Dungeon Master

DUNGEON MASTER Solved!!! Amiga Version!

Written by Rom Chip of ORACLE

The only reason I wrote this solve was because even though the game is not all that hard, its still an adventure, and I love to make solve files so if you got stumped on any level, then this solve should help you make it to the next level ok... First of all, get the DMHINT disk which has all the maps for all the levels... You really need maps... I'll tell you bout the tricky areas of each levels and how to overcome them, and even the special items on each level and their uses... I've spent over 100 hours with this game… (an ORIGINAL since no-one can make a successful crack. heh)

I wrote this solve in the order of things I did to complete the game, on some levels, you don't have to do the same things I did...but to ensure you the correct way, then you could follow my pathways, at least you'll see most of the game this way. (Shortcuts are always no fun!!) On with the solver!!!

First: here's a breakdown of all the characters you could take...I solved the game with HISSSA, Elija,Sonja and Gothmog. I suggest two good Warrior types, a powerful Priest and Wizard...

#Name ClassesEquipment Statistics
1IaidoApprentice Fighter, Novice Priest Samurai Sword, Ghi, Trousers43/55/40/35/45/50/48/65/11
2ZedNovice Fighter and Priest, Novice Ninja and Wizard Torch, Hosen, Pants, Mail40/40/40/50/40/40/60/60/10
3ElijaNovice Fighter, Apprentice Priest Robe, Sandals, Magic Box42/40/42/36/53/40/60/58/22
4ChaniNovice Fighter, Apprentice Wizard Shirt, Sandals, Moonstone37/47/57/37/47/37/47/67/20
5HawkNovice Fighter, Apprentice Priest Leather Pants, Leather Jerkin, Boots, 2 Arrows45/35/38/55/35/35/70/85/10
6BorisNovice Ninja, Apprentice Wizard Leather Pants, Leather Boots, Rabbits Foot35/45/55/40/45/40/35/65/28
7AlexApprentice Ninja, Novice Wizard Leather Pants, Leather Jerkin, Boots, Sling44/55/45/40/35/40/50/57/13
8NabiApprentice Priest, Novice Wizard Staff, Tunic, Pants, Sandals41/36/45/45/55/55/55/65/15
9Linflas Apprentice Fighter, Novice Wizard Elven Boots, Elven Doublet, Elven Huke, Bow45/45/47/35/50/35/65/50/12
10GandoNovice Wizard, Apprentice Ninja Leather Boots, Leather Jerkin, 2 Poison Darts39/45/47/33/48/43/39/63/26
11SyraNovice Priest, Apprentice Wizard Elven Doublet, Tabard, Apple38/35/43/45/42/40/53/72/15
12HalkJourneyman FighterBerzerk Helm, Barbarian Hide, Club, Sandals 55/43/30/46/38/48/90/75/00
13DaroouApprentice Fighter, Neophyte Wizard 50/30/35/45/30/45/100/65/6
14Wu TseNovice Ninja, Apprentice Priest Silk Shirt, Tabard, Sandals, 3 Throwing Stars38/35/53/45/47/40/45/47/20
15TiggyNovice Ninja, Apprentice Wizard Kirtle, Gunna, Sandals, Wand30/45/50/35/59/40/25/45/36
16LeifApprentice Fighter, Novice Priest Leather Jerkin, Leather Pants, Leather Boots46/40/39/50/45/45/75/70/7
17AziziNovice Fighter, Apprentice Ninja Barbarian Hide, Hide Shield, Halter, Daggers47/48/42/45/30/35/61/77/7
18StammJourneyman FighterLeather Pants, Suede Boots, Tunic, Axe 52/43/35/50/35/55/75/80/00
19MophusJourneyman PriestSandals, Robe, Cheese, Bread, Apple 42/35/40/48/40/45/55/55/19
20WuufApprentice Ninja, Novice Priest Leather Jerkin, Empty Flask33/57/45/40/35/40/40/50/30
21LeylaJourneyman NinjaLeather Pants, Leather Boots, Silk Shirt, Rope 40/53/45/47/45/35/48/60/3
22SonjaJourneyman FighterGunna, Halter, Choker, Sword, Sandals 54/45/39/49/40/40/65/70/2
23Hissssa Apprentice Fighter, Novice Ninja 58/48/35/35/43/55/80/61/5
24Gothmog Journeyman WizardCloak of Night 40/43/48/34/50/59/60/55/18

Statistics are in the following form:

Resurrecting a champion keeps stats. Reincarnating may lower or raise stats.



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