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Final Fantasy 2

Note: This game was also released as Final Fantasy 4 on the PlayStation.

Weapon duplication:
Select "Item" and press A on an empty slot during a battle. Move up until the equipment in that characters left and right hands appears. Press A on the weapon to be duplicated. Press B and complete the battle or retreat. After the battle, equip that character with their weapon in the same hand it was in. The weapon should have a "2" next to it. Unequip, then re-equip the weapon. You should now have one copy of the weapon equipped and another one in inventory.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Haynes.

Duplicate 255 of a weapon or shield:
Equip Cecil with a bow and some arrows. Place the arrows in his good hand. Start a battle, and un-equip the arrows by selecting the arrows in his hand, then place them in a blank spot on the items list. Select the Avenger Sword, and equip it in the hand where the bow is located. Use Cecil to kill all the enemies. When the battle ends, enter the equip menu to find the Avenger Sword in Cecil's bad hand, and a number in Cecil's good hand. There will be nothing next to the number, as an invisible weapon is equipped. Un-equip the Avenger Sword, and equip the weapon or shield to be multiplied in Cecil's good hand (that currently has the number). After it is equipped it, a black spot next to a number will appear. Un-equip that object to create 255 of the weapon or shield that was placed in Cecil's hand.

A similar trick can also be used with Cid. Bersk Cid, or any character that can use a bow and arrows. Equip the bow and arrows. Make sure the wizard that is casting Bersk takes his or her turn immediately before the player with the bow and arrows. Time it so that the Bersk spell can be selected; and while waiting for the wizard to cast the spell, have the character with the bow and arrows select the "Item" sub-menu, and Un-equip the Arrows. Do not exit the items list. While in the items list, the wizard should be casting the Bersk spell. The character and the Arrows will get Bersked. The items list will disappear and the battle will continue. Fight or run away to end the battle. Then, enter the equip menu to find a number in the character's hand where the arrows were previously held. Un-equip the bow. Equip the weapon or shield to be multiplied in the hand containing the number. Keep equipping and un-equipping until a black box appears next to the weapon in the items list. That character now has 255 of that item to throw, equip, or sell.
Information in this section was contributed by Jesse Smith.

Hidden room:
After you get Tellah to join your group for the first time, and after you have also already obtained the other two treasures from inside of the two treasure chests in that room where he was first located, you then can also grab something else while in that same room. While still in the water, after you have taken those two treasure chests on the way into that water, you can go behind the big waterfall that was right beside him, into a secret room. While in that secret room, you will find three treasure chests. They seem to have the same exact treasures inside: a Cure 2, an Elixir, and 1000 Gold. Also there are no monsters in this secret room.
Information in this section was contributed by Danny.

Hint: Defeating Asura:
Cast Wall on Asura, and she will not be able to use her cure spells on herself, and they will be cast on your characters. Make sure your party is at least level 35 or higher. Attack her with Rydia's best spells and use your best sword with Cecil. Use the Fire Saber because it damages her the most. Note: The Fire Saber is obtained from the Tower of Bable immediately after getting the Earth Crystal.

The spell you want to use with Rydia is Virus. It does at least 700 if your characters are up to level. Also, if you have Kain, make him jump because he usually has the most HP so he does not have to be cured from the reflected cure spells from Ausara. Note: The less people in your group when they get cured , the more HP that they will get back. In other words, Kain needs to be in the air at all times.
Information in this section was contributed by Neobahamut1234.

Hint: Defeating CPU:
This battle starts with three enemies; The CPU, Attacker, and Defender. Defeat the Defender first with the Meteo spell and a physical attack or two so that it does not heal the CPU. Then, defeat the CPU with a strong spell or physical attacks. The Attacker can now be easily defeated. Note: Defeating the Attacker and Defender before the CPU could result in the CPU using an attack called Globe199, which take a moderate amount of damage off one character and kill them.
Information in this section was contributed by vsmexii7.

Hint: Defeating the Dark Knight:
When Cecil becomes a paladin he will fight the Dark Knight. When this fight begins, the Dark Knight will say "You must not fight now!" After he attacks you, he will say "To be a real Paladin", meaning to not attack him in three turns. He will die, resulting in you winning the fight.
Information in this section was contributed by aevdarkrain.

Hint: Defeating Golbez:
When fighting Golbez in the underworld after defeating Calbrena, make sure Kain is up in the air before Golbez summons his dragon. If you do not, he will kill all of your characters before Rydia appears. So, you will have Cecil, Rydia, and if your lucky and your timing is correct, Kain. Note: Kain will really help in this battle; make him jump, have Cecil use his sword, and Rydia use Virus.
Information in this section was contributed by Neobahamut1234.

Hint: Defeating Milon Z.:
Cast some Cure 4 spells on him or give him some elixirs to kill Milon Z. easily.
Information in this section was contributed by Cloud Strife.

Hint: Defeating Zemus/Zeromus:
Use FuSoYa's and Golbez's combined Meteo spell to destroy him in the first round of combat. He will return from the dead. Use the crystal to transform Zemus to Zeromus, then start attacking. Have Rosa cast the White spell and Rydia use Bahamut summoning. If you need to heal, use Rosa's Cure 4 spell and Rydia's Asura. Support your magic-users with physical attacks: Cecil's Crystal sword, Kain's jump attack, and Edge's Spoon Dagger (followed by Ninja Stars). If you are at level 60 or higher, you will outlast Zeromus (and his 110,000 HP) and win the game.
Information in this section was contributed by wolv21488.

Hint: Fighting Pink Puffs:
Pink Puffs are in the bottom fight room in B4, on the moon. There is only one square where you fight Pink Puffs. It is located in the very top right square. Do this to increase you chance of fighting a group of Pink Puffs.
Information in this section was contributed by LayZboy2k192830.

Hint: Fighting Trap Doors:
In the sealed cave in the under world. you will have to fight many Trap Doors. This can be difficult, as they can kill a character instantly with Disrupt. As soon as you begin a battle with a Trap Door, have everyone parry until you get to Rosa. Once she is selected, remain idle. The Trap Door will select the next person it will kill with Disrupt by placing a target on them. Quickly go into Rosa's magic menu and cast Wall on the selected character. The Trap Door's spell will reflect back and instantly kill itself. Alternately, you can have Rosa just cast Wall on herself and let everyone else die, if you want to boost her levels.
Information in this section was contributed by ScottyD78.

Hint: Fight enemies from Tororia at Mt. Ordeals:
Just before you get to Mt. Ordeals, go up until you see some mountains. It should be at the far right of the screen, next to the ocean. There is a way up through the mountains. After you pass the mountain. keep going up until you get to the farthest place up. However, do not go completely right. You will start fighting monsters that are not from Tororia. This is a very good place to get Cecil's levels up after he becomes a Paladin. Be careful -- these enemies are quite an adversary at your present level.
Information in this section was contributed by Justyn Humphrey.

Hint: Easy wins:
When you have Cecil, Rydia, Edward, and the old wizard, gain levels past the recommended order of levels (2, 4, and 5) as Cecil at the first part of the game get to level 6 or 7. With Cecil (the Dragoon does not matter at this point in the game), as soon as you get the girl her HP will be at 30. Get her HP to 107 or more and her magic should be Ice 1, Light 1, Sleep, Venom, Warp, and Toad. Note: The wizard is too high in experience to gain a lot of levels. By this time the following Bosses should be easy: Octomamm, Antlion and the water monster that is fought one on one with Edward.
Information in this section was contributed by Cassensjim.

After Edge joins the party and Cecil obtains his Avenger and Excalibur swords, use the "Duplication" trick on both swords until you reach your desired amount. After doing so, use Edge to throw (dart) the swords at the desired enemy and it will take 7,300 to 7,900 damage per throw. This is a useful battle strategy when fighting Bahamut, Pale Dim, Wyvern, Pink Puffs, Behemoths, The Four Elemental Fiends, CPU, Attacker, Defender, Asura, Leviathan, Ogopogo, Red Giants, Red and Blue Dragons, Evil Heads, Plague, D. Lunar x2, Evil Wall, Trap Doors, and Zeromus.
Information in this section was contributed by aevdarkrain.

Hint: Get the three hidden Summons easily:
Use the following trick if you are having trouble getting the three summons, Imp, Bomb, and Mage. Get as many Phoenix Downs as possible, and encounter the desired enemy. There must be at least two enemies on the screen. It is much easier if you can kill an enemy with one hit. Place your Phoenix Downs at the very top of the item list. With the first character, select the enemy to kill. With the next character's action, immediatly go to the item list, choose Phoenix Down, and highlight the soon-to-be-killed enemy. The end result will be that the enemy will be killed and revived by the next person. This may be done repeatedly, with each kill counting as a new enemy. After the battle, you will gain lots of experience and treasure, one of which is almost guaranteed to be the desired Summon.
Information in this section was contributed by Neopolss.

Hint: Avoid glowing tile damage:
When you are in the Cave Of Summons or the Sylvan Cave in the Underworld, cast Float on everyone to avoid getting hurt by the glowing tiles. You will have to cast it again when you enter another room as it will have worn off.
Information in this section was contributed by ragnarok25.

Hint: Dragon Whip:
In the main part of the moon, you can get a Dragon Whip for Rydia by defeating Blue Dragons. It may take some time to get one. The Blue Dragons should regularly be found on the fifth floor.
Information in this section was contributed by KiwiEmperor.

Hint: Excalibur:
To obtain this sword, find the Rat's Tail (located in the Land of Summoned Monsters). Give it to the tiny man in a cave near an island shaped like the head of a beast. Once he has the Rat's Tail he will give you Adamantine. Give the Adamantine to a man in the southern part of the Underworld and he will give you the Excalibur.
Information in this section was contributed by vsmexii7.

Hint: Quake spell:
When the Black Wizard Palom and White Wizard Porom join Cecil, gain levels with Palom until he learns the "Quake" spell. This spell is very useful against future Bosses such as Milon Z., Karate man (Yang), Baigan, and Kainazzo (the water fiend) because it inflicts a moderate amount of damage (1400+ per hit).
Information in this section was contributed by vsmexii7.

Hint: Zeus Glove:
Go to Bahamut's cave and go to the bottom left corner when you walk in. Fight around there to have a 1/300 chance of finding it after winning battles.
Information in this section was contributed by C. E..

Hint: Cast Sylph for free:
Keep your group in this formation: from the top, Kain, Rydia, Cecil, Rosa, Edge. Place Rydia's summons in the order of MP use, lowest to highest. She will be able to cast Sylph for free in any regular battle (i.e. not a back attack).
Information in this section was contributed by Zetirix.

Hint: Easy experience:
In the Summoner's cave in the Underworld, there is a cave where you must cast Float on your party to survive. Walk around the cave and get to a Summoner that summons the person who uses Quake. Kill the person who uses Quake (not the Summoner). He will keep on making new opponents for you to kill. Keep doing this and you can gain 1,000,000 experience points and gold. Do not worry about getting killed, as you are floating and the Quake does not hurt you.
Information in this section was contributed by Chaosman0319.

Hint: Characters that do not require full experience:
Do not grind any amount of experience for the following characters, until a certain point in the story is reached. The character's experience points will reset or adjust to a certain point, making any work you did (other than for gil) pointless.

Cecil: Do not grind experience levels until after he becomes a Paladin.
Kain: Do not grind experience levels until after the Giant of Babil.
Rydia: Do not grind experience levels until she returns after the fight against Golbez.
Rosa: Do not grind experience levels until after she is rescued.

Do not grind for any other characters that are not mentioned above, as their levels will match your highest character's level after the Giant of Babil.
Information in this section was contributed by M K.

Hint: Getting good items:
Information in this section was contributed by Cory Horne.

Artemis Arrows: Steal from Warlocks or Karys
Artemis Bow: Win from Warlocks or Karys
Charm: Steal from Lamias or Q. Lamias
Crystal Ring: Win from Behemoths
Cursed Ring: Win From D. Fossils
Dragon Whip: Win from Blue Dragons or D. Machines
Earth Hammer: Steal from Stale Mans
FireBomb: Win from Behemoths
Flame Spear: Steal from Flame Mans
Glass Helm: Win from Red Dragons and Evil Masks
Lit-Bolt: Win from King-Ryus
Medusa Sword: Win from BlackLizards and Medusas
Ogre Axe: Win from Ging Ryus and Red Giants
Pink Tail: Win from Pink Puffs
Rune Axe: Win from Red Giants
Shuriken: Win from Blue Dragons
Silence Staff: Win from monsters in the Land of Monsters
Zeus Gauntlet: Win from Red Bones and Skeletons on Mt. Ordeals

Strategy: by David Callander
Strategy: by Dingo Jellybean
Strategy: by Mystery Moogle
Strategy: by Zero and Arlen Kwong
Strategy: Perfectionist guide: by CronoLV99
Strategy: English translation: by Joseph Witham
Game Genie codes
Game Genie codes: by Tony Hedstrom
Game Genie codes: by Nathan Scott

Three Cecils:
As soon as Cecil and Kain leave Baron for the first time, gain a few levels or use a Game Genie code.. Then, enable the "Walk through walls" Game Genie code (0CC3-0F64). Go back into Baron castle and slip past the guards that are blocking your path. Disable the "Walk through walls" code. Because you are not supposed to be returning to Baron until much later in the game, everything will be glitched from this point forward. After you defeat Kainazzo, Cid will join your party as Black Knight Cecil. As soon as you leave here, go to Mt. Ordeals and the original Cecil will become a Paladin. Immediately afterwards, your party should be standing in front of Fabul. Defend the Karate Town from the incoming monsters and Yang will join your party, as Black Knight Cecil.
Information in this section was contributed by Daniel Silverman.
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