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.hack Part 3: Outbreak

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the parody mode. Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue. Note: This is only available in the Japanese version.

After completing the game you will receive an e-mail that contains keywords that sends you to a Boss that is tougher the final Boss of the game. During the battle, Data Drain will appear. If you Data Drain, you will get a very powerful weapon.

DVD secrets:
The DVD that is included with the game has a secret section. It reveals secrets in the game. Enter the "Extras" menu. Press Right and select any of the options except for the DVD credits. Press X or Enter to view the secrets.

There are secret field names hidden in the DVD. To see, them select the Japanese voiceover and English subtitles.
Fox Die.

Each Area contains two rare items only obtained in its corresponding dungeon.
Items Password
Kokoro (Chest) and Rogue Fragment (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Entwined Prejudiced Chaos
Lady Killers (Chest) and Boxed Lunch (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Greedy Gambler's Drift
Lady Shoes (Chest) and Scent of Gero (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield
Vampire's Blade (Chest) and Field's Deed (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Tested Morphean Alchemy
Lady Gloves (Chest) and Magnolia Miso (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Barking Hot-Blooded 500 Lohan
Lady's Cap (Chest) and 3 Floor Tower (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears
Lady's Mail (Chest) and Doll Amulet (Gott Statue) Sigma Server - Unusual Ghostly Remnant

Secret Area:
Enter Abrasive False Tragedy as a password

Hint: Defeating Goblins:
Have some Wood magic equipped. Start the match, wait until the Goblin runs, then sits still for a moment. Then, use the magic. Goblins are all weak against Wood; two shots will kill them.
Keith Cowan.

Hint: Defeating Gorre (phase 5):
Use Balmung and Blackrose. Make sure they both know Ola Repth and Rip Maen or better, and Kite Ol Repth or better. Have 30 Antidotes, Restoratives, Resurects, and Mages Souls; 20 Recovery Drinks and Artisans Souls; and 50 Healing Potions. Note: If you need money, go to dungeon 66 through 68 and find Rikumarus for Heavy Blade. It is a bad weapon ,but sells for 5,600 each. Each dungeon has about five of them. Gorre has two halves, You only need to Data Drain one. One half is physical tolerant and the other is magic tolerant. Go into the party commands screen and set the following: Union Battle, First Aid, and each one individually set a target. The target should be the magic tolerant one, so that attacks hurt it. When done, they will heal and attack. They will attack the same target (magic toleranct). Have Kite attack. Heal with items. Note: Items are quicker. When you Data Drain him, he will be stronger, but seldom attacks. It is recommended that you be at level 66.

In Party (Wiseman and BlackRose), equip Wiseman with an Owl Crest and have him First Aid. Then, have BlackRose attack the magical prone one. Kite will use magical spells on the physical prone one. The Phal Repth will be useful when he uses Flare of Conspiracy or Data Drain.
Fox Die.

Hint: Defeating Martina R:
You must have a few Beasts Banes, the Moon, Speed Charms and a few Summon Woods. When you go into battle, use a Speed Charm first to catch up to her, then use the Moon and put her to sleep. Next, use a Beasts Bane to eliminate her tolerance to magic. Then, use the Summon Woods to defeat her. Note: You can get Summon Wood from a Bony Grunty.
judge bockman.

Hint: Easier game:
It is much easier if you have a Wavemaster in your party, whether it is Elk, Wiseman, or someone else; and also have a heavy blade person. This helps very much. Also keep your other members leveled up with you because you have to use them at times.
Josh Broberg.

Buy items such as Speed Scroll, Warrior Blood, Hermit Blood, etc. to have a better boosted character.

Hint: Easy level up:
Put in a random keyword until you find a significantly higher level than yours (use Kite only) and make sure what element it is. Once you reach the server, use Speed Scrolls, Warrior Bloods, etc., and items such as Burning Oil, Well Water, or magics to raise element damage. Use a Hermit Blood on Kite and raise his element damage with an item/magic (whichever element is needed). Encounter an enemy with the opposite element and you
will do heavy damage. After you level up, bring your other characters to the stage. You will notice that they also grew in levels by a bit. Use the same strategy (if needed) and raise their level as well.

In order to level up extremely fast, go to the dungeon where the Skeiths Staff was seen once you get Balmung. Also bring Wiseman and equip him with Tsukasas Wand (if you already completed the memory side quest). Though the combat level is high, the monsters are actually quite easy as long as you take advantage of elemental criticals. Every monster kill will give you over 500 experience points.
Jason Hughes.

Hint: Easy weapon and armor power up:
Use the following trick to get the highest level for your weapons and armor per server. When at the Choas Gate to choose a place to go, choose "New Keywords" instead of "Random". Here is a simple formula to choose your keywords to get a Monsenor (Blue) to upgrade your weapons: Enter anything for the first two words, then "Aqua Field(Hypha)" for the last word. To get a Granpa (Red) to upgrade your weapons, enter "Lonely(Great)" for the first word, anything for the second word, then "Aqua Field(Hypha)" for the last word. To get a Monsenor(Blue) to upgrade your armor, enter anything for the first two words, then "Twin Hills" for the last word. To get a Granpa (Red) to upgrade your armor, enter "Lonely(Great)" for the first word, anything for the second word, and "Twin Hills" for the last word.
Daniel Hughes.

Hint: Easy money:
Go to either Delta or Theta servers. Enter any dungeon where you can kill monsters with just a few hits. Get the Gott Statues and sell those items for money.

First, empty your items, scrolls, books, treasure, and equipment (other than healing items, Fairy's Orbs, and Fortune Wires). Open all the portals and get all of the chests to sell for even more money. You can make thousands in just a few hours.

Hint: Easy battles:
Keep powering up your Wavemasters so that you can just let them do all the work. None of them will get hurt. Make sure to have a lot of Artisan's Souls.

When you are going out to go to fields, choose Blackrose and Mistral in your party. They are very useful. Make sure they have strong weapons from .hack Part 1: Infection. Have Mistral equip Starstrom or Storm whatever. She will have Summonings 1 and 2 of Earth Yarthkins and level 2 Vulcan Fire. Also find an armor for her that has Ola Repth. It recovers 400 HP with anyone near the target she is healing. When in battle, have Mistral use the First Aid command and if you have to everyone First Aid.
Davis So.

Always try to bring Wiseman with you. If he is offline, bring another Wavemaster with good equipment.

Hint: Easy Piney Apples:
Go to any server's Chosen Hopless Hog's Run. There are two rooms with Piney Apples, one of which is directly in front of the dungeon. Just go in and out of the dungeon, collecting Piney Apples. Note: Only eight Piney Apples are needed to make all of the Gruntys that need them.

Hint: Exit dungeons quickly:
Whenever you get lost in a dungeon, for example one that is crawling with Data Bugs, and you need the fastest route out; or if you just want to exit, remember that you can also use the Fairies Orb inside the dungeon as well as outside.

Hint: High level servers:
Input the first two keywords "Chosen, Hopeless" and any last keyword to get all high level servers, from levels 68 to 70. The enemies can get very tough and can overwhelm you on the field. You should go into the dungeon to fight. Also. if you fight on level 70 Lambda Server, you can get much easier opponents at very high experience and is an easy level for the first part of the game.

Hint: Easy level dungeons:
To get easy level dungeons with only two floors, very few monsters and, at the most eight portals in the dungeon use the keywords Generous Primitive, then and any other word at the bottom of the list. This works in the Beta Root Town only. This is an easy way to get dungeons off your Ryu Books unlock a movie or music.
Mark Claffey.

Hint: Getting items needed for trade:
Use the following trick to get certain items needed for trade (for example, Cooked Bile). Remember a place that has the item and go there. Once you get to a place with a lot of jars or eggs/small eggs (usually a treasure box area), break everything. If you get the desired item, exit then immediately return. The jars or eggs/small eggs have been restored. Break everything again. Note: This does not mean you will get the desired item every time. Keep repeating the process until you have enough of those items to trade. You will get items that are useful, such as Healing Potions, Healing Drinks, Antidotes, Resurrects, and Restoratives. This is especially useful just before Bosses. Also, since it is free you will not want waste any money.
Carlos Lopez.

Hint: Golden Axe and Silver Axe:
Go to the weapons shop in root town Lambda - L, Cultural City Carmina Gadelica and buy one Spiral Edge for 700 GP. Each time you encounter a Spring Of Myst, throw in the Spiral Edge. Monsieur will tell you that "With a weapon of this level, there is nothing I can do". He will give you back the Spiral Edge plus one Golden Axe and one Silver Axe every time. Note: This trick works with any "rare" weapon thrown in the Spring Of Myst.
Tim Thomason.

Hint: Grunty recipes:
Tim Thomason.

Aqua Grunty: 5 Invincible Eggs, 5 Cordycepts, 2 La Pumpkins, and 12 Golden Eggs.
Milky Grunty: 4 Cordycepts, 1 Mandragora, 2 Piney Apples, 1 Snaky Cactus, and 16 Golden Eggs.

Hint: Grunty food:
An easy way to get food for Grunties is to go to the areas where you played tag with the Goblins. There usually is a lot of food there, and no monsters.
joe kickass.

When you are looking for Grunty food in the field, call Noble Grunty and press Triangle. He will automatically track down Grunty food for you. Also, Aqua Grunty and Rocker Grunty will take you to the dungeon if you are too far away from the dungeon.
joe kickass.

Hint: Sora's Blades:
Once you have received Balmung's member address and gained a few levels since he first joined you, go back to Lambda server. Go to the same address where you met him. The name of the address should still be checked and the area will be at level 70 now. Work all the way back down to the bottom of the dungeon and go into the area where you met Balmung. You should see the Skeith's Wand again and this time Sora from .hack//SIGN will show up and say "Thank you." After this event, you will get the Sora's Blades. These are one of the most powerful Twin Blades' weapons and has the Added Effects of Death and No Damage.
Grayson Woodcock.

Hint: .hack//SIGN character appearances:
The main characters from the anime .hack//SIGN make an appearance in the game and give you many special items. To see the characters and receive the items, you must have uploaded your data from .hack//Mutation and have seen the four hidden intermission sequences at Delta: Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground, in which you saw the .hack//SIGN characters (in .hack//Mutation). By viewing the four intermission sequences, you will get four items: M:Wavemaster, M:Twin Blade, M: Long Arm, and M: Heavy Axeman. These are memory fragments of characters from .hack//SIGN. If you do not have one of these items, then you will not be able to see all of the characters and receive all of the items. You can view the characters at the start of .hack//Outbreak and receive the items at the beginning of the game. The following are the characters, what you need to see them, where you find them, and what they give you:

Requirements: M:Wavemaster

Server Location Item Received
DeltaAlley by Magic Shop Health Elixir, Image 50 (The image is just shadows at first)
ThetaBehind Grunty Shop Emperor's Soul
DeltaNear Weapon's Shop Noble Wine
LambdaBefore Grunty Shop Energy Sutras
SigmaBetween the Grunty Shop and Elf's Haven Spirit Sutra
ThetaBehind Recorder Shop Golden Grunty


Requirements: Must have seen Mimiru at all six locations

Server Location Item Received
LambdaNear Weapon Shop Health Elixir
SigmaBetween Weapon Shop and Magic Shop Emperor's Soul
ThetaNear Magic Shop Noble Wine
DeltaNear Item Shop Energy Sutras
SigmaBetween Item Shop and Elf's Haven Spirit Sutras
LambdaNear Grunty Shop BT's Wand

Requirements: M:Twin Blades, Must have seen BT at all six locations

Server Location Item Receieved:
ThetaNear Item Shop Health Elixir
DeltaAlley by Magic Shop Emperor's Soul
LambdaNear Weapon's Shop Noble Wine
SigmaBetween Elf's Haven and Recorder Energy Sutras
ThetaIn front of Grunty Shop Spirit Sutras
LambdaGrunty Corral Silver Grunty

Requirements: Must have seen Bear at all six locations

Server Location Item Received
SigmaBetween Recorder and Grunty Shop Health Elixir
DeltaNear Elf's Haven Emperor's Soul
LambdaIn front of Grunty Corral Noble Wine
SigmaBetween Gate and Magic Shop Energy Sutras
ThetaBetween Elf's Haven and Grunty Shop Spirit Sutras
SigmaNear Grunty Shop Golden Grunty

Requirements: M:Long Arm, Must have seen Bear at all six locations

Server Location Item Received
LambdaNear Elf's Haven Health Elixir
SigmaBetween Recorder and Weapon's Shop Emperor's Soul
ThetaNear RecorderNoble Wine
DeltaNear Magic Shop Energy Sutras
LambdaBetween Recorder and Magic Shop Spirit Sutras
SigmaNear Magic Shop Silver Grunty

Silver Knight
Requirements: Must have seen Crim at all six locations

Server Location Item Received
DeltaTown SquareHealth Elixir
LambdaBefore Grunty Shop Emperor's Soul
ThetaBetween Weapon Shop and Magic Shop Noble Wine
SigmaBetween Elf's Haven and Grunty Shop Energy Sutras
ThetaNear Item Shop Spirit Sutras
DeltaBefore Weapon Shop SK's Sword

Requirements: M:Heavy Axeman, Must have seen Silver Knight at all six locations

Server Locations: Item Received
ThetaNear Grunty Shop Health Elixir
DeltaNear Magic Shop Emperor's Soul
SigmaBetween Grunty Sho[ and Weapon Shop Noble Wine
LambdaBetween Grunty Corral and Grunty Shop Energy Sutras
DeltaBetween Item Shop and Elf's Haven Spirit Sutras
SigmaNear Item Shop Golden Grunty

Requirements: Must have seen A-20 at all six locations. Exit Fort Ouph and return.

Server Location Item Received
SigmaNear Grunty Shop Health Elixir
DeltaBetween Magic Shop and Elf's Haven Emperor's Soul
ThetaNear Item Shop Noble Wine
SigmaNear Item Shop, Grunty Shop, Elf's Haven, or Recorder Energy Sutras
LambdaNear Weapon's Shop, Magic Shop, Recorder, or Item Shop Spirit Sutras
DeltaNear Magic Shop Silver Grunty

Requirements: Must have seen Subaru at all six locations. Exit Mac Anu and return.

Server Locations: Item Received
DeltaAlley by Magic Shop Health Elixir
ThetaBehind Grunty Shop Emperor's Soul
LambdaBetween Grunty Corral and Grunty Shop Noble Wine
SigmaBetween Grunty Shop and Weapon Shop Energy Sutras
SigmaBetween Grunty Shop and Elf's Haven Spirit Sutras
ThetaNear Grunty Shop Tsukasa's Wand

Note: Whenever you talk to a character six times their picture gets unlocked on image 50. If you talk to everyone six times then the picture will fill up. Also, Tsukasa's Wand is has very powerful spells and is good to give to a Wavemaster early on.
Jonathan Weiterman.

Secret Keywords:
Hidden Keywords are found everywhere. They are found on the Liminality DVD, the anime series .Hack//SIGN, and even in .Hack ads. Here are those keywords (all of which are found on the Sigma server)

Keyword Secret item received from gott's statue
Noisy, Sacred, Ringing Ears3-Floor Tower (trade to Alicia for Cat's Hat)
Unusual, Ghostly, RemnantDoll Amulet (trade to Stare for Cat's Armor)
Barking, Hot-Blooded, 500 LohanMagnolia Miso (trade to Flare for Cat's Gloves)
Ancient, Destroyer's, BattlefieldScent of Gero (trade to Fool for Cat's Boots)
Greedy, Gambler's, DriftBoxed Lunch (trade to Benoit for Yoshida)
Tested, Morphean, AlchemyField's Deed (trade to Waffle for Dreams of Yore)
Entwined, Prejudiced, ChaosRouge Fragment (trade to Cyan for Gimme Life)
Abrasive, False, TragedyMaiden's Plot (trade to Teria for Thunder Dad)

Jonathan Weiterman.

All of the dungeons are significantly harder than other dungeons. Mainly because you have to fight data bugs in just about every room. Because you have to data drain so many you run the risk of losing experience or even a system error. When you finish one dungeon try to get your infection level back to blue. Also, each dungeon has another hidden item in it. These items are found in normal chests on the floor with the Gott's Statue.

Keyword Secret item in chest
Noisy, Sacred, Ringing EarsLady's Cap
Unusual, Ghostly, RemnantLady's Mail
Barking, Hot-Blooded, 500 LohanLady's Gloves
Ancient, Destroyer's, BattlefieldLady's Shoes
Greedy, Gambler's, DriftLady Killers
Tested, Morphean, AlchemyVampire Blade
Entwined, Prejudiced, ChaosKokoro
Abrasive, False, TragedyBear's Sword and Crystal Stone

Jonathan Weiterman.

Hint: Recommended party:
For a very good party, use Balmung and Wiseman. Let Wiseman have Tskukasa's Wand (from Tskukasa's Ghost thing) and wear the Owl Crest for Phal Repth. Balmung should have Bear's Sword (Abrasive False Tragedy) and all of the "Lady's" Armor. Kite should use either Sora's Blades or Lady's Killer's as a weapon, and all the "Cat's" Armor. Get these three people at very high levels for a Strong party. Note: Abrasive False Tragedy has Data bugs in almost all of the rooms with portals.

When you first see Terejima Ryoko, she is a low level character. Wait a little longer, and she will get quite strong.
Fox Die.

Hint: Recommended weapons:

Blademaster: Phoenix's Fire (Data Drain Lich)
Twin Blade: Two Together (Data Drain Stare)
Wavemaster: Heh Heh Heh (Data Drain Dark Maiden)
Heavy Axemen: Tri-tips (Data Drain SkullDevilgon)
Long Arm: Last Tess (Data Drain Hands of God)

Hint: See Gardenia's underwear:
To look up Gardenia's dress, walk to any stairs leading down in a dungeon. Before going through the door, turn around and enter first person view. You can see up Gardenia's dress. She is wearing white panties. Note: this trick only works when Gardenia is in her ready stance. If you wait too long she relaxes and you will have to position yourself again.
Nick De Costa.

Hint: Opposites:
The characters in game and the television series .hack//sign are similar in appearances, but different in personalities. The following is a list of the game characters and their opposites.
joe kickass.

Game Series
Gardinea BT
BlackRose Mimiru
Marlo Silver Knight
Nuke Usagimaru Crim
Moonstone Sora
Terajima RyokuSubaru

Glitch: Missing shadows:
When you go around fields and towns, zoom in on Kite. You will see his shadow, but not the shadow of his weapons. Go to (Delta) Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. You will see that the altars have shadows but not the statues.
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