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Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness

View credits:
Pause game play, then hold R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle + Circle to unlock the "See Credits" option under "Exit Game".

Level skip/select:
Pause game play, then hold L1 + R2 + Down + Triangle. Release the buttons, then quickly press Circle, Up, Square, Triangle, Right, Down. Skip level and level select options will now appear when game play is paused. Note: This code also allows you to retain weapons and items from level to level.
david kirkland.

Note: The level select menu does not include the actual titles of any of the levels. The following are the level select choices with the corresponding level location.
Aaron Seese.

Paris1: Parisian Backstreets (First Level).
Paris1A: Derelict Apartment Block
Paris1B: Margot Carvier's Apartment
Paris1C: Industrial Roof Tops
Paris2_1: Parisian Ghetto (Where Lara wakes up in the Subway Car)
Paris2_2: Parisian Ghetto (Path to the left, with Place D'Arcade and Cafe Metro)
Paris2_3: Parisian Ghetto (Where the entrance to St. Aicard's Church is)
Paris2B: The Serpent Rouge (the Garage entrance)
Paris2C: Rennes' Pawnshop
Paris2D: Willowtree Herbalist
Paris2E: St. Aicard's Church
Paris2F: Cafe Metro
Paris2G: St. Aicard's Graveyard
Paris2H: Bouchard's Hideout (the Graveyard entrance, not the Ghetto sewers)
Paris3: Louvre Storm Drains
Paris4: Louvre Galleries
Paris4A: Galleries Under Siege (After aquiring the painting)
Paris5: Tomb of Ancients
Paris5A: The Archaeological Dig
Paris6: Von Croy's Apartment (Includes the opening video when selected)
Prague1: The Monstrum Crimescene (This starts outside the building)
Prague2: The Strahov Fortress
Prague3: The Bio-Research Facility
Prague3A: Aquatic Research Area
Pargue4: The Sanitarium
Prague4A: Maximum Containment Area
Prague5: The Vault of Trophies (Warning: this starts underwater)
Prague5A: Boaz Returns (starts with Boaz at second stage--flying Boaz)
Prague6: Eckhardt's Lab
Prague6A: The Lost Domain
Paris5_1: Hall of Seasons (the main hall)
Paris5_2: Neptune's Hall
Paris5_3: Wrath of the Beast
Paris5_4: The Sanctuary of Flame
Paris5_5: The: Breath of Hades

Unlimited money or items:
Go to any location that you can exit and re-enter easily with money or reusable items (health packs, bars, etc.) that can be picked up. Keep leaving and entering the screen. The money or item will still be there each time.

Handstand on ledge:
Hang from a ledge, then hold L1 and press Left Analog-stick Up. Lara will do a handstand on the ledge.
epldeacim eioheaeb~Wolf~.

Backflip grab:
Back up to a ledge, then hold L1 and press X.

Somersault down:
Press Triangle to crawl while facing a ledge, then press Left Analog-stick Forward.

Backflip onto a ledge:
To do a backflip onto the ledge, walk back so your heels are on the ledge. Hold L1 + X. Tap Left Analog-stick Away and Lara will do a backflip onto the ledge (in most places).

To do a back flip on to a ledge, find a place where Lara can shimmy or fall off the platform. Stand on the platform then face the wall. Hold X + L1 + Left Analog-stick Up and Lara will do a back flip and grab onto the ledge. Note: Make sure you are still holding X after she does the backflip or Lara will release the ledge.
Rich Craft.

Army crawl:
Press Triangle + Forward to crawl, then while crawling hold L2 and keep going.
Mike Verba.

Hold L1 + Left Analog-stick Up, then press Circle.

Hold R2 while running or standing, then press Circle.

Dive into water:
Face a ledge that is over water, then hold L1 and press X.

Underwater 180:
Press Square while swimming underwater.

Use the Left Analog-stick to choose your direction, have Lara do a regular run, and hold R2. Note: She cannot sprint on every level

Somersault down:
When standing up, press Square while facing a ledge to do an acrobatic jump. Note: It also works like a dive into water.

Acrobatic shot:
With a weapon equipped, press Left Analog-stick Forward + Circle + R2. Then when you are in the air press X. Alternately, with a weapon equipped down from a ledge, press Square + X when in the air.

Hint: Easy weapon selection:
Press R1 during game play to activate your weapon. Press Up or Down on the D-pad to cycle through your weapons as needed. This is faster than going through the select menu.

Hint: Fire more rapidly with shotgun or handguns:
Instead of holding Action to fire, quickly tap it repeatedly. Lara will shoot the weapon much faster, making it easier to eliminate targets.

Hint: Get gas masks early:
Stand directly in front of the cabinet and press Triangle (Crouch). When the hand appears, press X (Action). If done correctly, Lara should reach through the door while crouched and grab a gas mask. This may also work in other places.

Hint: Aquatic Research Area: Finding the Dagger Of Xian:
The Dagger Of Xian is the item on which Tomb Raider 2 revolved around. It also appeared as an Easter Egg in Tomb Raider 3 and can also be found in Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness. Start the Aquatic Research Area level. Go through the level until Lara changes her clothes. Then, return to the main hall. Go toward the underwater area where you pulled the first lever, but do not dive into the water. Enter the door here and keep walking until you reach the end of the room. Dive into the water. Swim under the water and through the big opened door, but do not swim through the open door in front of you. Turn left and swim toward the pipes. After you reached to the pipes "roll" Lara. You will see a stair, and on its left side you will see a wall with lights on it. Swim toward that wall and use it. Lara will perform the moonsault-like move on it, and the wall will be pushed inside. Go through the opened wall and swim toward the surface. Climb the ladder. Then, push the block (wall) in front of you. Keep pushing it until it cannot be pushed further. Look to the left and you will see a glass box with the "Dagger Of Xian" inside, with two spotlights shining on it. Note: You must change Lara's clothes first, or she will not push the wall.
Chris Micheals.

Hint: Aquatic Research Area: Big fish creature:
To avoid getting killed by this creature, remain still. After you have the wet suit, swim out to the main pool where the shark is located. Keep swimming in order to outpace it. Swim in zigzags, up and down, just do not stop swimming. Go for the entrance to the Vault Of Trophies. Note: It can not be killed.

Hint: Hall Of Seasons: Getting past the red ghost:
Once you have gotten to the top of the dome, enter through the only door there. Follow the stairs to the top, where another door is located. When you enter the door, there will be a short intermission sequence. After it ends, the red ghost will appear. When you first start the fight, grab all the items scattered on the floor. If the ghost approaches you and tries to attack, press Triangle to duck. After you have obtained all the items, look for a statue with a blue light. That blue light is actually an obscure painting. To obtain it, get the ghost in front of the statue and shoot him until he is stunned. Back up while still having your back towards the front of the statue. Just keep your guns out. When you get close enough, the hand will appear in the corner. Quickly put away your guns, grab that painting, and get out of there. An easy way to escape is to press Triangle duck the moment you get the painting. When you are leaving, the ghost will follow you. Do not waste any time by doing anything else. There will be water to slow you down. Once you are in the water, an intermission sequence will start, and the room will begin to flood. Quickly swim up the hole and you will be back in a very familiar room. It is the tomb of the ancients. Leave by swimming through the hole you first came in (which should be near the top). You will end up back in the gallery. Note: The ghost cannot be killed, but he can kill you. He attacks by running through you. An easy way to avoid this is by crawling.

Hint: Le Serpent Rouge: Night club:
Turn on the disco lights that move up and down. Then, go up to the second level. there should be a box on the opposite side from the one that you came up from. Move that box and climb on top of it. From there you can climb up again. A huge catwalk will fall. Make a running jump and get to the other side. Next, jump onto the disco lights and enable the walk feature. Walk to your right, then turn again once you reach the the end of the frame. Jump and grab the edge. You must now climb the ladder. There should be a slide with a gap at the bottom. Slide down and jump to the other side. Then, turn left and make that jump. Straight ahead is a metal frame that you can jump to and grab. Shimmy across and pull yourself up. Walk to the edge of the wooden platform and jump to the next catwalk with a bridge. Kick the bridge down and break the door open. Go into the room and pull the left lever until the broken light is on the bottom left side of the square. Then, pull the right lever and you can collect the object. Go back across the bridge, then exit through the door that is in the room with the levers. Forget about the ladder in there, as all you get is a candy bar.

Hint: Le Serpent Rouge: Shortcut to reach the green platform:
When Lara jumps and grabs the moving lighting rig, simply turn her to face the green platform. Wait for the lighting rig to reach its highest point. Lara can then grab and jump the green platform from there. The other methods suggest a total of three jumps and climbing; this is unnecessary, and riskier.

Hint: Le Serpent Rouge: Hidden ammunition:
There is a "hidden" ammo clip that you can only see from the green platform. To get it, after Lara has reached the green platform from the moving lighting rig, she needs to climb the ladder (or jump up and grab) to get to an even higher platform. Lara will now be facing the part of the platform where the broken end forms a downward ramp. After Lara slides down the ramp and jumps to the platform on the other side, turn her around so that she is facing the ramp that she just slid down. Walk Lara towards the ramp. Make Lara jump toward the ramp, and immediately press X (Action) while she is in the air. She will land on the ramp, slide down, and grab the end. Now, make her "shimmy" to the right. If you keep pushing the Analog-stick towards the right, Lara will "shimmy" around the corner, and continue to shimmy across a wooden board that is attached to the ramp. Lara will be able to pull up onto a small, metal grate to get the ammunition.

Hint: Louvre Galleries: Get past first laser grid:
After you make it up the stairs and take out the first guard, enter the room with all the lasers. Climb up on the first case in the middle of the room. Jump onto the stone piece on the wall to your left. Jump over the first three sets of lasers. Hang off the high showcase in the middle of the room and shimmy across. Climb up on the last showcase in the room to your right. Hang from the ledge above it and shimmy across until you are sure you are away from the laser grid. Then, open the door to move on.

Hint: Parisian Backstreets: Secret path:
Enable the "Level skip/select" code. Return to the first level, Parisian Backstreets. Follow the usual path and at the end of this, level 2 cannot be loaded and you are free to go downstairs and complete the forbidden part of the training level. Note: You can pass through the second gate, but it is better to use its key, as this allows the game to load the first/second part with policemen in this semi-level. It is on a nearby balcony.

Hint: Parisian Ghetto: Unlimited money:
Go into the pawn shop after you talk to the women. After you talk to the man in the pawn shop, leave. Then, go straight until you get to a sewer drain cover and an object or item toward your left. Pick it up. It will be money. Go back to the pawn shop. Then, walk back out of the pawn shop. Return to the sewer top where you found the money. There will be money there once again. Continue doing this for unlimited money.
Don and Jeremy.

Hint: After the Louvre Storm Drain:
After you complete the Louvre Storm Drain you will use a hallway that leads all the way up. On your way there, you will notice a door that Lara not strong enough to open. Continue going up until you reach the final door. Upon entering that door, you will see security lasers. If you step into them, a policeman will try to kill you and both doors will be barred. If you make a mistake, return to the entrance and press Action on the wall to the left. Climb up onto the first little glass case, turn right, and grab the ledge of that hanging "box". Next, go to the end of that hanging "box" and do a running jump to the tall glass display. You must land directly on it; if you try to jump and grab the edge, the doors will bar again. Then, jump to the glass case that is to the right of the one that you landed on. From there, time your jump to the next case. You must now walk to the edge of the case you landed on. Grab the edge and shimmy across it, then turn the corner and land. There will now be two tall glass cases with a checkerboard laser net. Go to the glass case on your right. Jump up to grab the ledge, shimmy across it, land, and open the door. You will now see a room armed with a laser, and a policeman with a white shirt. Deliberately step into the laser and start shooting the cops. The one with the white shirt drops a card that you need. Next, go all the way to the back hall and pick up the medipack and press Action near the sign. Lara will say something. The door by the medi-pack is where you will come out of later. Go back to where you shot the white-shirted cop and enter the door. There will be another cop in the room. While armed, run into the room and kill the cop. You will see a portrait of Mona Lisa barred with laser in this room. Go to the end of the room and pull the small glass case away from the place it resides. Now that Lara is stronger, go to the glass case in the middle. Push it towards the painting of Mona Lisa until it stops on the stools. Next, go to where the small glass case used to be. You will see a card swipe. Press Action, then run to the glass case in front of Mona Lisa. Climb the back and do a running jump. Press Action and grab the ledge over the painting and enter the vent. After you take these vents, you will get to the rooftops (where you get left off)

Hint: Madame Carvier's room:
When you are off the rooftops and into a small storage room, you will notice a hallway beyond the door of the storage room. You will see a door with a card swipe, Madame Carvier's office all the way at the end of the hall, and two doors on the side. Open both doors, kill all the cops, and take whatever you can. Now, go to the second door where you can look into the cameras. Find the one with Madame Carvier's room and zoom onto her computer. You will see the numbers to open her door. When you open her door, grab everything you can; one Ancient Sign is in her office. Then, go to the card swipe door and enter it. These halls will lead you to the Archaeological Dig.

Hint: Archaeological Dig:
When you enter, you will have a few enemies. Run all the way to the end, and open the door to the room. Shoot the people inside and press Action on the gadget on the wall. Run out of the room and to your right until you see a small path to a large room with a computer. Look into the computer and search the ground (the second Ancient Sign is at the end of the plot), and print it. You now have two of the four Ancient Signs necessary to enter the Tomb Of Ancients. Now, climb down the ladders to the bottom of the archaeological dig and climb up the climbable wall. Drop down at the landing at the top. Look up, and you can monkey-bar across the bottom of the bridge above you. Be careful, as it is a long bridge and Lara's strength is limited. Climb up onto the bridge and go to the place that you saw during the intermission sequence when you pressed Action on the gadget in the room. Press Action on the door. This will lower the improvised elevator. Now, drop down to the ledge beneath the bridge. Jump to the improvised elevator landing and you will now see a giant wheel. Look all the way in the back of your notebook. It will show you the first and last Ancient Sign. The middle two are the ones that you collected from the printers in Carvier's office and the plot. Turn the wheel until you find the sign, and go up the stairs and turn the wheel to lock the sign in place. Once you have arranged the signs in order, the wheel will lock. Get back to the top of the bridge, and you will the see the circle on the ground has opened. You will fall into the next level, The Tomb of Ancients.

Hint: Defeat Boaz:
In this battle, you are playing as Kurtis with a lot of ammunition. First, start shooting at the person (Boaz in human form) on the underside. Watch out for its charge attack. It will cost you 10% of your health. After about six shots, it will be paralyzed. It will now start shooting green balls from the four pods on its back. If you get hit, you will lose 10% of your health. Aim at one and destroy it. After that, Boaz will start to attack again. Before she starts to charge, it will shoot green slime from left to right from its mouth. Avoid it by jumping or by getting behind Boaz. You will receive 20% damage if you are hit. Repeat the process until Boaz falls. A short intermission sequence will show the second form of Boaz appearing. Shoot twenty-five to thirty times to bring it down. It is easy to avoid, but if you are hit by its spike you will lose 10% of your health.

In the battle with Boaz, use a weapon then press X + Square.
mahmoud gorbanzadeh.

Hint: Defeating Eckhardt:
This battle is very easy. When the battle between Eckhardt and Lara begins, a magical barrier will appear around the center of the room. You cannot touch it or you will lose 10% health. Eckhardt will keep running around the barrier, launching attacks. First, he will shoot two lighting attacks. Each attack does about 10% damage. To avoid these, duck down (get on your stomach by pressing L2 to make sure they do not hit you). Next, he will jump up and teleport to another part of the room. When he reappears, he will launch two more lighting attacks. He will repeat this process one more time, then he will start to duplicate himself. He will do this three times. His copies will then run to the center of the room and launch their most powerful attack. It will cause you to lose 20% of your health. You will see little sparkles on the floor. Either get close to the barrier or stand in between two avoid the hits. After this attack, Eckhardt will fall in the middle to regain his strength. You have about five to seven seconds before he gets up. When he is down, run over to him and punch/kick him. A short intermission sequence featuring Lara stabbing him with one of the shards will appear. Repeat this process two more times to bring him down. Note: Eckhardt will switch between lighting and fire attacks. There is no difference between them.

In the battle with Eckhardt, do not use any weapons; only kick him.
mahmoud gorbanzadeh.

Hint: Defeating Karel:
This battle is easy. After the intermission sequence, Karel will start flying around the room. He will be firing energy balls, but they only do 10% damage. Karel cannot be harmed. Your goal is to destroy the sleeper. Grab Eckhardt's glove. It is lying in front of his body. Turn around and go over to the pillar behind you. There will be and switch. Press X to use the glove on it. This will cause two ladders to drop. Climb up either one to make it up to the first platform. Look for another ladder to go up to the first platform. You now have two options. Either go to the stone marking and try to jump, or climb up to the third platform and jump from the platform facing the sleeper. An intermission sequence will start that marks the end of the game.

Hint: Gain access to Bouchard's hideout early:
After you talk to Janice (the prostitute), run towards the canopy with the stack of money under it. From there, turn around and walk to the manhole cover until the hand appears. Press Action and Lara will climb down into the sewer.
Pete Falck.

Hint: Retain weapons after Von Croy's apartment:
First, enable the "Level skip/select" code.

Desert Ranger: Go back to the Serpent night club (the garage entrance). Push the yellow button, then retrieve the socket spanner. Pull the lever beside it. Then, barge into the door above the stairs. Get the Desert Ranger on the desk.
M-V9: After pulling the lever in the same area, go in the hole below the car. Use the socket spanner on the lever down here, then pull it to make one of the guards run out. Get rid of him and take his M-V9.
Dart SS: Go to Renne's Pawn Shop. Enter in the code by the keypad guarding what is inside. You should already know the code (it is in your notebook). Grab the Dart SS.
K2 Impactor: Do the same thing as done for the Dart SS, then grab it and run out or level skip.
Rigg 09: Already available after Von Croy's Apartment.
Viper SMG: Already available after Von Croy's Apartment.
Vector R35: Go to the Derelict Apartment Block. Play as done before. However, before you leave, grab the keys from the top level in the room (on floor and hanging just in case). Pull the switch and the get on the elevator. Go to the second floor. Jump the hole. Unlock the door. You will find it in the locker. You will not find the other Vector, since there is no other pistol.
V-Packer: Go the Tomb of Ancients. Complete the level until you get through the vent in the floor. Go straight then hang a right. Barge through the door. Reclaim the V-Packer and ammunition.
Mag Vega: Go back to Galleries Under Siege. Head up the stairs and get rid of the museum guard. Continue up until you find your first Agency soldier. Get rid of him and take his Mag Vega. You will not need to get ammunition in this level; you can just go to the Monstrum Crimescence and find some there.
Scorpion X: Complete the Monstrum Crimescence level and the reporter will hopefully give it to you.
Boran X: Start the Sanitarium level to get it.

Hint: Defeating mummy-type knights:
Engage the knights in close combat. Kick or punch them off a nearby ledge to get rid them for good.
naman rawal.

Hint: Bouncing chest:
Play any well-lit level, such as The Tomb Of The Ancients. Place Lara next to a well-lit wall or structure. Position her so that she faces the object. Move the camera in front of her with the Right Analog-stick. The camera should show Lara's face and her chest. if not, move Lara back or forth from the wall accordingly. You can see that Lara is wearing a white bra. Wiggle the Left Analog-stick slightly to the right or left (or just jump in the same location) and her chest will bounce.
Amer Daud.

Glitch: See inside Lara's head:
Get to a wall and position the camera behind Lara. Sometimes you can see inside her head.

Glitch: Breast showcase:
During the Louvre Galleries level, after you make it up the stairs and take out the first guard, enter the room with all the lasers. Climb up on the first case in the middle of the room. Jump onto the stone piece on the wall to your left. Jump over the first three sets of lasers. Hang off the high showcase in the middle of the room and shimmy across. Change the view so that it faces either side of Lara. You should see her breasts in the showcase.

Glitch: Disappearing Lara:
On the Parisian Ghetto level, go into the gym where the men are boxing. Climb on top of the large wooden cabinet and have Lara stand directly in front of the lighted window, facing it. Swing the camera (R3) around so you are looking at her front. Then, walk Lara into the camera. The camera should "jump" above head, and when you swing the camera around to look at her, she is nowhere to be found. Moving Lara at that point results in her "warping" up out of the ground.

Glitch: Stuck in tongue:
On the Breath Of Hades level, get across the first head to the left side. Get on the ledge below it and pull yourself up in the mouth. When inside, you are half in and half out of the tongue. Sometimes if you go on the left side of the same head, you can walk through it.

Glitch: Float on wall:
In the Archeological Dig, when you climb along the thin ledge of the building and shimmy along to the window with the guard (the place where you can climb up or down the pole then walk through the window and knock out the guard with stealth), you can shimmy to the left of the window. You will then float up along the wall and will not come down unless you shimmy to the right.
naman rawal.

Glitch: Have shotgun (V-Packer) in Von Croy's apartment:
Immediately before you exit Galleries Under Siege, equip the shotgun (you cannot just have it on your back). Then, walk through the room to the exit intermission sequences. Once you have control of Lara again, in Von Croy's Apartment, tap Up on the D-Pad. If done correctly, you should have the shotgun on your back. Press R1 to equip it. You should have all the ammunition you had just before the intermission sequences. Note: When you fire, there will not be a sound effect, but it still works. If you shoot it at a wall, you will hear the ricochet sound effect.

Glitch: Unlimited handgun ammo in Von Croy's apartment:
In Von Croy's apartment, stand over the first gun clip you see beside the dining room table and use Action. It should reappear. Stand there and pick up as many as desired. Note: You have to pick these up first, before anything else.
Real Lebeau.

Glitch: Restore oxygen:
Save the game while Lara is underwater. Load the game and Lara's oxygen will be full again.

Glitch: Disappearing buildings, Lara, and guards:
Use the "Parisian Backstreets: Secret path" trick to reach the forbidden training area. After passing through some of it, you will have to army crawl under the gate. To your left, the buildings will be missing. Continue on to have Lara disappear. Explore up the stairs to find a dead end with nothing there. To your right, parts of the alley will be missing. Lara will mention guards, but they will also be invisible. Note: Use caution when in the alley; you cannot see the guards, but they can see you.

Glitch: Fall to oblivion:
Use the "Parisian Backstreets: Secret path" trick to reach the forbidden training area. Walk through the door that Lara would normally go through to get to the next level. Walk forward and you will fall through the floor. Lara will continue to fall endlessly.

In the first level, once you enter the first building go to the right of the steps. Either run at the wall or start to scale the wall. About 25% of the time, you will go through the wall. Do not save the game or you will always resume as Lara falls into an endless abyss.
Stacey Marconi.

Glitch: Death trap:
When falling from a high place, press Select and save the game. Load and you should be falling to your death. Note: do this when you first start falling.

Glitch: Contorted Lara:
On any level, jump off a high spot onto the ground, When Lara hits the ground she may land in a position where her legs and feet are behind her back and neck.
Jason Gorringe.

Glitch: Walk through gates:
Use the "Parisian Backstreets: Secret path" trick to reach the forbidden training area. After going down the stairs, you will see a single gate with another gate behind it. Walk up to them. Lara should be able to pass through them.

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