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Xenosaga: Episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht

In-game reset:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Skip scenes:
Whenever you are viewing a previously watched scene, press Start then press Triangle. You will then skip the entire scene until you are in quest mode again.

Pause game play and you will be prompted if you want to resume or skip the scene. This is useful when you have saved a game before a scene and get killed afterwards.

Moving quickly and silently:
Tap R2 rapidly when walking around to can hover quickly without making a sound.
brycen johnson.

Hint: Bravesoul:
Once you get the Bravesoul from the casino mini-game, you can extract the HP Stong skill from it. It makes your strength increase as your HP decreases in battle. You can extract it for 500 points, but your skill level has to be at skill level 4. You can also do the same thing with the Double Buster, which you also must be at skill level 4. Note: You cannot extract from anything that another person has equipped.
Evan Dickason.

Hint: Decoder #8:
When you visit the Dock Colony for the first time, a woman in front of the clinic tells you of a Fish Detector that her husband lost. Go to the Kukai Foundation's cleaning place and inspect the tuxedo to find the Fish Detector. Talk to the girl in the Iron Man bar, sitting at the lower left table. She says that she lost an important ring and asks you to find it. Go to the Private Beach and go in the water where the fish show up on the radar screen. Run up to every fish and press Circle. Sometimes you will get an item, and sometimes you will not. You can get a Med Kit, a Speed Stim, and the Engagement Ring. If you return to the beach on any return trips, the Med Kit, and Speed Stim will be there again. Give the ring back to the girl in the bar. She will give you the Decoder #8 to open the red door.

Hint: Hazardous Area Map:
On board the Elsa, you will see the pilot walking around in Hangar 1 (A.G.W.S. hangar), looking for a map. He does not give any concrete details, except to look everywhere, and that the captain wants it. To get the map, speak with the captain on the bridge. He will give it to you to take to the pilot.
Michael Williamson.

Hint: Deadly Jr.:
Play poker in the casino long enough to buy the coveted Brave Soul. Then, either equip Jr. with it or have him extract and equip the skill. Jr. is ideal for the Brave Soul because he has many physical attacks. All his normal attacks use his guns, and he has the all-powerful Angelic Requiem at his disposal, which does physical damage to all enemies. Equip Jr. exclusively with tech attacks that do physical damage. Attacks such as Storm Waltz, Prelude to Battle, and Angelic Requiem are good, while Ether attacks such as Mystic Nocturne and Moonlit Serenade should be avoided. Angelic Requiem should be in his HI slot, if available. During battle, use a Hemlock on Jr. to hurt him badly, then immediately heal him for 150 to 300 points to keep him from dying too easily. Using Shion's Safety Level Ether is even better. Now that Jr. is thoroughly hurting, try attacking an enemy. Near the middle to end of the game, he can do over 500 to 700 damage with just his normal attacks, and anywhere from 700 to 1200 with his Tech attacks. As long as you can keep Jr. from taking too heavy a hit, or keep him protected with Safety Level, there should be few things that can stand up to him for long.

Hint: MOMO's first transformation:
Go to the Cathedral Ship (inside the Gnosis). When you get to the stairs to go up (not the ladder), have MOMO as your lead character and search near the boxes. It should be there.

Hint: See Shion or MOMO in a swimsuit:
When you are saving the people at the Kouki foundation, there is a chest in the hotel. When you get it, it will say "Swimsuit". You can equip it to Shion or MOMO. This allows their TP reward to increase by 25%. Also, when they are fighting they will be in a swimsuit. If you saw the intermission sequence where they are at the foundation's beach, you will see MOMO and Shion in a bathing suit. That is how they will appear as when they fight with the swimsuit equipped.
lilflannigan and Derek Gingrich.

Also, the same item can be won by completing Mission 4 of the Driller Game. A third and final swimsuit is to be found by defeating Great Joe.
Derek Gingrich.

Note: Jr. and Chaos can also wear the swimsuit, and can be seen in swimming trunks.

Hint: Ziggy finding MOMO:
When Ziggy is finding MOMO, the soldiers in the first room of the Solitary Ruins are watching. Go to the wall in the middle and turn back to the side. Do not do anything until the soldier had passed you. The second Solitary Ruin is the same, only do not battle anyone in there if you want Ziggy to be alive; or try to escape then run really fast.

Hint: See Shion without her coat:
Immediate before the part where the Woglinde gets attacked, Shion goes to rest in her room. Notice that she takes off her coat. When the intermission sequence ends, you have the option to take a nap. Answer "No" and you can walk around as Shion without her coat.

Hint: Shion's Giant Robot Ethers:
In the bottom of the Gear Shop in the Kukai Foundation, you can meet a strange professor who wants you to find parts so he can build a giant robot. Finding the six different parts, consisting of two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head will reward you with four different Ether attacks for Shion. These parts are located in the various Segment address rooms, which you find through exploring. The first attack is rewarded when you find both arms, and is called the Throni Blade. Next, you will find both legs which reward you with the Ether attack called the Dominion Tank. The head is the next item you can get, unlocking an attack called the Seraphim Bird. Finally, you will find the body which combines with all the other parts to create the summon of Erde Kaiser. This is the most powerful attack in the game, causing 9999 damage, but requires twelve Skills slots it makes it the only Ether that Shion can use.

Hint: Robot parts:
berunaldo dominique.

Torso 2: Dock Colony, Junk Store. Defeat the Arthra 26 series that appears on the central floor of the second tower on Song Of Nephilim system. Destroy the fourth box in the location where five boxes are in a line.
Right leg 3: Kukai Foundation Cleaners 1F. The treasure box in Bunnie's house in the Encephlon.
Right arm 7: Woglinde, front of Sergeant Major Swagger. Talk to Swaine on Woglinde during the Gnosis attack.
Left Leg 8: Elsa, corridor of the cargo bay. Before the Gnosis attack, talk to the woman in Ironman Bar in Kukai Foundation City Sector 26/27 to learn about the Engagement Ring. Search The White Tub on the second floor of the cleaners to obtain Fish Detector. Go to Gaignun's private beach and catch the fish that has the Engagement Ring. Return to the bar and give the ring back to the woman.
Left arm 9: Inside Gnosis mothership, Research Lab 3F. The treasure box guarded by Stribog (the long armed monster) inside the Gnosis mothership.

Hint: Slide Deck Key:
When you are onboard the Elsa, before the ship is attacked, you can speak to the repair robot in the A.G.W.S. hangar. He mentions that he is the hardest worker, and that while he was cleaning one of the cabins he lost his key to the Slide Deck. The key can be found on the couch in the lounge of Cabin 2 (the southern-most cabin).
Michael Williamson.

Hint: Hidden e-mails:
Talk to the orange worker in the Woglinde near the right exit, then just run around anywhere to acquire new items or pictures of other Namco games. Note: If you do not know how to help Vector with the hacker problem in the Woglinde, leave the Realian infirmary and enter it again then run for the starboard door.
seth schmitt.

Hint: Keeping Shion safe during the Gnosis attack:
During the Gnosis attack on the Starship Woglinde at Shion's second encounter with the Gnosis, as they chase her she must run through the partition and quickly press the red switch on the other side to close it to stop the Gnosis from touching her. As this is difficult to do, there is a second, easier option. Have Shion keep running. Ignore and pass both red switches. Go through the open door into the empty room a few steps further down the hallway. Wait a few seconds in the room. The Gnosis will lose track of Shion. Then, give up and return to where they were before the chase. The coast will be clear and Shion can go safely to her next stop.

Hint: Defeating Albedo:
There are two ways to defeat Albedo. First, you can be very cheap and use the Erde Kaiser Ether to defeat him with Shion. Or, you can be courageous and follow this strategy. Albedo has 7,400 HP, which is less than Proto Dora. Have Shion, Jr., and Kos-Mos in your group. You will need Shion's Erde Kaiser for Sophie Peithios, who has 16,000 HP. Albedo attacks like a rabid dog and uses Ethers to increase his speed. He also restores his health with devastating attacks. Using an AGW is not recommended, as he will drain more than 1,000 HP from it at a time. The following are some of his moves and how to respond to them.

Demonic Gaze: This is Albedo's first and primary move, just to annoy you. He takes off about 700 HP, usually from Jr. Use Medica Rest on whoever is damaged. If you extracted Supreme Judgment from Chaos, then use that to greatly lower his healing ability. This is how Albedo heals himself. He pounds the ground and a blue sphere rises from the ground. Remember to accumulate Boost or keep using Boost1 and then unleash everything you have at once. Guard often to save up Boost for everyone, and do not let him hit you too much.
Phoenix Flames (or something similar): Equip yourself with fire resistant garments to lower the damage. He is also not weak against anything. He rises in the air and says "Taste the flames of hell". Note: Use powerful Tech Attacks such as X-Buster, R-Blade, Storm Waltz, or Last Symphony. Also, use Rain Blade or Spell Ray.
Fallen Angel: This is the most powerful attack that Albedo has, wiping out about 900 Hp. He powers up and says "It's over!" Quickly heal your ally as much as possible. This attack can kill your warrior immediately.

Albedo also increases his speed with different Ethers as well as his power. Hangs over and his back either swirls with a clock or with bluish purple mists. This is the best time to use a boost and attack him before he attacks you.
naman rawal.

The easiest way to beat Albedo is to first get the Bravesoul from the casino passport. Next, equip the Bravesoul to KOS-MOS. Then when the battle begins use KOS-MOS' R-Dragon and it will do 1000 to 2000 damage, depending on how much HP remains. Then, you got to do is put your strongest players in the fight and win.
Ryan Weaver.

Use KOS-MOS' R-Dragon and equip her with the Bravesoul or extract it. It seems that Albedo attacks the strongest player with the Armor Break and Fallen Angel attacks. If you are lucky, it will miss and use the R-Dragon. The attack power will sometimes range from 1000 to 2500.

Hint: Defeating Zolfo and the two Mecurio:
Since Zolfo will not attack until both Mecurio are out, take out the Mecurio as Zolfo will use his shields.. If you use MOMO's Sleep Ether attack (to the right of life shot), it will put one of the Mecurio to sleep. When it is Zolfo's turn, he will attack his own Mecurios and reprimand them for sleeping. This should hurt them for at least 100. Attack once or guard with Ziggy. When you have the AP, attack the one that is awake (if any). Zolfo becomes quite easy when they are both gone; just heal and attack as usual.
anthony taylor.

Hint: Easy money:
Get the Casino Card from the Durandal's Casino (north and east of Shione's room on the Durandal). Then, play Poker. Start with 100 coins (900 bucks) and play level 1 until you get about 200. Then, move straight to level 3 until you get about 700. Then, play level 4. The way to always beat the house is as follows. Always hold a pair or any other scoring combo. After you win, always do double or nothing. If the number is greater than 7 bet low, if the number is 8 it is your choice, and if the number is 9 or above it is best to go low. After accumulating about 45000 coins, get 99 starter decks of cards and sell them for 20,000. It takes a total of two hours to make about 100,000 (and all the prizes and art.)
Sephiroth Shinra.

When you get the Casino passport from the casino on the Durandal, go into the passport and buy a amount of coins you can afford so you can play. Select Poker on the level 1 game and play that until you get about 1,000 coins. Then, move up a level or two. When you get about 2,000 to 3,000 coins, go to level 4 for the big money. When you get about 15,000 coins, buy 99 Recovery Sets for about 9,900 coins, leaving your about 5,000 coins. Sell the items that were in the Recovery Set for about 11,000. Then, repeat the process. The Recovery Set contains a Med Kit, Ether Pack, Revive, And Cure-All. You should have 99 of each when you buy the 99 Recovery Sets.
Jason Dettmann.

Playing the slot machine can earn more coins than playing Poker. Take more than three minutes to play in Level 1, by betting one coin only in one of the pay out lines. This is just for practice for you to get used to the timing of when to press the Circle. Carefully look to notice of pattern of 7 repeating in each reel. There are two 7s sticking together in the first reel, one in the second reel, and three with one separated (for example, 77XX7X) in the third reel. Once you learn the pattern repeating in the reel and get used to it, try to get good timing with them. Try counting a quick one, two, three, and four to get the 7. When you can make three 7 in a rows -- good. You are now ready to get the Special reel of Super 7. The pattern for Super 7 is as the same as the ordinary 7, which is an advantage for you once you have gotten used to the 7s. Now is the best opportunity once you get into the Nine reel, with only X and O. Its the easiest among the reels. Get all Os without any Xs to win more than 100,000 coins. Trade all the coins and you will get A-05 as soon as possible or any desired items.

After finishing the Encephalon stage, return there using the EVS and run into the spotlights. After defeating all the enemies on screen, exit using the EVS and repeat the process. Every time you do this, you get 8,000 and precious stones which you can sell at the shop plate for some extra money. The enemies here also give good special points; make sure to end every battle with the points bonus icon.

Go to the Cathedral Ship after you get MOMO's Dark Scepter tech. This allows you to change Gnosis into gems that you can sell. Fairies give Sapphires (1000), Cerberuses give Rubies (1500), and Unicorns give Emeralds (2000). You can make 5000 G in one fight. Make sure to boost MOMO's speed so that she gets a lot of turns.

The easiest way to earn money is to play at the slots in the casino. At first you may think it is difficult to get money because of the timing needed to land in good slots. However, it is not difficult. First, make about 50,000 to 100,000 coins playing level 4 poker. Then, bet the maximum amount of coins on each slot (there are five), and start spinning. Having a controller with an auto-fire feature will help, but is not necessary. Keep pressing the spin button until you reach a new reel with the Super 7s. The only icons you need to be able to match up at all in slots are the Super 7s. The Super 7 reels come out randomly when you line up three "New Reel" icons. Once at the Super 7 reel, match up three Super 7s to go on to the Nine reel. This reel has nine separate horizontally scrolling reels that have only "X" and "O". if you hit an "O", all of your winnings so far (shown on the lower right corner of the screen) will double. If you manage to hit all nine "O"s you will have gained a money multiplier of 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2, or 512. Playing at level one slots and hitting all nine "O"s can net you over 100,000 coins if you were lucky. Playing at level 4 slots will result in much more. If you lined up three Super 7 icons, you will gain around 1,300,000 coins. If you lined up five Super 7 icons, you will gain about 2,700,000 coins. The limit for the amount of coins you can hold is just 9,999,999. Playing at the level 4 slots, you can reach this limit in under an hour of constant playing. Get this, every coin that you earn past 9,999,999 is multiplied by about 8 and turned instantly into G. For example, with about 8,700,000 wing 2,700,000. 1,299,999 of them are used to reach the 9,999,999 ceiling. The other 1,400,001 coins are converted into 8,800,000 G.
Taejin Kim.

Hint: Easy Tech, Skill, and Ether points:
Use the following trick in the very beginning of the game for easy Tech, Skill, and Ether points. However, it can only be done with Shion. Go to the Gear hanger. Talk to the man that is working on a Gear. He will ask if you want to do a simulation. Say "Yes" and go into battle Winning this battle will earn you 16 to 180 points depending on if you got a x2, x4, or x10.

One of the best places to gain ability points and gold is in the EVS in the Encephalon in the beginning. Here you will fight the enemies in the searchlights, which consist of four Dirlewangers and one Kubel. Each battle rewards 1,600 gold and several dozen Tech, Skill, and Ether points. The real trick is to use an attack which hits the entire group on a turn when the character has the bonus points icon in the Event Slot. The problem is getting that icon in an order will you can have it on one of your characters instead of the enemy. Try weakening the enemies so that they will all die in one hit, and wait a few turns to see if someone will boost and change the Event Slot order. If about four turns pass by, then try killing a Dirlewanger or two to change the order. If you can successfully kill them all in one hit, you can get about 60 Tech and Skill points, and about 40 Ether points, with the 2x effect. The big payoff is when you hit them all on a 4x or 10x, which rewards 100 to 200 points; even better if you have ability increasing items or skills equipped. Clearing the area two to three times rewards about 8,000 gold and 1,000 Tech and Skill points, and 500 Ether points, depending on your luck.

Go to the Cathedral Ship, then go to the mall (just after the second save point). Go to the room on the lower level with the two Unicorn battles. One of the battles will be against a Unicorn and two Ogres, and the other against a Unicorn and two Cerberuses. You can use the following trick for both battles. During either of these fights, kill one Cerberus or Ogre on the Bonus Point turn, but only one. Wait for the Unicorn's turn; defend or weaken the other Cerberus or Ogre until then. Once its turn comes, he will revive the Cerberus or Ogre you just killed. Then, kill another Cerberus or Ogre on the Bonus Point turn (only one, again). On the Unicorn's turn, the Cerberus or Ogre will be revived again. Keep doing this repeatedly. If the Unicorn does not revive the Cerberus or Ogre, then you cannot do the trick any more for the rest of the battle. Just kill the last Cerberus or Ogre and the Unicorn (preferably on the Boost Point turn). By the end of the fight, you have a chance of accumulating anywhere between 50 to 500 Tech Points, Skill Points, and/or Ether Points, depending on how many multipliers you get and of what caliber they are.

One of the best places to earn Tech Points is the Encephlecon. Get caught in one of the searchlights, and the warning sign will appear. Take them out with X-Buster, Mystic Nocturne, Angel Blow, Angel Requiem, Meteor Shot, Executioner, etc. They should all be defeated in about two or three consecutive moves. Use the same tactics for the other searchlights. You must use the EVS platform to return and get back. Avoid using your AGWS unless you want to spend 100G every time you are low on health. Use any Ethers you want. Use the EVS at the Dock Colony up the small flight of stairs. That way, you can quickly return to the Dock Clinic and restore HP and EP. You should earn about 30 to 60 Tech Points every battle, since there are four soldiers and one helicopter. Before the Song of Nephilum is a good time to level up. Get Ziggy to level 26 and enought Tech Points to set it in the HI slot. Get X-Buster on the high slot as well (KOS-MOS). Before the Song of Nephilum, you should have Throni Blade, Dominion Tank, and the head Ether. You will get the body later in the game. When facing Albedo in Proto Merkabah, you must have Erde Kaiser, otherwise it is nearly impossible.
naman rawal.

Hint: Easy leveling:
Enter a battle where you know the character you wish to level up is capable of taking on the enemy(s). It may be helpful to move that character into the back row before the battle begins, as you want the other two characters in the front to intentionally be killed. When this is done, move your character to be leveled up back into the front row and defeat the enemies. By doing this, you do not have to share the EXP, Tech, Skill, or Ether points.

The best place to gain levels (not Tech points) is to fight the semi-secret boss, Din Gareth. He is the orange AGWS. piloted by Ace Pilot. He has about 8500 HP, but if you have AG-05 and are good you can defeat him. Go into the fight with two HGG-AG5s. Go back to the U-TIC ship, and then to the room with the segment address in it. It is the room where when you tried to enter it before; the door would alarm and you would have to fight a battle. Or, go into the large area with the three plants at the upper left of the screen then go into the room at the upper right of the screen. There should be a soldier in there, but he will not attack you. You have to approach him. Go in with the person that you want to level up with Master's Pendant and have him or her set to pilot the AG-05. Also remember to have Guard Recovery, possibly Auxiliary Armor B or A, and/or Fast Circuit 25 (which might be obtainable by stealing from Din Gareth). Guard Recovery is insane in the AG-05 (600 HP for guarding). For some reason, Shion cannot be in the AG-05 before the Ace Pilot gets killed or else you get Meld Gareth, the green AGWS. Have the person with AG-05 start with a good amount of health (over 300+ recommended), then have them defend. Have one other person kill Ace Pilot (he only has 360 HP), and have the other either defend or use Hemlock on himself or herself, or on the person who just attacked. Din Gareth should be out already. Get the person you want into AG-05 and place him or her in the middle of the back row. Din Gareth should be killing off one or both of the people not in AGWS right now. Do not worry, as this is expected. If Din Gareth is not killing off your people, unequip them of their armor next time. Have AG-05 do the guard, then the W-ACT routine (does about 1500 damage) until you whittle away Din Gareth's 8,500 HP. The guarding is to keep you from dying. This should not be a problem because of your Guard Recovery. If the person you wanted to level up had Master's Pendant equipped, then they will get 10,000 EXP points after the battle. If he or she had Master's Pendant and EXP + 25, then they should get 12,000 EXP. Within twenty minutes, you can gain about four levels. If you landed on Special Points Up, you might only get about 130 Tech points each battle, which is not really worth it compared to the experience. Staggering for Stat Points can be difficult here; make a note of this for the next section. As for KOS-MOS and Ziggy level ups, the people outside of the party during the battle still gain experience. They will get 75% of Din Gareth's base of 8,000 EXP. Since KOS-MOS and Ziggy cannot pilot AGWS, just put them outside of the party and fight Din Gareth with the person of the lowest level in the AGWS. Do not have the same two people accompany the person in the AG-05 for more than one or two battles unless you really do not want them to level up or do not want to waste Hemlocks.

Note: You must have taught Boost 1 to at least one character amongst those you are training, and one character must have a Tech Attack at [HI] level and must hit everyone (i.e. Angelic Requim- Jr.) for this trick. When training at the Encephalon area against the searchlights, use the following steps to increase your experience gains. During the battle, look at the current slot event on your first character's move. If s/he is currently on an Experience Bonus round, have them attack and attempt to kill all the enemies immediately. If not (either it is not an Experience Round or they are too weak to one-hit kill them all), there are two options. Have him/her attack the Helicopter in the middle, as it has 800 HP whereas the soldiers only have 380 HP; or Get him/her cast Boost 1 on your character with the [HI] hit-all tech (Jr.'s Angel Requiem works extremely well). Choose the first option if this character does not know Boost 1 or the second option if s/he does. If this character is not the one with Boost 1, continue as usual until the character with Boost 1 has their turn, and casts it on your [HI] Tech-attack character. Next, watch the Event Reel. It follows this pattern: No Event, Critical Hit Bonus, Boost Gauge Bonus, Experience Bonus. Watch the events until the current fighter has a "Boost Gauge Bonus" event. When this happens, boost in your strong character immediately (during their turn), so that an enemy does not boost before you do. Your strong character will then boost into an Experience Bonus round. Have them use their moves to wipe out all the enemies, and get a x2, x4 or (if you are lucky) a x10 multiplier. Note: If your character does not kill all the enemies on that round, cast Boost 1 on him/her again, then boost him/her into the next experience round. If you always kill during an Experience increasing round, you will get Tech Points a lot faster.
Derek Gingrich.

Note: Having Erde Kaiser makes the following trick much easier. In the hallway before the final Boss, go into a battle, and intentionally allow your two other characters to get killed and kee[ Shion alive. Try to use Erde Kaiser on a bonus slot. When you win, you will get about 14,000 to 15,000 EXP points and a large amount of Tech, Ether, and Skill points. The characters who are not in the party will still get a decent amount of EXP points. It helps to have the accessory that have you start battles with 1 boost. Also, having the Masters Pendant helps, as you will get 25% more EXP.

Hint: Easy items:
You need MOMO and her skill "Prayer" as well as "Sheep Beam" to do this trick. After you get set up by the U-TIC organization, you will make your way to KOS-MOS' memory "hard-drive". The characters that you have are Ziggy, MOMO, and Jr. Get into a battle with the A.G.W.S. enemy units that are around. Have MOMO in the back row and put the A.G.W.S.'s to sleep. Remain there and cast "Prayer" repeatedly, The items it gives you are completely random. At this point in the game you have probably found about one Medic Pack MAX and one Ether Pack MAX. This trick will allow you to get your party 99 of each, along with all the other items such as Medic Pack S/DX and Ether Pack S/DX.

Hint: Play level 10 cards without level 1 first:
You can play level 10 cards without ever bothering to play the level 1 card first. For example, you can play a level 10 Shion without ever having a level 1 Shion in your deck. The catch is, you must first miss out on the special rewards of the level 1 card and you cannot play the card straight to the battlefield, but instead must put it in the standby area then place it on the battlefield on the next turn. For example, to play a level 10 Shion, you have to satisfy its requirement for three human cards. However, if you have a level 1 Shion card on the field already, you can replace it with the level 10, even if the requirements are not met. Even if you miss out on these two effects, simply playing the level 10 can be well-worth it. It takes the same number of turns, and uses less cards. You do not have to waste slots in your 40-card deck for the level 1 cards, and the enemy will not have a hint at what you are doing (they may expect it when they see the level 1 card). Also, the rewards from level 1 cards are not always very valuable. For example, you may still need to satisfy the card requirements (like level 10 Momo) and get no special effects except instantly playing it on the field, by replacing the old card. The choice is yours.

Hint: Fast sneaking:
If you do not want to alert the enemies with your loud footsteps, you can walk by pressing R2. Additionally, if you want to save time, repeatedly press R2 while moving behind or out of the range of the enemies' view.

Hint: Eliminate enemy power-ups:
Quite often the enemy (especially Bosses) will use spells on themselves that wreak havoc on your party. There are spells that increase speed and attack power, cause a 50% chance of healing instead of being hurt, and charge up power just before an attack. Use a spell such as Refresh or an item like Cure-All on the enemy to clear all their statuses (good or bad) and wipe out the threat. Be careful; this also wipes out any bad status effects that you have put on them.
D Hale.

Hint: Fighting Din Gareth before Song of Niphilim:
In order to fight Din Gareth before the Song of Niphliim, you must have access to the U-TIC battleship in the EVS system. First, fight Meld Gareth about fifty times. After you defeat him enough times, you will be able to fight Din Gareth. Note: Unless you have really trained hard, it can be difficult to defeat either one of these enemies this early in the game.

Hint: Defeating Din Garreth:
Once you have completed the Song of Nephilim and return, you can fight another version of the Ace Pilots Gear called Din Gareth. To do this, you have to kill the Ace Pilot while you have only one or less Gear in battle. Otherwise, it will just be another Meld Gareth. Din Gareth is roughly twice as hard as its counter part, giving twice as much experience and slightly higher ability points, and a Fast Circuit 25 as the rare item.

An alternate way to fight Din Garreth is to get a Major Overkill. Try doing this with about 1200 damage using Shion's default A.G.W.S. equipped with Lancer arms and its best generator.
Bonne Lacario.

Hint: Defeating Great Joe:
This Great Joe Boss also appeared in Xenogears. You can fight him as soon as you have control of Junior in the Durandal. Have Junior in the lead and destroy the walls in the top right room in the residential area. Great Joe will appear and challenge you to a fight. Great Joe is not too tough, as long as you have access to Shion's Medica All spell to deal with Great Joe's Soul Crusher, which does a few hundred damage to each character. Keep you character's HP high as you whittle down Great Joe's 9999 HP. Upon killing him, you will get Junior's tech attack Soul Rhapsody and the ability to summon Great Joe in battle.

On the Durandal, there is an optional Boss named Great Joe. To fight him, you must have Jr. lead. Go to the residential area and follow the path towards the game room. When you get to the first split in the path, turn left and go through the door. Go up until you reach another split. Turn right and enter the room. On the far left side of the room, there will be two doors that you can destroy. The one on the right is hiding Great Joe. Choose to challenge him and the fight will begin. A party of Shion, Chaos, and Jr is recommended. Great Joe is very difficult; it is recommended that your characters be at about level 30 or 35. Erde Kaiser will also work. When Great Joe loses about half his life, he will ask if Jr. wants to fight him. From this point on, until he gets angry and threatens to destroy all of your characters, attack only with Jr. You can have others heal him, however. Watch out for his Soul Crusher move, as this can easily shave off 300 to 500 health from all of your characters. When he threatens to kill your team, he will use a move that gives you him a 50% chance of healing rather than taking damage. This is where Chaos is extremely helpful. Immediately, cast Light And Wings with Chaos. It is all right if it heals him, but it will also clear him of the status change; all of your attacks will do damage for the rest of the battle. Your rewards for defeating Great Joe are Soul Rhapsody (Tech attack for Jr. that absorbs Gnosis), Magnum Joe (summon Ether for Jr.), and a swim suit (if you stole it using Jr's Psycho Pocket skill).

Hint: Defeating Meld Garreth:
The first optional Boss type of enemy appears soon as you have access to the U-TIC Battle ship in the EVS. The Boss starts the same Ace Pilot that you saw when Junior goes through the first time. The Ace Pilot has 360 HP and as soon as you take that much off, he boards his Gear called Meld Gareth. If you are at fairly low levels and do not have properly equipped Gears, this fight is bad news. Meld Gareth has 5500 HP and can case as much as 300 points of damage to each character with its missile attacks. Meld Gareth also is extremely fast, usually getting a turn after two of your characters attack. Early in the game, the best way to kill it is to have three characters in Gears with gatling guns and flame throwers for the W-Attack, as well as Frame Restores to survive its constant barrage. If you manage to kill it, you will receive 1333 experience points per character, 1000 gold, and either A Frame Repair Z ( common), or a B-Max Circuit (rare), as well as decent amounts for all three types of ability points.

Hint: Defeating Minita:
If you are not properly prepared, she can be one of the hardest Bosses in the game. Minita is first available when the Kukai Foundation is under attack by the Gnosis, and resides in Sector 26 above the Iron Man Bar. To get to her, you have to first lower the overhang above the entrance to the Iron Man Bar. Next, go to Our Treasure Inn, climb to the second floor, and exit to the catwalk. Go to the right until you find a pile of junk, which can be destroyed to reveal an Ether Upgrade S. Once there, jump off the side and work your way across the overhangs until you can enter the archway. Before going in, arrange your party with all female characters and have a battle formation with Shion behind Kos-Mos, and MOMO in the front to the side. If possible, use tech points on Kos-Mos to allow her to use her R-Cannon each turn, and whichever of MOMO's long range attacks you use, because Minita is flying in the air. Having Chaos's Healing Dew on Shion is good, because the higher healing of Medica is not recommended for this battle. Also, put Attack Poison Guards on everyone so that you will not waste turns to cure it. Also, Minita can lock Circle with her attacks, making it impossible to do a tech attack until that character is healed. If you choose to use male characters, you will have things considerably difficult because Minita does not like men. She will counterattack and use her Bibo's summon far more often when they attack. Minita has 7777 HP and her main attacks are Dark Star, which hits for around 300 HP and can knock party members back. Her other attacks are the two forms of Bibo which she summons to either hit the entire party for one quarter of their current hp, or the far worse one which takes all but one character's current HP and adds it to Minita's health. To combat this. try to keep your characters HP at about 400 so that they can survive Minita's Dark Star attack, and limit her ability to drain large amounts of HP from your characters. This battle is also hindered by the fact you cannot use AGWS, and Shion's robot attacks almost always miss. When Shion has a free turn, try to use her Queen's Kiss to steal Minita's rare item called the Craft Apron, which is very valuable. The best strategy is to constantly use Kos-Mos' and MOMO's long range tech attacks and have Shion heal the characters to keep them alive, but not higher then 500 HP. Due to the evasion of Minita, you will miss frequently and do low damage when you hit. Keep at it for a while, and as long as Minita drains less HP than the damage you inflict, she will die sooner or later giving MOMO her Dark Scepter attack.

Hint: Destroying objects:
After receiving an e-mail about the "vapourizer plug-in". press Square on an object with target to destroy them. When multiple objects are nearby, you can switch targets by pressing L1 or R1.

Hint: Robot:
Head 1: Kukai Foundation Roof Of Our Treasure (inn). Talk to the Tom in the dock colony's weapon shop to learn about the Pink Bug. Then, talk to the Pink Bug in Kings Warehouse on Kukai Foundation City Sector 26/27. Select "Great Story", then check the planter in Durandal's. Next, check the planter in Durandal's observatory.
berunaldo dominique.

Hint: AWGS at the Dock Colony:
Aside from the three standard ones you get with Shion, Junior, and Chaos join your crew, you can also actually buy three other AWGS units at the Dock Colony. They are a category in the shop "Talk to Me". Each one can equip its own specific weapons bought at the same place. The best one is a Super Heavy Weight that starts with 6000 FHP. However, these units are not cheap. They are priced from the weakest at 50,000g, to the medium at 80,000g, to the strongest at 300,000g.

Hint: Luty at the Dock Colony:
When you first go to the Dock Colony, go into the Dock-Clinic. Go through the door all the way on the left side of the room. Keep moving left until there are no more doors to go through. You should have only gone through two rooms; the waiting room and a doctors pation room. You should now be standing in a smallish room with a little girl. If you try to talk to her, all she says is "...". This is Luty, and she is mute. Get back on the Elsa, and you will be taken through an intermission sequence. Then, you will end up inside of the Gnosis Catherdral ship. Advance yourself through the ship until you get to the first mall building (it has a U.M.N. Save port and a silver shop port). Go inside and defeat the Lightning Gnosis. He is big and blue. Then, go up the stairs and defeat the Hydra Gnosis. It resembles a big plant. You should receive decoder number 15. Then, go behind it and then to your left. You will see a blue shining packet on the counter. Take it. It is a packet of Flower Seeds to the Ariadne Flower. The next chance you get, go back to the Dock Colony and give the seeds to Luty. Then, every once in a while, go back to the colony and check on Luty and her now plant. Once it is fully grown, you should receive a Tech Upgrade Z.
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Hint: HP Strong skill:
Once you have the Bravesoul from the Casino mini-game for 15,000 points, you can extract the HP Strong skill from it for each of your party members. However, your skill level has to be level 4 and you must have 500 points to extract it. The same can be done for the Double Buster as well.

Hint: Card game:
Place a Zohar Emulator and a Gnosis card on the battlefield, with any Mech, Human, Realian, etc. cards you want to boost. During the block phase (not the event phase) in the enemy's turn, discard the card to give your Gnosis +2 attack on your next turn. Make sure your other cards will not suffer or die from enemy attacks that the Zohar was supposed to block. When your move phase comes up, have your Gnosis card trade places with another battle card on the battlefield. The card will receive a +2 on its attack, and the Gnosis card loses it and returns to its old attack power. Next, trade them back to their original places, and the Gnosis card regains its +2 attack, and the other card keeps its own +2. You can now repeat the process for the other two battle cards, giving all the cards on the battlefield a +2 attack. The effect will last for one turn (as the Zohar Emulator card says); make good use of it. This will also work on any attack type, including spread, piercing, homing, etc. Note: Be careful not to move a Gnosis card onto a blank spot or the standby area, or it may lose its +2 attack permanently.

Hint: Playing mini-games:
To play mini-games, you must have the game passport. You can get them by talking to certain people in the game. Once you have the passport, go to a save point with "EVS" above it. Once there, you go to the menu and select key-item. Choose the game passport you want to play and press Action.

Hint: Game completion data:
Once you complete Xenosaga: Episode 1, after the ending credits roll, the game will ask if you want to save. Answer "Yes" and the game completion data will be saved. Although you cannot load this saved game data with the Episode 1 game disc, do not delete it. It is likely that this game completion data will be used to load your characters stats into Xenosaga: Episode 2.

Hint: General tips:
Whenever possible, fight. You will never know when a Boss is lurking around the corner. Utilize all of your T, E, and S points. Upgrade each attack accordingly and level up your characters. Also save your items (such as medkits and ethers). Whenever possible, evolve your Ethers. One of the most powerful character encountered using is KOS-MOS. She levels up quickly, and when she receives weapons and such she becomes more powerful. Note: In certain parts, KOS-MOS will not be a playble character. Keep your characters at even odds. The game is very unpredictable. Also take advantage of "Booster", as a lot of times you will DIE. All enemies possess the same abilities as you do. Whenever possible, stock up on Medkits and also upgrade your AGWS's.

To make ensure that you do not get stuck at a hard level, fight as much as you can near a rest area and level up. Remember, you can also train with the phone device when the save point has a blue icon on top

When fighting, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy or Boss that you are facing. Some enemies and Bosses have different weaknesses such as long-range attacks (Triangle), short-range attacks (Square), and Ether attacks. Some enemies are even weak against the A.G.W.S. units.

Hint: Biblical references:
In the book of Genesis, Jacob the son of Isaac had taken four wives and of his four wives he bore 12 children. The names of these children are the name of the E.S.s. Asher, Dan, Dinah, Gad, Issachar, Joseph, Judah, Levi, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon and Zebulun.
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The names of the 12 Zohar emulators, not including the main emulator, are the twelve apostles of Jesus; Andrew, Bartholomew, Boanerges, James, John, Judas, Marienkind, Matthew, Peter, Philip, Simon, Thaddeus, and Thomas.
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Joachim Mizrahi: And the sea gave up the dead which were in it and death and Hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged, every man according to their works! And death and Hell were cast. They were cast into the lake of fire! And with it came about the second death! And whosoever not found in the Book of Life… was cast into the lake of eternal fire. This is a quote from Revelation 20: 13-15.
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Hint: Friedrich Niestzche reference:
All three Xenosaga episodes are named after Friedriech Niestzche books.

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