Final Fantasy 8

The Quest at the Tomb of Unknown King

1x Timber Maniacs, 16x G-Hi-Potion, 8x G-Returner, Sacred's Card, Minotaur's Card

Thundara - draw point located on the street left from Caraway's Mansion.
Protect - draw point located at the front of Tomb
Float - draw point at the northern area of Tomb
Cura - draw point at the western area of the Tomb

Save Pts:
Tomb of Unknown King - frontyard of tomb


Wow... after that long trip, we have finally reached Deling City… Now head down the escalator. Now you should have a sequence between your party. (err... Rinoa seems to know much about here... fancy taking what bus <if she is in your party>) Next head north and you will reach the fountain Area or Deling Train Station. A bit special about this city is that you can take buses found in this city from one place to another. To get on the bus, you need to find a bus stop [there is a bus attendant dressed in green for every bus stops]. Wait for the bus to come and pick the first option. Now talk to the bus attendant located south of the fountain.[you will see it immediately as you enter the area.] Now talk to the attendant and pick the first option to board the bus. [BTW, you will also be told by the attendant where the bus head to…

Take the bus and choose to alight during the next stop. (The moment that the bus has reach the next stop [the road is marked by 09]) Press Triangle to alight. Now talk to the Galbadia Solider on the extreme right. [he is rather difficult to find]

Talk to him and he asked for a password (coz the General wants to test your ability). Next he will talk about the Tomb of the Unknown King, which located northwest from the city. Next he will give you the map. You can use this map and also exit by activating it and press Triangle to exit (but this lowers your SeeD ranking!) and he will also give you the following options.

Ready to answer
Buy a hint for 3,000 gil
Buy a location displayer for 5,000 gil
Have him escort us out of town

Pick the fourth one and you will be brought to the area where you find the "Rent A Car" Shop. I suggest that you better rent a car as it is safer and the tomb is quite far from the city [it is on the grasslands, not the deserts!]. Just board and head northwest and you will find the tomb where the Galbadia soldier has told you to head for.

Deling City Sections
1. Deling Fountain Train Station.
The first area where Laguna and his party has landed at. There are two bus attendents around this area. Left path leads to the Caraway's Mansion. The right path leads to the deserted the corner. The north path leads to the Galbadia Hotel.

2. General Caraway's Mansion
The area where you will find the attendent in front of the Mansion. The Left path leads to the Gateway. There you will find another Draw Point. [Thundara] There are also two bus attendants here. North leads to the Deling City Station. South leads to President's Residence.

3. Shopping Arcade
This is REALLY a busy street. This road is infested with vehicles and there are a huge group of people. On the right, you will find the Junk shop [yellow signboard] and Deling Shop [orange signboard] Here is the shopping list of Deling Shop

/ Deling Shop \_________________________________________________________
Name of Item        Functions                                 Cost (gil)
Potion              Restores HP by 200                         100
Hi-Potion           Restores HP by 1000                        500
Phoenix Down        Revives KO Status                          500
Antidote            Cure Poison                                100
EyeDrops            Cure Darkness                              100
Soft                Cure Petrify                               100
Echo Screen         Cure Silence                               100
Holy Water          Cure Zombie, Curse                         100
Remedy              Cure abnormal status                      1000
Tent                Fully restores abnormal status and HP     1000
                    to all.               
Fuel                Fuel for rental car                       3000
Normal Ammo         Ammo that attacks one opponent              20
Shotgun Ammo        Ammo that attack all opponent               40
G-Potion            Restores 200 HP to GF                      200
G-Returner          Revives GF from KO                         500

North: Leads to Galbadia Hotel
South: Leads to the President's Residence.

4. The Gateway
The most significant sight is the huge structure and it is enoromous. There is a 3-way junction which leads to the other parts of the town.

Right: the isolated park lane that leads to General's Mansion
North: the path that leads to the President's Residence
South: leads to the compound and parks that leads to the General's Mansion

5. President's Residence
You will find 2 bus attendants here and south is the President's mansion. Here is the directions:

North: leads to the gateway
Right: leads to the General Caraway's Mansion.
West: leads to the Shopping Arcade

6. Galbadia's Hotel street
The Hotel where Laguna and Julia met... the club is presently not operating any more. There is a Save Point found here. Pay 100 gil and you can get a Timber Maniacs that is found near the bed inside the Hotel Room

Here is one very important information... I need to tell you guys. That is to defeat the next Boss, you must have gotten Squall's Shear Trigger which allows Squall to gain an addition Fated Circle. To get that you must get the 1x Iron Pipe and 3x Screws. Screws can be gotten from the Geezard and Iron Pipes can be stolen from the Wendigo. Next just head to Deling's Junk Shop to remodel Squall's gunblade. It is also crucial for you to get more advance spells such as Fira, Blizzara, Thundara and Cura. You can get Aero if your levels are high enough and junctioned it to your characters' Elem-Atk. Also get about 20x Floats from the Thrustaevis. The tomb is located shown in this map:

Great Plains of Galbadia
----------------------------------------------------------------Area Map

   N                      _________              ...... Grasslands
 W-|-E                   /......../             XXXXXX Mountains
   S                    /.[Tomb]./              [    ] Deserts
                       /......../                ____| Cliffs in Deserts
        ____________|.........|  ___   \
XXXXXXX ........................     \   \
XXXXX .........[Deling]..........     \___\
XXXXXX...........................            --> G-Garden
      ............................            Strangely enough, I have
                                             been receiving mails about
    Galbadia                                 getting to the Tomb... Well
    Missile               D-District         I guess you guys should
     Base                   Prison           know why ^_^;

As you have arrived at the tomb, you find two girls [looking like Galbadia Garden cadets] running away from the tomb. Is there ghosts in the tomb? Just kidding..^_^;] Always pay attention to speeches as they give you hints... like the girl mentioned Float... You can find a Save Point on the right and a Draw Point on the left. [Protect] Cross the bridge and enter the tomb.

The Tomb has indeed a very complex layout (more like a maze..). To view the map that the attendant has previously given to you, press Select to view it while you are at the Tomb.

Here is the map [hope that it isn't very difficult to read ^_^]:

/                                                                     \
|                  Map of the Tomb of Unknown King                    |
|                                                                     |
|                        L E G E N D                                  |
| - -       Path                                                      |
| X X       Bridge                                                    |
| [GF]      GF Brothers hideout                                       |
| Right     The right section where you will meet Sacred of the       |
|           Brothers.                                                 |
| North     The northen section where you find a Draw Point and a     |
|           chain locking a wall. [Float]                             |
| Left      The left section where you find a lever activating gears. |
|           You will also find another Draw Point at the right        |
|           corner [Float]                                            |
|  *        Location of password item (it is gunblade..)              |
|                                                                     |
|                                                                     |
|                          North                            N         |
|                            |                            W-|-E       |
|                         __ | __                           S         |
|                        |   |   |                                    |
|                     __ |__ | __| __                                 |
|                    |   |       |   |                                |
|             Left __|__ | [GF]  | __|__ Right                        |
|                    |   |   X   |   |                                |
|                    |__ |___X __| __|                                |
|                        |   |   |                                    |
|                        |___|___|                                    |
|                            |                                        |
|                            *                                        |
|                     Entrance /Exit                                  |
|                                                                     |
| SELECT: To activate the map      Triangle:  To exit from the tomb.  |
|                                                                     |

Be on your guard at all times while at the tomb. The monsters found here are quite tough and have good protection spells such as Protect and Shell. [Stock them up as you need for it later in the game, for providing defensive purposes. As you enter the tomb for the first time, you will be on a straight forward path. Straight paths are important as they will lead to special areas [providing me with help on how to proceed onwards.] Proceed forward and you will be at a junction with a gunblade on the ground. Examine the gunblade and you will get a number [I got the no. 016 and the number changes every time you relay the game]. Next take the right path of the junction. NOTE: ALWAYS turn right whenever you have came to junction, so that you will NEVER get lost. This section isn't compulsory but you can get GF Brothers from this section. Keep on turning right until you ended up on a straight path. There you will see Sacred of the Brothers. Yikes! It moved! There you will have to battle against Sacred of the Brothers..another Boss fight!

Boss 8 - Sacred
: Level 15
HP: 2,468
Description: Earth GF in Tomb of Unknown King. Recovers by power of the earth. Attacks with a large steel orb.
Facts: Weak against Poison/Wind. Earth has no effect
Squall's Lv: 25
Attacks: (attack swing), (earth regeneration)
Draw List: Shell, Protect, Berserk, Life
AP gained: 20 AP
Win: 8x G-Hi-Potion
Sacred's Data Information

         [||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||]
                [||| STR  DEF ||||]
               [|||| INT  SPI |||]
                  [| DEX  EVA ]

This GF is quite difficult for those with low levels [I mean if you have gotten those spells, I have mentioned earlier]. This GF has only one attack, but it was the regeneration that makes it difficult. It is the Earth-powered GF. To defeat it, just cast Float on the Boss and this will stop the regeneration of HP. Next just summoned GFs to finish it off (Diablos and Siren works quite well on the Boss). To inflict more damage for those whom want to use attacks, junction 100x Aero to your characters' Elem-Atk-J. Here is one great comment from Sacred:


Now the Sacred will ran away from the area and head for the hideout [marked at the center of the map]. Return back to the junction and keep on turning right and you will end up at the North area of the Tomb. There you will see a river and it has been blocked off by a ledge. Examine the right side of the chain using the X button and water will flow out from the barrier. Also draw magic from the Draw Point located at the left [Float]

Next head north and keep turning right at the junctions and you will lead to another straight but broken path. There you find a lever on the left and some gears. Now press X to activate the gears and water will flow in. Now you have activate the bridge leading to their hideout. [Draw Point located on the right (hidden) and you can stock up magic Cura from it].

Now continue to turn right and you will find a straight path.... that leads to the entrance of the Tomb. Next exit from the Tomb and save your game and use a Tent. Now re-enter and head north... you will find a green enclosed area... that's the Brothers' Hideout. At the hideout, you will meet both Brothers... Sacred will call for his big brother, Minotaur [^_^; the elder brother is the small one...]

Boss 9 Sacred
: Level 15
HP: 2,468

: Level 22
HP: 5,370

Sacred: Earth GF in the Tomb of Unknown King. Recovers by power of the earth. Attacks with a large steel orb.

Minotaur: Sacred's old brother. This Earth GF has healing ability as long as his feet are on the ground.

Both: Weak against Wind and Poison
Sacred: Earth has no effect.
Minotaur: Absorbs Earth attacks

Sacred: (attack swing), (earth regeneration)
Minotaur: (attack swing), (all attack swing), (earth regeneration)
Both: Mad Cow Special

Squall's Lv: 25

Draw List:
Sacred: Shell, Protect, Berserk, Life
Minotaur: Shell, Berserk, Protect, Double

AP gained: 40 AP.

Win: 8x G-Returner, 8x G-Hi-Potion, Sacred's Card

Sacred's Data Information

          [|||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||]
                [||| STR  DEF ||||]
               [|||| INT  SPI |||]
                  [| DEX  EVA ]

Minotaur's Data Information

       [||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||]
          [|||||||| STR   DEF |||||||||]
           [||||||| INT   SPI |||||]
                [|| DEX   EVA |]

This battle WILL be rather tough if you are at low levels (below level 19 is consider low..) Make sure that you have gotten intermediate spells such as Fira, Blizzara, Cura and Thundara. Also make sure you have met the below requirements:

100x Aero- junctioned Elem-Atk-J
100x Thundara/Fira/Blizzara - junction Str-J [make you have at least three Str-J]
20x Float
100x Cura (all characters for restoring HP)
100x Life (for restoring HP)
Draw Commands for all characters.
Selphie with Full-cure learnt
Squall with Shear Trigger -> Fated Circle.

Selphie is a crucial member for this fight. Make sure you have gotten the Mug Ability so that you can get Iron Pipes for Squall's Shear Trigger. Stock up Double from Minotaur (should not failed if you have junctioned a secondary spell to the character's Mag-J). Cast Double for all characters so to brought effective healing [Minotaur has an attack that inflict damage to all.] Hopefully that you have stocked up sufficient Cura from the Geezard. Cast Float on the Brothers to remove the "earth regeneration". Keep Squall's HP at low... whereas concentrate on two other members. [maintain them above 500+ HP]. Once Squall's HP is low, have him using Renzoukuken. and don't cure until he dies. Have one member to draw Life and cast on Squall [don't cure so that you can use Renzoukuken every turn..]. Have the other members stock up Double. Cast Protect on all characters as the Brothers uses physical attacks. Beware of the Maw Cow Special. Just have the other characters summon GFs.

After you have defeated the "two bulls", you will be allow to name the GF Brothers. Next you will meet the spirit of the King and he will give the Minotaur's Card. Exit from the Tomb. (just walk south will do..) Now it is time to head back to Deling... Give GF Brothers some decent training, acquired Boost before returning..

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