Final Fantasy 8

Galbadia Missile Base - Prevent the launch!

5x Potions, 1x Weapons Mon Jun.

Full-Life - missile loading room, near the O3 missile shell.
Blind - near the area surround with steam and gases.
Blizzara - at the circuit room.


Save Pts:
Entrance of the G-Missile Base
Near the corridor area.

* Water Crystal- mug from Fatiscalon found in the Dingo Deserts [it is the shark version..]- learn Aqua Breath.
* Laser Cannon - defeat Behelmel found in (rare) - learn Homing Laser.
* Running Fires - mug from SAM08G - learn Gatling Gun

Galbadia - Dingo Desert
Abyss Worm - Aero*
Fatiscalon - Blizzara*, [Scan-> Water], Sleep [1 AP]
Fatiscalon-F - Blizzara*, [Scan->Water], Sleep [1 AP]

Galbadia - Monterseru Plateau
Blood Soul - [Silence], [Sleep], Zombie, Float
Behelmel - Thundara*, (Berserk -> Confuse)
Thrustaveis - Blizzara*, [Scan -> Aero], {Tornado}, Float

Additions: Deling City Section and Galbadia Garden Section

Missile Base
G-Soldier -Fira*, Blizzara*, Thundara*, Cura*
Wendigo - Berserk, [Protect]
Geezard - Thunder, Cure, [Thundara], Cura
Blood Soul - [Silence], [Sleep], Zombie, Float
Behelmel - Thunder*, {Berserk-> Confuse}
SAM08G - Shell, Protect, Reflect, Life

Missile Base's Boss
Base Soldier - Blizzara, Silence, Confuse
Base Leader - Thundara, Confuse, Slow, Reflect
BGH251F2 ("Iron Clad") - Shell, Protect, Stop

[Beta: Training at Dingo Deserts, Monterseru Plateau]
Now it is time for decent and faster level up of characters. Normally, I will try to get Level 30 and above as you can get the high class spells such as Curaga, Firaga, Thundaga. This will help to make your life easier. Also try to get Water Crystal which allows Quistis to learn Aqua Breath. It will be better if you have gotten sufficient items like Saw Blade (from Behelmel) and Shear Feather (from Thrustaevis). Here is one little trick that I had found and it works! Head to the grasslands located on the right of Missile Base. There you will encounter Thrustaevis... There is *very* worthable spell for you to draw! It is Tornado which can be draw from Level 30 Thrustaveis! Tornado is an ideal junction for strength. For those whom haven't defeat the Brothers try to make a trip to the Tomb of Unknown King. Stock up Magic such as Thundaga and Curaga. The remainding spells, I will talk a bit later. So train! Since Selphie is in your party, try to find her hidden Limit Breaks such as "Full-cure", "Wall" and "Rapture". "The End" will be very difficult. Here is the trick and it works for people whom do not like to use Selphie…

Easy Limit Breaks

1. Have Selphie in critical status [aka. yellow HP].

2. Once it is Selphie's turn press Circle to switch to another member. Have that member cast a spell and open the Playstation Lid.

3. The game will freeze and you are free to choose the spell. Spells that are her hidden limit breaks are very difficult to find... Good Luck.

4. Until you gotten the desired spell, select the bottom option. Close the playstation lid and you will see the member cast the spell followed by Selphie's Limit Break!

Now the screen will switch back to Selphie and her company. Press X to exit and save your game. Make your way to the Missile Base that's located at the other side of the desert. Note that the Galbadia truck has limited fuel! Now enter the base along with the truck. Why? That truck is a certified Galbadia vehicle. Doing this, your character will be disguising themselves as Galbadian soldiers. (well, you will find uniforms inside the truck which makes sense..)

[Beta: Inside the Missile Base. Get to work..]
Now head left and you will be in a small room. There is a Save Point here. Now examine the blue torch light. You will be able to open the door upon receiving an ID card from the member [that's the second reason...] Enter.

There you will meet a Galbadian Soldier guarding the door, which leads to the security system. As you enter, you will be given three options.

Act casual…
Walk by quietly…
Try to sneak by…

Pick any one of them, hold X and you will find your party walking in a serious manner! Exit from the area. Now you will be at the junction where you find the machines unloading the missiles to the silos. Proceed and exit from the screen.

In this area you will find:

  1. A guard standing in front of a door. In that room you will find missile warheads [dismantled]. There is a hidden Draw Point near the warhead that says "03" [Full-life!]
  2. A Save Point on the left. Heading south from there leads to the soldiers at the ledge. There you will find a Draw Point at the steam platform. [Blind]
  3. A computer on the right. This will allow you to prevent the missiles from hitting on Balamb Garden. The title says "Galbadian Republic Army Dept." plus a map of Galbadia. You can't access it at the moment.

Head to the place where you found the two Galbadian soldiers. Talk to them. Proceed back to the place where you found the soldier examining the warhead [you are telling them to go on ahead...] Next return back those soldiers and you have a sequence. Selphie will say the words, "Okay." [well, it asking you to make a spot check at its circuit room!]

Head back to the first area where you find the soldier in front of the security system. Talk to him and enter the room. You will find another draw point containing Blizzarra. Now Selphie will examine the keyboard. And you will have the following options [seems that either options work as your aim to create havoc... so create havoc!]

Ahh just hit whatever
--> Just press whatever.!
--> Bang it hard!
[have manual touch ^_^; tap Square repeatedly!]
Hit a few buttons here and there - professional style..

Now it's time to get out... or they will be in deep shit... and you will be given two options... Here are two methods.

As you exit, you will meet the two G-Soldiers and will be prompted the following options.

What the heck! Let's FIGHT! -> "Act as Rogue" method..
Try to talk my way out... -> "Act as a Wolf" method

"Act as Rogue" Method: Battles... [1st Option]
Guess what? It is FIGHTING TIME! You will get to fight two G-Soldiers. [2x Potions, 2 AP] There is possibility to get Blizzarga and Firaga... Stock them. Your characters will be no longer in disguise... Try to encounter the SAM08G and get the item Running Fire to all Quistis to learn a new Blue Magic, Gatling Gun!

Now head back to the area where you find the keyboard. You will a G-soldier calling some of the soldiers to enter the room where the warheads were.

You need to head to the controls room which is on the right [there is no guard on duty now..]. There you will meet the Base Leader and Base Soldiers. Attack!

Base Leader
: 28
HP: 1,203
Draw: Thundara*, Confuse*, Slow, Reflect
Description: Galbadia Missile Base Security Leader stronger than other regular Galbadia Soldiers.
Attacks: (Double shot), Remedy, (Charge), Protect.
Win: 2 AP

Base Soldier
: 28
HP: 1,342
Draw: Blizzara*, Silence, Confuse
Description: Galbadia Missile Base Secruity Soldiers. Paid a little better than Galbadia Soldiers
Attacks: (sword swipe), Potion
Win: 1 AP, 1x Potion (2x)

Now Selphie and her company will be trying to destroy the system. Talk to the person on the left area and you will be able to move to the room in the next area. In the next area, exmaine the computers and Selphie will set the timer from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. After you have done with the time settings, it's time to evacuate! You will have a sequence of the injured Galbadian soldier leaning onto the panel. Proceed to the first area, where you have entered the building. Selphie wants to RETURN back to the place where you find the computer. [as they haven't set up the ERROR Ratio] You will find a wounded guard on the ground. Talk to him and you will prompt the following:

I'm doin' it for my friends! <<
It's for my mission!
I'm doin' it for everyone!

He will give you an ID card. Press X and you will be prompted to enter your password ["EDEA", chronological order]. Now choose the "TARGET" menu and choose "SET ERROR RATIO". Hold Right until you reach the maximum status [there will be a bar]. Now choose "DATA UPLOAD" menu and select "YES". Exit from the computer and head outside of the Base. Note that uploading of data requires time about 30 seconds! EVACUATE...

"Act as a Wolf" Method
Make sure that you have continue your disguise all the way. Eventually, you will be able to head up to the missiles and you could help the Galbadian Soliders to load the missiles! Tap Square as Selphie and her pals are helping out to load the missiles. After that, exit from the area. Next head back to the computer and you will be able to setup the ERROR RATIO without using the ID Card!. After that proceed upstairs and following the steps in the walkthrough [except you don't have to head back to base to setup the ERROR RATIO!] --> but you need to head back and defeat the Base Leader and Base Soldier in order to set the self explosion.

As you return back to the first area, the ground will shake for a while... EXIT. Cross the road and you will a short FMV of the missiles being launched. Continue and you find a huge machine and that's the Boss of this section.

Boss 13
: 12
HP: 6,400

1x Elite Soldier
: 28
HP: 400+

2x G-Soldiers
: 26
HP: 300+

Named Iron Clad for its defensive ability. The main cannons are more powerful than X-ATM092's Ray-Bomb

Attacks: (Machinegun attack), Beam Cannon, (Standby for Beam Cannon)

Facts: Weak against Thunder/Earth/Ice. Poison does not work on the Boss.

Draw: Shell, Protect, Stop

AP gained: 4

Win: 1x Weapon Monthly Jun

Squall's Lv: 30


      |||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||
          |||||||| STR   DEF ||||||||||
        |||||||||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||||
                 | DEX   EVA ||

This Boss is quite tough for its high Vit and Spr. Make sure you have GF monsters such as the Brothers, Quezacotl, Shiva. Have tons of Thundaga and use it to punish Boss. Or make use of the Elem-Atk-J as make the Thundaga combo... Your characters can inflict 100% more compared its original attack. Plus if you heed my advice... you have Tornado junctioned to the character's strength. The Beam Cannon does a bit of damage about 700+ to one member. The Boss has the standby time. Try to kill it off within that time period. NOTE that time still goes on. After finishes off the Boss, you will battle 2x G-Soldiers an Elite Soldier.

Without Siren and Carbuncle. It is very time consuiming without GF Siren... It is valued for its ST-Atk-J which helps in efficient training. [the Thrustaevis are weak against Sleep..] The soldiers of course are not an exception

After you've defeated the Boss, head up right note that the door is locked. Walk around and search for an exit. Note that you can't escape… amine those missile launchers. Your characters will kneel down as they can't escape! This followed by an awesome FMV of the base being blown up. [Remember to check the screen that the door is locked before heading there]

NOTE: If you did NOT turn back to the wounded soldier to the error ratio, you will have an CGI of Balamb Garden being hit by the missiles and it's game over. You will not be able to fight the Boss.

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