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Suikoden 3

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Extra scenario:
Complete the game with 108 Stars Of Destiny to unlock a bonus scenario.

Hint: Easy Potch:
Go to the Trading Post at Brass Castle (it is the Grasslander near the far right exit to the map) and buy an Ancient Text for about 1,000 Potch. Then, go to the trading post in Vinay del Zexay and resell it for 20,000 to 30,000 Potch. Also, buy a Crystal Ball here for under 100 Potch. The, resell it at Duck Village for over 8,000 Potch.
Mike Faz.

If you go to any lottery stand and buy 10 tickets in sequential order, it will cost 1000 Potch. However, if you wait awhile and return when the selling period for that drawing is over you are guaranteed a fourth place prize, which is 3,000 Potch. This is a relatively easy way to earn money.

In Chapter 2 for Chris, when the town of Iksay is attacked, you can fight a group of two Lizardmen and two Karayan repeatedly as many times as desired, getting 8000 Potch for each battle. The key to making this easy is make sure to visit Budehuc Castle and fill your party with some of the 108 stars (which only works if you have gotten them with Chris). In the town, after the Grasslanders attack and Percival joins the group, try to leave the village. You will be stopped and have to fight. You can do this as many times as desired. It is possible to get 100,000 Potch in less than ten minutes. You will also get a damaged helm and chainmail often as a reward, which you can sell if you have the space in your inventory.
Thomas Evans.

Hint: Chris: Go to level 99 in Chapter 1:
When you go to plains to meet the Grasslanders for a peace treaty, they suddenly attack. You will be taken to a major battle. Defeat all the enemies instead of retreating as instructed. If you defeat all enemies, proceed to the location where you were supposed to retreat. The battle will end. Chris, Salome, Borus, and Roland will all gain two levels. On Amur Plains after the battle, unequip your armor and let yourself be killed. Do not proceed to Karaya Village. When asked to give up, select "No Way". You will return to last save point, but still will have the two levels gained for everyone. Return to the major battle and repeat.

Hint: Defeating Chris:
In the Geddoe story line, you will have to fight Chris and her knights. The best way to do this is to use Boronda Hawk with Jasques. Then, defeat at least two knights while keeping Geddoe alive. After defeating the two knights, begin to cast Geddoe's lightning magic "Soaring Bolts." This should be enough to remove the three remaining knights, but Chris will still live. If you have managed to keep all of your men alive, attack Chris with the Mercenary B combination attack.

Hint: Koroku:
If you have gotten Koroku the dog to join you, you can talk to him at your homeland and play as him. You can take a walk, go to the horse girl, and race with him. He is found near the front of the castle on the left side, near the dog house.

Hint: Finding characters:
Go to the Duck Village Inn. Go to the farthest room from the screen and talk to the kid. You will have to help him with something. After that, he will go to Lake Castle. After you name the castle, go to elevator and go to the floor with the detective/storehouse and find Kidd. Talk to him and chose "Scout". He will scout for a character for about 300 Potch. He will hint about the character's location and/or how to get them. This works with Geddoe, Chris, and Hugo.

You can only recruit characters after visiting Budehuc Castle. Also, Budehuc Castle is the only place where you can change your party.
Mike Faz.

Hint: Luc's storyline:
If you want to play Luc's storyline, you have to get all 108 stars. After you have completed the game, the last flame will be lit on the chapter screen, revealing Luc's storyline.
Mike Faz.

Hint: Luc's storyline battles:
When you play Luc's storyline you can only do the battles in which Geddoe, Hugo and Chris have lost to Luc or his followers.
Mike Faz.

Hint: Keep Stat Stones:
Save your game. Then, use any Stat Stones you have in your inventory. Next, unequip your armor, and die. Choose to not give up. When you r-start from the last place you saved, you will have kept the stats, and have your Stat Stones back.

Hint: Win the lottery:
Buy 10 tickets. It does not matter if it is random or sequential. Waste time until you think the winners have been drawn. save the game, then check the winners. If you did not win, load your game and check again. The number that is drawn will be different. This will not work if you look at it before saving the game.

Hint: Best Effort:
Normally both Thomas and Cecile will slash one opponent four times each, leaving Thomas unbalanced. Every once in a while, Thomas will slash twice, Cecile will slash twice, but when Thomas goes for his second set of slashes, his sword will get stuck in the ground. Cecile will slash four more times while Thomas tries to pull his sword out of the ground. When Thomas pulls his sword out of the ground, it causes a small explosion which deals approximately three times the amount of the normal damage. Thomas will still be unbalanced at the end.
Jeffrey Heiser.

Hint: Easy battles:
On Hugo's storyline, whenever you battle a group of knights or something else make sure that Hugo casts his Wind Of Sleep first, before you command anyone to attack. Keep doing this until almost everyone is asleep. If anyone awakes, attack the strongest ones first. Once all those that are awake are killed, continue picking off your enemies one by one. The Wind Of Sleep spell usually does not work on Bosses, treasure Bosses, or likewise.
Kyle L.

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