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WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Hint: Cage match: Easy win:
Irish Whip opponent into any corner turnbuckle. Then, depending on which turnbuckle you are located at, Irish Whip your opponent either Up, Down, Left, or Right. After you Irish Whip your opponent, immediately climb the side of the cage in which they are running beside. Make sure that you are as close to the turnbuckle your opponent was in without actually getting on top of it. If they do not reverse the Irish Whip or hang onto the ropes the first time they hit them, when they return the second time and hang on the ropes they will walk toward the cage and get stuck walking in the corner, allowing you to make an easy escape. Note: This works best in the top right turnbuckle, but does work in every turnbuckle.
moyrra tlur rouvaogeand Tony Moyer.

Irish Whip your opponent to the turnbuckle so that their back is facing your wrestler. Then, go up to them, press Up or Down + Circle to beat their head on the turnbuckle, then climb the cage.

Give someone the Jumping Knee Attack 3. Start the match by using that attack and quickly climb the cage. It will take a while for the opponent to get up.

Hint:Cage match: Get out of cage without winning:
Note: This trick requires at least two players. First, give your player the Springboard Leg Drop. You can give him this move by going on the create a move set and selecting the player you wish to give it to. Go on "Rope Opponent" and select "Rebound". Then, choose the middle option and go down to Springboard Leg Drop. When you are with your player, get the ref down by aiming at him. Hold the button that the ropes you are next to and quickly press Triangle then X. Then, make the player you are with hit you and you will fall out. To get the second player out make him aim at the ref. Get the ref down, do Springboard Leg Drop by holding in the direction of the ropes you are next to then press Triangle and X. You hit him and he will fall out as well. To get back in the ring, just run in.
Danny G, Andy W and Chris W..

Hint: Bra And Panties match: Faster submission:
This trick can be used in Bra And Panties match or when you are performing a submission move on your opponent. When trying to rip your opponent's clothing, press Left rapidly while tapping Square + Circle. The meter would move faster in submitting.
evans carvin.

When you are in a submission/Bra and Panties hold, instead of pressing only X press X, Square, Circle and Triangle to make the meter go up or down (depending on who started it). Also, if you are in the training room (only in a hardcore match) go to a treadmill and press Square. You should start walking. Press all of the buttons to charge your special faster.

Hint: Elimination Chamber match: Shatter glass:
You can shatter the glass by Irish Whipping someone into them. It will do a lot of damage to them. It does not matter if the chamber is occupied or not.

Hint: Elimination Chamber match: Toss opponent:
To do the toss that makes your opponent land face first on the steel, make sure that your player's back is facing the steel and that your opponent has your attention. Then repeatedly press R2 (Reverse). Your opponent should grab your head, but you will grab their legs and toss them face-first in the steel. Note: This also works on the chamber's glass, but is slightly more difficult to execute.

Hint: Elimination Chamber match: Climb the cage:
You can climb the cage by pressing Toward the cage and Square. You can climb up slightly, then move left or right until you get on top of the chamber. You can also climb on top of the chamber by getting on the turnbuckle first and then pressing Up + Square.

Hint: Elimination Chamber match: Easy win:
When it is your turn to enter the match, immediately climb the chamber wall (Square + D-pad) and move toward the holding chambers. Do not get on top of them. When an opponent approaches you, move on top of the holding chamber. Your opponent will climb the wall after you. As soon as this happens, press Square to get onto the turnbuckle. Your opponent will follow you and get on top of holding chamber. Then, press Square (do not also press the D-pad or you will climb back up again) to get back onto the mat. Your opponent will jump off the top of the holding chamber and will hit the mat. This causes extreme damage to your opponent. You can repeat this as many times as needed. This works under any difficulty setting.
Mickie Manley.

Get a wrestler with a top rope move (for example, RVD). Get your opponent weak and climb on top of the one of the cells then do your special. You should get the 3 count.
William Mulhall.

Hint: Elimination Chamber match: Get in next:
When in the Elimination Chamber, if you are not in first and want to get in next, press all the buttons and the Analog-stick rapidly until your cage opens.
Justin Gerlitz and Steven Kelly.

Hint: Elimination match: Two on three elimination handicap match:
This only works in an Elimination Tag Normal 6-Man Tag Team match. Turn DQ on. Before attempting this, make sure the active man on your side is the CPU. Once you have tagged the CPU in, quickly go outside the ring and get any weapon. Hit any one of your opponents. The referee will disqualify the active man (a.k.a. the CPU player) but not your wrestler, provided that you are not the active man. Since this is an elimination match, you will now face your opponents two on three. For best results, use a weak person for the ally you are going to disqualify (fir example, Eric Bischoff).
Arnold Lindros Lau.

Hint: Hardcore match: Easy win:
During a hardcore match, bring your opponent backstage to the area where you can ride the Undertaker's motorcycle. Irish Whip your opponent into the semi with the WWE insignia. He will automatically climb it, and walk off. Each time this is done, it will affect his entire body. Repeat this until his meter is red.
Timmy Follette.

If you are one of the initial two superstars, fight to build up your SmackDown meter until another opponent is released. Climb out through the ropes and stand as close to the cage as possible. Keep taunting while the other wrestlers are battling it out between them. If a superstar approaches you, throw him back into the ring, then continue taunting. Eventually when there is only one other superstar remaining, you should have a few finishers ready. Lay the SmackDown a couple of times and pick up the victory. It may take a while, but may be worth it. This also helps if you pick up a lot of damage in the match and do not want to risk losing.

Choose the Training Room. You can Irish Whip your opponent against the wall. It will break after you do this twice. In there, you can also throw your opponent into the showers or the lockers, which will do some damage.
azriel tai.

Hint: Hardcore match: Jump from the light post to the helicopter:
Note: You must purchase the Times Square arena in season mode for this trick. When you get to the Times Square location, climb up the light post in the bottom right corner and press Square. Then, have someone else climb on the helicopter ladder by going directly under it and pressing Square. Have the person on the light post aim at the player on the ladder. Jump and you will knock down the player. You will now be on the ladder.

Hint: Hardcore match: Get signature experience fast:
Go to the training room backstage in a hardcore match. Find a treadmill and press Square while facing it to get on. You will begin to walk on it. To gain experience, repeatedly tap X. The faster you tap X, the quicker you will gain experience.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Easy win:
Break open one of the two sections in the top of the cell first. Then, go up to the top and the CPU opponent will follow you. Move yourself so that the opponent will step right into the open spot, falling to the ground and suffering major damage. The key is to stay on the side of the hole that is opposite of the CPU opponent.
Warren Mitchell.

Get out of the ring and grab your opponent's feet to choke him on the ropes, then exit the door. Wait until your opponent comes out of the cell and do a move to knock him down. Climb to the top of the cell. If your character has a SmackDown! move that does not involve the ropes (for example, the 619, etc.), go over to the doors on the floor and slam him through the door. Pin him for the win.

Break your opponent through one middle thing. Then, get out of the ring and get back on the top. When they climb back up, make sure you are on the opposite side of you. When they try to get you, circle so that you will always be on the opposite side. When they walk straight they should fall into the ring. Note: When they fall in, power up by taunting. Note: Keep doing this until your opponent is in the red, then get down, do your special, and pin them.

Smack down your opponent in the ring then exit. He will come up. Keep kicking him off until his entire body turns red, then do a powerful move and pin him.

Slam your opponent through the announcer table until he or she is KOed (spread out on the floor). Then, climb up the cell and you will now have enough room for a diving move. The Chris Benoit headbutt is the best one to try. Note: SmackDowns will not work.
Tommy Gunn.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Land on cage:
Set up a Hell In A Cell match for you against the CPU or another player. Make sure your character has the Shooting Star Press 1 move. During the match, knock down your opponent and get onto the far left corner (it may also work with others). Use the Shooting Star Press and you should land on top of the cell rather than on the floor. This could be useful if you do not want to go out through the door for some reason or another.

Hint: Ladder match: Easy win:
While in a Ladder match, go outside the ring and bring one of the ladders into the ring. Face your opponent while you are holding the ladder and press Down + X or Up + X. Your opponent should then fall on top of the ladder. Then, press Circle. Your wrestler should powerslam your opponent onto the ladder, giving you enough time to set up the ladder and win the match. Sometimes your opponent will counter and take the ladder away from you, or roll off the ladder while you are trying to slam them on the ladder.

Hint: Royal Rumble match: Better number:
Use this trick to get a higher number in the Royal Rumble. Whenever Eric Bishoff spins the wheel for your number in the Royal Rumble, if it is low, reset the game and try again. The number will be different each time.
george rodgers.

Hint: Royal Rumble match: Recovery:
If you get tossed out in the Royal Rumble, you will always come back. Sometimes you will hang on and slide underneath the ropes or will roll over and rest on top of them. If you are resting on top, there is a way to prevent being knocked off. Time your opponents hit or grab with L2 or R2 respectively (almost always L2). You will duck under and hit your opponent in the stomach, coming back to safety.

When your wrestler is standing outside the ring and holding on to the ropes, repeatedly press L2 to block any incoming attacks

Hint: Royal Rumble match: Get back in after being eliminated:
If you are eliminated from the Royal Rumble, hold Select until a new competitor fills in for you. Soon afterwards the message "Press Select" will appear. You may choose any wrestler who is in already. This can be done as many times as desired before the number 25 spot is taken. Note: This does not work in season mode.

Hint: Royal Rumble: Easy win:
To get rid of a wrestler in the ring, Irish Whip your opponent to the ropes. Have your wrestler run in the opposite direction. Before the two wrestlers meet in the middle, press Square to lie down on the mat, so that your opponent runs over you. After you stand up, your opponent will be hanging on. Punch or stomp him out of the ring to remove him from the Royal Rumble. This can be done by all wrestlers, and in all matches within the ring.
Jay Mistry.

Hint: Tag match: Easy win:
In a normal tag match, do you special until your opponent is in the red. Then, knock the other person down and they should go back on the outside of the apron. Very rarely they may try to break it up, but they will not be able to make it on time.

In a normal tag match, beat your opponent up until you can get a three count on them. Then, pin him and press Select to change to your partner. Run in the ring and stop the opponent from breaking up the three count.

Hint: Tag match: Change who you control:
Press Select during a tag team match and now you will be controlling the illegal man. You can continue to switch between your partners. This allows you to interfere while your partner gets the pin, or if your partner is getting pinned you can make the save.

Hint: TLC match: Serious air time:
When doing the TLC match, take both tables and throw them onto the table at ringside. Set the one table up, and throw the other one on top of the first. Then, climb onto that table, and set the other one directly on top of it. Grab the ladder and toss that onto the first table, then the other table. It will be thrown onto the highest table. Set the ladder up, and you now have three tables with a ladder on top. Climb all three tables and the ladder. You can do high flyer moves from very high in the air. As long as your opponent is close, you can land on them for some serious damage. If you miss, you are going to lose the upper hand. This also works on the RAW set with JR and King's announcer table, although you seem to be limited to the ladder and one table. If you break the RAW table prior to setting this up, you can have both tables and the ladder. The moves from the ladder will now be done from high above a concrete floor. If you are in a tornado tag match, and someone tips the ladder, both of you will take serious damage from the high fall onto the floor. You cannot climb sets in HCTP, but you can still do serious high flying.
Jason The Firefighter and Keith.

Hint: TLC match: Wear opponent down faster:
If you are in a Ladder or TLC match, when you use the grapple move for the ladder, (Up + X or Down + X) and your opponent is lying on the ladder in the ring on the floor, quickly climb a turnbuckle. Jump off onto the person lying on the ladder so that when you jump on them, the ladder goes into their back while they are lying on it to do more damage. Note: This works better when you use Rob Van Dam's Five Star Frog Splash when jumping on your opponent.

Hint: TLC match: Use the ladder when in the corner:
When competing in a TLC match, there will be a ladder in the upper left-hand corner. In the upper right-hand corner will be a table. There are two ways to use the ladder to knock your opponent onto the ladder. First, you can pick up the ladder and press X + Down to drop the ladder and put your opponent on it. You can use it while it is in the corner; just throw your opponent towards that corner and he will land on it, similar to if you had thrown him onto the table. From there, press Circle + Up, Down, Left, or Right to do a move involving the ladder Note: It may not work for every direction.

Hint: TLC match: Easy win:
When doing a table or a TLC match, choose RVD or Eddie Guerrero as your wrestler. Throw your opponent on the table by pressing Circle. Leap frog your opponent on the table. It should break or your opponent will fall off the table and you will pin them. Note: Make sure that they are near the turnbuckle.

In a TLC or ladder match, choose a wrestler with either The Walls Of Jericho or the Swanton Bomb. When you and your opponent are both on the ladder, win the punch-up and press in any direction + Circle. Your wrestler will either do a Walls of Jericho whhile on the ladder or he or she will push your opponent off the ladder then do a massive Swanton Bomb.
Tommy Gunn.

When in a TLC or ladder match, position the ladder so that it is close to the ropes (about halfway from the middle), and win the punch-up. Press any direction + Circle to do a massive suplex off the ladder, which will throw your opponent out of the ring. This will not work if you have Walls Of Jericho or the Swanton Bomb for a finisher.
Tommy Gunn.

Hint: Tornado Tag match: Quick Pin:
In a Tornado Tag match, if you are pinning your opponent and your partner goes for the cover too, the referee will make a quick count. To get this to work, have your partner pin the other opponent when your count is at "2". The referee will say "3" quickly.
Darkness !.

Hint: Season mode: Easy money:
IF you hold a title in season mode, you will get more money in every match your superstar is in. Also, holding more than one title will let you have more than one match, resulting in more money.

Hint: Season mode: Easy win:
In season mode, set up a table in the corner of the ring and move near it until the CPU opponent puts you through it. They will be disqualified, and you will win the match, getting more respect and superstar points.
Warren Mitchell.

Take the fight outside the ring. Use every tactic you can without getting DQed (for example, whipping opponent into steps, audience barricade, etc.). Do this enough and your opponent will be "laid out" (spread-eagle). Get into the ring and you will win by count-out. Slamming your opponent through the announcer's table(s) will not get you DQed and will do a lot of damage.

Go to the outside of the ring where the table is located (entrance). Get it, then run back in the ring. Make sure Earl does not catch you, then put the table in a corner. Wait for your opponent to grapple you, then quickly throw yourself on the table. He or she will slam you the table and get DQed.
marquise Will.

Hint: Season mode: Skip matches:
After a year of season mode, you will be able to skip your matches. Note: When you skip, you will automatically lose.
Robert A Glover.

Hint: Season mode: Spare time:
If you chose to start a faction, after the elimination chamber match you will have three weeks where nothing will happen. Use these three weeks to transfer shows or get a title shot.

Hint: Season mode: Video of finishing move:
When it shows you and your rival fighting in black and white, the rival will always be shown winning, even if he has never defeated you. Also, if they have a finisher that is from the front groggy position, or is a submission hold (it will not show the crossface), it will show your rival doing their finisher to you. If their move is not from one of those two positions, then they will be shown giving you a DDT outside the ring.

Hint: Season mode: Enter females:
The game normally will not allow female created superstars into season mode. If you want to enter a created female superstar into season mode,go into create mode, go to the character's profile, and change the gender to "other". You can now take your female character into season, and get some points to increase her stats and make her ready to compete. However, since the gender will no longer be female, you still cannot go for the women's championship. Once you are done with your season, you can change the gender back to female and still keep the points.
james bowie.

Hint: Season mode: Las Vegas roulette:
Whenever your show is at Las Vegas, Eric Bisschoff (Raw) or Stephanie McMahon(Smackdown) will run Raw or Smackdown Roulette. In this, they will spin a roulette wheel to choose the show's matches. Note: They will only pick for you.
Jerry Schmidt.

When you reach October 1st in season mode (depending on if you formed a faction or not), you will compete in the RAW or SmackDown! roulette. If you do not like the match you are in, then reset the game. You will get a different match. Note: A money match is recommended.

Hint: Slobberknocker mode: Keep specials up:
When you are running out of specials, grab a garbage can lid, then press Left and hit the opponent two times to get a special. Repeat this as needed.

Hint: Parking lot: Electrocution:
Backstage in the parking lot, you will see an electric box with a little fence around it. Irish Whip your opponent into the fence and it will fall down. Then, Irish Whip your opponent into the electric box to electrocute them.

Hint: Parking lot: Freight box:
In the parking lot there is a another vehicle (not the motorcycle but the other yellow forklift). To get more than one more box after you are done pressing Circle and there are no more, go to the bottom left of the area with the vehicle. One more freight box should appear on the carrier. You can do this as many times as desired.

Hint: Parking lot: Ride vehicles:
When you reach the parking lot where Undertaker's bike and a forklift is located, you can ride them by pressing Square. On the forklift, you can drop the box onto the opponent by making the lift go up and down. If you are on Undertaker's bike, you can grab the opponent and drag him around the lot.
Master Snake.

In the parking lot, you can ride a motorcycle. If you pull off the throttle and press Circle, you will grab someone. Quickly hold on the throttle and you will drag him. While driving, press Circle and you will throw him.

Hint: Parking lot: High flying from semi truck:
To the far right of the parking lot is the WWE semi truck. If you look at the ground, you will notice a white arrow on it. Walk over to the truck, press Triangle + Right on the D-pad. You will jump onto the top of the semi truck. From here, you can do high flying moves or knock your opponent onto the ground for serious damage. Note: You cannot get down without damage unless you hit a move. You can only dive out until the arrow becomes narrow, anything past and you will hit the ground.
Jason The Firefighter and Keith.

Hint: Parking lot: Easy win:
Equip your wrestler with "Shuffle Sidekick 3" as a ready striking move. In the parking lot, climb atop the semi. When the opponent follows, use the kick and they will fall backwards off the semi. The AI will repeat climbing back up, and you can continue to knock them back down for some heavy damage each fall.

Equip your wrestler with the F-5 (from powerslam position). Run to the semi in the parking lot and get on top of it before your opponent. When they climb up, get below them on the screen and hit them with a toe kick to stun them. Perform the F-5 and your opponent will crash face first into the ground. This causes a huge amount of damage and makes for an easy victory.

When in a hardcore match or a match that places you in the parking lot, go to the middle of the semi truck and get next to it with the opponent. Irish Whip him into the truck and you will then rub his face on the side. Turn him around and slam the back of his head into the truck. It may not do a lot of damage, but it looks good.

When your are in the parking lot in a Hardcore match, keep Irish Whipping your opponent into the transport. While he is climbing up, run away from the truck. He will walk off of the edge and fall. This will cause a lot of damage. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Tyler Drainville.

Hint: Times Square: Actions:

To climb up the ladder, press a direction + Triangle.
To climb up the ladder then other level with the words going across, press a direction + Triangle, then Up + Triangle
To climb up the ladder then other thing with the words going across, climb to where it says "Smackdown!", then press Up + Triangle.
There are four store windows that you can open. Irish Whip your opponent into the glass (located on right and left side of ladder). There are two or three on the left side and one on the right side.
Weapons that can be used behind the glass windows include a mannequin and shopping cart.
To get on the helicopter, get directly in the middle of the helicopter windm then press Square. Then, aim where you want to land
Note: You can also blow up cars

Hint: Times Square: Climb lamp post:
Go to the lamp post at the bottom right. Press Square to climb the lamp post. You can climb the post, and if there is someone is on the helicopter, aim yourself with the D-pad and press Square. If done correctly, you will knock the other wrestler down and hang on to the ladder.

Hint: Times Square: Very high flying move:
When standing on the tip top area in Times Square, you can do a very high flying move by pressing Toward the street on the D-pad + Square.

Hint: Times Square: Matrix-style leap:
Climb the ladder to the building with "WWE SmackDown!" scrolling on it. Have you and your opponent (if in two player mode) run at each other (Triangle). While running, press Square and you will both do a Matrix-style leap.

Hint: Times Square: Exploding cars:
Climb the top of the ladder then climb it again and press Square. You will do a frog splash and can make cars explode.

Hint: Training room: Hidden area:
When you are doing an Hardcore match, go to the training room and you will notice a wall that has a crack in it. Irish Whip your opponent into the wall two or three times. The wall will fall down. There will be a little steam room that you can throw your opponent into, and two closet with Diva posters in them.
Mike and Next Big Thing.

Hint: Training room: Walk on treadmill:
If you get on the treadmill, you can walk on it by holding Square.

Hint: Training room: Easy special from treadmill:
When in the training room, hop onto the treadmill. By tapping X while walking, your wrestling will start to run. This causes your special to fill very quickly. You can then keep hitting your special for the win.
Jason The Firefighter.

Hint: Training room: TV monitor weapon:
To obtain the TV Monitor as a weapon, go to the training room and whip your opponent into the stand with the monitor on it. It will fall and become available to use.

Hint: Training room: Opponent in the toilet:
When fighting in the training room, there will be a toilet in the far left corner. Irish Whip (throw) your opponent into the toilet straight on. He will go into the toilet, with his head dangerously close to it. The door closes, and the wrestler walks back out, while you hear a flushing sound.

Hint: Backstage valves and controls:
The backstage has two valves that you can turn. Each valve has a different color and they work only for the pipe with the same color. Walk up to the valve and press Square. There is also two control panels that you can push. One is on the upper level, and the other is on the lower level. Press Square when your opponent is in front of the garage door on the lower level and you will see boxes and everything flying out at them. The cage also can be broken. Throw you opponent just right on the cage and it will break. They will then have to rip off the left side of the cage wall in order to get out.

Hint: Backstage fountain:
In the backstage arena with the lion statues and water fountains, walk close to the fountain, then grapple your opponent. Throw them at the fountain. If you are close enough and it is done correctly, you will shove your opponent's head into the fountain and hold it under. It does not do too much damage, but is funny.

Hint: Exit backstage cage:
In the Arena backlot entrance, you can drive your opponent through the top of a cage the is on the far right side of the room. Once inside the cage, it will seem that you have no escape. Walk to one of the edges and press Square. Keep tapping Square and you will shake the cage door until it falls off.

Hint: Knock down the referee without being disqualified:
Play any kind of match with ring-out enabled in the options. Make sure your character has the Spider Suplex and Diving Elbow Bat moves. Whip your opponent into the near left corner (may also work with others) and perform a Spider Suplex on them. The ref should move near them. If he does not, he quite often moves there later. Then, do the Diving Elbow Bat. Most of the time, it should hit the ref when you are targeting your opponent. The ref will fall down and you can hit the opposition with a weapon or do whatever else desired. When the ref gets up he, will not DQ you, because you were aiming at the other wrestler.

Hint: Take out referee:
To take out the ref easily, grab a chair, focus on the referee, and before he can take the chair off, press Up + X or Down + X to do a grapple with the chair and take him out. He will not reverse it because he expects you to do a striking move.
P J Addison.

Hint: Confuse referee:
In a match where the DQ is on, get a chair. Before the referee grabs it from you, throw it to the opponent. Occasionally he will catch it. The referee will take the chair from him. This will give you time to run up and do a School Boy pin. Normally, it will end the match.
Derek Mayfield.

Hint: Take off turnbuckle:
When in the ring, approach any turnbuckle and press Square to take them off. When outside of the ring, Irish Whip your opponent into the turnbuckle pole. They should now be leaning against it. Press Up + Circle or like you are doing a move and you will slam their head into the pole and throw them in the ring.

Hint: Make opponent bleed from turnbuckle:
Have a wrestler that knows the turnbuckle move "Toss To Turnbuckle". First, remove the turnbuckle, then use the move. Note: This may requires numerous attempts if their head is not red.
Kyle Emina.

Hint: Easy submission:
When you put someone in an "escape" submission move, tap Square + X, Triangle or Circle (Square + X recommended).
phillip l luckado.

Hint: Drag opponent:
When your opponent is on the ground, hold Circle and a desired direction to drag him or her.

Hint: Hit opponent while dragging them:
Hold Circle to drag them. Then, press X while you drag them. When you hit them, it changes at the front or back of the legs or the front or back of the head.

Hint: Do your opponent's special:
Hold L2 and press L1. Note: You must have two SmackDown moves in order to do this.
YouKnowIWould and Jake Godbold.

Hint: Do opponent's second finisher:
You can do your opponent's second finisher(if they have one) by holding L2 and pressing L1 + D-pad. Note: You must have two SmackDown moves in order to do this.
Headstrong1220 and Jake Godbold.

Hint: Skip and roll:
To skip, press Up + Square while running. To roll, press R3 while running.
Eugene Rivera.

Hint: Step onto the steel steps:
While running towards the steel steps, skip (Up + Square). You will get above the steps.
Eugene Rivera.

Hint: Quick finisher:
When you are starting a match, clothesline your opponent (Triangle + X), then press Circle + X and quickly press L1.

Hint: Easy top-rope finishers:
If you have trouble doing your top-rope finishers, whip your opponent on the turnbuckle, run at him, and press Square. You will push him or her onto the floor. It takes awhile for your opponent to get up. Go on the turnbuckle, then you can do your finisher.

Hint: Special post match attacks:
If you are a certain person in season mode, such as Triple H, Brock Lesnar, or Undertaker and if you have a choice to taunt, attack, or respect, choose attack. If they do not reverse they should do their special moves. For example, Brock does the F-5, The Rock does The Rock Bottom, and The Undertaker does the Last Ride. Notes: This only works with some wrestlers. Also, if you look carefully you will notice that The Undertaker is doing the Last Ride from WWF: SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role.
matthew wheeler.

Use the following trick to do a post match attack with a created player. Go to create a wrestler, and choose "Moves". Select your created wrestler then go to "Bases" and choose "Winning Style". Then select the person that has that post match attack (for example, Undertaker, The Rock, etc.). In season mode, if you choose to attack out of the three options he will do (for example, The Rock bottom) if the winning style you choose was The Rock's.

To get an easy post match special, win a match in session then chose "Attack". Keep pressing L1 and most characters should do their special after the match. Note: Only some superstars are able to perform one.

Hint: Continuous damage from hammer:
Get the hammer. Go outside the ring, near the railing. Then, drop the hammer. You must throw your opponent into the barricade where you dropped the hammer. You must do this so that you can pick up the hammer before the opponent gets up from the barricade. When you have the hammer, hit the opponent three times quickly. The first two hits will knock the opponent to the floor, and the third hit, if you hit the opponent as fast as possible, will cause the opponent to lie down on top of the barricade. At this point all you need to do is keep attacking with the hammer. After a few of hits, the opponent will roll towards the crowd, then stand up. The opponent cannot block or counter while like this, so you can really damage them by continuously attacking with the hammer. The only way the opponent can get out of this is if they get lucky enough to perform a diving attack without getting hit by your hammer attacks.
Sterling Renouf.

Hint: Faster running without increasing attribute:
Go to "Create an Animation", "Create a Running Style", then go to the samples. Choose the one with the character ice skating. Name it and continue, then make your character have that as your running style. He will run very fast. Note: When you run to a turnbuckle to get on, it will stop. If an opponent Irish Whips you to the turnbuckle, you will not be leaning on it, and will be ready to attack.

Hint: Interference:
In a match that allows interference, press R3 to have someone come to your rescue. This only works if you can have interference in a match and if you are in a stable.

Hint: Standing Anglelock:
Choose any superstar who is assigned with Anglelock 1 or Anglelock 2. Reverse any type of striking kick and tap L1 quickly to do the standing Anglelock.

Hint: Perfect Chokeslam:
To do a perfect Chokeslam, give someone with a Chokeslam the Goldberg Wake-Up. Then, while your opponent is up and his or her back is facing you, do a Taunt Kane 4 and execute your Chokeslam.

Hint: Perfect The Gore:
Give anyone the Goldberg Wake-Up and The Gore as his or her moves. When your opponent is on the ground, use Goldberg Wake-Up to be in a position for The Gore, and wait until the opponent gets up. When he or she is about to turn around, run to the opponent and press L1 to use it.

Hint: Perfect Twist Of Fate:
Equip Matt Hardy (or someone with Twist Of Fate) with a Goldberg or Rock Wake-Up. Then, do the Matt Hardy Taunt 2 and execute your Twist Of Fate.

Hint: Drop kick with chair:
To drop kick a person with a chair, go to "Moves", then for "Fighting Style" pick RVD.
hitlist ball.

Hint: Shooting Star Press on ground:
Set one of your taunts to be Spiny Roony 1. Next, set one of specials to Shooting Star 2. Finally, have a match and do the taunt. The SmackDown icon will appear very quickly. If timed correctly, you will do the Shooting Star Press. Note: You cannot do this in the ring.
Johnny F.

Hint: Extra Smackdown special for Wrestlemania main event:
When competing in the main event as the champion defending his title, during one of the week's shows before your championship match you will be interviewed (by whom depends on show, RAW or Smackdown). In the interview, you will be asked a series of questions. Each question has a negative answer followed by a positive answer. Answer all three questions the respectful way (positive) and you will receive an extra Smackdown special for your match at Wrestlmania, as well as 3 Superstar points on the night of the interview.

Hint: Extra SmackDown! going into No Way Out:
If you decide to go through the Royal Rumble and win, the last person you knock over the top ropes will be your opponent at No Way Out. If you answer truthfully, you will get a extra SmackDown! going into the Last Man Standing Match.
Lamar Addison.

Hint: D Generation X:
Go to create a stable and put Triple H and HBK in a stable and make their movie Triple H, moves Original 1, and music Triple H. In their entrance, they will do all the things that DX did.

Hint: Run over someone's car:
Note: This may not work in every season. Begin a season mode as anyone and become a big superstar. A few months before the Survivor series, you will be shown arriving to the arena in a car. You will walk away and another superstar will approach you and say that his is better. You will have two choices; to ignore or attack him. Choose to attack him, and you will be in a match. A couple of weeks later, it will show you leaving the arena and get in the car. The superstar that you attacked will pick you up in a forklift then tip over the car with you inside. One week later on your way out, he will throw you in his trunk and drive off. The week later at the beginning of the show, that same enemy will appear and talk about it. You will then be shown walking in the back, getting in a monster truck, and run over his car. At Survivor series, if you win the match it will show the medics carrying away your opponent on a stretcher.

Hint: Getting weapons:
You can grab weapons from under the ring on the outside by pressing Square in the center of the ring. You can only grab one weapon from each side of the ring.

You can pull out a ladder (which usually a steel chair) from the right side of the apron only by using Steve Austin as a wrestler. This trick does not work for TLC and Ladder matches.

Hint: World Title or WWE Title:
In story mode. if you have over 85 SP you can challenge the main title. If you are on Raw, it is the World Title. If you are on SmackDown, it is the WWE Title. Instead of asking for the title shot, you must get involved with a storyline involving the current champion. In Raw it is HHH, and in SmackDown it is Angle. If you continue to do well in your matches, eventually Vince McMahon may give you a title shot at the next PPV against the champ.

Hint: Women's Title:
Enter a created female into the season (as a female). In any match she is in, go to play and select her. Eventually they will give her a title shot. Play that match and win. Note: If she is in the second position when you select "Play" press the D-pad over and it will select her.

Hint: Title shots:
In season mode, if you want a title shot, go to the "Move" option and choose "GM Room". The titles vary, depending if you are on Raw or SmackDown. You can challenge for every title on the show except for the World Title or WWE Title. You have to have enough SP to get a title shot. The only way you do not get a title shot is if you do not have enough points, or you are too involved with a storyline.

Whenever you have a title and you do not want to defend it, exit out of the game. You will lose the title. The next week, go to the general manager and request a shot for the title you just lost. You can now earn it back easily. This will ensure that you have a title match every week and give you additional money to help unlock expensive items.
Warren Mitchell.

In order to get a World/WWE title shot, you first need to make yourself the number one contender. Check your status in season by looking at the title information. Then, you need to start the first week or whichever promotion you belong to and reject any storylines people present you with. At some point Vince McMahon or someone else will offer you a shot at the title.
Leon Deathstorm.

To get a title shot during season mode, you must have at least the following amount of superstar points and not be involved in any storylines. Note: You cannot win the Women's Title in season mode. Also, you must talk to your GM with that amount of Superstar Points.

Cruiserweight: 60 points
Hardcore: 60 points
Intercontinental Championship: 70 points
U.S. Championship: 70 points
World Heavyweight: 85 points
World Tag Team: 130 points(combined)
WWE Championship: 85 points
WWE Tag Team: 130 points(combined)

Hint: Easy wins:
Note: This trick only works in a match where DQ is on. At the start of the match, kick your opponent or just go outside the ring. Go to where the table is under the mat then press Square and take out the table. Get back inside the ring with the table and set it on one of the corners quickly, or the referee will take the table away and take it back outside. Then, keep running toward the corner where the table is, putting yourself onto the table. If the opponent is close enough, he or she will grab you and put you through the table, causing a DQ and making you the winner.
Master Snake.

Note: This trick only works in a no DQ match. To get an easy win with a sledgehammer, you need to have a running move that will knock down the referee (such as the Sweet Chin Music). In a no DQ match, run towards the referee and do the running attack. Go to the outside the ring and get the sledgehammer from the bottom lower apron. Run back in the ring and use the sledgehammer grapple attack. It will give you most of your special bar. It also damages your opponent after two times. You can probably get in two sledgehammer grapples while the referee is down. Do this repeatedly to weaken your opponent and get specials. Then, do your specials to your opponent and you should get an easy pin (if you have two powerful specials).

Unlock Ted DiBiase. Switch one of your wrestler's finishers to the "Million $ Dream". While in the match, work on the opponent's head. When their damage meter's head turns red, lock in the Million $ Dream. The slider bar will have a small amount to go before submission. This trick also works with the Dragon Sleeper 2. That way, you do not have to use a special.

In a single match, go over to the side of the stage and fight until they are weak. Make sure that they will tap out, then knock them down and run into the ring. When they get in the ring, knock them down and make them tap out. Note: Your body might be weak; do not let them touch you.

Go outside of the ring. Go up to the apron nearest to the ramp and press Square to pull out a table. Get in the ring, walk towards the turnbuckle, and press Square while pressing and looking in the direction of the turnbuckle that you want to set the table on. Do this quickly or the referee will take the table away. Then, run to it and the other wrestler will throw you into it and get disqualified. This works in tag matches and singles in exhibition or season. This will not work in a table or non-DQ match.
Darrell Felt.

Choose a wrestler that has a special front grapple move, such as Brock Lesnar. Go to the top turnbuckle and side. Get your special meter up and Irish Whip your opponent into that turnbuckle. Walk towards him and press L1. You should do your finisher. Once he hits the ground, pin him and you should win.
Michael Bernabo.

Note: Disqualification must be on for this trick. When you start the match, get your opponent on the ground in the middle of the ring. Go outside the ring and get the table from under the ring (the top of your screen), and bring the table in the ring with you. If your opponent is standing, knock him or her to the ground again. Set up the table in one of the turnbuckles. When your opponent gets up and close to you, run into the table. About 90% of the time, your opponent will grab and throw you into the table, causing him to be disqualified and giving you the win.

To win title matches quicker, get a chair from outside of the ring. Hit your opponent in the stomach with the chair (D-pad + X) until he or she is red all over. Then, pin them for an easy win. This also gets your special up quickly.

In a match where DQ is on starts, take out your opponent and quickly get behind the ref. Keep our focus on our opponent but start hitting the ref from behind until he is down on the floor. Then, get a chair or any other weapon from under the ring and hit our opponent with it until the ref wakes up. The person who you are fighting is bound to take the weapon away from you. Just when the ref gets up, let our opponent hit you with the weapon. The will see it and will DQ our opponent.

When you are in no DQ match, take a chair and hit your opponent in the stomach by pressing Left or Right + X. If your opponent blocks and takes the chair, run away quickly and get another chair. Keep hitting until your opponent is fully in the red, the do a special to win.
Pupu Tero.

Hint: Easy specials:
Hold Down/Left or Down/Right and press Attack. This will have the wrestler perform a straight kick to the stomach and stun them for more then enough time for you to press L1 to do your special. This works for all wrestlers. To do your opponent's special move, hold L2 then press L1.

Knock out the referee by running at him and trying to tackle him. Then, go outside and grab a chair from under the ring. Either run back into the ring or wait for the opponent to come out. Then, keep X + Right pressing to continuously hit your opponent in the stomach. Keep doing this and you gain your special very fast, and also do serious damage to your opponent. Note: Make sure to throw the weapon away when the referee is getting up or else you will get DQed.
Master Snake.

If you wait for the an entire taunt to finish, it will raise your special meter. It does not raise as soon as you press R3; you must wait for the whole taunt to complete to raise your SmackDown! meter.

In order to get an instant special, grab a hammer from the bottom of the ring and do the grapple with it. It chokes them. Your strength may need to be at least 7 or more.

Hint: Popcorn combo attack:
The following is a one to six hit taunt attack that sounds like popcorn popping because it can hit so fast. Go to "Create Animation" then to "Create Taunt". It is best to pick one simple motion, such as charge or step in. Select the explosion looking icon (where you can put an attack for a specific limb). After you pick a body part and it flashes red in the frames where you want it, press Triangle to go back a step and choose another body part until both arms, head, body, and each leg is flashing red. The whole body can be marked in red all at once. Save the move and give it to your character. It is very cheap and fun, especially since you can taunt attack into another taunt into a normal 3-hit combo. This results in a possible 1 to 9-hit combo if your opponent does not fall down before all the hits connect.

Hint: Perfect F-U:
Give anybody the F-U. Also give them the John Cena Taunt 2 (or the one where he does "U can't see me"). Afterwards, give them the Rock Wake-Up or Goldberg Wake-Up. While performing one of the wake-ups, do "U Can't see me" then use the F-U.
kenny nguyen.

Hint: Triple team:
To do a triple team, you must be in a normal 6-man tag match. Irish Whip your opponent on your team's turnbuckle and press Circle + Down. Then have the partner on the top or bottom (depending if you are on the lower-right or upper-left) come in the ring. Have yourself and that partner get ready for a Double Suplex. Then, have the other partner go on the turnbuckle and do the Cross-Body to the opponent in the Double Suplex position while you and the partner do the Double Suplex during the Cross-Body.

Hint: Post-match actions:
After you defeat your opponent a small menu may open up at the bottom. "Taunt" will allow your character to do a post-match taunt. "Attack" allows you to beat up your opponent. Early in season mode, the "Attack" option may often be reversed by your opponent, especially if you have suffered more body damage than them, or have lower stats. "Respect" has your character shake hands with and cheer for your defeated opponent. Sometimes your opponent will attack you during this. Note: This does not work during any other matches than normal matches, and will not work with female characters.
Mike Pappalardo.

Note: This does not work in exhibition mode . It will appear occasionally in season mode only when there is no intermission sequence or event happening after a match .

Hint: Tower of tables:
This trick requires two or more players. Do a TLC or table match on Raw. Get one table and set it up by the announcer's table, then throw the other table on top of the first one. Once done, get on top of the first one then throw the second table onto the announcer's table. The next step requires another player. Get the first table that is already set up beside the announcer's table and throw it onto the stage. Then, walk over to the far left side of the stage (the part that is in front of the announcer's table). When you have walked to the left side, have your friend get on top of the announcer's table. The person on top of the announcer's table needs to be standing on the edge facing the person holding the first table. Then, have the person holding the first table run and throw the table at the person on top of the announcer's table before you fall of the stage. The person on top of the announcer's table will need to catch the table that was thrown at him or her. If you are not slowly falling off of the announcer's table when you catch the table, you should be knocked back slightly, keeping you on the table. After both tables are on top of the announcer's table, set one of the tables up then throw the other one on top of it. If you are doing a TLC match, you can throw the ladder on top of the announcer's and then on top of the tower of tables. Then you can set the ladder up on top of the tower of tables and have a very high ladder fight.

Hint: See wrestler:
In season mode, when you go to move, the only place it will let you go is the GM Office. If you go there then exit, most of the time when you go back into move you will be able to see a wrestler.
Ryan Benedick.

Hint: No blood:
Certain people in the game cannot bleed, including all women (original or created).

Hint: Brock Lesnar: Easy win:
When you start, rush your opponent and Close Line them. When they are on their back, press Left + Square. He will start to knee your opponent in the head about six times. You can do this repeatedly. Then, when your opponent is lying on his face, press Right + Circle and tap Left + X + Square and your opponent will tap out.

Hint: Brock Lesnar: Shooting Star Press:
In an Elimination Chamber match, go onto a turn buckle as Brock Lesnar then press Square. You will now climb on top of a chamber. Then, press Down + X to do the Shooting Star Press.
joe mac.

Hint: Chris Benoit: Diving German Suplex combo:
Give Chris Benoit the Spider Suplex. In a match, do the Spider Suplex then, do the Diving Headbutt as a special.

Hint: Chris Jericho: Combo:
Irish Whip your opponent to the ropes, then run the opposite way. When you are running back to your opponent, press Square to duck and get behind them. Back away slightly from them. Then, run to them and press Circle to do the Bulldog. Finally, quickly do his Lionsault special and pin.

Hint: Eddie Guerrero: Real entrance:
In the "Create A Move Set" screen, select Eddie. Go to "Entrance", select "Moves", and choose "Original 6". Although this does not have the hydraulics and Eddie does not drive the car, it is still very close.
Eric Rangers.

Hint: Goldberg: Easy win:
When the match starts , toe-kick (Down/Left + X) your opponent and do a spear (run towards him and press Circle). If done correctly , he should lie on the ground . Go beside your opponent's head and press Left + Circle. Your opponent should slowly stand up and turn his body around, facing you . Immediately do a spear. Keep doing this process until the status of your opponent's body turns red . You should have some Smackdown! icons stored . You can make use of them to do Goldberg's Spear or Jackhammer . Do this a few times and pin the opponent. You should win the match easily without any damage done by the opponent.

Note: This trick only works in a cage match . When the match starts , try to get the opponent groggy by doing a toe-kick (Down/Left + X) . Run towards him/her and do a spear (press Circle while running) , which is not the finisher . If the opponent did not counter the spear, you will immediately climb the cage . Climb the cage quickly by rotating the D-pad or Left Analog-stick counterclockwise. By the time your opponent gets back to his feet, you will either be on top of the cage or have already won the match . This works well if you do the spear near the cage and climb quickly.

When you start to fight someone in an Elimination Chamber match, make sure you Spear them a lot until their mid section is red. Then, take them out to the outside and whip them through two chamber containers made of glass. This should make all of their body yellow. Then, simply Jackhammer them. You almost always will get the pin.
Shane Carmichael.

When playing as Goldberg, use your running move a lot (Triangle + X), and your X button combo. When he is on the ground and you have a special, always pick him up and use it. You will win matches much faster.
Tyler Drainville.

Keep Irish Whipping your opponent into the turnbuckle and Spearing him or her by pressing X. It will injure their ribs and fill up your special meter. Keep doing this until you have a Smackdown! and use the Spear. It will almost always be a three count.
Travis Guilliams.

Hint: Goldberg: Spear without SmackDown! special:
First, make sure your opponent is down, then go to their head and do the "Goldberg Wake-up" (Circle + Left). Goldberg will get ready for the Spear, and your opponent will get up slower than usual. When your opponent is almost facing you, run at him/her and press Circle. You should do the Spear. Note: This also works without the Goldberg Wake-up, but only when your opponent is groggy (stunned).

Hint: Jimmy Snuka: Stunner:
In a tag team match as Jimmy Snuka, whip your opponent onto the turnbuckle and press Left + Circle. Snuka will do a Stunner instead of his original move.

Hint: John Cena: 5 Knuckle Shuffle:
Use John Cena's Taunt 2 to call for the move then either use Stone Cold Steve Austin's Elbow Drop in the grapples or use the Million Dollar Fist Drop 1. Then you can use the Goldberg Wake Up move and John Cena's Taunt 3 to setup the FU.

Hint: John Cena: Alternate entrance:
To get John Cena's bike entrance from the Word Life DVD, use entrance move "Original 12".

Hint: Kane: Classic version:
To unlock the classic Kane, buy the Kane card at Shopzone. You will now be prompted every time you use Kane if you want the mask on or off.

Hint: Kurt Angle: Diving German Suplex combo:
Give Angle the Spider Suplex. In a match, do the Spider Suplex then do Kurt's Diving Moonsault.

Hint: Lance Storm: Real music:
Change Lance Storm's music to Original 13.

Hint: Mankind: Shopping cart entrance:
Create mankind. Go to movesets, then choose Entrance 5.

Hint: Mankind: Mr. Socko, and moves:
Unlock the movesets in the ShopZone. Then, create Mick Foley (or Mankind). Set the moveset to the one labeled "OMF". Change one of the taunts to the one named "Socks!". Set the move set to Mick Foley (or Mankind) and play in exhibition mode. Get a SmackDown! icon filled and get your opponent groggy on the ground. Do the "Socks!" taunt, and when they are groggy, press L1 to do the Mandible Claw. You have now done the Mandible Claw with Mr. Socko. Note: Mr. Socko may not appear.
Eric Rangers.

Hint: Randy Orton: Real entrance:
To get Randy Orton's real entrance, set his entrance move to Christian.

Hint: Randy Orton: Perfect RKO:
On Randy's movelist, give him "The Rock's Wake Up". Save it and start a match. When the opponent is on the mat/floor, do "The Rock's Wake Up", then press L1 to pull off a perfect RKO.
Jay Mistry.

Give him the Goldberg Wakeup and use it. Then, when the opponent is getting up, use Undertaker's last taunt. Then, use the RKO.
Big T.

Hint: Renee Dupree: French Tickler:
To do a close version of the Rene Dupree taunt, use the Taunt Beast 3 (optionally following an "arms out" taunt, such as Kurt Angle 3). After laying your opponent out (preferably with the Spinebuster such as Spinebuster 6), stand by the opponent's head and use the Taunt Beast 3 for his trademark "French Tickler" dance. If you have assigned the Goldberg Wake Up to a ground grapple, you can use that once the taunt is finished; as the opponent turns round, they should be in range for the finisher Sit-Down Driver (Michinoku Driver or Magnum Driver) that can be used to pick up the win.
5-Knuckle Shuffle.

Hint: Rey Mysterio: West Coast Pop with no Smackdown:
When playing as Rey Mysterio, instead of needing a Smackdown to do the West Coast Pop, whip your opponent into a turnbuckle and press the Circle + Left. If done correctly, Rey should do the West Coast Pop.
Jerry Schmidt.

Hint: Rey Mysterio: Perfect 619 without the special:
To do a perfect 619 without the special, do Rey Mysterio's submission grapple (Down + Circle). Then, press Down + Circle again. He will do the drop toe hold that he does for his special move. Then, when they are hanging on the ropes, run and press X. If done correctly, he will do the 619 that he does for his special move. You can also attempt this alone without the drop toe hold.
Dilly Boy.

Hint: The Rock: Perfect Rock Bottom:
This requires one of The Rock's special meters to be filled. When your opponent is on the ground, go to his/her head and press Left + Circle or Right + Circle button. If done correctly, the Rock will stalk his opponent, and Smackdown! will flash above. Press L1 and you will have completed the perfect Rock Bottom.
Dilly Boy.

Hint: The Rock: Fight without elbow pads:
When fighting as The Rock, do two People's Elbows. The Rock will have both elbow pads off. This will do more damage to the opponent when you do an Elbow Drop.
Tyler Drainville.

Hint: The Rock: Red, white, and blue elbow pad:
Set the system date to any day in July. Have a special as The Rock and do a People's Elbow to any opponent. The Rock's elbow pad will be red, white, and blue.
Jeffrey Provencher.

Hint: Shawn Michaels: Hit the Sweet Chin Music from the corner:
Instead of pressing L1 from front position, floor your opponent in the center of the ring, move by their upper body, and press L1. Shawn will move to the corner, do his trademark foot stomping, then hit the Sweet Chin Music on his opponent just as they are back on their feet.

Hint: Shawn Michaels: Special entrance from Wrestlemania XII:
It is to see the entrance that Shawn Michaels did at Wrestlemania XII when he fought Bret Hart in the Ironman match, do the season mode as Shawn Michaels and win the rumble, allowing you to be the #1 contender. Then, just before Wrestlemania (the week or two before it), the coach will approach you and say that they have ideas for your entrance at Wrestlemania. When he offers if you want to hear them, reply "Yes". At the Wrestlemania, he will come down from the rafters as he did against Bret Hart.

Hint: Shawn Michaels: Wrestlemania entrance:
During story mode, if you are the champion defending your title at the main event at Wrestlemania, someone (depending on show) will approach you and ask if you have a moment to speak with the stage crew about your Wrestlemania entrance. This will occur sometime in the weeks before Wrestlemania. Answer "Yes" to speak to them about your entrance. Then, at Wrestlemania you will come down to the ring on a wire from the rafters, just as Shawn Michaels did at his Classic Wrestlemania match.

Hint: Sting: Entrance from the rafters:
Create (Crow) Sting, then play in season mode. Make it to the Wrestlemania main event, and make sure you talk to the stage managers about your Wrestlemania entrance. At Wrestlemania, when Sting does the special Shawn Michaels entrance, it will be similar to him coming from the rafters.

Hint: Ted DiBiase: Alternate entrance:
Give Ted DiBiase Rico's entrance moves, the Logo movie, and the Original Music #20.

Hint: Undertaker: Old school music:
First, buy Old School Undertaker from season mode. He will have no music as a default. Give him Original 10 entrance music.
Alex Wehr.

Hint: Undertaker: Old school entrance without Wrestlemania mini ring:
Change the Old School Undertaker's entrance to Original 10.

Hint: Undertaker: Old school Tombstone and Chokeslam:
Go to "Moves" and change one of the Old school Undertaker's ground grapples to the Goldberg Wake Up and change either of the Undertaker 6 Taunts to Taunt Kane 4. Then, play a match with him. When your opponent is down, use the Goldberg Wake Up so that your opponent is groggy for the special, then quickly use the Taunt Kane 2 to signal for the Tombstone Piledriver and Taunt Kane 4 to signal the Chokeslam.

Hint: Undertaker: Break table on ground:
Play as the Undertaker or give someone the Last Ride. Set up the table and line them up with it. Then, give him the Last Ride (he will walk forward). When you slam him down, he will break the table.
Alex Wehr.

Hint: Undertaker: Blood change:
Face the Undertaker in a match in exhibition mode. Make him bleed and the blood will be black. However, have a match against him in season mode and make him bleed. You will see that the blood will change to its normal color.

Hint: Legends alternate entrance moves:
Once you have all the Legends characters, go to "Moves" and change their entrance moves to the following. Leave the movie as "Logo".

Song: Original 6
Moves: Batista
George "The Animal" Steele
Song: Lita
Moves: Big Show
Song: Original 6
Moves: Goldberg
Hillbilly Jim
Song: Original 21
Moves: Randy Orton
Iron Sheik
Song: Jazz
Moves: Ric Flair
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Song: Original 4
Moves: Booker T {or} Original 3
Nicholai Volkoff
Song: Victoria
Moves: A-Train
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Song: The Rock
Moves: Sean O'Haire
Sergeant Slaughter
Song: Original 3
Moves: Vince McMahon
Ted DiaBiase
Song: Stacy Keibler
Moves: Rico
Old School Undertaker
Song: Original 10
Moves: Original 10 or Kane (similar to his Wrestlemania X entrance)

Hint: Jerry "The King" Lawler appearance:
When in J.R.'s hometown, Eric Bicshoff will kick him in the stomach. The next week you will attack him. Then, Eric will out you in a handicap match. When The King talks, he will say "I'm going to help him". The next week he will be your tag team partner. However, you cannot play as him. Note: You must be a face, and must be on RAW. If you are on SmackDown!, your rival will attack J.R., and Lawler will not be your partner.

Hint: Michael Cole appearance:
Early around Backlash (or whenever you are not involved in a storyline), request a tag team title shot. Win it, and you will not have a title defense for quite awhile, and if you do, win the match. Vince will come out saying that you and your partner have held the title for a long time and will hand pick another tag team for you to face. You will be in a managers match, with Vince on the other side. Win the match, and your partner will smash Vince in the head with a steel chair. The next week, Vine will complain and will say that he has suspended your partner. Later your partner will be backstage, being interviewed about the situation, and will make a deal with you about lifting your partner's suspension. The interviewer will be Michael Cole. Note: You do not have to be on SmackDown! to do this.
Eric Rangers.

Hint: Tazz appearance:
Play in season mod until it is time to go on a UK tour. Before the event starts, Tazz will appear (with his suit) and ask if you will go on the UK tour. Note: This does not mean that you have unlocked him for season or exhibition modes.

Hint: Spike Dudley appearance:
If you watch the Dudley Boyz video carefully, during some of the flashes you will see Spike Dudley's face.

Hint: RVD's and Eddie's special camera moves:
When doing a match which involves a ladder or the truck in the Parking Lot arena, there are opportunities to see a special camera view of certain moves such as the Five-star Frog Splash, etc. When fighting in the Parking Lot, beat your opponent down so that their status is in the red. Then, place them on the arrow pointing to the truck. Set them on the base of the triangle of arrow to pull this off perfectly. Climb onto the truck and the SmackDown! logo should appear. Press L1, and just before the move is pulled off, the camera will zoom in for a close up.
Jay Mistry.

Hint: Unblockable move:
Place the running grapple move "Back Rolling 1" on your character. Once you do this move and your opponent is groggy, you can do any front special (F-5, Powerbombs, etc...) and it will never be countered.
Patrick Pawlowski.

Hint: Hidden superstar appearances:
Some superstars who did not make it into the game's roster appear in the Titantron videos of other wrestlers. Here are a few:
Eric Rangers.

Chris Nowinski: He can be found in Scott Steiner's video.
Funaki: He can be found in Sean O' Haire's Titantron video.
Jamie Noble: He can be seen in the SmackDown! opening video.
Miss Jackie: She can be found in Rico's Titantron video.
Molly Holly: She can be found in Jazz's Titantron video.
Nathan Jones: He can be found in the SmackDown! opening video.
Nidia: She can be seen in the SmackDown! opening video.
Nunzio: A possible Nunzio can be seen in Rikishi's opening video.
Spike Dudley: An animation of his head flashes in the background of the Dudley Boyz' Titantron video.
Theodore Long: He can be found in the Titantron videos of Rodney Mack and Jazz.
William Regal: He can be found in the RAW opening video.
WCW Entrance Ramp and Superstars: Some of the old WCW things can be found in Goldberg's Titantron video.

Hint: Chris Jericho's song without countdown:
If you leave the default team of Chris Jericho and Christian, notice that in create a stable, their the music will be blank. Leave it that way and when they have tag matches, their music will be Y2J's without the countdown.

Hint: nWo Black and white entrance graphics:
In order to get the nWo entrance graphics from WWE: Smackdown: Just Bring It, use Matt Hardy's entrance.

Hint: Credits:
Successfully complete one season in season mode to unlock the credits.

Hint: Hidden ending sequence:
After the credits are over, WWE Superstar John Cena does a freestyle rap about WWE Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain.
Jake Godbold.

Hint: See part of Tatu's "All The Things She Said" video:
Go to create a move set. Choose Victoria or a created player with Victoria's entrance video. Go to bases and select entrance. Look at Victoria's entrance video closely. When she does the thing with the crystal ball, look on the inside of the crystal ball. You will see the brick wall and part of Lena Katina's face along with some raindrops.

Hint: WWE Legends:
The following WWE Legends can be unlocked for 35,000 Smackdown dollars in Shopzone in season mode: Legion of Doom Animal, Legion of Doom Hawk, Sgt. Slaughter, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, and Old-School Undertaker. The following WWE Legends are available from the start. Each of them have very powerful grapples. However, their grapples are not as powerful as those of the unlockable WWE Legends. They are: George "The Animal" Steele, Hillbilly Jim, The Iron Sheik, Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and Nicholai Volkoff.
Dilly Boy.

Hint: Arenas:
The following arenas can be unlocked for the corresponding price in the Shopzone.

Times Square: 10,000
SmackDown B: 3,000
Raw B: 3,000
Wrestlemania X19: 7,000
Summerslam: 5,000
Rebellion: 5,000

Hint: Move sets:
The following move sets can be unlocked for the corresponding price in the Shopzone.

Move Sets 1-4 (all USA moves): 2,500
Move Sets 5-7 (all Japan moves): 2,500

Hint: Attires:
The following attires can be unlocked in exhibition mode for the corresponding price in the Shopzone.

The Rock: 5,000
Steve Austin: 10,000
HHH: 10,000
Undertaker American Bad Ass: 8,000
RVD: 10,000
Kurt Angle: 10,000
Chris Jericho: 8,000
Chris Benoit: 6,000
Kane: 6,000
Big Show: 6,000
Edge: 6,000
Scott Steiner: 6,000
Stephanie McMahon: 5000
Vince McMahon: 5,000
Eric Bischoff: 3,000
Ric Flair: 6,000
Stacy Keibler: 7,000
Rico: 2,000
Torrie Wilson: 7,000
Brock Lesnar: 8,000
HBK Shawn Michaels: 8,000

Hint: Hidden WWE Divas loading screens:
The following loading screens can be unlocked for the corresponding price in the Shopzone.

Torrie Wilson: 5,000
Sable: 5,000
Stacy Keibler: 2,000
Trish Stratus: 2,000
Lita: 2,000
Jazz: 2,000
Victoria: 2,000

Hint: Bra and panties:
The following hidden bra and panties can be unlocked for use in bra and panties matches for 10,000 in the Shopzone: Torrie, Sable, Stacy, Trish, Lita, Jazz, Victoria.

Hint: Difficulty differences:
When setting the difficulty of the game, keep the following in mind:
Mike Pappalardo.

Easy: Player attacks do twice as much damage. CPU takes heavy damage from falls (top of Hell In The Cell, backstage areas). Reversals are very easy for the player and the CPU opponent does not reverse often. Weapon attacks are reversed often.
Normal: Player attacks do normal damage, CPU attacks do normal damage. Reversals are slightly more difficult to do, CPU reverses moves more often. Both CPU and player take moderate damage from high falls. Weapons are reversed very often.
Hard: Player attacks less damage, CPU attacks do twice as much damage. Reversals for player are very difficult, CPU reverses moves almost all the time. Player takes extremely heavy damage from high falls, CPU takes very minimal damage from falls. Weapons are reversed almost all the time.
SmackDown!: Player attacks do less than half damage, CPU attacks do nearly four times as much damage. Player almost cannot reverse attacks, CPU reverses almost all attacks. Falls for player are fatal (for example, falling from a high area will do 100% damage to the player across entire body). CPU is not hurt by falls. Weapon attacks are always reversed by CPU, and can not be reversed by player. SmackDown! meter fills up twice as fast for CPU opponent, and takes twice as long to fill up for player.
Note: The higher the difficulty, the more money, creation points, and superstar points you will receive for winning matches.

Hint: More points for character creation:
This is the simplest method of getting more creation points for created wrestlers. Create a generic male character. Try to set his stats to an equal amount, or leave them alone. Simply create the character and do not bother with the looks or move set. Set the game difficulty to "SmackDown!", which is the highest setting. This will get you the most points per match. Every time you have a match, set up a table in the corner turnbuckle and force yourself on it, and have the CPU player throw you through it for an instant DQ. You will gain the highest possible amount of creation points. When you have a suitable amount (about 1000 or more), go back to "Create a Superstar" option and copy the wrestler as many times as desired. You will then have all the creation points that he has at the time. For female wrestlers, set the gender as "Other" in the profile section and do the same thing. You can set the difficulty as high or as low as desired, however by setting the difficulty to "SmackDown!" you will receive the most amount of creation points.
Mike Pappalardo.

Set the game difficulty to SmackDown!. When you play matches with DQ on, always put a table on the turnbuckle, then keep running into it and try to get DQed. If it is mostly any other match, like No DQ, always get a sledgehammer and press Up or Down + X to choke them out with it.

Create a Superstar and gain lots of points in season mode(maxing out all attributes is recommended). Then, go to the options and copy your Superstar from your memory card to the PlayStation2. Then, save so that the copy will be on the memory card (as well as the original). Next, edit the copy so that he/she is a brand new Superstar.

If you have a created superstar whose points are maxed, clone the appearance. The cloned wrestler will have max stats, then you can simply change the appearance, bio, etc.
Version 1.0.

Hint: Hidden female wrestlers:
Go to create mode and create an appearance. Create a female. If you select the sample model, you will find Shaniqua, Nidia, Mae Young, Gail Kim, a witch, and others.

Hint: Replacement moves:
Brandon Tam, Hilly2003, Quincysqncp2690, Shane Carmichael, Brandon Tam, Herm, Eric Rangers, Bruce Davies, Steven Mohrbacher, Jay Mistry, and QOMSQNCP2690.

"Crash" Holly (RIP): His finishers should be Landing Pin (Bottom Feeder) and Stratusfaction
"Latino Heat" Eddie Guererro: Keep the Frog Splash Pin 3, but change the second to Multiple Suplex as the 3 Amigos Suplex.
AJ Styles: His finishers should be Landing Pin (Styles-Clash) and the Shooting Star Press 2.
Akio: His finisher is the Corkscrew body pin.
Al Snow: His finishers are the Snowplow and the Sleeper with Scissors .
Amazing Red: His finishers should be the Corkscrew Body Pin (Infra Red) and The 619.
American Dragon: His finishers should be Rings of Stretch (The Cattle Mutilation) and Elbow Combination (Roaring Elbow).
Animal: Keep his Poweslam 1, but change his second finisher to Scoop Slam 6.
Batista: Finshers should be Powerbomb 16 as the Batista Bomb and Clothesline from Hell 1 or Clothesline 9 as the Knockout Blow.
Batista: Keep his sit out powerbomb but the second finisher should be Spinebuster 8.
Big Bossman: His finishers should be the Scrapbuster Pin and Powerbomb 3.
Big Show: Keep his Showstopper, but change his second finisher to Chokeslam 6
Bill Demott: His finshers should be Swinging Neckbomb and Kurt Angle Moonsault (No Laughing Matter).
Billy Gunn: Keep the Fame-asser, but change the second to the One And Only.
Billy Kidman: His finishers should be Shooting Star Press 2 and Spinebuster 4 (BK Bomb).
Bradshaw: His finishers should be the Clothsline From Hell 1 and 2.
Bret Hart: Change either special to the Rock Sharpshooter.
Bret Hart: His finishers should be Sharpshooter 1 and 2.
Brock Lesnar: Use the F-5 2 and Stretch Muffler as finishers.
Brutus Beefcake: Change Sleeper Hold 04 to the Million $ Dream and use the Slapper Hold 04 as a basic back grapple; change the Super Atomic Drop to the One & Only and give him the S.A.D. as a basic back grapple.
Bubba Ray Dudley: Change Bubba Bomb to RKO or Super RKO.
Charlie Haas: Keep Haas of Pain but set second finisher to T-bone Suplex to 1 or 2.
Chavo Guererro: Change all his finishers to Reverse Full Nelson (Gory Bomb) and to Frog Splash 2.
Chavo Guererro: Keep his first finsher but change his second finisher to Frog Splash 2 (Feelin Froggy).
Chavo Guerrero: Change the Train Wreck to the Gordbuster 02 (refer to Chavo's entrance movie) or the DDT 12 (refer to WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain).
Chris Benoit: Change Sharpshooter 01 to Sharphooter 02 or Diving Headbutt.
Chris Jericho: Change Enziguri 04 to the Lionsault Pin and give him Shining Wizard 05 as a basic grapple move.
Chris Jericho: Change Lion Sault Pin (since it is a rope attack) to Shining Wizard #7 (it is the closest to the Enzugiri)
Chris Nowinski: His finishers should be Powerbomb 17 and Test Full Nelson Slam 1 or 2.
Christian: Change DDT 26 to the Walls of Jericho 02.
Christopher Daniels: His finishers should be the Edgucution 2 (Angel Wings) and the Testdrive (The Last Rights).
Chuck Palumbo: Change any special to the Sweet Chin Music 01.
Chuck Palumbo: His finishers should be the Samoan Drop 1 (The Italian Drop) and Sweet Chin Music 3 (The Whack).
Crash Holly: His finishers should be the Stratusfaction and the DDT 18.
DDP: His finishers should be Diamond Cutter, Bubba Cutter (looks almost identical to Diamond Cutter) or Spinning Powerbomb
DDP: His finishers should be the Diamond Cutter and the RKO.
D'Lo Brown: His finishers should be the Sky High and the Frog Splash 1 (The Lo Down).
D-Von Dudley: Keep the Saving Grace and Change his second finisher to The Finishing Leg Drop.
Edge: Keep Edgucation 1 but set second finsher to spear 2.
Edge: Use the Edgucation 2 and any of the spears except 5.
Eric Bishoff: His second finisher should be Karate Kick 2.
Eugene: Use the Rock Bottom, People's Elbow and/or any Stone Cold Stunner as finishers.
Faarooq: His finishers should be Dominator and Back Breaker 4 (the end is a dominator set up and put down)
Faarooq: His finishers should be the Dominator and Spinebuster 1.
Funaki: His finishers should be DDT 24 and DDT 25 (The Rising Sun DDT).
Gail Kim: Her finishers should be the Hurracanrana pin 3 and The Alabamaslam.
Gangrel: Finishers can be Impaler, Edgeucution 1, Trapping Suplex, or Elbow Drop 13.
Garrison Cade: His finishers should be Diving Cross Body pin and the Diving Elbow Drop pin 1.
GodFather: His finishers should be the Ho Train Attack and the Death Valley Driver 1.
Grandmaster Sexay: The Taunt Leg Drop should be finisher.
Hurrricane: Keep his Eye Of The Hurricane, but change his second finisher to Shining Wizard 10
Ivory: Her finishers should be Samoan driver and Powerful Facecrusher
Ivory: Her finishers should be the Samoan Driver and the Facecrusher (Poison Ivory).
Jamie Noble: His finishers should be the Trailerhitch and Tigerbomb 2 or 3.
Jazz: Her finishers should be the Jazz Stretch and Deathlock STF.
JBL: Change Powerbomb 14 to Jackknife.
JBL: Use the Clothesline From Hell 2 and Powerbomb 15.
Jeff Jarrett: His finisher should be the Full Nelson Face Buster (The Stroke).
Jerry "The King" Lawler: His finshers should be the Diving Fist Drop and the Piledriver 4.
Jim "JR" Ross: His finishers should be the Stone Cold Stunner 2 and the Austin Punches 5.
John Cena: His finishers should FU Power Of The Punch (Thug Anomics Knuckles).
John Cena: Keep the F-U but change the Spin Out Powerbomb to The Power of the Punch.
John Cena: Use the FU and Roddy Piper Strikes as the finishers.
Jon Heidenreich: His finishers should be the Sambo Suplex and the Lift & Cutter.
Kane (Current): Change Powerbomb 10 to the Tombstone Piledriver 02 or Tombstone Piledriver Pin.
Kane: Keep his Chokeslam but change his second finisher to the Tombstone 1.
Kanyon: His finishers should be the Downward Spiral (Flatliner) and The Alabamaslam.
Kevin Nash: His second finisher should be Big Boot 5.
Kevin Nash: Keep Jacknife but set second finisher to Big Boot 1 or 2.
Konnan: Use the Facecrusher and Pleasant Cycling as Tequila Sunrise.
Lex Luger: His finishers should be the Torture Rack and the Towerhacker Pin.
Lita: Keep the Lita Moonsault but change the second finisher to Twist of Fate 2.
Low Ki: His finishers should be the 99 Crusher (Ki-Krusher 99) and Back Tazzmission (Dragon Clutch).
Luther Reigns: DDT 23 can be used as a finsiher.
Luther Reigns: Use the Testdrive and Super Neckbreaker Pin as finishers.
Macho Man Randy Savage: His finishers should be Elbow Drop 3 and Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1.
Mark Jindrak: His finishers should be the Toss And Chokeslam and Front Dropkick 5.
Mark Jindrak: Use the Spinning Out Powerbomb 3 and any type of dropkick as finishers.
Mark Jindrake: His finishers should be Toss And Chokeslam and Spinning Out Powerbomb 3
Mary Henry: His finishers should be the Falling Powerslam 2 (World's Strongest Slam) and Bearhug 2.
Matt Morgan: His finishers should be Powerbomb 19 and the Spiral Bomb.
Maven: His finisher should be the Over Castle.
Mick Foley: His finishers should be the Mandible Claw and the Stevie T .
Molly Holly: Her finishers should be Go Round pin (Molly Go Round) and the Double wrist suplex pin.
Monster Abyss: Give him the Gunn Stinger for his move, Black Hole.
Mordecai: For the entrance he had at Judgment Day, pick Ultimo Dragon's.
Mordecai: Use the Razor's Edge as Redemption and Jawbreaker 2 as The Sinner Shot.
Mr. Perfect: His finishers should be the Fisherman Suplex pin (Perfectplex) and the Back Suplex pin.
Nathan Jones: His finshers should be the Gutwrench Suplex 1 and Ultimo Strike.
Nunzio: His finishers are the Diving Fame Asser (The Sicilian Slice) and the Fisherman DTT.
Nunzio: Use the Stratusfaction as Arrive-Derci and Diving Fame-asser as The Silician Slice.
Orlando Jones: His Finisher is the Jawbreaker 3 (Black Ice).
Paul London: Use the 450 pin and roundhouse kick as finishers.
Randy Orton: Change his moves to Diamond Cutter and Bubba Cutter as they look more like the true RKO.
Raven: His finishers should be DDT 10 and 18 (The Evenflow DDT).
Rene Dupree: His finishers should be Spinebuster 1 and Flapjack 2.
Rene Dupree: His updated finishers are now the Michinoku Driver and the Magnum Driver.
Rey Mysterio: Change his West Coast Pop to the Hurracanrana 4
Rhyno: Change his finishers to Lift And Cutter (for the Rhyno Cutter) and Spear 5 (for the Gore).
Ric Flair: Keep one of the Figure-4 Leg Lock #3s and replace the other with either the Austin Punch #5 or the Roddy Piper Strikes.
Rico : Keep his Rico Spinning Kick, but make the second finisher Falling Neckbreaker. This is similar to his Modified Neckbreaker.
Rob Conway: His finishers should be the Testdrive and Super Neckbreaker Pin.
Ron "The Truth" Killings: His finishers should be the Hide Neck Crack and Scissors Kick 1.
Rosey (S.H.I.T.): His finishers should be the Gunnstinger and Big Splash Pin.
Sakoda: Use the STO 3 as a finisher.
Scott Hall: His finishers should be the Razor's Edge and Powerbomb 6.
Scott Steiner: Keep Steiner Recliner but set second finisher to the Complete Shot.
Shane McMahon: His finishers should be the Diving Elbow Drop 2 and the RVD Diving Kick (closest thing to his verson of the Vanterminator) .
Shannon Moore: His finishers should be Whisper Of the Wind 1 (Halo) and Twist of Fate 1.
Shelton Benjimen: Use the Flying Clothesline or Powerslam Pin 1 as the second finisher.
Sid Vicious: His finishers should be Chokeslam 6 and the Powerbomb 16.
Simon Diamond/Pat Kenney: Use the Multiple Suplex as the Simon Series.
Sonjay Dutt: Mexican Stretch Buster as Indian Summer
Sonjay Dutt: Use the Dragon Attack Pin as the Hindu Press and Regal Cutter as the Calcut-cut.
Spanky: His finishers should be the Ninja (Slice Bread #2) and the Super Ninja.
Spike Dudley: His finishers are the Dudley Dog and DDT 7.
Sting: His finishers should be DDT 23 (Scorpian Death Drop) and The Rock Sharpshooter (Scorpion Death Lock).
Taka Michinoku: His finisher should be the Michinoku Driver.
Test: Keep his Big Boot 5, but change his second finisher to Pumphandle Slam 1.
Tommy Dreamer: His finishers should be the Death Valley Driver 2 (Dreamer Driver) and DDT 10 or 20 (Dreamer DDT).
Tyson Tomko: Finisher can be the Spinning Back Pancake move.
Ultimo Dragon: Keep Ultimo Dragon DDT but set second finisher to Dragon Sleeper 2.
Undertaker (Legend): Change Chokeslam 07 to Chokeslam 04 or Chokeslam 05.
Undertaker: Keep his first finisher (The Last Ride Powerbomb), but change his second finisher (Chokeslam 4) to Dragon Sleeper 2 (for the Undertaker Sleeper.)
Victoria: Keep the Widow's Peak but change the second finisher to Backbreaker 4 (Black Widow).
Viscera: Finishers can be either Batista's or Kane's Lifting And Toss and Big Splash Pin.
William Regal: His finishers should be the Power of the Punch and the Regal Stretch.
X-Pac: His finishers should be the Facecrusher (X-Factor) and the Edgecution 2 (Modified X-Factor).
Yokozuna: His finishers should be the Banzai Drop 1 and 2.

Moves for other Superstars:
BigBaddAnt929, Ripley, STJE256, Steven Mohrbacher, strykerryu92188, and Robert Wiser.

Any of the Powerbombs can be used as Funaki's finisher.
The Atomic Leg Drop 2 can be used for Kane.
The Bensoir can be used as La Resistance's Effell Tower.
The Buzzsaw Kick can be used as Trish's Chick Kick
The Clothesline 9 can be used as Batista's Knockout Blow.
The Complete Shot can be used as Scott Steiner's Novacaine.
The DDT 23 Can be used as Shawn Stasiak's Slop Drop.
The Tiger Bomb 4 can be used as Jamie Noble's Tiger Bomb.
The DDT 23 can be used as Sting's Scorpion Death Drop.
The Death Valley Driver can be used as Tommy Dreamer's Spicolli Driver.
The Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2 can be used as Garrison Cade's Top-Rope Elbow.
The Diving Headbutt 2 can be used as D-Von Dudley's Special.
The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner.
The Dudley Device can be used as Legion Of Doom's (Animal and Hawk's) Doomsday Device.
The Edgecution 1 or 2 can be used as Mankind's Double Arm DDT.
The Edgecution 2 can be used as Steven Richards' Stevie T.
The Extreme Twist Of Fate can be used as Jeff Hardy's Reverse Of Fate.
The Fall Away Slam can be used as Bradshaw's Last Call.
The Frog Splash 3 can be used as Chavo's Feelin' Froggy.
The Full Nelson can be used for Hardcore Holly's I'm Gonna Break Your Neck.
The Full Nelson can be used as Chris Master's Masterlock.
The Gore can be used as Edge's Spear.
The Gore can be used as Goldberg's Spear.
The Gunn Stinger can be used as D'Lo Brown's Sudden Impact.
The Gunn Stinger can be used as Rosey's Special.
The Impalar can be used as Mankind's Double Arm DDT.
The Jawbreaker 2 can be used as Mordecai's Redemption.
The Karati Kick can be used as HBK's running Sweet Chin Music.
The Lift and Cutter can be used as Rhyno's Rhyno Cutter.
The Michinoku Driver can be used as Rene Dupree's Special.
The Money Shot can be used as Shawn Michaels' Top Rope Splash.
The Powerbomb 16 can be used as Matt Morgan's Special.
The Razor's Edge can be used as Mordecai's Crucifix.
The Razor's Edge can be used as Mordecai's Sinner Shot.
The Razor's Edge can be used as Scott Hall's Outsider's Edge.
The Rico Spin Kick can be used for Nathan Jones.
The Rikishi Driver can be used as Owen Hart's Inverted Piledriver.
The RKO can be used as Bubba Ray Dudley's Bubba Cutter.
The RKO can be used as DDP's Diamond Cutter.
The Samoan Drop 3 can be used as Jamal's Samoan Drop.
The Scissors Kick 1 can be used as Bull Buchanan's Censor Kick.
The Sharpshooter 1 or 2 can be used as Bret Hart's Sharpshooter.
The Sharpshooter 2 can be used as Sting's Scorpion Death Lock.
The Shooting Star Press 2 can be used as Billy Kidman's Shooting Star Press.
The Side-Affect 1 can be used as Bret Hart's Hart Attack.
The Side-Affect 1 can be Used as Johnny Stamboli's Fuhgeddaboudit.
The Sky High can be used as Billy Kidman's B.K. Bomb.
The Spear 5 can be used as Edge's other Spear.
The Spear 5 can be used as Rhyno's other Gore.
The Stevie T can be used as Mankind's Double Arm DDT.
The Stevie-T can be used as Mick Foley's Double Arm DDT.
The STK Can be used as Kenzo Suzuki's Special.
The Stone Cold Stunner 2 can be used as The Rocks version of The Stone Cold Stunner.
The Superfly can be used as Jamal's 350 Splash.
The Swanton Bomb 1 or 2 can be used as Sean O'Haire's Seanton Bomb.
The Sweet Chin Music 1 can be used as Shelton Benjamin's Shell Shocka.
The Sweet Chin Music 1 can be used as Trish's Chick Kick.
The Sweet Chin Music 1, 2, or 3 can be used as Shelton Benjimen's Benjimen Kick.
The T-Bone Suplex 2 can be used as Shelton Benjamin's Modified Powerslam.
The Tombstone Piledriver 1 can be used as Justin Credible's That's Incredible.
The Tombstone Piledriver 1 can be used as Kane's Special.

Hint: Move sets:
Kirk Andrews and OfftheTOP.

Move Set 1 WWR: William Regal
Move Set 2 WAS: Al Snow
Move Set 3 WSD: Spike Dudley
Move Set 4 WBR: Bradshaw
Move Set 5 WFA: Faarooq
Move Set 6 WBG: Billy Gunn
Move Set 7 WCP: Chuck Palumbo
Move Set 8 WBK: Billy Kidman
Move Set 9 WS2H: Scotty 2 Hotty
Move Set 10 WTA: Tazz
Move Set 11 WHH: Hardcore Holly
Move Set 12 WJN: Jamie Noble
Move Set 13 WRJ: Rosie/Jamal
Move Set 14 WTD: Tommy Dreamer
Move Set 15 WBD: Bill Demott
Move Set 16 WFU: Funaki
Move Set 17 WCR: Crash Holly
Move Set 18 OJH: Jeff Hardy
Move Set 19 ORA: Raven
Move Set 20 OXP: X-pac
Move Set 21 ODD: DDP
Move Set 22 ODL: D-Lo
Move Set 23 OJC: Justin Credible
Move Set 24 OGF: Godfather
Move Set 25 OSB: Steve Blackmen
Move Set 26 WSM: Shane Mcmahon
Move Set 27 WBB: Big Bossman
Move Set 28 NJPS: Perry Saturn
Move Set 29 AJMA: Mike Awesome
Move Set 30 ODM: Dean Malenko
Move Set 31 OMP: Mr Perfect
Move Set 32 OMF: Mick Foley
Move Set 33 CBH: Bret Hart
Move Set 34 ZAG: Andre The Giant
Move Set 35 ZBB: Bob Backlund
Move Set 36 OER: Essa Rios
Move Set 37 ORD: Road Dogg
Move Set 38 DLTF: Terry Funk
Move Set 39 CRR: Razor Ramon
Move Set 40 CST: Sting
Move Set 41 LKS: Ken Shamrock
Move Set 42 CJJ: Jeff Jarett
Move Set 43 KTM: Taka Michinoku
Move Set 44 WJKS: Kensuke Sasake
Move Set 45 AJKM: Keiji Mutoh
Move Set 46 NJMC: Masa Chono
Move Set 47 NJHT: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Move Set 48 NJMN: Manabu Nakanishi
Move Set 49 NJYN: Yugi Nagata
Move Set 50 NJJL: Jushin Lyger
Move Set 51 AJKK: Kendo Kashin
Move Set 52 AJTK: Toshiaki Kawada
Move Set 53 FRGT: Genichiro Tenryu
Move Set 54 WJVD: Vader
Move Set 55 NOMM: Mitsuharu Misawa
Move Set 56 NOKK: Kenta Kobashi
Move Set 57 NOJA: Jun Akiyama
Move Set 58 PAI: Antonio Inoki
Move Set 59 ZONO: Naoya Ogawa
Move Set 60 ZOSH: Shinya Hashimoto
Move Set 61 MGS: The Great Sasuke
Move Set 62 JAO: Atsushi Onita
Move Set 63 WIV: Ivory
Move Set 64 MS: Fred Durst
Move Set 65 PAT: Shoot Set 1
Move Set 66 PGP: Shoot Set 2
Move Set 67 JIDA: Joshi Set A
Move Set 68 JIDB: Joshi Set B
Move Set 69 MEX: Lucha Set
Move Set 70 OHH: Hulk Hogan
Move Set 71 OUW: Ultimate Warrior

Go to Create A Move Set, choose a wrestler, then go to autosetting. The following move sets belong to the indicated person.

Average: Maven
Roughneck: Jerry Lynn
Technical: Vampire Warrior(Gangrel)
Speedy: Grand Master Sexay
Powerful: Mark Henry

Replacement music:

Batista's theme can be used as Sting's 2000 theme.
Booker T's theme can be used as Stevie Ray's theme.
Brock Lesnar's theme can be used as Billy Kidman's WCW theme.
Christian's theme can be used as Legion Of Doom's WWF theme.
Jazz's theme can be used as Jeff Jarrett's WCW theme.
Kevin Nash's theme can be used as "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel's theme.
Lance Storm's theme can be used as Ric Flair's theme.
Steven Richard's theme can be used as Kronik's WCW theme.
The Dudley Boyz theme can be used as Spike Dudley's theme.
The Hurricane's theme can be used as S.H.I.T. Rosey's theme.
The Original 10 theme can be used as The Undertaker's theme.
Victoria's theme can be used as Razor Ramoan's theme.

Hint: Haas and Benjamin Stable:

Movie: Charlie Haas
Tag Moves: Original 02
Trio Moves: ---------
Music: Charlie Haas

Glitch: Enter crowd:
When in any match at any arena, get a table from the ring or under the ring apron and throw it on the announcer table. Pick it up, then press X (to hit) and Left or Right on the D-pad. When this is done, you will fall through the announcer table, with the brown table still in your hand. Press the D-pad towards the audience and the force will push you into the crowd. This can be used to hide a table. Note: This works best when your view is towards the opposite announcer table, meaning that it is best when your opponent is between the two announcer tables. Also for some reason, the right announcer table works better.

Alternately, after you fall through the annoucer table, with the brown table still in your hand, run diagonally into the audience . For example, if you are doing it at the right announcer table, run to the south-east, and if you are doing on the left , run towards the south-west).

Throw an opponent in the barricade. Run to the apron and jump off with a spinning wheel kick with the opponent still lying on the barricade. You will land on the other side of the barricade and be able to walk anywhere. You can walk through the fans and run through the arena off the screen into the blackness, until the arena itself is nothing but a dot on your screen. It will take awhile to get back to the ring. You can also walk behind the Titantron.
Jeff Cowie.

Glitch: Bra And Panties match: Wrestling in bra and panties:
Go to create a move set, then edit one of a girl's (for example, Lita) specials to a Peoples Elbow. Save then go into a Bra And Panties match. Knock your opponent down and Peoples Elbow them twice (once after the other the first time you do it). Instead of taking an elbow pad off, they will take their pants off. Do it again, and this time they will take their shirt off. You cannot lose if your opponent tries to take your clothes off -- the game will freeze and you will have to reset.
Tyson Smith.

Glitch: First Blood match: Ref wins:
Start a First blood match featuring any superstar except Eric Bischoff for either, against any other one. Once again, do not use Eric Bischoff. When you or your opponent's (if it is 1P vs. 2P and not 1P vs. Com or 2P vs. Com) head is in the red danger state, target the referee and attempt a finisher on him. He should counter it into a DDT and make you bleed, causing him to win the match and not you or your opponent. After the load screen, a ref will lift the other ref's hand in victory.
Anson D. Grimes.

Glitch: Elimination Chamber match: Getting out of the chamber:
Get out of the ring, then climb the cage. Wait until your opponent gets out of the ring, then go on the chamber. Your opponent will then move to the chamber. Get off of the chamber before your opponent gets on. When you are off the chamber, you will be on the turnbuckle. When you opponent is on the chamber press X, then you are out off the chamber. Sometimes your opponent can go out also.

Use two players. Have one player on chamber and get the second player on the top ropes. Note: You must have someone with the Moonsault, such as Shawn Michaels. Then, have the player two get his focus on player one. Then, do the Moonsault and you will get out of the cage. You can get out and run through the crowd, etc.

Two players are required for this trick. Have player one climb on top of one of the "pods", then have player two get on the turnbuckle beneath player one. Have Player two face player one with the player indicator and perform a Missile Dropkick at them. Instead of hitting them, player two will morph through the side and has free reign outside. Player one can now do a diving move at player two to also leave the chamber.
P J Addison.

Have two players, one on the turnbuckle and the other on the top of the same cell. RVD Kick with the bottom player while facing the person on the cell. Then, have the player on the cell jump out at you while you are out.

Play as any Superstar that can do an Elbow Drop. Play in two player mode. Have one Superstar on the chamber door, and face him. Get on the turnbuckle while the other player is on the chamber. Jump off the turnbuckle and you will go out of the chamber. You can run out in the crowd, out of the arena, and can go backstage.

Glitch: Elimination Chamber match: Run around crowd, through Titantron, and into the distance:
Play as one of the last two wrestlers. Climb the cage on the sides closest to the camera. When your opponent gets close to you, climb on top of the chamber. Once he follows, climb down onto the turnbuckle. Once your opponent is on top of the chamber, press X. You should be out of the chamber. If you walk towards the chamber, it will automatically let you back in. However, if you stay outside you can walk through the crowd, through the Titantron, and through everything else. If you run straight through the Titantron and do not stop running, the camera will zoom out all the way into the rafters and will show you running non-stop into nothingness.
Juan Salvador.

Glitch: Elimination Chamber match: Two people at once on a turnbuckle or chamber:
Have one player go outside of the ring and another player stay in the ring. At the same time, have both players run toward the turnbuckle and press Up + Square to get on the chamber. You will both be on the chamber.
Don Piett.

Glitch: Elimination Chamber match: Door opens before wrestler enters ring:
When the countdown begins for a new entrant and the light begins to flash, as soon as it does, press Start. During the pause screen, the door of the entrance will open before he even enters the ring.
Jack Pawlosky.

Glitch: Elimination Chamber: Camera blackout:
Use the "Elimination Chamber: Getting out of the chamber" glitch. When outside of chamber, have both players one and two stand on the entrance ramp. Have player one or two Irish Whip the other towards the Titantron. When that person hits the Titantron, the camera will zoom back inside the chamber, where the person who just hit the Titantron will have his face being rubbed against the side of the chamber by the other player. Once this move is finished, the screen should turn black, but you can still see the limb damage and the name bar. Note: This was done when player one (Goldberg) threw player two (Shawn Michaels) into the Titantron resulting in Goldberg rubbing HBK's face in the steel.
baker hanson.

Glitch: Royal Rumble match: Speed switch:
Do a Royal Rumble match and change who you want in it. Notice how the speed and endurance are switched, making it appear that characters such as Rey Mysterio have an endurance of 10 and a speed of 6.

Glitch: Royal Rumble match: Black screen:
Make sure the first two people in the ring are players one and two. Then, eliminate player two before someone else enters. You will then be in the ring by yourself. Next, go on top of the top left turnbuckle and wait for someone new to run into the ring. While they are running to the ring, press X to jump out after them, causing yourself to be eliminated. The entire screen will turn black. However, you can still see the names and the bodies.

Glitch: Triple Threat Tag Ladder match: Announcement:
If you do a Triple Threat Tag Ladder match, the ring announcer will announce the first two teams as if it was a tag match, but for the third team he announces them as a single match. This makes the match as if it is a tag match and a single match, but it is really a Triple Threat Tag Ladder match.
wwe rules.

Glitch: Parking lot: No one can use the motorcycle:
Have two players at the parking lot in a Hardcore match. Get one player on the motorcycle while the other is on the forklift. Have the player on the motorcycle try to grab an opponent. When this happens, have the player on the forklift drop the box on the motorcycle. If done correctly, the player on the motorcycle is stuck with the motorcycle. No one can drive it, including that player.

Glitch: Parking lot: Motorcycle stuck on you:
When you are in the parking lot, get on the motorcycle. Have another player get in the forklift and drop a crate on you. After this, the bike will be stuck on you.

Glitch: No pin count:
When the referee is standing in the corner of the ring, pin your opponent very close to that corner. The referee will make slight movements, but will not have enough room to get down to make the count. This results in him just standing there until your opponent has kicked out.

Glitch: Stop any move:
Use Edge's Spear (the one set as his running grapple attack with Circle), get it as a finisher (for example, as Edge), then start a match. A Triple Threat or Handicap is easiest, providing you have two human players. Get them to do any SmackDown move, then run and press SmackDown. Depending on who you hit (the one doing it or the one taking it) the following will happen. For example, if a Rock Bottom is done and you hit The Rock, the person getting the move will float into a Rock Bottom, while The Rock is knocked down. However if you hit the person taking a Jackhammer, Goldberg will hoist up nothing, and when he slams it, he takes the damage.

Glitch: Cannot be put through a table:
Start a Tornado Tag with the Dudley Boyz vs. anyone. Eliminate the first opponent, then put the second person on the table. Have Bubba or D-Von get him in a grapple. Then, make Bubba or D-Von go over and press Circle. They will do a 3-D, but they will not go through the table, no matter how many times this is done.

Glitch: Get out of cage:
Go to create a move-set, then "Rope Opponent Rebound Attack". Next, select the "Slingshot Body Splash 1" in the middle section. Go to a cage match. When the match starts, knock a person over and do the Slingshot Body Splash 1. When you are on the outside, have someone punch you. Your wrestler will fall, but not win the match. You can now walk around as if you are in a regular match. To get back in, press Square.
wes jett and ronnie hopkins.

Glitch: Pass through ring:
Choose Kane and someone with the Turnbuckle Dropkick in a match that does not have ring out. Have Kane get out of the ring and stand next to the right corner near the announcer tables. Then, have the opponent get on the turnbuckle of the same corner. Next, have Kane get into the ring and the other player do the Turnbuckle Dropkick just as Kane puts his fist over the ropes to get in. If done correctly, the dropkick will hit Kane and both he and his opponent will pass through the ring near the corner then reappear in the middle of the ring.
Steven Mohrbacher.

Glitch: Fireworks through ring:
Use HBK and watch his entire entrance. When the fireworks come up for the second time, they will actually go through the ring.

Glitch: Freeze when through table:
In exhibition or season mode, do an elimination 6 man tornado captain fall. Put DQ on. When the match starts, take the table under the ring and place it on a corner. The CPU will pass you through the table. The game will freeze and the controller will vibrate strongly.

Glitch: Brock vs. Brock:
To do this trick, Brock Lesnar has to be holding the U.S. Title, you must have the WWE Title, and you must get the opportunity via chance storyline for Brock Lesnar to compete in a number one contender match. Once all that happens, make sure Brock Lesnar wins his number one contender match by "playing" his match as him. If done correctly, on the next show Brock Lesnar as the U.S. Champion will approach you and say he "understands what you are going throw because he has to defend his belt at the PPV as well" and wishes you luck. The established story is that Brock Lesnar is respecting you and wishing you luck, but he also is your enemy at the next PPV. Finally, when on the same show in which he wishes you luck, Brock will have a match against someone. Choose to skip the match and Brock Lesnar will lose. The intermission sequence afterwards shows "Brock Lesnar your ally" being beaten up by his opponent and "Brock Lesnar your enemy". The enemy Brock Lesnar will then explain that the next PPV event since "friend Brock" has to defend his title against whatever opponent he just had, and you must defend it against "enemy Brock". You should make it a tag team match with both titles on the line. the resulting match is you and Brock vs. Brock and someone else.

Glitch: Goldberg's Spear on table:
Set up a tag team tables match with Goldberg and Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H and Ric Flair. Go to the bottom left turnbuckle and place the table near it, but not in the corner. Throw the opponent on the mat and press L1 at their head for the spear. Goldberg will then appear in the bottom left corner like he should, but he will be on the table ready to run at the opponent. He will do just that, but will be floating in the air off the mat. Your opponent will be speared by an invisible force. After the move, Goldberg will do his automatic taunt and stop floating.
baker hanson.

Glitch: Matt Hardy's taunt:
Have Matt Hardy do his V1 taunt. That taunt will be Bubba's 3D taunt.

Glitch: Duplicate United States title:
In season mode, choose any non-title holder. Go to Smackdown!. In the first week, tell Stephanie that you want a shot at the United States title. Win the match. In the second week, select move in the locker room. Kurt Angle will be backstage. When he talks to you, tell him that you are nervous about your match. Then, let him finish talking. You will have a title defense that night. Beat on your opponent, but do not pin him or make him submit. During the match, Kurt will appear, but the referee will send him out of the ring. Win the match. Select "Taunt". After the match, the referee will raise your hand and Kurt's hand. When you are on the top rope, Kurt will be in the ring and you should both be wearing United States title belts.

Glitch: Bouncing turnbuckle:
When you jump off a ladder, look at the top left turnbuckle. It will bounce as if you jumped off the turnbuckle.
Tommy Gunn.

Glitch: High building jump:
In the Times Square arena, climb the ladder to the top of the flashing SmackDown! sign. Then, run or walk towards the wall and press Triangle. You will jump extremely high, up onto the top of the building. Note: To get down, run towards the edge and press Square. You will jump down perfectly unharmed. This is also useful for blowing up cars.
chris jack.

Glitch: Black blood:
When you are fighting Charlie Haas in exhibition or season mode, once you make him bleed you will notice that his blood is not red like everyone else's. For some strange reason, its black.

Glitch: Striptease:
Take your favorite Diva and change one of her finishers to The People's Elbow. Then, go to a Bra and Panties match with her and do The Peoples Elbow. Instead of an elbow pad, they will take off clothes that should be ripped off by the opponent. Do it twice and she will be stripped to her underwear. You will not lose the match and can wrestle in your bra and panties. However, if you lose both items of clothing this way and your opponent tries to take off your clothes, the game will freeze and you will need to reset the PlayStation2.
Mark Tugby.

Glitch: Booker T's entrance move:
Notice that during Booker T's entrance, he stands right where the Pyro appears, when he should be slightly further down the ramp, thus causing the fire to blow up on him.

Glitch: Booker T.'s and Goldust's entrance moves:
Notice that during Booker T's and Goldust's entrance, the superstars stands where the pyro appears, when they should be slightly further down the ramp, thus causing the fire to blow up on them. While this is happening notice how the screen vibrates a little.

Glitch: Eric Bicshoff does not bleed:
When you have enough money go to ShopZone in the locker room and buy Eric Bischoff's attire, it will be him with a leather jacket. For some reason when you choose that outfit and fight him, you cannot make him bleed.

Glitch: Rob Van Dam's ending:
In Rob Van Dam's ending, you will first see him in the ring. He will leave the ring , then will be back in the ring (even though he does not climb or get in it), then he is outside the ring again.
Len Curtis.

Glitch: Undertaker's bike entrance:
Use the Undertaker or any character with his bike entrance in the Wrestlemania XIX arena. The wheels will go through the stage when he comes down to the ring.

Glitch: Never win First Blood match:
Enter a First Blood match with anybody and Eric Bishoff. You can do anything to Eric, but he will not bleed. This makes him the only one that can win the match.

Glitch: Go through cage backstage:
In the backstage area where the cage is located, put your opponent through the top with the barrel over his head. Then, pick up the barrel once inside and throw it towards the side that you can exit from. Hold Down/Left and press Square. Your player should go through the cage without breaking it.

Glitch: Jimmy Snuka attire:
If you look at Jimmy Snuka's feet, he is wearing shoes. Jimmy Snuka fought barefooted.
Derek Mayfield.

Glitch: John Cena's shoes:
Cena has boots in the game, but he wrestles in tennis shoes.
Steven Mohrbacher.

Glitch: Rhyno's attire:
Notice that Rhyno's attire is two shades different. The top is black with a shade of white, and the bottom is a black with a shade of a slight brown.

Glitch: The Rock's purple elbow pad:
After the Rock has executed one People's Elbow, when he goes for the second one note that his elbow pad is purple.

Glitch: Two referees:
Play as Kane in a First Blood match and have somebody else be any other wrestler. Get Kane to the red on his head, but not busted. Then, do the Kane Powerbomb on the referee and let him reverse it. The game will show the referee holding up another referee's hand.
matt n lita45.

Glitch: Earl Hebner wins the match:
Follow the "Two referees" glitch. When Kane's head is red and he is not Koed, do the Kane Powerbomb Pin to Earl (referee). Let him reverse it. If it does not KO Kane, do the Kane Powerbomb Pin as many times needed for Earl to KO Kane. When Earl KOs Kane, another referee will come in and hold up Earl's hand. Thus, Earl will have won the match.

Glitch: General manager reference:
In Eric Bischoff's video clip, it states that he is the co-general manager of Raw, but the game only has one general manager for each show.
Benjamin Strathie.

Glitch: Timeline error:
The logo for Wrestlemania shows it was Wrestlemania 19, which happened in March of 2003. Off to the side of the Bad Blood stage, you can read "Bad Blood 2003", which happened in June of 2003. Yet in season mode Wrestlemania 19, comes after Bad Blood even though it happened before Bad Blood.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Reach November's First Week in season mode where you will be in King's Home Town and Eric Bischoff puts him in a handicap match. King replies with "I'm gonna punch hits lights out", with the word "hits" instead of "his".

Start a six-man tag match. Make sure you are a wrestler with submissions. Have the CPU or the other human player knock down the referee and do their special to the weak CPU player. Make sure you are pinning when the referee gets up. Get the pin and instead of saying "Pinfall" and "KO" it will say " PINKOFALL (Pin KO Fall).

In December of the second week playing on the Smackdown roster and not Raw, the game spells the city of "Columbia", South Carolina like the country of "Colombia".

The "Aeroplane Spin" move is spelled as "Aeroplane Spine".

Talk to The Rock as anyone in season mode. Tell him that you want to face him. He will say the people do not want him to and eventually will say, "I haven't said this in awhile, know the role and shut the mouth". The correct saying is supposed to be, "know YOUR role and shut YOUR mouth".

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