Final Fantasy VIII (US. Version)
Version 1.6

By Scott Ong
ICQ: 39117037 (Nick: Vaynard)

Author's Note

Part 1: Walkthrough

1. Introduction - Story of Final Fantasy VIII
[1.1] Introduction
[1.2] Characters of Final Fantasy VIII
[1.3] Changes between Japanese and English versions

2. Basic Tutorial
[2.1] The Basics
[2.2] Playing the Game
[2.3] Basic Configuration

3. Walkthrough for Disc 1
[3.1] Familiarizing yourself with Balamb Garden
[3.2] Fire Cavern - The Field Test
[3.3] Dollet Dukedom Parliament
[3.4] The Night at Balamb Garden
[3.5] The Train Trip - Mystery and Murder
[3.6] The Sorceress at Timber...
[3.7] Laguna's Dream Sequence #2 - Centra Evacuation Site
[3.8] Galbadia Garden
[3.9] Quest at the Tomb of Unknown King
[3.10] Assassination Plan

4. Walkthrough for Disc 2
[4.1] Winhill- Laguna's still alive!
[4.2] Held Captive
[4.3] Galbadia Missile Base- Prevent the Launch!
[4.4] Balamb Garden - War between Garden and SeeD Academy…
[4.5] Arrival at Fisherman's Horizons
[4.6] World Tour for Disc 2
      4.6a Card Quest at Balamb Garden
      4.6b Zell's Love Quest
      4.6c Deling: Still as busy as a bee
      4.6d Dollet: It has become a busy town!
      4.6e Timber: A mysterious journey...
      4.6f Winhill: Still as quiet as ever...
      4.6g Shumi Village
      4.6h Centra Ruins
      4.6i Chocobo Guide
[4.7] Balamb under Galbadian Occupation
[4.8] Trabia - Childhood Memories at the Orphanage
[4.9] The Garden Crash

5. Walkthrough for Disc 3
[5.1] Edea's House - Truth Revealed!
[5.2] Trabia Canyon - Laguan's 4th Dream Sequence
[5.3] White SeeD Ship - Trip to Legendary Esthar
[5.4] Great Salt Lake - The Gateway to the Legendary Esthar City
[5.5] Laguna's 5th Dream Sequence - At Esthar
[5.6] Esthar City - Seeking Treatment at Lunar Base
[5.7] Esthar Under Lunatic Pandora Attack!
[5.8] Lunar Base - The Lunar Cry Incident
[5.9] Sorceress Memorial Hall - Rescue Rinoa!
[5.10] The Great World Tour for Disc 3
      5.10a Lunar Base Crash Area
      5.10b Obel Lake Mystery
      5.10c UFO Sighting Incident
      5.10d Ultimate Weapon Upgrading
      5.10e Cactaur's Island
      5.10f Centra Ruins Revisited
      5.10g Deep Sea Research Center
      5.10h Deep Sea Deposit
      5.10i Shumi Village - Laguna's statue completion
[5.11] Esthar Revisited - Meeting President of Esthar
[5.12] Final Showdown at Lunatic Pandora

6. Walkthrough for Disc 4
[6.1] The awakening of the Sorceress
[6.2] The Last Quest
[6.3] Ultimecia's Castle - The Sealed Truth
[6.4] The Battle of Destiny

7. Credits
[7.0] Credits for the walkthrough

Part 2: Game Information

Author's Note

1. Guardian Forces
[1.1] Introduction
[1.2] Management of GFs
[1.3] How to get the GF?
[1.4a] Non-Abilities GFs
[1.4b] The GFs' Abilities List
[1.5a] Command Abilities
[1.5b] Party Abilities
[1.5c] Character Abilities
[1.5d] Junction Abilities
[1.5e] GF Abilities
[1.5f] Menu Abilities
      Magic Refinement
      Item Refinement

2. List of Magic
[2.1] Curative Magic
[2.2] Elemental Magic
[2.3] Status Magic
[2.4] Support Magic
[2.5] Non-Elemental Magic
[2.6] Junction Charts

3. Weapon Remodel / Limit Breaks
[3.1] Squall Leonhart
[3.2] Zell Dincht
[3.3] Quistis Trepe
[3.4] Selphie Tilmitt
[3.5] Rinoa Heartilly
[3.6] Irvine Kinneas
[3.7] Dream Party: Laguna, Kiros and Ward
      [3.7a] Laguna Loire
      [3.7b] Ward Zaback
      [3.7c] Kiros Seagul
[3.8] Temporary Members: Seifer and Edea
      [3.8a] Seifer Almasy
      [3.8b] Edea Kramer

[3.9] Weapon Ingredients Chart
[3.10]Battle Meter

4. The Card Game
[4.1] Getting the Cards
[4.2] Basics of Triple Traid
[4.3] The Card Rules
      [4.3a] Pre-Game Card Rules
      [4.3b] In-Game Card Rules
      [4.3c] Card Game Trade Rules
[4.4] Card Game Tips
[4.5] Card List Bestiary
[4.6] Rare Card List

5. List of Items
[5.1] Medicine Group
[5.2] Battle Items Group
[5.3] Field Items Group
[5.4] GF Medicine Group
[5.5] GF Ability Item Group
[5.6] Ammo Group
[5.7] Junk Group
      [5.7a] Normal Items
      [5.7b] Blue Magic Items
      [5.7c] GF Compatibility Items
[5.8] Magazine Group
      [5.8a] Weapon Monthly
      [5.8b] Combat King
      [5.8c] Pet Pals
      [5.8d] Occult Fans

6. List of Monsters
[6.1] List of Abbreviations
[6.2] Monsters Besitary
      [6.2a] Cards Page 1
      [6.2b] Cards Page 2
      [6.2c] Cards Page 3
      [6.2d] Cards Page 4
      [6.2e] Cards Page 5
      [6.2f] Others
[6.3] Important Storylines.

7. Sub Quests
[7.1] Timber Maniacs
[7.2] Missing Vase Pieces
[7.3] Laguna's Statue at Shumi Village I
[7.4] Laguna's Statue at Shumi Village II
[7.5] Obel Lake
[7.6] Getting Rare Cards Quest
      [7.6a] Chocobo Forests: prove your affection!
      [7.6b] UFO Sighting Incident
      [7.6c] Card Queen Quest
      [7.6d] CC Group Members
[7.7] Zell's Love Quest
[7.8] Dollet: Bone Quest

8. GF Enhancement Setup
[8.0] GF Enhancement

9. Strategies
[9.1] Things that you should know...
[9.2] Miscellaneous Strategies
[9.3] Boss Strategies
[9.4] Weapon Strategies

10. GameShark codes
[10.0] GameShark codes

11. Contributors and Credits
[11.0] Contributors

Well, onto this epic RPG journey…

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