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Hint: Bargain buys:
Land on an unowned property and place a bid instead of buying the deed. Enter a low bid and select the up or down arrow to buy the property at that price.

Hint: Easy money:
Use the following trick to get money quickly without getting rent from someone. Once you get you and your friend, get the tokens and press B. You will be at the menu. Select "Set Cash", and choose your name or your friend's name. Then, press Up to raise or press Down to lower the money. After that, press A to go back to the menu. You can also set your token, get your deeds, etc. After that, press B to start the game. Note: If you raise or lower your money, the maximum to raise it is $30,000. The lower limit is $0. Use this to assign the CPU less money, and you more.
Information in this section was contributed by mastersword_herooftime.

Hint: Mr. Monopoly's real name:
His real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags.
Information in this section was contributed by mastersword_herooftime.

Hint: Get Boardwalk and $200 faster:
Use the "Easy money" trick and go to "Place Token". Set it on the Community Chest before the "Go" space, then start the game. Tap A and you should land on the Boardwalk. On your next turn, roll and you will pass Go and get $200 fast.
Information in this section was contributed by mastersword_herooftime.

Hint: Winning a five player game:
Early on, try to get low cost, high reward properties. When you see those go off the board, jump on them (purple and sky blue properties). The purple properties sell for only $40 to $50. If you can get the remaining piece(s), then build cheap houses. If you cannot, then sell (trade) it or package them because they will want far more than those properties are worth for your last remaining house property that you need -- if they will sell at all. Going forward, you will cash in very lucratively with money and/or properties for every remaining piece that you can obtain that they need. Another reason to jump on the small properties is that if they can get the set, they will be able to build houses and hotels quickly to your potential detriment. The game seems to cheat enough to make you pay severely if you do not take away those early routes to their prosperity. Note: If you can get either of these cheap property sets, then getting the blue or orange property sets mean even more; you will have nearby/consecutive sets and if they miss one of your properties they have a good chance to hit the other. At the same time that you are racking up the small properties that come off the board, attempt to obtain all 4 "rails". You will be able to get the first two for about $250 and $400 respectively if they come off the board. The third one may be too expensive. Consider waiting until you have or can get the remaining house pieces they need and sell to them big. This is your most effective way to get what you want. Do not sell at all until the money that you are asking for from a given seller leaves them with very little for buying houses ($400 or less remaining for green or blue; $300 or less remaining for yellow and red; $200 or less remaining for orange, magenta, sky blue, and purple). If you sell them remaining house piece(s) and they have enough money to build multiple houses on properties, then they can grow and/or easily break you. Note: If you land on a buyable property for which the other remaining set pieces are already off the board, then buy and/or trade for those remaining pieces (press Select) before buying the property that you have just landed on -- in that order. Using this strategy, it is business as usual and your opponents are none the wiser and you will be able to build houses or hotels. However, if you go by the natural order of things, then they may not sell to you at all, and if they do the price and/or assets required will be unbelievably high. If you have to choose a single property, the best one would probably be the orange property. It is the easiest property to access for those unfortunate enough to land in jail; which can happen often. Also, there are three locations to land on. There are only two blue properties, which are the most expensive, but can be easily missed. You do not want to land in jail and follow up with an orange property that has nine or more houses on it. Play with the roll button (press A) to determine what holding the button for a short, medium, or extended amount of time means on the board. It can mean very different things if you are on the first two or three blocks as compared to the middle or last two or three blocks of the north, south, east, or west directions on the board. You will be amassing everywhere and find yourself being able to get consecutive sets (such as green and blue) or nearby sets (such as sky blue and orange). Remember to seek cheap (and if any "blocks" you from getting a house set, sell them or it for everything that you can get, where they produce a set for others); seek railroads; attempt to buy or trade for remaining "members" of sets before buying the just-landed-upon property; and try hard to gain consecutive or nearby sets of the sets that you can obtain.
Information in this section was contributed by Marcus Mitchell.

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