioncutters, and are prepared for anything. They are the Rebel's lead anti-aircraft force, and their best repair team for vehicles and droids. Your allies can deal with the rest of the Rebel Troops while you go Wookie hunting. Taking them out will ensure longer survival rates for your allies and yourself. It will also confine the Rebels to the center of the map, because the Wookies are their main force for breaking out and attacking other areas of the map. Once you have the Rebels pushed back and confined to the center, and the odds are beginning to favor you, another bombing run over the center of the map is a good idea. It will give your allies a break, and thin out some Wookies that you may have missed. After that, you can fly around and bulls-eye the lone troops trying to be heroic, or land and try to increase your stats by hunting them down. Your allies will keep the remaining Rebels in the center of the map confined so it should be your victory by now.
Micah Burney.

Hint: Naboo: Plains: Sniping location:
On Instant Action mode, select Naboo: Plains and play as the CIS/Empire. The CIS sniper scope can zoom in twice. Then, select the command post where your tanks and walkers are located. Note: You are in first person view all weapons scope in but be the sniper. Get near the edge of the hill and select the prone position. Once there you can get a lot of kills and rarely be shot at. Also, the pilots will give you health and ammo so you will rarely die or run out. Eventually your team will take the command posts on both sides. Move to the command post on the right and go up the collapsed pillar that the turret can be built. Get prone, then snipe the rest of the mission. Note: You can be shot there.

Hint: Naboo: Theed: Getting the Tank Buster award:
Shoot the animals and you will get the award after some time. Note: Do not shoot them if there is a teammate on it.

Hint: Rhen Var: Citadel: Sniping location:
Go to the top floor of the observatory or the hallway by the crypt.
Mike Yedziniak.

Hint: Rhen Var: Harbor: Sniping location:
Play as the Imperials or The Clones on this level. Select the Clone Sniper or Imperial Sniper. Get in the vehicle provided in the command post near the entrance of the ice caves. Once you have the vehicle, take it towards the Clone's AT-TE. Then, sort of turn around. You can drive the vehicle up the side of mountain by moving the vehicle sideways. If done correctly, you will reach the top of the mountain. This is a very useful sniper location. The enemy will never know you are up there and will start jumping around.
Trey Bethel.

Select CIS or Rebels. Spawn at the citadel and choose either the Droid Assassin or Rebel Marksman. When you spawn, go outside and turn away from the entrance. In the wall, there are a few doors. Go in one of these then run up the stairs. Once up, go out on the ledge. There are multiple windows along the wall. Try using the one that is second from the right -- you can get a good view of both the vehicle entrance and the caves entrance from here. Also, just jump down to the spawn point again to restock when you run out of ammunition. You will be very rarely noticed there.

Play as the CIS and go into the AAT tank that is nearest to the main command post, which is farthest back in the level. Once inside the tank, be the driver, Face the stairs that lead up to the command post against the cliff in front of the main CIS command post. Then strafe right and you will go up the hill onto a secret ledge. From here, you may become the secondary gunner and fire away. You may also use the ledge to get on top of the front command post and fire down on your enemy.

Spawn as a pilot at your main base to the left of the ice caverns. Take a Hover Tank or Speeder and another soldier to man the turret. Go near the Walker and let it destroy the two enemy tanks. Go to where the enemy tank spawns near the northern enemy base. You will see stairs to the northern base and an ice wall to the west. Use your tank and climb up the ice wall and move past the stairs. Shoot the stationary turret and move onto the ledge. You can shoot enemies and get repaired by the droid at the base of the ledge.

Hint: Rhen Var: Harbor: Lowering enemy reinforcements:
When battling in the Rhen Var Harbor during the Clone Wars era, start out as a Clone Trooper with the jet-pack. Then, begin where the AT-TE is found and jet your way to the empty command post. Once you have claimed the command post, quickly, jet toward the nearest Separatist ATT tank and get in it. The Confederate droids should spawn during this action. Once you get in the ATT, kill every droid that has spawned and their reinforcements number will decrease by at least 15 droids. You may die in this move, but the droid's lowered reinforcements will not stand a chance against the Clone Army of the Republic.

Hint: Tatooine Dune Sea: Killing Jedi:
Start at an area with a Speederbike or STAP in Instant Action. Go to the Sarcaas and fend off Tusken Raiders until a Jedi appears. When near, shoot at the Jedi with the Speederbike or STAP, and do not let the deflected shots hit you. The Jedi will come close. When the Jedi is in range of the Sarcass, speed away. It will not be your kill, but the Jedi will die, then respawn. You can then kill them the same way again. Note: Do not do this immediately -- wait until the Tusken Raiders are almost all gone or away from the Sarcaas.

Get on a Speeder Bike. Ride into a Jedi/Sith. If done correctly, you will kill the Jedi/Sith. After this, the Jedi/Sith can be killed just like a normal soldier.
david gill.

Hint: Tatooine: Dune Sea: Capturing command posts:
Early in the battle, if you are playing as the Empire (or the Republic), spawn as a Darktrooper at the command post that spawns the TIE fighters. Get in one of them. Find a command post that is badly defended. Fly as high as possible. When you get above the post, press [Land]. While your ship is descending, press [Exit]. Your ship will continue to land. You will hit the ground but will take no damage. Note: Only the Darktrooper and the Jettrooper can take long falls without taking damage. Start converting the command post. If enemy units spawn around you and you are overwhelmed, your craft will soon land beside you. Het in it, fly off, get ammo, heal, and repeat the process. It may require several attempts, but most of the time you will be able to take the command post with little resistance. If things heat up, you will have a means of escape. Be wary of landing on enemy mines; your ship will explode up as soon as you enter it.

Capture all the command posts around the Sarlaac Pit then take one of the Rebel Speeders. Land it next to the pit. All of the enemy troopers should come close or next to you, and be dragged into the Sarlaac Pit.

Hint: Tatooine Dune Sea: Sniping location:
In Instant Action mode, jump into any ship that flies with a sniper. You can land on the rock with the noticeable chunk missing. Land there and snipe the Tusken Camp, the Homestead, Sandcrawler, and the outpost where you pick up your faction's ships. When you run out of ammo, take your ship to the outpost where you get you ship, but you must keep constantly getting in it so it will not get stolen. There is only one problem with the rock; when you snipe you can easily fall off and lose your ship. You can always spawn at the Sandcrawler (if you are the Rebublic or the Imperials), take a Speeder Bike, then try to get an X-Wing. Note: This trick does not get a lot of kills -- it is just fun to fly on top of rocks and snipe.
Michael Santos.

When playing in any Saga, take a flying craft up to the Sandcrawler and snipe. It is better than sniping from the high rocks, as you get more kills if you are CIS or Empire. You do not have to keep getting into your aircraft repeatedly. You can just jump down and keep playing.
Saraph and SCOTT SIBERT.

Start in Galactic Civil War. Play as the Rebels and spawn at the location that has the Rebel tanks. Get one and drive it just in front of the Sarlacc Pit (the hole that eats you) and face the Sandpeople's hill that leads down from their camp. Shoot every Sand Person that comes down from there. Your team should do well against the Imperials and your tank has such good armor that you could get at least 100 kills without dying. If an Imperial AT-ST starts to shoot at you, ignore it and float back and forth so the lasers miss. Your team should take care of it. At first you may only get 70 to 100 kills, but once you get better, you can get close to 200 kills.
Arc 170.

Get in any craft that flies. Fly to the top of one of the very high rocks. Make sure it is by an enemy base. Land your craft and snipe away.

Hint: Tatooine Dune Sea: Safest locations:
Get a ship and fly to the top of any of the cliffs. Another good location is on top of the Sandcrawler or the stone arch.

Play in instant action and start as Rebels or Droids. Go to the far left command post that has the Starfighters. There should be a Tusken Raider camp. Go up to it, but make sure you are in a vehicle. On the left part of the camp is a ledge with some huts above it. Go to the huts, press Crouch, and go in. Lay down on the ground and you will never get shot. You will also get the Camper award.

Hint: Tatooine: Mos Eisley: Safe area:
There is a place in the map where soldiers cannot reach you. This place is behind the "shops" command post. Jump over the wall and you will be in a small area. This place cannot be found by soldiers. You are completely safe because other soldiers cannot jump over the wall.

Start with the Empire or Republic. Be a Dark trooper or Jet Trooper and start at the command post that is to the right of the shops. Go towards the shops and look on the right. You will see a wall that is long. Run down to the shops until you see where the wall ends. Use your Jetpack to get over to where the wall ends and you will be in a safe area. Throw your grenades over the safe area to kill your enemies going over to your command post. Use your Jetpack to get out. Do not stay in that location for too long, or you will have a good chance of losing.
David Visekruna.

In the city level in Tatooine, be a Dark Trooper or Jet Trooper. Try to Jet Pack over the wall. In certain areas you will go over and not be able to be hurt at all, unless someone throws in a grenade.
Jackson Barton.

Play as a Jet Trooper and find the tall towers located in several parts of the battlefield. Land on a building next to one, then wait for your jet to recharge completely. Walk up the tower and use the jet. Keep facing the tower and you will rise and land on top of it. You can kill people easily. Note: You may still die while up there, as people can shoot you.

Hint: Tatooine: Mos Eisley: AT-ST:
Go to Mos Eisley as the Empire. Go to the lower base. Take over the bar then take over the Rebel hangar. Once you have done that, after a few moments an AT-ST will appear.

Hint: Tatooine: Mos Eisley: Repair:
While playing as the droid army, you can use the Jawas to repair you by standing next to them.

Hint: Yavin 4 Temple: Kill fish:
In this and similar levels, shoot the river where you see fish swimming. They will float above the water dead, and keep moving downstream.

Hint: Yavin 4 Temple: Easy reload:
Capture the middle command site. Stand next to ammo droid and throw grenades into the enemy command site and you will reload. Note: If you die, select the center and continue.

Hint: Yavin 4: Instant command post:
Start as a Jet Trooper in the Dry Pool base as the Republic. There will be a large bridge to your left. Face it then run all the way down the bridge. At the end, it abruptly stops. There will be a large waterfall here. Activate your jetpack and fly through the middle of the waterfall. You should appear on a ledge overlooking a droid command post. You can kill several before they see you, then take the base.

Hint: Naboo Bacta Tanks:
In Galactic Conquest, the Naboo Bacta Tanks are very effective when used by the CIS. The Droidekas will regain most of their health while their shields are up, making them even more difficult for opponents to destroy.

Hint: Recon Droid:
The sniper's Recon Droid has a self-destruct mode. When you press L1, a timer begins. This is an effective means of taking out strategic turrets. This works best when you begin the countdown before you arrive at your target.

Hint: Killing Droidekas:
A Droideka is usually difficult to defeat with its shields up. If one is rolling, run directly next to it. When it puts its shields up, stand in front of it, almost in the shield. The way the blasters are set up, the game glitches and will not let it shoot you because you are between them. This also works with the shields off.

Choose the ARC trooper (the one with the rocket launcher) and place mines very close around the Droideka when he is not looking. He will turn off his shield if there is no one to shoot at, transform into his rolling form, and will be an easy target.

When a Droideka is rolling up to you and you are reloading or do not have enough time to shoot before it puts its shield up, run straight behind it and shoot its shield. It will try to turn and shoot you, but it is too slow. Eventually after shooting fifteen to thirty bullets into it, the Droideka will lower its shield and you can destroy it.

Hint: Killing Jedis:
Killing a Jedi is difficult. Get a vehicle that is able to fly. Go to the enemy Jedi and wait until he stands still. Then, land on top of him. He will respawn. Do this as many times as desired.

Play a map with places where you can fall and die (for example, Cloud City). You will need something like the mortar, rocket launcher, or another weapon that will make them fly up or to the side. Keep hitting them with it until they fall or fly off the side. However, you will not get credit for the kill. Note: A good method with a rocket launcher is to aim at the ground very near them, opposite of the side where you want them to fly.
adam levy.

Go to a level that has Speeder Bikes and ram the Jedi while traveling at top speed. It will kill them, and you will get the kill.

Locate a place in Bespin where someone can fall off. Get the Jedi close to the edge, then throw a grenade at them. They will fall off and be killed.

Land on a Jedi with a ship.

Shoot a Jedi in the feet enough with a tank, AT-AT, AT-TE, AAT and anything else with big guns.

Roll over a Jedia via hailfire droid.

At Tatooine Dune Sea, Endor, or Yavan, get a Speeder Bike and run into a Jedi at full speed.

To kill a Jedi, shoot at him with a Droideka. The Jedi will eventually die.

Get in to a vehicle, then find the Jedi. Shoot him with the lasers that would make him fall ,then use some of the soldiers to shoot them while he is on the ground. Note: Make sure you have some units with you so that when he falls they can kill him. This trick also works when the Jedi is in one of your bases; go in the vehicle and make sure there are units inside the turrets near your base.
Alejandro Garza.

Hint: Incapacitate Jedi:
You do not have to kill enemy Jedis. Use grenades to send them to an empty area. Jedis will only move around when they see enemies or if they are being shot at. For example, in Bespin Cloud City at the high walkways use grenades to send them to the opposite side of the courtyard, thus rendering them useless.

Hint: Killing Tusken Raiders:
Steal Rebel tank and go to a Tusken camp. Sit there with the turret gun and kill them. Do not use the cannon or they will know that you are there.
Bruce Holmes Jr.

Hint: One hit sniper kills:
To get more one hit kills with a sniper, never aim directly at an enemy's face. Always shoot the smallest margin above their head.

Hint: Easy vehicle kills:
Choose any level with vehicles. Choose the Galactic Civil War era. Spawn anywhere, but make sure you are a Rebel Marksman. Use your Recon Driod and float under any vehicle. Use the recon droid's seconday weapon, which is an airstrike attack. It will start to beep a countdown. After it explodes, a hail of plasma bolts will fall from the sky and strike the vehicle causing major damage. Note: This only works with the Rebels even though the Republic has a recon droid. It will also kill anything instantly except a command vehicle.

Hint : Climb vertical surfaces:
Use any vehicle and boost towards a vertical surface or any surface that goes up (for example, tree, wall, etc.). Your vehicle should hit the wall and just start rising.

Hint: Get on top of an AT-AT:
Once in Instant Action mode, choose the Empire and play as a Dark Trooper. Get behind the AT- AT and double jump to use your jetpack. There is a flat surface on top so you will not fall off. Note: If a Snowspeeder wraps around you, jump off into the snow. This will not hurt you.

Hint: Destroying IFT-Xs and IFT-Ts:
Kill the person that is on top of a IFT-X or IFT-T. That is the strongest part of it.
Ryan Sokolowski.

Hint: Destroying AT-STs:
When playing as a Rebel on a level with a Hover Speeder, there will also be an AT-ST for the Empire. To destroy an AT-ST, simply drive into its legs and begin shooting. The AT-ST will not be able to hit you.

To kill enemy AT-STs easier in Galactic Conquest mode, use the Sabotage bonus and pick a sniper. Use the sniper's recon droid and fly directly near the AT-ST's feet. Then, press L1 for the self-destruct mode and the AT-ST will be destroyed.

Get under the AT-ST with anyone with a rocket launcher (for example, Rebel Vanguard Or Droid Demolitions). They will not be able to kill you, allowing you to destroy it easily.

Hint: Extra gunner on AT-TE:
Play as a Jet Trooper. Jet on the AT-TE and get in the little crack behind the main gunner You will stay in the crack and can fire your gun.

Hint: Safer copiloting:
The following tips will make it easier and safer for you to be a copilot in ships in single player mode.

Play as a pilot, but do not fly with one. Allow the pilot be a sniper or something else. Otherwise they will constantly land next to enemies to repair. If you are just a pilot, you will automatically repair the ship.
Make sure the copilot has one air-to-air weapon, like the Y-Wing or Snowspeeder. You do not want be on Bespin in a Tie Bomber, and the only thing you have to destroy the X-Wings with is bombs, as they do not work.
Do not press exit. You will fall, usually to your death.
You can always take over if you need to land. Just switch positions and find the nearest safe place.
Keep your ship. Do not land next to an enemy ship to take it. The pilot (or you) will be killed quickly.

Hint: Bomb run:
Select any level as either the Empire or the Republic. They both have a person with a jetpack. Spawn anywhere with a jetpack character. Wait for your jetpack to fully charge. When you are ready, jump into the air and start throwing grenades wherever a big cluster of enemies are found. This trick works better for the Republic Jet Trooper, because he can hover instead of jumping high and he has more grenades. For example, if you are a Republic Jet Trooper, jump in the air, then go forward while throwing grenades repeatedly; or hover in one location and focus a few or all your grenades in one location. Also, if a grenade hits an enemy, it will hurt their health.

Hint: Explosive ram:
Select a soldier with a "missile launcher". Find a vehicle and pilot it to a place where nobody except you can get it; so when you put mines on it, it does not take off or run away. The best vehicles for this include the Speeder 74-Z bike, STAP, Rebel combat speeder, Gian speeder, TX-130S fighter tank, AAT, Hailfire tank/droid, Jedi Starfighter, Droid Starfighter, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie-Bomber, and Geonosian Starfighter. Select the "mines", then put them on the most forward and sometimes lowest part of the vehicle. For example, on the TX-130S put it on the two tips of its front "wings" in front of its guns. On the Hailfire tank/droid. put it on the laser cannon; it looks like two spears. To get the mines on the cannon, jump on the top of its cannon; but be careful. If done at a certain angle you will die. When you are on it, go to the front and place one to four mines. On the AAT, put the mines on the flat part of the tank with black dots on it (the very front). On most Starfighters, put it on the nose. On the Droid Starfighter, put it on the two parallel vertical wings where the laser cannons come out. On the 74-Z speeder bike, put the mine(s) on the nose/tip of it where the laser cannon is found. When the mine laying is done, pilot the vehicle into an enemy. This is an instant kill for scout vehicle and infantry. Note: Turn off the "Friendly Fire" option or this is suicide. Also, the Hailfire tank cannot charge vehicles; only infantry (unless you put the mines on the wheels). The mines will only expend as many as needed to kill the enemy. For example, if you run into one soldier, only one mine out of a group of four will explode. However, if you ram an AT-AT or AT-TE, all four will explode. If you get out of the vehicle before you run into something you will kill yourself. If you do this with a Star Fighter, slow down before impact on the enemy to avoid a crash.
Joe Jiao.

Hint: Ordering an advance:
First, get the biggest group possible to follow you. Lead them into where you want them to advance from. Then, order them to hold position. Next, get rid of all your explosives by firing them at the enemy. When the enemy pulls back, order your troops to follow you, and lead them head onto the enemy. Note: This cannot be done with droids.

Hint: Defeating Trandoshan mercenaries:
IF you can get behind a Trandoshan mercenary, shoot the yellow canister on his back. He will get launched into the air and explode. Note: This will not work in multi-player mode.

Hint: Easy head shots:
When using a sniper rifle for any side, scope in and when you find a target, aim at the very top of the head and fire. When you fire a sniper rifle while scoped, the shot goes down slightly.

Hint: Easy kills:
Start as a Clone pilot. Fly a Jedi Starfighter into the side of the enemy command post that has a flak gun. If possible, try to park the Starfighter on the stairwell so that you block anyone coming from behind. Then, get in the flak gun and aim it at the walkway below. If you are fast enough, you can stop the CIS from advancing to the extractor and can take out the ships parked on the two side platforms.
Derrick Koon.

Play as someone with a rocket launcher with the ability to lay land mines. Go up to an unoccupied enemy vehicle. Place mines on it. When an enemy gets in it, the mines will explode, either damaging the vehicle or killing it.
Jester Morayo.

Hint: Sniping location:
When playing as the Rebel side in Galactic Conquest, start as a Rebel Marksman and get a X-Wing fighter. Fly to where the Imperials have the open TIE fighters and get one. Fly to any tall stone pillar and land on it. Hop out and start taking people out with your sniper rifle. This works best as a Rebel marksman because you can zoom in twice.

Hint: Unlimited health or ammunition:
Stand, crouch, or lay near any one of the replenishment depots. Camp there with a sniper rifle and keep firing.
William Schultz.

Hint: Jumping:
Play as a Jet Trooper and get into a Republic Gunship. Change to a passenger. When you go as high as you can, jump and turn the jetpack on. You will fly for a few seconds and lose no health when you land.

Hint: Super-jump without a jetpack:
Turn the friendly fire option off. Start a game with a character who has thermal detonators or a time bomb. Throw the grenade or plant the time bomb. Get directly on-top of it, and just before it explodes, Jump. You will be rocketed into the air. Note: If you are not a Jet Trooper or Dark Trooper, you may lose some health.
Joe Jiao.

Hint: Do a 360:
Get in a carrier ship (Republic Gunship recommended). Speed up and pull the reverse. You will spin around. Note it may require several attempts.

Hint: Speeder Bike tricks:
Note: The fastest Speeder Bikes are in the "Galactic Civil War". In Tatooine: Dune Sea, Yavin 4: Temple, Naboo: Plains, or Endor, start at a base with a Speeder Bike. Gain alot of speed and head for a jump. Try to do tricks like 180s, 270s, 360s, Cut-backs, etc. If you go off a huge jump, you might die. Before you hit the ground, jump off your bike. The chance of an exploding Speeder Bike are decreased.
Joe Jiao.

Hint: Riding vehicles:
It is possible to ride on vehicles such as the AT-AT or the AT-TE with the Jet Trooper or the Dark Trooper. If you fly up there and land, you can use the pistols to shoot accurately. Also, you might be able to jump from a cliff or something similar with a real sniper or a automatic machine gunner.

Hint: Super Battle Droid: Tactics:
When you are the CIS playing as the Super Battle Droid, you can use all your weapons to your advantage. Use the blaster rifle and try to make all of your shots hit the chest of your enemy. Also, use your rocket launcher to aim at the enemies feet. When you have to reload, switch to you tri shot gun. By doing this, you can get at least twenty kill per round.

Hint: Dark Trooper: Large jump:
When you are a Dark Trooper, wait until your jetpack is fully loaded. Jump in the air and when you are about to hit the ground, double tab jump. Your Dark Trooper will perform a small take-off. This is your large jump and lets you skip much ground in a small amount of time. This can be done twice with a jetpack fully loaded.

Hint: Alternate costumes for the Rebels and Imperials:
In some maps, the characters use different clothing to match their environment. The following a list of alternate costumes that can be seen.
Bmreeves19 and Smart12190.

Imperial Pilot: Hoth pilot suit (Hoth map), Imperial Commando uniform (both Yavin and Kashyyyk maps, Tatooine: Mos Eisley map, and Endor map)
Rebel Marksman: Hoth camo (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps)
Rebel Marksman: Jungle camo (Endor)
Rebel Pilot: none
Rebel Trooper: Hoth uniform (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps).
Rebel Vanguard: Hoth uniform (Hoth map)
Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, and Scoutrooper: Snowtrooper armor (Hoth map)
Wookie Smuggler: Snow covered fur (Hoth map)
Clone Trooper: Suit with a fin on the head (Gnosis)

Glitch: Battle For Hoth: Make Tauntaun stand in air:
Get on a Tauntaun and ride over to one of the pits in the ground where the Rebels are shooting from. Try to get your Tauntaun in the pit. It cannot enter it, and will appear as if it is standing on air.

Glitch: Bespin Platforms: Move through turret walls:
Go to one of the large turrets on top of the buildings. Tilt the turret gun toward the sky so that the seat is on the floor. Get off the turret and go away from it. Move toward it and you may walk through it and fall underneath inside the walls. You can then walk inside the building by going through a wall, or outside the building by going through a wall.
Tim Zilber.

Glitch: Cloud City: Fly through wall:
Play as a Republic Jet Trooper and spawn at in the most north eastern command post. Walk out to the right (or left, depending on where you start) door and jet to the first ledge that you see. Note: Look for a thin light brown strip of ledge. Turn sharply to the right. Jet through the second gap between the buildings. Look at the building directly in front of you part of it should have a dome on it. Jet into the dome on the building. If done correctly, you should fly through the building wall and into the building. If you cannot find this building, jet back to the ledge that you started from and go through a different gap.

Glitch: Hoth: Fly inside base:
Go to the base with the snow speeders. Get into one. Use your command to get another person to get in. Take off and quickly switch to the second position. You will start to fly around inside. Note: You will die.

Glitch: Kashyyk Docks: Walk on air:
Spawn as any unit in the upper areas of the docks. Go to the second platform (from where you should up by the health and ammo droids). Walk very slowly off the edge. If done correctly, you will be standing on air. When in this position, do not move anywhere else except back or you will fall to your death.

Glitch: Mos Eisley: Cantina floor:
Go into the bar and find the tipped over table. Jump behind the slanted seat by the table. Then, lay down behind the seat and you should start shaking. Keep crawling towards the wall. If done correctly, you should be in a boxed out area. Lay down and start crawling towards the wall. You will end up under the bar or back inside. If this happens, try again. When you are under the bar you can still shoot people when the target turns red.
Jason G and Cody H.

Note: After you go through cantina walls you can crawl under the cantina without getiing hit.
Nick Williams.

Glitch: Rhen Var: Easy kills:
Spawn at the western LZ (where an IFT model vehicle is located)/ Pilot it and go to either the fortress or lighthouse posts. Face parallel to the mountain and drive sideways up the mountain. Then, drive forward. You will now be at the same area as the post light and make several easy kills with the vehicle.
Nathaniel Collard.

Glitch: Tatooine: Dune Sea: Fly underground:
Select Clone Wars. Once the level loads, choose the Republic. Spawn at Dune Sea and play as any class soldier. Get in a Jedi Starfighter. Once in air, fly to a CIS command post labeled "Bluff". Then, turn around and go back the way you came from. You should see a round-roofed building with an entrance facing you. Slow down and start rubbing against the ground. Ghen you get to the entrance with the stairs, you should see a little patch of ground between the stairs and the entrance. Fly down into the ground there. If done correctly, you should go through the ground. Note: This may require a few attempts. You can now fly as if you were aboveground. No one can shoot at you, however you can shoot through at them. Just fly up to get out.

Glitch: Tattoine: Mos Eisley: Pass through ceiling:
Get in the corner of a booth in the cantina. When you are hit by a missile, you may go through the ceiling and appear on the roof.
Zac Dauman.

Glitch: Yavin 4 Temple: Get inside tree:
Play as the Republic and jet into the top of any tree. If done correctly you will land inside the tree. When enemies fire, most of the time the tree will protect you. Note: If you are not in the correct position in the tree, you will be in the open for anyone to shots at you. You can also tree hop to any of the enemy bases, as this map is heavily treed.

Glitch: Yavin 4 Docks: Wrong voice:
Select the Rebels. Your player will be a Rebel marksman. Go up to some Wookies and try to issue commands to them. She will start to talk like a Wookie.

Glitch: Wrong voice:
At any time that you are not the CIS, press D-pad (the buttons that tell the army what to do), the voice may sound like the CIS robot voice.

Glitch: Floating helmet:
Enable the "Baby Wars mode" code. Choose to be a pilot and you will have a floating helmet.
Jackson Barton.

Glitch: Die on air:
When in a flying vehicle, respawn yourself while over above a trench. You will die as if you were on solid ground.

Glitch: Impaled death:
Choose "Instant Action" then select the Rebels or Empire. Look for a tower with guns. Make the turret have low life then throw a bomb on it. Go on the tower. When you die you will end up with the spiky pole going through your chest. This is probably easier with Rebels because AT-ST will shoot you.
AJ Labrador.

Glitch: Quick travel off cliff:
If you side roll off a cliff you will not die.

Glitch: LAAT/Droid Gunship: No ceiling:
Get into an LAAT or Droid Gunship and fly up to the game's ceiling. Point straight down and go in reverse. You will go past the ceiling and do a flip. Repeat this as many times as desired to go even higher.
Rangi Fenton.

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