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Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Cheat mode:
Unlock all levels in classic mode, then clear all the gaps in all fifteen levels. All the cheat options will now appear in the cheats menu on the game options screen, and can be toggled on or off as desired.

Level select:
Enter d3struct as a code.
Johnathon Saravia.

All movies:
Enter boxoffice as a code.
John and Johnathon Saravia.

Perfect grind:
Enter straightedge as a code.

Always special:
Enter likepaulie as a code.

Natas Kaupas and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 Tony Hawk:
Enter oldskool as a code.

Alternately, complete classic mode under the sick difficulty setting as Natas Kaupas or under the normal difficulty setting as Tony Hawk.

Nigel Beaverhausen:
Enter sellout as a code.

Alternately, complete story mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Enter 4-wheeler as a code.

Alternately, complete story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Phil Margera:
Enter aprilsman as a code.

Alternately, complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Other bonus skaters:
Enter costars! as a code to unlock Ben Franklin, Bull Fighter, Graffiti Tagger, Shrimp Vendor, Jester and Ryan Sheckler.

Successfully complete the Barcelona level in story mode.
vdhcubn uytireop.

Jesse James:
Successfully complete classic mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Walk around the first level (not the training level) until you find someone by a building who wants a drink. He will tell you to go downstairs to a bar next to him. When you get down there, Jesse James will talk to you.
Jason Voorhees.

Graffiti Tagger:
Successfully complete the Berlin level in story mode.

Call Of Duty soldier:
Successfully complete story mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Ben Franklin:
Successfully complete the Boston level in story mode.

To play as the Imp from the Pro Skater level, successfully complete classic mode under the normal difficulty setting.
Sidney Lee.

Successfully complete the New Orleans level in story mode.

Peds Group A:
Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Peds Group B:
Successfully complete story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Peds Group C:
Successfully complete story mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Peds Group D:
Successfully complete classic mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Peds Group E:
Successfully complete classic mode under the sick difficulty setting.

Peds Group F:
Get a 100% completion in story mode.

Peds Group G:
Get a 100% completion in classic mode.

Peds Group H:
Clear all the gaps on all fifteen levels.

Ryan Sheckler:
Successfully complete the Skatopia level in story mode.

Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Shrimp Vendor:
Successfully complete the Australia level in story mode.

Star Wars Kid:
Successfully complete story mode under the easy difficulty setting.

Successfully complete classic mode under the normal difficulty setting.

After you complete all the goals for the first level or get the correct amount of points, you will see an FMV sequence where Bam will eliminate Burnquest from Tony's team. Afterwards when you get to Spain, Steve-O will send you a text message saying that he wants to be on your team. You can now play as him. He rides a mechanical bull which operates as follows:
Jason Voorhees.

Jump: Press X
Bull Flip: Press Square + D-pad
Grind: Press Triangle (when near rail)
Yee Haw Grab: Press Circle + D-pad

The Hand:
Successfully complete story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Caged Bull:
Note: This is not Steve-O's bull. Successfully complete sick mode in story with all gaps cleared and all goals completed.
Keegaman Bruce.

Pro Skater Level:
Successfully complete story mode.

Triangle Level:
Successfully complete classic mode.

Neversoft Skates Movie:
Get a 100% completion in classic mode.

Pro Bails 1 Movie:
Successfully complete classic mode.

Pro Bails 2 Movie:
Get a 100% completion in story mode.

World Destruction Tour Movie:
Successfully complete story mode.

Hint: Australia: Fleeing pros:
When you grind the thing to help the skate rats in the movie sequence, notice one of the skate rats is Mike Valley and the other one is a cop. When the statue head hits the steps, the two people running away are Rodney Mullen and Eric Koston.

When Kenny's head rolls down the street, it hits a car and crashes into a staircase. Look closely and you can see Rodney Mullen and Eric Koston attempting to avoid the head.

Hint: Australia: Secret guest:
To unlock the secret guest, Natas Spin on the fire hydrant close to the crane. Water will shoot at the crane operator and make him open up an entrance to get the secret guest. Go into the alley to find the secret guest. Note: This is a goal.

Hint: Australia: Make Kenny the Koala flip people off:
Natas Spin on Kenny's fingers to leave only one finger. That is his middle finger. Note: This is a goal. You will get 75 points for it.

Hint: Barcelona: Make a phoenix:
Do the "Free The Bull Fighter" goal first. Remember to let the bull lose by throwing tomatoes at it. Next, go to the bridge and jump over the burning car to catch your board on fire and use the catapults to hoist yourself up into the air. Note: The catapult part may require a few attempts.

Hint: Barcelona: Portable Natas Spin:
Knock the head off the fountain in Barcelona and you can Natas Spin wherever it goes.

Hint: Barcelona: Natas Spin on man's head:
While in Barcelona, go into the street and go in front of a man on a motorcycle. When they stop, jump on top of him and Natas Spin while over his head. You will be spinning on his head. Note: You will fall off when you cross the area's border.

Hint: Barcelona: Huge combo:
Go up the ramp next to the sea. Then, jump off the slope and onto the big rail (resembles railroad tracks) above the subway. Next, rail by the fountain then manual and grind on the wall. Then, sticker slap the wall so that you can go backwards. Next, grind on the garbage dump, then wall ride up to the building rail. Then, go up the same ramp that you started with. Repeat this as many times as desired in the same combo. If done seven times, you can get 60 million points.
combo master 6667.

Go up the lighthouse (on the side where the sea is located) and grind the wire. Note: Make sure to jump over all the monorails. Then, get off the wire when you are next to the spiral rail. There is a little alley before it. Get off your board (or manual), then continue the combo by going up the ramp to the top of the small building. Then, spine transfer up to the building next to the spiral rail. NExt, spine transfer all the way down, then spine transfer up to the tall building. If you cannot make it, try to get off your board then jump up. Then, jump by the fan and do a special or two. Then, grind on the wire again and repeat as desired.
combo master 6667.

Hint: Barcelona: Destroy the lifts:
First, let the bull out. Then, get your board on fire from the car that is burning. Then go in the catapult just as one of the lifts are going by on the wires, all the way up high. If done at the correct time, the lifts catch on fire and break down. This may require a few attempts. If you want to see it, get back on the ground and look up. If it worked, you will see that the lifts are not moving. They will be smoking, with sparks shooting out.
Joel Moore.

Hint: Barcelona: Completing the team challenge:
To complete the team challenge you must score a certain number of points in a combo, in which one has to be the bull air. However, the air tricks it says must be done can be done, but you may use ground combos before the bull air but not afterwards.

Hint: Barcelona: Moving body bag:
When you start the level keep skating straight. You will see a building that resembles a hospital. Skate up the steps, then skate the ramp so you can get to the second level of the hospital which has three windows. Get off your board so you can stand there. Then, walk to the middle window and look in. You will see what appears to be a person in a body bag bouncing up and down.

Hint: Berlin: Train wreck:
To cause a train wreck in Berlin, skate over to the bar area. Climb up the large brown building to the third and top ledge. If you follow that ledge over towards the train tracks, there should be a black and yellow bar. Grind it to cause the train wreck. There is also a massive point bonus for this stunt.

Hint: Berlin: Set security guard on fire:
Go to where the pipe that is on fire is located. Get your board on fire. Then, go near the one of the security guards. Ollie over the guard's head. He will start running around, brushing his head saying things like "My head's on fire! Help me!".
Austro Lim.

Hint: Berlin: Get in the radio tower:
There is a mission where you must get up on a roof. Jump the air vent so that you can Acid Drop to another roof. Then go to Gap/Rocket Air (a grab trick) the two white radio satellites. If done correctly, the doors to the radio tower will open.
Josh Dever.

Hint: Berlin: OWNED! gap:
This is the gap that gives the most points at Berlin. Clear the Berlin get the OWNED! Goal. Remove the D, Z, and K by lipping or grinding on the Downzekd! Shop to get the gap.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Boston: Ben Franklin:
Go to the statehouse (the building with the two statues). Go on the right side, where there is a ramp on the building. Go up the ramp and break the glass. You will now be inside the building. Ben Franklin will be in there. Follow him and you will complete the goal, as well as unlock him in any mode.

Hint: Boston: The Star Wars Kid:
From the starting point, turn right and go to the apartments just before the construction site. Using the quarter pipe on the right side, jump through the window into the room above. You will see the Star Wars Kid and can have him show you his moves.

Hint: Boston: Destroy Star Wars Kid's television:
When you get to the Star Sars Kid's place, make him stop doing his "moves". He should say something like "Fine, I'll go back to watching my movie. You're out of here". Then, sticker slap his television. It will look like broken glass, and you will get a destruction bonus.

Hint: Boston: Man trying to levitate a goat:
Go to where the Star Wars Kid is found, but on the other side. When you enter the area the Star Wars Kid should be on your left. A person on the right will be trying to levitate a goat.

Hint: Boston: Destroy the construction building:
Light your board on fire, then grind on both cannons. An intermission sequence showing the building being destroyed will begin.
Michael H..

Hint: Boston: Changing the name of the "Jeers" building:
Do the following in order. In any part of the level, spray paint the front of the Jeers sign. Make sure the paint is still on the sign at the end of the level before you leave. Get enough points to go to the next level. Then, do not skip the intermission sequence and listen closely to the voices at the beginning of the video. Instead of saying "Jeers was recorded live" he will say "THUG was recorded live".
Justin Skaggs.

Hint: Boston: Get on top of buildings:
Get off your board and go forward until reaching the area with the ATM. Near it will be an area where you can go up some stairs. Go up them. At the side there will be a ledge with a rail on it. Climb over. There will be a fence. Double jump up (keep walking towards the fence next to it, jump once, then again while in the air). Keep walking when you are on the other side. You will reach an area on top of one of the buildings. Run forward, jump, and grab onto the wire in front of you. Keep climbing towards the left. You will reach a building. When you get there, jump and turn towards the building and grab the top. Then, climb up and onto the building. There will be a half pipe. You can do the same to get on top of other buildings.
Austro Lim.

Use the following trick to get on the highest roof easier. Go up on the little alcove by the Tony Hawk poster, and not the alcove behind the poster. Grind the wire up and you will be on the highest roof of the church.
John Mac.

Hint: Boston: Enter the bank:
Go forward when you start until reaching the bus stop where the Riboff Bank is located. Turn left and there will be a quarter pipe. Get some speed then go up and spin right at the same time. If done correctly, you will see another quarter pipe. When you land it, the message "Bank Transfer" will appear. You are now in the Riboff Bank. To get out, return by the way you that came or go forward and break through the glass.
Austro Lim.

Hint: Boston: Enter the hotel:
Go to the large brick hotel near the center of the city. Once you are at the stairs with the two statues, turn either right (recommended) or left. If you went to the right, you will see a halfpipe. On the left side of the halfpipe, you will see some glass. Break through it and you will end up in the hallway of the hotel. In the center of the hallway is a door. If you walk through it, you will appear back between the two statues outside the hotel. If you went left at the statues, you can do the same thing, except that you will break through glass at the right side of the halfpipe.
Waddle Dee.

Hint: Boston: Clowns:
Go to the state house on the floor where you find Ben Franklin. Then, walk right into one of the pictures. If you look closely enough, you can see clowns with 1700's style suits on.

Hint: Boston: ATM money:
Go to the bank and find the ATM. Sticker-slap it and you will see lots of money fly out. Note: You cannot take any of this money.

Hint: Boston: Bank Drop gap:
This is the gap that gives most points at Boston. Get into the Riboff Bank. At the end of the corridor, Ollie to the thing that has two quarter-pipes and Acid Drop to the farthest quarterpipe to get the gap.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Boston: Falling halfpipe:
In the goal "Slap The Signs", there is a sign on the halfpipe by the church. When you sticker slap it, it will get loose. Slap it one more time and it will fall.
Daniel Fishburn.

Hint: Boston: Jackass The Movie reference:
When in the Boston level, you can unlock Steve-O (located in building through the elevator). When you unlock him in story mode, he will say "Shmopping cart snopping cart man, my bull is rad!". He is saying the mechanical bull that he built will ride better than the shopping cart in the beginning of Jackass.

Hint: Canada: Hidden message:
In the Canada level in classic mode, go to the three roll-ins. Get on the highest one and face the fence. Grind on the right jump at the corner on the ice. If you were playing classic mode, the secret tape will be there. Go on the tip and Natas Spin to see the message.

At the location where you find the secret tape, Natas Spin on the spike on the island. A message will appear.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Canada: Flying kid:
Go backwards from where you start and you will find a log bridge. Ollie off to the ground, then get off your board. If the secret tape is far to your left, then go straight and jump up to the log walkway. You will see a kid urinating. Go directly below him and lip. He will fly off and say "Oh God, I don;t want to die!".
Wesley Rhodes.

Hint: L.A.: Cause an earthquake:
Grind all the earthquake rails to start an earthquake that makes the highway fall.

Hint: L.A.: See DC truck:
This is unusual because there are no DC stickers or clothes in the game. Get on top of the overpass and eventually a DC truck should pass by. It is the one that was in the Manhattan level in Tony Hawk's Underground.

Hint: L.A.: Grind wheels off car:
Start the earthquake then get on the overpass and skate towards the car wash. You should see a car hanging off the edge of the overpass. Grind the car. It should fall down. Then, jump off the overpass and grind the sides of the car. The wheels should fall off.

Hint: L.A.: Hidden message:
When you first start off, there is a curved bunker ledge. Do a manual trick down the entire ledge to get a message.

Hint: L.A.: Warp to Bustin Cherries gap:
Near the car wash is a liquor store. Go through the door to the liquor store to warp to the gap "Bustin Cherries".

Hint: L.A.: Tony Hawk's Underground reference:
Get to the freeway and start looking at the vehicles. You can see that most of them are all vehicles from Tony Hawk's Underground. There are vehicles such as the limo (Vancouver level), blue car (Moscow level), beat-up car and DC Truck (Manhattan level), and the racing car and police car (New Jersey level).

When you start, turn left, going past the stairs, then turn right and grind the wire up to the roof of the building. Next, Boneless to the highway. You will see all the cars from Tony Hawk's Underground. Note: You must do this before the earthquake.

Hint: New Orleans: Bigfoot sighting:
Near the graveyard is a dock and a boat. Stand on the dock. Note: Do not stand on the boat or it will sink. Watch the lower area of the trees in the swamp. Bigfoot should pass by.

Hint: New Orleans: Night of the living dead:
In order to have the dead walk among you in New Orleans, you must first enter the cemetery and knock all the skulls off the five crypts. Once this is accomplished the game will start an intermission sequence which features a voodoo guy on a tricycle shooting out of the river behind the cemetery and casting a spell that turns the civilians in New Orleans into the living dead. Also, a hole that leads to the underworld is opened up in the center of New Orleans. In order to reverse the spell, do a Spine Transfer (R2) into the hole and grind the circle in the underworld. Keep grinding on it until the game instructs you to jump off. At this point, you will be shot out of the hole. Then, a timer will begin. You must do a grab trick over the statue in the church courtyard. The grab trick you must do is hold Down/Left and press Circle. If this is accomplished, the spell is reversed and everything returns to normal. Note: The dead will not try to hurt you. They just walk and stand around. Once the spell has been activated, you can play as the voodoo guy on the tricycle. He is located in the back of the cemetery.

Hint: New Orleans: Dancing:
Assign any character the "Running Manual" special. Then, go into the disco building and do a Running Manual. Try to stop it in the center area. It will look like you are dancing.

Hint: New Orleans: Spinning bottle:
Run through the dumpsters to knock liquor bottles out onto the street. Run over the bottle on the street (by walking) about ten times in a row. By then, the bottle will stay where you ran it to, but will continue spinning.
Matthew Margo.

Hint: New Orleans: Find car from Russia:
In career or story mode, go to the small garage by the graveyard. In it, you will find the car you used in Russia in the original Tony Hawk's Underground. You cannot drive it. However, if you stand on top of it and jump you will fly in the air. Try this on focus.
Nick Bernstein.

Hint: New Orleans. Get flashed:
Find a box that reads "Press to pick up beads". Press the indicated button, then turn and find some girls. While facing them, press Square. They will say something like " Ooo, ya!", or " All right", then flash you.

Hint: New Orleans: Easy sticker slap:
To get an easy sticker slap on the water tower for one of the goals, go onto the building nearest it and to the right if you come up through the green goddess door. Go off the ramp, not the quarterpipe, at an angle that you can hit the water tower from, instead of going off the entrance to the green goddess building.
John Mac.

Hint: Philadelphia: Draining the fountain:
At the starting point, turn right and go down the steps to the kicker planter. Jump on to the first balcony. If this does not work then go to "View Stats: and put your "Olli"' up to the top by taking away from some other stat. Once you are up there, grind the valve you can see with the signs around it. The message "Waterfall drained" will appear. The water in the pool around the fountain has gone, but the fountain keeps shooting out water. Note: Natas Spinning the valve will not work.

Hint: Philadelphia: Hidden area:
Start and go forward past the funbox and the small stair set. There will be a building with a ramp leading up, and a rail on the side. Go up the ramp with lots of speed, then grind the wire at the end. Grind up to the first pole and it will fall to reveal the skate park area. Alternately, you can go up to the fence next to the skate park area and Sticker Slap it. You will end up on the other side. This only works in classic mode, as the fence is not there in free skate mode.
Austro Lim.

Hint: Philadelphia: The Flatland Techin To The Street gap:
These gaps are hard, and are ordinary. Near the glass building is a stair set. Ollie over it and you will get the Over The Small Set Stairs gap. After you have Ollied over the stairs, manual through the street. It is a long manual; put your character to easy mode (you will get more balanced). You cannot do combos or it will not work.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Pro Skater: Hidden areas:
Firstm unlock the Pro Skater level by completing story mode. Then go to free skate. Play around in the level until you get into the large bowl-like area where the aliens are meditating. On one of the walkways in that area, there is an alien that will tell you to activate the red walls on either side of the walkway. They are slightly below eye level. Sticker plant them to activate them. Once both are activated, an intermission sequence showing a gateway opening to the Aztec Temple will appear. Enter the portal and talk to some of the Aztecs. One will tell you not to grind the ropes holding up the giant monkey statue. Grind the ropes, and a secret area in the temple will be unlocked. Another Aztec will tell you that if you paint the five monkey statues, the gods will become angry and you will be sentenced to burn in Hell. Paint the statues and enter the portal that appears. In the back of Hell towards the giant demon face, there is a demon midget. He will tell you to liptrick on the broken ribs on the side of the walkway. The ribs will fall to make two new ramps. Use the ramps and the rail attached to them to sticker plant the Satanic Pentagram symbols. In each of the three areas, there is a portal to both of the other areas -- you just have to find them. Note: Once you quit the level, the open areas will close again.

Note: When you reach the hell secret area, jump down the hole in front of you. Get off your board, then walk up to a corner on a ramp. You should be pushed toward the lava and walk on it. You will not be killed. You can look at the monster or walk down the hall with the hands toward a fire wall.

Hint: Skatopia: Rope ride:
Grab on to what looks like a jet pack and it will take you on a very fast rope ride.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Skatopia: Easy Bomb Box mission:
The easiest way to complete the Bomb Box mission in Skatopia is to Flip Trick onto one of the lower boxes and Caveman the rest in that row. Just jump from box to box after getting off your board, but make sure to do one row at a time.

Hint: Skatopia: Manual Down The Mountain goal:
First, unlock Bigfoot. Do this by giving Jesse James the chainsaw and find Bigfoot in the cliffs near the billboard that you tag. Switch to Bigfoot and start at the top of the mountain where the old bus is located. Then, start the manual. Because the board is gas powered, you will go zooming down the mountain and will not have to balance for too long. Then, just go out the entrance while manualing and the goal is done.

Hint: Skatopia: Mountain Top Manual goal:
Chose Bigfoot. He can do a manual before the line starts at the top of the mountain. When you are in the manual press L + R to get off your board. Although Bigfoot cannot walk, he is still in a manual but cannot fall. Continue your way to the end of the level and your goal is done.
ThIeRrY P.

Hint: Skatopia: Get to the top of the Fountain O Glory fireworks:
Get to the side of the cable. Get off your board then jump to the rail and grab it. Climb all the way to the top and jump and grind down to the bottom to activate the fireworks in Skatopia.

Hint: Skatopia: Bigfoot sighting:
Go to the very back of the level behind the bowl. There is a fence. If you try to jump over it, you will be told that you are out of bounds. Do not jump it. However if you look through the fence, you can see Bigfoot standing there with a skateboard. If you try to throw a stinkbomb at him, it will hit him and he will fall down, but not do anything else.

Note: This is not a playable Bigfoot. Go to the other end of the level, with the halfpipe and everyone skating at it. Go behind it to find a fence that if you jump over you will go out of bounds. Go directly up to the fence and look at the very first tree, on the right side. You can see Bigfoot under the tree. You can see him better if you jump up and down.

Hint: Training area: Holy Shit gap:
This is the gap that gives most points at the training area. Grind the rail on the wall onto the halfpipe. Hold Grind to grind a curvy quarterpipe. Keep your balance until the end of the quarter pipe to get the gap.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Training area: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 reference:
The half-pipe area is the same as the one in the first level of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

Hint: Triangle: Open mountain doors:
When you start, go to the area were all the helicopters are located. One of the helicopters will have missiles on its side. Grind the missiles to blow up two doors on the side of the mountain.

To get to the inside part of the Triangle level, grind the missiles that are on the helicopter that is near the glowing fans. Once inside, you will see three windows. They have three tubes with aliens in them. One has the Star Wars Kid doing his moves with alien doctors around him. The last one has a women on a table with an alien dancing.

Hint: Triangle: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 reference:
At the beginning of the level, you will see two wooden halfpipes in front of you. If it does not seem familiar, go to the helicopter with the missiles and grind them. One of the three missiles will hit the center of the two halfpipesIn Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, there was a secret level named "Skate Heaven." There was a secret area in the level, and it was two halfpipes connected together. This is the same thing in the Triangle level, and the middle part can still be blasted off.

Hint: Triangle: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 reference:
The pirate ship is the same one that is in Skater Island's secret area in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.
adam clayton.

Hint: R/V halfpipe:
To unlock the R/V halfpipe and that mission for your character, play as Jesse James and jump over three cars.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Easy points:
When you need a lot of points, find a trash can or another object and do a Natas Spin on it.

Find a grinding rail that connects together. Grind around while pressing Circle and Triangle repeatedly. Its possible to get at least 219,000 points by doing this. Note: It is easier to do in special mode.\

When doing the arcade game goal, find a fountain or something very long and good to grind on. Jump and grind on that object, use Special, and do as many tricks as possible. Do this as long as desired.

Hint: Increasing stats:
You must do certain things to get your stats up. For the spin, do spine transfers until you get to one quarterpipe then go up it. Your air time will be a lot. You can then do 1080 spins. Another way is to enable the "Perfect Rail" cheat, then find a fountain that is circular (for example, in Berlin). Keep going around, adding tricks. You will get numerous stat points by doing this, including grind for 10 sec., etc. Perfect Rail is also Perfect Lip, so you can get the Lip for 3, 5, etc. sec. stat point also. If there is something difficult, do twenty grabs in one combo (Story Mode on Sick, and for Air Stat). Try to get the other things first, then do it. Look at your stats, and see what is easy and what is not.

If you must grind for 20 seconds, first grind for 5 seconds, then get the focus. The focus lasts 15 seconds, so you will have 1 stat up, as same with manual.

Hint: Avoid bailing:
If you are about to bail (when your character is not in the correct angle when he jumps from a quarterpipe, etc.), get off your board. You will not bail by landing with your skateboard.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Bigfoot: Manual:
When you manual with Bigfoot, your manual will boost the speed. Note: In free skate and classic mode, it does not boost your manual.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Shrek: Burps:
If you make a graffiti with Shrek, he will burp when he does it.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Don't Feed Phil trick:
Play as anyone, and go to "Edit Tricks". Go to "Specials". Select any slot you wish, then go to "Grab Special Tricks". Select "Don't Feed Phil". Put it anywhere desired, then start Freeskate. Go to any city. Get special and do the "Don't Feed Phil" trick. Hold the button until your skater hits the ground and falls. There should be chunks of the sandwich coming out of his mouth until you do the trick and hold it again. Note: For best affect, when doing the trick go up a ramp.

Hint: Easy special:
Enable the "Perfect grind" code. Play in any mode, then pause game play and go to the options. Go to cheat options and turn on "Perfect Rail". This will let you grind perfectly without falling. It will also let you lip and Natas Spin perfectly. Preform a lip trick and begin changing your position (tap the Square, Triangle, or Circle twice) in the middle of your lip trick. When doing this, it will only take two or three to get your special bar up.

Hint: The Natas Spin:
To do the Natas Spin, approach an object, such as a trash can, statue, or a pole, while standing on the board. Jump at it and press Triangle while holding R1.

Hint: Kissed The Rail:
While grinding at the end of a rail, press Triangle(2) to start a Kissed The Rail.

Hint: Space Walk:
Get into a manual. While still in a manual, press Left, Right, Square repeatedly until the front of the board is swaying back and forth without touching the ground.
moon dude 456.

Hint: MikeVBoneless:
When playing story mode or any other mode with somebody who can do a Boneless, add a 180 to the Boneless and it will resemble a MikeVBoneless.
David Hall.

Hint: McTwist:
Press Left + Circle in air. Note: You can only do this if you have done it before, You can edit it if you go to create modes and select "Create A Trick". Then, select McTwist and edit it.

Hint: Created skater specials:

Entertainer Manual: Press Up, Down, Triangle.
One Wheel Manual: Press Down, Up, Triangle.
Beaver Blast: Press Left, Right, Square.
Frakiln Grind: Press Down, Up, Triangle.
Shark: Press Up, Down, Triangle.

Hint: Get to top of high walls:
To get the top of a very high wall, do a Wallride. When you are at the highest point of the the Wallride do a Boneless on the wall. This should send you higher. Then, press R1 to grab onto the top of the wall.

Hint: Another way to Old Sk00l Kickflip:
Powerslide into switch, then do a 180 BS Varial Kickflip. It will do a Old Sk00l Kickflip.

Hint: Smoking wheels:
Go to create-a-park and put in a skyscraper. Then on any side put in a ramp. Get to the top of the skyscraper and jump off the side where the ramp is located. When you land, your wheels will smoke for about a second.

Hint: Make graffiti bigger:
When doing a trick, jump, then jump off your board. A little timer will appear. Before that timer runs out, spray paint. Your graffiti will enlarge.
Tye m.

Hint: Easy arcade machine score:
Enable the "Perfect Balance" cheat and unlock the moving skateboard ramp. Do a trick on it until the score multiplier is at X2 and then allow the game to idle for a few minutes. This allows easy completion of this goal.

Hint: Easy Freakout:
Note: This trick must have a controller with an auto-fire feature. When you fall and it has the Freakout meter, hold Triangle and auto-fire. It will automatically fill the Freakout meter. From then on, when you fall you only have to hold Triangle, and do not have to auto-fire.

Ollie, turn a 90 Degree when ollieing, perform a grab trick, and bail when you perform a grab trick. Your freak out meter will appear. To get your freak out meter to full, repeatedly press Triangle before it shows the freak out meter shows to gain a boost.
Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Freakout stages:

1. Nothing
2. Throws board
3. Throws board farther
4. Jumps on board and breaks it
5. Spins twice and throws board up
6. Breaks board by smashing it to the ground
7. Breaks his board on his forehead

Hint: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 reference:
When customizing your board, go to the "Griptape" section. Scroll through the list, clicking on every single griptape until you reach one with a bat on it. This was the griptape that the demon girl from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 had on her board.

Hint: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 reference:
When you reach the Australia level, go to the fountain. You will find a headless statue near a crane carrying a koala head. This is Kenny the Koala, who was the mascot for the zoo level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

Hint: Bill Gates created skater:

Head options
Head: A
Hair: Slick A
Glasses:-Casual G
Shirt: Suit Shirt
Pants: Suit pants
Shoes: Loafers
Layer 1: Light Green $
Layer 2: Text: Never
(in bold, color light blue, move word to top and fade slightly)
Layer 3: Text: Dies
(in bold, color-light blue. Move word to bottom and fade slightly)

Hint: Bobby Lashly created skater:
Ron Dillon.

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Voice: Male 1
Stance: Regular
Push: Never Mongo
Tricks: Street
Head options
Head: F
No shirt
Pants: Demin Dirty
Height: As tall as possible.

Hint: Elvis Presley created skater:
Zac Rice.

Go to create a skater and take the skater's hat off. Give him a pompadour and make it black. Give him a leather jacket and tight pants. Then, go to the information screen and enter his name as Elvis Presley, hometown as Graceland, TN, and age 42. Keep the same face as the original skater.

Hint: Eminem (from the Encore CD) created skater:
kevin leonard.

Name: Eminem, Slim Shady, or Marshall Matthers
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Age: 26
Voice: Male 1
Stance: Goofy
Push: Mongo switch
Tricks: Street
Head options
Head: C
No facial hair
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Buzzed Hair, pale blonde.
Shirt: Black Suit Jacket
Red or black tie
Pants: Black Suit
Shoes: Black Etines Vallely
Shoelace Color: Black

Hint: James Bond created skater:

Name: James Bond
Head options
Hair: Slick B (make black)
Face L (make black)
Shirt: Suit shirt (make black)
Pants: Any (make black)
Shoes: loafers
Graffiti 007

Hint: Jesus created skater:
val and phil.

Name: Jesus
Residence: Cloud 9, Heaven
Age: 2005
Stance: regular
Head options
Face: Head M
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long (darkish brown color)
Facial Hair: Beard 1 (same color as hair)
Torso options
Shirt: Shirtless
Back Tattoo: Belief
Miscellaneous: Angel wings (original color)
Leg options
Pants: Briefs
Socks: None
Shoes: Sandals
Note: All scaling to a minimum other than height

Hint: Mario (Super Mario Bros.) created skater:
Jay Friesen.

Head options
Head: K
Hat: Golf Cap
Hat Color: Red
Hat Hair: Hair Medium 3
Hat Hair Color: Black
Torso options
Shirt: Long Sleeves
Shirt Main Color: Red
Gloves: Gloves 2
Leg options
Pants: Snow
Pants color: Blue
Shoes: Boots Work
Scale options
Body: All the way to the left
Head Top: X: Al the way to the right
Face: X: All the way to the right
Jaw: X: All the way to the right
Chest: All the way to the right
Biceps: All the way to the right
Waist: All the way to the right
Forearms: All the way to the right
Hands: All the way to the right
Thighs: All the way to the right
Calves: All the way to the right
Feet: All the way to the right

Change the following settings to create Luigi, Wario, or Waluigi.

Hat Color: Green for Luigi, yellow for Wario or purple for Waluigi.
Shirt Main Color: Green for Luigi, yellow for Wario or purple for Waluigi.
Pants Color: Blue for Luigi and Waluigi; orpurple for Wario.
Scale options
Body: All the to the left for Wario, slightly to the right of that for Luigi, or all the way to the right for Waluigi.
Everything else (except jaw, head top, waist and face): All the way to the right for Luigi and Wario or all the way to the left for Waluigi.
Waist: All the way to the right for Wario or all the to the left for Waluigi.

Hint: Satan created skater:
val and phil.

Name: Satan
Age: 666
Residence: Hell, Hell
Stance : Goofy
Head options
Face: Zombie (skin color dark red)
Eyes: Red eyes
Hat: Devil horns (black color)
Torso options
Shirt: Shirtless
Left Arm Tattoo: Sleeve 3
Right Arm Tattoo: Sleeve 3
Back Tattoo: Eye tattoo
Miscellaneous: Angel wings (blood red color)
Leg options
Pants: Bunched cargo (blood red color)
Socks: No socks
Shoes: Velcro (blood red)
Note: All scaling full

Hint: Skinhead created skater:

Head options:
Head A
Facial Hair: Your choice, tuft recommended
Hair: Bald
Torso options:
Shirt: Denim Jacket 2 (olive green or black)
Leg options
Pants: Bunched cargo (color them jeans blue)
Shoes: Tall boots

Hint: Soulja Boy created character:

Name: DeAndre Way or Soulja Boy
Age: 18
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Head options
Head: F
Eyes: Brown
Hat: Crooked Forward
Hat Color: White
Glasses: Sunglasses 3
Torso options
Shirt: Hood Open Down
Shirt Color 1: Red or Blue
Shirt Color 2: White
Misc Items: Clock Necklace
Leg options
Pants: Denim
Shoes: Etnies Tribune

Hint: The Undertaker (WWE) created skater:

Head options
Head: Zombie for face
Torso options
Shirt: Black tanktop
Leg options
Pants: Black baggy pants

Glitch: Training level: Floating graffiti:
In the second part of the training level, there is a ramp with a breakable wall that leads to a room. Spray your tag on the wall then break the wall. Your tag will be floating in midair.

Glitch: Airport: Floating Sticker Slap:
Go to the hall with the flags. Sticker Slap one of these flags, then destroy it by grinding through it. Your Sticker Slap will float.

Glitch: Airport: Fall through and see airplanes:
Go down to second level. Go left to the first small qap on the left. Get on top of the ramp. Get into the corner and do a Impossible or a Nose Grab into the corner. You should fall down. Walk forward to see airplanes.
randy mcgee.

Glitch: Australia: Character's hands have smoke spraying from them:
In story mode, choose your pro teammate. Then, find him on the street where the fountain is located. You will see him in front of a hotel with bay windows. When you switch to this character, smoke will be coming out from his hands, and whichever characters you put in that place will also have smoke coming out of their hands when you switch.

Glitch: Australia: Floating graffiti:
At the end of the Australia level in story mode, you must blackmail Nigel Beaverhausen. Before you complete the task, spray your graffiti "triangle" all around Nigel's van. During the intermission sequence at the end of the task, it will show the van and your graffiti floating beside it.
psycopathic pyro2010.

Glitch: Barcelona: Floating bull:
Find Steve-O and play as him. Go where you found him and get very close to any window. Do a trick and bail. You will see that the bull is now outside and floating.

Glitch: Barcelona: Invisible skateboard:
Fail a grab trick inside the catapult. You will now be riding on an invisible skateboard in air for awhile.
Johnathon Saravia.

Bail in right before you go into a catapult entrance. The bail must be the type that you have to usually slide.

Glitch: Barcelona: Invisible wire:
Launch from the catapult, then quickly get off your board in the middle of the catapult and the building. If done correctly, you will be hanging on a invisible wire. This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Berlin: Floating skater:
Go over to where Natas is found. Go to where the barricades on his side are located. This will not work on the other side. Jump halfway over the barricades and your skater should float. Note: You must be off your board and this may require a few attempts in order to jump halfway.
Roland Beatty.

Glitch: Boston: Ride on water:
Go to the yellow ladder used to make the tag. Then, go to the top. There will be a plate guarding it, but you can easily get over it by waiting until the player stands up, then jump. You will then have to make a left until you hit the edge of the building. Then, make a right and run jump onto the concrete flat ground below. There will be a tree design here. Walk towards it and stand on the edge pointing to the right of the tree, but out into the water. There will be an invisible wall that you will get stuck to. Then, hurry and get on your board. After this you can ride as far as you want away from the level and on top of the water.

Glitch: Canada: Get on land in the sea area:
Enable the "Moon gravity" cheat. Look over the area where you can see the water. There will be a white piece of land. Try to jump onto that land. Instead of crossing the area border, you will land on it. Also, if you Natas Spin on the pointed rock you will see a message.

Glitch: Downhill: Stick to sign:
Go to where the second billboard is found. Go behind it. Get stuck between it and the rock wall. Then, press Left or Right (depending on which side you went on). Your forehead will become stuck to the sign. To exit, keep pressing Left or Right to get off it.
john mac.

Glitch: Hell: Go in the lava without dying:
In Hell (Pro Skater), there is a big ramp which has invisible boosters on the sides. You can go on the lava that is underneath it and explore -- for example going past the hands that come out of their prison cells. To do this, go to the bottom and get off your skateboard. Then walk up to the boosters and start graffiting on the sides nonstop. Notice that you will move automatically to the left or right (whichever side you were graffiting). After a few tries, you will eventually fall into the ground and can explore. Note: You must be in free skate mode and have unlocked the Pro Skater level, and the third section called Hell in the same level.

Glitch: Hell: Go under level:
In the Pro Skater level, there are various glitch locations in each part. You must be in High Score or Free Skate mode to do these glitches. In Hell, you can go under the level. First, open the portal to Hell and go inside. Go down into the dungeon part. Do the "Go in the lava without dying" glitch. Walk down to the firewall and turn so that it is to your left. Pause game play. Go to your options and select "Set restart". Do the bail method (see the "Fall into stars" glitch). You should slide through the wall of fire to the inside of what resembles a giant lava tree. Walk outside of the "tree" and you will be below the level.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Invisible wire:
Go to Los Angeles in any mode. Go on the bridge(climb the building by where you started). On the side of the bridge, there is a green sign hanging. Jump down and hang on the sign. Then, jump down and press R1 in the air. You will hang in the air on an invisible wire.
derek yamchuk.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Invisible wall:
Get on the highway overpass that is in the air. To do this, walk into the door of the liquor store off of your board, then walk right and jump. Then, and walk and jump right farther to the road. Skitch a car going towards the direction of the liquor store. The car will turn around jump off there. You will be able to walk around in a big empty area (blocked by an invisible wall on the road if you are not skitching a car). You can sticker slap that invisible wall to have your sticker float in the air.
john mac.

Glitch: Los Angles: Fall into liquor store:
Go to the liquor store. Get on top of the store and Pop Shove-It into the corner. You should fall inside. Stay to left then jump up and over wall to reveal more of the level
randy mcgee.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Floating skater:
Go to the tall purple tower. Grab the rail and go all the way to the left and press Down. If done correctly, your skater should float.

Go to the top of the building next to the Bustin' Cherries building. Get off your board and walk off the edge slowly. When he grabs on, shimmy to the left toward the highway until he is holding on to nothing.

Go to where the "Venting Frustration" gap is located. Notice the stairs. Face the stairs with your back to the half pipe, then go up the halfpipe for some speed if needed. Skate while holding X for speed and grind the left angled rail of the stairs. If you get over the top of it with the correct amount of speed, you will float briefly.
John Mac.

When you start the level, go to the purple part. Go to the mini purple ramp next to it. There should be a wire on the ramp. Hang onto it and shimmy to the left as far as possible. When you stop, move down and you should be floating.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Go under the level:
On the slanted part of the freeway, stand in front of the DVS truck. Even though it is stopped, keep running at it, then jump. You should go under the city.
Dillon Ulrich.

Glitch: New Orleans: Switched characters:
Before doing the glitch, save your game. You can play either the Jester or your custom player. In this example, the Jester will be used. First, find the Jester. He will be on top of the car. When you find him, you will now have the opportunity to switch to the Jester. Then, go to the grave where you will have to perform a task. There are five crypts with skulls on them. Grind the crypts to knock off the skulls off. When you do this, you will be in an intermission sequence, and therefore unlocking a special guest. Then, switch the characters so you can leave the Jester there at the place where the glitch will be taking place. Leave the Jester be, or the glitch will not work. For example, the Jester must be at the graveyard, and the person on the bike (which is the player that you are playing with) will have to find the custom player, and leave the person on the bike at the same place where the Jester was found. When you are switch again, you will have to go into the hole and grind on a circular bar. Jump off and go to the church. Perform a trick over a statue at the church. Afterwards, you will be in another intermission sequence. Furthermore, notice that in the intermission sequence the game will show the same place where you switch from the Jester to the person on the bike. You will also notice that the Jester is not there. Instead, it is the person on the bike. Then after the sequence, go to the same place where the intermission sequence took place. You will not see the jester. The Jester is at another destination; where you first encountered him. Note: Because you have saved your game, you can restart yourself and go to the same place at where you have saved your progress and repeat the glitch.
Jay Friesen.

Glitch: School: Floating sticker slap:
In freeskate mode, go to where the pools are located. There should be a path going up to the gym. There is a small kicker at the end of the path close to the small pool. Use the kicker to jump towards the pole in front of the pool. You should see your sticker float. Note: This may require a few attempts.
rick asher.

Glitch: School: Ride The Corners gaps:
Sticker slap the very middle of the corner in the alley between the gym and the ES building. You will get two Ride The Corners gaps.
john mac.

Glitch: Skatopia: Floating sticker slap:
When you first start skating, go to the Skatopia sign and turn left. There should be a shelter with a metal roof. Sticker slap the wood wall and your sticker will be floating.

Glitch: Skatopia: Floating Natas Spin:
Go to the top of the mine shaft. Face the weather balloon. Look down over the edge. You should see a tree. Jump down and Natas Spin. If done correctly, you should be doing a Natas Spin while floating in the air above the tree.
Sean Herman and Landen Baldwin.

Glitch: Skatopia: Leave level boundary:
Get off your board and walk to the red shack at the bottom of the level. Walk slowly in front of it. When you jump in it, it should take you to the bowl at the top of the level. Instead, jump backwards and you should land on top of the chicken coop. This is a great place to hide when playing multi-player King of the Hill.

Glitch: Skatopia: Go through fence:
Grind the blue ramp object at the back of the level, behind the "shed" on the right side of the ramp. Jump to a wallride on the fence to the right. You will go through the fence and onto the ramp rail thing.
John Mac.

Glitch: Skatopia: Cat stays on your head:
When the cat gets on your head, if you skate fast enough away, it will be on your skater's head until you go back to the spot where it gets on your head. This also works even when you change skaters.

Get some smoke bombs and wait for the cat to jump on your head. Throw a smoke bomb. Somehow, it will hit the cat and stick there. It will remain there, even when you change skaters. The only ways to get it off is to go back to the school bus park and riding in the school bus that the dog is standing besides or going through a shack.
amcgee000 and chris.

Go by the burning garbage pile in Skatopia. Run up to the cat and throw a smoke bomb at it when it is about to jump on your head. It will stay there and sometimes drag behind you. If you are lucky, it will stay there even if you switch skaters or if you go out of bounds.
david hochg.

Glitch: Space: Fall into the stars:
In the Pro Skater level, there are various glitch location in each part. You must be in High Score or Free Skate mode to do these glitches. In Space, you can get into the portal. First, open the portal to the temple. Then, get as close as you can to the portal without going in. Skate up the ramp on the left side. After that, go on top of the portal. Make sure that the wall is to your left. Pause game play, go to your options, and select "Set Restart". Find a rail that has open space on the left side. 50-50 it and bail left (tilt the balance meter left until you bail; i.e. "the bail method"). Immediately pause game play if you fly left. Go to your options and select "Go to restart". You will be sent back to the top of the portal and slide through. You should now be close to the portal again. Walk towards it and you will fall into the stars.

Glitch: Tampa: Board goes through ground:
When watching the intermission sequence to enter the Tampa Am, the man at the door says that the list is checked off and you cannot enter. After he says this, your character throws his board down on the ground. Watch the board closely. It will go into the ground and only the trucks will be visible.

Glitch: Created park: Leave level boundary:
Go to Create-A-Park mode. Put the big sky blue pool on the top left corner and lower the ground once. After this test park is made, grind the pool the long way and your character will go through the fence and bounce back. Do the trick again, and when your player is about to bounce back press L1 + R1 to get off your skateboard. You will now be out of the park's boundaries. Walk around and notice that you have limitations. While outside, set the camera to face you from the inside of the park. Notice that you are bald and have glasses. This may result differently with other games.
Joseph Lazaro.

In Create-A-Park mode, put the big pool in any corner and lower the ground once. After the park is created, grind the pool the long way and your character will go through the fence and bounce back. Do the trick again, and when your player is about to bounce back, Caveman . You will now be out of the park's boundaries. Walk around and you will notice that there are limitations. Go to a corner of a limitation. Start running back and forth in the corner. When it looks like there are two of you and it is not bumping, jump and Caveman to get on your board. You will not be stuck in a corner and can do any trick. To get out, get off your board.
Reece Harvell.

Glitch: Special Caveman:
Get off your board (L1 + R1) and do any air trick that is a special move. It will say that the Caveman is a special but it will put the trick as normal

Glitch: Special transfer:
In any mode, do an air special trick. As soon as the trick starts, press R2 button. If done correctly, it will say (special trick) in gray and (spine transfer) in yellow.
nick jackson.

Glitch: Get inside a house:
In create a park mode, there are two different shacks in the buildings section. Build the bigger shack and test your park. Get off your skateboard and go to the shack. Walk to the side with the door. Move to the side of the door with no window and jump up onto it to get on the roof. Do not go too far forward, but just go into the edge of the roof. If done correctly, you will go inside the shack.

Glitch: get inside a porta potty:
In create a park mode, place a porta potty anywhere. Jump on top of it then get to where you are hanging off the edge. When you are hanging, jump up and you will be inside the porta potty.
Bryce Opel.

Glitch: Slow motion:
After you complete the game and get all 129 goals you will unlock the "Cool Specials" cheat. Enable it, then get special and do a special trick (air trick). If you are in the too easy difficult setting, do the trick towards the rail and while you are doing that special start grinding. You will enter slow motion. If you are in any other difficulty setting while you are doing a cool special in the air, press Start and turn cool specials off. You will enter slow motion. Note: Do not do this too fast -- just about right in the middle of the trick.

Glitch: Make graffiti tags bigger:
Sticker slap a flat wall, then spray paint over it (under it works will also work). The graffiti will become bigger than its original size.
Light dude.

To make your tags bigger, do a combo above 10,000 points then tag in the walls. Your tag will be three times its size. You can keep spraying until the combo is over, making the tag small again.

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