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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw

Heat and Velocity arenas:
Win the Amateur challenges.
KungFuJeremy, RAZA105, and CONFLICT2K2.COM.

The Rock's alternate costume:
Win all of the challenges.

Kurt Angles' and HBK's alternate costumes:
Win the Rising Star challenges to unlock HBK's T-shirt and jeans; and Kurt Angle's general manager suit.
KungFuJeremy, RAZA105, and CONFLICT2K2.COM.

Randy Orton's, HHH's, Batista's, and Flair's alternate costumes:
Win all the Superstar challenges.
KungFuJeremy, RAZA105, and CONFLICT2K2.COM.

WWE Legend movesets, 10,000 experience:
Win the Legend challenges to unlock any remaining movesets and 10,000 experience.
Volman16 and CONFLICT2K2.COM.

Legend challenges:
To unlock the Legend challenges, buy all the legends from the ShopZone.
Volman16 and mrniceguy111480.

Alternate bra and panties costume:
Play as Trish Stratus and defeat Victoria in any PPV arena to unlock more bra and panties to choose from.

Steal opponent's finisher special move:
To copy your opponent's finishing move, you need two SmackDown! specials ready. Then, get into your opponent's finishing move situation and press L1 while holding L2. You will then perform your opponent's finishing move.

Steal referee's special:
This trick requires two players. Have one player trip up the referee so that he is dizzy is the middle of the ring. The other player must have two specials. Go behind the ref and press L1 + L2. Your player will spank the referee three times. The referee also has the Dudley Dog.

Successfully complete season mode to unlock the "Credits" selection at the "Options" menu.
nu, sasi iiimpf ldgwlpyn eyap.

Hint: Bra and Panties match: Quick strip:
Use the following trick to get the girls to their underwear faster. Give any woman that is allowed to participate in the Bra and Panties match the Rock's signature "The People's Elbow" move as their special move. During the match, do the People's Elbow, and the wrestler will try to remove an elbow pad. However because there are none on a female model, she takes off her pants instead. Do this again and she will take off her shirt. Do not allow the CPU opponents to do this (do not select modified wrestlers for the CPU) or the game will freeze.

Hint: Bra and Panties match: Kissing wrestlers:
In a match involving two divas, press Up + Circle to initiate a grapple then Up + Circle to perform a spanking. Execute three "Excellent" spankings and the two divas will embrace each other and kiss. To get the three "Excellent" spankings, stop the arrow in the top on the red, then stop it again in the green box.
Clyde Benson.

Hint: Cage match: Easy win:
When climbing the cage, move the D-pad to climb out faster.

Hint: First Blood match: Easy win:
Use the Headbutt 06 from behind the opponent. As soon as the opponent falls to their knees, do the move again. You can keep doing this, and they should never reverse it. Do it until their head turns red then do a move to make them bleed, like a DDT. This is also a useful way to get a SmackDown! and do damage at the same time.
clint mayer.

Hint: Hardcore match: Extra energy:
When fighting in a Hardcore match in the soda machine room, Irish Whip your opponent into the soda machine. A can of soda will appear. Drink it to refill your special bar.

Hint: Hardcore match: Rub food in face:
There is a snack table in the back open space. Throw your opponent into the table. He will fall onto the table. Go over and grapple him. You will smash his face into the food. The camera will go to a close up of your wrestler rubbing a handful of food in your opponent's face.

Hint: Hardcore match:
Go to a hardcore match in the back hallway. Irish Whip your opponent into the large metal cage. It will fall down. Then, Irish Whip your opponent into the garage door with WWE symbol on it once or twice. When it opens slightly, whip your opponent into it again then grapple him. You will put him under the door and slam it on his neck.
Houna Img.

Hint: Hardcore match: Activate Kane's pyro backstage:
When the match starts, Irish Whip your opponent into the item with the police tape. Sirens will go off and the fire will explode. Do the same thing to the one on left and fireworks and confetti will explode.

Throw your opponent into the box with the containers on it, directly across from the table with the food and coffee machine.

Hint: Hardcore match: Slam opponent's head against the hallway door:
Whip your opponent all the way to the left of the hallway and into the door. Your opponent will use the door to hold himself up. Press Circle and you will slam your opponent's head against the door.

Hint: Hardcore match: Knock your opponent off the soda machine:
Start a two player hardcore match. Have player two get on the soda machine and player one get the ladder. Get on the ladder and jump off. Your opponent will fall off the machine and both of you will fall to the concrete.

In a two player hardcore match, have player two get on the machine. Have player one walk to the machine. Once player one gets there, have him press Circle. He will shake and punch the machine until player two falls.

Hint: Hardcore match: Get two tables and slegehammers backstage:
Throw your opponent into the steel cage so that it disappears. Then, make the garage door open by throwing him into it. After you open it, press Up + Square in different parts to get them. When they disappear you can still get them back.

Hint: Hell In A Cell: Easy win:
Get everyone to go to the outside, then hang back from action interrupting pin falls and taunting. Next, grab the most beaten down opponent and lure him away from action. Do a finisher and pin him. Your other opponents will not get there in time to interrupt.

To easily win a Hell In A Cell match, repeatedly throw your opponent off the cell until their entire body is red. Then, do either a pin or a submission to win.
Josh Madrid.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Fight Vince Mcmahon at Wrestlemania:
Lose the Royal Rumble match in season mode. When Vince gives you a title shot, answer "No". As the weeks progress, you and Vince will get into a heated battle in which he suspends the GM's of the shows and takes over. At the last week before Wrestlemania, the GM will return and takes his show. Vince gets suspended of power and will be placed in A Hell In A Cell match at Wrestlemania. Note: If you use Triple H, after you win at the end of the match he will place Vince on the announcer's table, climb up the cage, and elbow dive Vince threw the table.
Chad Freeman.

Hint: Ladder match: Easy wins:
Beat down your opponent to where he or she is in the red or dark orange range. Then, grab the ladder (be on the outside of the ring). Press Up + X, then Circle after your opponent is on the ladder. You should grab your opponent and slam him on the ladder. Then, grab the ladder and go in the ring. Do not set it up yet. Then, leave the ring and go over to your opponent. Use your finisher (if it is a groggy one with a decent pin). If not, grab a chair and use the Up + X move (power chair hit). Drop the chair and go in the ring. Set up ladder and grab the belt, or cash and win. Note: This best done with a fast character that has a groggy special that can be done outside the ring, like Jon Cena.

During a ladder match, grab a ladder and beat your opponent up. Then, set the ladder up in the middle of the ring. Let your opponent get on the ladder with you. Before he hits you, hit him by grappling him with Circle or X. When he slips, press Left + Circle. You should put your legs over their shoulders and pull on their legs, while their back is being stretched across the top step of the ladder. You will then throw him over the top step of the ladder to the floor. Then, jump for the title or briefcase. They should be knocked out enough for you to get the win. If not, beat them up some more and repeat the process.

Hint: Legends Cage match: Easy win:
To easily defeat Brett Hart with Brutus Beefcake, change Brutus's finisher to the Stone Cold Stunner and any one of his power moves to Stunner 5 or 4 to quickly weaken him.
Josh Madrid.

You must be good at countering to do this trick. First, equip Brutus with moves such as Face Crushers and others that are strong head moves. Make his finisher the Super RKO. You must also have Brutus' Boston Crab to work on the body. Destroy him and get the head and body red. Then, throw him into the turnbuckle and slam him with the Super RKO. You should win in under three minutes.

Hint: Parking Lot match: Hidden weapons:
Go to the semi truck near the door and press Square. Your player will reach underneath and get a weapon.

Hint: Royal Rumble match: Easy eliminations:
When you are in the Royal Rumble match, you can toss out superstars with a small weight category. For example, ultra heavyweights can toss out heavyweights, light heavyweights, cruiserweights, and diva weights. Heavyweights can throw out light heavyweights, cruiserweights, and diva weights. Light heavyweights can throw out diva weights. Cruiserweights and diva weights cannot toss anyone over the rope. You can do this by pressing Left or Right + Down to toe kick the opponent to make them groggy. Then, press Up, Down, Left or Right + Circle to pick them up over your head. Next, walk over to the edge of the ring and press Circle. Note: Andre The Giant is the best person to do this with -- he can throw all weight classes over except super heavyweights.

Go to the moves set list and go to Power Grapple selections. Then, select Body Slam FW. The character picks his opponent over his head then turns around and throws him. After that, make sure your right arm is toward the ropes, and get close enough to where you can Irish Whip them over the ropes. Note: This move can pick up almost anyone.
dione drennan.

Hint: Royal Rumble match: Easy wins:
In your wrestler's moveset, change any of its moves to Powerbomb 07. During the match, get your opponent so that their back is towards the ropes. If the move is done correctly and in position, your opponent will go over the top rope without having a meter to use. Travis Shultz.

Change any power move in the Power Grapple to Powerbomb 7, then just throw them out of the ring.
Kirwin Stewart.

Change your character's grapple move to Powerbomb #7. In the Royal Rumble, do Powerbomb #7 up against the ropes and you will Powerbomb your opponent out of the ring. Keep doing this without being eliminated and you will be the winner of the Royal Rumble.

Play as Andre The Giant (cannot be done in season mode). Do the Toe Kick #1 then press Left + Circle. You will lift your opponent up in a body press drop position. You can control where he walks. Walk him up to the ropes and press Circle. You will throw him out of the ring. Keep doing this and you will win the Royal Rumble. Note: You can also do this with people like the Big Show, but you can only do it about five times. For Andre it is unlimited.

Choose a big superstar such as Big Show or Andre The Giant. When a little character comes in, kick them then press Circle + Left. You will pick them up. Press Circle to throw them out of the ring.

Make five or six created players and rate them as heavyweight, light heavyweight, cruiserweight, or diva weight. Then, get enough cash to unlock Andre the Giant. Once you select the Royal Rumble match in an exhibition match, go to "Changes". Then, swap all the super heavyweights for your created players, or superstars that are not a super heavyweight. Remember to choose Andre the Giant in this match. Make him the number one entry (or whichever one desired). Then, start the match. As soon as any wrestler comes out you can Irish Whip them over the ropes, press Circle + Up, Down, Left, or Right to automatically knock them out of the Rumble. Note: A similar option can be done by using the Toe Kick as your move, then pressing Circle + Up, Down, Left, or Right and walking to the ropes then tossing them out of the ring. Because Andre can toss out everyone except superheavyweights (and they are all gone), he can easily win. If you win as the number one entry, you will unlock a challenge.

Hint: Special Referee match: Easy wins:
Play as the ref. Turn DQ on and get one of the wrestlers in a chop battle. Make sure you fail and let them hit you. Do this a few times and they will get Dqed; they have no choice but to hit.
thomas miller.

Hint: Tag Team match: Easy wins:
To easily defeat your opponent in any tag team match, first unlock the Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) in the ShopZone. In Exhibition mode, select a tag team match, using both Hawk and Animal. At any time during the match, whip your opponent to the corner near your tag team partner. Grapple them while they are groggy on the turnbuckle and perform the double team move "Doomsday Device" by pressing Left + Circle. This will severely damage your opponent's body. Do it three or four times and you will be ready to pin your opponent or make them tap out.

Hint: Tag or Triple Tag match: Easy wins:
In a tag team match, if you have one opponent ready to be beaten, just before you execute a finishing move (as long as it is not a move that takes up a lot of time), press Left Analog-stick Up. This will cause your partner to run up and attack the opponent standing on the apron, which will keep him from coming in to break up the pin or submission.
Clyde Benson.

Hint: TLC match: Stacking ladders:
Enter any match with access to both tables and ladder, such as TLC match. First, get a table from under the ring by pressing Square. Tables are on the side closest to the entrance. Next, get the ladder and walk over to the table. Press Circle to throw the ladder. If done correctly, the ladder will land on top of the table. Get on top of the table by pressing Triangle. Pick up and set up the ladder on top of the table. You can press Square to climb the ladder and jump off. You can also stack tables.
david sebastian.

Hint: TLC match: Highest diving move:
Note: Two players are required for this trick. Set up a table in the middle of the ring (or wherever else desired). Then, throw a second table on top of the first one. Next, set that one up in the shape of a cross or a plus symbol. Then, grab the ladder and throw it on top of the second table. Set your opponent wherever desired. Note: If you set the ladder up, get on top of it and jump down. It falls apart. You may also miss -- get a good distance. Then, set up the ladder and climb on top. For example, if you are RVD you can do one of the highest 5-Star Frog Splashes ever, or any other move.

Hint: Triple Tag match: Easy win:
Start a three man tag team match and choose anybody desired on a team. Whip your opponent into your corner and press Down + Circle. The partner to your right will get in the ring with you, pick up your opponent, and hold your opponent in a suplex while your other partner will get on the top rope. Then, your partner on the top rope will do a Flying Crossbody while you and your other partner drop your opponent in the suplex.

Hint: The Big Red Machine challenge:
Defeating Kane in the Big Red Machine challenge is difficult. The easiest way is to take a wrestler who has submission moves for the legs and arms, power moves for the body, and a finisher that can damage the head. Get every body part to red or orange in color. When it looks like you have got him, go to the right side of the ring and get the sledgehammer. Bring it inside the ring and throw it down. If Kane is up, knock him back down, then go for the ref. Remember that you can only knock the ref down three times before being disqualified. After the ref is down, pick Kane up, stun him, then choke him with the sledgehammer (Down + X). When he goes down, put the sledgehammer down, pick him back up, then choke him with it again. Do this until the sledgehammer disappears. By that time the ref should be awake and ready to make the count. Kane should be completely red by this time. If needed, create a wrestler and use the strategy for unlimited experience on here, and build a created character that is maxed out on everything.
Clyde Benson.

When you face Kane, play it at RAW. Knock the ref out, then get a chair then hit him four times in the ribs. When the ref gets up. Irish Whip him up to the announcer table near the Titantron. Then, put him on it. Superlex him and it should turn him orange. Go back to the ring, use your special until he is red, then pin him.

Hint: Brothers Of Destruction challenge:
You must take on both Masked Kane and Legend Undertaker in a handicap match. Choose a strong superstar (Animal recommended). Make sure you have maximum specials and that they have none. Also make sure that you fight Legend Undertaker first. He is much stronger than Kane. Qucikly steal his special and get him to tag. Kane is easy to defeat. Beat him down, then steal his special (the Choke Slam). Then, knock Legend Undertaker off the ringside. Hurry back and pin Kane to win the challenge.

Choose a fast wrestler (Cena recommended). Load up with finishers and give the two each their finishers. Once you have hit them each with their finisher, wait until Undertaker is the legal man. Then, run out of the ring and keep avoiding the two as they chase you up the ramp. When the count out reaches "8", hit the Undertaker with a knock down move and run toward the ring. Stay near the ring, but do not get in until the count of "9". If Undertaker is close, hit him again, but jump in before "10" and you win by a DQ.

Hint: David Vs. Goliath legend challenge:
To defeat Andre The Giant with Rey Mysterio, set the difficulty to hard and the settings to default in order to compete in the challenge. In the match, go outside the ring, Irish Whip Andre into the barricades, and make a grappling move. This will allow Rey Mysterio to lift Andre and slam him on the barricade, damaging his head and body. Do this until he is red on both his head and body parts. You must do this a lot of times, and go in and out of the ring a lot of times. After he is in the red, hit him with the 619 and pin him.

In the Legend Challenge where you play as Big Show and must defeat Andre The Giant, press Circle to initiate a submission grapple. Then, press Circle to do Big Show's Type-B submission bear hug. Continue to do this to defeat Andre within a minute and a half.

In the Legend Challenge where you play as Big Show and must defeat Andre The Giant, leave the ring and keep body slamming Andre. At about the "9" count, throw him to the barricade. He will be counted out. The challenge does not say you have to pin him or make him submit.

To quickly defeat Andre the Giant with Rey Mysterio, lure Andre outside the ring, up the ramp, and near the entranceway. Keep running at him and doing the Spinning Heel Kick. By about count "8", he will start to walk back to the ring. Follow him and knock him down while he is still on the ramp. By count "9", run to the ring. You should win by a count out.

Run out of the ring and make your opponent chase you up the ramp. With your opponent on the stage by the entrance, wait for the count to reach "8", then run into the ring. He cannot get there quick enough, and you win by DQ. Note: Winning by ringout works for David vs. Goliath, the Big Show Challenge, Brothers of Destruction and others.

Using Rey Mysterio, go out of the ring. Knock Andre off his feet and keep using leg submissions until a nine count by the referee. Then, get back in the ring and Andre will be counted out. You will win the challenge.

Hint: Get Slobber Knocker high score challenge:
Select The Rock for your character. Once the match starts, get into grapple position then use his power grapple (Up + Circle). You should do a strong clothesline that will flip your opponent. This should make their head (on the diagram that shows limb damage) turn orange or red. Make sure that they still are on the ground, then go near their head and press Right + Circle. This will make The Rock give them a yanking headlock, and will most likely make them submit. Another way to get opponents out with The Rock in Slobber Knocker is the deadly Rock Bottom that that gives an estimated 90% K.O.

Hint: Hollywood challenge:
Give Brutus Beefcake the Edgecution and either the Stone Cold Stunner or Kane's Tombstone as a finisher. Edgecution Brett Hart for about 1:50 straight to where you have two finishers. Execute two finishers in a row and climb the cage to win.
ryan in suffolk.

Hint: Defeat Mankind in a hardcore match legend challenge:
To defeat Mankind quickly, use a very strong superstar like Triple H. When the match starts, run towards Mankind and hit him with the knee. Then, grab the chair and beat Mankind with it until it disappears. Then, run quickly to the other chair. Use that one also until it disappears. You can then make a Pedigree or two on him. If he still kicks out, use the stairs and take out his legs. You must do the first damage to Mankind. If he hits you first, you are in trouble.

Hint: No L2 Button challenge:
Select Batista. Keep doing moves in the power grapple set until you get Batista's special, the Super Powerbomb. Use Batista's second special Powerbomb 14 (where he does not pin the opponent after the Powerbomb). John Cena should get knocked out. You can now climb out of the cage and successfully complete the challenge. Note: You should not use the Batista Bomb, as after you attempt to pin Cena he will just get back up.

Hint: Reverse 10 strikes challenge:
When attempting to complete the reverse 10 strike challenge, select Tajiri as your opponent. He constantly uses strike attacks.

Hint: Royal Rumble challenge:
Use Andre the Giant to quickly eliminate opponents by Irish Whipping them over the ropes and then grappling. Normally, he will elbow them off the apron regardless of their meters. The only opponents this does not always work for are the super heavyweights (Kane, Undertaker, Big Show, and Batista).

Hint: Reverse 10 Strike and Grapple Attack challenges:
Fill the clean meter up. After instructed to do a taunt to activate the clean rush or something similar, do so. From that point on, do not attack your opponent. Look constantly to the clean letters, as they are going to be flashing. That indicates that you are in the invincibility rush. If you do not attack your opponent in that time, you are going to reverse all the moves that he tries to do, However, the invincibility rush wears off in about thirty seconds to one minute. But if you do it repeatedly, you can win the challenges in one match. To learn how to fill the clean meter, press Start during game play, then go to "Match Tactics". It can be read at the bottom.

Hint: Slobber Knocker challenge:
Play as Batista. Once you are ready, grapple your opponent. Press Up/Left and Batista will do a Arm Clothesline. Your opponent's head will be red. Then, do your Powerbomb to knock him out. Note: Your opponent's head will turn orange if they are big (for example, Big Show or Triple H).
Mark Aguirre.

When you start the Slobber Knocker challenge, select Randy Orton. When you start the match, hit your opponent and whip them into any corne. Then, grapple your opponent with Up + Circle. You should do a Top Rope DDT, which should knock them out. If they still kick out, either RKO or Super RKO them, and they should get out by knockout. The DDT should knock out everyone out except Super Heavyweights and some Heavyweights.

Hint: Spinaroonie challenge:
Go in a single match with Booker T against a diva (Sable recommended). Beat her, and after every time you do a power grapple move when she are red in the body, do a Spinaroonie. Then, lift them up, give them another move, and do a Spinaroonie ten times to complete the challenge.
Neil Ward.

Select a person with or close to Booker Ts Overall with attributes (for example Rene Dupree). You can then hurt him and keep him down for awhile, for a Spinnaroonie every time.

Hint: Super Heavyweight challenge:
On this challenge you have to use Big Show. Press Down + Circle to get into a submission grapple, then press Down + Circle again. If done correctly, you will do a bearhug. Keep doing this until he gives up. It should take about two minutes before he gives up.

When trying to complete the Super Heavyweight challenge, you only need one move; the Bearhug (Down + Circle two times). Keep doing this and you will have the win within 2:30.

Hint: 10 Strikes and Grapple Counter challenges:
Set up the challenge. Use someone who is a face. Keep using high risk moves and build up your face meter. Use the face invincible special. You will reverse all strikes and grapples for a time. This can whip out both challenges at the same time.

Hint: Easy wins:
To get an easy win over anyone, go to create a move set. Once there you can change that person's move to some weaker ones (for example, Women's Toe Kick, Women's Facebuster, or any women's moves).

Hint: Easy wins in season mode:
Select a strong character such as The Undertaker and make sure you have set the in game rules to no DQ. Then, get a weapon and beat up your opponent with it and use your finishing move.

Hint: Get three managers in season mode:
Use the following trick to get the Divas Torrie Wilson, Sable, and Stacy Keibler to "manage" you. Go through season mode as anyone. preferably a created wrestler because you will start low without any titles. Go through it and you cannot win any WWE titles or become heavily involved in a storyline, unless it is a diva one. For Torrie, by starting out with no titles you will reach a screen with Torrie Wilson and Tajiri when he says "What are you looking at?". Choose the first option to call him a loser and say that Torrie deserves better. From now on, win all your matches until you have Torrie. For Sable, play through season mode undefeated. After you win the Battle Royale, the next night on Raw you will go into the woman's locker room. Sable will say "Hey what are you doing? This is the woman's locker room!" Choose the first option to say "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention". From now on, win all your matches until you have Sable. For Stacy, play through season mode for awhile and keep winning all of your matches. Stacy will come to you with an offer. Agree to it and win all your matches to get her. Note you will have to fight in a fifteen man Battle Royale to finally win her. Note: After you have at least one diva, you will see an option at the screen when you decide to skip or play, and sometimes next to those two will be a lit up option saying Diva. Select it, and they will assist you at the right side. By using your Analog-stick you can command them by telling them to distract the ref or bring a weapon in for you. However, if you make them distract the ref too much, he will throw them out of the ring. Also, if your opponent falls out by them, they will attack them.
Rob Snow.

Hint: Get four managers in season mode:
Do not win any championships. At the beginning of the season (provided you did not choose a person with a championship), Torrie Wilson will be with either Tajiri or Rene Dupree. If you are on SmackDown, you will get Rene Dupree. If you are on Raw, you will get Tajiri. Torrie will be talking to either of them. When you have a chance to talk, select the second option. The storyline will continue, and if you play your cards right you will face Tajiri or Rene in a Last Man Standing match for Torrie Wilson's contract. If you do not get a championship, you will walk into the women's locker room, and into the showers. Sable will be there. Choose the second option and eventually you will get in a feud with a superstar for Sable. If you win all of the matches after the superstar confronts you, you will have Sable. If you still do not win a championship, Stacy Keibler will come up to you from the other show. She will tell you that she is looking for a client to manage. The storyline will progress and you will eventually have to play as Stacy in a bra and panties match. If you win as her, she will convince the general manager to have a fifteen man Battle Royal between you and fourteen other superstars from the other show. Whoever wins gets Stacy. Continue not winning championships and get into the Royal Rumble. Make sure that you get 30 and win. Lose the championship. Whoever is the champion will laugh at you. Trish will tell him to stop and he will not. As the storyline continues, Trish will eventually become your fourth manager.

Hint: Easy wins in challenge mode:
Select a very strong character (for example, The Undertaker). Fight against a very weak character (for example, Mark Jindrak). It should be very easy to finish challenge mode.

Use the following trick to win most challenges, especially timed ones, easily. When you have done the required move or requirement, go up the ramp and your opponent should follow. Just run or beat him up, then return to the ring at around "9", because the ref counts slow. You should have a lot easier time unlocking hidden attires and arenas by doing this.

When the challenges requires you to take on any superstar, select a highly rated superstar as your character and a diva as you opponent. Even though it is a male vs. diva match, you can still win the challenge easily.
Chad Freeman.

Hint: Easy money:
To get $10,000 easily, wrestle through season mode. About immediately after the Bad Blood PPV, they will give you a Triple Threat Ladder match for $10,000.

This trick requires two memory cards. First, create a belt. Then, create a PPV. Each player will be able to defend a belt (even if it is the same one). Whoever wins can cash in one of the belts repeatedly.
Clyde Benson.

Go to season mode and choose someone (a champion or number one contender recommended). Then, win or lose the match. Start over and pick someone new. If you do this enough times, you should be able to unlock all the belts, attires, arenas, and superstars desired.

This trick requires two memory cards and at least enough SmackDown! money to make your own title. First, make a title on one of your memory cards and copy the data to the other memory card. Then, play a PPV against the second player (must be human). Next, have both players use a different memory card and have both of them put the title on the line. The winner will get both belts and more value. Then, save on the memory card with both belts and turn off the PlayStation2. Delete the data on the memory card with no belts, then copy the data from the memory card with both belts. Keep repeating this to gain more money.

Go to WWE PPV Mode. Then, go to "Create A Championship". Select "Cash In" and choose a title that you want to delete to get money. On top of the screen is how much money you will get when you sell it. The more times you defend your titles, the more it will be worth. Read the instruction manual to learn more about WWE PPV Mode. Use that money to buy experience if you have already bought everything in Shopzone. Remember, the experience points are there forever for you to buy as much as desired with infinite money. Also, you can earn points in season mode.

Hint: Get special:
Get a weapon and press Circle + Down to hit the challenger with it.

Hint: Special move on apron:
While outside the ring, Irish Whip your opponent into the ring. Make sure that you are close to the ring so that your opponent's head is barely outside the ring. When you grapple your opponent on the apron, you will normally do an elbow drop to the head. However if your fighting stance is Undertaker 1, you will turn your opponent on his stomach, climb on the apron, and perform a leg drop to the back of your opponent's head. This is stronger than the elbow.
Jeff Hamm.

Hint: Multiple created wrestlers with same attributes:
Create your wrestler and go through season mode to build your attribute points. Once they are filled, copy that wrestler and delete its attire. Then, make a new created wrestler with all the attributes already there. You will need to change the profile, of course.
michael pegram.

Hint: Unlimited attributes:
In season mode, choose a created wrestler with a light heavyweight classification or higher. Build his or her attributes completely. Go to create mode and select create an appearance. Choose "Copy". Copy this person a few times. Then, choose edit and select one of the copies, but not the original. Go to profile and change the classification to diva weight. You will be told that the attributes will be lost. Select "Yes". Do this for the rest of the copies, but again not for the original. Go to "Attributes". The attributes that were lost will be ready for you to use all over again. Repeat this as often as desired.

This trick requires two memory cards and only works with created superstars. Copy the game from memory card one to memory card two. Use your money to buy attributes. Give the attributes to your created superstars. Save the game to memory card two. Load the game from memory card one in the "System Data" menu under "Options". Delete the superstar on memory card one and save to memory card one. Go back to "System Data" and go to "Copy Created Superstar". Select memory card two to load from. Pick your improved superstar and copy him to memory card one. Save the game to memory card one and delete the game from memory card two. You now have your improved superstar and kept the money. Repeat this trick until your attributes are full.
Ryan Cates.

Hint: Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb off the ladder without using a finisher:
Create Jeff Hardy, and give him his own move set. Then, start any two player match where you can use a ladder. When the match starts, get the ladder and set it up anywhere you want. Get both players on the ladder. Hit your opponent until they are vulnerable to a slam off the ladder. When you grab your opponent, you will push them off the ladder and onto the floor, where you will Swanton Bomb them off of the ladder.

Hint: Jeff Hardy: Highest Swanton Bomb:
Choose a TLC match. Get two tables and stack them on top of each other. Get a ladder put it on the tables. Climb the ladder. Do a Swanton Bomb (Swanton Bomb 02) off the ladder. Note: First switch your special to Swanton Bomb 02.

Hint: Jeff Hardy: Real Swanton Bomb:
Make Jeff Hardy and give him the Swanton Bomb 2. Then, enter a Ladder match with two players, with Jeff Hardy as player one. Set the ladder in the middle of the ring. Have both players get on the ladder. Player one must keep hitting player two while on the ladder. When player two falls against the top of the ladder, press Circle + Up. Player one should push player two off, then stand on top of the ladder. Do his signature taunt, then do the Swanton Bomb 2. Note: This works with anyone with Swanton Bomb 2 as their finisher.

Hint: John Cena: Five Knuckle Shuffle and FU:
When your opponent is lying down on the mat, do the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Afterwards, do your Bend Over and Pump Your Shoes taunt. By that time your opponent should be getting up from the mat. Toe Kick them and your finisher should flash up on your name if you have any icons. Press L1 and you will do the FU.
Connor Duncan.

Hint: John Cena: F-U or ladder jump through two tables:
This move breaks two tables at once with John Cena's classic F-U. Start a TLC match at RAW and knock your opponent out well (probably with weapons). Take the two tables you can find at RAW and set them both up at the top right of the stage (outside the ring, where the barricades are located). Lure your opponent on top of the table from the bottom (downward). Use F-U 1, or whichever one makes him do the "You can't see me" hand wave. He should almost fall off the table, but he should not if you do it from the top right. He will pick him up and should not walk forward. He will slam him through one table, but it should break both. Alternately, set up a table in a TLC match, and put the other table on top of it (throw it with Circle). Lure your opponent up there and use Up or Down and Circle to set your opponent up. Put the ladder up correctly and jump. At first it will look like only one table broke, but he will fall off the top one and break the other table. It looks better of you give John Cena the Money Shot Pin and do it.

Hint: John Cena: Easy win:
Do the Five Knuckle Shuffle until your opponent's head is red. Then, hit him with the F-U. Note: To do the 5 Knuckle Shuffle press Left + Circle when he is on the floor groggy.

Hint: John Cena: Belt or no title:
When playing as John Cena in a season, win a championship. If you buy his alternate ring attire, he will come down with the belt. If you do not buy the other attire, he will not come out with the title.

Hint: Kurt Angle: Alternate Ankle Lock:
If someone does a kick to you, counter it with L2. When you counter it, quickly press L1. When you do this you will give him the Ankle Lock.

Hint: Unlock Paul Heyman:
Using Kane, defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XX. You cannot play as him or against him; he can only be a manager.

Hint: Play as Paul Heyman:
Select a single match with manager with player one being the manager. Then, select the CPU wrestler (for example, Chris Benoit). When asked to select a manager, above A-Train/Your CAWs, you will see Paul Heyman. Select him, and you will see him actually coming out with his "client" during the entrances. His finisher is a bearhug.

Hint: Andre The Giant: Throwing:
In Royal Rumble matches, certain superstars can lift an opponent and throw them over. One can throw an opponent that is two weight categories below him. For example, a super heavyweight, such as The Big Show, cannot carry a heavyweight, such as JBL; but can throw a light heavyweight like Bubba Ray Dudley or anyone below light heavyweight (Mysterio and divas). For this reason, Andre the Giant is the best choice. He is in his own weight class, being Ultra-Heavyweight. Because of this, he can throw anybody out besides the super heavyweights (Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Batista). To throw, Toe Kick an opponent and attempt a grapple move. Then, walk to the ropes and press Circle to throw.
arman brown.

Hint: Rey Mysterio: 619 to the back without using a finisher:
While Rey Mesterio in any type of match, whip your opponent over the top rope and have them stand on the apron. Run after them and press Square + X. You should go through the ropes like Rey Mesterio does with the 619 and hit your opponent in the back. They should fall to the outside of the ring.

Hint: RVD: Easy win:
Turn DQ off, or enter a no-DQ match. Get a chair from under the ring. Press Triangle + X to do the running chair move. The opponent will be hit, but the chair will remain in the ring. The chair never disappears from the ring. Do this until you have knocked the opponent out to win the match.

Knock your opponent on the ground. Press Left + Circle to execute the flips. Stomp him twice. Press Left + Circle again to do the same move. Keep doing this until you get the desired result.

Hint: RVD: Kick:
Playing as RVD, get your opponent next to the ropes and whip them into the ropes across from you. When they hit the ropes, quickly run at the ropes you are close to and press X. You should springboard off the middle rope and kick your opponent, just like RVD does on the top rope.

Hint: Trish Stratus: Ladder match with her thong:
Play through season mode as usual. About the time of the Royal Rumble, get a championship and make sure that you lose your title on the night Trish hits on you saying "She came here just to meet you", which is No Way Out if on SmackDown! or about the fourth week for Raw. After this happens, you must win every match until you get to Wrestlemania, where you will fight a Raw team, a SmackDown!, team and another team from one of those shows. The third team depends on which one you are on. For example, if you are on SmackDown!, there will be two SmackDown! teams. You will fight these two other tag teams in a Tornado 3 Team ladder match. Instead of a briefcase or title hanging from the ring, there will be Trish's thong. Note: You can do these things, and it will say that she is your Tag Team manager now. However she cannot do this because this happens at Wrestlemania 20 and it is the end of your season.
Rob Snow.

Hint: Trish Stratus: Get as manager in season:
Near the end of the year, Trish should come from the other show and talk to you, only to have the champ of the other brand take her away. You will then have a tag match with the champ. Lose this match and the superstar that came with the champ will make fun of you. Then, the Trish storyline will start.

Go through the season mode without winning a title. You will automatically be entered into the Royal Rumble if you have no title. Get number 30 if possible. Win the rumble. The SmackDown! wrestlers will start visiting RAW, and Trish will say that she has been wanting to say hi. Lose your World Heavyweight Match. JBL will mock you for losing with Trish behind him. She will tell him to stop. He will not; you will knock him out. You and Trish will leave together. Win the series of matches, and at WrestleMania it will be a Triple Threat Tag-Team Tornado Ladder match for Trish Stratus. You must get her panties from above the ring. Whichever team wins gets Trish.

Hint: Trish Stratus after season mode:
After you win the Ladder match for Trish Stratus' contract in season mode, your wrestler and Trish will be in a private room. In a few moments, Trish will tell you to close your eyes. When you open your eyes, you will see Trish in bra and panties. Trish will tell you to blow out the candle, and season mode will end. Note: While you and Trish are in the private room, her theme song will start playing.
Muhand Rashid.

Hint: The Undertaker: Defeating John Cena or Rob Van Dam in Ultimate Submission:
In season mode, if you are Undertaker and have the WWE championship or the US championship you can fight John Cena for the U.S title. However, if you fight against Rob Van Dam to defeat him easily, keep using the Chokeslam. You first have to make him get hit on the back so that he will land slide on the pole. For John Cena, keep using Tombstone about five or six times, then use a submission move on him, To make him submit easily, use a submit move on the head or leg.
Danny Phetdara.

Hint: The Undertaker: Huge Last Ride:
Play as The Undertaker or have a superstar/created superstar and make sure he has a finisher as The Last Ride. Play a Table or TLC match. Set your opponent on the table by pressing Up or Down + X while holding the table; or simply toss your opponent on the table. Press Circle and your character should get up on the table with your opponent. Toe Kick by pressing Left or Right + X then press L1. Note: Press D-pad + L1 if your finisher requires the directional buttons. Your character will carry the opponent up on his shoulders and walk to the edge of the table. Afterwards he will throw your opponent from the table to the ring or floor.

Hint: Custom character: Double RVD Air Kick:
Create a character and set his running turnbuckle move to a clothesline and get on the turn buckle. Then, put on of his high fly moves as the RVD Kick. Once you have done this, start a match with your wrestler. When the match starts, whip him to one of the turnbuckles. Then, run at him and clothesline him. After the clothesline against the turnbuckle, you should be on top of it. Then, do RVD's Air Kick move. If done at the correct moment, he will kick him twice, increasing your special bar and clean bar (if available). Note: When you do the kick, you might go over your opponent's head often. If this happens, whip your opponent to a different turnbuckle, then repeat the process.

Hint: Custom wrestler: Build up easily:
You do not have to use your custom wrestler (from Create a Wrestler) in season mode to strengthen his stats. You can just use a regular WWE wrestler in the season to accumulate attribute points, then you can use those points later to edit your custom wrestler. This will save you the trouble of using a weak custom wrestler in the season mode.

Hint: Big Rock Bottom:
First, grab a table and make sure you have at least one special. Press Down + Circle to set your opponent on the table. Press Circle again and your wrestler should get on top of the table and grapple the opponent. Press Down/Left + X button to do a toe kick. This will make your opponent groggy. Then, press L1 to do the Rock Bottom off the table from about three feet in the air.

Hint: Easier submissions:
To make your opponent submit faster , damage the body part that the submission move will affect. For example, damage the legs before doing an Angle Lock, or the back before doing a Walls of Jericho.

For a 99% chance of making any wrestler tap out, keep doing the Surfboard Stretch until their chest is red, then use the Boston Crab. They will tap out.
Alex Wells.

Make your opponent's head turn red on his body meter next to his name. Once it is red, get your opponent on the floor and perform the Camel Clutch move. This will guarantee a tap out from the opponent.

Hit your opponent in the head until he starts bleeding then use the Triangle choke and he will easily give up.
Jonathan Diamani.

Hint: Hidden weapons:
When you fight at the Backstage area, you can Irish Whip your opponent to the big fence and make it collapse. There is a large yellow door marked "STOP - LIFT GATE DOWN - DOOR MUST BE OPEN". Once there, you can punish your opponents by using the gate. There are also hidden weapons inside that gate, such as tables and sledgehammers.

Hint: Break table near the Raw stage:
To slam your opponent through the announcement table near the stage, Irish Whip the opponent into the side of the table. You should get on top of it, do a suplex, then get off.
david spencer.

Hint: Stack tables:
Go into a tables match. Grab the two tables and put them in the ring. Then, set one up and grab the second. Walk up to the first one and hold the Left-Analog stick towards the first table. Then, press X and the two tables will be stacked.
johnny b. goode.

Hint: Choke opponent with chair:
A finisher is required for this trick. Select the Undertaker and face anyone. During the match, get a finisher then get a steel chair. When by your opponent, press Left + X. You will be then prompted to press L1. When you press L1, your wrestler will take the chair and choke the opponent with it. After that, he will throw it on the ground and give your opponent a large amount of damage.
Ahmad Kanan.

Hint: Back open space:
On the right, you can Irish Whip your opponent into the fence, which will fall down. You can then Irish Whip your opponent into the garage, which will also open. Press Square from the garage to pull out a chair, table (most common), or sledgehammer. After knocking the fence down, you can also Irish Whip your opponent into the power boxes, which will electrocute him and do heavy damage. After the damage has been done (the body icon on top flashes), you can do a grapple from behind. If you Irish Whip your opponent into the televsion, it will fall down. Towards the center, near the television will be two long poles. Irish Whip an opponent into them and a blue beam will fall. On the bottom of the screen, around the middle, will be two tables with lights on them. Irish Whip your opponent into either one. Lights will flash, fireworks will erupt, and your opponent will appear to dance. At one point, you can do a finisher. Next to the food on the food table is a coffee-maker. Irish Whipping an opponent into it will make him burn. Irish Whip him into any of the three food choices. Then , press Grapple + D-pad to rub food into his face. IRISH whipping your opponent into a soda machine will make a soda come out. Knock your opponent down for good, then pick up the soda with Square. Your finisher meter should go up tremendously. Note: If you or your opponent is on top of the soda machine (must be climbed by pressing Triangle and towards it), any grapple attack on the soda machine will knock the wrestler off. Also, for the most possible damage, use anyone with a finisher from the turnbuckle as yourself or your opponent. Pick up the ladder near the bottom of the screen (on the left), and put your opponent on it (X + Down). Make sure this is near the soda machine. Then, climb on the soda machine and use your finisher or steal his. This will do maximum damage. For close damage, put your opponent on the table (X + Down when holding a table). Then, set up another table near, but not directly next to your opponent. Pick up the ladder. Then, stand next to the table without your opponent on it. Make it so that the empty table is between you and your opponent (on a table). Press Circle to throw the ladder, which should land on the table. Go on the table, pick up the ladder, and without hopping down, Press square again to set up the ladder on top of the table. Then, use your or steal your opponent's finisher.

Hint: Barricade moves:

Slam To Barricade: Irish Whip your opponent to the barricade, then grapple.
Corner Barricade Grapples: Irish Whip your opponent to the corner piece of the barricade.
Mudhole Strikes: Press Left or Right + Grapple.
Mudhole Stomps: Press Up or Down + Grapple.

Hint: Classic wrestler prices:
The following classic wrestlers are available for purchase in the ShopZone.
KungFuJeremy, Redcloud Blooddawn, Andre Pope, Jon Voss, and RAZA105.

Andre the Giant: $20,000
Bret "Hitman" Hart: $20,000
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake: $20,000
Legend Undertaker: $18,000
Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal): $35,000
Mankind: $20,000
Masked Kane: $18,000
The Rock: $20,000

Hint: Move Sets:
strykerryu92188, Derek Mayfield, jasonweeks, and jadan1248.

1: Ron Simmons/Farooq
2: Billy Gunn
3: Val Venis
4: William Regal
5: Scott Steiner
6: Test
7: The Hurricane
8: Spike Dudley
9: Billy Kidman
10: Funaki
11: Steven Richards
12: Sgt. Slaughter
13: Jerry "The King" Lawler
14: Tazz
15: Al Snow
16: Rodney Mack
17: Jazz
18: Lita
19: Vince Mcmahon
20: Shane Mcmahon
21: Stephanie Mcmahon
22: Eric Bischoff
23: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
24: Ultimate Warrior
25: Iron Shiek
26: Nicholai Volkoff
27: Hillbilly Jim
28: Hillbilly Jim
29: Dean Malenko
30: "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
31: Crash Holly
32: Mr. Perfect
33: Bob Backland
34: Lance Storm
35: Ultimo Dragon
36: Dean Malenko
37: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
38: Goldberg
39: Brock Lesnar
40: Jeff Hardy
41: X-Pac
42: DDP
43: Road Dogg
44: Kevin Nash/Diesel
45: Scott Hall/Razor Ramon
46: Sting
47: Jeff Jarrett
48: Goldust
49: Vader
50: Keiji Mutoh
51: Kendo Kashin
52: Toshiaki Kawada
53: Taka Michinoku
54: Genichiro Tenryu
55: Kensuke Sasake
56: Masahiro Chona
57: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
58: Manabu Nakanishi
59: Yugi Nagata
60: Jushin Lyger
61: Mitsuharu Misawa
62: Kenta Kobashi
63: Jun Akiyama
64: Jon Hidenreich
65: Naoya Ogawa
66: The Great Sasuke
67: Atsushi Onita
68: Fred Durst
69: Antonio Inoki
70: Shoot Set 1
71: Shoot Set 2
72: Joshi Set A
73: Joshi Set B
74: Lucha Set

Hint: Original Entrances:

01: Steve Austin
02: Lita
03: Bradshaw (Face)
04: Rikishi
05: The Hurricane
06: Goldberg
07: Bushwhacker
08: X-Pac
09: Jeff Hardy
10: Booker T
11: Bubba Ray Dudley (Face)
12: D-Von Dudley (Face)
13: Eugene
14: Hulk Hogan
15: Scott Steiner
16: Ultimate Warrior
17: Chris Jericho (Face)
01: Generic
02: World's Greatest Tag Team
03: Dudley Boyz (Heel)
04: Evolution (Ric Flair and Batista)
05: Evolution (Ric Flair and Randy Orton)
06: Rico & Miss Jackie
07: Bushwhackers
08: Hardy Boyz
09: Dudley Boyz (Face)
10: The Legion of Doom
11: Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi)
12: D-Generation-X (Road Dogg and X-Pac)
01: Generic
02: Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton)
03: F.B.I.
04: Rico, Miss Jackie & Charlie Haas
05: Team X-Treme (Lita, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy)
06: D-Generation-X (Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Tori)

Hint: Tag Team moves:
helen harding.

1:Normal Boring Entrance
2:Worlds Greatest Tag Team
3:Dudley Boyz
5:Evolution Mark 2
6:Rico/Ms Jackie
8:Hardy Boyz
9:Dudleys Mark 2
10:Leigon Of Doom
11:Too Cool
12:DX Generation

Hint: Trio Tag Team moves:
helen harding.

1 Normal Boring Entrance
2 Evolution
3 FBI / Full Blooded Italians
4 Rico / Ms Jackie and Charlie Haas
5 Team Extreme
6 DX Generation

Hint: Singular entrances:
helen harding.

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin
2 Lita
3 Kevin Nash
4 Taunt in ring looking mean
5 Salute fans on the ramp / taunt on turnbuckle
6 Goldberg
7 Bushwacker
8 Taunt while standing on middle rope
9 Jeff Hardy
10 Talks trash to crowd on ring
11 Bubba Ray Dudley Mark 2
12 D-Von Dudley Mark 2
13 Eugene
14 Hulk Hogan
15 Scott Steiner
16 Party Animal
17 Chris Jericho Mark 2

Hint: Unlimited experience:
This trick requires two memory cards. First, save a large sum of money (for example, $20,000). Then, save the game on both memory cards. Next, buy the highest experience ShopZone item you can (for example, 3,000 experience points). Spend the points on the desired wrestler(s). Then, save the game on memory card one. Load the system data from memory card two. Then, copy the wrestler from memory card one. This will allow you to have a wrestler that has the experience spent and still have the money. You can keep doing this until you have maximum stats for each of the wrestlers you want. Note: If you do not spend the points before loading the system data from the memory card two, this will not work.
Mysticzemi and acid wolf.

This trick requires two memory cards. Go to season mode and get about $25,000. To get money easily, go to the options menu at the main screen and turn DQs off. During your season matches, use a chair or sledgehammer to win easily. Also, use a good superstar such as HHH or used Randy Orton. Once you have the money, save your data on memory cards one and two. Buy the stats that cost about $20,000. Add those stats to your superstar. Save to memory card two. Go to the options, then to "System Data". Load from memory card one. Once that is done, copy your created superstar that you saved on memory card two (that you gave the stats to) to memory card one. Notice that you have your stats added to your superstar, and have all of your money back. Go to ShopZone and buy more stats. Repeat adding stats, saving, and copying, etc. until you are at the maximum. When your stats are full, save on memory card two. Load from memory card one. Copy your superstar from memory card two. You will now have a maxed stat CAW, and all of your money.
Joshua Brown.

Create a Super Heavyweight wrestler. Play through season mode and earn until enough experience to max out Strength, Durability or both. Go to create mode and make a copy of your created wrestler. Edit the profile of the copied CAW and change the weight limit to "Diva". You will receive a notification stating that the CAW attribute points will be lost. Continue. By doing this, the CAW's lost attribute points will be converted back to experience points, and you can distribute it to other CAWs. Repeat this until you max out all your stats.

Once you have 3,000 points, spend them on your superstar but do not save it. Copy your superstar in create-a-superstar mode and change the classification to diva weight. Then, go back to the assign attributes screen and you should have more experience points. Also, the more times you copy and change classification, the more points you will get.

Create a superstar and build up his stats. Make sure your superstar is a heavyweight. Then, choose "Copy" at superstar creation screen. Copy him about five times. Then, choose "Edit Superstar". Choose the superstar you copied and choose "Profile". Then, choose "Classification" and change it to Diva weight. A message stating that some experience points will be lost will appear. Press X to accept, and you should be given a lot of experience points. Repeat this with all the copied superstars.
jordan ferguson.

Hint: Create a character with full stats:
First, have one created character with full stats from season mode. Then, go to create mode and copy the character that has full stats into an empty slot. Next, edit his appearance as desired. He should have the same attributes your other one.
Michael Duminy.

Hint: Automatically win title:
Go for any title in the first week of August. When Mr. McMahon talks to you, reply by saying "I like your style, Mr. McMahon, and you've obviously got good taste. I'm interested, tell me more". When you select to start your match select "Skip". You will automatically win the desired title. If you did not respond that way, then you will not win that week or get a fair match until Summerslam.

Hint: Fight the opposite title holder:
If you are the title holder and make it to the last month of the season, then you will fight the opposite title. For example, if you are the WWE Champion, you will fight the World Heavyweight Champion. If you are the WWE U.S. Champion, you will fight the Intercontinental Champion.

Hint: Get both titles in Smackdown or Raw:
Play as a superstar with no titles from either Smackdown or Raw in season mode. The first time you get to the locker room, go for the title option and select either the U.S Championship (Smackdown) or the Intercontinental Championship (Raw). Win either of these titles and do not lose them until the title option appears again in the locker room. Go for the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship and accept Mr. McMahon's offer. After the special referee match, you will have both titles for a short time.
Connor Midgley.

Hint: Blue into red opponent:
Lure your opponent towards the area between the entrance stage and the barrier that protects the audience. Irish Whip your opponent into the barrier or the wall by the side of the entrance to damage them. Do this repeatedly to turn the "blue guy" into "red guy". Note: the "blue guy" will start flashing red after the head and body turns orange in color.
acid wolf.

Hint: Throw your opponent outside the ring:
In the Power Grapple move sets, set one of your moves as "Body Press Drop FW". When you are close to the ropes, initiate the Power Grapple and then press the button combination you selected for this move. Your wrestler will do a 270 degree turn and then throw his opponent. If you are in the correct position, you can throw your opponent outside the ring. Also, if you set a table up outside the ring, you can actually throw your opponent through it when they go flying outside.
Clyde Benson.

Hint: Stats:
Start a season with anyone. When you win matches you can give the experience points to someone else.

Hint: Christmas lights:
Go to a single match and choose Triple H. Choose the Bad Blood arena. When Triple H enters, the blood drops will look like Christmas lights.
Bobby Salguero.

Hint: Reenact ECW matches:
Go to create a PPV and name it ECW. Select a Judgment Day arena or one that looks suitable for the ECW. Have Tazz and Michael Cole announce. Tazz used to work for ECW and is more suitable. Set it for three matches. In the first match, put Eddie G vs. Chris Benoit. For the second match, make it a table match with the Dudley Boyz vs. Chris Jericho and Tajri. For the third match, make it TLC with RVD vs. Rhyno and use Vandams special with the chair.

Hint: Reenact Survivor Series' Elimination Chamber:
To do the Elimination Chamber of Survivor Series 2002 put the following superstars in order: Triple H as #1, RVD as #2, Y2J as #3, Booker T as #4, and HBK as #6. The order of elimination is: RVD, Booker T, Kane, Y2J, and Triple H.

Hint: Reenact New Year's Revolution Elimination Chamber:
To do the elimination chamber of New Year's Revolution, put the following superstars in order: Chris Benoit as #1, Y2J as #2, Triple H as #3, Edge as #4 Randy Orton as #5, and Batista as #6. The order of elimination is: Edge, Chris Benoit, Y2J, Batista, and Randy Orton.

Hint: Reenact Three Stages Of Hell match:
Use the following settings to reenact the match that Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit wrestled at Judgment Day 2001 for Kurt's Olympic Gold Medals. Select the first match as a single match, the second match as a submission match, and the third match as a ladder match. The order of winning is Benoit for the single match, Angle for the submission match, and Angle for the ladder match.
Robert Wiser.

Hint: Reenact Wrestlemania 20 World Heavyweight Championship match:
To reenact the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship featured at Wrestlemania 20, Triple H, Chris Benoit, and Shawn Michaels were in the match. The winner of the match was Chris Benoit.
Robert Wiser.

Hint: Reanact WrestleMania 21:
To reanact WrestleMania 21, go to PPV mode, use the WrestleWania XX arena and these matches in order:

Main Event: Batista vs Triple H
John Cena vs JBL
Randy Orton vs Undertaker
Fatal Four Way Ladder match:
Edge vs. Y2J vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Banjamin
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
HBK vs. Kurt Angle
Batista won
John Cena won
Undertaker won
Edge won
Rey Mysterio won
Kurt Angle won

Hint: See Lita:
Lita can be seen in Molly Holly's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

Hint: See Coach:
Coach can be seen in Tajiri's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

Hint: See Doug and Danny Bashum:
Doug and Danny Bashum can be seen in Charlie Hasse's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

To see the Basham Brothers do a 3D (Dudley Death Drop), during the SmackDown! season, you will have a feud with JBL's cabinet. As the weeks progress, a match will end and you will still be in the ring afterwards. The Basham brothers will set up a table in the middle of the ring, and put you through it using the 3D. The 3D is usually performed by the Dudley Boyz.
spencer sullivan.

Hint: See Goldust:
Goldust can be seen in Christan's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

Hint: See Mick Foley:
Mick Foley can be seen in Randy Orton's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

Hint: See Miss Jackie:
Watch Rico's Titantron.

Hint: See Rikishi:
Watch the Titantrons of Big Show and Chuck Palumbo.

Hint: See Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Stone Cold Steve Austin Can be seen in Eric Bishoff's Titantron video.

Hint: See The Problem Solver Tyson Tomko:
Watch Trish Stratus' Titantron closely, and you will see The Problem Solver Tyson Tomko a few times.

Hint: See Theodore Long:
Theodore Long can be seen in Mark Jinjrak's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

Hint: See Tommy Dreamer:
Watch Big Show's Titantron.

Hint: See William Regal:
William Regal can be seen in Triple H's Titantron video.
Rusty Shacklferd.

Hint: Easy Miss Jackie creation:
Go to Create a WWE Superstar. Make sure you select "Female" under "Gender". Go to "Use Sample" and browse through the various women samples. The last one on the list is Miss Jackie (Sample 10).
Craig Dixon.

Hint: EG Armband on created wrestlers:
From the dress up arms section in "Create A Superstar", select "Design", then "Simple". Go to item 153 and select it. Rotate it once and have it full length and black. Do this twice for full armband. For the EG letters, in same section go to "Design" and select "Letters". Use the "E" and "G" from Alphabet 1. Put the letters one size in height from the top of the armband and have the width of the letters one or two from the smallest size. Once you have both letters on the armband. change the color to white.
travis essner.

Hint: Replacement moves:
KKKelvin0425, chris baxter, Shane Carmichael, marilyn.gougeon, thblt4, BlackGeno0039, ZacAttack518, Robert Wiser, Tnatyguy2005, Rusty Shacklferd, Robert Wiser, buddy burgess, and buddy burgess.

Akio: Corkscrew Body Pin.
Andre The Giant: Chokeslam 4 and Elbow Drop 12.
Animal: Replace Oklahoma Slam with Scoop Slam 5.
Batista: Spine Buster 05 and Powerbomb 15 (Batista Bomb).
Big Show: Change the Final Cut to a Chokeslam.
Billy Kidman: Spinebuster 02 (BK Bomb) and Shooting Star Press.
Bret Hart: Sharpshooter 1 and 2.
Brock Lensar: F-5 and Cyclone (same move as his in WWF: Here Comes The Pain)
Brock Lesnar: Cyclone 01 (F-5) and Cyclone 02 (F-5).
Brock Lesnar: Cyclone 1 and 2 is the F-5 1 and 2, The Neck Breaker 3 and Death Valley Driver can be used as modified F-5's.
CCC: His finisher should be Overdrive.
Charlie Haas: T-Bone Suplex 01 and Haas of Pain.
Chavo Guerrero: Gory Bomb and Frog Splash 01.
Chris Benoit: Give him Crossface and Diving Head Butt.
Chris Jericho: Use Shining Wizard 5 for a better looking Enzegiri.
Christan: Change the second finisher to DDT 22.
Christopher Daniels: Diving Moonsault 2 as the B.M.E. (Best Moonsault Ever).
Christopher Daniels: Edgecution 2 or the Gordbuster 2 as the Angel's Wings.
Diamond Dallas Page: The Bubba Cutter and RKO can be used as Diamond Cutters, The Super RKO and Stunner 5 can be used as modified Diamond Cutters.
Dino: Give him Bearhug 1 and 2.
Edge: Edgecution 02 and Spear 02.
Funaki: DDT 25 and 26 (Rising Sun).
Funaki: DDT 25, DDT 26.
Gene Snitski: Big Boot 3 (Test Running Big Boot) and Pumphandle Slam.
Gene Snitsky: Big Boot 03 and Pumphandle Slam.
Goldberg: Suplex Pin 02 (Jackhammer) and Spear 05.
Heidenreich: Scarpbuster Pin, Shoulder Breaker.
Heidenreich: Shoulderbreaker and Scrapbuster pin.
Hulk Hogan: Atomic Leg Drop 1 and 2.
Hurricane: Shining Wizard 10 and Neckbreaker 13 (Eye Of The Hurricane).
Jazz: STF 01 and Lifting.
Jeff Hardy: Extreme Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb 02.
John Cena: Power of the Punch can be used as his Chain Shot.
John Heidenreich: Shoulderbreaker and Scrapbuster.
Kane: Change his Powerbomb pin to a different Chokeslam.
Kane: Change his Powerbomb to a Tombstone Piledriver.
Kenzo Suzuki: STO 02 and Big Shoulder Claw.
Lita: DDT 18 (Kiss of Death) and Diving Moonsault 03.
Lita: The DDT 18 can be used as Kiss Of Death.
Luther: Neckbreaker 03, Inverted Suplex.
Mankind: Give him Taunt Masked Man, and Taunt Socks as his two missing taunts. Give him the Manible Claw, and the Iron Claw for Cactus Jack Double Arm DDT, and Piledriver 3.
Mark Jindrak: Mark of Excellence and Spinning Out Powerbomb.
Masked Kane: Change the Powerbomb move to Tombstone Piledriver Pin.
Matt Stryker: Tailerhich (Stryker Lock) and The Overdriver.
Maven: Bulldog 08 and Diving Moonsault 02.
Maven: Bulldog 08, Edge O'Matic 02.
Mordecai: Powerbomb 06 (Redemption) and Jawbreaker 02 (Sinner Shot).
Paul London: Shooting Star Press 01 (London Calling) & 450 Splash (Calling London).
Paul London: Shooting Star Press 1 (London Calling) and 450 splash (Callin London).
Rene Dupree: Dupree Bomb and Michinoku Driver.
Rhyno: Spear 5 (Gore) and Lift and Cutter (Rhyno Cutter).
Rick Flair: Change the Figure 4 to Outlaw Punches 5.
Rikishi: Rump shaker 01 (Banzai Drop) and Fire Thunder (Rikishi Driver).
Riko: Change his second finisher to Neckbreaker 7.
Rob Conway: Super Neckbreaker Pin (Au Revoir) and Neckbreaker 03.
Rob Van Dam: Change one of his 5 Star Frog Splash's to Frog Splash Pin 1.
Rob Van Dam: Keep one Five Star Frog Splash, the either give him Eddie G's Frog Splash or the Jumping Calf Kick (Vandamonator).
Rockin Boy: The F-U 1 can be used as The First and Last. The Shooting Star Press 2 can be used as his Gainer 4 the Painer.
Rosey: Sidewalk Slam 4.
Rosey: SidewalkSlam 04 and Big Splash Pin.
Samson: The Alabama Slam can be used as the Samsonite. The Half Full Nelson Face Slam can be used as the Hair Cutter.
Scott Steiner: Complete Shot and Camel Clutch 03 (Steiner Recliner).
Shelton Benjaman: Change seocnd finisher to Powerslam Pin 1 (closest to the Tbone Suplex into a pin he does).
Shelton Benjamin: Super Kick and T-Bone Suplex 03.
Snitsky: Pump Handle Slam, Big Boot 03.
Sylvain Grenier: Super Neckbreaker Pin (Au Revoir) and Neckbreaker 03.
Syvian Grenier/Rob Conway: Super Neckbreaker Pin (1 Man Au Revoir).
Test: Big Boot 03 and Pump Handle Slam.
The Undertaker (non legend): Change his Last Ride to a Chokeslam.
Trajiri: Change the Buzzsaw Kick to a Karate Kick 2.
Ultimo Dragon: DDT 04 and Dragon Sleeper 02.
Viscera: Derailer, Big Splash Pin.
X-Pac: Facecrusher 01, Edgecution 02.
X-Pac: Facecrusher 1 (X-Factor) , Bomb to Facecrusher (Modified X-Factor).
The 450 Pin can be used as Paul London's London Calling.
The 99 Crusher can be used for Chris Sabin's CradleShock.
The Atomic Leg Drop 1and 2 can be used as Hulk Hogan's Leg Drop.
The Back Breaker 3 can be used as Farooqs Dominator.
The Back Suplex 3 can be used as an Inverted Angle Slam.
The Back Suplex 7 can be used as an Inverted Angle Slam.
The Big Boot 3 can be used as Test's Big Boot.
The Book End can be used as Christopher Daniel's Standing Rock Bottom.
The Book End can be used as Eugene's version of the Rock Bottom.
The Bubba Cutter can be used as the Diamond Cutter, or a better looking RKO.
The Bulldog 08 can be used as Rick Staner's Top Rope Bulldog.
The Camel Clutch 2 or 3 can be used as Muhammad Hassan's Camel Clutch.
The Camel Clutch 3 can be used as the Steiner Recliner.
The Chokeslam 6 can be used as the Hurrislam.
The Chokeslam 9 can be used as Another Mark Of Excellence.
The Complete Shot can be used as Muhammad Hassan's Reverse Rock Bottom.
The Cross Body in the turnbuckle can be used as Shelton Benjamin's Stinger Shot.
The Cyclone 1&2 can be used as the F-5.
The Cyclone 2 can be used as the Big Show version of the F-5.
The DDT 23 can be used as Sting's Scorpion Death Drop.
The DDT 30 can be used as Steven Richard's Stevie T.
The DDT 4 can be used as Ultimo Dragon's Dragon DDT.
The DDT 7 can be used at Chris Sabin's Future shock.
The DDT 9 can be used as the Raven Effect.
The Diving Moonsault 2 can be used at The Fallen Angel's B.M.E.
The Diving Moonsault 3 can be used as Bill Demott's No Laughing Moonsault or Lita's Litasault.
The Dragonrana can be used as Mr. Submission's Hip Hop Hurricarrana .
The Dupree Bomb can be used as a Better Michinoku Driver.
The Edgecution 1 can also be used as the Raven Effect.
The Edgecution2 Can be used as the Fallen Angel's Angel Wings.
The Emerald fusion 2 can be used as Nova's Nova Buster.
The Facecrusher 1 can be used as the X-Factor.
The Facecrusher 2 can be used as Ivory's Poison Ivory.
The Falling Powerslam can be used as Mark Henry's World's Strongest Slam.
The Fire Thunder can be used as the Rikishi Driver or the Inverted Piledriver.
The Fisherman Suplex can be used as Mr. Perfect's Perfectplex.
The Frogsplash 1 can be used as D'lo Brown's Lo Down.
The Full Nelson can be used as Chris Master's Masterlock.
The Gory Bomb can be used as Chris Sabin's Fall Back Powerbomb.
The Landing pin can also be used as Crash Holly's Bottom Feeder.
The Landing pin can be used as Aj Styles's Styles Clash.
The Last Call can be used as the Fall Away Slam.
The Lift And Cutter can be used as Chris Sabin's Lift and DDT.
The Lifting Can be used as the Jazz Stretch.
The Magnum Driver can be used as Gene Snitsky's Pumphandle Slam.
The Mexican Stretch Buster can be used as Ron Killing's K-buster.
The Money Shot can be used as Jimmy Snuka's Superfly.
The Neckbreaker can be used as the Eye Of The Hurricane.
The Neckbreaker 3 can be uesed as Christopher Daniel's Last Rites.
The Neckbreaker 3 can be used as Bill DeMott's That No Joke.
The Neckbreaker 3 can be used as Luther Reins' Suicide.
The Neckbreaker 10 can be used as the Regal Cutter.
The Over Drive can be used as Elix Skipper's Play Of The Day(P.O.D).
The Overdrive can be used as Carlito's finishing move.
The Pedigree 1 can be used as the Fallen Angel's Angel's Wings.
The Pedigree 2 can also be used at The Fallen Angel's Angel's Wings.
The Piledriver 3 can be used as Jerry Lynn's Cradle Piledriver.
The Piledriver 3 can be used as Kevin Steen's Package Piledriver.
The Pleasant Cycling can be used as Konnan's Tequila Sunrise.
The Power Bomb 6 can be used as the Razors Edge or the Crucifix Powerbomb.
The Power Of The Punch can be used as Regal's finisher or John Cena's Knux Shot.
The Powerbomb 6 can be used as Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker's Curcifix Powerbomb.
The Reverse Suplex can be used as Arn Anderson's Gourd Buster.
The Rings of Stretch 2 can be used as Perry Saturn's Rings of Saturn.
The Rock Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpion Death Lock.
The Running shoulder Attack 2 can be used as Monty Brown's The Pounce.
The Samoan Driver can be used as Bam Bam Bigelow's Greetings from Alsbury Park.
The Samoan Driver can be used as Scott Damore's the Damoreiliser .
The Scrapbuster Pin can be used as The Bossman Slam.
The Sharpshooter 2 can be used as Bret Hart's Sharpshooter.
The Shooting Star Press 1 can also be used as the London Calling.
The Shooting Star Press 1 can be used as the Style's Splash .
The Sidewalk Slam 4 can be used as Chris Sabin's Bum Rush.
The Sidewalk Slam 4 can be used as Rosey's Side Slam.
The Sidewalk Slam 4 can be used as the Gunn Stinger.
The Sky High can be used as Viscera's Finisher.
The Snowplow can be used as Al Snow's finisher.
The Spear 5 can be used as a better Gore.
The Spear 5 can be used as Goldberg's Spear.
The SpineBuster 2 can be used as the BK Bomb.
The STF01 can be used as Jon Cena's STFU.
The STF 2 can be used as William Regal's Regal Stretch.
The Stunner 1 can be used as Mikey Whipwreck's Wippersnapper.
The Stunner 5 can be used as a Modified Diamond Cutter.
The Stunner can be used as Eugene's Stunner.
The Super RKO can be used as DDP's Super Diamond Cutter.
The Suplex 12 can be used as a Brainbuster.
The Suplex 4 can be used as a Brainbuster.
The Suplex Pin 2 can be used as the JackHammer.
The Trailerhitch can be used as Matt Stryker's Stryker Lock.

Hint: Near undressed Divas/Superstars:
When creating a character, set the Shade: X: <number> and Shade: Y: <number> values for the skin to "-50" with the bare minimum of clothing. If you choose a very small amount of clothing that does not create a lot of shine, your character will look almost undressed.
Patrick Perin.

Glitch: Turnbuckle sounds:
If you do a diving move from the announcer's table you will hear the sound that is made when you jump off a turnbuckle.
martin shaouni.

Glitch: Wrong commentary:
The voice overs often reefer to RVD as Bradshaw and JBL as Rob Van Dam.
Roderick G.

Go to exhibition mode, and choose any tag team match with entrances. Select Rico and Charlie Hass as one of the teams. Make sure you wrestle with the RAW announce team. Notice that during the entrances, Lillian Garcia will introduce "...Rico and Chuck Hass".

When you go to Backlash on exhibition, season or PPV matches, the announcers will say that you are in Quebec, when you are actually in Edmonton, Alberta.
Nick Marce.

If you play a created PPV and created WM XX, notice that if you use Joint Hosting the announcer is Lillian Garcia, which shows that RAW is the team that has to be announcing for joint hosting at WM XX.
Ferrari Thin.

Glitch: Late commentary:
Usually when you do a special with an original superstar, the commentators will announce it. For example, when Batista does the Batista Bomb, JR says, "Batista, with a Sitting Powerbomb. That's not just a match ender, that's a career ender!". However when Shelton Benjamin does his Super Kick, it takes about three seconds for them to announce it.
Jeff Hamm.

Glitch: Missing announcers:
Create a pay per view and set J.R and King as the announcers. Have a match with Shelton Benjamin vs. anyone. During Shelton's entrance to the ring, J.R and King will not be at their announcer table, but you will hear them talk during the match.
jerry paradiso.

Fight in any match where J.R. and King are at their table by the stage. If you run out of the ring, let your opponent follow you. The camera should zoom out and give you a wide view of the arena. If you look at the announcer's table, there will be two leather chairs, but J.R. and King are not anywhere near them. However, you will still hear them commentating. Note: This works in season mode as well as exhibition, as long as the arena is Raw.
Keenan Brown.

Use any wrestler in a Hell In A Cell match in a PPV venue. After you start the match, go outside the cell. Notice that there are no announcers at either table (Spanish or English). If desired, you can go up the ramp and look at the table up there. The announcers will also be missing there. However, you will still hear commentary throughout your match.

Glitch: Missing wrestlers:
This trick requires two players. While on the ring, get your taunt meter all the way up. Get ready to do your taunt. Have player two grapple you, and at the same time do your taunt. If done correctly, player two and the other wrestlers will disappear for a few seconds, except for player one. This trick requires perfect timing.
Joseph Lazaro.

Glitch: Wrong belt:
When you play a title match on Raw (match for World Heavyweight Championship), instead of a World Title that could be used as a weapon it is the WWE title (SmackDown's Heavyweight title).

Glitch: Wrong titleholder:
Successfully complete season mode as the Intercontinental, World Heavyweight, and WWE champion. Save the game after you win all three titles in the unification match at Wrestlemania 20 to hold all three titles. Start a new season as the same person then select the "View the title holders" section in your locker before you start the event. You should no longer be both the Intercontinental or WWE champion, and only be the World Heavyweight if you are on the Raw brand . If you are on SmackDown! and win the WWE, U.S., and World Heavyweight championships, go to the "View The title holders" section in your locker before the show. You should no longer be the U.S. or the World Heavyweight champion, and just be the WWE champion.

Glitch: Keep championship:
For this trick to work, you must be a title holder. Play until Vince tells you that you have a bounty on your head and go to the other show. At the PPV, lose the title to a superstar on the another show. For example, if you are playing as Booker T. defending the U.S. title, lose it to Christian. You will still be the champion.
jeremy newman.

Glitch: Battle Royal: Get back in the ring when eliminated:
Select a five or six-man Battle Royal and get pinned or tapped out. When someone else has been eliminated, Irish Whip them into the ring post, then press Up + Circle. This will cause them to hit their head against the ring post. Your player will then automatically throw your opponent back in the ring.
Joe Horne.

Glitch: Elimination Chamber: Camera problem:
If you pin a wrestler at the correct time in the Elimination Chamber when another wrestler is coming in, the camera angle will fly very high, and the entire arena will look really small. The camera will then descend back to its normal position. Note: This happened when playing as Randy Orton pinning Roddy Piper on the outside of the ring when Brutus was being selected to join the match; he was the last person to join.

Glitch: Hell In A Cell: Floating celebration:
Win a Hell In A Cell match after putting your opponent through the ceiling of the cage. You will be shown celebrating on top of the cage as usual. However, you will be floating over the area where the section of cage is missing.

Glitch: Hell In A Cell: Get inside cage:
Play as Randy Orton or somebody with the RKO as a finisher. Get your finisher and go to the side of the cage closest to you. Make your opponent face you and the do the RKO. You will be inside of the cage.
Angelo De Blasio.

Glitch: Survival or Battle Royal: Get outside ring:
When playing a Survival or Battle Royal match (4, 5, or 6 Man, it does not matter), there is an odd glitch that makes it possible for you to be outside of the ring. Choose a superstar with a move that requires them to face the opposite direction while they are on the turnbuckle, instead of facing the ring. Then, get knocked off while on the turnbuckle. You will be outside the ring. Unfortunately you cannot bring weapons back into the ring (when you go to check, there are none there).

Glitch: DQ when hitting manager:
Select a single match with manager and DQ. Select your opponent with the manager. When the bell rings, leave the ring and get a chair. Hit the manager with the chair. You will be disqualified.

Glitch: Snap neck falling of announcers' table:
Play an ordinary match. Turn off the ring out count and DQ. Have your wrestler Irish Whip your opponent into the announcers' table. Have them wake up and punch them. They should slip off the table before they hit the ground. The game will show what happens when your opponent's neck is nearly broken. Their neck should lose damage and should be yellow, orange, or red.

Glitch: 619:
When playing as Rey Mysterio, use your signature grapple (Left + Circle) then do Rey's tripping move (Right + Circle). Your opponent will rest on the ropes. For some reason, within a moment your opponent will come off the ropes, making it very difficult to do a manual 619.

Glitch: Chokeslam 8 favorite:
Win all challenges and get the movesets by doing so. Create a superstar and give them Goldberg's moveset (Moveset 38). One of his favorites is Chokeslam 8, however he does not have Chokeslam 8 on any grapples. Chokeslam 8 can only be used as a finisher.
ZacAttack 518.

Glitch: Christian's pants:
Play in any match as or against Christian. When he appears, notice that there is no letter "C" on his pants. In real life, Christian has a letter "C" on his pants.
Randy Cook.

Glitch: Paul Heyman's ring entry:
Play a single match with manager. Go around the character choices and find Paul Heyman. Note: You can not fight with him against anyone. Be Paul Heyman as a manager and go in the ring. Notice that he goes over the top rope instead of a normal ring in move. Also, when you bring in a normal manager they walk in with you (for example, Torrrie Wilson). However, if you choose Paul Heyman as your manager, he will already be at his managing position.
Matthew Jack.

Glitch: Trish Stratus lifts Andre The Giant:
Play as Trish Stratus against Andre The Giant at the Raw arena. Take him near the announcers' table and put him on it. Trish Stratus will lift Andre The Giant up with a Suplex, which she cannot normally do apart from this occasion.
thomas miller.

Glitch: Switched move in credits:
In the credits, when all of the entrance moves are done, D-Von does Bubba's face entrance move (Original 11).

Glitch: Unable to move:
Grab a chair then throw it to any of the steps. Make sure that the chair does not fall off. Next, try to pick up the steps. Notice that your superstar will not be able to move. To return to normal, another superstar must attack you.

Glitch: Gray blood drops:
Start a match with HBK Shawn Michaels and go to the Bad Blood arena. When Shawn Michaels enters the arena, look at the blood drops. Instead of being red, they are gray.

Glitch: Run up steps:
Run towards the steps. Run close as possible towards the ring. Press Circle and your wrestler will dive onto the steps. To make him stay on the steps longer (to avoid an opponent or do a diving move), once on steps walk toward the turnbuckle, then proceed with a diving move or taunt. Note: This will not work if the steps have already been picked up.

Glitch: Wrong instructions:
At the loading screen for a ladder match, you will be instructed to press Circle and the D-pad toward an opponent to throw them on the table. It is actually X + D-Pad toward your opponent.

Glitch: Unlimited steel chair hits:
Change your fighting style to Rob Van Dam. When you do a running attack with the chair, dropkick your opponent with it. This can be done repeatedly without the chair disappearing.

Glitch: Ring moves when no one is there:
Go to "Moveset" and select a person who jumps as there stance. When you do this, the ring will be moving with no one there.
Roger Reel.

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