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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Bonus game:
Hold Select and press X(2), Y, B, A on any stage select (map) screen. The bonus game will begin when Select is released.
Information in this section was contributed by Whacko and Paco, Isaac Roberts, bened, and Rick O'Neal.

999 lives:
Enter World 4-1 find the two long pipes that are hanging upside down. Kill the Piranha Plants, then swallow Shy Guys until accumulating six eggs. Grab a Koopa Troopa, and stand on the pipe that previously held the lower Piranha Plant. Spit out the shell between the two lower pipes. As the shell bounces back and forth, throw away an egg. Shy Guys will appear from the other pipe and will be hit by the shell until extra lives appear.

Perfect score:
Six stars will appear on the title screen if a perfect score is obtained.

Two player battle code:
Locate the level with a door that leads to a room with a chomping ball and chain, at one of the castles on the sixth part of the game. Enter the room, press Start, then select a power block. It should kill the enemy and create a new door. Enter the new door to get the cheat code for a two player battle game.
Information in this game was contributed by Russell Severe.

Bonus level and bonus game:
To earn a bonus game and bonus level, earn 100% in all levels in any world. There is a different bonus level and bonus game in each world. Try them repeatedly to earn a lot of different items.
Information in this section was contributed by MikeRoChip31 and Lowes1956.

World 1: Card Match
World 2: Scratch N' Match
World 3: Flip The Slots
World 4: Memory Match
World 5: Roulette
World 6: Slot Machine

Infinite Yoshi flight:
Jump and hold Jump, so that Yoshi floats for a few seconds. As soon as Yoshi begins to drop, release and press Jump again. Yoshi will keep flying as long as you keep releasing and pressing Jump in this manner.
Information in this section was contributed by 4I Falcon.

Alternate title screen:
Get a 100% game completion to have a night time version of the title screen.

Complete all level in a world (including the extra levels) to have a star will appear next to the game's logo at the title screen. One star (for a maximum of six) will appear for each world that is completed.

Hint: Restore health and lives with Bosses:
When fighting a Boss or main monster you can kill yourself and return with perfect health and all your lives. To do this you hold, every button except for Start on the controller for two to three seconds, then press Start. Note: You must have all your lives for this trick to work.
Information in this section was contributed by Dave Smith.

Hint: Extra life Koopa:
Press Y to pick up the first shell. Throw it at the Koopa and it will go on and hit all the other Koopas. The last Koopa is an extra life Koopa.
Information in this section was contributed by byronw.

Hint: Easy Stars:
Enable the "Bonus game" code. Choose the popping game and win. You will receive a 20+ star icon. Repeat this as many times as needed. You can also receive other items in the other bonus games.
Information in this section was contributed by Tom Fernlund.

Hint: Defeating Big Bowser:
When you defeat the mini-Bowser, it will turn big. Target the big egg at its head, then press A. Do this eight times quickly and he will be defeated.
Information in this section was contributed by GCN2003.

Hint: Defeating Naval Piranha Plant:
When you arrive in the Boss room where that small plant is located, step on the first block on the platform, then shoot a egg at him. However, do not go further than the first block on the platform or Kamek will appear and turn that small plant to a huge monster.
Information in this section was contributed by cravat.

Hint: Kill shooting flowers:
Stand besides a shooting flower until its smiling face pops out. When it does, quickly eat a yellow ball and spit it out again. Do this repeatedly until all of the balls are gone. When this is done, every time its head pops out, it should be empty and harmless.
Information in this section was contributed by jengraft2.

Hint: World 1-7: Easy lives:
Pick up a Rollie-Pollie Guy with your tounge. Do not turn him into an egg or spit him out for anyone until you get to the pipe that spits out Shy-Guys. Once there, spit the Rollie-Pollie Guy out into a 1 (square) hole on the right of the pipe. Once placed, jump onto the platform above and to the right of it. Let the Shy-Guys jump out of the pipe and onto the Rollie-Pollie Guy. Points will accumulate and will eventually give you 1-Ups continually. After a few hours, you will have 999 lives.

Hint: World 1-7: Coins:
At the beginning of the level when you see the two flashing brown eggs, get them. Shoot the brown eggs at the two brown spike opponent next to the silver spike opponent and to get two red coins.
Information in this section was contributed by Chschipmunk2003.

Hint: World 1-9: Easy lives:
Grab a Melon Bug (the bug that curls when you approach) and take him to the Shy-Guy Pipe (where the Shy Guys appear from). Look up and shoot the bug. If done correctly, the bug should fall in the tiny space on the right side of the pipe, between it and landscape. Stand on the elevated surface and make sure you have no eggs. The Shy Guys will pop out towards you, but hit the bug. You will keep getting extra lives until you have 100. Then, get a perfect completion on World 5 and you will get the roulette game. If you get the X3; you will get 300 lives.
Information in this section was contributed by Basim Nehal.

Hint: World 2-3: Use Star through rest of level:
In World 2-3, What's Gusty Taste Like?, collect the Star and run as far as you can, killing the enemies. Go back and wait for the Star to come towards you. Once it bounces back in another area, collect it and run through the rest of the level, and more Stars will be created. At the end of the level, you can collect Coins and Stars from the brick below the last Star. If you do not want to stop, run back to the left and back to the right again. The Star will appear again.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Diaz.

Hint: World 3-1: Hidden area
There is a location in the water in World 3-1 where you can go beneath a land mass to access a hidden area, by jumping off of a giant spring arrow. If you curve to the side and go above the normal hidden entrance, you should enter an area where you will be falling towards nothing. Keep going right (stay in the air as long as possible) until you reach the edge. You will be teleported to World 1-1 (and gain credit toward World 3-1) where you can gain more red coins and hearts than the maximum. It will only go to the top, but it will be 10 times easier to perfect the level.

Hint: World 3-1: Warp to World 5:
On World 3-1, select any character and fall down the waterfall. There is a door at the bottom. Go inside and find the potion. Throw it near the vase and go inside. Enter the vase, which will warp you to World 5.
Information in this section was contributed by STARBOND6.

Hint: World 4-1: Easy lives:
Go up the first steep hill until you get to three pipes and a Koopa walking around. Two will have Piranha plants and one will be a Shy-Guy generator. Throw away an egg so Shy-Guys will start jumping out. Kill the two Piranha plants, eat the Koopa and stand on the pipe. Spit the Koopa shell towards the Shy-Guys. The shell will bounce between the two pipes, knocking out the Shy-Guys. As soon as ten Shy-Guys are knocked out, you will start getting a 1-Up for each consecutive Shy-Guy. The shell will keep bouncing around, killing the Shy-Guys that pop out. You can get up to 999 lives this way.
Information in this section was contributed by Sage.

Hint: World 4-8: Defeating the monstrous Koopa:
When you see the Koopa turn into a giant Koopa, wait for him to pull himself up or quickly throw an egg on its head. Then, throw eggs on its head three times. This will send him to the ground. While he is on the ground, Ground Pound him before he recovers. Repeat this process three times to defeat it. Note: To obtain more eggs, jump onto his shell or on its head. Eggs will be spit out.
Information in this section was contributed by reinhold hora.

Hint: World 5-4: Free mini-games:
Go to a door on your left. Use a POW block or "?" and go to the door and get the secret code. This code will give you free mini-games when you go to the level selection screen.
Information in this section was contributed by BooBoo8104.

Hint: World 6-3: Hidden area:
In the second area of World 6-3, jump and touch the left side of the first spinning log, then float to the right and move up against the wall.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Diaz.

Hint: Naval Piranha's Lair: Full stars:
After you go underground in the pipes with water in them, you will reach a place where you hit the arrows with eggs, and you can get the stuff above the water. One of the info blocks always gives you two stars whenever you hit it with an egg. Since there is an egg block near by, you can do this until you have 30 Stars.

Hint: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy: Unlimited lives:
Grab a Melon Bug (the creature that rolls up into a ball) and go to the pipe with Shy Guys jumping out of it. Spit the Melon Bug close to the pipe on the left-hand side. When Shy Guys jump out, after a while you will get a "1-Up" for each time a Shy Guy hits the Melon Bug when it is in its melon form.
Information in this section was contributed by M. Stenander.

Hint: Welcome To Cloud World: Followed by eggs:
In this level or any other that has a large fat creature with many following behind it, Ground Pound the large one and the baby ones will follow you as eggs. When you throw one, it will loop and come back to you.
Information in this section was contributed by h2orat.

Glitch: Yoshi does flips:
When you find an enemy that you cannot defeat by jumping on them, repeatedly Ground Pound them. It will look as if Yoshi is doing flips on the enemy. Note:You must do this very fast.

Glitch: World 11-1: Free roaming Poochy:
In World 1-11, "Poochy Ain't Stupid", you can have Poochy free roaming without the scrolling course. At the start of the level, keep jumping on Bats without hitting the "scrolling course barrier" until you get on top of the wall to the wall that is to the left of you at the start of the level. Once on top, jump and keep doing Yoshi's "flutter" or "floating" move until you reach what appears to be an island. Land on it. Then, jump off to the right, fluttering until you reach an island surrounded by lava. Poochy should see you and run over. You now can go through the entire course without the scrolling course freely. The only drawback is if you go under the "island" (second wall), you will hit the "scrolling course barrier", then must ride Poochy to the end of the course.
Information in this section was contributed by Nathan Harris.

Strategy: by Croco
Strategy: by Jdude84
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